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[13:35]  New report shows rising sexualisation and abuse of children
[10:25]  Vietnamese Officials Destroy Two New Church Buildings
[07:15]  Catholic Charities mobilizes against growing Colorado fires
[04:05]  Seoul International Book Fair Focuses on eBooks


[09:35]  New fund will help fight forced abortions in China
[08:25]  BMA rejects assisted suicide, supports abortion counselling
[07:15]  Israeli tourism ministry honors 3 SBC leaders
[06:05]  Hundreds of Homes Destroyed In Colorado Springs Area Due To Fire
[05:40]  Supreme Court upholds health care law, individual mandate
[04:55]  Dean Spark to release of his single
[03:45]  Azerbaijan: Not arrested, merely detained
[02:35]  Iranian Imam warns against spread of house churches


[08:15]  Egypt's new president makes history again
[07:05]  34% of women seeking abortion choose life when offered help
[06:30]  Military BibleStick Requests Prior to America’s Fourth of July
[05:55]  UK chief rabbi warns of danger of same-sex ‘marriage’
[04:45]  Vatican outfitted with first electric car
[03:35]  ERITREA: Refugees face Hostility and Forceful Evictions, CSW says
[02:25]  International Songwriting Contest Announces Songwriter of the Year (press)


[09:15]  Sudanese convert from Islam loses wife, kids
[08:05]  Seoul International Book Fair Features Arabic Books
[07:30]  Toronto mayor to spend Canada Day at cottage instead of Gay Pride
[06:55]  Supreme Knight: HHS mandate re-shaped country's political landscape
[05:45]  TOGO: Bishops decry Violence on Church and calls for Calm
[04:35]  Poll finds Americans respect immigrants, want 'non-partisan' solution
[03:25]  NIGERIA: CSW launches 30 days of prayer for war-torn Nation
[02:15]  Dignitatis Humanae Institute to celebrate launch of office in Rome (press)


[17:05]  Seminary prof: God still in control in Egypt
[16:40]  Launch of Government funded "registry of homophobic acts" in Canada
[15:55]  Soledad cross won't get high court hearing, yet
[14:45]  Illinois school district ejects homosexual activist curriculum
[13:35]  Three Lao, Two Thai Christians Arrested in Laos
[12:25]  Fired sportscaster: ‘The word ‘no’ can be an act of great love’
[11:15]  1,000 U.S. Churches and Sites to Host Event with Greg Laurie
[10:05]  Catholic leaders react to Egyptian presidential election
[09:30]  Boko Haram bomber now a martyr; trouble coming for Christians
[08:55]  Archbishop Gomez gives mixed response to immigration ruling
[07:45]  Police chaplain in USA told how to pray
[06:35]  DC religious freedom event stresses role of liberty in America
[05:25]  Queen honors Urdu ministry in Canada
[04:15]  Baltimore archbishop to address Italian religious freedom group
[03:05]  Jeff Petherick's Ministry Featured in Award-winning Documentary (press)


[22:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Throw that Money in the Toilet (exclusive)
[16:45]  Belarus churches dedicate one month to pray for the country
[15:35]  You can help train a Burmese pastor
[14:25]  New York Times ex-editor: Open-minded Catholics must flee the Church
[13:15]  Marvin Winans Performs at 2012 World Choir Games Closing Ceremony
[12:05]  College-age adults don’t know Planned Parenthood offers abortions
[11:40]  Family asks who killed their newly-converted activist daughter
[10:55]  WHO publishes manual on best ways to kill unborn babies
[09:45]  Philadelphia archdiocese cuts jobs, closes newspaper
[08:35]  TOGO: Disabled Children Discriminated Against
[07:25]  Vatican calls for AIDS medicine to be free
[06:15]  S SUDAN: Sister calls on Church to Point Out Injustices
[05:05]  Supreme Knight urges Catholics to put faith first while voting
[04:30]  NIGERIA: Bishops Urge Christians to Keep Peace
[04:15]  Pope examines why Latin American Catholics join evangelical churches
[02:45]  KENYA: Go Out and Console, says Bishop Kihara


[13:35]  Study shows parents experience greater levels of happiness
[09:25]  Catholic Sisters Drive Across America for Faith, Family & Fairness
[05:15]  Pew Forum: Candidate Preference by Religious Group (press)


[13:35]  Jaerock Lee: We want to build the biggest building in the world (exclusive)
[10:25]  Scholars defend study about same-sex parented children
[07:15]  Curfew in Nigeria’s Kaduna City after Three Churches Bombed
[04:05]  John Schlitt Climbs the Charts With New Single (press)


