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[16:55]  MP calls for reform of UK abortion law
[15:45]  Conflicting reports coming out of Iran over condemned pastor
[14:35]  Lesbian judge refuses to marry heterosexual couples
[13:25]  A new report reveals plight of children in urban poverty
[12:15]  California govt. mailing condoms to teenagers at home
[11:05]  500-member religious coalition rejects mandate
[10:40]  Mass. senator backs exemption to HHS mandate in radio ads
[09:55]  Marijuana legalization qualifies for Colo. ballot
[08:45]  New Evangelization synod expected to focus on family's role
[07:35]  ZIMBABWE: Churches Want Say in Elections
[06:25]  Spanish Civil War seen as religious conflict, biographer says
[05:15]  KENYA: Address Climate Change, Priest tells The Church
[04:05]  Christian convert receives 3 year prison sentence in Kermanshah
[03:30]  S SUDAN: Bishop Calls for Peace
[02:55]  Intrigue Films to debut first movie in theaters and churches (press)


[17:25]  Parliamentary report on discrimination against Christians
[16:15]  Evangelical group releases Canadian abortion polling statistics
[15:05]  Real-life couple from 'The Vow' at peace with Hollywood film
[14:40]  Snow-stricken Afghan refugees receive aid
[13:55]  Cardinal George: Church could be forced to 'give up' public work
[12:45]  House panel OKs ban on sex-based abortions
[11:35]  New book tells Asia Bibi's story from prison
[10:25]  Cardinal O’Brien pays tribute to Pakistan’s ’truly remarkable hero’
[09:15]  Word on Fire donates 'Catholicism' to US military
[08:05]  Pakistani Muslims Employ ‘Blasphemy’ Threat in ‘Land Grab’
[07:30]  Cardinal Dolan joins letter against mandate 'accommodation'
[06:55]  Bob Haslam authored a new book (press)
[05:45]  Belarus: Raids, Threats, Warnings for Religious Meetings
[04:35]  What Must Be Done? 65 Years After The Marshall Plan... (press)
[03:25]  Laity Lodge Marks The Life Of Keith Miller (press)


[17:25]  White House, State Dept. call for condemned Iranian pastor’s release
[16:15]  Pope’s Twitter followers jump 400 percent in a day
[15:05]  Judge: NYC churches can meet in schools
[14:40]  Suicide Bombers Attack Worship Service in Jos, Nigeria
[13:55]  Ky. Baptists' effort helps defeat casino bill
[12:45]  Men on Rescue Mission Beaten Up In a Red Light District In India
[11:35]  Md. churches to unite, fight gay 'marriage' law
[10:25]  Another Christian Convert arrested in Esfahan
[09:15]  S. SUDAN: Lent, an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth, says Priest
[08:05]  SENEGAL: Church offers Observers to Aid Elections
[07:30]  SOMALIA: Bishop Disapproves Military Intervention
[06:55]  KENYA: Church Launches the 2012 Lenten Campaign
[05:45]  Committee Promoting Contraception As Solution to Abortion Rate (press)
[04:35]  City of Peace Films, City of Peace Media Garner Dove Nominations (press)
[03:25]  78 years old Christian lady arrested in Esfahan


[14:25]  HHS mandate means ‘government surveillance’: two new colleges sue
[10:15]  Catholic charity struggles to help those effected by Greek crisis
[06:05]  Home of a Christian pastor in Esfahan was raided by authorities


[14:50]  Alberta gvmt: Families can’t teach homosexuality a sin in class
[11:55]  British doctors secretly filmed providing “sex-selection” abortions
[08:45]  Youth catechism is best selling Catholic book worldwide
[05:35]  Masis Mosessian has been allowed out on bail


[10:15]  Missionary: Chinese authorities torture Christians (exclusive)
[09:05]  GOP candidates slam contraception mandate as attack on family
[08:40]  Miseries of Christians in Pakistan Under Religious Domination
[07:55]  Christian children’s worker who was forced to resign loses case
[06:45]  Judge: Wash. pharmacists cannot be forced to dispense contraception
[05:35]  John Elefante Initiates Phase Two of Kickstarter Campaign (press)
[04:25]  Islam and Politics Dominate Religion Coverage in 2011 (press)
[03:15]  Popular Hip-hop Group Teams with Top Producer for Fourth Project (press)


