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[12:40]  Jaerock Lee's blog: My Mother Prayed Earnestly
[07:35]  Billy Graham Remembers Evangelist John Stott
[06:30]  Pastor Calls US to National Repentance
[03:20]  Radio Ministry Reaches Colombian Drug Zones


[06:15]  Revival Strikes Arkansas Church
[05:05]  Toronto student: my school’s GSA helped me change gender
[03:50]  Nat’l Catholic Reporter writer about lesbian ‘wedding’ ceremony
[02:45]  Parents calls for boycott of NBC series ‘The Playboy Club’


[05:30]  U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey (press)
[05:20]  WCF congratulates Beckhams on birth of fourth child (press)
[05:05]  Rubber Ducks Race To Support Mission (press)
[04:55]  Bangalore's own 'Mother Teresa' can remain after visa extension
[04:40]  Anesthetized pastor spoke hope in the operating room
[04:30]  Korean Baptists on board for people group challenge
[04:20]  US Government Official on Behalf of Imprisoned Iranian Pastor
[04:05]  Cuban Pastor Granted Asylum but Blocked from Leaving Country


[06:45]  Athiests Attack World Trade Center Memorial Cross
[06:35]  Child development centers damaged
[06:30]  57,000 youths push back against UN ‘sexual rights’ agenda
[06:10]  Free Webinar to Empower Communities for NBTCS (press)
[05:55]  Youth Workers Intensive Training in Evansville, Indiana (press)
[05:25]  Colombia’s highest court: Congress to recognize homosexual unions
[05:15]  10,000 march for true marriage in New York
[05:10]  Maltese parliament passes divorce legislation
[04:55]  US bishops offer prayers after tragic Norway attacks
[04:45]  Twins, 97, honored for teaching careers
[04:40]  3 Baptist colleges named best workplaces
[04:30]  John Stott, evangelical leader, dead at 90
[04:20]  Judge dismisses embryonic stem cell suit
[04:15]  Marijuana legalization may be on Calif. ballot again
[04:00]  Egyptian Military Council Buried Church Bombing Case


[06:15]  Prayer Initiative Organized for 9/11 Anniversary
[06:00]  Mr. Vahik Abrahamian is still locked-up in prison
[05:50]  Chairman Smith calls attention to plight of Coptic Christians (press)
[05:25]  AFRICA: Drought Crisis an 'International Disgrace,' says Oxfam
[05:20]  A European Court judgment with an impact far beyond Armenia
[04:45]  Mock Execution of Wheelchair User
[04:40]  Christian Clubs Change Night Life Persona
[04:35]  Abortionist admits: babies sometimes born alive
[04:10]  Britain’s youngest premie now healthy and going home
[03:40]  Pro-democracy Vietnamese priest jailed again
[03:25]  Mary Kassian: Katy Perry's sexualization of little girls
[03:15]  Mobile ultrasound unit rescues '2 babies & 2 souls' in 1 day
[03:10]  TOP 'LOTTIE' GIVERS: Int'l missions offering fueled by churches
[02:50]  Poll: Most support abortion restrictions
[02:35]  The curious and sad case of Farah Hatim


[07:00]  The European Baptist Federation family is praying for Norway
[06:50]  Belarus: "Clergy access is something exceptional”
[06:40]  New Radical Islam Book: 'This is the War of Our Generation!' (press)
[06:10]  John Waller and David Teems share fan in Ingram Chief (press)
[05:50]  Battling global population control (Mr. Tatad’s speech) (press)
[05:25]  Hundreds of thousands of human embryos discarded
[05:15]  IFES World Assembly begins July 26, 2011
[04:50]  Vatican Cardinal is warning priests who do not oppose immorality
[04:30]  Another abortion clinic closes after 40 Days for Life campaign
[04:25]  California referendum to halt mandatory ‘gay history’ law
[04:05]  Memorial service for the late-term aborted baby in Orlando
[03:35]  Deaf Baptists embrace unreached Deaf peoples
[03:25]  House Church Alliance’s No. 2 Sentenced to Labor Camp
[03:15]  Facebook page highlights situation of Christians in the Holy Land
[02:55]  The Summer Retreats of Manmin Central Church started to be held (photoreport)


