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[10:25]  Obama admin prohibits discrimination against a “transgender” person
[04:15]  Deadly attack on Christians at Nigeria’s Bayero University in Kano


[10:25]  Luis Palau comes to reach millions in Paraguay
[04:15]  SBTC pres.: Pray for Obama, 'take high road'


[12:35]  The eldest Pentecostal Bishop in Russia passed away
[09:25]  International Religious Liberty Association wraps up World Congress
[06:15]  Syrian refugee relief hindered by low funds
[03:05]  Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage (press)


[13:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God, Please Explain to Me the Words in the Bible! (exclusive)
[08:55]  International Day of Prayer for the Arab World in California
[07:45]  ‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland
[06:35]  Vatican stresses fidelity to Church in evangelization of China
[05:25]  Catholic schools under attack for upholding marriage
[04:15]  Grandfather steals children from his 'infidel' Christian son
[03:05]  NC gay 'marriage' backers try to change subject
[02:40]  Jaerock Lee’s spouse shares principles of a successful marriage (exclusive)
[01:55]  Azerbaijan: Court liquidates Protestant Church


[17:35]  Ontario school board bans Gideon Bible distribution
[16:25]  Midwives asked to supervise abortions appeal Court ruling
[15:15]  NY Times writer defends Church teachings in online series
[14:05]  Spanish bishop publishes ex-gay testimonies on diocesan website
[13:40]  Anglican "crisis" addressed at global leadership conference
[12:55]  Christians invited to Wembley 2012 at RCCG Festival of Life
[11:45]  Bombings in Nigeria continue against Christians
[10:35]  Australian actor will star as Noah in a movie to be made this year
[09:25]  Remembering Chuck Colson, the church member (press)
[08:15]  Christian pastor shot dead in the Philippines
[07:05]  Azerbaijan: Waiting for state approval to sell religious books
[06:30]  Dr. James Dobson Reboots Legendary Parenting Film Series (press)
[05:55]  MALAWI: President’s Death, a Political Turning Point, says Priest
[04:45]  Rhema Soul: New music video released; Pilot TV show in works (press)
[03:35]  KENYA: “Children have a Right to Life,” Mrs Kalonzo


[16:25]  Kansas law would force churches to host same-sex ‘weddings’
[15:15]  On terrorist anniversary, Cardinal calls for end of violence in Peru
[14:05]  Jesus Net Japan Exemplifies Internet Evangelism Day 2012
[13:40]  Ban on Christian radio advert upheld
[12:55]  Evangelistic Ministry ‘EvanTell’ Inspires to Share the Gospel
[11:45]  Number of deaths, refugees increase since Syria's ceasefire
[10:35]  Obama site touts 40 accomplishments for gays
[09:25]  World Malaria Day: Compassion holds awareness campaign
[08:15]  9 keys to reaching college students (press)
[07:05]  Ministry touching AIDS orphans needs you
[06:30]  Actor John Schneider on role in 'October Baby'
[05:55]  Abundant Fruit of the Holiness Gospel Has Been Borne in Thailand
[04:45]  Trend towards Christianity among Iranian armed forces on rise
[03:35]  Unexpected freedom for one captive Christian after six months
[02:25]  Kazakhstan: Methodist congregation next to be closed down?


[15:35]  Bible in modern Belarusian was published
[14:25]  Big increase in single and lesbian women receiving IVF
[13:15]  Campaign to Eradicate House Churches Launched by Chinese Government
[12:05]  Sweden introduces a "gender-neutral" pronoun
[11:30]  SBC leaders say Colson was evangelical 'giant'
[11:15]  Religious animosity behind Sudan church burning, analyst says
[11:00]  Gay issue major theme of CBF-sponsored conf.
[10:45]  Miami archbishop laments pressures against religious liberty
[10:30]  NYC church policy challenged in court filing
[09:35]  Chuck Colson remembered for public Christian witness
[09:00]  Voice of Martyrs stunned by leader's death
[08:45]  Gearhouse supplies Higher Life Conference, 2012


