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[18:05]  Barclays and Coutts tell Stonewall: Remove “Bigot Award”
[17:40]  Catholic music label to release nuns' album for Advent
[16:55]  Policeman can’t get job back after abusing pro-life protester
[15:45]  Cuban bishops bring relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy
[14:35]  Republican homosexual group endorses Romney (photoreport)
[13:25]  Int'l commissioners: Guard dignity & freedom
[12:15]  A minor Christian girl kidnapped in Islamabad territory
[11:05]  Tufts Christian group fighting bias claims
[10:30]  Sudanese Bible School Re-Opens Despite Islamist Intimidation
[09:55]  N.Y. pastors begin checking on families
[08:45]  New Artist Julie Elias To Release A WILD ROSE November 13 (press)
[07:35]  British PMs Released a Report on Pressure on Iranian Christians
[06:25]  Lamar Keener joins Evangelical Press Association staff (press)
[05:15]  KENYA: Pray For Peaceful Elections, Bishop urges Christians
[04:05]  New Christmas Book Chosen as a Featured Selection by BGEA (press)


[18:35]  World Vision Scales Up Emergency Response Efforts to Hurricane Sandy
[17:25]  Toronto Defund Abortion rally postponed due to hurricane threat
[16:15]  Pakistan Christians praying for Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy
[15:05]  Caribbean hurricane assessment launched
[14:30]  Bishops call attack on Nigerian parish 'barbarous'
[13:55]  Justice system needs 'appropriate adjustments'
[12:45]  New website gathers video resources for Catholic ministry
[11:35]  Sermon on the Mount explored at workshop
[10:25]  Catholic community helps East Coast prepare for Hurricane Sandy
[09:15]  How to share Christ with your Hindu friends (press)
[08:05]  Christian Musician Summit Returns to the Northwest November 9-10 (press)
[07:40]  Lausanne Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel Begins (press)
[06:55]  Kazakhstan: 15 years' jail for UNHCR-recognised refugee
[05:45]  Book 'The Skin You Live In' Shows How To Build Cross-Cultural Ties (press)
[04:35]  The AOG Pastor and Three Church Ministers Sentenced to Four Years


[17:55]  Boris Johnson pledges £650,000 for London gay pride
[16:45]  French Natl Assembly votes for full funding of abortion
[15:35]  Nebraska Catholics dedicated to cause of religious freedom
[14:25]  Judge approves of Texas plan to defund Planned Parenthood
[13:15]  Christian Bale presents award to blind pro-life activist from China
[12:05]  Mr. Bean star calls for repeal of British hate speech law
[11:20]  Kaduna Catholic Church Hit in Nigeria Suicide Bomb Attack
[10:55]  SBC's Richard Land endorses Romney
[09:45]  Greek Orthodox priest abducted in Syria is found dead
[08:35]  How to share Christ with your Muslim friends (press)
[07:25]  Christian Areas of Aleppo Invaded by Syrian Opposition Forces
[06:15]  Bible verses allowed on cheerleaders' banners
[05:05]  Investigation Announced into UK Death-Acceleration Programme (press)
[04:30]  ROME: Pope Benedict XVI names new Nigerian Cardinal
[03:55]  The charity ministry of New Life Church, Belarus


[12:35]  Visits to Chick-fil-A increase after controversy
[08:25]  Voter scorecard informs Latinos about religious freedom threats
[04:15]  Azerbaijan: Is confiscating religious literature censorship?


[18:10]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Relying on the Word Alone (exclusive)
[12:35]  Pastor of Korean megachurch: How to pray to see the miracles (exclusive)
[09:25]  Polls: Marijuana initiatives in danger of losing
[06:15]  Catholic couple rescues 1,400 Chinese orphans
[03:05]  Double Success as Charity Scoops Radio Awards (press)


[11:45]  Evangelical festival in Egyptian desert
[10:35]  NY slams the door on challenge to same-sex 'marriage' law
[09:25]  India’s Karnataka State Needs Immediate Attention
[08:15]  Terrorism charges for Family Research Council shooting suspect
[07:05]  Pakistani Christian, accused of blasphemy, granted bail
[06:40]  Archbishop Chaput: Be Catholic before you are Democrat or Republican
[05:55]  How to share Christ with your Mormon friends (press)
[04:45]  Paul Ryan defends poverty aid reform, vision of charity in society


