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[19:05]  Madrid selected as site of World Congress Of Families VI in 2012
[13:10]  Extremism law continues to cause confusion in Russia
[07:05]  Cardinal suspends controversial Chicago priest
[01:10]  Rebecca St. James marries this past weekend in San Diego


[19:05]  Targeted Christians in Indonesia means violence likely to rise
[14:10]  Read David Wilkerson’s inspirational last words (press)
[09:15]  A Stern Calling for an Awakened Christian Life (photoreport)
[08:05]  Russia considering abortion restrictions to slow population collapse
[02:10]  Kmiec says 'injustice' forced him from ambassador position


[22:05]  T.D. Jakes previews acclaimed film “Jumping the Broom”
[18:10]  Kay Warren will be the keynote speaker for pastors' wives
[16:05]  Reverend Tony Cooke: What God is Not (press)
[14:10]  Catholic group loses case against ‘blasphemous’ art work
[10:05]  In Zimbabwe, Catholic bishops are among Mugabe's toughest critics
[06:10]  UK Catholic adoption agency loses appeal, facing closure
[02:35]  David Wilkerson passed away in a fatal automobile accident (exclusive)
[02:10]  Law firm drops DOMA defense after gay activist pressure


[22:05]  Two weeks to Canadian March for Life
[18:10]  New radio station survives massive flooding in Ecuador
[16:05]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Taking Out the Garbage (press)
[14:10]  Orthodox churches object to national identity cards
[10:05]  Bishops denounce disruption at Mexico cathedral on Easter
[06:10]  Muslims beat evangelist to death, assault his pregnant wife
[02:05]  "Read the Bible for Life": Lack of Bible literacy spotlighted


[22:10]  Mission Aviation Fellowship helps NTM reach an unreached tribe
[18:05]  So Cal church enters worldwide flash mob dance scene
[16:10]  Christian employee in Cross in Van Controversy in victory
[14:05]  Oasis Hospital brings Emirati students to CURE Zambia
[10:10]  Michigan Catholic students volunteer in Mississippi
[06:05]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Eat The Whole Thing (press)
[02:10]  Chinese authorities block Easter service in Beijing
[01:05]  Royal row breaks out in UK over anti-Catholic legislation
[00:10]  Aid withheld from Christian earthquake survivors


[14:05]  Oklahoma now 4th state to ban aborting children who feel pain
[08:10]  Francesca Battistelli wins 3 Dove Awards
[02:05]  Franklin Graham: The Heart-Breaking Reality of Hell (press)


[20:10]  Cuba church flourishes, needs help this Easter
[14:05]  Film captures story of faith-filled teacher's service to homeless
[08:10]  Christian electrician refuses to remove palm cross, faces sack
[02:05]  Lady Gaga, Catholic Church Exchange Blows


[20:10]  Church's 'Dance Your Shoes Off' video goes viral
[14:05]  Violence in Southern Sudan casts shadow over new nation
[08:10]  French bishops supporting two pro-abortion groups in Latin America
[02:05]  Calif. parish pledges to rebuild after arsonist destroys church


[22:10]  Haiti's new president gets his priorities in order
[18:05]  Gay students at university protest SBC president's honorary degree
[16:10]  Comment: Hungary for traditional values, Europe resists (press)
[14:05]  UK marketing assisted suicide educational videos for 14-year-olds
[12:30]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Diamonds in the Rough (press)
[10:10]  Jerusalem’s Christian leaders urge peace for Easter
[06:05]  Deadly violence in Nigeria after Christian president elected
[02:10]  Vietnam thwarts Easter/centennial celebrations in Hanoi


[22:05]  Controversial Barcelona priest not excommunicated
[18:10]  House chooses high-profile attorney to defend DOMA
[16:05]  ‘Sex change’ for 10-year-old boy ok says Australian judge
[14:10]  Anti-Christian militants stop film, attack believers
[10:05]  National Geographic documentary examines relics of third-century saints
[06:10]  Muslims attack Christian man’s house over blasphemy case row
[02:05]  Is the West’s decline caused by 'contagion of homosexuality'? (press)