[18:35]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Beginning of an Earnest Christian Life (exclusive)
[16:35]  Two Churches Targeted in Bomb Attack in Nigeria
[15:25]  US clergy declare 'state of emergency' over contraception mandate
[14:15]  Iranian Authorities Order Death Warrant for Pastor Nadarkhani
[13:05]  EWTN explains lawsuit against HHS in New York Times essay
[12:40]  14-year-old girl receives death threats for defending marriage
[11:55]  Gov. Christie praised for veto of New Jersey 'gay marriage' bill
[10:45]  Catholic priest gives Obama mandate “The Finger (?)”!
[09:35]  Trainees from Ten Countries Are Attending Manmin Missionary Center (photoreport)
[08:25]  Brasilia: Government demands apology from televangelist
[07:15]  LIBERIA: Campaign for a Christian State Kicks off
[06:05]  Ontario school hosts school-wide GSA assembly
[05:30]  DR CONGO: Arrested Priests and Nuns Released
[04:55]  Kazakhstan: Small religious communities "banned under new law"
[03:45]  Critically-acclaimed book to be released in paperback (press)
[02:35]  Christians Leaders Appointed to ECFA Board of Reference (press)


[16:55]  Christian Aid Now Has a New President
[15:45]  Brazil government scrambles to repair damage with Evangelicals
[14:35]  Government steps in to permit prayer at Council meetings
[13:25]  Humanitarian crisis grows in Sudan
[12:15]  David Burrowes MP receives death threat for supporting marriage
[11:05]  Ave Maria University challenges HHS mandate in federal court
[10:40]  Report: Iran may be set to execute pastor
[09:55]  List shows dozens of prominent women oppose contraception mandate
[08:45]  5 ways to avoid temptation on social media (press)
[07:35]  Church leaders appeal for talks to prevent Syrian civil war
[06:25]  Detainees of the AOG church of Ahwaz were temporarily released
[05:15]  New Brand, New Initiatives for Christianity Today (press)
[04:05]  Belarus: Financial Investigation Committee is investigating a priest
[03:30]  ‘The Mighty Macs’ DVD Debuts February 21 (press)
[02:55]  Christian prisoner transferred to another prison


[17:10]  ‘Heavenly Man’ Brother Yun answered the web-conference’s questions (internet-conference)
[16:55]  Campaign launched to protect marriage
[15:45]  NYC churches suffer last-minute decision
[14:35]  Thousand die from malaria annually
[13:25]  Santorum criticizes Obama worldview, theology
[12:15]  Mexico’s top bishop warns against pro-abort candidates
[11:05]  In Iran, government halts Farsi worship
[10:40]  Presidents Day ad stresses importance of God and religion
[09:55]  2,500 rel. leaders sign letter opposing mandate
[08:45]  Journalist chronicles a day in the life of Pope Benedict
[07:35]  Citizens in 5 states likely to vote on marriage
[06:25]  Republic “Pilgrim” team serves in Kenya (photoreport)
[05:15]  The list of latest updates on Christian prisoners in Iran
[04:05]  Turkmenistan: Protestant Pastor Freed
[03:30]  Move To Assurance Releases New Video: How To Share Your Testimony (press)
[02:55]  Trial of Farshid Fathi, a Christian prisoner was held


[19:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Why did My Wife have to Divorce? (exclusive)
[17:15]  Baptist ethicist on mandate: We'd rather go to jail, pay fines
[16:05]  Religious Education at risk of being marginalised, say MPs
[15:40]  N.J. Gov. Christie vetoes gay 'marriage' bill
[14:55]  Trevor Phillips compares Christianity to sharia law
[13:45]  Catholic schools save Spain over $4.5 billion
[12:35]  High Court rejects Appeal against Demolition of Charity Property
[11:25]  Church leaders mourn deaths of 355 inmates in Honduras prison
[10:15]  Parliament Commission Overturns Coptic Eviction Decree
[09:05]  KENYA: Faith Leaders Use Roses as reminder of AIDS
[08:30]  Children’s worker forced to resign over Sunday working
[07:55]  MADAGASCAR: Famine Looms due to Cyclone says Bishop
[06:45]  Report: Turkish Christians Subject to Discrimination
[05:35]  VATICAN: Church Facing Difficulties, But Growing
[04:25]  ‘The Vow’ Tops Times Best-Seller List (press)
[03:15]  KENYA: Christian Leaders Call for Tolerance


[14:25]  Belarus Bishop: Authorities must explain invasion of pastor’s house
[09:15]  Baptist Gov. Mike Huckabee: ‘We are all Catholics now’
[05:05]  Author Dawn Jones Hits No. 1 on iTunes Business Audiobooks Chart (press)


