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[17:05]  Catholic U.: Obama admin ‘showed no sign of taking us seriously’
[16:40]  Russian youth stoke the prayer furnace
[15:55]  Anglican Leader Criticizes President as Violence Continues in Nigeria
[14:45]  Recycle old electronics for missions
[13:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Being Full of the Holy Spirit (exclusive)
[13:35]  Young Catholic woman with rare syndrome speaks on true beauty
[12:25]  Pakistan murder inquiry called into question
[11:15]  Our 'amen' expresses trust in Christ, Pope teaches
[10:05]  Md. gay marriage foes exceed signature goal
[09:30]  Manmin News celebrates its 25th anniversary
[08:55]  Sex-selection abortion ban set to get vote in House of Rep.
[07:45]  Journey into Light Ministries - Richard Kehoe (press)
[06:35]  Kazakhstan: "The Church will be closed down anyway"
[05:25]  MALI: Majority Oppose Islamic State in the North
[04:15]  Make a difference on the airwaves this summer (press)
[03:05]  KENYA: Centre for Marriage Encounter Commissioned


[16:45]  Religious liberty group launches massive HHS mandate site
[15:35]  Israel: Parents who would have aborted their children can still sue
[14:25]  Egyptian bishop hopes next president will protect Christians
[13:15]  Gladly reach nations, Mohler tells grads
[12:05]  Global event hails family as solution to modern crises
[11:30]  A Pathologist Puts Divine Healing Under the Microscope
[10:55]  Children should be central to marriage, says Archbishop
[09:45]  Cuban Delegation Urges Response to Religious Freedom Violations
[08:35]  Figures show high abortion rate continues with young women at risk
[07:25]  UK Christians Unite for Pentecost Week of Prayer
[07:00]  Gospel Centered Discipleship Opens eBook Store June 12th (press)
[06:15]  El Shafie Ministries: Support Needed for Sensitive Intervention (press)
[05:35]  KENYA: New Body for Pentecostals Launched
[05:05]  Pro-life campaign ignites Canada
[04:25]  S AFRICA: Cardinal Calls for Talks on Reconciliation and Dignity


[13:35]  Western Christians help train Chinese in China
[09:25]  Religious freedom caucuses planned for every state legislature
[05:15]  Chen Guangcheng’s nephew could face death penalty


[13:35]  One day in the life of a Manmin Church Pastor: Sunday service (photoreport, exclusive)
[10:25]  Archbishop: Abortion is returning us to a ‘state of barbarism’
[07:15]  Baptist leader condemns anti-gay diatribes
[04:05]  New organization mobilizes lay Catholics for public square


[09:55]  Messianic Jews hold a prayer retreat in Ukraine (photoreport)
[08:45]  Blind Activist Gives First Interview since Gaining Freedom in the US
[07:35]  Southern Baptists draw distance from harsh anti-gay rhetoric
[06:25]  Concern that medical guidelines will undermine religious freedom
[05:15]  Former priests criticize bishops’ support for marriage amendment
[04:05]  Double suicide highlights hopelessness in Greece
[03:30]  Bolivian bishops urge against passage of gay union law
[02:55]  A group of Iranian Christians Seek refuge in the Netherland


[23:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Hearing the Voice of God
[16:55]  BACP Appeal Panel rules on Lesley Pilkington Christian therapy case
[15:45]  Pakistanis' life terms for 'blasphemy' dropped
[14:35]  African American leaders blast NAACP 'gay marriage' support
[13:25]  X-Men superhero to have same-sex ‘marriage’
[12:15]  In 2012, more Americans identify as pro-life
[11:05]  Rising birth rate in former Soviet nation credited to Patriarch
[10:40]  Bishops say HHS lawsuits represent broad Catholic interest
[09:55]  Vatican backs European personhood initiative
[08:45]  Pope: Absentee dads hinder children’s understanding of God
[07:35]  World Congress of Families Conference takes place in Madrid
[06:25]  Ave Maria drops student health insurance over HHS mandate
[05:15]  Right to Life: Southern DHB to open a killing centre for unborn (press)
[04:05]  Members of the AOG church to submit their personal details
[03:30]  New Artist Julie Elias to Kick Off Summer Tour (press)
[02:55]  Author says healthcare industry is culprit in obesity problem (press)


