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[13:00]  Despite Boko Haram, Gospel impacts Nigeria (press)
[09:45]  Two pastors were beaten outside their Bible College (press)
[04:10]  After Charlie Hebdo, balancing press freedom and respect for religion (press)


[16:55]  Harp's 'angel music' reaches autistic youth (press)
[15:30]  The dark side of the Super Bowl and how Congress aims to fight it (press)
[14:15]  EPA's 2015 Convention Schedule: New & Different (press)
[13:10]  RUSSIA: After raids and pre-trial detention, six Muslims fined (press)
[11:15]  MPs could vote on 'gender-abortion' (press)
[09:20]  Chile legalizes homosexual unions (press)
[07:05]  Christian schools gear up for legal action against Ofsted (press)
[05:35]  A tale of two cakes: Colorado's far-reaching religious freedom fight (press)
[04:10]  Second 'gender-abortion' doctor to appear before Crown Court (press)
[03:25]  What does the Church teach about vaccines? (press)


[16:50]  Russian Bishop speaks about Dali’s painting of Christ
[14:45]  Kristen Feola’s Online Daniel Fast Participation Growing
[13:35]  Praised but imprisoned: Polish bishops support Mary Wagner
[12:25]  Renewed fighting in Ukraine
[11:15]  ABS to move headquarters to Philadelphia
[10:05]  What does the Church teach about vaccines?
[09:30]  Mormons on LGBT rights called naive, unhelpful
[08:55]  Pope: A society without fathers is a society of orphans
[07:45]  Parental Notification: Why You Should Care & Hearing Info (press)
[06:35]  Hollywood Prayer Network to host HOLLYWOOD HONORS 2015 (press)


[16:55]  Russian Interfaith Union call for limitation of speech freedom
[13:55]  Princeton professor to pro-life movement: We're winning
[12:45]  Canadian Tory MP leaving politics to fight prostitution
[11:35]  West Coast Walk for Life broke more than one record this year
[10:25]  Actress and model, Allie DeBerry, talks about her latest role
[09:15]  Malawian bishops commit to spreading the Gospel with new media
[08:05]  Christian schools gear up for legal action against Ofsted
[07:40]  A visit to Naples, Pompeii on Pope Francis' slate for March
[06:55]  Film places biblical creation in college setting
[05:45]  Pope Francis: Discern God's will before making a decision


[16:55]  Ukraine: Pastor from Mariupol told about the bombardment
[13:45]  Report: Religious Freedom Violations in Cuba Continued
[12:35]  Mariupol, Ukraine home of renewed conflict
[11:25]  Ala. judges: no marriage licenses for gay couples
[10:15]  Nigerian gvmt plans to ban porn websites: official
[09:05]  House stalls on one pro-life bill, passes another
[08:20]  Tens of thousands march for life in Paris
[07:55]  Should the West take on Nigeria's terrorists? Bishops say yes
[06:45]  Dutch Doctor Promotes Culture of Death in New Zealand (press)
[05:35]  'The Politically Incorrect Jesus' Rethinks the Open Mind (press)


[17:20]  Evangelical Bishop calls to fast and pray for Ukraine
[12:45]  Gay ‘rights’ to sneak into new UN development goals
[11:35]  Ten Movies Vie for Best Movie for Mature Audiences
[10:25]  Fabricated: 'I did not go to heaven'
[09:15]  As Ukraine violence continues, Pope renews call for dialogue
[08:05]  ERLC, Focus unveil 2016 Evangelicals for Life
[07:30]  Pope: Dialogue between religions key in countering violence
[06:55]  Abortion Inflicts Intolerable Pain on the Unborn (press)
[05:45]  Dr. Caroline Leaf: Science just confirms the Word of God (exclusive)
[04:35]  Family Planning’s Plan to Seduce Our Children (press)


[09:00]  Ukrainian bishop: We need a new wave of spiritual mobilization
[03:55]  Grammy Award-winning Choir releases 29th recording project (press)


[07:10]  Canada’s best kids book is about a sex-obsessed trans teen
[05:30]  Winter Jam’s Tour Platform Propels Faith-Based Film
[04:00]  Pew Research Center: 5 facts about abortion (press)


[08:35]  Christian Television Network Show Portrays 'Real Life' (press)
[07:40]  Hundreds of thousands join D.C. March for Life
[06:25]  Masses suspended in Niger due to church burnings
[05:35]  President Obama Met with Wife of American Imprisoned Pastor
[04:05]  Faith Comes By Hearing Launches Aerospace Division (press)


