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[15:30]  Toronto nativity scene vandalized for fifth time in six years
[14:45]  Majority in favour of referendum on same-sex ‘marriage’
[14:15]  Car bombs terrorize Syrian Christians in Damascus
[13:35]  Appeals court rules against abortion mandate
[13:05]  Priest: Fixing economic crisis requires financial and moral truth
[06:40]  Christian doctors collect God’s miracles around the world (exclusive)
[05:55]  Singer/Songwriter Julie Elias Sets Out on Christmas Tour (press)
[04:45]  Religiously Motivated Killing of a Jewish Woman in Esfahan


[15:40]  God Tells Woman To Bless One Million People (press)
[14:55]  Zig Ziglar, renowned layman & speaker, dies
[14:15]  Belarus: One week left for charismatic church?
[13:45]  Supreme Court to decide Fri. on gay marriage
[13:10]  Commission calls for 'insulting' to be removed from Public Order Act
[12:35]  GuideStone: health care law needs changes
[12:10]  Pope counsels parents to share faith with joy, dialogue
[11:35]  ‘Two and a Half Men’ star calls show ‘filth’
[11:00]  DC campaign points to Jesus as perfect Christmas gift
[10:25]  Archbishop: parents should keep kids out of school sex ed classes
[09:40]  GQ magazine names pro-life activist 'Rebel of the Year'
[09:15]  David Cameron faces ‘biggest Tory rebellion in modern times’
[09:10]  Author Jeff Petherick Set To Appear on Thursday's ATLANTA LIVE (press)
[08:55]  Pope urges support for children affected by AIDS
[08:10]  Rick Warren: Tolerance has disappeared from the marriage debate


[15:40]  Ministers criticise exclusion 'God' from school Advent services
[15:30]  Former porn producer questions study claiming porn stars happier
[15:20]  Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani Thanks Supporters at CSW Annual Conference
[15:10]  Bishops decry Congo violence, urge international help
[15:00]  Saddleback Church Kicks Off Effort to Eradicate Orphans in Rwanda
[14:55]  Conference to study father figures in television
[14:45]  Iranian Conservative Media Mocks God in Caricature Photo
[14:35]  Spanish bishops to release document supporting marriage
[14:25]  Live Your Love kicks of campaign to raise $10,000 in 30 days
[14:15]  Teens equate virtual world with reality, study finds
[14:05]  Doctor: An Exemplary Church Where God's Love and Power Abound (press)
[06:05]  Cheri Keaggy Kicks Off The Holidays at Annual Cider Christmas Event (press)
[05:30]  'Fatherless' Futuristic Thriller Torn From Today's Headlines (press)
[04:55]  Casey Schutrop Set to Appear on ATLANTA LIVE to Promote New Book (press)
[03:45]  KENYA: Bishop Encourages Evangelism Through Media


[16:50]  Poll reveals widespread support for teaching children Christianity
[16:15]  Government will act to legalize abortion: Irish Labour Party
[15:55]  Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria Constitute ‘Crimes Against Humanity’
[14:45]  Pope names holiness, unity and peace as cardinals' mission
[13:35]  Calvary Chapel Tohlakai Reaches Out
[13:00]  Nigerian cardinal condemns bombing of Protestant church
[12:25]  Supreme Court revives Obamacare challenge
[11:15]  Catholics for a Free Choice spends millions in abortion support
[10:05]  College students to help Sandy survivors
[09:40]  Bishops say Colombians unaware of truth behind euthanasia law
[08:55]  Why do Christians suffer? (press)
[07:45]  Vatican helps launch new interreligious dialogue center
[06:35]  Iranian Young Christian Tells His Story, From House Church to Prison
[06:00]  Airstrip built by hand in the jungle... (press)
[05:25]  China: Weibo and advancing freedom of religion or belief


