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[16:35]  Band goes on tour to sing Songs of Hope during the 2012 Olympics
[15:25]  Pakistan Church says Asia Bibi must be defended cautiously
[14:15]  Olympics: Crowds Far Surpass Expectations for Church-hosted Events
[13:05]  Democratic platform to endorse gay marriage
[12:40]  Law reuniting immigrant families gains support from US bishops
[11:55]  Victory in the Lord's hands, U.S. archers say
[10:45]  Political/religious leaders celebrate court victory against mandate
[09:35]  Boudia wins bronze in synchronized diving
[08:25]  Kids’ church lemonade stand raises money for same-sex ‘marriage’
[07:15]  Scherer 7th in women's 10m air rifle
[06:05]  Politicians chime in on Chick-fil-A marriage controversy
[05:30]  Miss. wedding refusal not indicative of SBC
[04:55]  NRB, In Touch Ministries to Host "Innovation Exchange" in Atlanta (press)
[03:45]  Rev. El Shafie Returns Safely from Rescue Mission (press)
[02:35]  Christian piece of art is shown at the 2012 London Olympic Art Show


[16:55]  European ministry on the retention of youth in church
[15:45]  Mission team visits church facing closure
[15:00]  Hillsong Church in Ukraine releases a new worship album
[14:35]  Jailed Iranian Pastor Denied Hospital Treatment
[13:25]  Billy Graham wonders whether America could be facing a punishment
[12:15]  Audiobooks: A Key to World Evangelism and Discipling Nations
[11:05]  A first: Judge rules against HHS mandate
[10:30]  ‘Use your body for the glory of God,’ archbishop tells Olympians
[09:55]  'Chick-fil-A Day' sign-ups surge past 325,000
[08:45]  God draws greater good from evil acts, Aurora priest says at funeral
[07:35]  Q&A: Aurora shooting victim on forgiveness
[06:25]  New San Francisco archbishop vows to support marriage, immigrants
[05:15]  Christian faces expulsion from Greens
[04:05]  New Artist Julie Elias Promotes Upcoming CD at ICRS (press)
[02:55]  Jeff Petherick releases Grace Like Rain at ICRS (press)


[12:35]  Christian doctors search for God’s miracles around the world (exclusive)
[08:25]  Samaritan’s Purse UK to Mobilise Prayers For Poorest Children
[04:15]  New Survey: Little Voter Discomfort with Romney's Mormon Religion (press)


[12:35]  Women's candle business aims to 'keep noses in the Bible'
[09:25]  Culture writer clings to sexual redemption
[06:15]  Evangelist Lowell Lundstrom Passes Away
[03:05]  City Of Peace Media to Release iSTAND WITH ISRAEL August 7 (press)


[13:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Proper Recovery Food (exclusive)
[09:45]  Billy Graham backs Chick-fil-A, plans to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’ Aug. 1st
[08:35]  New consultation draws 150 young people
[07:25]  Steubenville axes Catholic chapel from logo after legal threat
[06:15]  What's your church's FQ (Fellowship Quotient)? (press)
[05:05]  As secularism spreads, Archbishop Chaput charts path for renewal
[04:40]  Experts: Politicians can't legally block Chick-fil-A
[03:55]  Calvary Chapel Pastor Addresses Aurora Theater Shootings
[02:45]  Galilee of the Nations to Release THE NAMES OF GOD Series August 7 (press)


[16:45]  PM on collision course with Church
[15:35]  Officials disturb church service in Russia
[14:25]  Rahm Emanuel: Chick-Fil-A should be banished for marriage beliefs
[13:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Way to Offer Fasting Prayer 3 (exclusive)
[13:15]  Seminary to support 'Chick-fil-A Day' Aug. 1
[12:05]  Broadcaster Praises Work Of Camp Gilead
[11:40]  Q&A: Bob Fu on China's 10 million yearly forced abortions
[10:55]  Solutions From Science Welcomes Heart of God Haiti
[09:45]  How can churches prepare for tragedies?
[08:35]  New Scottish bishop could see going to jail over 'gay marriage'
[07:25]  'Chick-fil-A Day' sign-up tops 160,000
[06:15]  Archbishop Aquila praises heroic actions during theater shooting
[05:05]  School supt.: Churches opposed to homosexuality not welcome
[04:30]  Olympic Cross aims to foster faith during games
[03:55]  The 12 lessons of fatherhood, part two (7-12) (press)
[02:25]  Worrying Situation of Detained Christian Couple’s Children


