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[12:35]  TobyMac, Lecrae break ground for Christian R&B
[08:25]  Labour leader wants homosexual ‘marriages’ in churches
[04:15]  Killing Unborn Children a Justice issue not a Health Issue (press)


[12:35]  Book busts myths about Church teaching on hot topics
[09:25]  Everyday Pray iPhone App Includes Personal Journal, Prayer Reminders
[06:15]  Majority of MPs oppose assisted suicide
[03:05]  Turkmenistan: Raids, fines, exit denial, bloodied hands


[10:15]  France to ban ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in all legal terminology
[09:05]  Voice of the Martyrs gives pastor new dignity
[08:40]  Pastor Joel Osteen dodges CNN questions on homosexuality
[07:55]  Video shows Cuban government harassing women dissidents
[06:45]  NAMB, states target church stagnation, decline
[05:35]  Franklin Graham Helps London Schoolchildren Launch Christmas Campaign
[04:25]  Victory for evangelist in freedom of speech case


[21:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Works of the Enemy Disturbing the Church Opening (exclusive)
[16:55]  See You at the Pole draws prayerful teenagers
[16:35]  Bible Apps Available in Closed Countries
[15:25]  Study: TV ratings system is 'a failure'
[14:15]  U.S. Muslims not Measured by the Good Work of its Mainstream
[13:05]  Hobby Lobby helps Okla. Baptists buy camp
[12:40]  Pakistani Bishop: Help in Rebuilding the Church in Mardan
[11:55]  Delaware: 1st state to jail parents who use spanking to discipline
[10:45]  US bishops urge Catholic participation in Respect Life Month
[09:35]  U.S. bishop slams Dem platform for endorsing ‘intrinsic evils’
[09:00]  Bishops say family should reflect love of the Trinity
[08:25]  British Columbia abortion memorial vandalized
[07:15]  Philadelphia parish closing because of low attendance, safety issues
[06:05]  Lady Gaga: What Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world
[05:30]  Uruguay congress legalizes abortion by one vote
[02:55]  'October Baby' DVD, Blu-ray Debuts No. 1 on SoundScan Video Chart (press)


[16:15]  Bishop: Pro-choice lobby desperate to hide the truth about abortion
[15:05]  Shalom University first to offer PhD program in Theology
[14:40]  Congressman questions Obama's commitment to fight human trafficking
[13:55]  Pakistani teen Christian case still continues
[12:45]  Conscience rights for pharmacists upheld in Illinois ruling
[11:35]  Terrified Pakistani Christians get food aid
[10:25]  HHS mandate allows minors free contraception, sterilization
[09:15]  WMU outreach attracts families from 15 states
[08:05]  India: Catholics calling for protest of 'objectionable' film
[07:30]  Group: DADT repeal has harmed religious liberty
[06:55]  Christian leaders praise Romney, Republican platform
[05:45]  Pakistan: EU intervenes to defend Muslims' sensibilities (press)
[04:35]  NIGERIA: CAN, Catholic Archbishop Condemn Attack
[04:00]  iGivings' Church App Platform Named 2012 Best New Product (press)
[03:25]  S SUDAN: Stop the Killings, Nations Petitioned


[18:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Receiving the Answer to Church Opening (exclusive)
[16:15]  In the face of intense persecution, believers stand their ground
[15:05]  Stonewall Bigot of the Year Award 2012 "justifies Gaystapo tag"
[14:40]  Canadian grandmother: Freedom of expression stifled by abortion
[13:55]  Archbishop Gomez calls on voters to incorporate faith into voting
[12:45]  NY schools give teens Plan B behind parents’ backs
[11:35]  Pope says Christian politicians must be prophetic voices for dignity
[11:00]  Pakistani Christians joined Muslim Protestors against Video
[10:25]  14 Christian schools contest abortion mandate
[09:15]  Pakistan: Christian Rimsha Masih is ‘innocent’
[08:05]  Cohabitation harms marriage, expert says
[07:30]  Manmin Church: Signs and Wonders Took Place as in the Early Church (photoreport)
[06:55]  Insults against Jesus Christ by Grand Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani
[05:45]  Clancy' DVD Debuts Oct. 2--A Child's Faith Changes Lives (press)
[04:35]  Uzbekistan: 74-year-old woman among latest police raid victims
[03:25]  Phil Keaggy Promotes CMS Nashville on Fox 17's Tennessee Mornings (press)


