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[16:30]  Band of radical secularists seeking to de-Christianise UK society (press)
[13:50]  U.S. Helsinki Commission to hold briefing on Molodova (press)
[11:35]  His Kidz United CD Featuring Kids Singing: Top Christian Hits Releases (press)
[09:30]  U-turn on abortion after model feels baby kick (press)
[07:15]  JPII statue finds home in largest poor neighborhood in Chile (press)
[05:40]  Gospel Recordings in 6000 languages: available for free download (press)
[03:25]  Interreligious Thai leaders pray for peace during crisis (press)


[16:40]  Luter: New England rallies support for new Baptist college (press)
[15:45]  Christian Peoples Alliance launches campaign for European Elections (press)
[14:30]  Hope rising in the developing world (press)
[13:15]  Brunswick Liberals approve newe resolution for Morgentaler clinic (press)
[12:10]  Baptists respond to weekend tornadoes (press)
[11:35]  Pen from Pope to signing a peace treaty (press)
[10:10]  Israeli pro-life leader meets with Congressmen in U.S. Capitol (press)
[09:15]  A Number of Christian Converts Arrested at Easter Service (press)
[08:25]  Poland First Black Member of Parliament Shares Testimony (press)
[07:40]  Virginia abortionist: quitting the abortion industry (press)
[06:55]  Obama praises influence of Saints John XXIII, John Paul II (press)
[05:10]  BGRRT Sends Chaplains to Arkansas Following Deadly Twister (press)
[04:55]  Cardinal Bertone defends himself against accusations of luxury (press)
[04:10]  Former Archbishop: “Britain now post-Christian” Nation (press)
[03:25]  AZERBAIJAN: Three year prison terms for Koran study? (press)


[16:35]  Spring cleaning with SAT-7 (press)
[15:20]  Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Almost a Dream (press)
[14:15]  Archbishop of Wales: teaching on homosexuality (press)
[13:40]  Clear sight in one dozen villages (press)
[12:45]  Give Concrete Meaning to Development (press)
[11:10]  Polish youth in Rome: John Paul II is 'our pride' (press)
[10:05]  Easter sermon yielded to Ukraine's president (press)
[09:40]  Rwandan President Paul Kagame Joins Saddleback Church (press)
[08:15]  Sergei Ryahovsky was nominated for the Public Chamber of the Russia (press)
[07:20]  Bishops Call for Immediate Action on Troubling Issues (press)
[06:55]  Christians visited children from a tuberculosis sanatorium on Easter (press)
[06:00]  Pope thanks Poland, Bergamo for gift of two great saints (press)
[05:25]  Only a few days left before Good Seed Sunday! (press)
[04:30]  New web resource launched to expose threat of Islamic extremism (press)
[03:55]  Polish pilgrims run 1,200 miles to celebrate in Rome (press)


[10:35]  Mohler open to meeting with gay author (press)
[06:55]  China to become the leading Christian nation? (press)


[15:50]  Accepting other religions: not be buried in the cemetery with Muslims (press)
[11:25]  Why Ten Commandments Won TV Ratings (press)
[05:50]  New paper exposes hidden agenda of the Sex Ed Establishment (press)


[16:25]  Celebrating Religious Liberty and Diversity (press)
[14:40]  Easter and Christmas: More Americans Search Online for 'Church' (press)
[13:35]  Crimean Tatars find help and hope (press)
[12:40]  Oregon: stop to incinerating aborted babies for electricity (press)
[11:55]  Afghanistan police officer kills three Americans (press)
[09:45]  Maryland health department files suit to deny abortion (press)
[08:50]  Why Haiti needs some Good News and how you can Help Provide it (press)
[07:45]  Spread Christ's joy as did St Jose de Anchieta, Pope urges (press)
[05:05]  Atheist letter objecting to 'Christian nation': criticism (press)
[03:45]  Doubts increase over Pope's alleged phone call on divorce (press)