[16:15]  New NGO law in Russia worries Christians
[15:05]  One Victim’s Story of A Miracle Inside the Aurora Shooting
[14:40]  Persecuted family finds rest in the body of Christ
[13:55]  Czech pro-life groups organize protests to upcoming ‘gay pride’
[12:45]  Chaplain says faith can help officers cope with Aurora shooting
[11:35]  Jim Henson withholding Muppets toys from Chick-fil-A
[10:25]  Cuban bishops lament untimely death of dissident
[09:15]  ObamaCare: Unmarried homosexuals ‘are treated as family members’
[08:05]  Aurora victim: God's light outshines dark
[07:30]  Exposure to sexual content in movies predicts behavior in adolescence
[06:55]  Poll: Minn. marriage amend. up 52-37 percent
[05:45]  The New Normal: Group of moms boycott new pro-homosexual TV show
[04:35]  The 12 lessons of fatherhood, part one (lessons 1-6) (press)
[03:25]  Groups enraged at Ukraine bid to ban homosexual propaganda
[02:15]  Lord Alton: Boko Haram must be formally proscribed as terrorists


[16:50]  Sunday trading laws suspended for Olympics
[15:55]  Imprisoned pastor in critical condition
[14:45]  Pastors of Aurora churches comfort, encourage parishioners
[13:35]  Huckabee launches 'Chick-fil-A Day' for Aug. 1
[12:25]  Islamists attack Christians, Iraqi refugees in Damascus
[11:15]  UK gov’t official calls for sanctions against large families
[10:05]  Aurora Churches Pray for the Victims of Theater Shooting
[09:40]  Boston Mayor wants to keep pro-marriage Chick-fil-A out of town
[08:55]  Pakistani Child Advocate: ‘Girls are the Most marginalized Group’
[07:45]  Students website promotes alternatives to contraceptive culture
[06:35]  Victoria Griffith performs at Alabama Tornado Memorial Concert (press)
[05:25]  Book Ministry in the 2012 Malaysia International Chinese Book Expo
[04:15]  S SUDAN: Robbers Target Malakal Church Institutions
[03:30]  New Zealand Government Resists Pressure to Change Abortion Law (press)
[02:55]  AFRICA: Catholic Journalists’ Workshop Kicks Off in Kenya


[16:25]  Scotland: Same-sex marriage delayed over religious freedom concerns
[15:15]  The New York Times reports marriage leads to economic prosperity
[14:05]  The dark night in Denver -- groping for answers (press)
[13:40]  Catholics to mark opening of Olympic Games with Masses
[12:55]  Arizona: Pastor jailed, fined for home church
[11:45]  Lawsuit dropped against Spanish bishop who criticized gay lifestyle
[10:35]  Believers Among Colorado Shooting Victims
[09:25]  Denver's bishops grieve with community after shooting massacre
[08:35]  Kenya: Ministry helps injured victims and bereaved families
[07:05]  National, local leaders pray for victims of Colo. shooting
[06:30]  KENYA: 'Thank You for the Support' UNDP tells Church
[05:55]  We found Jesus through Allah, say Christian converts (press)
[04:45]  ENGLAND: Pass It On, CAFOD's Olympics Peace Campaign
[04:00]  Azerbaijan: Two plus three equals five
[03:35]  KENYA: Bishops Oppose the Global Contraceptives Programme


[12:35]  Korean way of awakening: How the Manmin Church trains missionaries (exclusive)
[08:25]  ReachGlobal brings counseling to a distressed Ukraine
[04:15]  Church Unites Towards UK’s National Day of Prayer and Worship