[17:05]  Christ at the Checkpoint: Hope in the Midst of Conflict
[16:40]  Brazil sees faith explosion
[15:55]  Islamic Terrorist Bases Raided in Nigerian Cities of Jos, Kano
[15:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: “Lord, How Can You Choose a Person Like Me?” (exclusive)
[14:45]  Canada: Bishops’ org. exhorts Catholics to get involved in pro-life
[13:35]  Group launches tour to end abortion in Canada
[12:25]  Alberta March for Life breaks attendance record
[11:15]  Vatican pays tribute to soccer star Didier Drogba
[10:05]  Vatican expects 1 million to attend World Meeting of Families
[09:30]  Most Americans support religious rights, health care exemptions
[08:55]  The Holiness Gospel Took Deep Root in Pakistan (photoreport)
[07:45]  AFRICA: IMBISA Bishops to Act as Election Observers
[06:35]  Perry LaHaie and Frontiers Double Muslim World Workers (press)
[05:25]  KENYA: More Prayers needed for the Family, says Bishop
[04:15]  Author Jeff Petherick's Latest Book to Release July 17 (press)
[03:05]  Kazakhstan: Baptist convicted on evidence "fabricated" by police


[16:25]  Ex-homosexual group sues Washington school district
[15:15]  Forty-three Catholic organizations file lawsuits against HHS mandate
[14:05]  Oklahoma Senate defends marriage
[13:40]  Notre Dame files legal challenge to HHS mandate
[11:45]  Holy See eyes legal action over continued 'Vatileaks'
[10:35]  25th anniversary of ‘Christian Praise!’ was held in England
[09:25]  Your church may be inwardly focused if... (press)
[08:15]  Zondervan Partners to ‘Share Not Shred’ Gently Used Books
[07:05]  Chen 'finally free,' arrives in U.S.
[06:30]  Pakistani Muslims Rape Girl, Beat Relatives for Prosecuting
[05:55]  Technology helps Bible translators in war torn Nigeria (press)
[04:45]  Increased pressures against Christian and Churches in Esfahan
[03:35]  Film COURAGEOUS Spurs Father Day Activities across the Nation (press)
[02:25]  China: The media, popular opinion and religious freedom


[16:35]  Same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates threaten Bristol Palin with death
[15:25]  Law professor says flawed view of sex threatens religious freedom
[14:15]  Bishops ready to fight HHS mandate in court
[13:05]  Rise in surrogate pregnancies raises ethical concerns
[12:40]  Abstinence program gains HHS approval
[11:55]  Priests condemn city's move banning bishop from events
[10:45]  Unborn children counted for White House tours
[09:35]  Catholics nationwide preparing 'Fortnight for Freedom' events
[08:25]  Blind Chinese Human Right Lawyer heads for US
[07:15]  Italian journalist publishes book of Vatican leaks
[06:05]  KENYA: Solve Outstanding Issues for Peace to Prevail, NCCK
[05:30]  Parish threatened, harassed over sign opposing 'gay marriage'
[04:55]  DR CONGO: Bishop urges Stricter Control on Mining
[03:45]  John Schlitt Celebrates Successful Street Week for THE GREATER CAUSE (press)
[02:35]  Azerbaijan: "No-one was raided"


[12:35]  Austrian chancellor’s son tells how faith helped him survive Nazis
[08:25]  Kenyan bishops call for pro-life vote in coming elections
[04:15]  Half Say View of Obama Not Affected by Gay Marriage Decision (press)


[14:35]  Wycliffe joins the online game craze with 'In Other Words'
[11:25]  Spain would save over $72 million by axing abortion funding
[06:15]  Pro-family group: Chilean bill lead to persecution of Christians
[03:05]  Iran: Ministry of Intelligence restricts Farsi-Speaking churches


