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[21:20]  Young Adults' Mission of Chennai Manmin Church Had its Retreat
[19:10]  Chinese Authorities Expel Shouwang Church Member from Beijing
[14:05]  Tensions rise in Egypt over two missing Christian girls
[10:10]  Proposed euthanasia law must be rejected, state Spanish bishops
[07:25]  Archdiocese of Barcelona denies Catholic hospital is doing abortions
[07:00]  Jerusalem: A more meaningful trip at the holy land
[06:05]  Dr. Michael Youssef blames church for gay marriage laws
[02:10]  Changes to Pakistan’s religious minorities ministry could aid persecutors


[22:05]  Kansas Planned Parenthood sues to keep tax funding
[18:10]  Pastor’s death sentence upheld by Iranian Supreme Court
[14:05]  Russian Duma welcomes Moscow Demographic Summit, June 29-30
[10:10]  Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning debuts on DVD in September
[06:05]  Nina Shea: A doubtful win against Muslim blasphemy demands (press)
[02:10]  First Step continues to develop Sierra Leone's economy


[22:05]  U.S. Supreme Court rejects violent video game ban
[18:10]  New York bishops says gay marriage law could be used against churches
[15:20]  Saint Michael Studios launches New Christian Music Magazine
[14:00]  Jaerock Lee's blog: My Parents Taught Me Goodness and Righteousness (exclusive)
[13:40]  Euthanasia now being applied to patients with dementia
[13:25]  Joplin tornado didn't halt Thailand mission trip
[13:15]  Global survey of Evangelical Protestant leaders
[13:15]  Love that keeps on growing (press)
[13:05]  NY bishops say gay 'marriage' law could be used against churches
[12:10]  Muslims surround church in Egypt, threaten to kill priest
[11:50]  Archbishop Gomez begins Rome pilgrimage with Corpus Christi Mass
[11:45]  ‘Gender madness’: Swedish pre-school bans ‘him’ and ‘her’
[11:40]  Kansas City diocese appoints new vicar for clergy
[11:20]  Legion leadership may step down at next General Chapter
[10:40]  Denver held 60 hours of adoration to pray for pope and priests
[02:10]  Uzbek Christians suffer as regime tightens noose


[22:05]  U.S. troop drawdown won't disrupt medical outreach in Afghanistan
[18:10]  New York Senate voted to legalize gay “marriage”
[14:05]  Tragedy strikes mission hospital in Ecuador
[10:10]  Former murder capital of the world sees youth revival for Christ
[06:05]  France’s bioethics law: bad, but not as bad as might have been
[02:10]  Critics say Pakistan’s blasphemy law is being abused
[01:05]  Catholic bishops: Make reforms a condition of Swaziland bailout
[00:10]  New TV show in Turkey will answer key questions about the Bible


[14:10]  Spanish bishops warn against ‘death with dignity’ law
[08:05]  Zimbabwe: Despot president turns against church
[02:10]  Congolese leaders celebrate 50 years of MAF service


[20:05]  Top sports anchor in Canada fired over beliefs on marriage
[14:10]  Mixed reactions to U.S. Afghanistan troop withdrawal
[08:05]  Ticket sales launch for Sept. 30 debut of ‘Courageous’
[02:10]  Decline in ministry's funding leaves people hungry in Haiti


[20:05]  Al Gore: population control as answer to climate change
[14:10]  Rowan Williams urges greater church involvement in environment
[13:05]  Vatican hopes iPod can bring silence to Rome’s churches
[10:30]  A surgeon in USA discovers the power of prayer
[10:25]  Duane J. Young: Waiting for a Dad (press)
[10:15]  A prisoner of hope married twice to the same man (press)
[10:00]  When missing your father is sometimes a good thing (press)
[09:40]  Hardened heart melts after movie
[09:25]  God healed a man in Asia after missionary's prayer
[09:00]  Summer months are great for camps and conventions
[08:50]  The woman on the operating table was – his wife
[08:20]  Hope in the Heart of Darkness
[08:05]  Bishop-supported gay ministry calls for same-sex 'marriage'
[02:10]  Catholic expert says hope for Middle East is justified


[22:05]  US military chaplains at core of new outreach
[18:10]  America becoming ‘much less friendly’ to religious freedom
[14:05]  Colombian criminals request help from Church to turn themselves in
[10:10]  Dozens of languages still waiting for Bible translations in...Europe?
[06:05]  Jamaican missionaries lead effort to stop abortion, launch pro-life center
[02:10]  Spain violating conscience rights of health care workers


[22:05]  World's second most-dangerous city finds hope in prison
[18:10]  Costa Rica ignores enormous international pressure, keeps IVF ban
[17:50]  Tokyo Tabata Manmin Church's 11th Anniversary Service
[14:05]  Egypt could lift burdens on building new churches
[10:10]  Church construction halted by anti-Christian extremists
[06:05]  NY senators delay gay 'marriage' vote, possibility still looms
[02:10]  Researcher: Google queries on Catholic topics show major drop