[12:35]  Hearing outlines forced marriages, conversions in Egypt
[09:25]  Christian B&B owners ordered to pay gay couple $4,500 in damages
[06:15]  Christian Surgeon’s Heart Center under Threat from Muslims in Egypt
[03:05]  A new book about Christformation was written (press)


[14:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Way to Offer Fasting Prayer 2 (exclusive)
[09:45]  Protestants deliver humanitarian aid to flood victims
[08:35]  Guatemala: 4-year-old teaches the meaning of generosity and wisdom
[07:25]  Google faces criticism over global push for gay advocacy
[06:15]  Elton John: Its ‘heartbreaking’ that son will grow up without a mom
[05:05]  “Tweet for Youcef” Campaign Surpasses 2.7 Million Globally
[04:30]  Asian Americans: A Mosaic of Faiths (press)
[03:55]  Russia: Religious freedom survey, July 2012
[02:45]  Wolverhampton Residents Respond Warmly To OM Outreach (press)


[16:15]  Christians brace themselves for Ramadan persecution wave
[15:05]  Mass Bible Distribution Project in Greece
[14:40]  Latin American youth take on the world of the Great Commission
[14:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Way to Offer Fasting Prayer 1 (exclusive)
[13:55]  U.S. diocese prays for purity and chastity
[12:45]  Rwanda’s Children find Hope in Daily Audio Bible Classroom Project
[11:35]  Chick-Fil-A owner stands by true marriage stance
[10:25]  Syrian archbishop laments continued violence
[09:15]  Boy Scouts reaffirm exclusion of gay leaders
[08:05]  Denver's new archbishop urges fidelity to Christ
[07:30]  Luter appreciative of 5-min. call with Obama
[06:55]  Patriarch hopes Lebanon papal visit will bring peace to Syria
[05:45]  Wheaton sues to strike abortion drug mandate
[04:35]  Christian house-church leader released after 560 days in prison
[04:00]  'October Baby'-Novel of the Surprise Hit Film-Launches Sept. 1 (press)
[03:25]  Azerbaijan: New literature controls not "formally" about censorship


[16:50]  Attack on church youth group a disconcerting shift in Mexico
[15:55]  Scottish cabinet rejects referendum on same-sex ‘marriage’
[14:45]  Freedom of speech under threat, warns Ann Widdecombe
[13:35]  Jamaica’s premiere gospel festival, is ‘bigger and better’ than ever
[12:25]  Warren hopes to host Obama-Romney forum
[11:15]  Let the Bells ring out with Olympic Prayers
[10:05]  Congressional hearing examines violence against Christians in Nigeria
[09:40]  Grave Concerns for Health of Iranian Pastor Benham Irani
[08:55]  Effort fails at reversing Calif. gay history law
[07:45]  Anglican Vicar: ‘Things Get Worse by the Day in Iraq’
[06:25]  Dr. Jaerock Lee's Message Is Totally Based on the Bible (press)
[05:15]  Academy of Country Music Award Winner Gordon Mote Releases New CD (press)
[04:05]  KENYA: Christian and Muslim Faithful Pray for Peace
[03:35]  Man forgives attacker who killed his wife and daughter (press)
[03:00]  Author Jeff Petherick Releases New Book, GRACE LIKE RAIN (press)


[16:25]  Addicted, violent railway boys find hope at Christian hostel
[16:00]  Russian church leaders express condolences for flood victims
[15:15]  Food company boasts huge pro-life billboards on semi-trailers
[14:05]  Audio Scripture players finally released in Mozambique
[13:40]  South African bishop backs Pope against condoms in AIDS crisis
[12:55]  Freedom Climb fine-tunes voice for the voiceless
[11:45]  Only 70% of D&P donations go to Third World: MoneySense
[10:35]  American pastor and two other hostages released by Egyptian captors
[09:25]  Russian Orthodox leader to sign reconciliation statement
[08:15]  Proposed web porn domains draw opposition
[07:05]  Pope to speak on 'crisis of democracy'
[06:30]  Ore. to vote on marijuana legalization
[05:55]  Scottish cardinal calls for referendum on same-sex 'marriage'
[05:05]  Judge issues split ruling on Miss. abortion law
[03:35]  Bishops commit to sustainable development in Colombia


