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[15:15]  Will 2014 be a happy New Year?
[14:20]  Ministry on edge following Russian bombings
[13:55]  Planned Parenthood reports abortion decline
[12:40]  Church in Papua New Guinea hosts training for journalists
[11:35]  Iran– Christian Prisoner: We Celebrate Christmas in Prison!
[10:20]  There are Phil Robertson's Everywhere
[09:55]  Metropolitan Filaret is resigned
[08:30]  Law on the Protection of Children's Rights in Latvia


[16:40]  Christ changed his life and saved his leg
[15:55]  President Rouhani Wished Pope a Merry Christmas!
[14:20]  Resolutions or Prayers? You Decide!
[13:30]  Training for the tough times
[12:15]  Pope prays for upcoming Synod of Bishops
[11:50]  The Giving Book: a way to give special gifts year round
[10:05]  Football on Boxing Day
[09:20]  Iranian Christian Converts Arrested as They Celebrated Christmas
[08:35]  Filipino Church needs help
[07:50]  Archbishop: Muslims, Christians united in fight for equality in India
[06:25]  Christmas at Joy Junction Homeless Shelter
[05:40]  More Doctors Refuse to be Involved in Killing Unborn Children
[04:25]  A total family was wiped out for Christ in Central Asia
[03:30]  Intelligence Authorities Raided a non-Trinitarian Christian's Home
[02:55]  Release imprisoned pastor, congressional hearing urges Iran (press)


[10:50]  I’m pro-life because of facts, not faith
[08:20]  Harvest Season for Gospel India Ministry


[14:50]  Year of Faith vivified parishes in American Samoa, priest reports
[10:40]  'Flat Lottie,' trek by trek, relays her mission field encounters
[06:20]  New Satellite Channel planned in 2014


[16:50]  Moore: 'Duck Dynasty' suspension close-minded cultural 'intimidation'
[14:25]  Christians Attacked at Christmas Worship
[13:00]  Needing to find peace
[12:45]  Thousands Stream into Bethlehem for Christmas
[11:20]  Serving the Children She Despised
[10:45]  New law in Peru could change the lives of orphans
[08:20]  Bono sings “Come let us adore Him” in streets of Dublin Christmas Eve
[07:35]  Filippino Christians finding solace in a grim Christmas
[06:40]  A weak attempt at a touchy-feely Christmas reflection
[05:15]  Vatican encourages renewed missionary zeal in Catholic schools


[16:50]  Koch grant consistent with Church teaching, CUA tells critics
[15:45]  Refusing to let the worst of the storm get the best of them
[14:50]  Help purify Legion of Christ, cardinal tells new priests
[13:15]  Adoption comes full-circle
[12:30]  Vision Beyond Borders: How can I help?
[11:40]  Israel blesses the World – Its Pets and its Paletes
[10:55]  Public school: teacher wouldn’t have a Christmas tree
[10:00]  Audio readers risk death in Kenya
[09:15]  Christmas is actually about losing friends and family
[08:50]  Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Choir performs the “Messiah”
[08:05]  Theology department of “Evangelism – Protestantism” in University
[07:20]  Dominican carolers bring joy of Christmas to downtown DC
[06:35]  It’s Not a Merry Christmas for the Persecuted Church
[05:20]  European Churches urged others to pray for Ukraine (press)
[03:55]  Peace requires 'daily commitment,' says Pope in Christmas message


[16:30]  Jesus is 'meaning of life, history,' Pope preaches on Christmas
[15:50]  Don’t give out of guilt
[14:05]  The real ‘war on Christmas’ is perpetrated by Christians themselves
[13:30]  Beauty will end abortion…and save the world
[12:25]  US budget plan compromise met with mixed reception
[11:10]  'Journey to Bethlehem' becomes former skeptic's evangelism tool (photoreport)
[10:45]  South Sudan Leaders: Embrace Dialogue and Openness
[09:40]  Providing for those in need
[08:45]  Reach unreached together
[07:50]  Vatican newspaper launches redesigned website
[07:05]  Spending Christmas in the Hospital
[06:20]  Waiting To Hear From the Faith Community Regarding African Chaos
[05:55]  'The value of one soul?'
[04:40]  Behind bars, hope can be found
[03:25]  Dad Fights China for Arresting His 10-Year-Old Daughter


