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[22:10]  Smartphone, tablet apps changing the way Christians study Bible
[18:05]  Movieguide® Awards Gala to be broadcast on Hallmark Movie Channel
[16:10]  Conditional release of two Iranian Christians from Karoon Prison
[14:05]  Europe’s Marches for Life a sign that tide is turning on the continent
[10:10]  New Ukrainian Catholic leader seeks restoration of patriarchal status
[09:35]  Rev. Tony Cooke: It’s Not What You Think (press)
[06:05]  Ministry aims to help Bible translators stay out of harm’s way
[02:10]  Despite controversy in NYC, pro-life billboards coming to Chicago


[22:10]  U.N. rights body ditches religious 'defamation' idea
[18:05]  US Catholic priest accused of ‘anti-gay indoctrination’
[16:05]  Female prisoners learn ministry through seminary's program
[14:10]  Ministry reports: Talking Bible dedicated in Ethiopia
[12:30]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Eat Your Words (press)
[10:05]  Amendment to remove financial conflict from abortion counselling
[06:10]  Evangelist Slavik Radchuk in the Messianic congregation in Kiev (photoreport)
[04:05]  Caritas bishop sees long days ahead in Japanese rebuilding
[02:10]  God’s presence in everyday life key to ‘There Be Dragons’


[22:05]  17 U.S. campus ministries sign unity agreement
[18:10]  Humanitarian, strategic questions surround Libyan intervention
[16:05]  Crack in Japanese reactor core opens up nightmare scenario (press)
[15:10]  Christians targeted in election-related violence in Nigeria
[12:30]  The Bread by the Door – Understanding the Power of Association (press)
[11:05]  Pro-life march in Spain draws over 150,000 participants
[08:40]  Slavik Radchuk preached in the youth service in Kiev, Ukraine (photoreport)
[07:10]  Atheists and Catholics in Paris examine question of God
[05:25]  One Hope Project held training for Mentors in Kiev, Ukraine
[02:05]  Saddleback church’s ‘Japan Night’ marks beginning of long haul


[22:10]  Facebook-divorce stats: couples 'be wise,' experts say
[18:05]  Catholic youth create videos for internet contest
[16:10]  Ottawa Catholic university to host abortion activist
[12:05]  Study: Religion may be heading for extinction in parts of world
[08:10]  Churches flattened as earthquakes hit North East Burma
[04:05]  Info missing from survey claiming Catholic support for gay ‘marriage’
[02:10]  Pope appeals for diplomatic talks to halt armed conflict in Libya
[01:05]  Ministry team members drive near radiation zone to help victims
[00:10]  Christian in Bangladesh goes to prison for evangelism


[16:05]  Evangelists Taras and Olga Mekeda visited African prison (photoreport, press)
[13:10]  Ottawa Archbishop backs March for Life despite graphic images
[09:05]  Fighting in Ivory Coast could drag country into civil war
[04:10]  Persecution heats up in Pakistan with two more murders


[23:05]  Japan welcomes Christian relief with open arms
[18:10]  Pro-life Tea Party leader will make presidential run: CNN
[16:10]  Nepal should ’review proposed religious restriction’
[13:05]  Pope’s new book debuts on NY Times Bestseller list
[09:10]  Woman killed in Jerusalem bomb blast was Christian missionary
[04:05]  Oxford ethicist: use IVF to create only smart babies


[23:10]  Author tells the power of God is limitless
[18:05]  Peru court upholds presence of crucifix in public places
[16:15]  Should Israel prepare for war in the Middle East?
[13:10]  Five Christians to face trial in Iran for blasphemy
[08:05]  A quake may be the answer to the prayer of Burma's refugees
[02:10]  No gay ‘marriage’ in California while Prop. 8 appeal ongoing


[22:05]  New South Dakota abortion law increases waiting period
[18:10]  Christian minorities & the risks they face under Islamic rule (press)
[16:05]  Logos Hope Ship faces critical engineer shortfall
[14:10]  Pope: Church needs courageous apostles to fight religious indifference
[12:25]  By Rev. Tony Cooke: Jurassic Park and the Incarnation (press)
[10:05]  Children of divorce/separation die 5 years earlier: study
[08:30]  Slavik Radchuk ministered at European conference in Moldova (photoreport)
[06:10]  10 percent of Vietnam could be believers by 2020
[02:05]  27 arrests in six days connected to the Malatya slayings