[16:55]  Slavery is 'alive and well' in India, pastor says
[15:45]  Missouri Synod and Czech Republic Lutherans sign ‘working agreement’
[14:35]  'For Greater Glory' makes it to theaters in Latin America
[13:25]  UK ‘Childrenswork’ Magazine Launched
[12:15]  Interim leader of Egyptian Catholic Copts is hopeful after election
[11:05]  Sports Bibles To Be Free in London 2012 Olympic Village
[10:40]  Persecuted Christian: Scars 'jewel,' 'gift from God'
[09:55]  Nigerian Christians Fleeing Their Homes Following Mass Killings
[08:45]  Project identifies 8 attributes of discipleship
[07:35]  Extortion duo who threatened pastors in Nepal detained by police
[06:25]  Why capitalism is the most biblical economic model (press)
[05:15]  Christian denied receiving criminal background for being “apostate”
[04:05]  CAMEROON: Pan African Congress for the Catholic Laity Planned
[03:30]  Julie Elias Debuts Upcoming Music at Summer Festivals Across U.S. (press)
[02:55]  BELGIUM: Archbishop Dr Onaiyekan to be Honored


[15:45]  Manmin Dean: God healed me from an incurable disease (exclusive)
[13:35]  How to make your marriage soar (press)
[08:25]  Five abortion workers leave industry thanks to new ministry
[04:15]  Vatican official says movies play role in evangelizing culture


[16:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Benefits of Fasting-Prayer (exclusive)
[13:35]  There is an answer for some of America’s problems (press)
[09:25]  Katy Perry: I pray for same-sex ‘marriage’
[06:15]  Christianity changing lives of India's 'untouchables'
[03:05]  Ignite the Next Great Awakening (press)


[16:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: “Honey, Will You Give Me Some Food” (exclusive)
[10:25]  New documentary released on Catholic heroine who confronted Nazis
[09:15]  Ministry Festival celebrating Jamaica's Golden Anniversary
[08:05]  Laura Story sees 'Blessings' beyond awards
[07:30]  Boko Haram issues yet another grim warning in Nigeria
[06:55]  The Christy Awards to honor excellence in Christian fiction
[05:45]  Poll: United Church members more liberal than Canadian public
[04:35]  'Vatileaks' committee to deliver findings to Pope next week
[02:25]  China - Changing climate for religious NGOs?


[16:25]  China: 70 Children Rounded up, Seven Women Teachers Detained
[16:00]  Court rules against magazine's vulgar portrayal of Pope
[15:15]  Christian legislator's post on the line
[14:05]  ScriptureArt debuts clothing line inspired by Josh Hamilton
[13:40]  Senator's resolution applauds Luter election
[12:55]  Human Rights Watch denounces Mexico’s right to life laws
[11:45]  Alliance Defense Fund changes its name
[10:35]  Bicyclist assaults pro-lifers, destroys signs
[09:25]  'Obamacare' repeal passes House again
[08:15]  Jon Voigt defends Brad Pitt’s mother after she receives death threats
[07:05]  Suit against Ky. children's agency to proceed
[05:55]  Iranian pastor, facing death, passes 1,000th day in jail
[04:45]  Kelly Escobar Alzamora: Days with Nightmares and Depression... (press)
[03:35]  Terry Warren Performs at Singing on the Mountain (press)


[17:25]  Archbishop of Canterbury: 'No mandate' to redefine marriage
[16:15]  A ministry celebrates a milestone in Cuba
[15:05]  Curfew in Plateau State after Two Politicians Among Those Killed
[14:40]  Catholic cultural review 'Humanitas' now accesible in English
[13:55]  Barney Frank’s same-sex ‘wedding’ attended by Catholic Congressmen
[12:45]  Peru: Cardinal calls for end to violence over building of new mine
[11:35]  Episcopal bishops approve blessing for gay unions
[10:25]  Catholic Charities of Chicago lawsuit shows reach of HHS mandate
[09:15]  Obama: ‘not fair’ that Catholics won’t fund birth control
[08:05]  Catholic charity urges HIV/AIDS funding in US budget
[07:30]  S SUDAN: Church’s Role in Independence Acknowledged
[06:55]  Ahmadinejad denies Christianity and Judaism’s being
[05:45]  KENYA: AACC Salutes S Sudan on Its Independence Day
[04:35]  Thousands to Gather in Toronto to Pray for Canada
[03:25]  New Book added to Resource Library of Leading Autism Organization (press)