[16:00]  Russia: Christian music festival was held in Moscow (photoreport)
[13:15]  Christian Concern and disability activists oppose Death Bill
[12:05]  Uganda: Imam Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christ
[11:40]  Obama to meet with Naghmeh Abedini in Idaho
[10:55]  Support abortion restrictions? So do most Americans
[09:45]  Evangelical-Catholic coalition: marriage in crisis
[08:35]  Pope Francis decries Charlie Hebdo motivated attacks in Niger
[07:25]  Christian Media and Ministry Professionals to Attend NRB15 (press)
[06:15]  Readers Turn in Christian Grey for a Christian POV (press)
[05:05]  The Unfinished War against Christianity (press)


[15:10]  Russian Evangelical Bishop grieves with Armenian Gyumri
[13:55]  Crimea: Convent closed following nuns' enforced departure
[12:45]  Gray Media Presents "Faith in Film" Panel at Film Festival (press)
[11:35]  America facing ‘unprecedented crisis’: Family Research Council
[10:25]  Employment Tribunal hears case of Christian NHS
[09:15]  Polish bishops blast directive to allow abortion-causing drugs
[08:05]  Court upholds inmate's religious liberty
[07:30]  How one CEO sees unrealized potential in special needs kids
[06:55]  Floyd on Fox: America must 'return to God'
[05:45]  'The Apology' – Men speak up about abortion


[16:15]  Christian Still in Prison Although His Prison Term is Over
[15:45]  Dr. Caroline Leaf: Science is a magnificent gift from God (exclusive)
[15:05]  Roe Versus Wade a Warning to New Zealand (press)
[14:40]  Christian Magistrate was disciplined for belief about family
[13:55]  Opportunities that are Transforming Healthcare
[12:45]  Thousands march to support human dignity in downtown LA
[11:35]  Irish priest gets ovation after telling congregation he’s gay
[10:25]  Pope: 'Responsible parenthood' doesn't mean birth control
[09:15]  UK is giving 10-year-olds contraceptive implants
[08:05]  The fight for human dignity - how MLK speaks to ISIS, abortion
[07:30]  Ukrainian President and Prime Minister prayed in Kiev March


[16:50]  ERLC unveils leadership council for 2015
[15:15]  Supreme Court to rule on same-sex marriage
[14:05]  Bishops insist on religious liberty in US
[13:30]  Andraé Crouch Funeral Details and Participants Announced
[12:55]  Details of the proposal for Pope Francis' US visit revealed
[11:45]  Fear among Egyptian Christians in Libya after Kidnappings
[10:35]  How to join the US bishops in 9 Days for Life
[09:25]  Churches Burned Down During Anti-Charlie Hebdo Demonstration
[08:15]  Philippine crowd for Pope Francis hits 6-7 million


[12:45]  Russia: Youth representatives held event in Apocalypse style
[05:15]  Media Network expands audience over 70% (press)


[10:45]  Sunday morning still segregated, study shows
[07:00]  Here's what Pope Francis gave the president of the Philippines
[05:05]  5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe (press)


[09:30]  Paris tragedy leaves Parisians open to Gospel
[08:55]  Hundreds rally behind sacked Atlanta Fire Chief
[07:45]  Pope on Charlie Hebdo: Don't kill in God's name
[06:35]  EPA Announces Scholarship Contest for Journalism Students (press)
[05:25]  Christian Prisoners Were not Invited to Christmas Party
[04:15]  Joseph Backholm: Redefining Discrimination (press)
[03:05]  NIV Discover God’s Heart Devotional Bible, Zondervan (press)


[19:35]  Ukraine: Christians were in the attacked bus near Volnovakha
[15:40]  The changing face of the Church in China
[14:55]  Diana Davis: The ideal pastor's wife (press)
[13:35]  A pattern of persecution in India
[12:25]  Missionsfest draws Baptists from 11 states
[11:15]  Pope's visit prompts release of Sri Lankan prisoners
[10:05]  Franklin Graham: The culture of death grows
[09:30]  Twenty-one Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya
[08:55]  Federal judge strikes down South Dakota marriage protection law
[07:45]  Francis makes impromptu visit to Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka
[05:15]  Ukraine: Leaders to create Evangelical development strategy
[04:05]  For Pope Francis, loving concern for the poor is not communism
[03:00]  Boko Haram uses child suicide bomber


[15:55]  Ukrainian Patriarch appeals to the international community
[14:45]  Worship Band House of Peace Releases Full-Length Debut (press)
[13:35]  Pro-life event designed with a California audience in mind
[12:25]  'The Identical' CD Soundtrack Re-Releases on Jan. 13 (press)
[11:15]  Venezuelan bishops condemn imposition of socialism
[10:05]  International Student Ministries Predict Top Events for 2015
[09:30]  Spanish bishops propose 'a Church without borders'
[08:55]  13 things mission-minded people do differently
[07:45]  Don't use religion as a weapon of war, Pope Francis insists
[06:35]  Court ponders sign law's effect on church
[05:25]  Pope Francis: Sri Lankans can learn to live as one family
[04:15]  Nigerian bishop hopes for solidarity
[03:05]  Venezuela school of evangelism will be held in Kiev


