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[16:55]  Armed Forces and the State Border Service of Ukraine: chaplain service (press, exclusive)
[15:30]  Bonds of friendship break bonds of slavery in red-light district (press)
[14:25]  Pastor of the “Church of Christ” kidnapped in Donetsk region, Ukraine (press, exclusive)
[13:00]  Kentucky voters would back true marriage in a landslide: poll (press)
[12:15]  Television addresses Iraq and Gaza (press)
[11:10]  New IVF procedure tests embryos for genetic disorders (press)
[10:35]  Church gives back after tragic bus crash (photoreport, press)
[09:00]  Pope Francis issues peace plea to all Holy See embassies (press)
[08:15]  New Massachusetts law restricting pro-life speech (press)
[07:20]  Big Boris: Doublespeaking on the London buses (press)
[06:45]  Jason Bare To Open For Natalie Grant's Hurricane Tour Friday (press)
[05:20]  Change of heart toward money called crucial in trafficking fight (press)
[04:35]  Cheri Keaggy Sets Sail: Wit & Wisdom Cruise (press)
[03:40]  Stories of the Thirsty (press)
[02:45]  Protestors slam global failure to save missing Nigerian girls (press)


[16:50]  Drug abusers in China find freedom in Christ (press)
[15:25]  Deplorable Sentences against Journalist and Lawyer Stifle Free Speech (press)
[14:30]  New Religious Freedom Ambassador named (press)
[13:05]  Country Forced to Close Border Crossings over Ebola (press)
[12:50]  Satanist ‘religious objection’ to pro-life laws (press)
[11:15]  Court allows 9/11 cross to remain standing at Ground Zero (press)
[10:30]  Non-Rap Version of No. 1 Hit, ‘People Get Ready…Jesus Is Coming’ (press)
[09:45]  'Best Night Ever' fetes special needs guests (photoreport, press)
[08:20]  Goverment deploys troops after Boko Haram Raid (press)
[07:55]  Critics: global religious freedom report falls short of action needed (press)
[06:30]  Appeals court strikes law: close Mississippi’s last abortion center (press)
[05:15]  US LGBT foundation aims to counter Vatican family synod (press)
[04:00]  Tehran official says gender-based hiring rules nothing new (press)
[03:15]  ’Exploring Ephesus’: produced by Stuart Lachlan Bennett (press)
[02:30]  Bishops' plea to US government: help Iraqi Christians (press)


[16:55]  This pro-life, first-time candidate will be elected, guaranteed (press)
[15:10]  Russian, Ukraine Baptists voice political divide (press)
[14:25]  If you find this filthy book in your home, burn it (press)
[13:00]  Red Rock Mysteries: DGL for the next generation (press)
[12:45]  'Staggering' number of believers in China, Christian workers say (photoreport, press)
[11:30]  Kendrick Brothers Wrap Production on Anticipated Fifth Film (press)
[10:15]  Missionary abducted in Cameroon (press)
[09:00]  Veteran broadcasting executive: facing a battle with pancreatic cancer (press)
[08:25]  Pope names new bishop for Vietnam's My Tho diocese (press)
[07:40]  Government accused of dishonesty over 3-parent baby plan (press)
[06:35]  Sue Detweiler To Appear On WATC-TV57's Friends & Neighbors (press)
[05:10]  Samaritan’s Purse Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola (press)
[04:15]  Preparing to Dub the Luke Video in a “threatened language” (press)
[03:40]  Arizona inmate's grueling execution lamented as preventable (press)
[02:35]  'Old Fashioned' and '50 Shades' Open Valentine's 2015 (press)


[16:15]  Change of Guard as Consolata Missionaries Usher in New Leadership (press)
[15:10]  Journalist-preacher from Ukraine captured by the militia (press, exclusive)
[14:05]  Political uncertainty adds to Ukrainian problems (press)
[13:50]  Letter from Imprisoned Iranian Christian Pastor (press)
[12:05]  Global Effort Needed to Save Lives in Nuba Mountains, says Bishop (press)
[11:00]  The world must respond to the cry of Iraq's Christians (press)
[10:15]  Soccer Players to Participate in “Match for Peace” in Rome (press)
[09:20]  Imagine the outrage if anti-Semites were crowdsourcing for gas chambers (press)
[08:45]  The Islamic State Tightens Grip - Christians Flee (press)
[07:30]  A Former rock star, turned missionary, prepares to tackle the Ebola (press)
[06:35]  Deborah Buckingham To Appear On 'Las Vegas Tonight' (press)
[05:10]  Revival in Iran: 'I Want to Be a Christian' (press)
[04:25]  Why is Praying outside an Abortion Facility Harassment? (press)
[03:40]  Rio favela continues to reap fruits from World Youth Day (press)
[02:35]  Lutheran Gears Up for National Health Center Week (press)