[16:40]  GuideStone injunction blocks abortion mandate
[15:35]  $34 million in taxpayer funding for LGBTQ sport facility
[14:10]  Appalachian families receive 23,000 backpacks
[13:25]  China: abortion after mistakenly issuing permit for second child
[12:50]  GFA: Effort Offers Life-Changing Gifts to Impoverished Families
[11:40]  Gift-wrapped cookies with eternal potential (photoreport)
[10:55]  A look back at Vatican reporting, with the late 'dean of vaticanisti'
[09:20]  Call for Volunteers for Typhoon Haiyan Victims
[08:15]  Christian freedoms worth fighting for - says The Daily Telegraph
[07:10]  Church Leaders Call for Calm, Reconciliation in Troubled Nation
[06:55]  Bishops say Corruption a Threat to Country’s Peace
[06:00]  Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes
[05:05]  Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All?
[04:10]  Paul Good Offers Christmas Single As Gift To Fans (photoreport)
[03:35]  Domain name of returned to its official owners (press)


[16:45]  Doctor champions 13-yr-old ‘brain dead’ girl on ventilator
[15:20]  Training Christian leaders in North Korea
[14:35]  Pope: Contemplate St. Joseph’s 'greatness of soul'
[13:40]  Belgian Senate votes in favour of euthanasia for children
[12:15]  Christianity helps women rise out of poverty, economist finds
[11:00]  Carman Asking for Prayer While Undergoing Treatment for Cancer
[10:25]  Putin: Russia socially and spiritually based on traditional values
[09:10]  Over 2000 People Displaced by Violence in Country, UN
[08:10]  Cardin Statement on the Release of Mikhail Khordorkovsky
[07:35]  A Boomer volunteer every 7 seconds
[06:30]  Put It All Together ...
[05:15]  Lutheran HealthCare & Super Sprowtz Create First Partnership
[04:20]  Kenyans Evacuated from Juba in Buses
[03:55]  Author Karen Jensen Guests On Popular Christian Media Outlets (photoreport)
[02:40]  Singing about God is banned in Turkmenistan


[11:20]  New prisoner of conscience, prisoners "set up" not to be amnestied
[07:00]  Kindergarten shuts down Nativity recitals to avoid offending Muslims


[12:55]  Porn pioneer, who went from millionaire to homeless, dies at age 77
[09:50]  Duck Dynasty suspension over gay comments sparks criticism
[05:30]  Parental Divorce—Still Hurting Children (press)


[15:20]  Obama personally boycotting the Olympics: sends gay athletes
[14:45]  Computer system could help deaf Catholics make confessions
[12:20]  Hope For Hurting Hearts wins at Nevada International Film Festival
[10:55]  OSCE: Fight Against Human Trafficking (press)
[09:30]  Some Good News
[08:25]  Survey Reveals What Divorced Couples Regret Most
[07:40]  Fast reading of the New Testament for three days
[06:35]  Celebrating Christmas and the Holidays, Then and Now
[05:10]  Kingdom Builders-Gospel Comes to Bhutan
[04:25]  Fined for praying for deceased


[16:55]  Bishops of Mexico to celebrate Christmas Mass in prisons
[15:20]  N.Y. is next stop for church planter couple & teenage kids (photoreport)
[14:15]  Vatican documents translated in Tongan spread Church teaching
[13:10]  Chinese professor fired for allegedly violating one child policy
[12:55]  Gunfire Continues Juba
[11:40]  Project "Warm up Child!" started in Ukraine (press)
[10:20]  New documentary on same sex attraction
[09:45]  Taxi driver-evangelist killed for Christ: Islamist group rewarded killer
[08:50]  Mandela Statue Fitting End to Mourning Period, says Priest
[07:55]  Former 40 Days for Life leader launches national program
[07:00]  Prince highlights persecution of Christians
[06:15]  Controversial Judgment Day Preacher Harold Camping Dies (press)
[05:40]  Ten fines in Tashkent Region, more elsewhere
[04:35]  Prayer for Ukraine: more than 1 000 people (photoreport, press)
[03:50]  Journalists Threaten to Sue President over Draconian Law


[16:55]  Addopted girl sends Christmas gifts to former orphanage (press)
[15:30]  Street preacher was doused with water: apology from offender
[14:15]  Deaths will outnumber births in Spain by 2017, experts say
[13:40]  Michael Milton Releases New Book Based on Book Of John, Chapter 17
[12:35]  NY judge orders first permanent block against HHS mandate
[11:15]  2014: a remembrance of tragedy and hope
[10:40]  Robert George receives religious liberty award
[09:25]  Pope appoints, confirms members of bishops' congregation
[08:40]  John Schlitt Guest on TBN's "Praise The Lord Christmas Special" (photoreport, press)
[07:30]  Oregon high school teacher fired for pro-life activism
[06:55]  Girl Guide faces expulsion after refusing to drop “God” from promise
[06:00]  Survey: In-person preaching versus video
[05:25]  The Transforming Power of Water and the Word
[04:30]  Pope Francis' 77th birthday marked with simple celebration
[03:45]  Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: Fox News Christmas Eve Special