[16:05]  International conference examines meaning of marital union
[15:40]  Iranian pastor says God provided in prison
[14:55]  Chick-fil-A's stance on marriage remains unchanged
[13:45]  Pakistani Christian girl has been ‘tortured’ and is now missing
[12:35]  Pakistan urged to end blasphemy law abuses
[12:00]  Ontario Catholic school to open Muslim prayer room
[11:25]  Pakistani Church and School Burned
[10:15]  Charity reports increase in poverty, inequality in Spain
[09:05]  Tajik Missionary Pastor in Serious Accident
[08:30]  New study finds rise in religious restrictions worldwide
[06:45]  America: Forbes Says New Book Is A “Sobering” Look at Education (press)
[05:35]  Iranian Official dishonored Christian Leaders
[04:25]  EGYPT: Mufti Urges Muslims to Endure Insults Peacefully
[03:15]  Iranian Churches Continue Their Ministry, Despite Fears


[12:35]  New Equalities Minister backs same-sex 'marriage'
[08:25]  March for Life in Spain to demand 'zero' abortions
[04:15]  Pew Forum: Trends in Voter Preference Among Religious Groups (press)


[12:35]  Catholic organization launches online multimedia portal
[09:25]  Samaritan’s Purse Highlights Significance of Prayer
[06:15]  Cardinal Arinze says evangelization needs acts of charity
[03:05]  Julie Elias Performs At Disney World During Night of Joy (press)


[20:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: What Is Prophecy? (exclusive)
[10:25]  Archbishop: Gay ‘marriage’ would leave the family ‘harmed’
[09:15]  Medical professional warns of risk in surrogate, donor pregnancies
[08:05]  Accused Perpetrators of Turkey’s “Malatya Massacre” Put on Trial
[07:20]  US bishops launch Spanish Facebook page as Hispanic community grows
[06:55]  Devout Christians encourage adoption of thousands of spare embryos
[05:45]  'Wife of Jesus' fragment no threat to Christianity
[04:35]  Famous ministers speak about the Manmin Church (exclusive)
[03:25]  John Schlitt And Band Set for First U.S. Performance (press)


[17:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Making a Clean Vessel (exclusive)
[16:35]  BBC criticised for running abortion poll
[15:25]  'Focus on God even more,' Perkins says
[14:15]  Consultation on ‘three-parent babies’ launched
[13:05]  WMU announces young women's outreach
[12:30]  Charity Commission: Ruling should not be overturned
[11:55]  Cardinal Dolan and Stephen Colbert talk faith at Fordham
[10:45]  Australian federal parliament defeats same-sex ‘marriage’ bill
[09:35]  Philadelphia archdiocese auctions priests' vacation villa
[08:25]  Letters 4 Life smashes goal of 100,000 letters to Parliament
[07:15]  Opposition leaders suspend hunger strike after dissident is released
[06:05]  Minnesota archbishop calls to defend marriage as vote looms
[05:40]  Campus tour invites college students to vote pro-life first
[05:10]  Pentecostal Pastor Shot Dead in Colombia
[03:45]  Enough is Enough! Films, Flags, and Burning Bibles… (press)
[02:35]  Did Cristiano Ronaldo really support Islam? + photo (press)


[16:45]  Canada: Minister highlights promoting homosexual rights abroad
[15:35]  Growing number of believers cause unease among Muslim leaders
[14:25]  Marriage activists encounter threats, flying bottles, in Minnesota
[13:15]  House passes bill to promote human rights in Vietnam
[12:05]  Egypt Charges Coptic Christians Linked to Infamous Video
[11:40]  Polls find Catholic voters evenly split on presidential race
[10:55]  “Innocence of Muslims” Filmmaker Duped Christian Charity
[09:45]  Archbishop Chaput: Catholics responsible for evangelizing US
[08:35]  Christian families now back home and living in ‘shocking conditions’
[08:00]  Official song for World Youth Day Rio 2013 released
[07:25]  KENYA: Sterilization in HIV is Unacceptable, Faith Leaders
[06:15]  Jeff Petherick Discusses New Book On Cornerstone TV's Focus 4 (press)
[05:05]  KENYA: Strath Students to Raise Funds for HIV/AIDS Kids
[04:30]  Uzbekistan: "Leave one spoon, one mug and one mattress for each"
[03:55]  SUDAN: Cardinal Zubeir in Juba to Lead Bishops Plenary


