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[14:30]  Vatican's Financial Intelligence Authority receives new president (press)
[13:50]  New Brunswick stops enforcing prostitution laws (press)
[12:25]  Four-year-old boy delivers prophesy, paralyzed pastor’s son walks (press)
[10:25]  Seahawk players seek to be champs beyond Super Bowl (photoreport, press)
[09:50]  Comedienne threatens to kill, cannibalize pro-life congresswoman (press)
[08:45]  Only 4 million UK homes led by married parents (press)
[07:40]  Samaritan’s Purse is working with churches in the Philippines (press)
[06:55]  The role of the Church and professional Christian organizations (press)
[05:50]  Eye glasses for indegenous people (press)
[04:25]  More Religiously Conservative Protestants? More Divorce, Study Finds (press)


[16:50]  Obama promotes homosexuality and universal preschool (press)
[15:35]  GFA wraps up leprosy outreach (press)
[14:20]  Congresswoman: My Down syndrome child ‘a gift from God,’ (press)
[13:05]  Carman Now Fighting Infection as well as Cancer (press)
[12:35]  Christopher Duffley Selected by Autism Speaks As One 'Who Shined' (photoreport, press)
[11:50]  ‘She Counts’ sends message of hope (press)
[11:05]  Deborah Buckingham Releases Book of Devotionals (photoreport, press)
[10:30]  SOUTH SUDAN: Nation Calls for Aid corridor after Ceasefire (press)
[09:55]  Beauty from Ashes: Thousands of Syrians are Coming to Christ (press)
[08:20]  'Superpope' artist acclaims Pope Francis as a true hero (press)
[07:45]  TV channel “Russia Today”: about Ukrainian pastor's trip to Africa (press)
[06:30]  35 years: the JESUS film is re-mastered (press)
[05:55]  KENYA: Rev Fr Dr Odira Urges Unity Among Christians (press)
[05:00]  Son of Hamas movie wins big at the Sundance Film Festival (press)
[04:25]  UZBEKISTAN: Art lessons, talking constitute "illegal" religious activity? (press)


[16:15]  Believers of Orthodox Church collected 3 million rubles for Syria (press)
[15:30]  Christian artists skip, walk out of ‘satanic’ Grammy Awards show (press)
[14:55]  Jailed for refusing to pay fines: human rights without state permission (press)
[13:40]  Breaking: House passes ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’
[12:35]  Hindu woman-god meets Jesus and became His witness (press)
[11:20]  Bishop says Ukraine protests seek to defend human rights (press)
[10:15]  Educate Generations on Value of Human Life says Cabinet Secretary (press)
[09:00]  Gospel Shared with Nearly 10.5 Million in 2013 Through BGEA (press)
[08:35]  Wife of AoG Pastor Conditionally Released from Prison (press)
[07:20]  Patricia Heaton stars in MOMS' NIGHT OUT movie (press)
[06:05]  I feel pressure to end my life, says motor neurone sufferer
[05:30]  NIGERIA: At Least 62 Killed by Gun Men
[04:55]  When music is forbidden under Islam
[04:10]  Does Labour really care about Children?
[03:35]  Government Skeptical over Kony’s Mercy Plea (press)


[16:30]  Protests divide the Church in Ukraine (press)
[15:55]  Terror Warning Puts Security Agencies on High Alert
[14:10]  Mayor of London: political intervention in ‘gay bus advert’
[13:50]  Northern Cyprus overturns Europe’s last ban on gay sex
[12:15]  Pope Francis' writings on ecology could become encyclical
[11:20]  Coronation Street suicide risks promoting “dangerous myths”
[10:45]  ‘Same love?’ CBS airs same-sex ‘weddings’ during Grammy awards (press)
[09:40]  Bishops Want Government to Restore Political Calm
[08:35]  Tembo New Testament Nearing Completion in Congo
[07:20]  Lord Carey: Church of England not to "dance to the world's agenda"
[06:05]  Anti-superstition health drive launched after child dies in India
[05:20]  Dr. Michael Milton's "Sounding The Depths" (photoreport, press)
[04:15]  Church to Build Hospice for Terminally-ill People
[03:30]  RUSSIA: Two "extremism" bans overturned - but bans, fines continue
[02:55]  US military expands accommodations for religious attire