[16:50]  Apple approves homosexual meetup app for users as young as 12
[15:25]  Paul Lamb euthanasia bid would create a 'duty to die' (press)
[14:10]  Valuable partner in fight against human trafficking
[13:35]  Pro-life leaders shocked by removal of Cardinal Burke from Vatican
[12:00]  Execution shockwaves still rippling
[11:45]  The Ultimate Life: A Chat with Actor Drew Waters
[10:20]  Gender segregation in universities kowtows to extremism
[09:55]  Auburn homecoming queen shows God's 'light'
[08:40]  Sister Wives: Federal judge declares polygamy unconstitutional
[07:35]  Ancient Scriptures threatened by PC police
[06:50]  A Christmas Blessing for Bangladesh
[06:05]  Fanatic group leader terrified seeing heavenly ball of light (press)
[05:10]  Bible Translation advances in Bangledesh
[04:25]  Register for OLYMPIA 301 Citizen Lobby Bootcamp!
[03:45]  Amnesty for jailed Koran verses and sermon "smuggler"? (press)


[16:55]  Orphan Outreach shares gifts, surprises
[15:40]  James Dobson launches lawsuit against HHS Obamacare mandate
[14:55]  Build a new tradition: stuff a stocking
[13:10]  Doesn't matter,' as homeless lament, tugs at Baptist staffer (photoreport)
[12:15]  Patriarch: Work with Muslims to promote religious freedom
[11:30]  Ukrainian Christian singer entered national selection for “Eurovision”
[10:55]  Rick Warren's greater fear: God's disapproval
[10:10]  Offer the Grace of Giving This Christmas with Christian Aid Mission
[09:25]  Eastern and Western Europe Divided Over Gay Marriage (press)
[08:05]  Saeed Abedini's wife testifies before Congress
[07:30]  Founder of Russ Reid Dies (press)
[06:55]  Combat human trafficking, Pope urges new ambassadors to Vatican
[06:00]  Orthodox of Tatarstan asks for help because of church burnings
[05:15]  FPIW Condemns $50 M Wrongful Birth Jury Award
[04:30]  Pope Francis' Big Year


[11:05]  The New Research: The Best Child-Protection Agency
[07:10]  John Schlitt Appears As Guest 'The Mike Huckabee Show' (photoreport)


[13:55]  Carhart hospitalized 4th woman in 10 months, second in 4 days
[09:45]  State Looks Into Increase in Deaths from Child Neglect, Abuse
[05:50]  Cheri Keaggy": Steinway Pianos and 94FM The Fish For Ad Campaign


[15:00]  Christian group calls Canadian government to end prostitution
[13:50]  Cuban Pastor Not Allowed to Leave Country
[12:35]  "Euthanasia safeguards won’t work", says Belgian Professor
[11:40]  Reverend Vruir Avanessian sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison
[10:25]  Pope: human dignity is "the root of liberty and justice"
[09:00]  Equip conference
[08:50]  Kingdom Bound Ministries Announces Changes To Leadership Team (photoreport, press)
[07:15]  "I want my rights to be protected by our government, not violated"
[05:00]  A free evangelistic newspaper for Christmas
[03:45]  InFaith Launches New Film Production Company


[16:50]  Interim Sunrise president appointed
[15:15]  Dissident Maryknoll priest: how to increase birthrate
[14:50]  EU Steps Up Relief Effort, Launches Humanitarian Air Bridge
[13:45]  Cardin Urges Ukrainian Officials to Respect Human Rights (press)
[12:20]  Will Graham: Billy Graham, Is Very Weak and Is Ready To Go Home
[11:55]  Zimbabwean bishops concerned by polarization after elections
[10:40]  Karen Jensen To Promote Why God Why? Tonight On Atlanta Live (photoreport)
[09:55]  Kibera Residents Demonstrate Over issuance of Title Deeds
[09:00]  Relationship Lessons from Obamacare
[08:25]  Synergize 4! Pastors Conference January 21-23, 2014 (press)
[07:30]  Man with disfigured face recalls warmth of encounter with Pope
[06:20]  Commission hearing on a Helsinki process for Northeast Asia (press)
[05:15]  35 million Christians in Indonesia: languages need translation
[04:40]  Clay Crosse Appears On Cornerstone TV Network's' 'Real Life' (photoreport)
[03:55]  Thai community pays tribute to 'unsung hero' Father Ray Brennan