[16:55]  Eritrea finally slammed for human rights violations
[15:45]  General Synod: Christians to manifest faith in public life
[14:35]  South Sudan: Samaritan’s Purse Launches Appeal To Save Lives
[13:25]  Restaurant church discount draws investigation
[12:15]  Toronto police criticized for shutting down preacher
[11:05]  Obama TV ad blasts Romney's pro-life views
[10:30]  U.S. Presbyterian Church rejects proposal to redefine marriage
[09:55]  Nigerian archbishop hopes for definitive end to violence
[08:45]  Google launches worldwide campaign against ‘homophobic’ countries
[07:35]  Tribute concert held for Catholic who saved Jewish children
[06:25]  Canadian bishops’ group: Now’s the time to stand against euthanasia
[05:15]  Conference on healings disturbed in Kiev (photoreport)
[04:05]  Christian convert released after 105 days in solitary confinement
[03:30]  Forced closure of Church property near Tehran
[02:55]  Dr. James Dobson Concludes 'Building A Family Legacy' Event (press)


[17:05]  Brad Pitt’s mom slams Obama on abortion
[16:40]  Jesus’ birthplace gets world heritage status
[15:55]  Toronto police shut down preacher at Gay Pride parade
[14:45]  Longtime Billy Graham Associate Sterling Huston Succumbs to Illness
[13:35]  Bible translation team robbed in Nigeria
[12:25]  Gwen Wilkerson, Wife of David Wilkerson, Dies at 81
[11:15]  Illinois community ups efforts to prevent strip club opening
[10:05]  Christians and Muslims Band Together to Stop Church Terror Attacks
[09:20]  Americans Continue to Reduce Giving to Churches
[08:55]  Prayers scrapped at Edinburgh City Council meetings
[07:45]  2012 summer Olympians' faith is on display
[06:35]  U.S. President sends delegation to Yeosu Expo
[05:25]  KENYA: NCCK Urges Government to Improve Security
[04:15]  Pakistan Mob Burns Man to Death for Alleged ‘Blasphemy’
[03:05]  S SUDAN: Religious Leaders Call for Peace on Anniversary


[13:35]  Manmin Church believes in divine healing (exclusive)
[08:25]  School board promotes curriculum encouraging students to cross-dress
[04:15]  Hollywood Producer Defrauds Faith Film (press)


[13:35]  Teen STD rates rise, despite high condom use
[09:25]  New Film Showcases Olympians’ Stories of Struggle and Triumph
[06:15]  Brazilian psychology association seeks to revoke Christian license
[03:05]  Christians arrest in Khorasan’s principle cities


[12:05]  Church responds to storm damage in the USA
[11:20]  Family advocates criticize Spain's failure to rule on abortion law
[10:55]  Isolation delays damage reports for ministry in Bangladesh
[09:45]  Tenn. law restricting sex-ed could serve as national model
[08:35]  Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani May Face New Charges in September
[07:25]  Ontario high school selects ‘transgender’ man as prom queen
[06:15]  Attack on Russian protestant pastor to be examined in detail
[05:05]  SOUNDOVEN Music Release Party to be held in Toronto (press)