[21:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Finding the Answer in the Bible (exclusive)
[16:55]  Cuban Government Ends Travel Exit Visa Requirement
[15:45]  Explicit NHS website promotes under-age sex
[14:35]  Military faithful called to imitate centurion from Scripture
[13:25]  A home-cooked meal helps build a church
[12:15]  Ugandan parliamentarian blasts Canadian minister over gay marriage
[11:05]  David Jeremiah: Vote values, not political party
[10:20]  Republican Senate candidate slammed for opposing abortion for rape
[09:55]  New Bible exhibit 'innovative, family-friendly'
[08:45]  Polish govt. will pay for test tube babies
[07:35]  Planned Parenthood spends millions for Obama
[06:25]  France: Thousands join 75 ‘flash mobs’ in defense of marriage
[05:15]  Kazakhstan: Pressure on founders to deny re-registration?
[04:05]  Croatian Evangelical Alliance had its 7th General Assembly
[03:30]  Faith conference was held in Belarus
[02:55]  Rock Singer John Schlitt To Guest On The Mike Huckabee Show (press)


[18:40]  Israel & U.S. relationship is key topic of 3rd presidential debate
[17:55]  The Jesus Film Project has launched a new mobile app
[16:45]  Study: Obedience is a challenge for believers
[15:35]  Chicago Declaration gathers support for religious freedom
[14:25]  Father Fights Islamic Bias in Sudan to Visit Children
[13:15]  Priests' group creates Catholic voter guide mobile app
[12:05]  Trial of Muslim Cleric Accused of Burning Holy Bible Resumes
[11:30]  Cardinal George warns secularization is more serious than elections
[10:55]  Dr Michael Youssef Calls To ‘Occupy Until He Comes’
[09:45]  Theologian Michael Milton Unveils New Christmas CD (press)
[08:35]  Victory in Maidstone lap dancing case
[07:25]  'Work, Love, Pray' Launches Oct. 23 (press)
[06:15]  S SUDAN: Muslim youth lobby for reconstruction of Catholic Cathedral
[05:05]  Pakistan: 700 police provide security for Peter Youngren
[04:20]  SUDAN: Bishop Appeals for Aid to South Kordofan


[16:40]  Uruguay bishops: Lawmakers who support abortion are excommunicated
[15:55]  Lawyer: Demoting Christian over Facebook comments was “over-reaction”
[14:45]  New Mexico Radio Personality to Run in Race for Life in Israel
[13:35]  Thousands in 145 cities rally against HHS birth control mandate
[12:25]  Marijuana-dependent teens' loss of I.Q. poses long-term dangers
[11:15]  Ted Haggard supports same-sex 'marriage'
[10:05]  Study: Record number of TV gay characters
[09:00]  New York City Council launches abortion clinic ‘escort’ program
[07:55]  The 30th Anniversary Service was held in the Manmin Central Church (photoreport)
[06:45]  World Impact Ministries is conducting a campaign in Pakistan


[14:55]  Rick Warren’s ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ Celebrates 10 Years
[13:45]  TV ads warn of gay marriage consequences
[12:35]  Ill. Catholic Charities seek new path without foster care, adoption
[11:25]  Authorities Close Down Churches in Aceh, Indonesia
[10:15]  'Vote for biblical values,' Billy Graham ad says
[09:05]  One Christian Prisoner Released on Extraordinary Bail
[08:30]  TANZANIA: Unrest After Arrest of Top Muslim
[07:55]  Songwriter Jeff Slaughter Releases Patriotic Single, "Under God" (press)
[06:45]  Kazakhstan: Criminal investigation, "hallucinogenic" Communion drink
[05:35]  NIGERIA Bishop: Violence is an Antithesis to Christianity and Islam


[08:25]  Children to be taught 'heterosexuality not the norm' in Australia
[04:15]  Pew Forum: Latinos, Religion and Campaign 2012 (press)


[11:25]  Uruguayan Senate ratifies law allowing abortion
[08:15]  US University votes to ban fast-food chain for marriage support
[05:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: “God, Give Us a Microphone” (exclusive)
[04:05]  Lausanne Library Imprint Launched (press)


[13:35]  Muslim Gang Attempts to Kidnap Egyptian Christian Mother
[12:25]  Judge rules against Christian B&B owner
[11:15]  Minister form Taiwan: Missionary should love the country he serves (exclusive)
[10:05]  Spiritual Diplomacy meets with Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine (press)
[09:30]  Army Veteran Ignites Challenge to Bless One Million People (press)


[14:05]  Poll: Nearly 50% affirm creationism
[13:40]  Life and Family Congress resulted from efforts to modify constitution
[12:55]  Nigerian massacre targeted Christian students
[11:45]  Catholic mom organizes 'virtual' race for Chinese orphans
[10:35]  U.S. bishops’ religious liberty mass attracts thousands of pilgrims
[09:25]  In tight presidential race, social issues could have an impact
[08:15]  Crystal Forum Held the Conference “Faith” (photoreport)
[07:05]  The Mass Arrest of New Christian Converts in Shiraz
[06:30]  Ukrainian Parliament tightened control over religious organizations
[05:55]  Inspiring DVD for Christmas Season Debuts Nov. 6 (press)