[21:35]  NI to consult on removing protections for unborn babies with disability
[20:10]  Growing up without a father transforms children’s brains
[19:25]  Court of Appeal to hear banned bus ads case
[18:30]  Quebec legislators: province will become Canada’s euthanasia mecca
[16:55]  Pakistan, blasphemy laws, and the death penalty
[15:35]  Non-Christian MPs urge Canadians to buck political correctness
[14:50]  Kids ministry celebrates 6th anniversary
[14:10]  SGA worker needs prayer
[13:55]  Benghazi victim was U.S. church staffer
[13:00]  Hawaii names Christopher Martin as exec
[12:55]  Pope: Final Judgment brings comfort, despite our fears
[12:10]  TV “TBN- Russia” helped a blind man to get his sight
[11:55]  Priests are praying between protesters and security forces in Maidan
[11:10]  Louis Zamperini at 96, Is Still ‘Unbroken’ After All These Years
[10:55]  European Parliament rejects notion of abortion as human right


[16:55]  Canadian MP Maurice Vellacott launches two pro-life motions
[15:40]  Columnist: Pope's words rooted in Christ, not Marx
[14:05]  Court of Appeal Recognises In Law Sunday as Christian Rest Day
[13:45]  ‘Diabolic’: Men attacked by feminist, pro-abort mob (press)
[12:40]  Archbishop Kurtz calls ACLU lawsuit 'baseless'
[11:15]  Croatians back referendum upholding traditional marriage
[10:50]  Out of the ‘Deepest Pit of Discouragements’
[09:45]  Priest lauds Pope's commitment to protection of children
[08:20]  Students at FUGE camps relish each year's missions infusion
[07:05]  Government announces plans to tackle hate preaching and extremism
[06:30]  Nigeria’s Boko Haram strikes again in Cameroon
[05:25]  Video for "Little Drummer Boy" Produced by the Saylors Brothers
[04:40]  TIME CHANGE: Commission hearing for Northeast Asia (press)
[03:35]  When Doctors Get it Wrong: The Tragedy of Aborting Healthy Babies
[02:40]  YPO Open Doors to Community and Shares Their Vision to Serve


[16:50]  Liverpool Care Pathway to be 'rebranded'
[15:00]  U.S. war veteran Merrill Newman released by North Korea
[14:25]  US bishops' head supports Vatican anti-abuse commission
[13:30]  Catholic Church hopeful UN Troops will Settle Tense Situation
[12:40]  Bible translator killed in Central African Republic
[11:45]  New review of abortion-breast cancer studies a ‘game changer’
[10:40]  Churches a mediator in the negotiations: government and opposition
[09:35]  Bishops say Country more Polarized than before Elections
[08:50]  Family Planning Promotes a Culture of Death
[08:05]  Christian Convert Transferred to Ward 350 of Evin (press)
[07:10]  Julie Elias To Guest on TBN's Praise The Lord
[06:15]  A Different Kind of Love Story
[05:30]  Jesus saved a Hindu man and consoles at the afflictions
[04:45]  Ukrainian bishop urged praying for he protection from bloodshed (press)
[03:50]  ARMENIA: Building places of worship "not appropriate" (press)


[13:55]  Over 10,000 youth to send birthday card to Pope Francis
[08:15]  Planned Parenthood employee arrested for sexual abuse


[13:45]  Pride Toronto: 2014 WorldPride event
[10:45]  The Economic Boost of Childbearing
[06:15]  Muslim Job Candidates May Face Discrimination in Republican States


[14:50]  Belarusian KGB released arrested catholic priest
[12:50]  U.S. Pregnancy Rates Slide, Near Record Lows
[11:45]  Rwanda: Bible survives fire unscathed at children’s home
[10:25]  AOG Pastor and Minister Released from Ahwaz Prison (press)
[09:50]  Recording Artist Ilonka To Appear on Cornerstone TV's "Real Life"
[07:35]  Government Declares December 13 a Public Holiday
[06:50]  Attend OLYMPIA 301 Citizen Lobby Bootcamp!
[05:45]  Highlights From 'A Portrait of Jewish Americans'
[04:55]  South Africa’s Nelson Mandela dies at 95 in Johannesburg (press)
[03:45]  KCA Leads Journalists in Demo over Oppressive Media Bill