[06:55]  Grammy Winner John Schlitt plans innovative fan-funded CD (press)
[06:40]  Benny Perez Battles Babylon in Church Bankruptcy
[06:35]  NIGERIA: Bishops Task Jonathan on Sect
[06:25]  Tajikistan: Religious activity is only banned up to the age of 18
[06:00]  Christian Leader Points to Gospel as Way Out of Homosexuality
[05:45]  Over 4 million sign massive pro-life petition in Colombia
[05:35]  Doc at Catholic hospital: ‘I perform abortions’
[05:20]  Moscow Good News Church received $2.2 million in 15 weeks
[04:55]  Norway suspect ‘admits attacks’
[04:45]  Evolution's opponents & proponents laud Texas board science vote
[04:30]  Egypt’s Christians Work to Stop IslamicTakeover
[04:15]  Samaritan’s Purse Arrives to Help North Dakota Flood Victims
[04:05]  Church in Wales to conduct inquiry after rector burns Bible pages
[03:10]  A bomb explosion and an gun-attack in Norway
[02:40]  Iranian pastor faces execution – urgent action needed (press)


[06:10]  K.P. Yohannan speaks against Child Injustices in New Book (press)
[05:45]  'Five Love Languages' Author Holding Webinar
[02:35]  Hagee, Beck Join Forces to Support Israel in D.C.


[06:05]  Russian pro-lifers to launch women's health clinics (press)
[04:45]  Emotional toll on Turkey team following death threats
[03:30]  World Youth Day Madrid to counter secularized culture
[02:30]  Bigger families are solution to economic crisis


[06:00]  John Waller appears on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural!" (press)
[05:45]  U.S. Helsinki Commission: Arrest of Hadzic in Serbia (press)
[05:35]  New York Times misrepresents WCF Moscow Demographic Summit (press)
[04:10]  Novel Explores Deep-Rooted Themes of Ireland in the 1970’s
[04:05]  MAF Preparing for Famine Relief Flights in Africa
[03:50]  Iranian Christian Released from Solitary
[03:15]  Conference on the “Gospel in the XXI Century,” Chicago (photoreport)
[02:25]  A surgeon from Denmark: “We are all vessels for His glory”


[07:05]  Helsinki Commission at Inter-Parliamentary Meeting in Belgrade (press)
[06:50]  VATICAN: Pope appeals for Relief Food for the Hungry (press)
[06:45]  The h2o Ride will raise money for Living Water International (press)
[06:30]  White Stone Gallery to participate in exhibit ART + FAITH (press)
[06:15]  Anti-Porn Campaign Highlights Harm to Kids (press)
[05:50]  Bioethics experts: No ‘right’ to abortion exists in international law
[05:40]  Canadian Lutheran Church votes to allow same-sex ‘marriages’
[05:15]  Abortion-causing drugs should be covered under health care law
[05:00]  Historic Senate DOMA hearing debates marriage's definition
[04:55]  NAMB sends states $950,000 in disaster relief funds
[04:35]  Christian Industry Heavyweights Work Together on Bible Project
[04:25]  Campus Crusade for Christ Adopts New Name: Cru
[04:20]  Excavations of Great Synagogue of Vilnius Uncover Site of Holy Ark
[04:10]  Tens of thousands of people remain enslaved in North Sudan
[04:00]  Nicole C. Mullen to Judge National Music Showcase for Women


[11:55]  Jaerock Lee's blog: Dreaming of Becoming a Congressman (exclusive)
[07:20]  Young Developers release an online prayer request ministry tool (press)
[07:05]  Prime Minister’s Support for Euthanasia Legislation Opposed (press)
[06:55]  Randy Alcorn Release ‘Courageous’ Novelization (press)
[06:40]  Scripture-based guide: Igniting a Life of Generosity (press)
[06:15]  Operation Mobilisation Makes Jesus Known Around The Med (press)
[06:05]  Parents who refused to abort baby vindicated
[05:55]  Drought in Africa's Horn, getting worse
[05:50]  Suspended priest sells ‘Catholic Nuptual Mass’ for gay couples
[05:40]  Archbishop about Catholic Maryland Gov. initiative
[05:20]  Russian President signs law on abortion advertisements
[05:15]  Mexican politicians seek to redefine embryo
[05:00]  Senate confirms openly gay male judge
[04:55]  N.Y. clerks opposed to gay 'marriage' have lawful options
[04:45]  Pornography targeted by state convention
[04:35]  This year's Sturgis rally goal: plant a church for bikers