[16:50]  Human trafficking: taking action
[15:15]  Torment in the Land of Kings
[14:10]  Central African Republic: disruption on big and small scale (press)
[13:40]  Wife of Saeed Abedini Will Not Demonstrate and Risk Arrest
[12:55]  Pro-lifers pray and strategize: 10th annual Walk for Life West Coast
[11:20]  Opus Dei bishop's beatification set for Madrid
[10:15]  Miracle Couple Touched by the ‘Son of God’
[09:30]  Ukraine unrest ‘stunning’ says SGA (press)
[08:25]  Media targeting pro-family pastor on Harper’s trip to Israel
[07:40]  Okla. relief effort provides shelter, hope
[06:45]  RBN launched a website of the public television "TBN –Ukraine"
[05:50]  Warnings about marijuana abound amid legalization push
[05:05]  Don't 'build fences' around Gospel, urges Pope
[04:20]  Ukrainian Christian leader calls for urgent ‘prayer and fasting’ (press)
[03:45]  NPR Reports "Secret Progressive Network" in Seattle (press)


[10:45]  Bright future possible with God, Page says in 'historic' address
[06:40]  Teen girls: pledge support to abortion organization in Ottawa


[14:25]  Archbishop Müller encourages unity serving evangelization, mission
[10:25]  Alexander Semchenko: another three months of the house arrest
[06:30]  Department of Health: new reports of illegal sex-selection abortions


[15:50]  Abedini now among Iran's political prisoners
[14:30]  Faith Comes by Hearing releases Smart TV app
[12:10]  The Fear of Change
[11:40]  US celebrates 30 years of diplomacy with the Vatican
[10:35]  Amnesty: Interim President to Act to Avert Attacks on Muslims
[09:50]  Hope For Hurting Hearts: Winnipeg Real To Reel Film Festival
[08:45]  Key Findings About Growing Religious Hostilities Around the World
[07:20]  High Court Judge: promote marriage to combat family breakdown
[05:55]  Christian University in Cameroon Seeks Volunteer Professors
[04:20]  ACC: therapeutic support for unwanted same sex attraction "unethical"


[16:55]  KAZAKHSTAN: Do foreigners have religious freedom? (press)
[15:40]  Buddhist nationalists terrorize Christians in Sri Lanka
[14:15]  Media should foster culture of encounter, urges Pope
[13:20]  Nuncio urges Christians to uphold Tolerance
[12:25]  International bishops call Gaza Christians a 'people of hope'
[11:40]  Canada’s Justice Minister: law solution to prostitution
[10:35]  SOUTH SUDAN: UN Chief
[09:50]  Priests prayerd among the protesters and the internal troops
[09:05]  Cardinal Dolan: It’s abortion advocates who are ‘obsessed’
[08:40]  Women’s Role Critical to Development says Ambassador
[07:15]  ADF may appeal ruling against CPCs
[06:55]  In Midst of Civil Strife Tembo New Testament Nearing Completion
[06:00]  Criminal trial begins for 67-year-old pastor
[05:30]  Bankrupt Detroit draws those intent on 'the Lord's business'
[04:25]  UK Government: Plan to Scrap "Two Doctors" Abortion Requirement


[16:40]  40,000 join March for Life in Paris (press)
[15:55]  Winter Olympics outreach ready
[14:30]  Gospel is gaining ground despite persecution
[13:45]  Jesus Healed Hindu Brahmin Girl from the Issue of Blood (press)
[12:20]  Flooding in the Philippines
[11:35]  Unexpected Pastor in an Accidental Mission Field
[10:25]  Cardinal reaffirms child protection pledge as documents release
[09:20]  Ukrainian churches appealed to the government and opposition (photoreport, press)
[08:45]  “TBN- Russia”: new broadcast HD-format (press)
[07:30]  InterVarsity Launches Two New Ministries
[06:55]  Roe v Wade a Warning to New Zealand
[05:50]  Wells Cathedral promotes blasphemous film about Jesus
[05:05]  Vatican to appeal for reconciliation at Syrian peace conference
[04:30]  First Photo of Randy Travis Since Stroke Surfaces Online
[03:55]  Luke Sackandy takes over as the new Business Development contact (press)