[22:10]  Samaritan's Purse is reaching out to tornado victims in the USA
[18:05]  Nashville 'Gender identity' law could be reversed
[16:10]  Anti-Christian art installation damaged beyond repair
[14:05]  Romanian hospitals queasy over abortion at Christmas, Easter
[10:10]  Church expands despite opposition in Arab world
[06:05]  Scottish cardinal attacks ‘shameful’ British nuclear weapons
[04:30]  Roberts Liardon gave an exclusive interview to Christian Telegraph (photoreport, exclusive)
[02:05]  Worship leader Perry Lahaie joins Moody Radio morning drive team


[22:10]  Architect of Steubenville's Catholic revival to retire after 37 years
[18:05]  Senate defeats attempt to defund Planned Parenthood
[16:10]  Public Inquiry held over proposed Mosque near Sandhurst
[14:05]  India’s gender imbalance ‘worst in recorded history’
[12:30]  New "IndoctriNation" film: what Bible says about kids' education
[10:10]  Muslim man allegedly ‘abducts and rapes’ a Christian girl
[06:05]  Critique of modern Church music echoed by Scottish composer
[02:10]  Aid agencies warn of humanitarian crisis in West Africa
[01:05]  UK Catholic bishop ‘welcomes’ Scout sex-ed program
[00:10]  Christians are being asked to pray for North Korea


[14:10]  Japanese ambassador 'very grateful' to Pope for his generosity
[08:05]  Vatican’s UN observer: Poverty not reduced by population control
[02:10]  Fewer donations could limit outreach in Guatemala


[20:05]  National Day of Prayer upheld by Seventh Circuit
[14:10]  Planned Parenthood funding ban fails in Senate
[08:05]  Christians in Iran under pressure to admit to criminal activities
[02:10]  Vatican to UN: stop treating having children as ‘something to be feared’


[20:05]  'Soul Surfer' inspires online evangelism efforts
[14:10]  Radio station keeps broadcasting amid Ivory Coast violence
[08:05]  Brussels archbishop hit with foam pies, refuses legal action
[02:10]  Cardinal asks Ricky Martin to stop pushing sodomy on youth


[22:05]  Chinese church won't stop meeting, despite demands
[18:10]  Bolivia proposes UN treaty to recognize ‘rights’ of Mother Earth
[16:10]  Church provides healthcare for Mideast refugees
[14:05]  Christians called to ‘light a candle’ for Asia Bibi on April 20
[10:10]  Special working group created to revise 'YouCat'
[06:05]  Nearly 100,000 believers flee Iraq in a matter of months
[02:10]  Child sex trafficking is growing, even in U.S.


[22:05]  Ministry asks Congress to reverse funding cuts to foreign aid
[18:10]  Aftershocks keep Japan's disaster survivors on edge
[16:10]  Three unique Hall of Fame honors mark storied career
[14:05]  Close call for a ministry team near bombing in Belarus subway
[10:10]  Pakistani Islamists attack Sarhadi Lutheran Church for a second time
[06:05]  Scottish bishops welcome new English translation of the Mass
[02:10]  Trump claims pro-life conversion - despite endorsing Hillary Clinton


[22:05]  Report finds few allegations of sex abuse by Catholic clergy in 2010
[18:10] app expands Gospel outreach in English, Spanish, Arabic
[16:10]  For first time in 35 years, Vietnam opens doors to outside evangelist
[14:05]  EU fertility rising, but still far below replacement level
[10:10]  Moral relativism paves way for Satanism, says expert
[08:30]  Lisa Bevere told about US families, new trends in spreading the Gospel (exclusive)
[06:05]  Ark. court: Cohabitating couples must be allowed to adopt
[04:40]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: We never shut up (press)
[02:10]  Christian NBA players pay solidarity visit to Israel


[22:05]  French Senate adopts ‘catastrophic’ bioethics law
[18:10]  Brazilian archbishop laments school shooting
[14:05]  Wycliffe Associates Working to Send Critical Aid to Japan
[10:10]  Azerbaijan: Riot police versus Christian worshippers
[06:05]  WorshipTogether joins FrontGate media family
[02:10]  13-year-old ‘seduced’ pedophile, rules UK judge
[01:05]  Ministry providing hope to children as the shaking continues
[00:10]  Paris dialogue with non-believers raises need for youth outreach


[16:05]  A major convention is planned for this year in Ukraine
[14:10]  What Libya’s civil war means for evangelism
[08:05]  UK assisted suicide campaigner commits suicide at Swiss ‘clinic’
[02:10]  Survey: 14% of churches use online giving