[16:45]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Pride and Spiritual Leadership (press)
[16:00]  Pro-life youth to take graphic images on ‘vote pro-life’ tour
[15:35]  Gospel proclaimed at beach camps
[15:00]  UK pro-life group skeptical about ‘independent’ abortion counseling
[14:25]  Terrorist Who Made Bombs for Indonesian Church Attacks Jailed
[13:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: I Came to Know Fasting Was God’s Will (exclusive)
[13:15]  Funds needed for Bible distribution
[12:05]  Archbishop Chaput: Government cannot take away true freedom
[11:40]  2012 Conference for Teachers of Sunday School
[10:55]  Religious expert worries US on path to anti-Christian violence
[09:45]  Report on rally and mass lobby of Parliament to resist euthanasia
[09:00]  Liechtenstein voters back prince who vowed to veto abortion
[08:35]  Lord Falconer publishes new draft Bill on assisted suicide
[08:05]  Ted Baehr suggests the creation of a ‘Christian Oscar’ in Russia
[07:30]  Third Evangelical Council held in Kiev
[06:55]  Protestant pastor beaten in Russia


[16:15]  Law Society and QEII Centre to be taken to court
[15:05]  Colorado Wildfires Prompt Closures, Evacuations for Mission Agencies
[14:40]  Pressure needed on critical bill
[14:30]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Fasting So Much by Spirit’s Inspiration (exclusive)
[13:55]  New York federal court: viewing Internet child porn is a crime
[12:45]  Ministry's 10th year in Guatemala
[11:35]  Dislike: Facebook unveils same-sex ‘marriage’ icons
[10:25]  New women's magazine aims to encourage and uplift
[09:15]  Amid wildfires, Beth Moore holds forth 'new start' in Colo.
[08:05]  Mexican bishops call on new government to address nation's needs
[07:20]  Storms & fires activate DR in 15 states
[06:55]  Calif. bishop says 'gay marriage' unjust to children
[05:45]  Create Competent Kids With New Book 'Cleaning House' (press)
[04:35]  SOMALI: Constitution Must Defend Religious Freedom
[03:25]  Corbin Bernsen's Inspiring '25 Hill' Launches DVD Sales July 3 (press)
[02:15]  KENYA: Bishops Condemn Attacks on Churches


[16:45]  Fire closes ministry in Texas
[15:35]  Gay marriage issue appealed to Supreme Court
[14:25]  Haven of Hope celebrates 10 years of outreach to children in crisis
[13:15]  Joni and Friends Television Broadcast in Korea
[12:05]  Candidates urged to speak out for persecuted
[11:30]  Sports-themed Devotional Booklet Launched
[10:55]  Minn. Catholic school drops teacher for 'gay marriage' support
[09:45]  Bishop of Orlando violated no law by speaking up for life
[08:35]  Christians are loyal to Egypt, Melkite patriarch tells president
[08:00]  Youth activists bring child’s coffin to PM residence
[07:25]  Thousands flock to Kansas religious freedom rally
[07:00]  French govt. promises to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’
[06:15]  Catholic media production network re-launches website
[05:30]  Debtor forgiven his debt in Ukraine
[04:55]  Wycliffe Associates Supporting Bible Translation Efforts in Africa


[16:55]  Gays disrupt hearings in Brazilian Congress
[15:45]  TouchGlobal to help churches reeling from Colorado fire
[14:35]  Cardinal: Loss of Mid-East Christians would be 'tragedy'
[13:25]  Kenya church attacks ‘kill fifteen’ in Garissa
[13:00]  Petition seeks to sell 'Cosmo' magazine only to adults
[12:15]  Group to Push for Investigation into “Suicide” of Jailed Christian
[11:05]  NYC churches can meet in schools, judge rules
[10:30]  Tunisia - Convert from Islam to Christianity Beheaded
[09:55]  SUDAN: Groups Condemn Destruction of Churches
[08:45]  Malaysian Chinese publishes Christian Books
[08:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: People Crowding In (exclusive)
[07:35]  NIGERIA: Bishops Condemn Violence on Christians
[07:00]  International Criminal Court: Complaint against New Zealand (press)
[06:25]  Sudanese Authorities Demolish Two Church Buildings
[05:15]  Dry Land Kayaking Movement Gains Momentum (press)
[04:05]  Kyrgyzstan: Tightened censorship from September?


[13:35]  Crystal Forum President speaks about the importance of holiness (exclusive)
[09:25]  Colo. fires, Fla. floods stir DR preparations
[05:15]  A New Season for Evangelical Engagement in Society
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