[16:50]  Candidate for NY governor blasts Cuomo: pro-lifers they’re not welcome (press)
[15:45]  Micarle at Christian Day Care Center: terrorists went in wrong gate (press)
[14:10]  Akin celebrates 10 years at SEBTS (press)
[13:15]  Better to be a criminal in China than a pregnant mother (press)
[12:30]  Mother-Earth-Network Granted TRUST Status
[11:45]  Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon (press)
[10:55]  New ‘JESUS’ film is now available (press)
[09:20]  Deranged, violent homeless man transformed by Jesus (press)
[08:55]  Easter celebration strengthens Vietnamese migrants in Thailand (press)
[07:25]  Pope Francis appointed audience to Arseniy Yatsenyuk (press)
[06:55]  Italy records first death linked to abortion drug RU-486 (press)
[06:00]  Rewriting Rwanda’s Future, One School at a Time (press)
[05:25]  Cheri Keaggy Lifesong for Orphans Tour Kicks Off Sunday in Texas (press)
[04:40]  Cleric Calls on Delegates to put Nation’s Interest over Tribalism (press)
[03:55]  Woman cured by John Paul II bringing suitcase of prayers to Rome (press)


[16:40]  Toronto Cardinal criticizes Catholic teacher for march in Pride parade (press)
[15:45]  Moore: Evangelicals must persuade (press)
[14:50]  State Duma: discussion issues of role and social responsibility in Media (press)
[13:35]  'Under God' in pledge gets Americans' nod (press)
[12:10]  John Schlitt: New Single for Christian and Mainstream Rock Radio (press)
[11:25]  Papuans make two week pilgrimage in missionaries' steps (press)
[09:50]  Co-Founder and President of Calvary Evangelistic Mission died (press)
[09:05]  Notable Abstract Expressionist Rediscovers His Love of Painting (press)
[08:30]  Jailed over Easter: new deportation order (press)
[07:55]  Cardin condemns attacks, threats against minorities in Ukraine (press)
[06:50]  Eva Kroon Pike Performs at Lighthouse Ministries Fundraiser (press)
[06:05]  Scottish congregations quit Kirk over gay ordination (press)
[05:10]  English bishop: assisted suicide bill threatens vulnerable (press)
[04:25]  Chile under state of emergency (press)


[16:40]  Pastor Farshi Fathi Transferred to Hospital after being Beaten in Prison (press)
[15:10]  Government asks ministry for help (press)
[14:25]  David Cameron’s claim that Britain is a ‘Christian Country’ (press)
[13:40]  Christian nursery nurse: marriage is between a man and a woman (press)
[12:45]  Leadership, Science, Ethics and Education in Santa Cruz (press)
[11:10]  Nukumanu Language - Bible translation produces New Testament (press)
[10:25]  Major Gifts Ramp-Up Event (press)
[09:00]  Pastor Farshid Fathi Was Beaten in Evin Prison (press)
[08:15]  Celebrating Religious Liberty and Diversity, part 3 (photoreport, press)
[07:20]  Why Is Good Friday Good? (press)
[06:35]  Nation Leads Continent in Fight against Worms (press)
[05:40]  EAJA Expresses Concern over the Arrest of Journalist (press)
[04:25]  Advocacy Group: Country’s Controversial Blasphemy Laws (press)
[03:10]  Pope leads thousands in Stations of the Cross reflections (press)
[02:05]  Crimea churches signed the the Declaration of Cooperation (photoreport, press)


[11:25]  Peruvian ministry working to reach hiding tribes (press)
[06:55]  Women Alone—And Depressed (press)


[12:05]  Hiring policies updated at Southern Seminary (press)
[08:20]  Dr. Ben Carson Urges People to Speak Out on Abortion (press)
[05:45]  More Young Women Choosing Dogs Over Motherhood (press)