[11:00]  Catholic Maryland Gov. pushing homosexual ‘marriage’ on the state
[10:30]  New York pro-family groups plan demonstrations
[10:10]  Vatican seals diplomatic ties with Malaysia
[09:55]  2011 Cell Group Leaders' Seminar was Held in Gangwon Province (photoreport)


[06:25]  IACHR rejects right to life of unborn
[06:15]  Missouri late-term abortion ban becomes law
[05:30]  Argentina bans sex ads
[05:15]  Vatican welcomes Republic of South Sudan to the United Nations
[05:05]  4 steps proposed to fight relig. persecution
[05:00]  5 reasons the pro-life movement is winning
[04:50]  Rebecca St. James Asks the Question, “What is He Thinking?”
[04:45]  Missionary Murli Ghulam was released from prison
[04:40]  GDOP London Calls to Carry the Torch at Wembley Stadium
[04:30]  Will Graham, Preaches a Message of Peace in Kenya


[09:05]  ‘Catholics for Choice’ World Youth Day condom ads rejected
[08:00]  Gov. signs bill: Calif. first state to require gay history
[07:55]  Judge blocks NYC pregnancy center law
[07:40]  U.S., Russia sign adoption agreement
[07:35]  Egyptian Muslim Ring Uses Sexual Coercion to Convert Christian Girls
[07:25]  One Conference Announces 2012 Event and Human Trafficking Alert
[07:15]  Christian & Missionary Alliance in Vietnam Celebrates 100 Years
[06:30]  Harvest Crusades return to Anaheim this August
[03:40]  Doctor Eu: “Those who chose not to believe, will not believe”
[03:35]  General Secretary of WCDN: My Dying Son Was Brought Back to Life (photoreport)


[08:20]  Is Venezuela the new Cuba?
[08:15]  Court Rules in Favor of Arizona Church
[08:05]  Bill to outlaw dehydration euthanasia passed in Italy
[08:00]  Chilean president to introduce civil union legislation
[07:55]  Victory for Evangelical church over gay anarchist group
[07:15]  Youth groups aid tornado-battered county
[07:10]  Tuscaloosa among World Changers cities
[07:00]  New Hope book by Kathi Macias was honored
[06:40]  Bishop who denied gravity of Holocaust ordered to pay fine
[03:00]  Divine Healing Works of God Have Been Verified by Medical Data (photoreport)


[12:50]  Vatican daily offers positive review of final Harry Potter film
[12:35]  Egypt's revolution is starting to go a little stale
[12:25]  C.J. Mahaney Takes Leave Over 'Serious' Charges
[11:50]  National porn awareness campaign begins this week
[11:20]  Obama: my administration is most pro-gay in history
[10:45]  Religious Discrimination Inquiry to be held
[09:50]  Vatican reveals European evangelization project
[09:45]  SBC president: Go 'extra mile' when witnessing to gay friends
[09:10]  Illinois ends contracts with Catholic adoption agencies
[06:35]  Hungarian Parliament Passes Restrictive Religion Law


[11:15]  NDP call for removal of charitable status for ‘ex-gay’ groups
[11:10]  Missionary Arrested While Walking to Church
[10:55]  Cuban Pastor Receives Asylum in United States
[10:20]  Australian Senate rejects same-sex ‘marriage’ motion
[09:50]  Southern Baptists, others urge Iran isolation
[09:00]  Iranian Supreme Court Written Verdict in Death Sentence
[08:10]  Nigeria: Bomb Explodes at All Christian-Fellowship Mission
[02:55]  How missionaries are being trained in South Korean churches


[08:20]  Sudan enters a new era
[08:10]  Federal officials ban ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ at funeral services
[07:10]  Vatican official: UN resolution threatens Church’s freedom
[07:05]  California: gay textbook an attack on parental rights
[07:00]  At neglected African hospital, volunteers share 'their hearts'
[06:45]  House forbids 'gay marriages' on military bases
[06:45]  Thousands of abortions unreported in Illinois
[06:40]  Church Attacks in Senegal Must be Probed


