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[12:25]  Muslim school children double in number (press)
[09:40]  Pope has a message for lapsed Catholics: It's never too late (press)
[04:25]  Mission Board unveils 'reset' of IMB strategy, structure (press)


[16:50]  Americans don’t want Supreme Court to force gay ‘marriage’: poll (press)
[15:35]  Solder of Karen people became a solder of Christ (press)
[14:50]  Latest trends in religious restrictions and hostilities (press)
[12:45]  BGCT transgender resolution: Gender is 'gift of God' (press)
[11:40]  Film Producer Discussed career and new project (press)
[09:15]  African bishops aim for observer status at African Union (press)
[08:20]  Christian ethos school challenges Education Secretary (press)
[06:35]  Buddists parents forbade daugher to go to church (press)
[05:50]  Smith and Serbian Foreign Minister Support OSCE Role in Promoting Peace in Ukraine (press)
[04:25]  Turkish border closed as Christian hostages in Syria spike to 250 (press)


[16:55]  Make sex education compulsory for primary pupils, say MPs (press)
[15:40]  Ontario Catholic leadership: accepts Wynne Sex-ed (press)
[14:55]  Misleading Article on Euthanasia Survey -TV3 (press)
[13:50]  Bibles at risk at Welsh university (press)
[12:45]  A new openness to the Gospel (press)
[11:30]  Obama admin. announces first-ever Special Envoy for LGBT rights (press)
[10:25]  A Middle East without Christians: advocates call for action (press)
[09:50]  FPIW's Annual Dinner with Allen West (press)
[08:25]  Russell Brand destroyed porn: the most jaw-droppingly awesome rants (press)
[07:50]  Naghmeh Abedini shares evangelism passion (press)
[06:25]  Chinese Bible association gathers to make Scripture the heart of Church's life (press)
[05:50]  A general unwillingness to properly protect human rights (press)
[05:15]  Family Christian and Samaritan's Purse team up in Veracruz. (press)
[04:30]  Islamic jihad, in many forms, 'gaining ground'
[03:45]  Czech priest who testified to a miracle who was killed for it (photoreport, press)


[16:25]  She Counts 2015 brings the Gospel to illiterate women (press)
[15:40]  LifeWay letter of intent narrows potential buyers (press)
[14:05]  Trust your kids. Just don’t trust the Internet…ever (press)
[13:40]  Lenten Collection to Support Diocesan healthcare system (press)
[12:25]  Another Mosque forcibly transferred to new leadership (press)
[11:30]  Boston Marathon bomb amputee: 'blessed' (photoreport, press)
[10:35]  Finding Your Radiance in the Imperfections of Your Life (press)
[09:50]  Government Assures UN it Will Not Shut Down Radio Station (press)
[08:15]  Journey from freshman U.S. senator to ardent pro-life advocate (press)
[07:30]  UK bishop's plea: speak up on marriage before it's too late (press)
[06:45]  ERLC joins brief at 8th Circuit defending marriage (press)
[05:50]  Call to Russian minister to become peacemakers (press, exclusive)
[05:15]  College freshman charged with rape: re-enacting 50 Shades of Grey (press)
[04:20]  DOOR International join forces to eradicate Bible poverty (press)
[03:35]  The war in Ukraine: a failure to evangelize? (press)


[16:45]  Lethal Dose for Disabled and those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia (press)
[15:30]  Haiyan recovery spurs spiritual growth (press)
[14:25]  Planned Parenthood beheads human beings just like ISIS (press)
[13:40]  Relief for suffering children in Nigeria (press)
[12:35]  Oscars display 'decaying moral standards' (press)
[11:20]  Relief and gratitude after release of priest abducted in Afghanistan (press)
[10:55]  Empowering women key to Gospel growth (press)
[09:20]  Summit draws 1,000 Midwest Baptists from 13 states (press)
[08:45]  Taking care of ‘holy’ cows in India (press)
[07:30]  A/G Lets Richland Florist Off the Hook..."If" (press)
[06:25]  Pope Francis: To follow Christ, we must confront life's deserts (press)
[05:10]  Latest secret police prisoners – two female Jehovah's Witnesses (press)
[04:25]  Mississippi fighting to maintain the ability to protect women’s health (press)
[03:40]  The New Research: Prescribing Brain Cancer (press)
[02:55]  New religious freedom official: the time for action is now (press)