[15:30]  Illinois House rejects ban for minors with same-sex attraction (press)
[15:20]  ReachGlobal responds as hillsides continue to burn in Valparaiso.... (press)
[13:15]  Moore, Obama meet on immigration reform (press)
[10:55]  Pope urges faithful to serve with radical love of Jesus (press)
[09:40]  Africans Among the Most Morally Opposed to Contraception (press)
[08:25]  The Fresh Air Fund and LFHC to Host Coney Island Event (press)
[07:40]  Lenten service raided, other raids, warnings of "illegal activity" (press)
[06:55]  Upcoming His Kidz United CD Series: Top Christian Hits (press)
[05:00]  Ukrainian pastor: short video of local checkpoint (press)
[03:55]  Cuban government makes Good Friday official holiday (press)


[16:40]  Ensuring justice for the victims of rebel war crimes (press)
[15:25]  US bishops urge caution in dealing with Girl Scouts (press)
[14:15]  Booklet on implications of same-sex 'marriage' placed in schools (press)
[13:10]  Pro-abortion Wendy Davis losing among women voters in Texas (press)
[12:25]  Obama lauds Pope, affirms faith in Jesus at Easter Prayer Breakfast (press)
[11:40]  Archbishop Zeigler says Greed, Corruption ‘Eating Society’ (press)
[10:35]  Prime Minister: to Raise Blasphemy Laws with Pakistan President (press)
[09:40]  Four days incommunicado at secret police – so far (press)
[08:15]  Good Seed Sunday - Connecting Through Gardens (press)
[07:20]  LHC Partners with New York: Organ Donor Awareness (press)
[06:45]  Doctor Who Procured Four Abortions Acted Unlawfully (press)
[05:40]  Handle Operation Humanly, Christian Leaders tell Govnt (press)
[04:55]  Pope is bringing human trafficking into public eye, ambassador says (press)
[03:40]  Teaching and church planting: the same thing? (press)
[02:25]  Vatican to launch webpage detailing work of Popes on women (press)


[16:50]  Pope Francis will give Gospels to the imprisoned for Holy Week (press)
[15:35]  Boy Tormented by Evil (press)
[14:20]  Islam examined at SBC seminaries (press)
[13:55]  Expert says social media changes are evangelization opportunity (press)
[12:40]  New courses to reach prisoners
[11:25]  Italian court throws out ban on sperm and ova donors for IVF (press)
[10:30]  Prostitute found Jesus when she least expected (press)
[09:45]  Arizona governor: bill rigorous inspection standards for abortionists (press)
[08:50]  Holy See testimony on torture a UN treaty obligation, spokesman notes (press)
[07:15]  Children praying for children (press)
[06:20]  'Blood moon' lunar eclipses not a sign, Baptist professors say (press)
[05:55]  Parents: promotion of homosexual practice in primary school classes (press)
[05:10]  Disabled empowered through Baptist relief (press)
[04:35]  More than 70 Killed in Bus Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria (press)
[03:50]  European Court request enough to protect Uzbek asylum seeker? (press)


[16:50]  'Devastating milestone' reached amid Syrian refugee crisis (press)
[15:15]  Violence Against Women and the Killing of the Unborn (press)
[14:20]  American pro-family activist LaBarbera arrested in Canada (press)
[13:35]  YPO's Innovative Campaign Connects With UFV Students (press)
[12:10]  Ukrainian protestant churches announced days of fast and prayer (press)
[11:55]  The first believer among the Waodani language community in Ecuador (press)
[10:30]  Same-Sex "Marriage" & Obamacare: Similarities? (press)
[09:45]  Andrea Williams attends historic debate to stop EU funding (press)
[08:05]  Blossoming religious order in France sees global impact (press)
[07:30]  Murray, McKenna, BSA And A Local Church (press)
[06:55]  Protestant Churches of Russia and Ukraine met in Jerusalem (press)
[06:10]  Drinking the Water That Killed Their Livestock (press)
[05:15]  Woman 'weary of modern life' ends life at Dignitas (press)
[04:20]  Legion of Christ names new North American head (press)