[22:10]  Thousands of Bibles headed to American soldiers
[18:05]  Police response to firebomb attack on pro-life demonstrator criticized
[16:10]  Convert from Islam escapes Egypt with daughter
[14:05]  'JESUS' film requested for delivery alongside quake aid
[12:20]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: His Eye Is On The Sparrow (press)
[10:10]  Law banning ‘sex-change’ surgery proposed in Lithuania
[06:05]  Vatican official at UN decries 'attacks' on Catholic beliefs
[04:15]  Slavik Radchuk preached in Romanian church Atlanta (photoreport)
[02:10]  Democratic Revolution Threatens Christians in Egypt


[22:05]  School outreach works to provide HANDS-on outreach moments
[18:10]  Pornography now gains its .xxx Web domain
[16:05]  NYC facing second lawsuit over pregnancy center regulations
[14:10]  50 kids could go hungry with after-school program in jeopardy
[12:25]  Why Giving Stops - Overcoming Cirrhosis of the Giver (press)
[10:05]  Judge who refused to hear cases because of crucifixes sacked
[06:10]  AU bishops denounce pro-abort, anti-family Green Party agenda
[02:05]  War-like election violence targets Christians in Ivory Coast


[22:10]  WikiLeaks: US considered grants for Mexican pro-abortion groups
[18:05]  Washington state reports 51 assisted-suicide deaths from 2010
[16:10]  Moscow’s “National Prayer Breakfast” has a new format
[14:05]  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: God has chosen my successor
[10:10]  European court: crucifixes can remain in Italian schools
[06:05]  Literacy makes all the difference in the world
[02:10]  Pope Benedict XVI prays for peace in Libya
[01:05]  Disaster-ridden Japan in store for more trauma
[00:10]  Croatian Christians rise up in support of teacher accused of ‘homophobia’


[15:40]  Woman loses custody of child for 5 years for refusing C-section
[12:05]  Harassment, persecution of Turkish Christians continues
[08:10]  Pelosi: defending DOMA would cost government too much money
[03:05]  Missionaries: now is the time for spiritual change in Japan


[22:10]  In Ethiopia, Muslims burn 69 churches; one Christian killed
[17:05]  Judge may dismiss Ground Zero Mosque suit
[15:30]  Albert Pujols' Christian faith explored in new biography
[12:10]  Divorce law in Mexico City will destroy the family, experts warn
[08:05]  Death threats against Christians keep coming in Pakistan
[03:10]  Egypt’s weekend vote could open door to terrorists


[22:05]  Alberta bishops boycott March for Life over graphic images
[17:10]  Medical Teams International is sending aid to help victims
[12:05]  Malaysian government to release Bibles seized over 'Allah' dispute
[09:35]  Slavik Radchuk invited to preach at Euro-Asian Congress (photoreport)
[07:10]  Dublin Archbishop defends traditional marriage from political attacks
[02:05]  Bishop: battle for same-sex ‘marriage’ destroying U.S. democracy


[22:10]  Interview with the author of The Shack, William Paul Young (press, exclusive)
[18:05]  Baby Joseph's struggle a teaching moment on the value of life
[16:10]  ‘Preach on uncomfortable subjects’ pope tells priests
[15:35]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The Four-Wheel Drive Christian (press)
[14:05]  Christian anti-human trafficking organization rescues girl in India
[11:15]  Evangelist Slavik Radchuk has visited Germany (photoreport)
[10:10]  European court to rule on crucifixes in Italian schools
[06:05]  Disaster's emotional effects beginning to show on Japanese faces
[02:10]  Rob Bell book stirs controversy, denies core Christian beliefs


[22:05]  Gay ‘marriage’ advocate to train Catholic schools on ‘equity’
[18:10]  Church in El Salvador presses President Obama on immigration reform
[16:05]  Big Brother winner: ‘I wept for hours’ over abortion
[14:10]  Persecution: Another ‘victim’ of Pakistan’s blasphemy law
[10:05]  Scottish cardinal accuses UK of 'anti-Christian foreign policy'
[06:10]  Comments from Tokyo's governor opens spiritual dialogue in Japan
[02:05]  Ministry team battles challenges on multiple fronts in Japan