[22:05]  Former punk rocker-turned pastor calls 'Love Wins' dangerous
[18:10]  Pro-life pharmacists win a significant victory in Illinois
[16:05]  California priest takes break from TV ministry after news of past affair
[14:10]  Sean Astin to speak at Biola Media Conference
[08:05]  “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk, Russia, was refused to rent a hall
[02:10]  US bishops urge protection of poor in budget standoff


[22:05]  Church of God leader Ray H. Hughes passes away
[18:10]  Idaho may ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy
[16:05]  Hamas rockets hit Israeli school bus: three injured
[14:10]  Christians pray against Antisemitism and Nazism in 28 countries (photoreport)
[08:05]  Top Vatican official appeals for solidarity with African boat refugees
[02:10]  Kazakhstan: Worship banned in private homes, universities


[22:05]  Exposing the Planned Parenthood business model
[18:10]  New regulations mean church nurseries must replace cribs
[16:10]  U.S. Leaders Seek Vision for Evangelism at Orlando 2011
[14:05]  Church faces closure to prevent Islamic radicalism
[12:30]  Reverend Tony Cooke: A Gospel of Irresponsibility? (press)
[10:10]  Muslim gang leader terrorizing Christians in Egyptian village
[06:05]  Pakistan archbishop asks US to act against pastor who burned Quran
[02:10]  Quran burning 'not the mark of a good neighbor,' Land says


[22:05]  Women At Risk urges prayer for Muslim women
[18:10]  BBC operates on a ‘creed of political correctness’
[16:35]  Measles strikes, children die in Democratic Republic of Congo
[14:05]  The Message of the Cross Touches Many in the Philippines
[10:10]  UK MPs seek to ‘tighten’ abortion restrictions; pro-lifers skeptical
[06:05]  Vietnamese Catholics beaten for supporting human rights lawyer
[05:45]  Atheist Christopher Hitchens could be 'saved' by evangelical Christian
[02:10]  HCJB Global helps get radio license in Liberia


[22:05]  Archbishop Chaput praises defeat of Colorado civil unions bill
[18:10]  Persecution: Chinese expand their tactics, report says
[14:05]  Breakthrough: New heart grown using adult stem cells
[12:35]  Tact and Diplomacy - Keys to Building (Not Burning) Bridges (press)
[10:10]  Heroic pro-life Indian Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil dies at age 84
[06:05]  Nepal church bomber and Hindu extremist faked repentance
[02:10]  S.Africa: Church expresses concern over violent protests


[22:05]  Ex-priest's ego caused break with Church, says former supporter
[18:10]  Christian student suspended for sharing faith sues school district
[15:05]  LA acting studio begins mission to create actors with ‘spiritual integrity’
[11:10]  Former drug addict reaches statistically hopeless teens
[07:05]  ‘Stunned’ pro-life teacher fired over abortion debate flap
[02:10]  Christians demand arrest of Shahbaz Bhatti’s killers in Lahore
[01:05]  Japan struggles to aid the survivors returning home
[00:10]  Vatican fully adopts new anti-money laundering measures


[16:10]  Japan teams enter disaster zone, find no radiation
[13:05]  Expert: Presidential divorce in Guatemala mocks the family
[08:10]  One ministry's end becomes a launch for another in Congo
[02:05]  Catholic manga company's new comic tells story of Pope


[22:10]  Porn industry fights anti-obscenity laws; claims porn isn’t ‘obscenity’
[18:05]  China may drop one-child policy; coercive abortion likely to continue
[16:10]  US bishops warn of radical secularism in Senate testimony
[13:05]  How does Bible numerology play into Middle Eastern revolution?
[08:10]  Indiana House passes major pro-life abortion overhaul
[02:05]  Christians, Muslims unite to condemn Koran-burning Terry Jones


[22:10]  Archbishop Gomez talks basketball with LA Lakers
[18:05]  Outreach Inc. offers 'Soul Surfer' movie resources to teach churches
[16:10]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Right in the eyes
[13:05]  New constitution could threaten evangelism in Nepal
[08:10]  'Not done weeping yet,' missionary in Japan says
[02:05]  Church welcomes divorced with mercy, Vatican official affirms
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