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[20:10]  International pressure leads to release of Afghan convert
[18:05]  Groups pressure (and expect) House to defend DOMA
[16:10]  LifeCanada supports freedom of speech for campus pro-life groups
[14:05]  Uzbekistan: More short-term prisoners of conscience
[12:10]  Unrest of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia spills into Iraq
[10:05]  Catholic Archbishop strongly opposes civil partnerships in churches
[08:10]  Caritas appeals for over 300,000 Euros to aid violence victims
[06:05]  African bishops warn against rushed elections in Zimbabwe
[04:10]  Christians driven from their homes in Laos face starvation
[02:05]  Pope to visit site where Nazis executed hundreds of Italians
[00:10]  Pro-life ad yanked from SoHo, NY site after complaints


[22:05]  Healing legend continues for a ministry in the Netherlands
[20:10]  Egyptian armed forces fire at Christian monasteries, 19 injured
[18:05]  Oscar success for 'The King's Speech' could signal change for filmmaking
[13:45]  Woman who sought priesthood renounces 'alleged ordination'
[11:40]  Many doubt Preasident Obama's 'marriage' position
[11:20]  HCJB Global Voice is providing spiritual comfort in North Africa


[09:10]  American missionary from Bradenton imprisoned in Haiti since October
[06:05]  Same-sex ‘marriage’ bill passes Maryland Senate, opponents react
[03:10]  Afghan convert safe after int'l outcry; 2nd Christian still jailed
[00:05]  Catholic mothers debate breastfeeding and government involvement


[21:10]  Wycliffe seeks $1.5 million in Indonesia Bible translation efforts
[18:05]  Defunding Planned Parenthood is only part of the story
[15:10]  EU Foreign Ministers issue weak statement against anti-Christian violence
[12:05]  Why Israel is blessing the Chilean miners with a pilgrimage
[09:10]  Vatican advisor not surprised by British elder care horror stories
[06:05]  Thousands of homes burned down; ministry disrupted
[03:10]  Angry students shout down pro-life display at Florida State U
[00:05]  For Belgian Church rocked by scandal, three new auxiliary bishops


[22:10]  Obama says he will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act
[20:05]  Ministries give away 1 million NIV digital Bibles in 400 hours
[18:10]  Dr. Bernard Nathanson remembered for his profound pro-life conversion
[16:05]  Libya: Violence is worse than you see on news
[14:10]  Muslims set fire to Christian town in Bangladesh
[13:30]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The Power of Talking to Yourself (press)
[12:05]  Irish drug regulator OKs morning after pill over the counter
[10:10]  Iraqi ambassador criticized for his views on anti-Christian violence
[08:05]  Zimbabwe puts a stop to anti-government unrest
[06:10]  Mother of 12 jailed in for not enrolling kids in sex ed classes
[04:05]  Ministry advocates bill that indirectly supports persecuted church
[02:10]  Catholics defend Cathedral of Lima against gay provocation with prayer
[00:05]  Hospital threatens to remove baby Joseph’s life support


[22:10]  Bolivian bishops cautiously investigate bleeding statue of Christ
[20:05]  Hundreds of Slavic youth will gather in Minnesota in March
[18:10]  President Obama urged to help free Said Musa in Afghanistan
[16:05]  Billboard in Manhattan describes abortion as ‘number one killer’ of blacks
[14:10]  Pakistani Christian family flees for their life to another country
[13:30]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Conquering the tragedy of self-mystification
[12:05]  Traffickers rarely convicted in Guatemala; ministry steps in
[10:10]  WCC explores how to adapt to changing religious world
[08:05]  Ireland’s party ‘opposed to the legalization of abortion’
[06:10]  Asia Bibi from prison in Pakistan: God will hear my prayers
[04:05]  Somali pirates shoot retired couple sailing the world delivering Bibles
[02:10]  Knights of Columbus called to show up at March for Life
[00:05]  Radio broadcasts reach new people groups in Ecuador


