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[11:30]  AFRICA: Civil Society Calls on Gvnt. to End Abuse of Refugees
[09:05]  Justice Department enjoys relationship with anti-Christian hate group
[07:45]  Sexual re-orientation debate
[06:10]  Counting the Days to Death (press)
[05:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: The Lord Worked With Us (exclusive)
[04:40]  Does salvation reach North Korea as well? (press)
[03:45]  Conscientious beliefs on marriage: amendment to Equality Act
[02:55]  Huge Texas pro-life memorial park extensively vandalized


[20:15]  AUSTRALIA: African Migrants Bring ‘New Blood’ to Local Church
[15:45]  Pope says Biblical view of God can help fatherhood crisis
[14:00]  KENYA: Consolata School Girl Top KCPE in Nairobi
[13:25]  BELARUS: Religious freedom survey
[12:35]  UOC-KP came to the universal level (press)
[11:45]  Vocational training the first step toward improved livelihood
[10:20]  Syria's conflict creates openness to Jesus
[09:05]  Proposed B.C. Christian law school attacked by pro-gay activists
[08:15]  Immigration proposal gets evangelical support
[07:30]  U.S. bishops say they’re willing to ‘go to jail’ over HHS mandate
[06:55]  Dads need to 'take time ... and be dads' (press)
[05:25]  Zirve Killers Planned Bible Publisher Murders Well in Advance
[04:50]  Rios Montt: Face Charges of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity (press)
[03:30]  SBC's Page urges Scouts not to change policy on gay leaders
[02:45]  Thanks to God for Leading Me to Become a True Servant (press)


[23:40]  Extradition "would violate our international human rights obligations"
[14:55]  Boy Scouts could be poised to reverse gay leader policy
[13:20]  Kazakhstan: "protect us from officials' Lawlessness"
[12:35]  Foolishness, new thrilling DVD available on March 5. (press)
[11:55]  Morgentaler Decision: a ‘day of shame for Canada’
[10:40]  Prof. at University charged with child porn possession
[09:25]  David Cameron: same-sex ‘marriage’ bill
[08:00]  How British Pakistani Christian Association was found (press)
[07:15]  Church in Brazil united with victims of nightclub fire
[06:40]  Can We Examine Christianity As A Cold-Case?
[05:10]  US called on to support two-state solution in Palestine
[04:25]  San Francisco pro-life rally draws 50,000, papal praise
[02:50]  Renewed calls for justice, equality and human rights


[16:15]  WASH = water, sanitation and hygiene
[15:55]  Mennonite pastor sent to jail for refusing to testify
[13:35]  Lance Armstrong's 10-mile brush with faith
[12:20]  Economic growth supports the local church
[11:25]  Baroness Warsi hosts high level talks on religious freedom
[10:35]  Blasphemy Appeal for Christian has been adjourned until February
[09:05]  Iranian Court Convicted American Pastor
[08:30]  Vietnam’s New Religion Decree Termed a Step Backward
[07:55]  Hamas to establish military academy for Gaza schoolchildren
[06:25]  Chairman Cardin Mourns' statement of the Passing Max M. Kampelman (press)
[05:40]  Anti-Christian Remarks to Provoke Authorities against Christians


[12:05]  Same-sex ‘marriage’ threat to religious freedom
[07:30]  Food for the Hungry to launch its second blogger trip


[08:45]  ‘So what if abortion ends a life?’ asks Salon writer
[05:20]  World Leprosy Day January 27


[23:05]  Nuclear weapons overshadow human rights
[11:45]  Gao Zhisheng's family first prison visit since March 2012
[10:25]  Conservative MP seeks protection for workers
[09:35]  Air Cadets to remove 'God' from promise
[08:50]  Killing of Former Calvary Pastor and his Family Members
[07:20]  Statement by His Grace Bishop Angaelos in the UK
[06:35]  Even Neighbors in the Market Were Saying “Go to the Manmin Church” (exclusive)
[02:45]  Teacher training model opens ministry doors