[16:15]  Christian candidate given better odds in Rotheram by-election
[16:10]  Nigeria Blasts: Eleven Dead at Kaduna Barracks Church
[16:05]  Japan: The passing of a veteran missionary and dedicated family man
[16:00]  Attackers in India’s Most Violent State Follow Christians to Hospital
[15:55]  Dissident Catholic profs are ‘grave’ threat to religious liberty
[15:50]  Church responsible for spreading Christ's kingdom, Pope recalls
[15:45]  Luxembourg legalises abortion on demand
[15:40]  Critics find UN contraception push harmful to women
[15:35]  High-res 4D ultrasound captures babies yawning in the womb
[15:30]  Vatican nativity set might include animals not at Jesus' birth
[15:25]  Obama drops God from Thanksgiving address for fourth year straight
[07:45]  NIGERIA: Four Killed after Assault on Church
[07:10]  Right to Life: Abortion is not Health Care (press)
[06:35]  DR CONGO: Church Leaders Outraged by Escalating Violence
[06:05]  Egypt: Christians Fear Exclusion Under New Islamist Constitution (press)


[14:55]  Russian painter demands proof of the existence of God
[10:45]  Prime Minister to fast track laws on same-sex 'marriage'
[06:35]  Sex trade victims 'the walking dead'
[03:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Duty of World Mission (exclusive)


[11:45]  Russian Orthodox Church stands for the reunion of Slavic nations
[08:35]  Priest takes food stamp challenge in solidarity with poor
[05:25]  Poorest Indian Christians denied socio-economic rights


[19:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: When I Commanded in the Name of Jesus Christ (exclusive)
[07:45]  Leaders ask Russian President to react to church demolition
[06:35]  Urbana 12 brings art to missions
[05:25]  UN human rights chief slams violence towards Christians in Indonesia
[04:15]  Korean minister: Prayer is a way to real miracles (exclusive)


[16:40]  Church of England votes against women bishops
[15:35]  Luis Palau and churches build on a 30-year legacy to reach Newcastle
[14:25]  Tories set to lose votes over same-sex 'marriage' proposals
[13:15]  CDC study promotes the use of abortifacients to reduce abortion rates
[12:45]  Graffiti shines 'light' in Sandy's aftermath
[12:00]  Canadian provinces free to defund abortion: legal analysis
[11:35]  Study: Selflessness leads to spiritual maturity
[11:20]  Thanksgiving Day shopping called 'assault' on family life
[10:55]  Church's poverty game raises $30,000 for hunger
[10:15]  Pope warns Gaza conflict could spread in Middle East
[09:45]  Author Jeff Petherick To Appear on HOUR OF POWER December 30 (press)
[09:30]  French president to support 'gay marriage' conscience rights
[08:35]  Jason Bare Makes Guest Appearance This Week on CTN's BRIDGES (press)
[08:05]  Kazakhstan: Complex, arbitrary, unnecessary re-registration process
[07:30]  Michael Milton Discusses New Book on Cornerstone TV's FOCUS 4 (press)


[16:05]  More than three-quarters of homosexuals voted for Obama
[15:40]  Soldiers returning home need 'soul repair,' Carver says
[14:55]  Catholic political activist looks at how much tone matters
[13:45]  Abandonment of Christian principles led to Europe’s economic crisis
[12:35]  Cuban Church urges continued aid for Hurricane Sandy victims
[12:00]  Judge: Hobby Lobby must cover abortion drugs
[11:25]  Benin's president thinks Pope is right about hope in Africa
[10:15]  Blasphemy case against Pakistani girl dropped
[09:05]  VATICAN: Pope Congratulates the New Coptic Patriarch
[08:30]  Pope's book on childhood of Jesus has family focus
[07:55]  KENYA: Let ‘Year of Faith’ be Beneficial, Cardinal urges Catholic
[06:45]  Dr. Jaerock Lee's Multilingual E-books for Readers Worldwide
[05:35]  AFRICA: Workshop on Faith, Culture and Development Starts
[05:20]  Hurricane Sandy Grant Funds Available (press)
[04:25]  KENYA: End This Violence, CJPC Urges Govt. and Citizens