[14:45]  Cycling tour “Russia and the world without orphans” got to Khabarovsk (press, exclusive)
[11:50]  Social media buzz over FGM rumors (press)
[06:55]  Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary finalizes campus sale (press)


[15:50]  Have you forgotten the refugees? (press)
[12:30]  House of archbishop of Ukrainian Orthodox Church got burned (press, exclusive)
[09:25]  In 30 Countries, Heads of States Must Belong to a Certain Religion (press)
[04:10]  New auxiliary bishop for US Syro-Malabar eparchy named (press)


[16:10]  Ceasefire signed in Central African Republic conflict (press)
[15:35]  Romanian news outlet sanctioned for discrimination (press)
[14:30]  ANALYSIS: Religious beliefs form by age 6 (press)
[13:25]  Official figures show surge in repeat abortions (press)
[12:40]  Unique book in memory of the Jews killed during the World War II (press, exclusive)
[11:05]  EWTN to open new studio at Orange County cathedral (press)
[09:50]  She Met God on The Rooftop (press)
[08:00]  A silversmith and teacher shedding light in Paraguay (press)
[06:15]  Victory for Civil Engineer dismissed for speaking about Jesus at work (press)
[04:30]  Sudan ’apostasy’ woman Meriam Ibrahim arrives in Rome, meets Pope (press)
[02:45]  Film: People with same-sex attraction find peace in Church (press)


[16:35]  Christian TV brings hope to Middle East (press)
[15:50]  Modern Challenges of Faith Demands New Evangelization Strategies (press)
[14:45]  At border, Baptist leaders see hope among child detainees (press)
[13:30]  Study estimates 9,200 fewer abortions in Texas (press)
[12:15]  Nation Bans Construction of New Churches (press)
[11:10]  Increasing number of British couples travel to US for sex-selective IVF (press)
[10:25]  Another jailing, large fines for meeting upheld, more confiscations (press)
[09:30]  Urgent prayer requested for Talking Bibles Vice President of Operations (press)
[08:45]  Church response to refugees is part of pro-life call, bishop says (press)
[07:20]  Christian Concern supports day-long rally opposing assisted suicide (press)
[06:25]  Sex and Commitment (press)
[05:00]  Vitae President Step in for Melissa Ohden (press)
[04:45]  LeTourneau University Launches Innovative Nursing School This Fall (press)
[03:20]  Activists Mark 20 Years of Iron Fisted Repression (press)
[02:45]  Pope Francis to meet with 20 young Asian leaders (press)


[16:15]  Keys for Kids look ahead to bright future (press)
[15:10]  Pope Francis calls Syro-Catholic patriarch, assures of his prayers (press)
[14:45]  Greens Child Policy - Hypocrisy (press)
[13:20]  Evangelistic Film a Hit Among Maasai Villagers (press)
[12:45]  Medical missions involvement urged at conf. (press)
[11:20]  EchoLight Studios’ Unique Distribution Plan is Attracting An Audience (press)
[10:35]  Planned Parenthood tells teen to use whipping and wear diapers (press)
[09:50]  Executive Order: Bow to the Golden Image (press)
[08:15]  Finding Joy Between the Lines (press)
[07:10]  Pope Francis' Caserta visit: meeting with an evangelical pastor (press)
[06:45]  Eva Kroon Pike Releases To Christian Radio (press)
[05:30]  Summer of Hope 2014 (press)
[04:25]  Peers express concern over deep flaws in Assisted Dying Bill (press)
[03:30]  Billy Graham’s first historic visit to North Korea (press)
[02:15]  Pornography recovery program helps 'fight the new drug' (press)