[15:55]  Brazilian Christian congressmen seek impeachment of judge
[14:45]  Births to cohabiting couples dramatically increase
[13:35]  Illinois bishop hit with IRS complaint
[12:25]  Baseball star organizes Catholic sports camp for youth
[11:15]  California youth gear up for 260-mile pro-life ride
[10:05]  US bishops oppose budget cuts to poverty assistance
[09:40]  1,400 Lutherans support the fight against the HHS mandate
[08:55]  A Baby Boy Raised from the Dead
[07:45]  1 million Pennsylvania Christians supports Catholics on HHS mandate
[06:35]  Leading evangelical voice, Chuck Colson, passes to his reward
[05:25]  RWANDA: Kagame Meets Religious Leaders
[04:15]  Chuck Colson died, aged 80
[03:05]  KENYA: Bishops Plan New Communication Projects
[02:30]  Farshid Fathi, a Christian prisoner received a six year prison term
[01:55]  UGANDA: Catholics Don’t Worship Statues


[12:35]  Coach Dan Reeves to Receive Honor at Tom Landry Award Dinner
[08:25]  Ukrainian bishops demand government make abortion illegal
[04:15]  General Election Preferences by Religious Group


[12:35]  Creator of Bible-based Facebook game lauds internet evangelism
[09:25]  A Welcome Surprise for the Totonac Christians
[06:15]  New York Times op-ed: Co-habitation can lead to divorce
[03:05]  Legendary Rock Singer John Schlitt Unleashes THE GREATER CAUSE (press)


[22:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: The Bible Should Have but One Answer (exclusive)
[09:45]  Inquiry finds majority of children have accessed adult material
[08:35]  Teen birth rate drops; deeper issues remain
[07:25]  Coalition urges hearings on porn's harm
[06:15]  Vatican's UN observer says Americans must defend religious liberty
[05:05]  Turkish Pastor Joins in Memorials for Slain Christians
[04:30]  Supreme Knight: An unprecedented government intolerance of religion
[02:55]  Ugandan Princess speaks about Christianity in Britain (exclusive)
[01:45]  Islamic Republic destroys historical Christian monuments (press)


[15:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Three Years to cast off the Adulterous Mind (exclusive)
[12:25]  Church leader challenges Ken Livingstone on Islam comments
[11:15]  Ukrainian President meets with church leaders
[10:05]  Norfolk Church could lose premises for criticising Islam
[09:40]  10 things your kids should know about money (press)
[08:55]  Bishops should follow St. Peter's example even to death
[07:45]  Chuck Colson near death, associate says
[06:35]  Catholics defend Spanish bishop over gay lifestyle criticism
[05:25]  KENYA: Africa’s Catholic Journalists Set to Meet
[04:15]  National Day of Prayer opportunity for Americans to seek God
[03:05]  KENYA: Church Urged to Assist Women Politically
[02:30]  Galilee of the Nations to Release Karen Davis' SONGS IN THE NIGHT (press)
[01:55]  S SUDAN: Bishop Castigates Xenophobia


[16:55]  The Embassy of God Church celebrates its 18th anniversary (photoreport)
[15:45]  Obama taking ‘similar path’ as Hitler and Stalin: Illinois bishop
[14:35]  Education Secretary supports increased church role in schooling
[13:25]  Christians welcome the Bible in Burkina Faso
[12:15]  Pakistani Christian Acquitted of ‘Blasphemy’ Charge
[11:05]  2012 Easter Celebrated with Holy Communion and Special Performance (photoreport)
[10:40]  Weekend tornado damage opens Alabama wounds
[09:55]  Sacrifice of Titanic's Catholic priests recalled on anniversary
[08:45]  7.5 million people could be hearing Scriptures for the first time
[07:35]  Archbishop Chaput sees US trending against religious liberty
[06:25]  Christian family receives a prestigious Ukrainian prize
[05:15]  James O. Davis visits with Pentecostal Evangel Managing Editor
[04:05]  Hall of Fame Artist performs for Ambassadors of the United Nations (press)
[03:30]  New Haven Records Releases CDs with Country Music Hall of Fame (press)
[02:55]  Azerbaijan: Religious freedom survey, April 2012