[16:30]  Colombian missionary: charges dismissed (press)
[15:50]  House of Peace Releases "Passover Lamb" To Christian Radio (press)
[14:45]  Ice storm crisis draws Baptist relief efforts (press)
[13:30]  Obama tells faith-based groups: refer refugee children for abortions (press)
[12:15]  Operation Mobilization: God at work in Peru (press)
[11:10]  Country on Track to Achieving Universal Primary Education (press)
[10:15]  Bishops push for Congress to support conscience rights in health care act (press)
[09:20]  Opportunity steps through open door in Cuba (press)
[08:45]  Father of the pro-life movement Dr. Jack Willke passed away (press)
[07:10]  Why You're Still Paying for Birth Control Even Though It's "Free" Now (press)
[06:25]  Ukranian bishop meets with Pope Francis as country's crisis rages on (press)
[05:00]  Africa gets three new Cardinals (press)
[04:35]  Christian Prisoner Conditionally Released from Rajaei-Shahr Prison (press)
[03:50]  Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir releases first music video (press)
[02:55]  LYBIA: Bishop Martinelli Vows to Stay in Libya (press)


[11:00]  Belarus: Slander and obstruction to keep foreigners out
[07:00]  Moore: Pray for ISIS' defeat, salvation


[12:55]  Ukrainian Archbishop speaks about killings during Euromaidan
[09:45]  Sudan: Lawyers Appeal Court Order to Close Evangelical Church
[06:35]  Cardinal Dolan: ISIS threatens whole civilization


[10:35]  ‘The Challenge of Islam’ at the NRB15 Media Convention (press)
[09:25]  Presence of God ‘Strong’ During Saeed's Prison Visit
[08:15]  VIP treatment for LGBT group at the Vatican? Not really
[07:05]  Judge Rules Against Arlene's Flowers (press)
[06:30]  Las Vegas Mass to Perform with Imagine Dragons (press)


[16:45]  Ukrainian President: Russian information war touches the church
[15:40]  Star-Studded Family Film 'The Identical' Builds Momentum (press)
[14:35]  IN VICTORY: Main events of 2014 were named (exclusive)
[13:25]  Riot Studio's 'BELIEVE ME' on DVD March 3 (press)
[12:15]  Jean Watson Preps Release of 'Overcome' (press)
[11:50]  Protecting the Russian World (press)
[11:05]  Vatican Secretary of State urges 'response' to crisis in Libya
[10:45]  Popular CCM band The Katinas releases new single (press)
[09:30]  Apple fires Alabama pro-family lobbyist
[08:55]  'Fifty Shades' draws successful opening weekend
[07:45]  How Catholics, Lent, and bowls of rice are changing the world


[12:15]  JESUS film crosses 1,300 threshold
[11:05]  KENYA: Priests are Fulltime Agents of God says Bishop Okombo
[10:30]  Billy Sprague Releases His First Radio Single of The Century (press)
[09:55]  Helsinki Commission Calls for Strong International Response (press)
[08:45]  Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act matters to you
[07:35]  "Prepare for Persecution," Moody Bible Institute President Urges (press)
[06:25]  Is there an end in sight to sectarian divisions in Scotland?
[05:40]  Coptic Bishop speaks out following the murder of 21 Christians
[04:05]  Pope offers Mass for murdered Coptic Christians


[18:20]  First school of military chaplains was opened in Ukraine
[16:35]  In sight of the nation's capitol, a Bible museum underway
[15:15]  Italy’s ‘dying,’ facing a demographic collapse
[14:30]  A Presidents Day reminder: rights are a gift from God
[13:55]  Chris Whittington To Perform in Houston (press)
[12:45]  ERLC's agenda includes religious liberty, life
[12:10]  Pastors and business leaders encouraged in Nicaragua
[11:35]  Surprise weekend box-office hit: Christian film OLD FASHIONED (press)
[10:25]  Pope condemns beheading of Egyptian Christians
[09:15]  Sue Detweiler Sets Sail on the Ultimate Advantage Cruise (press)