[22:10]  Brazil opens emergency phone line to ‘homophobia’ reports
[18:05]  Cuban dissidents indignant over government support for Gaddaffi
[16:10]  ‘Godspeed,’ a new rock opera about Jesus, to open next month
[14:05]  Family expert accuses Spain of turning society against human life
[10:10]  Ayatollah: Evangelism must be dismantled from Iran
[06:05]  Caritas Japan working to rebuild lives of disaster victims
[02:10]  Muslims must lead 'charge against radical Islam,' witness tells committee


[22:05]  Mexican socialists plan push to decriminalize abortion
[18:10]  Their church planting role began with a heart for the deaf (press)
[16:10]  Utah passes three pro-life bills, fourth signed into law
[14:05]  UK doctors consistently oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide
[10:10]  Anti-Catholic students protest at university chapel in Madrid
[06:05]  Continued detention of another proselyte Christians in prison
[02:10]  Pope says sin calls for 'spritual combat,' not denial
[01:05]  Pakistani Poverty stricken Christian saved from having to ‘sell’ his kids
[00:10]  Japanese Church mobilizing tsunami response


[16:05]  U.S. church leaders call for new Middle East peace efforts
[12:10]  Pope Benedict urges wholehearted conversion during Lent
[07:05]  Girl cured of brain cancer using umbilical cord stem cells
[03:05]  Hispanics leader opposes Obama’s marriage directive


[21:10]  In Quebec, he’s aiming for 200 new churches, 20,000 baptisms (press)
[16:05]  N. Dakota bishops: Catholics should not donate to ‘objectionable’ groups
[12:10]  AFA pledges advertiser boycott of ABC’s ‘Good Christian B*tches’
[07:05]  Leprosy Mission appoints new National Director
[02:10]  Uprising across the Middle East sparks effort in Burma


[21:05]  In African village, Calif. Church breaks generations of lostness
[16:10]  Survey: 92% of French women consider abortion a traumatic event
[12:05]  House legal panel votes to defend traditional marriage law
[07:10]  Muslim Brotherhood calls for war on Israel
[02:05]  Police ransack Church, pastors arrested in Karnataka State


[23:10]  Catholic leaders praise Illinois governor for ending death penalty
[21:05]  Colombian religions support pro-life constitutional amendment
[19:10]  Organization with unusual approach to ministry celebrates 50 years
[17:05]  Minnesota state judge rejects 'gay marriage'
[15:10]  Spanish cardinal asks to explain controversial contents of new book
[13:05]  Christians forced to flee violence in Ethiopia need urgent aid
[12:20]  Reverend Tony Cooke: How precious is this Book? (press)
[11:10]  Ministry reports Bibles are needed as Christians evangelize
[09:05]  UK High Court: You can be Christian and still approve of gay sex
[07:10]  Asia Bibi fears she's next, after Pakistani minister’s slaying
[05:05]  Ontario study: Over 60% of teen pregnancies are aborted
[03:10]  Christians join to fight trafficking through European Freedom Network
[01:05]  Increased internet availability shaves years off Bible translation


[23:10]  Cardinal places 21 priests on leave after abuse allegations
[21:05]  Future of Christian radio in New Zealand - secured
[19:10]  ‘In God We Trust’ will stay on U.S. coins after Supreme Court rejects appeal
[17:05]  Spiritual warfare, Islam among missions conference topics
[15:10]  New Egyptian prime minister meets with Christians after attack
[13:05]  Johns fostering case: Effects of the ruling, further analysis
[11:10]  One dies in Coptic-Muslim clash in Cairo, Egypt
[10:25]  The Jerusalem International Book Fair 2011 was held
[09:05]  Hail storm causes damage to an outreach project
[07:10]  Bishops may seek to declare slain Pakistani minister a ‘martyr’
[05:05]  Cord blood stem cells used to help cure girl of brain cancer in Spain
[03:10]  Abolishing death penalty in Illinois would help build culture of life


[23:05]  Haiti celebrates new beginnings with Carnival and an election
[19:10]  Planned Parenthood ‘Truth Tour’ mimics route of pro-life bus tour
[15:05]  Rick Warren presents Tony Blair with third International Medal of PEACE
[11:10]  Americans believe kids need 2 parents, Pew study says
[07:05]  Fidelity of pastoral ministry program at University of Dallas questioned
[03:40]  Young adult sex on the decrease: study says


