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[10:35]  Moscow Good News Church collected money to buy a church building
[07:25]  Pope's meeting with Fidel aimed at strengthening bonds
[04:15]  Poll: Miss. most religious state, Vt. & N.H. least


[08:15]  Heads of Ukrainian Churches cancel visit to Brussels
[06:05]  Signs of a healthy church (press)
[04:30]  Korean revival: How to conduct business in crisis (exclusive)
[02:55]  Terry Warren Shares Stage with Mark Richt at FCA Fundraiser (press)


[12:55]  Roberts Liardon: Don’t let your mistakes stop you
[12:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God Guided Me to a Lowly Position (exclusive)
[11:45]  Lao Officials Arrest Five Christians in Southern Village
[10:35]  Christian doctor sacked following prayer e-mail
[09:25]  Trayvon Martin killing stirs tragic 'ghosts of the past'
[08:15]  20 cities join largest ever March for Life in Romania
[07:05]  Atheist shocked when church helps with bills
[06:30]  BURKINA FASO: Caritas Appeals for Aid
[05:55]  Jimmy Carter discusses views on biblical inspiration
[04:45]  KENYA: Christians Launch Pregnancy-Crisis Centre
[03:35]  Cardinal Martino Expresses Optimism on Cuba after Papal Visit (press)


[12:35]  Archbishop of Glasgow: Gay marriage push aims to ‘recreate society’
[11:25]  Nearly 10,000 Gather to Hear Messages at Will Graham Celebrations
[10:15]  Slovenians reject gay adoption law
[09:05]  MPs try to overturn ban on claiming God can heal
[08:30]  Dawkins calls for mockery of Catholics at 'Reason Rally'
[07:55]  Freshwater Fish and Seawater Fish Live Together
[06:45]  Turkmenistan: Four fines for Bibles, prisoner transferred
[05:35]  MTI Consultant Helps Prepare Launch of Women's Magazine in India (press)
[04:25]  OCTOBER BABY Opens at No. 8 in the Nation (press)
[03:15]  Some Afghan Parliament Members Embraced Christianity


[11:40]  Baptist becomes mayor of Russian city
[10:55]  Belarus authorities explain raiding of pastor’s house
[09:45]  Human rights advocates to stand for religious freedom in Middle Asia (exclusive)
[08:35]  Feature-length Documentary Explores Debate Over the Doctrine of Hell
[07:25]  Vatican approves new rite of blessing for unborn children
[06:15]  Burma: Burma Army Ransacks Church in Bhamo District
[05:05]  Vatican hosts first cultural summit of African ambassadors
[04:30]  Boost for Church of England schools and churches
[03:55]  Prejudice hindering Christian community work
[02:45]  Send The Light Distribution Completes Management Buyout from Biblica


[12:05]  Leading Rabbi pleads with Christian leaders to fight abortion
[11:40]  Americans speak up for religious freedom at nationwide rallies
[10:55]  Turkey added to watchdog's list of religious liberty violators
[09:45]  Neighborhood rallies against plan to build strip club near convent
[08:35]  Military Arrests Two People after Attempted Boko Haram Bombings
[07:25]  VATICAN: Cardinal Blames Ignorance on Interfaith Wars
[06:15]  Taras and Olga Mekeda in Orissa, India. Part 2 (photoreport, press)
[05:05]  LIBYA: Archbishop Appeals for help to Build New Nation
[04:30]  Laura Lond’s award-winning series released as audiobooks (press)
[03:55]  Call2All Conference on Western Europe to be held in the Netherlands (press)


[21:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: God Knows the Weakness of Men (exclusive)
[13:45]  N.C. bishops criticize Obama stand against marriage amendment
[09:25]  Chinese officials take 70 Christians into custody
[05:05]  Bulgarian Protestant bishops exposed as Communist agents (press)


[12:45]  Group urges Starbucks boycott due to gay 'marriage' support
[08:35]  Demoted Christian denied human rights in same-sex ‘marriage’ case
[04:25]  British MEP condemns scientists' "Life not worthy of Life" attitude (press)


[07:05]  How to build a full size Noah’s Ark and present the Gospel (exclusive)
[06:30]  Gov. Huckabee to Keynote Jewish-Christian Event (press)
[05:55]  Senior Pastor of Manmin Church: How not to leave a first love (exclusive)
[04:45]  Religion in Prisons: A 50-State Survey of Prison Chaplains (press)