[16:55]  Hundreds of thousands rally against gay ‘marriage’ in France
[15:30]  Author says society's marriage discussion must remember children
[14:25]  Egypt's Pope has been enthroned
[13:15]  Pope urges French Catholics to make voices heard on marriage
[12:45]  No protection for teachers who will not promote same-sex marriage
[12:10]  Campaign seeks to repeal Uruguay abortion law
[11:35]  Volunteers Deployed for SandyThanksgiving Disaster Relief Efforts
[11:20]  Tyndale gets court win against abortion mandate
[10:45]  Pastor, Police Inspector and Politician Murdered in Nigeria
[10:15]  Sandy meal count tops 1.2M; next: church partnerships
[09:55]  NDOP Wembley Thanksgiving Night of Prayer Goes Back to the Future
[09:25]  Injunction granted in Navy chaplains case
[08:35]  New Video Urges Millions of Christians To End Poverty Agony
[07:05]  Brian Dennehy, Crystal Bernard Star in 'Welcome to Paradise' (press)
[06:35]  Survey hears the voices of the next generation (press)


[15:05]  Christian housing manager wins freedom of speech case
[14:40]  Mold, flood damage: SBDR training available
[13:55]  MPs call for inquiry into Charity Commission
[12:45]  Q&A: Brian Brown: gay marriage not inevitable
[11:35]  Expert finds religious freedom a matter of national security
[11:00]  International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Rushing Aid to Israel
[10:25]  World Youth Day pilgrims not required to pay for Brazil visa
[09:50]  Christian Convert from Islam Beheaded in Somalia
[09:15]  UN Expert says ‘Respect the Right to Convert’
[08:05]  Bono thanks Vatican for helping with debt forgiveness
[07:30]  Faith on the Hill: The Religious Composition of the 113th Congress (press)
[06:55]  Kevin Sorbo Stars in Inspiring Coming-of-Age Story (press)
[05:45]  BELGIUM: SIGNIS 2013 World Congress to be held in Lebanon
[05:00]  Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor: Dignity within the Prison system (press)
[04:35]  NIGERIA: Archbishop Calls Bomb Victims to Witness to the Gospel


[12:05]  Vatican office unveils Faith Scroll for pilgrims
[08:20]  Christians, let's honor the president (press)
[04:55]  Visit of distinguished guests to Belarus church


[12:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: These Signs Will Accompany Those Who Have Believed (exclusive)
[12:05]  Sierra Leone: Nation under Siege with Pre-Election Jitters
[09:30]  Benedict XVI's final book on Jesus coming out next week
[06:55]  Colo. Baptists report growth, Kingdom impact
[03:45]  Sweden Likely to Deport Iranian Christian


[14:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Two Different Kinds of Signs (exclusive)
[09:35]  Five Killed in Attack on Christian Community in Kaduna
[08:25]  ACLU sues to force libraries to display lesbian advocacy book
[07:15]  In Canada, a 'watershed' religious freedom win
[06:05]  Pope: World's spiritual poverty heightens need for Christian unity
[05:40]  Evangelical leaders urge Obama, Congress to reform immigration
[04:55]  Daughter of Seoul megachurch pastor: How not to lose God’s guidance (exclusive)
[03:45]  Iranian Cyber Police Raided Christian Blogger’s Home
[02:35]  Cheri Keaggy To Appear on "Hour of Power" This Weekend (press)


[16:45]  Military chaplains could be dismissed for supporting marriage
[16:05]  Russian President offers to increase religious control
[15:50]  UN agency declares birth control a 'human right'
[15:20]  Obama may not impact Supreme Court balance
[15:00]  Chancellor places same-sex marriage at centre of Tories’ election bid
[14:15]  Alberta School Board Association wants compulsory kindergarten
[13:55]  Anonymous author embraces obscurity, humility
[13:25]  Jesus expressed the faith in small 'tweets,' cardinal says
[12:45]  Alaska Baptists affirm authority of Bible
[12:00]  Bishops renew call for comprehensive immigration reform
[11:35]  Blind Surfer Realizes His Dream and Surf’s Most Challenging Wave
[11:05]  US bishops approve revisions to Liturgy of the Hours
[10:40]  Christian Church Vandalized in Jerusalem in Spate of Attacks
[10:15]  'Practical atheism' more destructive than disbelief, Pope says
[09:10]  Casey Schutrop Releases OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS LEGACY JOURNAL (press)