[16:45]  Field Director shares details from Middle East ministry (press)
[15:20]  No Substitute for a Mother’s Care (press)
[14:25]  Pontifical council considers energy’s relation to justice, peace (press)
[13:15]  Deborah Buckingham Appears On Cornerstone TV (photoreport, press)
[12:30]  El Salvador passed its total ban on abortion with prayer and a socialist (press)
[11:55]  Bible Clubs for kids impact India (press)
[10:20]  Pelletiers: lawmakers to free their daughter from children’s services (press)
[09:55]  One victim of trafficking is too many, cardinal emphasizes (press)
[09:10]  Nigerian senator: ‘135 civilians killed’ in attacks (press)
[08:35]  The priest arrested in private hotel (press)
[07:40]  An Evening with Michelle Malkin (press)
[06:15]  In Turnaround, More Moms Are Staying Home, Study Says (press)
[05:20]  Statement on Russian NGO ADC Memorial (press)
[04:45]  Jason Bare Opens For Switchfoot At SonRise Music Festival (press)
[03:50]  Potential global Gospel reach climbs to 80% (press)


[12:25]  'Subjective discrimination' fuels states' religious freedom bills (press)
[08:20]  Afghanistan elections: Round 2 expected to take place in May (press)


[14:30]  Euthanasia: Canadian Medical Association Journal article (press)
[10:15]  Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S coming to Kiev (press)
[04:40]  County Drops Bid against Church Zoned as Bar (press)


[15:45]  Late Wife of Ministry Leader Known for Servant Heart, Loving Spirit (press)
[13:50]  First week of 2014 India elections comes to an end (press)
[12:25]  US and EU push Africans once more on abortion and homosexuality (press)
[11:50]  Two Pastors in Bhutan Jailed without Charges (press)
[10:35]  The Freedom Friendship: Celebrating Religious Liberty and Diversity (photoreport, press)
[09:40]  Ambassador David Killion to Lead U.S. Helsinki Commission Staff (press)
[08:55]  KENYA: Archbishop Emeritus Boniface Lele is Dead (press)
[07:50]  Vatican, civil authorities join forces against human trafficking (press)
[05:10]  "Unjust treatment of the books, ourselves, and our loved ones" (press)
[03:55]  Priest murdered in Nicaragua, report says (press)


[16:55]  Families of spirit children encounter the Holy Spirit (press)
[15:10]  Italian MPs: bill to protect parents’ constitutional rights against (press)
[14:45]  Philippines cardinal worked for peace with Muslims (press)
[13:20]  Meeting of Heads of the Baptist Unions of Russia and Ukraine (press)
[12:50]  Suspect arrested in murder of pro-life sidewalk counselor (press)
[12:25]  Coming from mosque service, Muslims kill Christians (press)
[11:50]  Easter baskets for Russian orphans (press)
[10:35]  Sri Lankans welcome new apostolic nuncio (press)
[09:40]  An entire month dedicated to Good Seed Sunday events! (photoreport, press)
[08:35]  Former Sheikh, Says Muslim Relatives Poisoned Him (press)
[07:50]  Political changes affecting Bible translation (press)
[06:10]  Interim Engagement: Are you READY to serve your LIGHT? (press)
[05:15]  Christopher Duffley Gains National Media Attention (photoreport, press)
[04:20]  Mental Torture is Common Practice in Iranian Prisons (press)
[03:55]  Time is running out for the Rohingya (press)