[10:25]  UK's most senior Roman Catholic: “Tolerance is being abolished”
[09:15]  Senator proposes adding prayer to WWII memorial
[08:05]  Chen expects passport 'within 15 days'
[07:30]  Samaritan’s Purse Saving Lives in South Sudan (press)
[06:55]  History in the making at World Prayer Assembly 2012 in Indonesia
[05:45]  Primate of Canada: We cannot allow humanity to run to its perdition
[04:35]  Cardinal Dolan's arrival on Twitter draws thousands
[03:25]  One day in the life of a Manmin Church Pastor: morning prayer (photoreport, exclusive)


[16:35]  Russian Protestants commemorate victims of WWII (photoreport)
[15:25]  New translation of Bible to be released in China?
[14:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Learning the Importance of Obedience (exclusive)
[14:15]  Church condemns Colombian terrorist attack that killed five
[13:05]  Chen in 'de facto house arrest' at hospital
[12:40]  FOCUS considers expanding mission to Europe
[11:55]  Egyptian Policeman Sentenced to Death for Killing Christians
[10:45]  Kansas Governor signs bill protecting pharmacists’ conscience rights
[09:35]  Harsh Era Looms in Aceh, Indonesia
[08:25]  Orthodox leaders urge Ontario gvmt to scrap gay rights bill
[07:15]  Samaritan’s Purse UK: Prevent the refugee crisis in South Sudan
[06:05]  Canada: Solution to crisis of publicly funded Catholic schooling
[05:30]  Yeosu Expo 2012 Kicks Off With Spectacular Gala
[04:55]  The European Religious Liberty Forum marks the 10th anniversary (press)
[03:45]  Lutheran Family Health Centers is a Recipient of $6M in Funding (press)
[02:35]  Noted Chicago Pastor Challenges Mayan Calendar Prediction (press)


[16:35]  Two pastors set on fire in Kenya
[15:25]  Page: Meeting Billy Graham was 'gift from God'
[14:15]  Injured Convert in Pakistan Tries to Rebuild Life
[13:05]  Minnesota taxpayers paid for 58,000 abortions in 15 years
[12:40]  Sudanese Authorities Close Christian Offices in South Darfur
[11:55]  Third Government Minister criticises same-sex 'marriage' plans
[10:45]  Franciscan University drops health insurance over HHS mandate
[09:35]  Poll shows huge public support for Queen's faith role
[08:25]  Colo. civil unions not dead until session’s end, opponents warn
[07:15]  MOZAMBIQUE: Religious Institutes Call for End to Violence
[06:35]  I Was Terminally Ill, But I Came to Be Healthy by the Lord's Grace (press)
[06:05]  S SUDAN: Bishops Ready to "Do All in their Power" to End War
[05:25]  Phil Keaggy's THE COVER OF LOVE Releases Today (press)
[04:55]  KENYA: Pray and Prepare for Peaceful Elections, Bishop
[04:20]  First-Ever Jesus Video Game Debuts Today on Facebook (press)


[16:35]  Ariz. governor praised for signing religious freedom bill
[15:25]  62% of pastors worldwide have no training
[14:15]  Romney: Mormons, evangelicals can work together
[13:05]  Writer under investigation for advert supporting marriage
[12:40]  Bishops: Freedom of religion under threat in Canada
[11:55]  NHS spends a million pounds a week on repeat abortions
[10:45]  Thousands of Canadians join in regional Marches for Life
[09:35]  Use Olympic Torch as a spur to prayer – churches urged
[08:25]  Castro’s daughter: Obama should legalize same-sex ‘marriage’
[07:15]  Teen Mania issues statement related to May 11 Kansas Plane Crash
[06:05]  Evangelical leader: ‘We cannot afford’ to avoid abortion debate
[05:30]  Evangelical Press Association unveils new logo, tagline (press)
[04:55]  An Iranian Christian prisoner tells about his experience in Iran
[03:45]  Author Mike McCormick Releases MAN QUEST (press)
[02:35]  Right to Life: Beneficiaries are Victims of Paula Bennett’s Policies (press)