[16:55]  John Schlitt's Brick and Mortar Release for The Christmas Project (press)
[15:10]  SBC's homosexuality stance reinforced by 1992 amendment (press)
[14:15]  Forgotten Missionaries International: Muslim world for Christ (press)
[13:30]  Catholic: Obama over ‘extreme and unprecedented’ executive order (press)
[12:45]  Four thousand people pray for peace in Ukraine (photoreport, press, exclusive)
[11:20]  Iraqi bishop urges prayer as Christians expelled from Mosul (press)
[10:25]  A path we all must walk (press)
[09:30]  Planned Parenthood budgeted for 1,135 abortions a year at $313.29 (press)
[08:15]  A television drama: Why are the seven deadly sins deadly? (press)
[07:30]  Disaster relief teams assist wildfire survivors (press)
[06:15]  32,000 pounds of Bibles delivered to village by new airplane funded by volunteers (press)
[05:10]  Orphan from Moscow joined “Russia and the world without orphans” (press, exclusive)
[04:35]  Jason Bare Among Most Added Songs On Billboard Chart (press)
[03:30]  Facing fines, conversion, or death, Christian families flee Mosul (press)
[02:55]  Christian leader, friend to Pope Francis dies in motorcycle accident (press)


[16:50]  Report reveals "aggressive Islamist agenda" in Birmingham schools (press)
[15:45]  Wireless birth control is no fantasy (press)
[14:20]  Seven Million in Need of Humanitarian Aid says the UN (press)
[13:15]  Resolution International Leadership Summit (press)
[12:30]  Jimmy Swan To Appear on The Walk TV's Las Vegas Tonight (press)
[11:35]  Pastors urged to fight abortion among blacks (press)
[10:50]  Church in Mexico helps collect weapons for disarmament program (press)
[10:05]  Dad's Involvement: Gender Gap in Higher Education (press)
[09:10]  President Mutharika Hails AMECEA Assembly, Terms it Timely (press)
[08:35]  Jailings under Administrative Code continue as new Codes signed (press)
[07:10]  Lord Falconer: euthanasia bill galvanises the country in opposition (press)
[06:25]  Why is the Prime Minister Silent? (press)
[05:40]  U.S. Helsinki Commission calls for investigation, accountability for terrorist act in Ukraine (press)
[04:45]  She Was for It Before She Was Against It (press)
[03:50]  Deborah Buckingham Wraps Up 60-Day Media Tour For Debut Book (photoreport, press)


[14:45]  KYRGYZSTAN: Orthodox Bishop banned (press)
[07:40]  Despite Gaza violence, Catholic relief agency works for peace (press)


[14:25]  Ukrainian Bishop: Look at everything with wide-open eyes (press, exclusive)
[11:30]  World leaders offer prayers in wake of MH17 crash (press)
[07:45]  Moscow Church released their first children album (press, exclusive)


[16:45]  Imams in UK Prisons ‘have links to Islamic Extremists’ (press)
[15:10]  Malaysia’s Capital: Curb Homelessness by Banning Soup Kitchens (press)
[13:55]  Dutch ethicist: supported euthanasia law, but was terribly wrong (press)
[12:40]  Defend marriage law, N.C. pastors urge (press)
[11:15]  Iran Sentences Eight Youths To Jail Over Facebook Postings (press)
[10:20]  PakistanShahbaz Bhatti murder case: Prime suspect granted bail (press)
[08:25]  Christian organization asked to stop programs about psychics (press, exclusive)
[06:00]  Official song released for papal visit to South Korea (press)
[04:30]  Cardinal Njue Encourages Faithful to Embrace Self-reliance Spirit (press)
[02:15]  Former Hillsong Pastors told about their new church (press, exclusive)