[16:55]  Commission hearing on a Helsinki process for Northeast Asia
[15:20]  NAAF chooses YOU as official curriculum (press)
[14:15]  Catholics agree with Church on abortion, gay ‘marriage’, euthanasia (press)
[13:10]  Egypt: Militants, criminals extort Christians
[12:45]  Creation Northwest Announces New Location for 2014 Event (photoreport, press)
[11:20]  On December 6 “Pray for Ukraine” will be live broadcasted (press)
[10:25]  Planed Parenthood promotes ‘Plan C’
[09:30]  Court of Appeal Recognises In Law Sunday as Christian Rest Day
[08:15]  Ukrainian singer urged priests of all faiths to come to the Maidan (press)
[07:10]  Overlake Christian Church Provides Aids Test To "Remove Stigma"
[06:55]  If Pope could perform one miracle, it would be 'to heal children'
[06:10]  Cardin Urges Ukraine, OSCE Ministers to Act (press)
[05:05]  Have "suspended" Islamic schools been closed down? (press)
[04:30]  Clay Crosse Set To Celebrate Christmas: Worship Pastor (press)
[03:55]  Notre Dame, FOCUS lawsuits challenge contraception mandate (press)


[16:55]  UK doctors still practicing after child porn convictions
[15:30]  YOUTH SCHOOL “STEP BY STEP” (press)
[14:15]  Canadian town council votes: banning pro-life banners on bypasses (press)
[13:50]  BottomLine Book Giveaway
[12:55]  Internet firewalls of Iran, China, other repressive regimes (press)
[11:30]  Catholic refugees in Balkans deserve justice, bishop says
[10:00]  "Sisters of Lazarus": Lime Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction (photoreport, press)
[09:15]  WEEK OF PRAYER: Quichua farmer tithes his life to God
[08:05]  School district mulling anti-transgender bullying policy
[07:10]  FROM MAGADAN to MOSCOW (press)
[06:15]  Council of cardinals begins second meeting on curial reform
[05:50]  Christians getting bitten by Kazakhstan religion laws
[04:55]  200,000 march for marriage in Taiwan protesting same-sex ‘marriage’
[04:10]  Corban University Signs Agreement with Mars Hill Church
[03:25]  Ukrainian Church an example of 'synodality' for Pope (press)


[16:50]  UK Methodists begin consultation on conducting same-sex ‘marriages’ (press)
[15:45]  Wycliffe Associates providing AID to Bible Translation Teams (press)
[14:40]  Pastors call 2nd prayer meeting for revival
[13:55]  Cardinal Dolan: Church has been 'caricatured' as anti-gay
[12:00]  Pro-abort feminists attacks praying men defending cathedral
[11:35]  Israeli prime minister invites Pope Francis to Israel (press)
[10:50]  WEEK OF PRAYER: Hearing church reaches Deaf Malagasy (photoreport, press)
[10:05]  Alien Ship Lands on Field in New Mexico, Leaving Crop Circles
[09:30]  Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash: Having a Heart to Help Others (press)
[08:55]  2014 Olympia 101 Citizen Orientation Training (press)
[08:00]  Procession against “Western Eurosodom expansion” in Kiev (press)
[07:25]  Clean Water in the Congo advances Bible Translation (press)
[06:10]  Little girl gone through heaven carried by Jesus (photoreport, press)
[05:15]  The Pope, the Poor - and the Free Market (press)
[04:30]  Alternatives to "extremism" charges to punish freedom of religion


[16:45]  Pope Francis: Advent is a journey towards horizon of hope
[15:30]  Catholic Church Official Urge Christians to Remain in Country
[14:25]  Maltese bishop denounces proposed same-sex civil union legislation
[13:00]  "TBN-Russia" - broadcasting live from a studio in Jerusalem
[12:40]  Albuquerque Pastor: Bring Attention to Saaed Abedini’s Plight (photoreport, press)
[11:45]  Lesbian waitress: tip story also lied about serving in Afghanistan (press)
[10:40]  New Churches Damage Fight against HIV/AIDS
[09:55]  Islamic Extremists Kill Christians in Nigeria Suspected Fulani herdsmen (press)
[08:35]  How a high-tech pro-life start-up is changing the way we save lives (press)
[07:20]  US Urges North Korea to Release American Detainee Merrill Newman
[06:45]  International conference to explore 'vocation' of business
[06:00]  Paul Crouch, a pioneering televangelist, founder of TBN: has died at 79 (press)
[05:20]  Bishops Demand Immediate Action to End Conflict (press)
[04:35]  Health Secretary calls for “urgent” guidance on sex selective abortions (press)
[03:50]  Pope expresses hope for reunion with Orthodox Patriarch (press)


[10:00]  Belgian Senate committee: extension of euthanasia to children (press)
[06:50]  Vatican astronomer: science opens the door to dialogue (press)
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