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[05:45]  Christian doctor: Why doctors need to be preached to (exclusive)


[07:45]  Bringing Worship to the Egyptian Street
[04:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: We Can Be Protected When We Live in the Word (exclusive)


[10:35]  Tyndale House Publishers Releases Book by Lauren Scruggs
[09:25]  18,000 students attend Urbana 12
[08:15]  Jordanian Based Relief Agency Needs assistance


[11:45]  Jerusalem patriarch's Christmas message surveys Middle East situation
[10:35]  12 Christians Killed in Christmas Bloodshed in Nigeria


[22:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Do Not Sin Any More (exclusive)
[16:15]  Mr. Pierre Blat: I Was Healed and My Life Was Changed (press)
[15:05]  2012: Boko Haram's bloodiest year
[14:40]  In Christmas message, Pope extends Christ's peace to the world
[13:55]  Gunmen Kill at Least Six Christians in Yobe, Nigeria
[11:35]  Difficult Christmas for Asia Bibi and Younis Masih
[10:25]  Yousef Nadarkhani Arrested on Christmas Day


[14:45]  Christmas could be trouble in Nigeria
[13:35]  Christmas in India and Ecuador
[12:25]  Bishop Conley: Christmas shows God is with mankind
[11:15]  Christmas in China may not be what you think


[16:35]  Pope’s Christmas message warns gender theory is a denial of God
[16:00]  Children's music group wishes world Merry Christmas
[15:25]  British boys getting their 'sex education' from online porn
[14:15]  Pennsylvania Gunman Kills Woman in Church
[13:40]  Fox News highlights Baptist student relief efforts
[13:05]  Former Rock Star Plays ’Secret Santa’ to Children in Freetown
[12:35]  Baptists respond to Newtown tragedy & America's crisis
[11:55]  Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali Tells Church Not to Compromise
[11:45]  School shootings & spiritual warfare (press)
[10:50]  Iranian Christian Prisoner Writes to Sandy Hook Parents
[09:15]  People accepted Christ during Christmas Celebration in Nepal (photoreport)
[09:00]  Casey Schutrop's New Christmas Book Featured On The Reason Tour (press)
[08:45]  Pew Forum Slideshow: World Trends in 2012 (press)


[13:35]  How the Manmin Church celebrated its 30th anniversary (photoreport, exclusive)
[09:25]  Hobby Lobby turns to Supreme Court for mandate relief
[05:15]  Iranian-American Pastor Arrested; Imprisoned in Evin Prison


[13:35]  Labour divided over vote on same-sex ‘marriage’ bill
[12:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: I Prayed for the Healing of All Patients (exclusive)
[10:25]  In rare article, Pope asks Christians to reassess priorities
[07:15]  Council refuses licence for lap dance club
[04:05]  Michael Milton Consecrated As Chancellor (press)


[12:55]  Newtown residents continue to hurt in 'an unimaginable way'
[11:45]  Knights in Newtown organize nationwide prayer drive
[10:35]  SBC's Land: Armed, trained teachers can save lives
[09:25]  Essex dads to sue government over same-sex ‘marriage’ ban
[08:15]  How the world will end (press)
[05:05]  TANZANIA: Religious Leaders Warn of Unrest
[04:30]  Uzbekistan: Christians warned against sharing beliefs
[03:55]  Jeff Petherick Asks Christians To Rethink Christmas Gift Spending (press)


[22:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: A Young Man with Terminal Tuberculosis (exclusive)
[16:15]  BBC told to feature more gay presenters on children's television
[15:30]  Live Webcast Connects Operation Christmas Child to children
[14:55]  US bishop calls for nuclear negotiations with Iran
[13:45]  Social media reverberates with Newtown tragedy comment
[13:00]  Goodness is best response to evil of shootings, Archbishop Aquila
[12:35]  Federal appeals court sides with 2 colleges opposing HHS mandate
[11:25]  Irish bishops say legalizing abortion will harm care for moms
[10:15]  Online poker bill dead for now, Reid says
[09:05]  Colombian archbishop offers prayers after bus accident deaths
[08:40]  Christians most populous, Pew research affirms
[08:00]  Kyrgyzstan: Religion Law changes being done "democratically"
[07:15]  Jason Bare's Song Most-Downloaded Song Ever On New Release Tuesday (press)
[06:35]  Ministerial Ethics Book Released (press)
[06:05]  New Artist Victoria Griffith Performs at Celebrate Recovery (press)
[04:55]  Spiritual Diplomacy met with Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine (press)