[13:25]  Belarus Party: Incident at pastor’s house is a planned movement
[10:15]  Amendment aimed at contraception mandate stalls in Senate
[07:05]  Oklahoma Senate approves bill saying life begins at conception
[04:30]  Public Divided Over Birth Control Insurance Mandate (press)
[02:45]  Manmin Bishop held Pastors' Conferences in Sierra Leone, Africa


[09:05]  Men in camouflage burst into pastor’s house in Minsk
[08:40]  GuideStone releases 2012 Ministers Tax Guide
[07:55]  Vicar of Baghdad: ‘We Have Been Left and We Have Nothing!’
[06:45]  Senior Bishop urges Christian MPs to stand for traditional marriage
[05:35]  NYC churches get court win, can meet at least 2 more weeks
[04:25]  Wide range of religious leaders testify against Obama mandate
[03:15]  Catholic priest, pro-life activists arrested outside White House
[02:05]  Author Jim Maxim to speak to Prison Fellowship organization (press)


[17:55]  Korean Megachurch Manmin Publishes Creed
[16:45]  Queen defends Church of England at Diamond Jubilee event
[15:35]  Pope: Large families a witness to faith
[14:25]  Osborne excludes tax breaks for married couples
[13:15]  Effort to reverse Washington state ‘gay marriage’ law begins
[12:05]  20,000 Muslims Attempt to Kill Pastor and Torch Church in Egypt
[11:40]  Bishops counter White House claim they opposed health care reform
[10:55]  Over 350 prisoners die in Honduras prison fire; ministry unsurprised
[09:45]  Kazakhstan: Church’s religious literature is confiscated
[08:35]  'Blaspheming' Christian still awaiting sentence in Pakistani prison
[07:25]  Poll: Santorum leads by 18 among evangelicals
[06:15]  Audio Bible ministry gets four gold stars
[05:05]  Save the City Records Taps Chris Chicago (press)
[04:30]  More detailed updates on Christian detainees in Shiraz
[03:55]  U.K. publisher releases Michael Milton's book in U.S. this week (press)


[17:05]  Rev. Tony Cooke: What Does it Mean to be Qualified? (press)
[16:40]  Government tsar claims school uniforms ‘discriminatory’
[15:55]  Q&A: Sherwood's Michael Catt on 'Courageous'
[14:45]  Protesters call cardinal ‘arch bigot’ for opposing same-sex marriage
[13:35]  13 AGs to challenge contraceptive mandate
[12:25]  UNESCO official calls for registry of doctors who object to abortion
[11:15]  National Marriage Week points to benefits of strong marriages
[10:05]  Virginia House approves bill recognizing life begins at conception
[09:30]  Religious leaders rebuff Obama’s contraception policy change
[08:55]  S SUDAN: Church Supports Decision to Shut Oil Wells
[07:45]  Catholic Charities cautious over contraception 'accommodation'
[06:35]  ITALY: European, African Bishops Study Evangelization
[05:25]  Kazakhstan: First Known Use of Harsh New Punishments
[04:15]  KENYA: Support Missionary Work, Bishop Urges Christians
[03:05]  Fire Of Faith Burns Bright In Bosnia (press)


[16:25]  Secularists lobby to remove NHS chaplains
[15:15]  French president says ‘no’ to homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoption
[14:05]  Egypt: Police Prevent Christian Protesters From Reaching Parliament
[13:40]  Former lingerie model vows to honor husband and God
[12:55]  Priests for Life to file lawsuit against US government
[11:45]  NYC pastor fears 'agenda' against churches
[10:35]  Ukrainian church restoration reverses communist changes
[09:25]  Wash. gay 'marriage' bill signed; ballot looms
[08:15]  US bishops release new statement calling for HHS mandate removal
[07:05]  'The Vow' book gives true story behind film
[06:30]  Church Elder seized, detained, and held incommunicado
[05:55]  New Jason Bare Single Impacts Radio Today (press)
[04:45]  Preparation for International Prayer against anti-Semitism starts (press)
[03:35]  Uzbekistan: "We treat everybody equally"
[02:25]  New Haven Records Announces Partnership with Michael Puryear (press)


[18:15]  'JESUS' Film touches Buddhist monk
[17:05]  Obama compromise still threatens religious liberty, leaders say
[16:40]  Taiwan Crackdown on Sex-Selection Abortions Works
[15:55]  Victory for Free Speech as Christian preacher found not guilty
[14:45]  Casino mogul funds Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich
[13:35]  High Court rules Council prayers unlawful
[12:25]  CSW Returns from Burma with Evidence of Human Rights Violations
[11:15]  Judge rules against Christian guesthouse owners
[10:05]  Singer Whitney Houston died on Saturday in Beverly Hills
[09:20]  AFRICA: Anglicans Appeal for Harmony Between Faiths
[08:55]  Pakistan: Orthodox Church Leader Lays Foundation Stone In Sargodha
[07:45]  KENYA: Pray and Support the Sick, says Bishop
[06:35]  Doctor from Dania: For those who wants to have an abortion: Don't!!! (press)
[05:25]  KENYA: Bishop urges Catholic Media to Unite
[04:15]  Daniel Fast participation sets records (press)