[22:25]  Fiscal despair reveals new crisis in Greece
[19:50]  Bishop in Mali says people in hiding, afraid to enter churches
[16:40]  Social networks need more logic, love and less ranting, rage
[14:55]  Abortions of babies with Down syndrome in UK
[13:30]  Jaerock Lee's blog: How can I Feed the Flock with the Spiritual Word? (exclusive)
[13:25]  Abortion can lead to depression, guilt, drug abuse, suicide
[12:45]  Pope Benedict to Venezuelans: God can overcome uncertainty
[11:35]  Imprisoned pastor receives support from U.S. officials
[10:35]  Pray for the Entertainment Industry
[03:35]  Manmin Church speaks about importance of holiness (exclusive)


[16:25]  'China must unwaveringly adhere to the One Child Policy'
[15:05]  Tragic: U.S. passes 55 million abortion mark
[14:30]  Meals stomp out elementary malnutrition
[13:45]  BPAS offers abortion internships to Irish medical students
[12:10]  To coup, or not to coup?
[11:25]  Obama promotes gay marriage at inaugural
[10:50]  Who Speaks for China?
[09:40]  The First Christian Church?
[07:10]  Saved to serve: Gospel India Ministries (photoreport)


[23:40]  Iran says American tried to turn children against Islam
[22:20]  MLK was Christ-inspired, says head Knight of Peter Claver
[20:50]  Same-sex ‘marriage’ will threaten religious freedom and human rights
[12:45]  Christian TV for Viewers in Over 170 Countries (press)
[11:45]  Christian Face Criminalization of their Faith in Iran (press)
[10:25]  A Christian Arrested at Christmas, Remains in Prison
[09:45]  Sunday Adelaja will raise New Elite of society
[03:05]  Planned Parenthood Discards “Pro - Choice” Lie (press)


[12:15]  77 percent of Americans view porn once a month
[10:55]  North Korea kills two Christians
[10:15]  Priest's arrest on meth charges shocks Conn. diocese
[09:40]  Faith groups collaborate in support of gun controls
[09:00]  UK Evangrlical Supporting 'gay marriage' like opposing slavery
[08:10]  Muslims Attack Christians in Egypt on Rumor of Sexual Assault
[07:40]  Uruguayan doctors opt out of new abortion law
[06:55]  Pope urges prayers for peace during Christian Unity Week
[04:40]  Saudi Arabia Sent Death Row Inmates to Fight in Syria in Lieu of Execution
[03:30]  Family Planning Declares War on Women (press)


[06:40]  Kendrick brothers take breather from movies


[22:30]  Alabama Supreme Court recognizes unborn as 'children'
[21:15]  Do Not Sale of Our Values and Principles (press)
[20:50]  Mission team works as the Hands of Christ in Haiti
[19:25]  M. Giles Fort, pioneering missionary doctor died (photoreport)
[11:55]  Les Miserables finds support, caution in Christian community
[10:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: The ‘Way of Salvation’ (exclusive)
[09:10]  Vaccination to reduce growing cancer
[08:35]  Peers recommend decriminalisation of drugs
[07:40]  Judgment on Christian freedom cases
[06:50]  Egypt Family Gets 15 Years For Christian Conversion
[05:45]  Chris Tomlin Makes History With New Album
[04:30]  Honoring March for Life Founder and Pro-life Hero (press)
[03:45]  Washington State Abortion Stats


[07:45]  God's Burning Love towards Souls (press)
[04:10]  Iranian Christian Persecuted and Prosecuted for Their Faith
[02:50]  Healing power of a prayer and Muan Sweet Water


[22:30]  Trusting God in the winter of life
[19:15]  Religious freedom - at the cost of $1.3 million per day
[18:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Explanations on Difficult Bible Passages Containing Many Meanings (exclusive)
[08:30]  Aircraft for Bible Translation Efforts (press)
[07:55]  Senator Ed Murray Censoring Prayer?
[07:15]  Refusal an appointment with the mayor of Minsk City
[06:35]  Saeed Abedini go on trial next week
[03:10]  Korean revilal: How the church helps the needy (photoreport, press)
[01:45]  The Reason by William Sirls


[20:25]  FedEx donation to California Baptist University
[19:15]  Sri Lanka’s Floodwaters and Death Toll Rise
[00:55]  One Child Policy: “spoiled generation.”