[16:45]  Dmitry Makarenko and Taras Mekeda are going to Karachi (photoreport, press)
[15:35]  London mayor sued for pulling ‘Ex-Gay and Proud’ adverts from buses
[14:25]  David Mainse, Canadian Christian TV personality, is seriously ill
[13:15]  Women with more kids live longer: study
[12:05]  UK Elim Bible Week Backs Wembley 2012
[11:40]  Lord Carey warns that Christians are "vilified" for their faith
[10:55]  Bishops say New Evangelization requires lives of witness
[09:45]  Miss Universe opens pageant to 'transgender' participants
[08:35]  Pope Benedict celebrates 85th birthday, reflects on last years
[07:25]  Calif. voters may yet vote on gay history
[06:15]  Cardinal stresses spiritual meaning of Christian volunteer work
[05:05]  Canadian megachurch pastor on new approaches to charity (photoreport, exclusive)
[04:30]  Operation Mobilisation Launches Arts School Of Mission (press)
[03:55]  Taras Mekeda is back to Islamic Republic of Pakistan (photoreport, press)
[02:45]  Azerbaijan: Judge "has decided in her own mind to liquidate us"


[12:45]  Kuwait considers teeth for blasphemy law
[08:35]  Pro-life campaign saves over 800 babies during Lenten outreach
[04:25]  Religion in Prisons: Event Transcript (press)


[12:45]  Mohler warns of gay 'marriage' consequences
[09:35]  U.S. seminary confronts abortion mill head-on through prayer
[06:25]  Author sees sexual revolution at root of women’s discontent
[03:15]  Sweden: Iranian Christian Asylum Seekers in Danger of Deportation


[17:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Praying to cast off the Sins Committed in Thoughts (exclusive)
[09:05]  USA minister: Korean attitude toward Christianity is impressive (exclusive)
[08:40]  Pro-abort bill proposed in Ireland
[07:55]  A call to pray for North Korea on the 'Day of the Sun'
[06:45]  Leader of 40 Days for Life criticizes abortion prayer effort
[05:35]  Most Tory MPs doubt success of same-sex marriage plans
[04:25]  Research: Pastors, laity disagree on Gospel's exclusivity
[03:15]  Bishops urge rejection of laws that attack religious freedom
[02:05]  Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan, Hosts JCTV'S REAL VIDEOS (press)


[15:35]  Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Spends 35th Birthday Behind Bars
[14:25]  Pakistan among most dangerous countries for women, priest says
[13:15]  Summit on orphan care reflects growing trend in U.S.
[12:05]  Santorum’s linkage of morals, economy could have lasting impact
[11:40]  Evolution's 'weaknesses' can be taught in Tenn.
[10:55]  New smart phone app launched for WYD Rio 2013
[09:45]  2 earthquakes shake Indian Ocean countries
[08:35]  Catholic Voices heeds Pope's call for public witness in US
[07:25]  Catholic leader calls on Christians to wear the cross
[06:15]  Study finds new religious vocations are younger, more educated
[05:05]  SUDAN: Archbishop Decries Conflicts and Border Clashes
[04:30]  Cardinal: Mandate is "Contrary to the Very Foundation of Our Nation"
[03:55]  KENYA: Bishops to Meet over General Elections
[02:45]  Uzbekistan: Continuing freedom of movement bans
[01:45]  NIGERIA: Archbishop Commends Security Agencies