[16:15]  Thousands Gather in Anaheim for Women of Faith Annual Event
[15:05]  Vatileaks suspects receive Sept. 29 court date
[14:40]  1.5 million Syrian refugees are expected in Jordan
[13:55]  Course deepens journalists' understanding of Catholic Church
[12:45]  FRC guard Leo ‘The Hero’ Johnson honored
[11:35]  Lord's Supper: LifeWay surveys churches' practices, frequency
[10:25]  40 Days for Life Canada campaign to be a record smasher
[09:15]  Slain Southern Baptist worker laid to rest
[08:05]  Policies accepting abortion caused gender imbalance: archbishop
[07:20]  Evangelist sentenced to 10 years in prison
[06:55]  Same-Sex marriage issue heats up in France
[05:45]  Government Declares that Whanganui River Has Legal Identity as Person (press)
[04:35]  RV parks helping to advance Bible Translation (press)
[03:25]  Uzbekistan: "Source of one of world's major religions" destroyed
[02:15]  'Undaunted-The Early Life of Josh McDowell' Debuts on DVD Oct. 16 (press)


[16:35]  Costa Rica Ambassador: I Was Saved from the Danger of Lung Cancer (press)
[15:25]  Evangelists Dana and Slavik Radchuk preach in Tanzania (photoreport)
[14:15]  30,000 evacuate Guatemala's Fuego region
[13:05]  Apple urged to oppose China's 1-child policy
[12:30]  Pope: Lebanon can be beacon of religious co-existence
[11:55]  Muslim Cleric Tears Bible at Protest outside the US Embassy in Cairo
[10:45]  Catholics decry Muslim violence in Libya, Middle East
[09:35]  Christian Human Rights Group ‘Welcomes’ the Release of Rimsha Masih
[09:00]  Ryan highlights role of faith in his political views
[08:25]  Barnabas Fund Highlights Humanitarian Crisis For Syrian Christians
[07:15]  Largest Interfaith Video Exchange in History (press)
[06:05]  Gloria Gaither Praises David Teems' Tyndale Biography (press)
[05:40]  KENYA: Bishop Calls on Church to be Self Reliant
[04:55]  Landmark Ruling For Oppressed Christians (press)
[03:45]  Catholic Church Condemn killings, Appeal for Aid


[11:35]  Korean revival: How to make grandiose worship (exclusive)
[07:25]  Tennessee Catholic groups sue over contraception mandate
[03:15]  IMB launching new avenues for former personnel & for prayer


[11:35]  Greg Laurie Hits More Than 7,000 ‘Home Runs’ For Christ
[08:25]  Cardinal Wuerl calls religion the 'conscience' of democracy
[05:15]  Luter outlines goals during seminary visit
[02:05]  Pew Forum: Catholics in Lebanon (press)


[11:15]  Book uncovers horrors hidden by Communist government
[10:05]  U.S. Christians and Muslims Condemn Attacks on Embassies
[09:30]  Marriage is the most effective weapon to fight child poverty, study
[08:55]  Evangelical Christian Leaders Hold Summit to Respond To Terrorism
[07:45]  Vatican condemns killing of US Ambassador in Libya
[06:35]  Facebook, others, urged to allow free speech
[05:25]  Cardinal Dolan says religious freedom means leaving faith alone
[04:15]  Calif. bill would ban therapy for gay teens


[16:55]  TobyMac has the number one album in the United States
[15:45]  Seminary professor fired for beliefs on homosexuality: complaint
[15:00]  Film ministry gets ready for the next revolution
[14:35]  Samaritan’s Purse on Their Way to Wembley
[13:25]  ‘Defund Abortion’ mini rallies will storm Ontario Oct. 13th
[12:15]  Pope urges Christians to be 'builders of peace' in Middle East
[11:05]  Cardinal Dolan: Pro-life movement is ‘premier civil rights movement’
[10:30]  Hobby Lobby files suit against abortion mandate
[09:55]  Obama will lose ‘because of abortion’: Knights of Columbus head
[08:45]  Earthquake traumas continue for Iranians
[07:35]  Minister: No allowances for conscience in French ‘gay marriage’ bill
[07:00]  Singer John Schlitt Performs at Faith and Freedom Celebration (press)
[06:25]  Organization steps up installation of technology for translators
[05:15]  Stirring Novel--'Unconditional'--Debuts; Based on Anticipated Film (press)
[04:05]  Cheri Keaggy Appears On Atlanta Live (press)