[14:45]  Jimmy Carter supports same-sex ‘marriage’; launches his new Bible
[13:35]  Catholic University marks anniversary with 125,000 service hours
[12:25]  South Sudan under severe strain as Sudan forces Christians out
[11:15]  A girl horribly raped in Ukraine (exclusive)
[10:05]  Singer-songwriter answers adoption questions
[09:30]  Churches will be forced to marry same-sex couples - European Court
[08:55]  GCN Broadcasting's Globalization Was Realized 2012 NRB Convention (photoreport)
[07:45]  Belarus New Life Church: American diplomat’s visit
[06:35]  Rhema Soul song to be featured on Focus on the Family's Plugged In (press)
[05:25]  CAMPAIGNERS Give EU Leaders 10,000 Reasons to Tackle Corruption (press)


[13:55]  Report on Europe finds 'numerous' anti-Christian actions
[12:45]  A Bible contest to be held in Ukraine
[11:35]  Indian pastors catch vision for international missions at conference
[10:25]  Religious freedom rallies planned in over 120 locations
[09:15]  Ken Livingstone - “I will make London a beacon of Islam”
[08:05]  Q&A: Researcher Kara Powell on why teens leave the faith
[07:30]  The annual report on arrested Christian converts in last year
[06:55]  Frontline Records launches Legacy Makers Emerging Artist Contest (press)
[05:45]  Journey to the Land of Israel: No Passport Required (press)
[04:35]  China: A Post-Communist Managerial State and Freedom of Religion


[13:25]  Christian family nominated for prestigious Ukrainian prize (photoreport)
[12:15]  Pope mourns passing of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox leader
[11:05]  Clooney, ERLC's Duke protest Sudan's blockade of food, aid
[10:30]  Liberian President: no legalization of homosexual acts
[09:55]  Obama opposes N.C. marriage amendment
[08:45]  Pope Shenouda III, Leader of Egypt’s Coptic Christians, has died
[07:35]  Iran: Restrictions against the church of “Assembly of God”
[06:25]  Uzbekistan: Religious literature only for "internal use"
[05:15]  City of Peace Media Releases CITY OF PEACE INSTRUMENTALS II (press)
[04:05]  Three Christian converts released on heavy bail


[17:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: The Spiritual Meaning of Praying in the ‘Inner Room’ (exclusive)
[12:25]  Billy Graham’s Granddaughter has been RANSOMed!
[11:15]  Andrea Williams calls for decisive leadership for Church of England
[10:05]  Catholic appreciation offered for retiring Archbishop of Canterbury
[09:30]  Poll: Bible readers open to other translations
[08:55]  KENYA: Church Working on New HIV/AIDS Approach
[07:45]  Iran shifts charges against Christian pastor
[06:35]  UGANDA: Faith Leaders Critique Video on Kony
[05:25]  Michael Milton Attends NRB in Support of New Projects (press)
[04:15]  New Tsiyon Edition Targum Isaiah Released For Passover Season (press)
[03:05]  Uzbekistan: Islamic and Christian Literature Ordered Destroyed


[11:15]  The meaning of an effective ministry for Korean Christians (exclusive)
[05:05]  Comedy Act Comes to Theaters Nationwide March 22 and March 25 (press)


[10:25]  Catholic congregation shocked as gay activist disrupts Mass
[04:15]  The Grace Television Network moves to Toronto (press)


[09:15]  Pope prays for victims of Swiss bus crash
[08:05]  Same-sex marriage consultation launched
[07:30]  Iran Claims Pastor Nadarkhani Won’t Be Executed
[06:55]  Shocking words of head of Council of Armenian Diocese
[05:45]  NIGERIA: Archbishop condemns Latest Bombing on Church
[04:35]  TWR Unveils Digital System for Managing Christian Content (press)


[12:05]  Author shares a day in the life of imprisoned Pakistani mother
[11:40]  Bus driver faces disciplinary action over marriage petition
[10:55]  New poll shows Scotland opposed to 'gay marriage'
[09:45]  We Had Suffered from Infertility but Came to Have Our Daughter (press)
[08:35]  Organization Calls for Investigation into Attack on Cuban Pastor
[07:25]  Azerbaijan: "Illegal liquidation"
[06:15]  Tehran Mayor warns against display of Christian symbols on buildings
[05:05]  Churches are forced to cease Persian language services, Tehran
[04:30]  Author Jeff Petherick Brings GRACE LIKE RAIN To NRB 2012 (press)
[03:55]  Taras and Olga Mekeda in Orissa, India. Part 1 (photoreport, press)