[14:55]  Lesbians sue to force Catholic hospital to provide same-sex benefits
[13:45]  An evangelist explores what it takes to change the world
[12:35]  Minnesota: priest urges vote against marriage amendment
[11:25]  Catholic group launches 'virtual vigil' for religious freedom
[10:15]  Tony Blair in Hong Kong: ‘Progress in society requires faith’
[09:05]  The Confession of Doctors who Experienced God's Power
[08:30]  New Artist Julie Elias Kicks Off Summer Tour (press)
[07:55]  Global initiative calls for a new ‘vision’ of diversity (press)
[06:45]  At NAAF, Luter exhorts SBC to trust in God
[05:35]  Fifty years later, 'Peace Child' tribe still following Christ
[04:25]  SBC pastors polled on Calvinism and its effect
[03:15]  Primary schools praised for labelling children 'transgender'
[02:05]  FIRST-PERSON: Work, an act of worship (press)


[17:55]  Syrian bishop says civil war not the only option
[16:45]  New Voices Showcase to be held at International Retail Show
[15:35]  Group releases suggestions for Fortnight for Freedom activities
[14:25]  BMI Presents Christian Music Awards
[13:15]  Author of atheist blog announces she will become Catholic
[12:05]  Craotian Evangelical Seminary Celebrates 40th Anniversary
[11:30]  Engineers Urgently Needed To Keep Ship Ministry Sailing (press)
[10:55]  Iranian Christian artist arrested in Mashhad
[09:45]  Newly Formed EchoLight Studio sets Hollywood Movie Premiere (press)
[08:35]  Christian Books in Dutch Published in Seoul


[16:55]  Historic: Fred Luter elected SBC president
[15:45]  900 miles, 9 days = Gospel for the world
[14:35]  Pam Tebow describes 'fishbowl' experience
[13:25]  How one ordinary couple is saving lives one ultrasound at a time
[12:15]  Ban lifted on schoolgirl's Catholic fundraising effort
[11:05]  Michele Bachmann: Washington is taking notice of HHS mandate backlash
[10:40]  Vatican officials to mark Year of Faith in Peru
[09:55]  GHANA: Abandon Party Politics, Says Archbishop Sarpong
[08:45]  New American Bible to be revised into single translation
[07:35]  NIGERIA: Boko Haram Bombed Kaduna Churches
[06:25]  New eBook: Cardinal Dolan contrasts true freedom, 'culture of death'
[05:15]  SUDAN: Authorities Victimizes Catholic
[04:55]  Vancouver archbishop decries 'dangerous' assisted suicide ruling
[03:30]  KENYA: Consolata Shrines’ Prayer Garden Opened
[02:55]  Lower Abortion Statistics for 2011 Good News for Mothers and Unborn (press)


[16:55]  Missionaries in crossfire of ethnic tension
[15:45]  US apostolate offers help to Iraqi archbishop and teachers
[14:35]  Oral evangelism in growth spurt
[13:25]  Photo sparks global outrage over China's one-child policy
[12:15]  Nik Wallenda successfully tightrope walks across the Niagara Falls
[11:05]  Lord Carey: Opponents of same-sex marriage are labelled as bigots
[10:30]  Gymnast Shares Her Faith and Her Struggles in New Book (press)
[09:55]  Funding of New Brunswick Christian university under attack
[08:45]  Luis Palau Festival Heats Up 75,000 in Sacramento
[07:35]  Canadian bishops decry euthanasia ruling
[06:25]  Bryant Wright reflects on SBC presidency
[05:15]  Pro-life school bus firebombed in Rockford
[04:05]  Cigar regulation is topic of Land letter
[03:40]  British Medical Journal campaigns for legalized euthanasia
[02:55]  El Shafie Ministries: Beginning of a Genocide in Northern Nigeria? (press)


[16:25]  Another Ontario public school board bans Gideon Bibles
[15:15]  Real Catholic TV service removes 'Catholic' from new name
[14:05]  General Mills announces support for gay ‘marriage’
[13:40]  ‘Heart Doctors’ visit Freetown, Sierra Leone on a Medical Mission
[12:55]  Archbishop: seminary teachers must be 'students of American culture'
[11:45]  California pastor dies of flesh-eating bacterial infection
[10:35]  Vatican's new project dives into sports ethics
[09:25]  BibleMesh Helps Believers, Skeptics Understand Epic Story
[08:25]  Denver bishop says Catholic grants can't undermine Church teaching
[07:15]  Christian Given the ‘Physician Hero International Award 2011-2012’
[06:05]  KENYA: Missionary to Celebrate 50 Years as Priest
[05:30]  Status of five Christian converts in Shiraz Unknown
[04:55]  KENYA: Cardinal Njue Leads Requiem Mass for Saitoti
[03:45]  British Lord: The Time for an Inquiry into The Abortion Act Has Come (press)
[02:35]  Two Christian converts temporarily released on heavy bail