[16:55]  North Carolina’s ultrasound law: Obama-appointed judge strikes down
[15:30]  Joni Eareckson Tada: Academy Awards in Hollywood (press)
[14:45]  Wendy Davis: Protecting all Texas Gosnells (press)
[13:10]  Smartphones join fight to save babies
[12:35]  Holy Land Christians prepare for Church unity week (press)
[11:00]  Anti-protest laws to hurt Christians
[10:25]  Release British doctor accused of blasphemy’: human rights group
[09:20]  Prostitution industry, euthanasia: Canada’s Liberal Party
[08:15]  Pope Francis visits Roman parish serving homeless, poor
[07:20]  InVictory: live broadcasting of the Synergize 4! Global Pastors Conference (press)
[06:55]  Racial diversity in churches remains elusive
[06:00]  Flaws in MP's "illiberal" Bill exposed (press)
[05:15]  Chinese Pastor Finally Charged and Allowed Access to Lawyer
[04:40]  Religion, schools and the right to choose (press)
[03:55]  Vatican commission completes Medjugorje investigation


[16:50]  Diocesan shelter extended hours to provide refuge from freezing
[15:55]  Claim: Sarah Palin’s father harassed by IRS since 2008 (press)
[14:30]  World Christian Council supported the position of Russia
[13:25]  Prelate says Church Facing Many Restrictions
[12:45]  Prof takes long-held pro-life views to abortion clinic's doors
[11:35]  NYC anti-pregnancy center law largely unconstitutional
[10:50]  Vatican spokesman to receive award from Spanish bishops
[09:20]  Neighbouring Countries Drawn into Conflict
[08:15]  Jews for Jesus Worker Recounts Deportation from Israel
[07:10]  What Can I Do To Fight Human Trafficking?
[06:45]  US bishops launch 9 Days for Life novena, campaign
[05:30]  Ukrainian assembly of the prophets in Kiev
[04:25]  Pastors Call Clergy to Risk Arrest for Imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini
[03:40]  Saturday Prayer at ‘Megamosque’ Site
[02:55]  Egyptian bishop backs newly drafted constitution


[10:20]  Protecting children is Church priority, Vatican officials tell UN
[05:55]  Huckabee talks religious liberty, 2016 campaign


[13:40]  Dozens of Congressmen speak out against Roe v. Wade
[10:15]  Race car driver survived horrible crash, made a comeback with God
[07:50]  Paying for College—When Do Parents Help Most?


[16:30]  New TV show tackles tension
[13:50]  Ministries ready for the Olympics
[12:55]  Argentine rabbi: Pope's visit to Holy Land could foster peace
[11:40]  Herbalist credits God with healings in Southeast Asia
[10:55]  Israeli abortion expansion leaves nation morally ‘in shreds’
[09:10]  Satanist plotted to kill prominent pastor, then got melted by grace
[08:25]  White House Seeks Ways To Get Poor Kids Through College (press)
[07:20]  Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year High
[05:05]  Religious freedom survey, January 2014
[03:50]  Woman rescued by Jesus from wild pig dies at 101 years of age


[16:50]  Department of Health officials: home abortion
[15:35]  Philip Renner invites to “Peniel” in Kiev
[14:50]  52% of homosexual youth report self-harming: UK study
[13:15]  Irony Abounds in Abortion Mandate Hearing
[12:20]  California project aiding 'motel kids' seeks global expansion
[11:10]  NZFPA and ALRANZ support Discrimination Against Women
[10:45]  McAleese accuses Catholic Church of ‘homophobic’ attitude
[09:40]  Referendum Voting Starts amid Tight Security
[08:15]  Fidelity urged amid Seattle school's 'gay marriage' controversy
[07:10]  Abortionist under criminal investigation: report child sex abuse
[06:55]  Ahwaz Church Minister Released from Prison
[06:00]  Brother of Benny Hinn comes to preach at the end of January
[05:35]  Over 200 Civilians Drown in Ferry Accident
[04:30]  Losing Faith, Losing Freedom: U.S. Falls To #12 Worldwide
[03:55]  Scottish official rejects sex ed guidelines for Catholic schools


[15:40]  Audio Scripture in Oaxaca finishing the work
[15:25]  Sri Lankan Catholics rejoice in receiving St Sebastian relic
[14:15]  Changes are on the way
[13:10]  Cases where it may be ‘irresponsible’ not to ‘interrupt a pregnancy’
[12:55]  Gospel growth among Syrian Muslims
[12:00]  LifeWay's Rainer, in open letter to Southern Baptists
[11:25]  Catholic school board to face tribunal: firing of transgender teacher
[10:50]  The Transforming Power of Water and the Word
[09:55]  John Schlitt To Star With Stephen Baldwin In New Faith-Based Sitcom
[08:30]  Mormons: Church leaders must not perform same-sex ‘weddings’
[07:20]  Churches Attacked, Vandalized, in Sri Lanka
[06:05]  San Francisco pro-life walk to include slate of dynamic events
[05:40]  Eva Kroon Pike Shares Adoption Story on "Chris Fabry Live!"
[04:55]  John Kerry, Vatican Secretary of State hold 'positive' meeting
[03:40]  48-hour jail terms for refusing to pay "unjust" fines