[12:55]  Iain Duncan Smith calls for marriage to be
[11:45]  UK archbishops explain their stand for authentic marriage
[10:35]  GuideStone Funds honored with premier financial award
[09:25]  Further religious cleansing in Nigeria
[08:15]  Poll: Most back exemption to HHS mandate
[07:05]  British Government Again Attacking Religious Freedom
[06:30]  Top Country Artists WORKING ON A BUILDING (press)
[05:55]  KONY-2012: How to free kids in Africa with one camera (press)
[04:45]  Belarus New Life Church: Not only hearers but doers as well
[03:35]  SOUTH AFRICA: Church Project seeks to Aid Unemployed Youth


[12:35]  Vatican statistics show Catholic growth
[11:25]  Virginia bill protects faith-based adoption agencies
[10:15]  Will Young: Christians who share marriage views should be jailed
[09:05]  Homosexuals demand removal of Chick-Fil-A from college campuses
[08:30]  Iraqi Teenagers Stoned to Death for Western Dress
[07:55]  Mr. Davood Ali-Jani (David) has been allowed out on bail
[06:45]  Award-winning Guitarist Sean Spicer Attends NRB 2012 (press)
[05:35]  Christian convert arrested upon arrival at home
[04:25]  Jason Bare Unveils New Single At NRB (press)
[03:15]  Lausanne Movement Builds Regional Leadership Team


[11:40]  Christian therapist: ‘Gay-affirming’ churches harming homosexuals
[10:55]  Harold Camping repents for 'sinful' prediction
[09:45]  New Global Prayer Initiative for Saudi Arabia
[08:35]  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association lays off 50
[07:25]  Dutch Member of Parliament Demands Revocation of Pastor’s Execution
[06:15]  London Benefit Concert for China Based Charity (press)
[05:05]  Escalating crack down on Iranian Christians
[04:30]  AFRICA: Churches Need to Assist the Disabled, Scholars
[03:55]  The Religious Affiliation of International Migrants (press)
[02:45]  CONGO REPUBLIC: Church Aids Survivors of Explosion


[13:35]  A voice for life - the story of an abortion survivor
[11:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: The Secret in Crying Out in Prayer (exclusive)
[09:25]  Indonesia to receive visit from Ambassadors for Peace
[05:15]  Jordan Elias Spreads Word About Upcoming Music Project at NRB 2012 (press)


[13:55]  Korean revival: How to create a symphony orchestra in the church (photoreport, exclusive)
[10:45]  Actor Kirk Cameron calls homosexuality ‘unnatural’
[07:35]  Two Christian Hospital Workers Abducted in Karachi, Pakistan
[04:25]  David Teems Attends NRB 2012 to Promote Latest Titles (press)


[12:55]  The Message of the Cross Seminar Held in East Java, Nepal
[11:45]  Why God doesn't tell you everything ... (press)
[10:35]  70 per cent of the public oppose same-sex marriage
[09:25]  Hawaii lawsuit shows civil unions help redefine marriage
[08:15]  Boko Haram Declares “war” on Christians in Nigeria
[07:05]  Turkmenistan: Religious Freedom Survey, March 2012
[06:30] Japan Launches Outreach to Bring Hope
[05:55]  Mosaic Promotes Teach Us CD at NRB (press)


[11:15]  Russian Prosecutor General's Office condemns hunt for Protestants
[10:05]  Is there hope for Germany?
[09:40]  Franklin Graham would ‘break the law’
[08:55]  Holy See calls attention to plight of rural women
[07:45]  Organizers gear up for March for Life 2012
[06:35]  Letter on marriage to be read out in every Catholic church
[05:25]  Egyptian Christian Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison
[04:15]  Unknown condition of another Christian detainee in Esfahan


[10:25]  Belarus Bishop’s apply on pastor’s house raid was denied
[09:15]  New regime responds to protests with force in Russia
[08:05]  Pope voices sorrow over deadly Poland train wreck
[07:30]  ObamaCare fines religious institutions $100 a day
[06:55]  Cardinal: religious liberty concerns ‘off the table’ for White House
[05:45]  Lao pastor jailed nearly 13 years for Christian activities set free
[04:35]  John Schlitt Shares The Greater Cause at NRB 2012 (press)