[22:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Starting from Nothing (exclusive)
[15:40]  Audio Bible Ministry Recalls Four Decades of Providing God’s Word
[14:55]  Thousands of Muslims tell Google: “take video down”
[13:45]  State-by-state advocacy of U.S. religious liberty launches
[12:35]  Ontario Bishop: We won’t let the government define Catholic teaching
[11:25]  Block NYC school policy, groups still urge
[10:15]  Sister Jina Vin: Pieces of My Broken Nasal Bone Were Set Together (photoreport, press)
[09:05]  Pastor school for kids resumed its studies in Belarus
[08:50]  Engaging New Book Imparts Fresh Meaning to the Christmas Tree (press)
[07:55]  Inspiring faith journey debuts Oct. 16 (press)
[06:45]  KENYA: PS Salutes Catholic Church on Education


[16:40]  As targeted girl arrives in UK, religious leaders in Pakistan pray
[15:55]  Romney: I support overturning Roe, defunding abortion providers
[14:45]  Catholic dioceses create phone apps for Year of Faith
[14:00]  Wycliffe senior VP killed
[13:35]  Pakistani Imam Charged in Christian Girl’s Case Wins Bail
[12:25]  Battle against abortion mandate now includes SBC ethics entity
[11:15]  Bible Society Australia seeks to lift Bible reading rates
[10:05]  Love Global: Win A Trip To Meet Your Missionary (press)
[09:30]  Vital new book for teens and parents debuts Oct. 15 (press)
[08:55]  Christian Musician Summit Nashville Deemed Huge Success (press)


[15:40]  Belfast bishop laments abortion clinic opening in his diocese
[14:55]  Candidates' abortion divide highlighted at VP debate
[13:45]  Sudanese Military Kills Christian Mother in Bombing
[12:35]  Venezuelan election reveals conflicted country, bishops say
[11:25]  Pro-abortion protesters storm church
[10:15]  Committee Directs Counsellors to be Neutral on Abortion (press)
[09:05]  New Film From Corbin Bernsen Launches Nov. 6 (press)
[08:30]  Christian Artist Released After 136 Days in Prison
[07:55]  NIGERIA: Vatican II helped Growth of Church in Africa, says Bishop
[06:45]  Momentum Building For Cheri Keaggy's New Single, New CD (press)


[09:25]  Poll: Pastors back Romney despite Mormonism
[05:15]  Voters in Four States to Address Same-Sex Marriage in November (press)


[10:25]  Manmin missionaries speak about their ministries (exclusive)
[07:15]  Romney re-asserts pro-life commitment
[04:05]  Five Iranian Christian Converts Receive Trial Date


[20:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Repenting Thoroughly from the Heart for Relying on Men (exclusive)
[08:05]  Pope opens Year of Faith, calls for return to Vatican II documents
[07:40]  Knights of Columbus leader’s book describes how to transform America
[06:55]  Lawyer Says Rimsha Masih and Family Will Stay in Pakistan
[05:45]  Iran should apologize, ethics institute asserts
[04:35]  David Teems was Selected as Contributor to Gaither Homecoming Bible (press)


[16:50]  Former MP urges Government to drop same-sex 'marriage' plan
[15:55]  Bright Hope speaks up for girls in India
[14:45]  Washington Post faith reporter: ‘Why is polygamy so problematic?’
[13:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Obeying the Guidance of the Holy Spirit (exclusive)
[13:35]  Muslim Egyptian Prosecutor and His Sons Attempt to Demolish Church
[12:25]  2 Baptist universities join legal fight against abortion mandate
[11:15]  Anglican Archbishop addressed the synod of Catholic bishops
[10:05]  Don't panic amid rise of 'nones,' leaders say
[09:10]  Pope prays for Middle East Christians in Arabic
[07:45]  Michael Milton Releases SILENT NO MORE (press)
[06:35]  Melchizedek Church: Prayer of the Month


[14:05]  First religious freedom caucuses launch in nine states
[13:30]  Controversy Flares Over Number Of Christians In Egypt
[12:55]  Growing number of Americans have no religious identity
[11:45]  UGANDA: Release Political Prisoners says Archbishop Lwanga
[10:35]  Bishops’ official: Children called ‘Nazis’ for opposing gay marriage
[09:25]  VATICAN: Radio Uses Social Media in New Evangelization
[08:15]  Multi-lingual Publication of The Message of the Cross
[07:05]  NIGERIA: President of Bishops Conference Urges Government to Act
[06:30]  Belarus New Life Church: The school of dedication has been started
[05:55]  KENYA: Be Simple, Bishop Korir Urges Priests