[22:05]  Restrictions won't stop the Palau team to evangelise France
[18:10]  Traditional, pro-family Anglicans lose churches in Canada
[14:45]  A North Korean refugee's account: Life of Poverty and Richness (photoreport, exclusive)
[14:15]  In China, gov't-run church puts pressure on Shouwang
[12:40]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Awakening the Sleeping Giant (press)
[11:05]  Ministry in Canada transforms lives of the disgraced
[10:10]  Blind Chinese pro-life activist beaten, tortured: wife
[06:05]  French parents pressured to abort Down’s kids, health activists complain
[02:10]  Mob of 50 violently beats Christian worker in India


[22:05]  Sudanese military, militias kill Christians in South Kordofan
[18:10]  Despite divorce, other threats, fatherhood remains foundational
[14:10]  Christian conference seeks healing through faith (press)
[14:05]  65% of Americans reject gay-affirmative lessons in grade school
[10:10]  Bishop: Libyans 'fed up' with war; some Western officials are, too
[06:05]  Vatican invests $1 million in adult stem cell research
[02:10]  Medical team helps cholera victims in Haiti
[01:05]  India expels 3 American Christian women for "proselytizing"
[00:10]  Major conference on clerical abuse announced in Rome


[16:10]  New refugee crisis in Turkey a parallel to another crisis
[11:05]  US churches rally for National Back To Church Sunday
[05:10]  Vatican launches stem cell venture with US company


[23:05]  Uzbekistan: Police beating, axe death threat, beating threat
[18:10]  U.S. bishops step up efforts to defend marriage
[16:10]  Paraguay offers to hold debate on legalization of abortion
[11:05]  Conference to address issues faced by Christians in the Middle East
[05:10]  South Asia teams witness power of prayerwalking
[00:45]  I Was Healed of AIDS through the Prayer Transcending Space and Time (press, exclusive)


[23:05]  Local pastor: Death and destruction in Sudan
[18:10]  Rome’s rollerblading monk headed to France
[16:10]  Carleton University claims Carleton Lifeline's lawsuit is frivolous
[11:05]  Business ethics summit begins at the Vatican
[11:05]  Peers join critics of Assisted Suicide programme
[05:10]  Anti-government protests in Greece turn violent


[23:05]  Top Korean doctor reveals why he believes in spiritual healing
[18:10]  Baptist resolution affirms biblical doctrine of hell
[14:05]  Hungary sponsors bold pro-life campaign with EU money
[10:10]  Translation teams celebrate deaf community's reception of Bible notes
[06:05]  Catholic University of America plans return to single-sex dorms
[02:10]  Al-Qaeda call for attacks on houses of worship


[22:05]  Last Tennessee county readies to kick Planned Parenthood funding
[18:10]  Rick Wakeman to appear on the BBC’s Songs of Praise TV program
[14:05]  Ministry team moves forward with Gospel project in Kyrgyzstan
[13:00]  The World Holiness Center was Opened in the U.S.
[12:25]  Reverend Tony Cooke: A Divider, Not a Uniter (press)
[10:10]  French National Assembly rejects gay ‘marriage’ in historic vote
[06:05]  The International Day of the African Child brings hope
[02:10]  Sarah Palin’s e-mails: ‘going rogue’ for life


[22:05]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Throwing out the high and low scores (press)
[18:10]  What’s wrong with 2-graders learn about homosexuality?
[14:05]  Churches helping to control alcohol problem in Moldova
[11:25]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Spiritually Blind (exclusive)
[10:10]  Business ethics is focus of upcoming Vatican summit
[06:05]  Spanish pro-abortion politician ‘not welcome’ in Paraguay
[02:10]  Prayer saves a student whose neck and throat were deeply slashed
[01:05]  Vatican daily: Embryonic stem cells only create false hope
[00:10]  A change in Nepal's criminal code could threaten Gospel work


[22:05]  Court acquits three Christians of blasphemy charge


[14:05]  World Youth Day expected to pump $146 million into Spanish economy
[13:25]  Doctors searched for evidence of divine healing in Australia (photoreport, exclusive)
[09:10]  Pastors introduce Gospel to prostitutes in India
[03:05]  Bishop urges parents to enroll children in religion classes


[22:10]  U.S., Canadian to Slovakia support gay pride parade
[21:15]  Korean revival: Manmin's church pastor about ways to successful ministry (exclusive)
[14:05]  Spike in persecution means one main thing: church growth
[09:10]  KC bishop responds to concerns with independent investigation
[03:05]  Christian speaker/author signs with national distributor