[16:45]  2014: A new chapter for Haiti
[15:00]  Syrian and Iranian Refugees Enjoy a Christmas to Remember
[14:40]  Ministry of Culture of Ukraine threatened the Greek Catholic church
[13:25]  Off beaten path missionaries take Gospel
[12:55]  ‘I feel like a walking corpse’: Chinese forced abortion victim
[11:10]  Training 'anytime, anywhere' via Ministry Grid ready for churches
[10:35]  Iranian Christians Hit with a Wave of Arrests during Christmas
[09:20]  March for Life Chicago offers opportunity for mid-west pro-lifers
[08:55]  Paralyzed Woman, Blind Child, Loving God
[07:40]  At 98, previous secretary of John XXIII among new cardinals
[06:15]  Pro-Choicer's Rally Against Choice
[05:00]  Opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
[04:50]  Split decision in Togo’s trial of Adventist pastor, others detained
[04:05]  Pope Francis to cardinals: new roles are not a 'promotion'
[03:30]  Baptist worship raided, Catholic priest "will be tried"


[16:35]  Partners co-founder says broken promises are commonplace
[15:00]  Obama administration: will recognize Utah gay ‘marriages’
[14:40]  Pastor defends Obama comments
[13:00]  California bishops pray for rain as state's drought continues
[12:10]  Bishop Call for Prayers and Stability in War Torn Nation
[11:25]  Russian government refuses license for NLR’s Tricolor satellite channel
[10:30]  Why the Bill to ban 'gay conversion therapy' is pernicious
[09:25]  At-risk children central to church plant's Gospel task (photoreport)
[08:00]  Jubilee Campaign and the Nigerian Working Group
[07:45]  Foster children from “Republic Pilgrim” visited Viktor Yushchenko
[06:55]  Post-abortive women 636% more likely to develop breast cancer
[06:00]  Mediator in S Sudan Peace Talks ‘Optimistic’ for Ceasefire
[05:15]  Patriarch Kiril visited Moscow jail inmates
[04:20]  Gunmen kill Pastor in Brazil
[03:35]  Muslims ‘almost 10%’ of under-fives


[11:30]  Court in Argentina cites UN ‘experts’ to establish ‘right’ to abortion
[07:20]  Libyan Christians have reason to fear


[12:05]  Health Canada: existence of RU-486 application
[08:50]  Soldiers Join Slaughter of Christians in Nigerian Village
[05:15]  How People in Muslim Countries Prefer Women to Dress in Public


[16:25]  Legionaries begin first general chapter to revise constitutions
[15:50]  Street preacher arrested and held in custody for mentioning sexual sin
[14:35]  Social media: good or bad?
[12:20]  Graham: Introduce 20-week abortion ban in ‘every state possible’
[10:45]  Coaches, players reflect on new football programs at OBU, HBU (photoreport)
[09:55]  Why CofE must abandon this dumbed-down christening
[08:40]  The ‘Worm’ Has Turned
[06:50]  Pope Francis: Christian love is not a 'soap opera'
[04:05]  Millennials Want Children, But They’re Not Planning on Them
[02:50]  Catholic leaders call for policies promoting decent work, just wage


[16:00]  2013 was good year for VBB
[15:25]  Ottawa’s new bishop on his commitment to pro-life cause
[14:50]  Life-Changing Mission Trips for Teens
[13:35]  Women: sought late-term abortions over relationship instability
[12:25]  ERLC network to equip Christians for culture
[11:30]  ECM issues a 2014 prayer guide
[10:40]  “New Jerusalem” band ended their tour in Ukraine
[09:10]  Inerrancy 'drift' festers in Christian academia
[08:55]  EPA: Partnership with the Advisers of Christian Collegiate Media
[08:00]  Christian baker files religious freedom appeal in marriage ruling
[07:15]  Jahi McMath’s family: got hope form a man who awakened from coma
[06:10]  Eastside Catholic vs. Gay "Married" Vice-Principle
[05:45]  Jesus hugging the man tight when train running over him
[04:30]  Maybe the Dennis “The Worm” Rodman should go back into his hole
[03:35]  KAZAKHSTAN: "We have experts to check icons"