[13:40]  With Christmas Ahead, Love-Sharing Events Have Continued
[13:10]  TANZANIA: VP Urges Islamic Scholars to Promote Peace
[13:05]  Taranaki District Health Board Giving Dangerous Drug To Children (press)
[12:55]  NIGERIA: Mass Condoms Distribution a Trick, says Bishops
[12:40]  S SUDAN: Cardinal Warns Against Oil Exploiters


[16:40]  Organizers of traditional marriage march expect up to 350,000 people
[16:20]  MPs and Peers launch campaign opposing same-sex ‘marriage’
[16:10]  Christian Radio Personality Frank Pastore Has Died
[15:55]  MPs Unite for Operation Christmas Child’s 100 Million Challenge
[15:45]  Archbishop Chaput: Advent's message relevant in wake of tragedy
[15:35]  Man with sledgehammer attacks two La. Catholic churches
[15:25]  Palestinian president thanks Pope for his support
[15:15]  Funerals begin in Connecticut, Obama cites Bible
[15:00]  Collegians trek to N.Y. to tackle hurricane survivors' needs
[14:50]  Christmas music enjoyed by 70% of Americans
[14:45]  'O Come, All Ye Faithful' atop LifeWay carols
[14:40]  Attorney: City laws against churches on rise
[14:35]  Huckabee answers, 'Where was God?'
[13:30]  Iranian Authorities Indifferent Towards Christian Monuments
[13:15]  Uzbekistan: Singing and reading Bibles on holiday prosecuted


[14:35]  Small town's Christmas tree brings splendor to Vatican
[13:25]  France's new monitoring policy deemed religious liberty threat
[13:00]  'Grieved' -- Conn. Baptists responding to shooting
[12:15]  Elementary school massacre ‘not part of God’s plan,’ Newtown pastor
[11:50]  Obama: U.S. won't prosecute marijuana users
[11:05]  Church leaders express prayers, condolences over Sandy Hook shooting
[10:55]  Irish Pastor ‘Carries the Cross’ Around Belfast
[10:40]  Catholic priests respond quickly to Conn. school shooting
[10:15]  A Pastor Threatened in Lahore for evangelizing
[09:55]  Pope 'deeply saddened' by Connecticut shooting
[08:45]  AFRICA: Bishops Call for Demarcation of Borders
[08:10]  The Media, Religion and the 2012 Campaign for President (press)
[07:35]  KENYA: Be Agents of Evangelization, advises Cardinal
[07:00]  Pew Forum: Impact of America's "Mormon Moment" (press)
[06:25]  UGANDA: Cardinal Filoni Attends Centenary Celebration


[13:35]  Manmin Dean: I was on the threshold of death (exclusive)
[09:25]  France monitoring traditionalist Catholics for 'religious pathology'
[05:15]  Police Contribute to Hindu Extremist Violence in India


[13:35]  New Hispanic generations to be conf. topic
[10:25]  Cardinal says American Catholics should head battle for human rights
[07:15]  Jerry Jenkins asks for prayer for the husband of Anne Graham Lotz
[04:05]  Reformed Theological Seminary Receives Reaffirmation by SACS (press)


[16:05]  House of Lords: No one should go to jail for using ‘insulting’
[15:40]  Faith Minister concerned over Government’s same-sex ‘marriage’ plans
[14:55]  Publisher releases ‘gay-friendly’ Bible translation
[13:45]  Bible doesn't command wealth redistribution, presenters say
[12:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Casting Away Idols and Coming into Light (exclusive)
[11:35]  Brutal killing of Christian missionary healer
[10:25]  Uruguayan congress passes gay 'marriage' law
[09:15]  Asia Bibi’s spouse begs Spain for asylum
[08:05]  Kyrgyzstan: Censorship amendments to Religion Law signed


[15:05]  Online poker opponents warn of Senate battle
[14:00]  Survey Shows Churches Determined to Do More in 2013
[13:20]  Moore urges biblical view of adoption
[12:25]  Drury Hotel founder says faith, family shape business decisions
[11:45]  Seeking 30,000 prayer warriors to help stop forced abortion in China
[11:15]  Advent a time to reflect on God's saving work, Pope says
[10:35]  UK consultation on ‘gay marriage’ a sham: pro-family campaigners
[10:05]  Bishop says Mayan prophecy believers should donate to Church
[09:25]  Philippines Lower House passes anti-life RH bill after 14 years
[09:00]  In first tweet, Pope blesses his million-plus followers
[08:20]  Ukrainian President has refused to defend religious freedom
[07:45]  China: Christian leader sharing the Gospel and raising the dead
[07:10]  Wycliffe Associates Established the Scriptures for New Frontiers fund
[06:35]  The Global Charter of Conscience Launch in Sweden (press)
[06:05]  Iranian Christians; Victims of Forced Migration