[16:25]  4 Pakistani Christians now on death row (press)
[15:30]  Eric Pickles challenged to back up “Christian country” claims (press)
[14:35]  Pro-life congressman, wife honored with Notre Dame award (press)
[13:50]  Perry LaHaie Single 'Unqualified' Gets Remix By Engineer Sean Moffitt (press)
[12:45]  Mohler's Utah visit a 'boost' to pastors (press)
[11:20]  No Better Than His Father (press)
[10:55]  Court ruling on Philippines RH bill met with mixed responses (press)
[09:15]  Violence spreads in Ukraine along with fervency in prayer (press)
[08:00]  Pro-life MP will seek unanimous consent to pass human dignity motion
[07:35]  Ove 20 Beaten or Detained For Protesting Detentions of Lawyers (press)
[06:15]  Heaven is for Real, movie claims (press)
[05:50]  Court upholds ban on religious services in NYC public schools (press)
[04:35]  KYRGYZSTAN: 14 year church ownership annulled (press)
[03:50]  Russian lawmaker: constitutional amendment banning gay ‘marriage’ (press)
[02:55]  Special adviser appointed to Vatican's 'central bank' (press)


[16:20]  Argentine archbishop defends baptism of child with lesbian parents (press)
[15:45]  The National Press Club Book Event April 14th on Genocide (press)
[14:30]  Backpack initiative for needy children expands nationwide (photoreport, press)
[13:15]  Priest murdered in Syria witnessed to Christ's love (press)
[12:20]  Two Dates Left for Actor David Payne's U.S. Tour (press)
[11:35]  Italian parents push back against ‘gender deconstruction’ (press)
[10:50]  GMA: award at International Young Scotland Programme 2014 (press)
[09:25]  KENYA: Girl-child Education Gets Donor Support (press)
[08:15]  Deborah Buckingham Visits Moody Radio and The Harvest Show (photoreport, press)
[07:10]  Pope Francis reaffirms importance of Vatican bank's mission (press)
[06:55]  Georgian Orthodox Church the most trusted unit (press)
[06:00]  Poverty and Food - improve access to food while building community! (press)
[05:25]  U2’s Bono Discusses His Faith and Insecurity over New Album (press)
[04:40]  Wilberforce graduate debates same-sex 'marriage' on BBC radio (press)
[03:55]  Do pro-Russian antagonists need protection? (press)


[16:45]  Samaritan’s Purse Responding to Deadly Ebola Outbreak (press)
[15:20]  KENYA: Police Stop Attempted Protest in Mombasa (press)
[14:55]  Kevin Sorbo endorses made-for-TV movie about Kermit Gosnell (press)
[13:30]  USA: Obama Clears Way for South Sudan Sanctions (press)
[12:35]  Over $100k raised for family of slain Catholic husband, father (press)
[11:20]  Christian Couple in Pakistan Sentenced to Death for "Blasphemy" (press)
[10:40]  Animated 'CP Rant' video targets younger generations (press)
[09:25]  GUINEA: Ebola Outbreak Claims Over 80 Lives (press)
[08:40]  Latvia shift the visit of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill (press)
[07:35]  Southeast Asia country closed to Christianity (press)
[06:50]  The deVeber Institute: Educational Series on Palliative Care (press)
[06:05]  Government considers new "emotional cruelty" law (press)
[05:30]  Pope distributes free copies of Gospels (press)
[04:20]  Canada’s Hope for the Nations partnership with Philippine Education (press)
[03:35]  Holy Land bishops urge Christian-Muslim unity against extremism (press)


[11:55]  Filmmakers seek support for film on abortionist Kermit Gosnell (press)
[07:45]  Number of Executions in Each State Since 1977 (press)


[12:50]  UN registers Lebanon's millionth Syrian refugee (press)
[08:15]  Controversial Abortionist Seeks Seat In Parliament (press)
[05:50]  The Key Determinant of Child Poverty (press)


[16:35]  'The backbone' of SBC, Page says of rural, small churches (press)
[14:10]  Audit finds increase in child protection, decrease in reported cases (press)
[12:45]  Alberta gvmt: won’t force schools to accept gay-straight alliances (press)
[11:20]  Mozilla’s co-founder is out. So is tolerance (press)
[10:25]  Alliance initiative “Russia without Orphans”: Documentary (press)
[09:50]  U.S. Tour For Actor David Payne's One-Man C.S. Lewis (press)
[07:40]  Shrinking Majority of Americans Support Death Penalty (press)
[06:15]  The Freedom Friendship - Celebrating Religious Liberty and Diversity (press)
[05:30]  Project to Improve Poor Children’s Intellect Led to Better Health (press)
[03:45]  Ukraine unrest leads to unity (press)