[18:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Training of Hearing Holy Spirit’s Voice (exclusive)
[16:25]  Law Society bans a Marriage Conference because of its policy
[15:15]  Pakistan Minorities’ Minister’s Murder Charge Thrown out of Court
[14:05]  Argentina: Fill out a form and change your gender
[13:40]  Chen Guangcheng’s nephew charged with ‘intentional homicide’
[12:55]  Anti-religion campus policies targeted by ADF
[11:45]  13-year-old Christian girl allegedly raped by three men in Pakistan
[10:35]  Bishop: Civil unions bill aims to change perception of marriage
[09:25]  KENYA: Christian Professionals Vow to Fight Abortion, Homosexuality
[08:15]  Families reject 'academy of prostitution' in Spain
[07:05]  P. NEW GUINEA: Bishops Oppose Condoms in Catholic Schools
[06:30]  Colo. Catholic Conference rallies opposition to civil unions
[05:55]  KENYA: Muslim Leaders to Petition Obama on Gay Marriages
[04:45]  Young, 'universal' turnout for Rome's first-ever March for Life
[03:35]  AFRICA: SECAM urged to Promote Peace and Good Governance
[02:25]  Michael Cassidy was appointed as a New Honorary Chair (press)


[12:35]  Young pro-lifers vow to give up something they enjoy
[08:25]  Police Officer/Retired Marine Still Pedaling for Proclaimers
[04:15]  Nadarkhani immediate release, the request of Iranian Christians


[12:35]  How the Manmin Church carries the Gospel to closed countries (exclusive)
[09:25]  U.S. split on homosexual behavior as sin
[06:15]  Raleigh bishop grateful N. Carolina marriage amendment passed
[03:05]  The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Pew Forum Resources (press)


[09:50]  Colo. civil unions bill could revive in special session
[08:55]  Egypt’s Lost Daughters; the Abduction of Christian Girls
[07:45]  Canadian March for Life smashes previous attendance records
[06:35]  Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ in Vietnam
[05:25]  MLK should inspire response to 'gay marriage,' Miami archbishop says
[04:15]  Iranian pastor: I'm surrendered 'to God's will'
[03:05]  Cardinal Dolan: Obama's 'gay marriage' support undermines society
[01:05]  John Schlitt to appear on 700 Club Interactive Today (press)


[16:55]  Kuwaitis Face Death for Insulting Islam under New Law
[15:45]  Homosexual sitcom ‘Modern Family’ received Catholic media award
[14:35]  Egyptian Judge Frees Attackers Who Knifed Christian
[13:25]  N.C. becomes 30th state with marriage amend.
[12:15]  Over 15,000 protest Georgetown’s invitation to Sebelius
[12:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Being Trained to Discern the Voice of the Holy Spirit (exclusive)
[11:05]  Children and Families Bill outlined in Queen's Speech
[10:40]  Vandals strike historic Santa Cruz church
[09:55]  Over half a million people sign petition defending marriage
[08:45]  Obama voices unprecedented support for 'gay marriage'
[07:35]  Victory as Christian employee now allowed to take Sundays off
[06:25]  Dove Award Winner Cheri Keaggy Unveils SO I CAN TELL (press)
[05:15]  Uzbekistan: An "unsanctioned meeting in a private home"
[04:05]  SOUTH SUDAN: Participants condemn Attacks, Intensify Peace Campaigns
[03:30]  Pastor of official Church of Esfahan temporarily released on bail
[02:55]  KENYA: Do not Legalize Homosexuality, Prostitution, says Church


[08:40]  A series of explosions in Ukraine could be politically motivated
[07:55]  Ministries For Family Enrichment Expanding In India
[06:45]  New photo book shows impact of World Youth Day Madrid
[05:35]  Daily Audio Bible Leaves its Mark on Israel, Launches Arabic Format
[04:25]  Pro-abortion, pro-gay ‘marriage’ socialist wins French election
[03:15]  Pope: educating US Catholic youth an urgent challenge
[02:05]  Right to Life: Global family planning drive will cost lives (press)