[21:10]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Forgiving My Wife (exclusive)
[10:55]  Iraqi church reacts to deathly 2012 with prayer
[07:45]  EWTN sues US government over contraception mandate
[04:35]  Trends in Party Identification of Religious Groups (press)


[09:55]  Muslim Council in Egypt Evicts 8 Christian Families
[07:45]  White House fails to call Catholic bishops for mandate talks
[05:35]  Wash. gay 'marriage' bill goes to governor
[03:25]  Religion and Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage (press)


[09:55]  Christian doctors search for God’s miracles around the world (exclusive)
[08:45]  Dr. Land: Christians will “end up in jail” under Obama health care
[07:35]  Saudis pressed to release Ethiopian Christians
[06:25]  Ukrainian pastor: ‘God healed my wife of breast cancer’
[05:15]  'God' removed from Air Force logo
[04:05]  Iran - Ten converts were arrested in a house church
[03:30]  Expolit 2012 Organizers Set to Boost Influence in Hispanic Church (press)
[02:55]  ‘October Baby’ Advance Screenings Draw Standing-Room Crowds (press)


[17:25]  South African bishops grieve 1 million ‘lost children’
[16:15]  13 year old girls given secret contraceptive implants at school
[15:05]  Islamic Extremists Behead Another Convert in Somalia
[14:40]  Poll finds half of Americans oppose contraception mandate
[13:55]  Dozens dead in Philippines, earthquake this time
[12:45]  World Youth Day organizers unveil Brazilian-themed logo for 2013
[11:35]  The Gospel provides powerful hope for India's temple prostitutes
[10:25]  Vatican has no money or space for private plane, says priest
[09:15]  With N.Y.C. churches set to get booted, N.Y. Senate passes bill
[08:05]  US Catholic bishops reject ruling against Prop. 8
[07:30]  Obama, GOP candidates react to Prop 8 ruling
[06:55]  Over 150 congressional leaders demand repeal of HHS mandate
[05:45]  Mr. Farshid Fat-hi, The Captive Christian to be tried
[04:35]  Turkmenistan: Is publishing religious poetry a crime?
[03:25]  Rev. Suliasi Kurulo: More people were evacuated in Fiji (press)


[19:05]  Archbishop of Canterbury warns of dangers of euthanasia
[18:40]  Training center in Papua New Guinea nearer to completion
[17:55]  Bishops call for Church of England to stand for Christian freedoms
[16:45]  Scotland’s opposition parties back same-sex ‘marriage’
[15:35]  Majority of Catholic voters oppose federal contraception rule
[14:25]  Obama: Jesus is motivation behind health care agenda
[13:15]  Peruvian bishop says Church will always reject abortion
[12:05]  65 Orthodox Church bishops call on Obama to ‘rescind’ mandate
[11:30]  Appeals court rules Prop. 8 unconstitutional
[10:55]  BENIN: Cardinal says Church in Africa Ready to Evangelise
[09:45]  Army silences military archbishop on contraception mandate
[08:35]  UGANDA: Visiting Cardinal Urges for Renewal of Vows
[07:25]  Iran: Christian convert sentenced to deprivation of education
[06:15]  KENYA: Diocese Launches Year of Christ the Teacher
[05:05]  Bible Study Connection launched online study curriculum (press)


[16:35]  Pastor freed from prison, not persecution
[15:25]  Pro-lifers call for prayer in wake of confusion over Komen statement
[14:15]  Sacramento, California, revs up for revival
[13:05]  General Synod challenged to urgently defend
[12:40]  U.S. and Haitian churches to partner
[11:55]  GuideStone: Obama mandate violates religious liberty
[10:45]  USA Today editorial clashes with Sebelius on HHS mandate
[09:35]  Rick Warren, others, credit Anabaptists
[08:25]  HHS mandate presents Catholic college presidents with grave choice
[07:15]  Romney wins evangelicals in Nev. Primary
[06:05]  Hundreds of Paraguay teachers unite against abortion
[05:30]  True Love Waits marks February for purity (press)
[04:55]  The Baby Who Had Died in the Womb Came to Life and Was Born
[03:45]  Pastor of Moscow Word of Life Church opened a new internet service
[02:35]  Gospel reaches workers at I.R.I sailing lines + photos