[16:55]  Christians opened a shelter for refugees in Ukraine
[15:25]  The religious composition of the 114th Congress (press)
[14:15]  Christian Retail Chain to Produce '90 Minutes in Heaven' (press)
[13:05]  Family film The Identical to release on home video Jan. 13 (press)
[12:30]  New Testament Completed for the Patpatar people (press)
[11:55]  Jason Bare's 'Christmas All the Time' tops CMW INSPO chart (press)
[10:45]  New Book Urges Believers to Say Less, Do More (press)
[09:35]  Kazakhstan: "Social justice" the Kazakh way
[09:25]  Pope tells diplomats to work for peace
[08:15]  Marriage law cases presented to Court of Appeals
[07:05]  'Like insects,' 2,000 Nigerians killed
[06:20]  Russian Evangelical Bishop called church to prayer and fasting


[07:50]  Belgian bishop hopes Church will formally recognize same-sex unions (press)


[12:15]  A cardinal's hat for Archbishop Mamberti, new head of the Signatura (press)
[06:30]  Up to 650 babies euthanized every year in Holland: report (press)


[11:45]  WMU leader Carolyn Weatherford Crumpler dies at 84 (press)
[05:20]  'No human invention' – Marriage a divine plan, bishop says (press)


[14:25]  Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions (press)
[11:10]  Porn 'damages & degrades' relationships (press)
[08:05]  Pope Francis casts into the deep to find two cardinals for Oceania (press)
[05:00]  Workers needed for unreached ministry in North America (press)
[03:55]  Huckabee ends TV show, weighing presidential bid (press)


[13:55]  Conference to consider the human element in Catholic family life (press)
[11:30]  South Asia: Why we go - MISSIONS (press)
[09:10]  Beauty in suffering: How one woman is fighting the stigma of therapy (press)
[07:45]  Women for Orphan's Worldwide impacts orphans in Guatemala (press)
[05:05]  Pastors see need amid culture of ritual sacrifice (press)
[03:10]  Resolutions or Prayers? You Decide! (press)


[16:40]  Woman shot for refusing to take morning after pill: Las Vegas police (press)
[14:35]  Possible site of Jesus' trial uncovered in the Holy Land (press)
[12:30]  Belgian Prisoner to be Legally Murdered by Doctor (press)
[10:15]  Dudley in the ‘Black Country’: Dr. Tony Stone and George Verwer (press)
[08:00]  Blasphemy charges still shackle Egyptian convert (press)
[05:35]  Lebanon refugees in perpetual limbo (press)
[03:20]  Motive for Murder of Evangelist in Colombia Remains Mystery (press)


[13:15]  Newsweek's slam of the Bible 'irresponsible' (press)
[11:40]  One church lost 41 members in AirAsia tragedy (press)
[10:25]  For Catholics in Ukraine 'the situation in the war zones is catastrophic' (press)
[08:40]  Fulani herdsmen attack village, kill 10 Christians (press)
[07:15]  There's a new way for Western and Chinese churches to connect (press)
[05:20]  One united fast of Russian churches: peace and awakening (press, exclusive)
[03:55]  Pope Francis' new cardinals shed light on Church's minorities (press)


[10:55]  Tim Tebow announces opening of children’s hospital in Philippines (press)
[05:40]  The Healthy Habits of the Married (press)


[14:10]  Bible distribution continues into the New Year with your help (press)
[08:55]  U.S. Helsinki Commission Chair Slams Verdicts in Navalny Trial (press)
[04:20]  In peace message, Pope takes aim at modern-day slavery (press)


[16:45]  Two daughters orphaned as parents and sister murdered (press)
[15:50]  Ladies: we deserve better than hormonal birth control (press)
[14:25]  Without the Church, Jesus 'is at the mercy of our imagination' (press)
[13:00]  Minsk: Traditional Orthodox Crusade of sobriet (press, exclusive)
[12:45]  3 Steps to Lasting New Year’s Resolutions (press)
[10:50]  U.S. Helsinki Commission Chair Welcomes Additions to Magnitsky List (press)
[09:35]  Filipino City Requires Taxi Drivers to Display Bible Verses on Vehicles (press)
[07:50]  Additional prison time: Iranian court's Christmas gift to Pastor Farshid Fathi (press)
[05:35]  In Zimbabwe, poverty is the Church's biggest enemy (press)
[03:15]  This New Year's, embrace gratitude, reject slavery of sin (press)


[12:50]  Help kids see in Colombia (press)
[10:45]  Abortion funding breaks health care law promise (press)
[08:30]  Greek InterVarsity part of solution
[05:45]  Gospel for Asia: Welcome to Their Toilet (press)
[03:00]  Christian appointed to be commissioner of the President of Ukraine for children's rights (press, exclusive)
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