[16:45]  Religious liberty defense must be long-term, Archbishop Lori declares
[15:35]  Poll: 60% of voters back traditional marriage
[15:00]  Election shows need to better present marriage beliefs
[14:25]  Final Call to Take on Operation Christmas Child’s Challenge
[13:15]  Vatican conference to examine Catholic identity in health care
[12:05]  Pro-life is a ‘social justice’ issue, says San Francisco Archbishop
[11:30]  Guatemala president cancels Pope meeting after second quake
[10:20]  Audio Bible Ministry Introduces Deaf Bible App
[09:55]  Paris cardinal and government go head-to-head on gay ‘marriage’
[08:45]  Media group encourages pregnant women to consider adoption
[07:35]  KENYA: The Family is Under Siege, says Catholic Bishop
[07:00]  Handkerchief Healing Crusades in Singapore and Malaysia (photoreport)
[06:25]  RWANDA: Over 8000 Young Adults Set for a Pilgrimage
[05:15]  New Artist Julie Elias Releases A WILD ROSE (press)
[04:05]  KENYA: The Church is Still Very Vocal says Bishop Muheria


[16:55]  Pope's representative calls on US Church for New Evangelization
[16:25]  Nigerian bishop: Christianity is threatened by doctrine and violence
[15:45]  Cardinal Dolan calls bishops to conversion at annual meeting
[15:10]  200+ Catholic healthcare workers celebrate ‘White Mass’
[14:40]  Nigerian Catholics respond to attack with prayer and fasting
[14:15]  ANS Founder honored in the British Pakistani Christian Awards event
[13:30]  Papal nuncio: Catholic division undermines religious freedom
[13:05]  Baptists to expand Sandy DR into December
[12:35]  Church cannot live with contraception mandate, bishops say
[12:00]  Hate speech in Saudi textbooks challenged
[11:25]  Bloggers see opportunity in social media for Catholic Church
[10:45]  New Children's Album Records a "First" (press)
[10:20]  The Family in America Holds First of Three D.C. Symposia, December 7 (press)
[09:55]  Legendary Rock Singer John Schlitt Finds a Fan in Mike Huckabee (press)
[09:15]  KENYA: Elect Candidates on Integrity, urges Catholic Bishops


[16:05]  FEMA chief praises Baptist DR; chaplains becoming a key need
[15:40]  Canadian conservative leaders react to Obama re-election
[14:55]  Southern Baptist contingent in Congress grows
[13:45]  Former British Prime Minister Helps Christians Speak Up for Poor
[12:35]  Plans emerge for Pope's personal Twitter account
[12:00]  Christians must start talking openly about porn: creators of ‘Shamed’
[11:25]  Charlottesville Mayor Calls for Prayer on City’s Anniversary
[10:15]  Pope prays for Guatemala earthquake victims
[09:05]  Pakistani Preacher Jailed for Sermon at Funeral
[08:20]  US bishops call for renewed view of marriage in wake of election
[07:55]  KENYA: Come-We-Stay Unions to be Legalized
[06:55]  Bishop Justin Welby chosen to lead Anglican Communion
[05:35]  NIGERIA: Mediator Rejects Boko Haram Deal
[05:00]  Azerbaijan: Former prisoners of consciences' homes raided
[04:25]  NIGERIA: 100 Years - Pope Lauds Owerri Catholic Diocese


[13:35]  'Mommy porn' caution underscored at seminary
[09:25]  US bishops' meeting to focus on preaching, new media
[05:15]  Pew Forum: Election-Day Victories for Same-Sex Marriage (press)