[19:45]  Ukrainian pastor: Minsk agreements are followed only in Minsk
[12:05]  Black majority churches and Islam are Britain's religious future
[10:40]  Judge: Jewish group can’t call homosexuality a disorder
[09:55]  Missouri Teen Submerged in Icy Lake Makes 'Miracle' Recovery (press)
[08:45]  Are wealthy US foundations paying to suppress religious freedom?
[07:35]  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ boycott breaks 100,000 signatures
[06:25]  Marriage is what brings us together today, bishop says
[05:15]  Islamic State: Egyptian Christians held in Libya ‘killed’
[04:05]  A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a website
[02:30]  KENYA: Pontifical Missionary Society sets up Celebrations


[09:30]  Pew Research : Almost all U.S. Presidents have been Christians (press)
[05:05]  Pro-Israel Group is '3 Million Strong' with Mike Huckabee (press)


[08:40]  Ukrainian Church leaders: Absence of dialogue with Parliament
[06:30]  Report on Looming Genocide for Iraq's Minorities (press)
[04:20]  Mayor: Rome setting up ‘red light’ districts for prostitution


[12:45]  On Darwin Day, 5 facts about the evolution debate (press)
[10:35]  New CD debuts #1 on iTunes Christian/Gospel Chart (press)
[08:25]  Ukrainian Catholic bishops urge prayer, fasting for peace
[06:15]  Obama seeks approval for forces against ISIS
[04:05]  Italy’s highest court rejects attempt to force gay marriage


[16:55]  Russian Metropolitan about Orthodox and Protestant Christians
[15:10]  Russian Patriarch Kirill urged priests to be culturally educated
[14:40]  ‘Hope for Hurting Hearts’ Dubbed into Turkish
[13:55]  Survey: 1 in 3 Americans worry about Sharia law
[13:25]  New Book Traces Journey from Wild Child to Finding Faith (press)
[12:15]  Obama: I didn’t lie about supporting gay ‘marriage’
[11:35]  Length of creation days debated
[11:05]  Pro-lifers will run 5,564 miles across North America
[10:30]  Faith Panel at 2015 Sundance Film Festival (press)
[10:00]  New ruling turns doctors into agents of death: Toronto Cardinal


[16:55]  Ukraine crisis: Church leaders call believers to not stand aside
[14:35]  500,000 Military BibleSticks in the hands of America’s Troops (press)
[13:25]  Clay vs. Grey: OLD FASHIONED Vies for Valentines' Hearts (press)
[12:15]  Report: The Most Family-Friendly Movies Earn More Money
[11:05]  Obama lied about his gay ‘marriage’ position, adviser admits
[10:40]  New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say
[09:55]  Worldwide Christian Schools shifts focus
[08:45]  Ministry leaders instructed to encounter God in the poor
[07:35]  Ala. minister backs gay marriage 'enthusiastically'
[06:25]  Ukraine: Pope backs effort for peace, not any particular party


[10:20]  The irony in anti-discrimination: why Catholic bishops won't back ENDA (press)
[05:35]  Widespread concerns about extremism in Muslim nations (press)


[14:35]  Notre Dame grads offer LGBTQ scholarship (press)
[11:05]  Live webcast on healing offered in February (press)
[04:20]  House of Peace's 'Into the Great Unknown' (press)


[16:55]  Pope gives 300 umbrellas to Rome's homeless amid downpour (press)
[15:40]  Will Boko Haram bungle the presidential election? (press)
[14:05]  Pope to Church leaders: 'scourge' of minor sex abuse must stop (press)
[13:20]  LifeWay outlines vision for future (press)
[11:15]  Oregon bakers' religious liberty 'steamrolled' (press)
[09:30]  President Obama Reads from Pastor Saeed’s Letter at National Prayer Breakfast (press)
[07:55]  Abortion Insurance Mandate Hearing Set for Tuesday (press)
[06:10]  The Identical CD Soundtrack (press)
[04:55]  NASCAR, Obama, religious freedom: This year's DC prayer breakfast (press)
[03:35]  Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: live stream concert of their new CD (press)


