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[22:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Preparing in the Word of God for Three Years (exclusive)
[09:55]  Multiple abortions linked to premature births, study shows
[08:45]  California Assembly passes bill banning sex orientation therapy
[07:35]  Rimsha Masih Hearing Delayed After Medical Report Challenged
[06:25]  5 things I wish I had known as a young pastor (press)
[05:15]  New Christian group created to celebrate, defend marriage
[04:05]  Pastor Jaerock Lee speaks about how much one should pray (exclusive)
[03:30]  Pew Forum: Romney and Ryan's Religious Biographies (press)
[02:55]  NRB to Propose Solution to New Media Censorship (press)


[16:40]  Santorum: We must stop the assault on marriage and the family today
[15:55]  Three-person civil partnership causes outrage in Brazil
[14:45]  French govt’ to bring in ‘gay marriage’ bill by October
[14:00]  Bishop urges caution after Nicklinson assisted dying case
[13:35]  New San Fran bishop: HHS mandate ‘calls us to educate our people’
[12:25]  Knights encouraged by Cardinal Dolan backing civility pledge
[11:15]  Muslims leaders back Pakistani Christian girl
[10:05]  Denver Catholic charities expands counseling services
[09:30]  Homeless Christians give $69.40 to missions
[08:55]  Colombian Church supports peace talks between government, rebels
[07:55]  Niger families thrown 'from famine to flood'
[06:45]  Animal rights activists accuse priest of 'murdering' cat
[05:35]  10 reasons we have not reached the unchurched (press)
[04:25]  Final Republican platform has strong religious freedom plank
[03:15]  Michael Milton Prepares to Unveil Christmas CD (press)


[16:25]  Romney: ‘I’m in favor of abortion for health and life of mother’
[15:15]  Wycliffe helps translation ministry take its next steps
[14:05]  Tony Nicklinson's wife: ‘The campaign continues’
[13:40]  Vatican defends child with Down syndrome accused of burning Quran
[12:55]  Muslim diversity of belief, practice evident in Pew study
[11:45]  Church in Venezuela mourns oil refinery deaths
[10:35]  HHS broadens mandate 'safe harbor' guidelines
[09:25]  Philly archdiocese financial officer gets prison time
[08:15]  Teaching your children to love God's Word (press)
[07:05]  Democrats join Republicans in booking Cardinal Dolan for final prayer
[06:30]  2012 Manmin Men's and Women's Missions' Summer Retreat was held (photoreport)
[05:55]  '1 Message' Film Debuts Sept. 25 (press)
[04:45]  Tajikistan: Administrative penalties punish religious activity
[03:35]  ‘I AM . . . GABRIEL’ DVD launches Aug. 28 (press)
[02:25]  Perry LaHaie Leads Worship at Perspectives Mission Conference (press)


[16:25]  Future San Francisco archbishop apologizes for 'disgrace'
[15:15]  Pastor and family survive attack in Nigeria
[14:05]  South Korea high court recognizes unborn’s ‘right to life’
[13:30]  Nigeria in talks with Boko Haram
[12:55]  Scottish Cardinal’s letter read in all 500 parishes
[11:45]  Pakistan blasphemy case girl examined by doctors
[10:35]  'American Bible Challenge' sets ratings record
[09:25]  Harvest Crusades with Greg Laurie Draw 78,000 to Angel Stadium
[08:15]  Hostility to religion in U.S. at 'all-time high'
[07:05]  Azerbaijan: The petition was launched to stop suppression of freedom
[06:30]  LIFE Runners Name Vitae Foundation 2013 National Charity (press)
[05:55]  THE MODERN POST Hits #10 on Billboard Heatseekers (press)
[04:45]  Pew Forum: The Complicated Politics of Abortion (press)
[03:35]  Islamic Republic Media React against Ramadan Prayer Calendar
[02:25]  New Artist Julie Elias Performs At Creation NW (press)


[16:25]  Mexican judge orders state to perform homosexual ‘marriages’
[16:00]  Argentinean bishops call for civil code changes to protect the family
[15:15]  Tony Nicklinson Dies
[14:05]  Survey: Economy continues to impact churches
[13:40]  Pakistan: Christian boy found brutally tortured and burned to death
[12:55]  2,400-plus youth turn to Christ at Falls Creek summer camps
[11:45]  Cardinal Keith O'Brien: Government should "sustain" marriage
[10:35]  Study: Broadcast TV nudity up 407 percent
[09:25]  Pakistan: A Christian Girl Murdered after allegedly being Gang Raped
[08:15]  Rick Warren not hosting presidential forum
[07:15]  Pakistani Christian Girl with Down Syndrome Charged with “Blasphemy” (press)
[06:05]  Musical Pioneer embarks on 30-city tour (press)
[05:30]  New Book Shines Light On Isolation of E-Connected Teens (press)
[04:55]  Construction of a Church in Bahrain Irritates Iranian Authorities
[03:45]  Cheri Keaggy Tapes Guest Appearance on CTN's 'Bridges' (press)