[16:55]  Alaska Airlines discontinues prayer cards
[15:45]  Analyst: Obama could lose Catholic vote over HHS mandate
[14:35]  Pakistani Christian leader: Challenges that Christians are facing
[13:25]  Vatican astronomer: Big Bang theory in tune with creation history
[12:15]  Pakistani Christian Youth began New Era of Sharing Love with Muslims
[11:05]  US free speech faces Islamic blasphemy law pressure, analyst says
[10:55]  Iran concerned over spread of Christianity in Malaysia
[09:45]  No law allowing abortion can be moral, say Spanish experts
[08:35]  Sudan: Samaritan’s Purse Bible College Bombed
[07:25]  English and Welsh Catholics encouraged to carry ‘faith cards’
[06:15]  NRB Announces 2012 International Awards
[05:05]  Christians banned from sharing their beliefs by ASA
[04:30]  Ethiopian Convert from Islam Dodges Dangers in Kenya
[03:55]  FCNN’s open Letter to UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran (press)
[02:45]  Concern over health conditions of Pastor Farhad Sabokroh in prison
[00:15]  Jaerock Lee's blog: A Marriage Meeting (exclusive)


[11:25]  New Vatican exhibition reaches for the stars
[08:15]  Thom S. Rainer: 4 reasons you should call instead of write (press)
[05:05]  Starbucks Coffee Co. Officially Support Sodomy and Gay “Marriage” (press)


[10:55]  An online petition launched for religious freedom in Belarus
[08:45]  Obama, Metaxas call for authentic religion at prayer breakfast
[06:35]  Wash. Senate passes gay 'marriage' bill
[04:25]  Religion and the 2012 Florida Republican Primary (press)


[10:35]  Evangelical leaders: Healthy morality forms healthy society
[09:25]  Southern Baptist leader: HHS mandate ‘is not only a Catholic issue’
[08:15]  Cathedral hosts event to alert Christians to growing
[07:05]  Missionaries Killed in Mexico Knew They Were in Danger, Friend Says
[05:40]  UCL students vote against religious freedom
[04:55]  Religious leaders remind Europe of Christianity’s social good
[03:45]  Poll: Churches should be allowed to meet in public schools
[02:35]  Pastor of Manmin Church says that God raised her from the dead (exclusive)


[17:15]  An increase in the number of Protestant Churches in Ukraine
[16:05]  Over 100 days later, earthquake victims still haunted by fear
[15:40]  White House: ‘no constitutional rights issues’ with HHS mandate
[14:55]  Ruling in favour of religious freedom in parallel US
[13:45]  Komen deluged with pro-abortion complaints
[12:35]  London designer’s style classes encourage God-given potential
[11:25]  Atlanta Pastors’ Family Killed in Florida Multi-Vehicle Pile-up
[10:15]  World Youth Day 2013 to unveil logo
[09:05]  Church Attendance and Movies in the USA
[08:30]  HHS mandate a ‘slap in the face,’ Catholic Latino group says
[07:55]  Prayer Called For in Challenge to Religious Freedom at Vanderbilt
[06:45]  Winners of 2012 Longest Married Couple contest announced
[05:35]  Financial Expert Jeff Petherick Set to Release New Book (press)
[04:25]  Independent Publisher Book Sales to Benefit Orphanage in Haiti (press)
[03:15]  Consultation on Christian Generosity and Giving in Europe (press)


[15:25]  North Korea to release unspecified number of prisoners
[14:15]  Sexual promiscuity costing UK billions of pounds
[13:05]  Louisiana Baptist Convention calls for revival
[12:40]  Sen. Rubio introduces bill to overturn contraception mandate
[11:55]  Father and Son removed from Bible translations to avoid offence
[10:45]  Obama administration's commitment to religious freedom questioned
[10:20]  Christian Telegraph’s owner answered the web-conference’s questions (internet-conference)
[09:35]  MALAWI: Bishops Endorse Journalists’ Group
[08:35]  Strip These Two Words from Your Communication (press)
[07:25]  SUDAN: Tensions Rise Amidst Kidnappings
[06:15]  Pakistani Christian Charged with ‘Blasphemy’ Denied Bail
[05:05]  ZAMBIA: Bishops Oppose Repatriation of Rwandese
[04:20]  Polls: N.C. & Minn. marriage amendments lead
[03:55]  SUDAN: Priests Released after Two-Week Ordeal
[03:10]  Tips for ministering to parents of newborns (press)
[01:35]  IVORY COAST: A New Episcopal Conference Formed
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