[16:30]  Marriage of 31,000 Underage Girls in 9 Months (press)
[15:25]  Typhoon season begins in the Philippines (press)
[14:50]  Collegian empowers other Deaf to learn Scripture, teach Truth (press)
[14:15]  Denominations that allow gay ‘marriage’ are ‘Satan’s church’ (press)
[13:10]  Pacific Jesuits working to free abducted priest in Afghanistan (press)
[12:35]  First Lady Lauds Church Role in Improving Lives of Kenyans (press)
[11:20]  Lord Carey: desperately wrong about legalising assisted suicide (press)
[10:45]  Don Moen to Launch ‘Worship In Action’ (press)
[09:50]  Catholic News Agency launches mobile app (press)
[09:05]  How Americans Feel About Religious Groups (press)
[08:20]  Malala, a Taliban Victim, Finds Sisterhood With Missing Girls (press)
[07:15]  Evangelical Bishop was released from house arrest (press, exclusive)
[06:30]  Family Planning Must not be Allowed to make Money out abourtion (press)
[05:45]  Meeting of Russian Protestant Churches Heads was held (press, exclusive)
[04:50]  Ahmadis "must not worship together. Otherwise they will be punished" (press)


[10:55]  Right to Life: Speeding the process of death (press)
[09:45]  Christians help to settle children from Eastern Ukraine
[08:35]  Highly-Anticipated New Single from Crystal Lewis Released (press)
[07:25]  Singapore libraries remove pro-gay books
[06:15]  Bishop calls for united prayer to stop UK euthanasia bill
[05:05]  CofE Bishop calls for 'spiritual reflection' in schools
[04:30]  Women religious attacked in Bangladesh
[03:55]  Diversity scholarships awarded by seminary
[02:45]  Christians disappearing from Iraq, bishops lament


[13:15]  Ukrainian pastor: Church comes to life in the crisis
[12:05]  SUDAN: Christians Treated as ‘Second Class’ Citizens
[11:20]  State honors first Christian artist with prestigious award (press)
[10:55]  Breakfast biscuit leads to a changed life
[09:45]  US House reapproves religious freedom commission
[08:35]  Lord Carey supports campaign to legalize right to die
[07:25]  Vatican media committee to bring Church into digital era
[06:15]  Shahbaz Bhatti murder case: Prime suspect granted bail
[05:05]  New healthcare resource links Catholic patients, providers


[12:55]  Critically-acclaimed author to give away book in August (press)
[11:45]  A Look at the Damage Governments Inflict on Religious Property (press)
[10:35]  MOMS' NIGHT OUT on DVD Sept. 2-Fun Faith Family Film (press)
[09:25]  Day of Prayer for religious freedom in American universities
[08:15]  Catholics, Jews and Muslims sign peace statement in Colombia
[07:05]  Bible Meeting banned in Pub named after Sunday School Founder
[06:30]  Cana film fest lays red carpet for Catholic social teaching
[05:40]  Sudanese Mother: Baby Daughter is Not Injured
[04:45]  Bishops: Colo. 'gay marriage' ruling misinterprets marriage


[06:15]  Sue Detweiler's Debut Book Well-Received at ICRS 2014 (press)
[04:50]  Messianic Jews, Arab Christians Gather Amidst Violence


[06:30]  Facts About the Same-Sex Family Study in Australia (press)
[05:55]  Dominica Minister: ‘We will never accept same-sex marriage’
[04:45]  Vatican backs a 'Pause for Peace' during World Cup final


[08:25]  Ministry Undertakes Support of New Bible Translation Efforts (press)
[07:15]  Jason Bare Performs At Fundraising Event (press)
[06:05]  Leading Polish pro-life ob-gyn fined for refusing abortion
[04:55]  Pope Francis to visit evangelical pastor from Buenos Aires


[12:55]  Kazakhstan: Two criminal cases continue
[11:45]  Three Non-Trinitarian Christians Arrested in Northern Iran
[10:35]  John Schlitt Celebrates Christmas At ICRS 2014 (press)
[09:25]  UK Assisted Suicide Bill nears House of Lords approval
[08:15]  Hate-speech laws a 'tool of totalitarianism,' lawyer warns
[07:05]  BPAS tells pregnant women 'sex-selective abortions are legal'
[06:40]  Church leaders in Holy Land call for an end to violent cycle
[05:55]  Young evangelicals defy sexual liberalism
[04:45]  Proposed Senate bill aims to thwart Hobby Lobby court decision


