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[22:05]  Illinois Catholic Charities forced out of adoptions over gay ‘rights’
[18:10]  Many are coming to Christ through the intervention of AMG India
[16:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Are You Making Pearls or Just Getting Irritated? (press)
[14:05]  Staunchly Catholic Malta votes to legalize divorce
[10:10]  Algerian Christian sentenced beyond prosecutor’s request
[06:05]  Jaerock Lee’s book features at Book Expo America (photoreport)
[02:10]  Brazilian president cancels homosexual indoctrination in schools


[22:05]  U.S. Embassy in Pakistan condemns terrorist attack in Bajaur
[18:10]  Pornography's destruction is infiltrating the church
[16:05]  Octogenarian learns how to read so he can better understand Bible
[11:10]  U.S. Memorial Day could be an opportunity to restore life to soldiers
[10:30]  Evangelists Taras and Olga Mekeda told about their ministry (photoreport, press)
[07:05]  A ‘perfect storm’ for euthanasia in the United Kingdom
[02:10]  North Korea releases California Christian businessman
[01:05]  Monks building new monastery at site of biblical miracle
[00:10]  The final show: Oprah Winfrey, God and gays (press)


[12:10]  Irish abortion rate declines for ninth consecutive year
[07:05]  Catholic official: Israeli-Palestinian peace 'will take a long time'
[02:10]  Restrictive law in debate threatens children's ministry


[21:05]  Cuban bishops: Country is slowly moving toward a democratic system
[12:10]  Another ruling against Poland’s pro-life laws from EU court
[07:05]  Pakistan Campus Crusade for Christ robbed by six armed men
[02:10]  Christians who face persecution are an example to Western Christians


[21:05]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Of Harold Camping, Van Gogh & Malchus (press)
[12:10]  Kenyan Christians raise alarm over judicial nominees
[07:05]  Catholic charity Caritas chooses new leader
[02:10]  Day of prayer for Church in China met with restrictions


[21:05]  Christian woman in Sudan arrested for evangelizing
[19:15]  Dr. Jaerock Lee addresses to the 8th International Christian Medical Conference in Australia (exclusive)
[16:05]  Superstar Brad Pitt gave comments on his large family
[12:10]  Catholic man finishes run across America with deepened faith
[07:05]  Slow flood recovery in Pakistan paves the way for ministry
[02:10]  Win or lose, American Idol finalist Scott McCreery is already 2nd


[21:05]  Mother of Steven Tyler’s aborted baby breaks 3-decade silence
[16:05]  Harold Camping has a new date for the Rapture
[12:10]  Nearly 30,000 attend pro-life march in Peru
[11:05]  World Christian Doctors Network Italy Director about previous conference (exclusive)
[07:05]  Dutch Salesian priest revealed as top pedophilia proponent
[02:10]  Minnesota lawmakers approve marriage amendment for 2012 ballot


[21:05]  Joplin: With 116 dead, Mo. Baptists to help 'in every way we can'
[16:05]  Dozens of Hmong killed as Vietnam quashes peaceful protest
[12:10]  Malta: No communion for those who reject Church teachings
[07:05]  States continue targeting abortion clinics, funds
[02:10]  UK Christian doctor under fire for sharing faith with patient


[21:05]  Guatemalan bishop laments massacre on border with Mexico
[16:10]  Authorities, Islamists in Egypt stop church from re-opening
[12:05]  If Malta votes divorce, some fear the winner will be radical Islam
[07:10]  Nigeria: Kidnapped Catholic priest released
[02:05]  Asian Access reports churches are growing in aftermath of tsunami
[01:10]  British X Factor beauty recalls agonizing pressure to abort son
[00:05]  Surprise, surprise! The world didn’t end today after all (press)


[12:05]  Catholic scholar dismantles May 21 Judgment Day claims
[06:10]  Iran: Eleven Christians Walk Free From Court
[00:05]  Kirk Cameron dispells Hawking's heavenless myth