[22:10]  On 'gay marriage' poll results, be skeptical
[16:05]  Reports of victims of forced conversions to Islam, rapes
[12:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Loving the Old Testament (press)
[11:10]  Food For the Hungry continues to assist churches in Japan
[06:05]  Stay-at-home mothers, get back to work: European Union
[02:10]  Women to climb Kilimanjaro to fight human trafficking


[22:05]  MTV pulls pro-life ad because of partnership with Planned Parenthood
[18:10]  Parents can’t opt kids out of pro-homosexual curriculum
[17:40]  Urim Book Participated in Book Expo America 2011 (exclusive)
[14:05]  Christian fears over Sharia courts bill in Uganda
[10:10]  Team preparations underway for outreach plan in Thailand
[06:05]  ‘Surfing Madonna’ graffiti gets Calif. beach city talking
[02:10]  Genetics analysis of Jews confirms Genesis


[22:05]  NFL players help kids in El Salvador through Compassion International
[18:10]  EU Court: Do ‘equalities’ laws violate rights of Christians?
[16:10]  In India, church 'on the street' is pastors' vision
[16:00]  A spiritual revolution in the medical field (exclusive)
[14:05]  Islamic extremism at home in British universities
[10:10]  Illinois Catholic Charities suing state over adoption rules
[06:05]  Hostile village opens up to the Gospel in Mozambique
[02:10]  Archbishop Gomez tells new priests their mission is to evangelize


[22:05]  Hugh Grant: assisted suicide campaigner a ‘tremendous force for good’
[18:10]  Ban the Bible, Pakistani Muslim politician says
[14:05]  Epidemic of cholera strikes thousands in Haiti again
[12:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Shallow faith - myths about spiritual maturity (press)
[10:10]  Italians not having kids, and now, not getting married either
[06:05]  Vatican to publish Irish Church abuse report in 2012
[05:55]  Christian doctors to prescribe ‘spiritual healing’ for sickness (photoreport)
[02:10]  College students could lead the States to revival


[22:05]  Liby: Bishop concerned over continued bombing
[18:10]  Arizona governor challenges medicinal marijuana law
[16:10]  Future of family in Coalition Britain Conference - a WCF regional congress
[14:05]  Congress considers ending support for persecuted Christians in Iran
[10:10]  Peruvian bishops affirm right to life ahead of presidential election
[06:05]  Sudan avoids return to war, but violence leaves thousands homeless
[02:10]  Pedophilia a serious problem in Asia, say Catholic bishops
[01:05]  World needs Christian families more than ever, Pope says
[00:10]  Asia Bibi in good health but family requires more support


[12:05]  Nepal plans new criminal code forbidding evangelism
[06:10]  Disaster relief: tornadoes, flooding & now hurricane season
[00:05]  Despite 200 murders, Iraqi church grows strong


[18:10]  Irish singer/politician launches nationwide pro-life art competition
[12:05]  Tens of thousands of kids reached via soccer in Muslim nation
[06:10]  Another journalist murdered in Pakistan
[00:05]  ‘Today’ show prepares episode from the Vatican


[18:10]  Gay journalist continues aggressive campaign against Christian counsellor
[15:40]  Doctors tell about previous WCDN conferences (exclusive)
[12:50]  Aleksey Ledaev's Blog: "Didn't I tell you…" (exclusive)
[12:10]  Ministry stepping up support for Bible translation in DR Congo
[06:05]  Texas university backs down from banning Christian ad
[00:05]  Marriage, values - hot topics at Renner Ministries' meetings for pastors


[19:50]  The 2010 Southern India Christian Medical Conference in Madurai Hosted by WCDN (exclusive)
[18:10]  Jesus Rally at Cornerstone Festival reunites groundbreaking artists
[16:10]  Article by Reverend Tony Cooke: Fill in the Blank (press)
[14:05]  The goal of government media is to discredit Christians in Iran
[13:05]  How a Manmin church minister found success (exclusive)
[10:10]  Christian doctor under GMC investigation for sharing faith
[06:05]  Refugee crisis in Greece; Hellenic Ministries reaches out
[04:15]  Dr. Lee's Book Hell was Featured in Assist News Service
[02:10]  The depth of 'Arab Spring' response explored during G8


[22:05]  Paris Vigil for Life seen as hopeful sign by pro-life movement
[18:10]  Poll finds Americans widely accepting of divorce, premarital sex
[16:10]  Christian evangelists facing possible ‘blasphemy’ charges
[14:05]  Philippines set to consider legalizing divorce
[10:10]  Archbishop of Tijuana confirms murder of Mexican priest
[06:05]  Ukrainian youth reach devastated children with food, Gospel
[03:45]  The 24th Anniversary of Manmin News newspaper
[02:10]  'Candy Cane Case' questions children's First Amendment rights
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