[15:55]  Third Culture Worship Signs New Distribution Deal (press)
[14:45]  Author sums up hundreds of years of Islamic terrorism (press)
[13:35]  Uzbekistan: "Legally" preventing human rights
[12:25]  Christian bakers face court action: refuse to make ‘gay’ cake
[11:15]  Lombardy rejects ‘gay marriage’
[10:05]  Boko Haram's Islamic motives 'ignored'
[09:30]  Korean celebrities create music video ahead of Pope's visit
[07:45]  Finland parliamentary committee rejects marriage redefinition
[06:35]  Cardinal Dolan slams anti-Catholic NY Times ad


[13:15]  Tips for connecting with families overseas
[12:05]  Pope Francis begs forgiveness from clergy abuse victims
[11:30]  8,000 rally for life in Belfast
[10:55]  UK: Call for Christian school assemblies to be scrapped
[09:45]  Newly abducted Nigerians escape Boko Haram
[08:35]  Victory as CPS drops case against street preacher
[07:25]  Supreme Court grants college injunction against HHS mandate
[06:15]  Kayla Fioravanti Promotes New Book On Grief At ICRS 2014 (press)
[05:15]  New Video Message from Billy Graham to Release this Fall (press)


[12:45]  Jimmy Swan Promotes New Kids CD Series At ICRS 2014 (press)
[11:35]  VATICAN: President of Madagascar Visits Pope
[10:25]  Freedom demands vigilance, archbishop reminds Americans
[09:15]  UN resolution affirms ‘natural family’
[08:05]  Church Opposes Distribution of the Scriptures in Greece
[07:30]  Religious freedom urged at Air Force Academy
[07:00]  John Morgan Promotes Upcoming Book At ICRS 2014 (press)
[06:55]  79% of Peruvians support Church’s stand against abortion
[05:45]  Pope: Christ's call, 'come to me', addressed to each person


[10:10]  Thousands join vigils for life in Chile
[06:05]  Asia Bibi’s supporters urge court to end delays on appeal


[09:55]  The Hobby Lobby Decision and the Future of Religious Rights (press)
[07:45]  Charisma House Author Promotes Books At ICRS 2014 (press)
[05:50]  Video showing marriage of young man with cancer goes viral


[08:05]  Christian Prisoner in Iran Goes on Hunger Strike Again
[07:30]  Call for religious exemption from ENDA draws diverse support
[06:55]  Meriam Ibrahim: My Baby is Disabled Because of treatment
[05:45]  Catholic aid organizations scramble to meet Iraqi needs


[14:15]  ‘Start! Rally’s’ scheduled throughout Southern California
[13:05]  MOVIES: Capturing America's spirit (press)
[12:30]  Sudanese Authorities Demolish Church Building
[11:55]  Religious freedom rulings wave follows Supreme Court decision
[10:45]  JPMorgan Chase asks staff to identify if they’re LGBT ‘allies’
[09:35]  Diocese clarifies stance on baptizing same-sex couples' babies
[08:25]  Real life married couples share real-life experiences
[07:15]  Christian charity battles Scottish law
[06:05]  Former sex slaves to take part in South Korea Mass with Pope


[15:15]  Gay writer urges Italians to oppose same-sex civil unions bill
[14:05]  Pro-gay pastor attends White House event
[13:30]  Show joy of Christian family life, Denver archbishop teaches
[12:55]  Baptists among 33 top young evangelicals
[11:45]  Legal experts: Hobby Lobby ruling may have broad implications
[10:35]  Co-founder of Ambassadors for Peace goes to his reward
[09:25]  Christian doctors encouraged but cautious after Court ruling
[08:15]  Human Rights Advocacy Group Welcomes Supreme Court Decision
[07:05]  Toronto cardinal: Catholic teaching on divorce not changing


[16:05]  South Georgia Christian Band Signs With INOV8 Music Group (press)
[15:20]  FPIW Applauds Supreme Court's Decision (press)
[14:55]  Speaker says Revolution is needed in U.S. Schools (press)
[13:45]  Second vicar defies prohibition on same-sex 'marriages'
[12:35]  Pope says communists stole Christianity's concern for poor
[11:25]  Marriage: the 'Ghost' at the bedside of Britain’s social ills
[10:15]  EWTN granted emergency relief from contraception mandate
[09:05]  Korean council: More church plants needed
[08:40]  Supreme Court upholds religious freedom for Hobby Lobby
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