[22:10]  Publishing expert launches training course to help writers get published
[20:05]  Western Christians must 'run toward Egypt,' worker says
[18:10]  US bishops oppose repeal of medical conscience protections
[16:05]  Wycliffe Associates aim to replace aging plane in Indonesia
[14:10]  Persecution in Uzbekistan: "No need to import Bibles"?
[13:20]  By Reverend Tony Cooke: The Right to Think
[12:05]  New media internships offered by World Journalism Institute
[10:10]  Pope encourages Philippine bishops to promote sanctity of marriage
[08:05]  Bishop of Tunis: murder of priest signifies growing Islamic extremism
[06:10]  Libyan protests continue; tumult produces an unexpected side effect
[04:05]  Hungary to change state media law; Christians not yet celebrating
[02:10]  Living Water International issues a challenge for Lent
[00:05]  Brazilian bishops criticize immorality of 'reality shows'


[22:10]  Government plans to transform marriage into a social experiment
[20:05]  Eminent geophysicist says world on verge of ‘mini ice age’
[18:10]  House of Representatives votes to defund Planned Parenthood
[16:05]  Number of baptized Catholics in the world grows by 15 million
[14:10]  Muslims abduct Coptic Christian woman in Egypt
[12:05]  Polish priests display their skiing skills for John Paul II Cup
[10:10]  Children forced into prostitution to pay school fees
[08:05]  BBC documentary questions accuracy of New Testament documents
[06:10]  Over 50,000 march against reproductive health bill in Philippines
[04:05]  Community transformed: Makhai now proudly self-sustaining
[02:10]  Irish overwhelmingly support protections for unborn: poll
[01:05]  New start available for those who accept Christ, says Pope
[00:10]  Pakistan police says no to blasphemy case against Sherry Rehman


[15:05]  Hawaii will become the seventh state to legalize civil unions
[12:10]  Christian village in Holy Land keeps memory of Jesus’ visit
[09:05]  Pharma company seeks over-the-counter Plan B access for minors
[06:10]  'World's finest' Catholic school principal awarded with cash, chocolate
[03:05]  Are U.S. Christian leaders too quiet about China's persecuted?


[21:10]  Catholic priest in Canada sues pro-life news site for $500,000
[18:05]  Peruvians overwhelmingly reject abortion, gay ‘marriage’
[15:10]  Ministry explores a cultural relevancy question in Malawi
[12:05]  Thieves take famous crucifix from Battle of Waterloo site
[09:10]  Justin Bieber’s mom issues prayer request
[06:05]  Italian high court allows singles to adopt, Vatican criticizes
[03:10]  Christians in Iran face intense persecution
[00:05]  Argentinean archbishop: Church is more than her weaknesses


[21:10]  California court takes up key Proposition 8 legal issue
[18:05]  Dublin suicide ‘workshop’: twice as many protesters as attendees
[15:10]  579 out of 613 people groups have no Christians in this Indian state
[12:05]  Pope’s meeting with Russian president signals new era in relationship
[09:10]  Huge drop in Zimbabwe HIV rate fuelled by rise in abstinence
[06:05]  20 percent of Cuba's workforce seeks employment, Christians respond
[03:10]  Alliance churches are top givers to missions, report shows
[00:05]  Mohabat News is now filtered by the Islamic government


[22:10]  New Bible translation for the Totonac Indians of Mexico
[20:05]  Former Planned Parenthood director joins staff of Live Action
[18:10]  Muslim population growth could pose danger for Israel
[16:05]  Vatican cardinal: Adopted children need both a father and a mother
[14:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: False Predictions & Transcendent Faith
[12:05]  Pakistan's government will not repeal blasphemy law
[10:10]  Catholic Church seeks to help victims of pirates
[08:05]  French Assembly approves more liberal embryo law
[06:10]  Korean cardinal’s influence seen in increased organ donation
[06:10]  Korean cardinal’s influence seen in increased organ donation
[04:05]  Christian leaders in Nigeria call Bauchi violence premeditated
[02:10]  Budget cuts must protect poor and vulnerable, say US bishops
[00:05]  PP staffer caught advising ‘pimp’ with possible STD to donate blood