[17:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Like an Eagle Training Its Young (exclusive)
[16:55]  Korean actor speaks about preaching the Gospel through TV (exclusive)


[17:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Forty-Day Fasting (exclusive)


[16:45]  Deacon Seokhun Kim: I was Set Free from a Vicious Circle of Debts (press)


[11:35]  Love Tanzania Festival with Andrew Palau inspires peace and unity
[07:25]  Atlanta archdiocese receives 'Gone with the Wind' bequest
[03:15]  Pew Forum: Candidates' Religious Biographies


[11:35]  Canadian Medical Association: babies not human until after birth
[08:25]  New Reality TV series called “Becoming… Christian from Muslim”
[05:15]  New initiative urges Christians to shape modern art, entertainment
[02:05]  Victoria Griffith Performs at 4th Annual 'Rock the Block' Event (press)


[10:55]  Korean megachurch pastor: We need prayer fire again (exclusive)
[09:45]  Gunshots at the Word of Life Church, Russia
[08:35]  Judge upholds end of life laws in Tony Nicklinson case
[07:25]  When is a terrorist group not a terrorist group? (press)
[06:15]  ‘Assault with intent to kill’: FRC shooter charged
[05:05]  Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church dies
[04:10]  Tony Perkins says 'hate group' label may have motivated shooter
[02:45]  Facebook’s First Game on the Life of Jesus hits 1 MILLION players (press)


[16:35]  Rabbi: Women are moral decision makers
[16:00]  Lausanne Movement Appoints Senior Associate for The Arts
[15:25]  Ukrainian Christian leaders speak about revival
[14:15]  After walking 12,000 miles, pro-life students converge on D.C.
[13:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: What Shall I Do? (exclusive)
[13:05]  Christian B&B owners win right to appeal to Supreme Court
[12:40]  FRC shooting suspect was volunteering at LGBT center
[11:55]  Cardinal Dolan: Obama invite is not an award or platform
[10:45]  NYC voters: Officials should back off Chick-fil-A
[09:35]  Devotion to Mary profoundly biblical, Argentinean bishop says
[08:25]  Iran now open to outside help post-quake
[07:15]  Catholic-run business asks Obama to respect its faith
[06:05]  Student Life joins LifeWay family
[05:30]  Network invitation to spend day with poor only applies to Romney
[04:55]  Teach your children to be wise money managers (press)
[03:45]  Security guard shot at Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.


[16:25]  Decision to liquidate church upheld by court of appeal
[15:15]  Gospel Project available on iPad, eBook
[14:05]  David Cameron warned not to extend Sunday trading laws past Olympics
[13:40]  Democrats OK plank endorsing gay marriage
[12:55]  Program brings Direction and Hope to Pakistani Christian Women
[11:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Our First Daughter Healed after My Wife Repented (exclusive)
[11:00]  Evangelist Billy Graham Returns Home Following Brief Hospital Stay
[10:35]  US bishops urge cooperative effort to renew economy
[09:25]  Pro-life ‘polling resource’ for Canadian journalists
[08:15]  Colombian diocese laments death of priest who was attacked
[07:05]  Democratic platform calls 32 states ‘discriminatory’
[06:30]  Brazilian women's volleyball team celebrates gold with prayer
[05:55]  U.S. March for Life founder Nellie Gray passes away
[04:45]  iGivings Launches Groundbreaking Mobile App at Gateway Church (press)
[03:35]  Christian evangelism in the skies of Iran
[02:25]  'I Am . . . Gabriel' DVD Debuts Aug. 28 (press)


[16:15]  2012 Children's Summer Bible School Filled with Heavenly Joy
[15:05]  Five new languages added to Faith Comes by Hearing audio catalog
[14:40]  Philadelphia archdiocese to sell major properties
[13:55]  Judge: Boy’s life-support unit can be switched off
[12:45]  German constitutional court expands tax rights for gay couples
[11:35]  Poll: Churchgoers struggle in sharing their faith
[10:25]  Just 0.006% of British abortions done to save mother’s life
[09:15]  Pro-life leaders welcome Paul Ryan choice
[08:05]  Teen with knee blown apart by theater shooter: ‘I do forgive him’
[07:20]  Iran declining help in quakes' aftermath
[06:55]  Leaders Protest U.S. Embassy Participation in Prague "Gay Pride"
[05:45]  John Schlitt's 'The Gift' Selected as Top Relationship Song (press)
[04:35]  'The Bridge' Brings Best-Seller Karen Kingsbury to Wider Audience (press)
[03:25]  Cheri Keaggy Featured As Keynote Speaker at The Cove (press)
[02:15]  Iranian asylums seekers and residents of Germany embrace Christ