[18:10]  Japan works toward positive future with help of Catholic aid
[12:05]  Rhode Island House panel approves civil union legislation
[06:10]  Controversial upcoming film is likely to fan radicalism in Pakistan
[00:05]  Swiss voters reject proposed assisted suicide ban


[18:10]  Woman beaten, thrown out of home for refusing to bow to idols
[12:05]  Bishops of Spain encourage taxpayers to contribute to the Church
[06:10]  Forgotten demographic in America's backyard
[00:05]  Facebook pages on Christianity outrank pop stars in user activity


[18:10]  Philippine boxing superstar vows help to fight RH bill
[15:15]  Reverend Tony Cooke: The Challenge (press)
[14:05]  'Homosexual marriage' fight revived in New York
[13:20]  Egyptian revolution threatens stability in the Middle East
[12:45]  Doctors will search for evidence of divine healing in Australia (exclusive)
[10:10]  Author describes afterlife experience following near-fatal car crash
[06:05]  Hungary’s pro-life constitution – a triumph for human rights, family
[02:10]  National Back To Church Sunday set September 18


[22:05]  Germany to subsidize IVF in bid to reverse dwindling birthrate
[18:10]  Pakistan 'blasphemy' law used against kids
[14:10]  Kenya: Archbishop calls for serious Bible sharing
[10:05]  China unlikely to ease crackdown on Shouwang Church
[06:10]  Scottish bishop condemns 'bigoted' attack on Catholic schools
[02:05]  Hundreds of Christians slaughtered in Nigeria


[22:10]  Kansas cuts Planned Parenthood funding
[18:05]  New Zealand schools helping young girls obtain secret abortions
[16:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Involuntary Heroes (press)
[14:05]  Sudanese churches step up peace efforts ahead of independence
[10:10]  Revolution won't change 'defamation of heavenly religions' law
[06:05]  Catholics in Glasgow remember WWII victims with memorial
[02:10]  Uzbekistan: April was the cruelest month for Christians


[22:05]  US bishops see profound injustice in immigration status quo
[18:10]  Canada’s March for Life makes a splash in national media
[14:10]  Movie fails to capture anti-Catholic brutality of Spanish Civil War
[10:05]  Two radio ministries work together to upgrade in Swaziland
[06:10]  'Illegal' Chinese Christians petition China's parliament
[02:05]  70% of disabled fear pressure to die if assisted suicide legalized
[01:10]  Muslims attack Christian protesters in Egypt; over 100 injured
[00:05]  Pope Benedict XVI prays for peace in Libya and Syria


[14:10]  In 150 year old case, Rhode Island confronts its anti-Catholic past
[08:05]  Euthanasia group to launch assisted suicide info hotline
[02:10]  Good news coming out of Pakistan: youth want change


[20:05]  States debate 'gay marriage;' consequences of legalization become clear
[14:10]  Mexico urged to strengthen bond between mother and child
[08:05]  A ministry celebrates change, transition and hope in Uganda
[02:10]  Poland to allow homosexuals to ‘marry’ abroad


[20:05]  Evangelist Billy Graham hospitalized for pneumonia
[14:10]  Bin Laden's death could open doors wider for Gospel
[08:05]  T.D. Jakes Enterprises’ latest film leaps expectations
[02:10]  U.S. Presbyterians to begin ordaining open homosexuals


[22:05]  By Brian and Jeni Stivale: The meaning of life (press)
[18:10]  Will Graham speaks to more than 97,000 in the Philippines
[16:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Beautiful Giving (press)
[14:05]  Africa: Church urged to fight against corruption
[10:10]  Decades of oppression leave many Karen homeless
[06:05]  Italian priest honored for sheltering Jews during WWII
[02:10]  Half of British parents want no sex-ed in schools


[22:05]  Open Doors; prayer needed as Christians face an Iraq-like situation
[18:10]  Navy OKs 'homosexual marriages' by chaplains
[14:05]  US indicts man for death threats against pro-life leaders
[10:10]  Nigerian pastor’s wife, children among Christians killed in attack
[06:05]  UK teenager dies from complications related to oral contraceptive
[02:10]  Christ in the City calls young missionaries to serve Denver's poor