[22:10]  Mexican bishop emphasizes irreplaceable value of the family in society
[20:05]  Ministry uses training program to multiply the church
[18:10]  Lila Rose: 'Tipping point' may be near on defunding Planned Parenthood
[16:05]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: Don't Go Back to Egypt (press)
[14:10]  GDOP London announces September 17 as Wembley Day
[12:05]  Ugandan faith leaders welcome pledges for peaceful election
[10:10]  Homosexual "marriages" to be allowed in British churches
[08:05]  German bishops see recycled ideas in theologians' 'reform' letter
[06:10]  Audio Scriptures must be updated before cassettes deteriorate
[04:05]  UK pro-lifers praise ruling against ‘bedroom abortions’
[02:10]  Egyptian Christian's goal: restrictions lifted on Gospel
[00:05]  $10 million gay ‘marriage’ campaign launches on Valentine’s Day


[22:10]  Ministry hits the airwaves with “66 Weeks that will change your life”
[20:05]  Donald Trump tells CPAC he’s pro-life, considering presidential run
[18:10]  Christian-operated businesses have support of American public
[16:05]  Bishops of France reject manipulation of 'savior sibling'
[14:10]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Bones in the Body of Christ (press)
[12:05]  Christians urged to work for equal rights in post-Mubarak government
[10:10]  Execution trial of Afghan convert to Christianity is illegal
[08:05]  Leadership crisis in Ivory Coast disrupts ministry
[06:10]  UK doctor suggests pushing more condoms at school kids
[04:05]  Presidential elections not expected to affect ministry
[02:10]  In the watery Netherlands, a modern Noah builds an ark
[00:05]  Church in Cuba helps release political prisoners


[22:10]  Chicago hospital making national news by reversing abortions
[20:05]  'God of Hope' project launches first two products
[18:10]  Mass to commemorate sixth anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death
[16:05]  1/3 of German theologians call for recognition of gay partnerships
[14:10]  “To see beyond the present is Wisdom, but to see beyond possible is Faith” (press)
[12:05]  Chinese human rights activist attacked while under house arrest
[10:10]  Number of priests growing worldwide, Vatican reports
[08:05]  Church-planting ministry in Turkey sees growth and challenge
[06:10]  Philippine church celebrates 100 years of Protestantism
[04:05]  Pope: Jesus' new law of love calls man to fraternity in tragedy
[02:10]  Stampede at election rally in Nigeria kills eleven people
[01:05]  100,000 expected to march for life in Philippines
[00:10]  Poor suffer alongside uncertainty in Middle East


[00:05]  Canada’s largest Catholic paper slams Stephen Lewis invite


[21:10]  Christian bookstore owner, released from Chinese prison
[18:05]  Political turmoil in Haiti disrupts children's ministry
[15:10]  Jordan’s king swears in new cabinet after protests
[12:05]  Bishop calls for renewed missionary zeal in Latin America
[09:10]  Australian Baptists call for religious tolerance in Indonesia
[06:05]  Right to Life New Zealand: Killing unborn child – a crime
[03:10]  Suicide blast kills 32 in Mardan, Pakistan
[00:05]  House begins debate on ‘long overdue’ abortion funding restrictions


[21:10]  Shocking video shows persecution of blind Chinese pro-life activist
[18:05]  World Congress of Families joins in celebrating National Marriage Week
[15:10]  Pro-life leader: Aging Argentinean population will hurt economy
[12:05]  Ministry to provide service and the Gospel for people in Arizona
[09:10]  ‘The Art of Marriage’ debuts in time for Valentine’s Day
[06:05]  E-book teaching kids and parents Christian morals released
[03:10]  Church offers mediation between gangs and government in Colombia
[00:05]  Pro-lifers gear up for largest 40 Days for Life campaign – 243 cities