[13:35]  Korean megachurch pastor: How to see the revival (exclusive)
[10:25]  Dr. Themi Adams’ US Charity Group Impacted By Hurricane Sandy
[07:15]  Guatemala: post-quake assessment under way
[04:05]  Cuban archbishop encourages trust in God after Hurricane Sandy


[23:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: A Leukemia Patient Healed (exclusive)
[11:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Friday All-night Service with Miraculous Signs of the Bible (exclusive)
[09:05]  Bishop boils over falsifications during Ukrainian elections
[08:30]  What is student missions conference Urbana 12?
[07:55]  Wisconsin elects first openly homosexual U.S. Senator
[06:45]  Catholic vote results show need for teaching the faith
[05:35]  North Korean Underground Churches will Pray for the American Church
[04:25]  3 things the church can learn from election 2012 (press)
[03:15]  After marriage setbacks, Catholic leaders disappointed but committed
[02:05]  Pew Forum: How the Faithful Voted: 2012 Preliminary Analysis (press)


[16:40]  Despite HHS mandate, Catholic voters narrowly favor Obama
[15:55]  Volunteers to Serve Thanksgiving Meals to Jersey Shore Victims
[14:45]  Mormonism's cultural rise likely to continue
[13:35]  Catholic conference regrets failure of Calif. death penalty repeal
[13:00]  Recreational marijuana passes in Colo., Wash.
[12:25]  Church in Guatemala reaches out to earthquake victims
[11:15]  Ark. voters reject medical marijuana
[10:05]  Spain's high court upholds 'gay marriage' law
[09:30]  Voters retain death penalty in Calif.
[08:55]  Pope, Cardinal Dolan urge Obama to respect life and religious freedom
[07:45]  Gay marriage gets historic state-level wins
[06:35]  Mission America Coalition Launches LOVE2020 Initiative (press)
[06:00]  Iranian Ayatollah warns against house churches in Iran
[05:25]  First graduation in the School of Dedication, Belarus
[04:15]  Corbin Bernsen's Fun Family Film '3 Day Test' Launches on DVD (press)


[17:55]  Americans share same hopes for future, President Obama says
[16:45]  AIM shares Gospel with HIV patients and community volunteers
[15:35]  Middle East to host Catholic youth conference
[14:25]  Calvinism team meets for second time
[13:15]  Cardinal Wuerl says all Catholics called to personal conversion
[12:05]  Youth ministry app relays 'core principles'
[11:30]  Maine legalizes 'same-sex marriage'
[10:55]  GCN TV Participates in COICOM Exposition in Honduras (photoreport)
[09:45]  Abortion supporters try to attack Buenos Aires cathedral
[08:35]  S SUDAN: Diocese of Torit Clears Air on Reconstruction of Cathedral
[07:25]  Calif. gay therapy ban imposes 'state orthodoxy,' foes charge
[06:15]  VATICAN: Vatileaks: Trial of Computer Technician Begins
[05:05]  “The Family and Poverty,” The Family in America Releases Fall Issue (press)
[04:20]  NIGERIA: Archbishop Questions Plan to Dialogue with Boko Haram
[03:55]  EEA General Secretary steps down by the end of 2012 (press)


[16:05]  Archbishop of Canterbury: Anglicans don’t support same-sex marriage
[15:40]  US bishops launch religious freedom website
[14:55]  Ukraine: Churches are concerned about inefficiency of state dialogue
[13:45]  Benedict XVI sends encouragement to new Coptic Orthodox head
[12:35]  Pakistani Christian Pastor Arrested for Blasphemy
[12:00]  Christianity not necessarily for public good, says Charity Commission
[11:25]  700 Baptist volunteers at work, sent by 25 state conventions
[10:15]  Pacific Garden Mission Celebrates 135 Years of Non-Stop Operations
[09:05]  LifeWay launches ebookstore & ereader app
[08:30]  Pastor Killed in Church Blast in Garissa, Kenya
[07:55]  Russia: Religious freedom "the only viable option for consolidating" (press)
[06:45]  Cheri Keaggy New Single Climbing Charts (press)
[06:00]  Bishop Tawadros new pope of Egypt’s Coptic Christians
[05:35]  Kazakhstan: What difference does make your registration?
[04:25]  Jason Bare and Clay Crosse Unite for The Night of Wonder Tour (press)