[23:30]  Unusual flooding in Lebanon brings city to standstill
[22:45]  Lawyer blames victim in New Delhi rape case
[21:35]  Teacher’s Throat Cut in Mosul Becoming Latest Martyr
[20:50]  Scottish Midwives' appeal may go to the court
[19:55]  Kyrgystan: new religious freedom punishments
[16:40]  US called on to lead in Israel-Palestine peace efforts
[15:35]  A letter from an Iranian Prison from a U.S. Minister
[14:35]  Translation priorities flipped upside down
[14:10]  Politics that ignore God are bound to fail...
[13:35]  Planned Parenthood abortion numbers rise
[12:55]  ANALYSIS: The gay marriage battle isn't lost
[11:45]  Sudan Cracks Down on South Sudanese Christians
[11:40]  Killing in Name of Religion - Ungodly
[07:25]  Belarus: Alternative Service Law
[06:45]  Cheri Keaggy's Testimony at CEO Fellowship Event (press)


[10:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Struggling in Cold Winter and Hot Summer (exclusive)


[22:55]  Mali rebels push government region
[22:20]  'Contraceptive culture' usurps parental consent
[21:45]  Abortion politics leaving remedies for world’s worst killer diseases underfunded
[20:30]  Religious leaders urged to fight global persecution
[19:45]  The Giglio Imbroglio - The public inauguration of a new Moral McCarthyism
[18:30]  Syrian Takeover Could be ‘Game-Changer’ Says Christian Aid Mideast Director
[18:10]  Pakistani Schoolgirl Activist Leaves Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmigham
[10:20]  Temporary and Conditional Freedom for Rev. Vruir Avanessian (press)
[00:50]  Leading Israeli rabbi condemns pro-life group for treating Judaism like 'Catholic law'


[23:40]  Islamic extremism dominates persecution list
[22:55]  ‘Give Peace a Chance’ rally held in Pakistan to mark the 46th World Day of Peace
[21:55]  European Court to rule on controversial Christian freedom cases
[19:10]  Sexual difference critical to understanding marriage, authors say
[19:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Receiving the Explanations on Difficult Passages and the ‘Way of Salvation’ (exclusive)
[18:25]  Salafi party selects new leader; parliamentary elections forthcoming
[12:30]  Weekend of Prayer: End Human Trafficking and Slavery
[10:35]  The wife of mega church pastor in Seoul speaks about the secrets of a happy marriage
[03:30]  Top Ten Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology in 2012 (press)
[02:00]  House of Lords poll shows backing to postpone same-sex 'marriage'
[00:05]  Under-reported disaster still claiming victims in Africa


[22:40]  For Mexico City, animal life is more valuable than human life
[21:35]  Former Gang Member Ministers in Prison, Starts a Church, and Runs a Bible School (press)
[20:40]  After 2010 earthquake's tumult, Haiti seminarians persevered
[19:45]  C.S. Lewis' exploration of Christian faith inspires new generation
[07:45]  French government warns Catholic schools to stay ‘neutral’ on homosexual ‘marriage’
[05:30]  Syria offers 'peace' plan
[03:20]  Archdiocese of Mexico blasts ‘modern Herods’ in Mexico City gov’t for legalizing slaughter of unborn
[01:05]  Girl Guides consider dropping 'God' from Promise


[23:40]  Court says Christians don't keep Sunday special for it to be protected
[22:25]  Nadarkhani Conditionally Released for the Second Time (exclusive)
[19:55]  Two Members of the non-Trinitarian Faith Arrested in Rasht (exclusive)


[03:25]  Vatican stops taking credit
[02:40]  Former Firefighter Shars Christ in Central Asia
[01:35]  Gospel for Asia ministering through its “Women Reaching Women” outreach in India


[22:40]  John Ed Mathison’s 2012 Ministry Recap (press)
[21:45]  Christian Pastor Transferred to Hospital for Treatment in Prison Uniform (exclusive)


[23:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Faith that Controls Weather (exclusive)
[19:10]  Details of Pastor Fathi's Arrest on Second Anniversary of His Imprisonment (exclusive)
[07:15]  Manmin TV President: Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Holiness (exclusive)


[12:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God Heal Them According to Their Faith (exclusive)


[11:00]  2012 Christmas Lighting Ceremony Was Broadcast Live (photoreport)
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