[20:25]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Trying to Cast off All Forms of Evil (exclusive)
[16:35]  GCN TV Took Part in the Philippines's Exhibition
[15:25]  4000 women gathered for The Esther Call last week
[14:15]  Syrian ceasefire changes little
[13:05]  Catholic University of America celebrates 125th anniversary
[12:30]  South Sudan's Christians caught in limbo
[11:55]  Catholic University students help design hermitage in busy DC
[10:45]  Bideford Council decides not to resume prayers
[09:35]  Land warns of political element in Martin case
[08:25]  Turkey’s Religious Freedom Record Slides
[07:15]  Obama opposes Minn. marriage amendment
[06:05]  ChristiaNet Reaches 1 Million Mark on Facebook
[05:55]  Santorum drops out, wants focus on November
[05:25]  Pakistani Woman Accused of ‘Blasphemy’ Illegally Held in Jail
[05:00]  Chuck Colson showing signs toward recovery
[03:15]  David Teems Appears on '100 Huntley Street' To Discuss New Book (press)


[10:15]  Suits charge TBN with illegal financial practice
[09:05]  Regional conflict brewing in the Middle East
[08:40]  Land: Santorum should consider dropping out
[07:55]  Ministry catalyzes the right to know, Scripture, current events
[06:45]  Cardinal, former Syrian Patriarch, dies in Rome
[05:35]  The 168 Film Project hosts Faith ‘N’ Film Summit
[04:25]  Live your faith in the marketplace, cardinal tells business leaders
[03:15]  Suicide Bomber Targets Churches in Kaduna, Nigeria


[13:25]  An affiliated Saddleback Church to open in Moscow
[12:15]  Leader of the New Generation movement: Latvia needs a national idea
[11:05]  Court in Egypt Sentences Young Christian for ‘Insulting Islam’
[10:40]  Efforts to defend marriage intensify in Maryland
[09:55]  Syrian Christians in Desperate Times
[08:45]  Prime Minister urged to support Christian cases
[07:35]  Lao Officials Confiscate Church Buildings
[06:25]  Historical Christian Cemetery demolished in Kerman
[05:15]  Drive to Release Rights Attorney in China Pushes Forward
[04:05]  Right to Life: Aborted Women Admitted to Hospital (press)
[03:30]  Michael Milton Offers Free Song Download For Easter Season (press)
[02:55]  Wycliffe Associates to Build Aircraft Hangar in Indonesia (press)


[23:20]  Jaerock Lee's blog: How Can I Live by God’s Word? (exclusive)
[14:25]  Lottery is 'suicidal craze,' pastor says
[09:15]  Muslim Brotherhood Monopolizing Power in Egypt
[04:05]  Mormons and Civic Life: Event Transcript (press)


[15:45]  Korean revival: How to preach with the help of 3D technologies (exclusive)
[11:35]  School nixes 'God' from Lee Greenwood song
[10:45]  Jaerock Lee's blog: No Compromising about Keeping the Sabbath (exclusive)
[07:25]  No Progress with Investigation into Attack on Cuban Pastor
[03:15]  The list of latest updates on Christian prisoners in Iran, April


[11:15]  Dr. Lee's E-books are Available from Amazon. com and iBooks
[10:15]  Patriarch of Moscow meets with Baptist leaders
[09:05]  700,000 to be evicted from Sudan Easter Sunday
[08:40]  Russian church leaders condole with plane crash
[07:55]  Canadian Bishops ask priests to preach more on life and family
[06:45]  Chuck Colson is showing some ‘promising signs of recovery’
[05:35]  Obama's claim that Jesus knew doubt criticized
[03:25]  Taras and Olga Mekeda in Orissa, India. Part 3 (photoreport, press)


[17:25]  Christian leaders demand that Yanukovych release Yulia Tymoshenko
[16:15]  Social gaming helps Bible translation
[15:05]  Oscar Biscet says religious freedom does not exist in Cuba
[14:40]  Julia Holcomb paints work to be auctioned at LifeSiteNews’ gala
[13:55]  Anchorage voters defeat trangender proposal
[12:45]  Gvmt minister rebukes bishops on Catholic sexual teaching
[11:35]  David Cameron "does God" at Easter reception
[10:25]  Brazilian Catholic bishop sues ‘Catholics for the Right to Decide’
[09:15]  TANZANIA: Counter Human Trafficking Symposium Held
[08:05]  Tearfund to Join Rapid Disaster Response Network
[07:30]  NIGERIA: Bishops Express Worry over Killings
[06:55]  Chuck Colson, 80, in ‘critical’ condition after brain surgery
[05:45]  MALI: Caritas Office Destroyed
[04:35]  Russia: Regional targeting of religious "sects"
[03:25]  UK Commercial Radio Group Broadcasts Titanic Easter Message (press)