[22:30]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Advice with Love (exclusive)
[16:35]  Mennonite-owned wood manufacturer sues over contraception mandate
[15:25]  Government presses ahead with same-sex ‘marriage’
[14:15]  Uruguayan doctors: abortion norms fail to respect conscience rights
[13:05]  SBC-wide call to prayer for 2013 issued by Frank Page
[12:40]  Vatican official warns of mediocrity in American Christianity
[12:25]  Buddhist Monks Lead Attack on Church in Sri Lanka
[11:55]  New Orange bishop encourages Catholic unity in diversity
[11:10]  Palau TV outreach provides biblical encouragement and hope
[10:45]  New project allows Congress members to adopt conscience prisoners
[09:35]  Report about New Life Rehabilitation Center in Russia (press)
[08:25]  Kazakhstan: Mosques and churches forcibly closed
[08:00]  Michael Milton's "Faith for Living" TV Program Launches Advent Series (press)
[07:25]  KENYA: Fr Kizito Lauds Church on Street Children Rehab
[06:15]  Julie Elias Launches Christmas Tour With MLB Umpires (press)
[05:05]  KENYA: Consolata Charitable Home Launches Strategic Plan


[16:10]  Billboard Ridiculing Pope Benedict Offensive (press)
[15:15]  Christian Prisoners Still in Uncertainty after Ten Months
[14:40]  Legendary conductor to make history in 2013 (press)
[13:35]  Papal nuncio to Ivory Coast killed in car accident
[13:05]  Manmin News, 25-language Multilingual Newspaper Available Online
[12:25]  Pope calls for renewed missionary spirit in the Americas
[11:50]  Tufts University InterVarsity chapter restored
[11:15]  Cardinal encourages creative Catholic unity across Americas
[10:35]  Nigeria: We’d sooner refuse aid than legalize same-sex “marriage”
[09:55]  Leaders: Window open for immigration reform
[09:25]  Lawsuits against churches ‘inevitable’ with gay ‘marriage’ law
[08:45]  Plush puppies become LifeWay stores' ministry
[08:15]  Judge rules ‘Choose Life’ license plates violate the First Amendment
[07:35]  Men, don't stop dating your wife (press)
[07:05]  UK bishop castigates David Cameron over gay ‘marriage’ plans


[16:15]  Christmas is more than a party, Pope explains
[15:05]  Mexican Supreme Court: Heterosexual marriage law “unconstitutional”
[14:30]  Family advocates pleased Supreme Court will hear marriage cases
[13:55]  Landmark: Sup. Court to consider gay marriage
[12:45]  Swedish Christian Worker Reportedly Targeted by Punjabi Taliban
[11:35]  Is the culture at war with Christmas? (press)
[11:00]  Third Day Hits Number One and Announces a 45-City Tour
[10:25]  Application for “mega mosque” thrown out by council
[09:15]  Six Die in Clashes Following Protest at Presidential Palace in Egypt
[08:05]  Government breaks promise on same-sex ‘marriage’ in churches
[07:40]  S SUDAN: Continue to Journey with us, says Church Official
[06:55]  Election 2012 Post Mortem: White Evangelicals and Support for Romney (press)
[05:45]  EGYPT: We cannot ask Christians to Boycott Referendum, says Bishop
[05:00]  Gordon Mote Performs at Gospel and Country Music Hall of Fame (press)
[04:35]  AFRICA: AU lauds Church’s role in Africa’s Development


[08:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: I Prayed, and God Showed Me (exclusive)


[22:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Commanding Carbon Monoxide Gas in the Name of Jesus Christ (exclusive)
[14:25]  Britain missionary: Today the Gospel becomes like business (exclusive)