[16:45]  Moroccan navy prevents Dutch abortion ship from entering waters
[15:35]  More cabinet ministers support reduction in abortion time limit
[14:25]  1,586 pastors challenge IRS intimidation on Pulpit Freedom Sunday
[13:15]  Abortion is the primary issue for 1 in 6 voters
[12:05]  Nigerian Believers Pray for ‘Change of Heart’ by Boko Haram
[11:30]  Samuel Escobar speaks at General Assembly of EEA (press)
[10:55]  FaithVillage Opens Virtual Doors to 50 Shades of Evangelicals (press)
[09:45]  EGYPT: Two Coptic children accused of Insulting Islam Released
[07:25]  MOZAMBIQUE: Country Marks 20 Years of Peace
[06:15]  Iranian Christians are persecuted even in cyber space


[08:25]  Russian Supreme Court upholds St. Petersburg ‘gay propaganda’ ban
[04:15]  Victoria Griffith Named A Top Performer at Tom Jackson Bootcamp (press)


[09:25]  Paul Ryan video for Catholic voters stresses religious freedom
[06:15]  1st debate void of talk about social issues
[03:05]  Pew Forum: Preaching Politics From the Pulpit (press)


[06:15]  Healings happened in Korean Manmin Church (photoreport, exclusive)
[05:05]  Two Young Egyptian Christian Boys Accused of Defamation Of Islam
[04:20]  Over 300 Internet Christians Meet in Mexico (press)
[03:55]  Author Jeff Petherick Guests On TV 45's THE GOOD LIFE (press)
[02:45]  Artist offers Free Song to Special Needs Families during October (press)
[01:35]  Strong moving of God in Asia - interview with Nail Anderson (photoreport, exclusive)


[20:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Why Do You Want to Do It the Hard Way? (exclusive)
[11:05]  Iranian lawyer imprisoned, sentenced to 9 years in Evin
[10:40]  Bible publisher Tyndale files suit against abortion mandate
[09:55]  French taxpayer to cover all abortion costs after 2013
[08:45]  Obama campaign accused of calls targeting Romney's Mormon faith
[07:35]  NFL Man of the Year, Ravens star Matt Birk defends marriage
[06:05]  Calif. gay therapy law erodes parental rights, critics charge
[05:15]  1,200 pastors to speak out on politics from the pulpit Sunday
[04:05]  Christian Musician Summit Comes to Nashville This Week (press)
[03:30]  Esfahan: Government Interference in the Affairs of the Church
[02:55]  Raise a 'White Umbrella' against sex trafficking (press)


[12:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: An Answer Received, “Manmin ‘All Creation’ Church” (exclusive)
[11:45]  Hundred of organizations join campaign of prayer before election
[10:35]  Pope to examine social networks as portals of faith
[09:25]  Setback in Case of Pakistani Teen Facing Blasphemy Charges
[08:15]  Northern Ireland rejects motion in favour of same-sex marriage
[07:05]  Turkmenistan: Mass fines for unregistered religious worship
[06:20]  KENYA: Bishop Condemns Alcoholism
[05:55]  Manmin's Vision - New Jerusalem's Model, Grand Sanctuary (press)
[04:45]  VATICAN: Pope Appeals for Peace in DR Congo
[03:35]  Freddy Washington Releases Debut CD, THE JESUS RECORD (press)
[02:25]  KENYA: Religious Leaders Condemns Attack on Church


[12:45]  54 arrested outside White House in protests against HHS mandate
[11:35]  Supreme Court justices urged to let God inspire their work
[10:25]  Correspondence opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ outweighs one in support
[09:15]  Survey: Pastors reject pulpit endorsements
[08:05]  NDOP Wembley Submerged By Waves of Prayer and Praise
[07:40]  Calif. bans change therapy for gay teens
[06:55]  Music Can Change The World (press)
[05:45]  Rhodes Forum Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary (press)
[04:35]  Author Helps Career Women Link Family, Work and Faith (press)
[03:25]  Gordon Mote Celebrates The Season With THE STAR STILL SHINES (press)


[12:40]  Pastor Behnam Irani Health Update, Continued Medical Problems
[11:55]  Catholic support for Obama in polls may not tell full story
[10:45]  15 kids can now rise above debilitating conditions
[09:35]  30 million Christians aren't registered/don't vote
[08:25]  Rick Warren Released from Hospital after Short Stay
[07:15]  Campus Pastor shares the secret to a better life, one word at a time (press)
[06:05]  Freddy Washington Fields Busy Schedule in Support of Debut CD (press)
[05:30]  ITALY: Nigerians see Social Benefits from Spiritual Pilgrimages
[04:55]  Southland Doctors and Nurses Applauded for their Defence of Life (press)
[03:45]  AFRICA: Prioritize Small Christian Communities, Bishop urges Church
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