[16:45]  Answers in Genesis files lawsuit against Kentucky (press)
[15:30]  Children removed from Christian parents (press)
[14:55]  California bill would legalize assisted suicide for terminally ill (press)
[13:20]  Rep. Chris Smith, Sen. Roger Wicker to Lead Helsinki Commission (press)
[12:45]  Haggai training equips Bulgarians for Great Commission (press)
[11:20]  After pilot's execution, Jordan's Christians pray for religious harmony (press)
[10:15]  Annual Dinner with Allen West (press)
[09:10]  Natural Family Where It Belongs Named "Outstanding Academic Title" (press)
[08:25]  Pastor escapes plot from Muslim extremists (press)
[07:40]  Persecuted Christians in Mexico kept from homes (press)
[06:45]  Christian Convert Conditionally Released after Three Years in Prison (press)
[06:00]  San Fran archdiocese weighs in on teacher rules (press)
[05:35]  Theatrical One-Night Event: 'FOUR BLOOD-MOONS' (press)
[04:40]  Vatican-China relations may be improving (press)
[03:55]  Patriarch of Moscow: secular government and the clergy to be more self-critical (press, exclusive)


[16:55]  Holy See to UN: stop ignoring attacks on Christian women, girls (press)
[15:30]  Every Christian must make a decision to stand, whatever the cost’ (press)
[14:25]  Manga Messiah program impacts juvenile detention center (press)
[13:40]  Sunday: first International Day of Prayer against Human Trafficking (press)
[12:25]  Ukraine: Christians rescued about 1,200 people from the hottest spots (press, exclusive)
[11:10]  Foster care alternative: Safe Families for Children (press)
[10:05]  Huckabee tests GOP's social conservatism (press)
[09:40]  Advocates refuse: Child Experiences Excruciating Pain in Abortion (press)
[08:25]  Pastor finds 'strength in numbers' through CP (press)
[07:10]  'Inappropriate' Ofsted questioning of children revealed (press)
[06:55]  Conscience Rights Debates in Olympia (press)
[06:00]  Colorado's 'death with dignity' bill: disability groups (press)
[05:25]  Canada’s Supreme Court: euthanasia and assisted suicide (press)
[04:40]  Same-sex marriage is a ‘parody’, say US church leaders (press)
[03:55]  Development of religion in Ukraine and the world (press, exclusive)


[16:55]  ANALYSIS: Rape on college campuses (press)
[15:40]  Heroes amid a haunted past: Pope meets, praises Lithuania's bishops (press)
[14:15]  India Supreme Court orders ban ads for prenatal sex selection (press)
[13:20]  Devastating floods hit Cap Haitien again (press)
[12:15]  Obama administration renews call for Abedini's release (press)
[11:00]  Religious bill passes Upper House (press)
[10:35]  Fifth Catholic church vandalized in New Delhi over two months (press)
[09:40]  Frank Page, at NOBTS, addresses suicide epidemic (press)
[09:05]  Chile’s Socialist government proposes legalizing abortion (press)
[08:50]  e3 Partners and medical missions (press)
[07:55]  Pregnant mom with breast cancer refused abortion: cancer-free (press)
[07:10]  British Parliament To Debate A Scientific Procedure (press)
[06:45]  Commentary: Barack Obama's Tax Plan for Proletarian Families (press)
[05:20]  On shelves today, a book about intellectual suicide... and Jesus (press)
[04:35]  Colorado's 'death with dignity' bill is a lie, bishop warns (press)


[16:45]  German parents attacked: protest early sexualization of children (press)
[15:30]  Chaste—And College-Bound (press)
[14:05]  Bible container to be shipped to Nigeria (press)
[13:10]  Klitschko vetoed deprivation of benefits of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (press, exclusive)
[12:35]  Mozambique: Political tension resurfaces (press)
[11:20]  Woman bishop challenges future of Anglican-Catholic dialogue (press)
[10:55]  Russian Bishop speaks about Dali’s painting of Christ (photoreport, press, exclusive)
[09:30]  Super Bowl, Phoenix Open boost Baptist witness (press)
[08:25]  Woman chose life after brutal rape at 12 has no regrets (press)
[07:20]  President Hassan Rouhani: Human Rights' Status in the first full year (press)
[06:55]  Bishop urges youth to work for tolerance amid increase in violence (press)
[06:10]  Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (press)
[05:15]  California High School Had Sex Ed Teachers With Interesting Sidelines (press)
[04:40]  American imprisoned: offers prayers in thank you letter to Obama (press)
[03:55]  Russian Interfaith Union calls for limitation of speech freedom (press, exclusive)


[11:50]  Three million pairs of shoes given for children in need (press)
[06:15]  Burma's Bibles: encouraging love of Scripture among the laity (press)
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