[13:35]  Alberta Tories begin funding ‘gender reassignment’ surgery
[09:25]  Baptist college to open in New England
[05:15]  Gutted Church Building Leaves Egyptian Copts with Debt


[13:35]  Christian GP found guilty of ‘malpractice’ for sharing his faith
[10:25]  Former spy's Congress bid fueled by her Catholic faith
[07:15]  Seminary archaeology team makes key find
[04:05]  Christian organisation rescues an Indian girl sold by her mother


[11:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God Woke Me Up During a 200-day All-night Prayer Vigil (exclusive)
[09:25]  100,000 Middle Eastern youth to receive Scripture
[08:05]  Major study shows children need love from fathers as much as mothers
[07:30]  Voters to decide on definition of marriage in Washington state
[06:55]  Experts warn about growing global crisis of religious freedom
[05:45]  Gay dads featured in JC Penney ad
[04:35]  Christians Hail Dissolution of Egyptian Parliament
[03:25]  Sunday service in the Manmin Church: from the inside (photoreport, exclusive)
[02:15]  Pew Forum: Prayer and School Graduations (press)


[16:45]  Kenya: Doctors from 37 Countries Discussed Spirituality and Medicine
[15:35]  150 Christian leaders protest HHS mandate
[14:25]  Festival a battle cry for revival
[13:15]  Memorial account established for 6 family members killed in crash
[12:05]  Donate a $1 when you follow a CURE child
[11:40]  Kirk Franklin to Perform at the World Choir Games Opening Ceremony
[10:55]  Landmark marriage petition delivered to Downing Street
[09:45]  Bishops briefed on religious liberty efforts
[08:35]  150 evangelicals call for comprehensive immigration reform
[07:25]  Knights of Columbus set charitable giving, volunteer records in 2011
[06:15]  SBC church plants: up 27 percent in 2011
[05:05]  Vatican looks online as it retools its communications strategy
[04:30]  Group criticizes B&H 'Military Bibles'
[03:55]  Patriarch Filaret visited Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church
[02:45]  Turkey: Religious groups, expectations of the new Constitution


[16:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Following God’s Will even in Small Business (exclusive)
[16:40]  Canadians have faced legal proceedings over same-sex marriage
[15:55]  Faith leaders decry mandate's creation of religious classes
[14:45]  Churches will be obliged to perform same-sex weddings
[13:35]  SBC baptisms & churches up in 2011, membership declines
[12:25]  Olympic Dream for Sorted Men’s Magazine
[11:15]  Did Noah's Ark have dinosaurs? (press)
[10:05]  Slavic Gospel Association: Church Raid by Turkmen Police
[09:10]  Moscow court upholds ban on ‘gay’ marches for next hundred years
[08:15]  KENYA: New Book Challenges Church on SCCs
[07:35]  Petition launched against officials for banning ‘God Bless the USA’
[07:05]  NIGERIA: ‘This is Criminal not Religious Cleansing' Archbishop says
[07:00]  UK homosexuals largely uninterested in gay ‘marriage’: poll
[06:30]  KENYA: Catholics United with Kenyans in Grief
[05:55]  Minister's Message Sets Hearts Afire in Korea and Abroad
[04:45]  Hall of Fame Vocalist Larnelle Harris to Release New DVD and CD (press)


[16:35]  ‘World without orphans’ bicycle tour begins in Kiev
[15:25]  Emir rejects death penalty for blasphemy
[14:15]  5 lessons about manhood I learned from my dad (press)
[13:05]  Schools may be forced to promote same-sex marriage, warns leading QC
[12:40]  One thousand more Syrian Christians flee after ultimatum
[11:55]  GMC to hold proceedings against doctor for sharing his beliefs
[10:45]  HHS mandate defender sees Catholic institutions as distractions
[09:35]  ‘Christian’ American Idol winner: I support same-sex ‘marriage’
[08:25]  Americans urged to Stop the Sudanese Genocide
[07:15]  Study: children of heterosexual parents happier, healthier
[06:05]  Real Time Satellite Tracking now available for ‘The Cross in Space’
[05:20]  Bishop: Same-sex ‘marriage’ law could force unions on Catholic Church
[04:55]  Suicide Bombing Hits Another Church in Jos, Nigeria
[03:45]  Ukraine: Scientists urge to set up a Thanksgiving to God Day
[02:35]  COURAGEOUS Creators Launch Live 'Men of Honor' Web Cast (press)