[18:05]  UK Catholic adoption agency loses appeal over homosexual adoption
[17:40]  Pastor: Storm connects churches with people
[16:55]  Uruguayan president agrees to referendum on newly passed abortion law
[15:45]  Criswell files suit against abortion mandate
[14:35]  GroundBreakers Team Launches Goal of Reaching 100,000 UK Souls
[13:25]  Support for preserving marriage grows in key states
[12:15]  Iran: Bail for Iranian Christian Arrested In Shiraz House Church Raid
[11:05]  Activists draw fire for labeling Scottish cardinal 'bigot'
[10:20]  World Vision Distribution Teams Reach Out to Survivors in Superstorm
[09:55]  Cardinal Dolan sees heartbreak, hope in Sandy's wake
[08:45]  Christian Rally in Egyptian Desert Brings 25,000 to Christ
[07:35]  Cardinal Burke: A Time For Choosing (press)
[06:25]  KENYA: Archbishop Lele urges Churches to Work in Unity
[05:15]  Population Research Institute To Hold Pro-Life Training Course (press)
[04:05]  A New Wave of Conversion to Christianity in Iran


[14:35]  Denver bishops organize prayer campaign ahead of elections
[10:25]  Steven Tyler's ex-girlfriend defends the unborn
[06:15]  Wycliffe Associates Delivering the Scriptures to Hostile Areas


[14:35]  Dr. Lee: We want to build the biggest Church building in the world (exclusive)
[11:25]  Catechism's benefits explained for Year of Faith
[08:15]  N.M. Baptists celebrate 100th anniversary
[05:05]  Russia: The Kremlin's failure to uphold its commitment to freedom (press)


[20:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: A Change in Family (exclusive)
[12:35]  Two-round Special Daniel Prayer Meeting: "Blessing Is Mine!"
[11:25]  Catholic company wins injunction against HHS birth control mandate
[11:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: “Unless You People See Signs and Wonders, You Simply Will Not Believe” (exclusive)
[10:15]  Mob Sets Pakistan Girls’ School on Fire over Alleged ‘Blasphemy’
[09:05]  Five women conceived in rape support Senate candidate Mourdock
[08:30]  American Churches Continue Support of Military BibleStick Outreach
[07:55]  Baptist post-Sandy commitment to reach 400,000 meals per day
[06:45]  Knights of Columbus aid Hurricane Sandy relief efforts
[05:35]  Poll: 29% of pastors discuss candidates in pulpit


[16:45]  Catholic Charities works to relieve damage from Hurricane Sandy
[15:35]  Countering the culture of death with classical music
[14:25]  Cuban recovery from Hurricane Sandy will take years, agency reports
[13:15]  Prayer Wave Sweeps Out of Wembley Across the UK
[12:05]  Pope offers prayers for Hurricane Sandy victims
[11:30]  Chinese entity urges end to 'one-child' policy
[10:55]  Midwestern University offers Persecution Studies in Mini-Term Format
[09:45]  Panel debates gay rights vs. religious liberty
[08:35]  More and More Churches Sign Up for Crossing London - Mission 2013
[08:00]  After Catholic church bombing, Nigerians call for security
[07:25]  What's a Christian to do with Halloween? (press)
[06:15]  Muslims Attack Coptic Christians in Egypt After Mass
[05:05]  Polls: Md., Wash. could overturn gay marriage
[04:55]  400 Percent Increase in Persecution of Christians in '10/40 Window' (press)
[04:10]  New Music Video Premier Garners Praise at Fundraiser (press)
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