[16:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Practical Lessons from the Trinity (press)
[15:15]  Three violent attacks hit Christians in three Indian states
[14:05]  CSW: Burma’s By-Elections Results ‘A Step Forward’
[13:40]  Catholic actor Martin Sheen: ‘the Church is not God’
[12:55]  Fun in the Son Festival brings the hope and help to Haiti
[11:45]  63,000 in 145 cities joined rallies against HHS mandate
[10:35]  N.C. marriage vote could help sway Supreme Court, Land says
[09:25]  Wilberforce Academy 2012 took place at Exeter College
[08:15]  Polls: N.C. marriage amend. has 20-point lead
[07:05]  MP questions Conservative Party values
[06:30]  'The Vow' couple humbled by story's impact
[05:55]  Surprising OCTOBER BABY Stays Strong in Week 2 (press)
[04:45]  Calling all college students with a passion for writing (press)
[03:35]  Phil Keaggy Reunites with Glass Harp at BB King's in NYC (press)
[02:25]  El Shafie Ministries: Urgent Support Needed (press)


[16:15]  Ukrainian Bishop: It is important to organize a Day of Prayer
[15:05]  Committee on Lords Reform to recommend fewer Bishops
[14:40]  A match portrait of Jesus Christ created in Ukraine
[13:55]  Cameron's 'Monumental' has impressive launch
[12:45]  Missionary team teaches bee-keeping as small business in Tanzania
[11:35]  Gay group files complaint against shirt business
[10:25]  Young Slovakian sculptor captures post-abortion pain
[09:15]  Vatican doctrinal office's new site offers decades of documents
[08:05]  Cardinal Dolan: Church failed to teach against contraception
[07:30]  Spanish soccer team supported by nuns' prayers
[06:55]  Seven Dead in Shooting Rampage at an Oakland Christian University
[05:45]  Seven years after death, Bl. John Paul II remains 'alive'
[04:35]  Iranian cleric: Christian propagation is free in Islamic world
[03:25]  NEW LIFE RADIO to be inspected by Russian government
[02:15]  Jim Maxim’s book to be released in Spanish and Pakistan language (press)


[16:05]  Ukrainian Bishop hopes that smoking will decline
[15:40]  Game Show Will Test Bible Knowledge
[14:55]  George Galloway wins Bradford West seat
[13:45]  USCIRF religious freedom panel adds members
[12:35]  Moral degradation at the heart of economic crisis
[11:25]  UK celebrates 30 years of diplomacy with Vatican
[10:15]  Canadian teen to send 100,000 pro-life letters to Prime Minister
[09:05]  Chilean bishops condemn brutal murder of gay man
[08:30]  Hundreds of Dissidents Released as Pope Leaves Cuba
[07:55]  Cuban authorities declare Good Friday 2012 a holiday
[06:45]  NSearch Technology, Inc. announces launch of its new Social Network
[05:35]  KENYA: Campaign Peacefully, Church Body Urges
[04:25]  Study Shows Church Giving Finally Rebounding Congregations
[03:15]  S SUDAN: Spiritans Ready to Open Missions
[02:05]  Azerbaijan: 12 April liquidation for Baku church?


[19:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Fasting and Thorough Repenting after Complaining against God (exclusive)
[11:45]  Ukrainian parliamentarians regularly pray and read the Bible
[08:35]  Thousands of Bibles delivered to China
[05:25]  Attack on religious free speech at University College London stopped
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