[16:25]  Turkey's Prime Minister Condemns Abortion
[15:15]  Denmark forces churches to perform same-sex ‘marriages’
[14:05]  Saying 'you're gay' is no longer slander, court rules
[13:40]  Crystal Cathedral receives new name and pastor
[12:55]  35 Ethiopian Christians Continue to Languish in Prison
[11:45]  Nationwide rally shows religious freedom movement has momentum
[10:35]  US missionaries die in Zambian plane crash
[09:25]  Mandate lawsuits stem from faith, not politics, bishop says
[08:15]  Free Asia Bibi campaign launched by British ‘Electo-pop’ music group
[07:05]  Official Rio World Youth Day song to be announced July 22
[06:30]  Janat-Abad Church in Tehran closed following official order
[05:55]  KENYA: Ensure Security, Church body Urges Government
[04:45]  MARS HILL CHURCH Launches New Music Label - MARS HILL MUSIC
[03:35]  UGANDA: UN Reports On Kony’s Crimes against Children
[02:25]  Iranian authorities seek religious monopolism


[05:15]  Survey: Americans' Religious Values (press)


[07:15]  One day in the life of a Manmin Church Pastor: additional service (photoreport, exclusive)


[07:45]  Candidate Preference by Religious Group (press)
[06:35]  Lausanne Movement Gathers Theological Educators (press)


[03:25]  Jesus Christ Exalted in 2012 Crystal Music Festival (photoreport)
[02:15]  Cardinal Burke, Nirj Deva speak about nationwide protest rallies


[17:45]  Religious freedom movement holding new national rallies June 8
[16:35]  Ailing mother evicts children for following Christ
[15:25]  Spanish Catholic foundation announces mystical poetry contest
[15:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God Lets Us Reap What We Sow (exclusive)
[14:15]  Orthodox rabbi slams Jewish Conservatives’ gay ‘marriage’ vote
[13:05]  Beijing police Delay in Filing the case of Christian Petitioner
[12:40]  Maine churches join forces to defeat gay ‘marriage’ referendum
[11:55]  Increase in Church Closures, Attacks in Indonesia
[10:45]  Dr. James Dobson insists he will not ‘bow before’ Obama’s mandate
[09:35] - Technology Used to Cover the World with the Gospel
[08:25]  Top Anglican bishop condemns abortion, promiscuity, divorce
[07:15]  Church liquidated, Russian Ministries call to action
[06:05]  CAR: Diocese Welcomes Victims a Tyrant
[05:30]  Evangelical Christian couple arrested in Karaj
[04:55]  KENYA: The Church Fully Involved in Development, says Bishop
[03:45]  Singer Gordon Mote Signs With New Haven Records (press)


[16:55]  Christian women ‘tortured by police’ in Pakistani traffic stop
[15:45]  Alberta Premier sets new precedent: will attend ‘gay pride’ festival
[14:35]  Blast Wreaks Bloodshed on Two Churches in Bauchi, Nigeria
[13:25]  7 keys to preventing pastoral burnout (press)
[12:15]  Gay activist allegedly sues Colombian bishop for defending marriage
[11:05]  Gay marriage legal battle moves to Ill.
[10:40]  HHS mandate 'ominous' threat to religious liberty, priest says
[09:55]  Olympic star Lolo Jones stands firm on virginity
[08:45]  Archbishop: HHS mandate an attempt to remove religion from society
[07:35]  Q&A: The DOMA decision & what it means
[06:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Things You Need to Know About God's Commandments (press)
[05:15]  Right to Life: Enticement to Abortion (press)
[04:05]  Christians March Down Fifth Ave for Stand in Support of Israel
[03:30]  Legendary Band PFR Reunites for 12 IN 2012...AND BEYOND TOUR (press)
[02:55]  Wycliffe Associates to complete translations in Papua New Guinea


[22:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: With Only Obedience
[13:35]  Brazil's trafficking problem is about to get worse
[09:25]  Family groups say anti-DOMA decision threatens marriage
[05:15]  ITALY: PeaceBuilding Conference held in Rome


[13:35]  Moscow: Orthodox Christians disrupt illegal ‘gay pride’ demo
[10:25]  Statement on Calvinism draws approval, criticism
[07:15]  Sex-selection abortion ban draws majority support but fails in House
[04:05]  SUDAN: CSW Welcomes Abyei Withdrawal


[11:15]  Victims of Explosion in Israel Lament Plea Agreement
[10:05]  Film about fight for religious freedom opens in U.S. theatres June 1
[09:30]  China tries to shut down large church
[08:55]  Cardinal Scola sees signs of revival in Christian family life
[07:45]  The 9th International Christian Medical Conference Held in Kenya (photoreport)
[06:35]  Local Highland Family Releases National Book and CD (press)
[05:25]  Moscow’s “Russian-American Institute” is growing once again (press)
[04:15]  Surprise Hit 'October Baby' Debuts on DVD Sept. 11 (press)
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