[18:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: My Second Daughter Hit by a Truck (exclusive)
[16:35]  Leadership summit equips 70,000
[15:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Mastering the Paradoxes of Ministry (press)
[14:15]  Archbishop: Catholics shouldn’t vote for candidate who supports evil
[13:05]  Evangelist Billy Graham Admitted to Mission Hospital
[12:40]  Peoria diocese challenges 'intrusive' HHS mandate exemption process
[11:55]  Iranian Pastor Develops Blood Infection
[10:45]  Sex in movies influences teens' behavior, study confirms
[09:35]  430 Area Churches Team Up to Host ‘2012 Los Angeles Harvest’
[08:25]  Honesty may boost health, study finds
[07:15]  Gloucester Council Backs Down Over Christian Literature Ban
[06:05]  Christian Musician Summit Comes to Nashville October 4 - 6 (press)
[05:30]  Author/speaker to tackle bullies in new conference (press)
[04:55]  Freddy Washington to Release Debut CD October 2 (press)
[03:45]  Uzbekistan: "It is prohibited to keep such books at home"
[02:35]  The First Saudi Woman to publicly announce her faith in Christ


[16:00]  Confession of a Korean actor and former Mafioso (exclusive)


[16:00]  The Thirty-year Walk of Faith of Manmin Central Church


[05:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God’s Hands Preparing the Opening of Church (exclusive)


[21:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Praying for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit (exclusive)
[12:35]  Ministries Hold Free Sessions On Dealing with Grief in Colorado
[08:25]  Spanish bishop urges donations for those affected by economic crisis
[04:15]  Pew Forum: Two-Thirds of Democrats Now Support Gay Marriage (press)


[12:35]  Courts block Ariz. pro-life laws
[09:25]  ‘Same-sex behavior is hazardous’: Scottish Catholic media director
[06:15]  Chinese woman rescued over 30 abandoned babies
[03:05]  Pew Forum: Catholics Share Bishops' Concerns about Religious Liberty (press)


[09:05]  Reps. say in letter: We welcome Chick-fil-A
[08:30]  120 Christian Families Flee Village Following Death of a Muslim
[07:55]  Chick-fil-A event draws crowds of supporters in marriage controversy
[06:45]  Evangelical College Prof: Gestational approach unsupportable
[05:35]  Pope Benedict supports Knights' religious freedom efforts
[04:25]  South Korean pastor: To save at least one person (exclusive)
[03:15]  Unsubstantiated charges raised against detained Christians in prison
[02:05]  European Evangelical Alliance to hold its General Assembly (press)


[16:45]  Heads of Ukrainian churches defend official language
[15:35]  Magazine Christianity Today turns critical eye to contraception
[14:25]  Italian priest gives tips on evangelization in cyberspace
[13:15]  Priests for Life announces it will defy HHS mandate
[12:05]  Brazilians await World Youth Day participants with 'open arms'
[11:40]  Soros-funded UN report says legalize prostitution, drugs worldwide
[10:55]  Princeton professor urges hotels to remove pornography
[09:45]  Abortion/contraceptive mandate takes effect
[08:35]  Egypt scolded over religous freedom issues
[08:00]  Christians Tormented with Music, Then Attacked and Three Injured
[07:25]  Land legacy: Courage, leadership, racial justice, SBC leaders say
[06:15]  ‘Games Pastors’ help Olympic travelers navigate London
[05:05]  D.C. late-term abortion ban fails in House
[04:30]  Benefit concert on Friday night to support Angelman Syndrome
[03:55]  Chick-fil-A Day: Thousands pack restaurants to show support


[16:40]  Tory same-sex 'marriage' proposals cause membership plunge
[15:55]  Bakery sees business boom after ‘gay wedding cake’ refusal
[14:45]  Expert finds Clinton's religious freedom report not backed by action
[13:35]  Cardinal George slams Chicago mayor’s comments on Chick-fil-A
[12:25]  Chick-fil-A flap shows drive to suppress religion, Douthat says
[11:15]  Amazon founder donates $2.5 million to same-sex ‘marriage’ campaign
[10:05]  Hillsong LIVE to embark on 12-City U.S. Tour
[09:30]  ERLC's Land announces retirement effective Oct. 2013
[08:55]  Iraqi Christian Children Narrowly Escape Death in Bomb Blasts
[07:45]  Answering questions about Old Testament polygamy (press)
[06:35]  ‘Praise Bus’ ends its 65-day journey following Olympic Torch
[06:00]  NAE under fire over contraception funding
[05:25]  Missionary: I Am Glad Doing Ministry in Unity of All Family Members (press)
[04:15]  Author David Teems Promotes Latest Thomas Nelson Release At ICRS (press)
[03:05]  Politicians, clergy and NGOs from across the world met in Rome (press)
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