[16:50]  Minsk church remains in its building
[16:15]  Evangelical attorneys unite to fight homosexual movements in Brazil
[15:05]  Abortion may not have been requested in Savita's case
[14:40]  Catholics urged to take part in National Night of Prayer for Life
[13:55]  Complaint against judge for supporting marriage dismissed
[12:45]  Crossroads announces first pro-life walk across Australia
[11:35]  Cincinnati Catholic charities stress public-private partnership
[11:00]  Commission recommends more donor involvement
[10:25]  Pope makes second appeal for Congo as situation worsens
[09:15]  Fiscal cliff imperils adoption tax credit
[08:05]  Irish pro-lifers hold vigil against abortion legislation
[07:30]  Hawaii Pacific Baptists hold 70th annual meeting
[06:55]  Vatican office to launch Pope smartphone app
[05:45]  Manmin Deaconess: Healing of Depression and Many Diseases (press)
[04:35]  Kazakhstan: Government allowed wanted Uzbek pastor to leave


[16:50]  Scouts consider removing 'God' from promise
[16:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: There’s an App for That (press)
[15:55]  Evangelization, societal challenges will be focus of Americas summit
[14:45]  Judge rules against Calif. gay therapy ban
[13:35]  After decades-long ban, Christmas holds new meaning for Cuba
[13:00]  Sen. defeats treaty opposed by family groups
[12:25]  Algerian Faces Five Years in Prison for Sharing Christian Faith
[11:15]  Persecuted need U.S. help, advocates say
[10:05]  Swedish Christian Worker Shot in Pakistan
[09:40]  A Christmas caroling outreach (press)
[08:55]  Turkey: Expectations of the new Constitution
[07:45]  Go for Peaceful elections, Tutu advises Kenyans
[06:35]  Appeal to Belarus Council of Ministers and President’s Administration
[06:00]  Caritas Appeals for 2.6 million USD to Aid the Displaced in DRC
[05:25]  Casey Schutrop Set to Appear on Cornerstone TV's FOCUS 4 (press)


[16:05]  Top news agency bans use of term "homophobia"
[15:30]  Chen Guangcheng: Forced abortion ‘is a sin, because life is sacred’
[14:55]  Christians in Egypt are becoming more concerned
[13:45]  Breaking the silence surrounding childhood sexual abuse
[12:35]  Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Don’t Protect Religious Harmony
[11:25]  TV personality slams Conservatives for supporting ‘transgender’ bill
[10:15]  Vatican judges find computer tech's testimony not credible
[09:05]  Survey: Most back contraception mandate
[08:40]  Pro-life leaders ask GOP to stand strong on abortion
[07:55]  Land: Senate needs to reject disabilities treaty
[06:45]  Cardinal prays World Youth Day will have lifelong impact
[05:35]  Zig Ziglar gets 'See You at the Top' farewell
[04:25]  Pope Benedict will make Twitter debut with @pontifex
[03:15]  Court demands Minsk church to vacate its building immediately
[02:05]  One Free World International Christmas Appeal (press)


[16:50]  Ban children’s books depicting traditional families
[16:30]  Survey: Charitable Giving Likely to Fall Off This Holiday Season
[16:15]  HIV diagnoses in UK homosexual men at all-time high
[16:05]  Christian Deported from Maldives for Bringing in Literature
[15:40]  America's Christ-less Christmas (press)
[15:25]  UK bishops' conference tweeting for Year of Faith
[14:55]  Family groups rally opposition to U.N. treaty
[14:10]  Study shows Colombia's youth reject abortion, drug laws
[13:45]  Federal judge upholds Nev. marriage amend.
[13:15]  Holy See welcomes UN recognition of Palestine
[12:35]  AFRICA: Church to Set “Faith, Culture and Development” Organ
[12:00]  Theologian says China to have largest Christian population
[11:25]  GHANA: Bishops Urge Catholics to Pray for Peaceful Elections
[11:05]  Angels on the air this Christmas in radio show (press)
[10:30]  SUDAN: Church is the Only Beacon of hope, says Bishop
[07:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: First Revival in the Hometown (exclusive)
[04:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Vision of Building the Grand Sanctuary (exclusive)


[14:25]  Charitable deduction cap would be 'devastating'
[10:15]  Salt and Light media foundation to celebrate 10th anniversary
[06:05]  Uzbekistan: Fined for discussing their faith and praying together


[14:15]  Twelve Sentenced for Involvement in 2008 Orissa , India Violence
[11:05]  Marriage breakdown is ‘key cause of social decline’
[08:00]  Artist praises family as he receives Vatican award
[05:55]  Pew Forum: Laws Penalizing Blasphemy, Apostasy are Widespread (press)
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