[17:15]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The God of Increase (press)
[16:05]  Gay issues threaten domestic violence act
[15:40]  Erwin McManus Announces a Spiritually Themed Film Series
[14:55]  Family unit struggles in Russia as divorce rates
[13:45]  MP warns of threat to conscience over marriage redefinition
[12:35]  Teenagers launch campaign to send pro-life letters to the White House
[11:25]  Most senior Catholic in Britain warns against same-sex marriage
[10:15]  St. Petersburg: Law passed prohibiting promotion of homosexuality
[09:05]  Indiana Catholics respond to ‘devastating’ storm damage
[08:30]  Sebelius reiterates Obama: birth control mandate pays for itself
[07:55]  Denver conference challenges thousands to live Catholic faith
[06:45]  Alberta backtracks: Parents can teach beliefs on homosexuality
[05:35]  The list of latest updates on Christian prisoners in Iran-March 2012
[04:25]  Killing Newborns –Denial of Right to Life (press)
[03:15]  Miss America 2011 Promotes New CD, Dueling Pianos, at NRB (press)


[15:55]  Medics suggest legalising infanticide
[14:45]  Virginia Senate shelves personhood bill
[13:35]  Kazakh Religious Laws: Christian Groups Among 579 Deregistered
[12:25]  Armed men in Mexico rob monstrance containing Eucharist
[11:15]  Ten Commandments may be allowed in Ga. schools
[10:05]  Catholics remember Shahbaz Bhatti one year after murder
[09:40]  Study: Children of divorce suffer 'injustice'
[08:55]  Nothing mysterious about Vatican archives, official says
[07:45]  Obama: Sin is what doesn't match 'my values'
[06:35]  Italian astronaut glimpsed God's beauty while in space
[05:25]  New Artist Julie Elias Enjoys Inaugural NRB Experience (press)
[04:15]  ERITREA: Pope Creates the Eparchy of Segheneity
[03:05]  Other Christian detainees in Esfahan were identified
[02:30]  AFRICA: Vatican Donates $2 Million to Sahel Region
[01:55]  TWR Signs Global Generosity Declaration (press)


[13:45]  The debate is about conscience, not contraceptives (press)
[09:35]  Dr. Jaerock Lee’s book is main draw in the New Delhi World Book Fair
[05:25]  Moody Radio Personality and Recording Artist Working on New Music (press)


[13:45]  Md. gay 'marriage' bill signed, but not legal yet
[10:35]  Arizona State to offer theology classes through Catholic university
[07:25]  Pastor Jaerock Lee speaks about miracles in the Manmin Church (photoreport, exclusive)
[04:15]  Public Views of the Divide Between Religion and Politics (press)


[13:05]  Jaerock Lee's blog: “Call to Me, and I will Answer!” (exclusive)
[09:05]  What Russia's election will mean for the church
[08:30]  Michelle Hollomon: Our view of God affected our lives (exclusive)
[07:55]  Senate rejects Blunt amendment to defend religious freedom
[06:45]  Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out against same-sex marriage
[05:35]  Iran pastor: U.S. House calls for his release
[04:25]  Infographic: Catholics in Mexico and Cuba (press)
[03:15]  CBE Honors Women Leaders during Women's History Month (press)
[02:05]  Guitar Maestro Phil Keaggy Enjoys 'Favorite NRB Ever' (press)


[17:15]  Scottish midwives lose case about objecting to abortion
[16:05]  New Cardinal says it’s best for women to stay home
[15:40]  London Olympics spark fear of human trafficking increase
[14:55]  Liberti Magazine Offers Healthy Option for Mother’s Day Gift
[13:45]  National rallies seek religious freedom restoration on March 23
[12:35]  Former Moody Bible Executive Chosen to Lead FEBC US
[11:25]  New exhibit reveals Vatican Secret Archive documents to public
[10:15]  Dan Wooding: God is the Great Healer! (press)
[09:05]  Msgr. Ratzinger's new book recalls growing up with Pope
[08:30]  BBC Chief Admits Christianity ‘gets less sensitive treatment’
[07:55]  Diverse panel testifies against contraception mandate
[06:45]  Arrest of a number of Christian converts in Kermanshah
[05:35]  Kazakhstan: "Illegal Use" Of Property, Meetings For Worship Stopped
[04:25]  European Evangelical Alliance appoints staff for Muslim ministries (press)
[03:15]  "Rebel Against Retirement!" 87-Year-Old Pastor Charges Baby Boomers (press)
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