[19:30]  Jaerock Lee's blog: People Coming with Diseases (exclusive)
[16:05]  Works of Salvation and Answers Manifested through GCN TV Ministry
[15:40]  Abortion giant threatens pro-life group with legal action
[14:55]  Archbishop Chaput urges end to capital punishment
[13:45]  Prayer Request for young Christian Leader in South Sudan
[12:35]  Nation's leaders commemorate 9/11 with prayers
[12:00]  Panel asks: Can Christians vote for a Mormon?
[11:25]  Profanity laden tweets thank Cardinal Dolan for pro-life prayer
[10:15]  TX man's evangelism tract reaching thousands
[09:05]  Ontario Christian minister forced to conduct same-sex ‘marriages’
[08:30]  Russian ministers speak about church demolition in Moscow
[07:55]  'October Baby' Debuts on DVD, Blu-ray Sept. 11 (press)
[06:45]  Uzbekistan: Raid, beating, literature destruction - but fine annulled
[05:35]  NIGERIA: Catholic Bishops Warn on Split
[05:00]  Jennifer Shaw new album features theme song for non-profit (press)
[04:25]  KENYA: Church urges Govt. to End Wave of Killings


[18:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: With Seven Dollars (exclusive)
[16:40]  Russia: Minister fined for holding church service
[15:55]  Abortion rhetoric at DNC criticized for failure to respect women
[14:45]  Bauer: God doesn’t want to be associated with the Democratic platform
[13:35]  New cathedral consecrated for post-Soviet Kazakhstan
[13:00]  Michael Tait talks about the historic night in Cleveland, June 1994
[12:25]  Abortion “absolutely never medically necessary”: symposium
[11:15]  New archbishop says Scotland's re-evangelization rooted in Christ
[10:05]  Christian ousted from Green Party Group of Councillors
[09:30]  Iranian pastor freed after three years, acquitted of apostasy charges
[08:55]  Longtime evangelism prof Roy Fish dies at 82
[07:45]  Christians, Muslims to hold vigil as Lebanon papal visit approaches
[07:00]  SBTC pres.: gay marriage not civil rights issue
[06:35]  African American pastor says Democrats do not serve black interests
[06:00]  El Shafie Ministries: Pastor Yousef and Rimsha released! (press)
[05:25]  Kazakhstan: Fears over latest Uzbek extradition case


[17:30]  Jaerock Lee's blog: My Wife Caring for Souls with Love (exclusive)
[16:45]  Vatican hopes Apple partnership will spread Pope's message
[15:35]  The Building Demolished – Church Is Alive
[14:25]  Cardinal Dolan prays for life, religious liberty at DNC
[13:15]  California Senate: Abortionists don’t need a doctor’s license
[12:05]  Iraqi archbishop: make Christian survival focus of papal meeting
[11:40]  Suspect arrested in death of IMB worker
[10:55]  Northern Irish Catholics and Protestants to cycle across America
[09:45]  At DNC, Obama backs abortion, gay marriage
[08:35]  Telephone, Text and Tweet Everyone To Come To NDOP Wembley
[08:00]  25 DNC speakers defend legal abortion
[07:25]  Pakistani Judge Grants Bail for Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy
[06:15]  American Bible Challenge show launches app
[05:05]  Pope Calls on African Catholics to Be 'Ambassadors of Christ'
[04:30]  Unexpected freedom for Yousef Nadarkhani after 3 years
[03:55]  KENYA: Appoint a Neutral Mediator on Teachers Strike, Bishop


[12:35]  Korean revival: How to praise God by dancing (exclusive)
[08:25]  First statue of Jesus Christ erected in Russia
[04:15]  Victoria Griffith Performs at 2012 Crossroads Freedom Fest (press)


[12:35]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The Last Skill Spiritual Leaders Learn (press)
[09:25]  Biblica explores Evangelism 2.0
[06:15]  After Isaac, worshipers were undeterred
[03:05]  Pew Forum: Religion and the Political Parties (press)


[11:15]  Risk of death increases after abortion: Danish study
[10:05]  Exiled Jesuit priest still hopeful for Syria's future
[09:30]  Christian worker murdered in Jordan
[08:55]  Study: Most churchgoers don't read Bible daily
[07:45]  Christian mayor: Church shouldn’t flirt with authorities
[06:35]  Julie Elias Spends Summer Performing At Top Christian Festivals (press)
[05:25]  Russia: Shock at Moscow church demolition
[04:15]  Bibles are being sold in Tehran, despite being labeled “illegal”