[22:10]  Canadian bishops seek action to save Afghan Christian's life
[20:05]  Social media sparks change in Middle East, helps spread Gospel
[18:10]  Mikhail Morgulis’s novel “Yearning for Paradise” has been released
[16:05]  Persecution escalates in Muslim areas of Ethiopia
[14:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The God of the Hills, Plains, and Valleys (press)
[12:05]  Outreach, Inc. releases church resources for 'The Grace Card' movie
[10:10]  Church of Scotland to discuss sustainable farming
[08:05]  Conversions not government blamed for violence in India
[06:10]  New Year brings new hope for new China
[04:05]  Middelmann appointed 2011 Schaeffer Chair at World Journalism Institute
[02:10]  Planned Parenthood will retrain employees in abuse reporting
[00:05]  Cardinal Cipriani calls for pro-family policies in Peru


[22:10]  Missions: Finding a new way to get Bibles into China
[20:05]  New York Planned Parenthood caught aiding sex trafficker
[18:10]  Pope exhorts health care workers to promote culture of life
[16:05]  Spanish archbishop: Secularism should motivate Christians to evangelize
[14:10]  Extremists threaten to wipe out believers in India starting tomorrow
[12:05]  Catholic health care facilities ‘battling a culture of death’
[08:05]  Angry Muslim crowd attacks churches in Indonesia
[06:10]  Brian and Jeni Stivale Ministries: Now Faith
[04:05]  Anti-Christian violence risk high at homecoming festival in India
[02:10]  10 Commandments display in courtroom ruled unconstitutional
[00:05]  Catholics in Argentina applaud priest for defending faith


[22:10]  AFR listeners fund over 4,000 BibleSticks for troops
[20:05]  True Love Waits: Nearly 1 million African youth commit to abstinence
[18:10]  Famous actor presents petition opposing looser embryo research law
[16:05]  EU calendar publishers reverse course, will include Christian holidays
[14:10]  Memories of Christmas: Hope still fresh for many young Russians
[12:05]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Expectancy + Action = Results
[10:10]  Freedom bid sweeps through Middle East in domino effect
[08:05]  Vatican looks to expand dialogue with non-believers to US
[06:10]  South Sudan set to become world’s newest country
[04:05]  Obama talks openly about his personal faith in Jesus Christ
[02:10]  Barnardo’s advocates more homosexual adoption for kids
[00:05]  God Feet provides entire Mexican orphanage with shoes


[22:10]  Gays ‘take over’ Mexico City subway cars to engage in sex acts
[20:05]  Newsboys & Kutless to provide water to the poor
[18:10]  United States: Sex slavery targeted during Super Bowl
[16:05]  Australian Anglicans engage atheists in debate online
[14:10]  Egyptian Christians worry about possible radical Islamic takeover
[12:05]  Churches closing in north Sudan after referendum
[10:10]  Sectarian violence in Nigeria claims lives of Christians
[08:05]  Olympics mega-mosque threat returns as Islamists start planning appeal
[06:10]  Hundreds of thousands protest corruption in Albania
[04:05]  Spain’s front runner for prime minister will repeal abortion law
[02:10]  Pope's secretary puts papal organ donation discussion to rest
[01:05]  British Prime Minister: State multiculturalism in the UK has failed
[00:10]  Ministry team forges ahead amidst Egypt's unrest


[14:10]  Ministry is helping the poor out of poverty in Costa Rica
[11:05]  Massachusetts Catholics fight to reinstate Defense of Marriage Act
[08:10]  Muslims attack Christian families in Egypt, 11 killed including kids
[05:05]  Fire destroys two villages, devastates over 350 families
[02:10]  Catholic Church querying US Anglicans for possible ordinariate