[23:35]  U.S. House of Representatives OKs ban on funding abortion
[19:20]  Kenya: Church commits to participate in peace building
[15:55]  Widespread domestic abuse counteracted by an Oasis
[11:10]  Christians in Pakistan protest the killing of Shahbaz Bhatti
[07:45]  Nicolas Sarkozy defends ‘magnificent heritage’ of Christianity
[03:20]  Catholic university to mark Pope's 60 years in priesthood


[23:15]  Extremist mob attacks college students on mission trip
[12:05]  Human trafficking spikes in post-earthquake Haiti
[08:10]  Iranian government launches crackdown against Christians
[03:05]  Vatican museums develop first-ever tours for deaf and blind


[22:10]  Andrew Palau returns to place where he came to Christ
[17:05]  Arrested ‘pro-choice terrorist’ a survivor of feminist mom’s abortions
[12:10]  Licensing victory in Oxford as lap dance club loses license application
[08:05]  President of Chile stresses importance of the right to life
[03:10]  Cindy Jacobs Makes Urgent Prayer Call for Egypt


[22:05]  Brazil’s most popular soap opera dramatizes right to life
[18:10]  Knights of Columbus opening new facility for Haitian amputees
[15:05]  Church leaders ask for government protection in Ethiopia
[12:10]  Workplace should accommodate mothers, Vatican observer tells UN
[09:05]  Newham Concern Press Release on Mega Mosque
[06:10]  Christians respond to assassination of minister for minorities
[03:05]  A ministry tracks growth in Northeastern Thailand
[00:10]  Tony Cooke: Eight Reasons Not to Make Your House Payment


[22:05]  Proposed federal budget cuts could have 'drastic' impact on poor
[20:10]  New York City Council passes pregnancy center gag law
[18:05]  Gay leader and conservative leader debate Bible
[16:10]  Orphans at risk as Russian crisis centers go understaffed
[14:05]  Muslim abductors release Christian after conversion to Islam
[12:10]  Critics of Philippines population control bill could be jailed
[10:05]  Scholars refute BBC program claiming Bible was changed
[08:10]  Gaddafi bombs east Libya; Christian ministry brings hope
[06:05]  Vatican planning to launch online news portal
[04:10]  Pakistan’s only Christian official shot dead by Islamic extremists
[02:05]  Archbishop Chaput criticizes American inaction on religious freedom issues
[00:10]  Christian actress' fitness book reaches NYT list


[22:05]  Bishop warns that Nicaragua could be on road to totalitarianism
[20:10]  Reverend Tony Cooke: In Whose Hands Are You? (press)
[18:05]  Silver screen star Jane Russell, pro-life advocate, dies at 89
[16:10]  Philippine bishops encourage homosexuals to ‘come out’ for support
[14:05]  Libyan Christian clergy vow to stay on amid violence
[13:25]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Listen... Part 1 (press)
[12:10]  Christian students attacked by Muslim mob in Ethiopia
[10:05]  Pope calls on Church leaders to learn language of the digital world
[08:10]  Chinese anti-one child policy activist sent to labor camps
[06:05]  Anti-Christian violence in India had high-level government support
[04:10]  Balloon campaign meets with violent reaction from North Korea
[02:05]  'The Chicago Agreement' to make ministry more effective
[00:10]  Murder of pastor in Honduras raises security questions


[22:05]  New Zealand earthquake closes Catholic institutions until inspection
[20:10]  Pedophilia a ‘sexual orientation’ experts tell Parliament
[18:05]  Baptist relief efforts still touching Chileans' hearts
[16:10]  Following revolution, Coptic bishop details dreams for ‘New Egypt’
[14:05]  Irish pro-lifers pleased with election outcome
[12:10]  Colombian bishops stress protection of adopted children
[10:05]  NYT Bestseller Son of Hamas in Paperback & Arabic
[08:10]  Pope tells Vatican academy that abortion ‘resolves nothing’
[06:05]  Gov’t can require foster parents to affirm homosexuality rules
[04:10]  In Christchurch: shattered churches, grieving parishioners
[02:05]  Asian Access taps veteran missionary for post in Japan
[00:10]  As Catholics flee Libya, Church responds with prayer, charitable works
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