[09:25]  Guatemalans receive training from HCJB Global
[08:15]  Plight of Chen's family, friends raises concerns
[07:05]  Wycliffe Bible responds to criticism of translations for Muslims
[06:30]  Sebelius invited to speak at Georgetown’s commencement weekend
[05:55]  School backs down after suspending teen over ‘Jesus’ t-shirt
[04:45]  Cuban Pastor Gude Perez Refused Exit Visa
[03:35]  Bishop Paprocki Chosen as LIFE Runner of the Year (press)
[02:25]  COURAGEOUS Changes Police Officers' Lives Worldwide (press)


[17:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Guided to the Way of Financial Blessings (exclusive)
[16:55]  God’s Power Hit through Rev. Dr. Soojin Lee’s Healing Crusade
[15:45]  Faith-based movie to warn about online predators
[14:35]  2,000 believers grasp God's heart for orphans at Summit VIII
[13:25]  Global Sounds to Feature Facebook Concert with Jeremy Camp
[12:15]  U.S. officials: Chen may be allowed to fly to America
[11:05]  Catholic summer courses to be offered at Oxford
[10:40]  Methodists: Homosexuality ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’
[09:55]  Perúvians troubled by decapitated religious statues
[08:45]  Young woman who helped Chen Guangcheng escape released
[07:35]  Survey: Churches need to ‘catch up’ with unaffiliated Catholics
[06:25]  KENYA: Church will not endorse any Presidential Candidate
[05:15]  Iran responds to Quran burning by making a movie about Nadarkhani
[04:05]  NIGERIA: Bishops Criticize Government’s handling of Terror Attacks
[03:30]  DATE CHANGE: Dr. James Dobson's Parenting Conference (press)
[02:45]  MOZAMBIQUE: Priest Brutally Killed in Parish Robbery


[13:35]  New York bishops back minimum wage boost
[09:25]  Chen tells U.S. House members: I want to come to the U.S.
[05:15]  Online Breakthrough Brings The Gospel To Turkey (press)


[13:35]  Book ministry needs Spanish
[10:25]  Bishop says Church leaders must preach Christ as alive and present
[07:15]  Day of Prayer may have been largest ever
[04:05]  The conditional release of newly converted Christians


[09:05]  Korean revival: How to turn a factory into a church in five months (exclusive)
[08:30]  Doctor sacked for emailing prayer loses court battle
[07:55]  Football coach: I’d rather be fired than retract comments
[06:45]  Iran: ACLJ Calls Decision to Jail Pastor’s Attorney ‘Very Troubling’
[05:35]  In ads, Billy Graham backs NC marriage amend.
[04:25]  John Schlitt CD Release Party For THE GREATER CAUSE Set For Saturday (press)
[03:15]  Muslims came to hear about the love of Jesus in Karachi, Pakistan (photoreport)
[02:05]  TANZANIA: Give Views On Constitution, says Bishop


[21:50]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God’s Delicate Hands (exclusive)
[15:55]  Rev. Tony Cooke: What Does "I'm Not Under the Law" Really Mean? (press)
[14:45]  Biblica to give away 450,000 New Testaments for Diamond Jubilee
[13:35]  Christians should be free to wear the cross, says Bishop
[12:25]  Colombian Constitutional Court redefines ‘family’
[11:15]  Councils abandon prayers following pressure from secularists
[10:30]  Half of NC marriage amend. signs stolen
[09:55]  China activist Chen Guangcheng will stay in China
[09:05]  Anti-bullying speaker bullies Christians
[08:20]  Luis Palau Paraguay Festival makes history
[07:45]  Two Christian converts arrested in Tehran
[07:15]  Special Daniel Prayer Meeting was held with Mrs. Boknim Lee (photoreport)
[06:35]  Interrogation session for 5 Christian converts held in Shiraz
[06:05]  New Radio Singles From John Schlitt Gain Momentum (press)
[05:25]  LIBYA: Religious Political Parties Banned
[05:00]  Christian convert released after 180 days in Evin prison


[04:35]  Kidnapped Swiss Christian Freed Amid Mali’s Unrest


[10:35]  ‘Angry Queers’: Christians deserve ‘hammers through their windows’
[04:25]  Blind Human Rights Lawyer Under US Protection
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