[16:50]  Boy Scouts of America ban troop leader who came out as homosexual (press)
[15:15]  Church Launches Appeal to Save Collapsed Dam Victims (press)
[14:30]  Holy See currently refraining from mediation in Venezuelan violence (press)
[13:45]  'Where was God?' documentary shares miracles amid disaster (press)
[12:30]  Obama urged to create religious envoy after papal meeting (press)
[11:55]  ACWECA Staff Begin Training on ‘Changing Technology’ (press)
[10:40]  A Spiritual Touch Changed His Life … Twice (press)
[09:35]  Dorothy Patterson sees Ukraine's burdens (press)
[08:20]  Atlanta archbishop apologizes for $2.2 million residence (press)
[07:45]  RWANDA: Remembering the Genocide – 20 years on (press)
[06:50]  UOC-KP might decline association with Moscow Patriarchate (press)
[06:05]  Michael Milton Releases New Book, Journey of a Lifetime (press)
[05:30]  Fried crickets for sale (press)
[04:25]  American Bible Society’s President Meets with Pope Francis (press)
[03:30]  Upcoming India elections stir fear (press)


[16:50]  Critics blame China’s one-child policy for rise in trafficking of babies (press)
[15:35]  A return to Ukraine the only hope for Crimea orphans (press)
[14:05]  Christian leadership vacuum in Belarus (press)
[13:50]  Mom dies of cancer after forgoing chemo to save unborn daughter (press)
[12:15]  Young Woman in Uganda Hospitalized after Father Beats Her (press)
[11:50]  Golden Gate Seminary sells campus, initiates relocation (press)
[10:45]  Australians mourn late bishop remembered for ecumenism (press)
[09:40]  Islamist rebels attack Christians in Syria (press)
[08:25]  UOC of Kiev Patriarchate donated Ministry of National Defense 500 thousand gryvna (press)
[07:50]  Street preacher awarded £13k for wrongful arrest (press)
[07:05]  Naghmeh Abedini: Pastor Saeed ‘Doing Better’ (press)
[06:10]  George W. Bush Impersonator John Morgan's April Fools Prank (press)
[05:15]  Criminal convictions overturned: alternative to military service (press)
[04:50]  LA's 'little ambassador' to Pope recalls encounter (press)
[03:45]  U.S. Helsinki Commission to hold hearing on Ukraine (press)


[16:05]  Iranian Christian Prisoner Goes on Hunger Strike (press)
[15:00]  Christian Aid-supported ministry puts love of God into action (press)
[14:45]  Pro-life’ WV governor hails the ‘gift of life’: 20-week abortion ban (press)
[13:25]  Saddleback Church: First meeting on Mental Health & the Church (press)
[12:20]  Pope names auxiliary bishop for key English archdiocese (press)
[11:45]  Pro-Russian participants attacked prayer tent in Donetsk (photoreport, press)
[10:20]  Dying Midwest church regains passion, spiritual vitality (photoreport, press)
[09:55]  Samaritan’s Purse: UK Disaster Response For Somerset Flood Victims (press)
[09:10]  Those dissenting from Church teachings shouldn’t receive Communion (press)
[08:25]  Deborah Buckingham Ministers During Recent Trip to Myanmar (photoreport, press)
[07:40]  Former president 'grossly misunderstands' Catholic teaching (press)
[06:10]  UKIP reiterates current opposition to same-sex 'marriage' (press)
[05:15]  Cardinal Martino: Syriac Orthodox Church new Patriarch (press)
[04:50]  "Jesus Is Muslim" Campaign Underway (press)
[03:45]  Pope Francis shapes Vatican finances under advice from his cardinals (press)
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