[16:15]  Lebanese bishop appeals for Christian Syrian refugees
[15:40]  Though Her Parents Aren’t with Her
[14:35]  Christopher Duffley Performs With Michael Bolton, Kelly Rowland (photoreport)
[13:10]  'Speak up for Jesus', Lord Carey urges Christians
[12:25]  Tibet and The Great Commission (press)
[11:10]  Scottish school chaplain: Facebook message on homosexuality
[10:40]  Gospel truth transforms lives
[09:15]  Participants of Euromaidan celebrated Christmas in the center of Kiev
[08:50]  Family finds 'God's plan' in Peru (photoreport)
[07:55]  True Love Project connects sexual purity with worship
[07:00]  Papal visit to Holy Land to focus on ecumenism with Orthodox
[06:45]  Grass airstrips are crucial to accelerating translation efforts.
[05:20]  Yet Another Nigerian Tragedy
[04:55]  UK's relationship with European Court of Human Rights
[03:45]  Fines for "extremist" books


[15:15]  90% of new AIDS cases among college students in China (press)
[13:10]  Ireland extends abortion to women threatening suicide (press)
[12:05]  Far Corners sets long-term goals
[10:50]  Baby name 'Messiah' OK, most Americans say
[09:55]  A new initiative launched at Onething
[07:20]  Israel may give ‘free’ abortions
[05:05]  A woman’s Right To Choose” – A Cruel Deception
[03:10]  Pope encourages reform of relations between religious


[15:35]  Patriarch Kirill: there is a war in some sense against our country
[13:40]  Revolutionary Court: Christian Convert to One Year in Prison
[11:45]  2014: A Year Of Decision
[10:20]  Catholic bioethicist advises caution in Jahi McMath case (press)
[08:05]  Singer Phil Everly died on Friday (press)
[06:30]  Archbishop Müller affirms doctrine, pastoral care for divorced
[04:50]  Imprisoned Pakistani Catholic Asia Bibi Writes to Pope Francis
[03:35]  Calif. community grieves loss of murdered pastor


[10:45]  Priests for Life wins injunction against HHS mandate
[06:45]  Christianity is growing slowly in Tibet (press)


[14:35]  Slow and steady wins the race
[10:20]  Six million people attended Pope Francis' Vatican events in 2013
[06:30]  Public's Views on Human Evolution


[14:35]  Quiz: The World's Christian Population
[13:30]  God’s light is shining bright in Syria
[12:40]  Kuraev expelled of the faculty and professors of the Academy
[11:15]  Bangladesh bishop calls for peace amid pre-election violence
[10:40]  Death Penalty Order Deepens Hard-line Islamist Trend in Pakistan
[08:05]  Round table conference: family values and moral degradation
[07:20]  Congressmen: The PRIZE of citizenship (photoreport)
[06:15]  Wycliffe Associates Protecting Bible Translators
[05:30]  Carlos Santana reunites with homeless former bandmate
[04:05]  Carl Landwehr Passes Baton to Dr. Pat Castle as New Vitae President (photoreport)


[16:50]  One little bean can save a life
[15:55]  What Do You Mean By "Servant of God?"
[14:45]  Hope rises for discarded kids
[13:20]  ESPN hires Tebow as SEC analyst
[12:35]  Pope: 'Quality of life in Rome depends on all of us'
[11:30]  Tibet: What they did not tell you…
[10:35]  Gospels of John shared with Ukrainian protestors
[09:50]  The Holidays are Over but the Need Continues
[08:25]  Hindu slapped evangelist redeemed by Jesus
[07:25]  What will 2014 bring for Iraqi believers?
[06:15]  Bishops conference presidents are not ‘vice-popes’
[05:40]  Sudanese Advocates: Risk Lives to Bring Freedom to Their Country
[04:25]  We share in Mary’s 'journey of faith,' says Pope
[03:40]  Franklin Graham: Homosexuality is ‘a sin,’ and ‘I want to warn people’
[02:55]  Another Church Forced to Close its Doors on Farsi-Speaking Christians


[13:00]  A significant New Year’s resolution
[11:50]  Physics, missions, and 2012 come together
[09:45]  An abortionist accused of not reporting a 13-year-old girl's abortion
[08:20]  Ministry wants every child to have a family
[07:35]  Belgium considers legalizing euthanasia for minors
[05:45]  'Duck Dynasty' supporters win Robertson's return to show
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