[16:05]  Head of Open Doors USA steps down
[15:40]  ERLC urges court to review gay marriage case
[14:55]  Corsican bishop: Opposing gay ‘marriage’ is ‘truth in love’
[13:45]  Jews for Jesus leader, Jhan Moskowitz, dies after subway fall
[12:35]  Catholics responding to challenges of Isaac cleanup
[12:00]  Forerunner Music releases ’Onething Live: Magnificent Obsession’
[11:25]  Catholics for Choice: Religious freedom applies to private actions
[10:15]  Renowned Surfer Challenges America to ’Go Back to Church’
[09:05]  Vandals hit Catholic monastery in Holy Land with fire and graffiti
[08:30]  British Government: Christians should leave faith at the door
[07:55]  At Summer Camp Christian-Muslim Teens Find Common Ground (press)
[06:45]  Nirj Deva MEP: Scrap Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws (press)
[05:35]  Turkmenistan: Upsurge in raids, threats, fines
[05:00]  New Television Show debuts this month (press)
[04:25]  TWR Announces New Program in Turkish (press)


[16:45]  Lord Carey: PM has failed to be true to his word to Christians
[15:35]  Bishop of Barking’s Call to National Day of Prayer and Worship
[14:25]  Gingrich ‘fed up’ with media’s ‘one-sided bias’ on Obama
[13:15]  Every nation and tongue can access God's Word using new platform
[12:05]  Catholic priest donated $1000 to gay ‘marriage,’ diocese mum
[11:40]  Democratic platform includes free abortions, gay marriage support
[10:55]  83,500 meals cooked by disaster relief volunteers post-Isaac
[09:45]  World Youth Day organizers report widespread interest
[08:35]  DR volunteers serve God, people after Isaac
[07:25]  Upholding ethical truths is not intolerance, Pope states
[06:15]  Tsiyon Heights Launches New Global Internet Radio Station (press)
[05:05]  AFRICA: Tutu Calls for Blair and Bush to be Tried over Iraq
[04:30]  'October Baby'--Novel of Surprise Hit Film--Available Now (press)
[03:55]  CAMEROON: Congress of Catholic Laity Begins
[02:45]  Today's Christian Woman, from Christianity Today, Is Back! (press)


[12:40]  Police tries to disturb Christian musical festival in Russia
[11:55]  Kiev Patriarch: Authority is sick with the ‘syndrome of enrichment’
[10:45]  Annual conference helps believers become advocates
[09:35]  Girl Hailed as ‘Daughter of Nation” by Senior Pakistani Cleric
[08:25]  Christians should be free to manifest their faith, says Bishop
[07:15]  Churches’ Making A Difference Festival during Paralympic Games‏
[06:05]  In Hurricane Isaac's wake, prayers and help for victims
[05:30]  2012 Beijing Book Fair Spotlights S. Korean Books (photoreport)
[04:55]  Use Labor Day to remember Catholic social doctrine, priest says
[03:45]  2012 Inspirational Country Music Award Nominees Announced
[02:35]  The 50 Malaysian and Thai Hearing-impaired Members Visit Manmin


[16:55]  Chick-fil-A ‘Tastes Like Hate’ vandal won’t be charged: D.A.
[16:15]  Unification Church Leader and Washington Times Founder dies at 92
[15:05]  Pakistan: Christians call for the release of a 14-year-old girl
[14:40]  Amish growth outpacing most religions in U.S.
[13:55]  Islamists Demand Placing Coptic Church Funds Under State Control
[12:45]  Government's purpose is to serve citizens, Cardinal Dolan says
[11:35]  India: 5,000 Victims in Orissa, Gather To Demand Justice
[10:25]  Costa Rican bishops slam sex-ed curriculum as propaganda
[09:15]  Philippines: The second Purpose Driven Life seminar was held
[08:10]  Romney says economic plan will bring relief to families
[07:30]  ‘Quran plot’ imam remanded in blasphemy case of Rimsha Masih
[06:55]  KENYA: Catholic Laity Challenged on Evangelization
[05:45]  New Islamic penal code brings death to “apostates”
[05:00]  KENYA: Inter-Faith Body Condemns Church Attacks
[04:35]  Comparative Study of Constitutions of OIC Countries


[13:35]  Huckabee, Ryan: Romney's religion a non-issue
[09:25]  At convention, Ryan urges economic changes to decrease poverty
[05:15]  Earlybird Registration Deadline Around the Corner for CMS Nashville (press)


[22:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: For Successful Ministry (exclusive)
[13:35]  Killing of Islamic cleric leads to violence
[10:25]  Man attacks pro-life activists; two weeks later, still no arrest made
[07:15]  Father of Christian “Blasphemer” Girl Appeals to Pakistani President
[04:05]  David Teems' Tyndale Biography Hailed by England's Tyndale Society (press)
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