[23:05]  Islamic Somali militants confiscate Christian farms
[20:10]  Second video appears to show Virginia PP aiding pimp
[17:05]  During Chinese New Year, group distributes Bibles
[14:10]  Reinhard Bonnke plans Togo return after 20 years
[11:05]  Christ's resurrection is victory over sickness, Pope says
[08:10]  2,700 kids come to faith, move the message forward
[05:05]  Pakistan decides not to amend blasphemy law
[02:10]  New iPhone app aims to help Catholics go to Confession


[23:05]  Filipino bishops ‘willing to be imprisoned’ to protest anti-life bill
[20:10]  Sudan eagerly anticipates referendum results
[17:05]  Egyptian pastor speaks out on Muslim brotherhood
[14:10]  30,000 Mexican youth make pilgrimage to Shrine of Christ the King
[11:05]  Oregon sets record for assisted suicides
[10:50]  By Rev. Majed El Shafie: Egypt at a Crossroads (press)
[08:10]  Thousands come to Christ through JESUS film, thanks to prayer
[05:05]  Use of 'Mary' as baby name plummets among American parents
[02:10]  Portugal re-elects pro-gay ‘marriage’ president


[23:05]  Alaska Governor Parnell affirms unborn children’s right to life
[20:10]  Reverend Tony Cook: Faith and Medicine
[17:05]  Evangelist Billy Graham in 'good' health, writing book
[14:10]  Church leaders in Egypt see signs of new unity among Christians, Muslims
[11:05]  Vietnam's face of religious freedom complicated
[08:10]  Death threats against UK columnist for opposing gay agenda
[05:05]  Cyclone Yasi complicates flood recovery in Australia
[02:10]  Majority of Brazilian congressmen oppose abortion
[00:05]  Church planting 'a significant priority,' seminary leader says


[22:10]  Round Two of exiled leaders returning to Haiti
[20:05]  Planned Parenthood caught on tape aiding underage sex ring
[18:10]  Mexicans urged to seek Christ's love in order to end violence
[16:05]  IMB member: introduction of Sharia law in Egypt seems unlikely
[14:10]  Pope's February prayers urge greater respect for families
[12:25]  Dr. Brian D. Scott told about Christianity in Canada (exclusive)
[12:05]  Protests in Arab world endangers Christians in Eritrea
[11:25]  Brian and Jeni Stivale: He Touched Me (press)
[10:10]  New Mozambique audio Scripture recording studio making progress
[08:05]  Plans for new hospital, university offer hope to Catholics in Iraq
[06:10]  40,000 protest in Lahore against any amendment to blasphemy law
[04:05]  World Congress of Families decries attack on pro-family restaurant chain
[02:10]  Reverend Tony Cooke: It’s a great time not to worry
[00:05]  Firefighters forced to participate in gay pride parade win legal battle


[22:10]  Michael Smith appointed to Phillips Chair of Journalism at WJI
[20:05]  School cloning project raises important moral questions
[18:10]  New film explores lives of monks who risked all for their faith
[16:05]  Six villages attacked overnight in Nigeria’s Plateau State
[14:10]  Slovakian hospital bans abortion, then backtracks two days later
[12:05]  40 houses built in a month's time in flood aftermath
[11:20]  Pick Your Poison: Tyranny by a Majority or Tyranny by a Minority? (press, exclusive)
[10:10]  Church leader calls for 'silent majority' to oppose radical Islam in Pakistan
[09:55]  “Mother” and “father” will become ‘parent 1’, ‘parent 2’ in the US (exclusive)
[08:05]  France’s Constitutional court upholds gay ‘marriage’ ban
[06:10]  Abducted Bible translator allowed to contact wife in Nigeria
[04:05]  Christians fall victim to chaos in Egypt: Who will help them?
[02:10]  Police say US missionary may have been killed for chevy truck
[00:05]  Terrorists plot murder of Catholic government minister
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