[07:00]  South Sudan prepares to declare formal independence
[06:35]  Bishops dedicate $2.1 million to Latin American pastoral work
[06:15]  Nearly one million in Spain assisted by Caritas in 2010
[06:10]  Southern California diocese considers buying Crystal Cathedral
[05:50]  Report on P. Parenthood details abuses, calls for action
[05:25]  Los Alamos wildfire mobilizes N.M. Baptists
[05:15]  DADT: Ruling may end it immediately
[04:30]  Uruguayan athletes share Gospel in Chile
[04:15]  Gridiron Gospel opens doors in Portugal
[03:35]  Marching for Justice and Religious Freedom
[03:05]  7th Annual NightVision Festival Advocates Human Life


[11:00]  Italian Leaders Unite to Support Israel
[10:50]  'Transform' through prayer
[10:40]  New York: Marriage supporters look to repeal gay ‘marriage’ law
[10:30]  Adoption should be promoted to women with unwanted pregnancies
[10:10]  California: Pro-gay teaching in schools, no parent opt-out
[09:30]  Holy See and Azerbaijan strike historic agreement
[09:25]  Spain: 80 percent of pregnant teens choose not to abort
[09:05]  Week 13: China arrests 19 more Christians


[19:05]  I Was Healed of 20-Year Long Hepatitis-B through Prayer!
[09:40]  Permission denied for sex minorities' action on Arbat Street
[08:40]  KENYA: "Correct the State" President tells the Church
[06:55]  Down syndrome advocates has complained to international court
[06:50]  Obama completes turnaround on DOMA
[06:30]  ‘Brain dead’ Quebec woman wakes up
[04:45]  2012: 'Gay marriage' could be on the ballot in 5 states
[04:25]  Widow missing for four years rescued from brothel in India
[04:05]  What do the 2012 Games have to do with the UK’s churches?
[03:45]  Schuller will be a non-voting board member of the church
[03:25]  Two Missionaries Arrested in India


[11:15]  Government Abortion Data Released after Court Ruling
[10:25]  Dublin Rally for Life a smash success
[09:50]  'Gay marriage,' inevitable? The stats say no
[09:25]  Historic Polish bill to ban all abortion clears first vote
[09:15]  Christian leaders reach agreement on guidelines for evangelizing
[06:35]  Catholic University reverses course, bans co-ed housing
[05:55]  Iran ‘annuls’ death sentence for Youcef Nadarkhani
[05:25]  New Exhibit at Billy Graham Library in August


[10:25]  Violence Against Christian Villagers in Egypt


[23:20]  Denver archbishop says Supreme Court is wrong on video game violence
[01:10]  On homosexuality, our actions speak the loudest (press)
[01:00]  Italian man goes to prison for euthanizing his 91-year-old mother
[00:35]  Dangerous Bible distribution to get truth to Iranian youth
[00:20]  Bishops of North and Central America urge countries to protect migrants


[23:55]  From a jail cell to Haiti, church spreads faith
[23:30]  Peter and Paul commemorated by Christians in Israel, around the World
[23:15]  Korean Christian Orchestra Conductor: How to Build Number One Orchestra (photoreport, exclusive)
[23:05]  HR 1856- bill reauthorizes the USCIRF for seven more years
[22:55]  A plea to U.S. Bishops: Please love enough to speak of the dangers of homosexuality
[22:50]  Pro-lifers' streak of state wins continues at Washington
[22:40]  Christians not vilified by Islamic billboards says Australian Advertising Standards Bureau
[10:45]  Historic Forum 20 Event Looks Back to the Future
[10:40]  America, the exceptional nation (press)
[10:35]  UN agency’s Youth Program calls for access to abortion and prostitution
[09:45]  Donating toward van will give kids in India hope
[09:30]  Recently discovered 100-year-old images depict the life of shepherds in ancient Palestine
[09:25]  Russia gets ready to slap warning labels on abortion ads
[09:10]  Mohler: church facing a moral revolution
[08:55]  High-level meetings lay the groundwork for health Indo-Pak talks


[12:35]  United Kingdom christian advocate sees beginnings of tyranny in Equality Commissioner's remarks
[12:25]  Church van tragedy stirs upcoming revival
[12:15]  Pakistani christian groups stand and helped people affected with flood
[12:05]  Warrior Leadership Summit under attack
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