[22:05]  Barna research suggests Americans think they're going to heaven
[18:10]  Vivendi Entertainment content added to Sky Angel
[14:05]  Cornerstone Festival announces diverse line-up of music, film, art
[10:10]  65% of Americans reject gay-affirmative lessons in grade school
[06:05]  Nadine Dorries’ Ten Minute Rule Bill on sex education passes
[02:10]  New book releases from popular conference speaker


[22:05]  Operation Mobilisation's Logos Hope Ship out of the water
[18:10]  Brazil supreme court grants homosexual civil unions
[14:05]  Missionaries counter cultural view to open the 4/14 Window
[12:15]  Evangelist Slavik Radchuk preached in church in Kiev (photoreport)
[10:10]  340 million people still need Bible translated
[06:05]  Muslims attack Christians in Egypt, 12 killed, 232 injured
[02:10]  Mentally ill Christian charged with ‘blasphemy’ in Pakistan
[01:05]  National day of prayer against ‘reproductive health’ bill set
[00:10]  300 Christians dead in post-election violence in Nigeria


[14:05]  Krzystztof Silwa: Abortion killed entire generation of students
[08:10]  Bin Laden death divides Christians on theology
[02:05]  Charges dropped against ‘Notre Dame 88’


[20:10]  Until 1950s, the King James Version was 'the Bible'
[14:05]  World Congress of Families to co-sponsor anti-euthanasia symposium
[08:10]  Cardinal Burke to pray outside Texas abortion clinic
[02:05]  India among the world's worst religious freedom violators


[20:10]  Illinois Catholics fight to keep adoption services
[14:05]  Pope sees 'systematic denial' of religious freedom looming
[08:10]  Studies show Afghanistan worst place for mothers
[02:05]  World Congress Of Families to hold six regional events


[22:10]  600 have become Christian in the city of Neyshabour, Iran
[20:10]  340 million people still need Bible translated
[18:05]  'Gay history' may be required in California schools
[16:05]  Crackdown on protests sparks rumble of revolution in Uganda
[14:10]  UK mom with life-threatening pregnancy refused abortion (press)
[12:25]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Are You “Looking After” or “Looking Up?” (press)
[10:05]  Asia Bibi has not been freed despite Internet stories
[06:10]  House passes historic ban on taxpayer funding for abortion
[02:05]  New essay explains Church teaching on 'brain death,' organ donation


[22:10]  Bible translators push to complete Malayalam project by 2013
[18:05]  Alabama church meets in ruined by tornado sanctuary
[16:10]  Tony Cooke: What do you see when you look on the table? (press)
[14:05]  New short film ‘To Be Born’ sends dramatic pro-life message
[12:25]  Pastor Daniel Rozen`s first book published in Bulgarian
[10:10]  In an Irish pub in Rome, ‘bloggers’ speak of new evangelization
[06:05]  Ministry brings hope and medicine for war victims in Libya
[02:10]  Retired Australian bishop admits past inappropriate behavior


[22:05]  Survey of Christians in India sets off alarm bells
[18:10]  Palin: ‘I choose life’ over glamorous White House Press dinner
[16:15]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: The Apocalyptic Lullaby (press)
[14:05]  Ministry launches ‘Summer of Hope’ appeal for needy kids
[12:25]  "What kind of punishment is Judas receiving in Hades?" (press)
[10:10]  Ministry team cares for tsunami victims one family at a time
[06:05]  Pakistan Christians fear backlash in wake of Osama bin Laden's death
[02:10]  Controversy surrounds 'C.S. Lewis Bible'


[21:50]  Tornado victims the focus of ministry from BGEA
[14:40]  Indiana gov. will sign bill defunding Planned Parenthood
[08:15]  Libyan Church leader says NATO bombings won't solve crisis
[02:30]  Christian broadcast to India starts tomorrow
[00:05]  St Pixels launches first-ever church service on Facebook


[13:10]  Chinese President: one-child policy stays
[07:05]  Naked Christ sculpture draws fire from Jamaican archbishop
[01:10]  Catholic Care forced to offer adoption services to gay couples
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