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[22:10]  WikiLeaks confirms inhumane treatment of prisoners in Eritrea
[20:05]  'Lost Valentine' TV movie promotes Catholic values, says priest
[18:10]  Democrats blocked definition of marriage vote blocked in Iowa
[16:05]  French bishop: Rejection of euthanasia not unique to Christians
[14:10]  Chinese woman leads dozens to Christ with 70¢ tract
[12:15]  Christians in Springfield will learn about opportunities Internet has for churches (exclusive)
[12:05]  Anglican conservatives boycott Church Primates meeting
[11:55]  Expert lays out "10 Commandments" for churches seeking pastors
[10:55]  Pakistani authorities increase prison security for Asia Bibi
[10:10]  Pastor threatened by police after praying with sick woman
[08:05]  South Africa's Catholics praying for ill Nelson Mandela
[06:10]  Pakistan still in state of emergency after floods: UN
[04:05]  Egypt issues curfew to try to quell demonstrations
[02:10]  EU Parliament attacks Lithuanian law curbing gay propaganda
[01:05]  Catholics, Orthodox in Belarus celebrate Christian unity week
[00:10]  7 Christians released on bail, 26 still held in prison in Iran


[15:10]  Another Christian couple taken to court by homosexuals
[12:05]  Women who have abortions more likely to seek psychiatric help
[09:10]  True religious freedom includes Christians in Europe and Middle East (press)
[06:05]  French Senate votes down assisted suicide bill
[03:10]  US bishops oppose return to workplace immigration raids
[00:05]  At least one hundred Christians detained in 24 cities in Iran


[21:10]  Christianity the last bastion against EU secularist ‘totalitarianism’
[18:05]  Google works to preserve world’s largest Holocaust archives
[15:10]  Clarke Forsythe: Blame the Supreme Court for the Philly horror house (press)
[12:05]  Pastor's four-year work camp sentence draws to an end
[06:05]  Construction near LA’s oldest church uncovers cemetery
[03:10]  Rally for Jesus holds Evangelical outreach in Philippines
[00:05]  U.S. ministry sees growth despite drug cartel violence in Mexico


[21:10]  Tenn. Baptist exec: Belmont abandons Christian roots
[18:05]  Does MTV ‘Skins’ violate child pornography laws?
[15:10]  Yellow fever makes its appearance again in Uganda
[12:05]  Priest calls for truth to be revealed in 2010 murder of bishop in Turkey
[09:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The Grinches – Dealing with Difficult People
[06:05]  House speaker lends legislative support to Catholic schools
[03:10]  Young children to be taught about homosexuality in school
[00:05]  Iranian Christian pastor summoned, arrested


[22:10]  30 children forever changed by international surgeons
[20:05]  Texting poll aims to highlight media influence in abortion debate
[18:10]  Mohler at center of debate over evolution & the Bible
[16:05]  Belgian doctors harvesting organs from euthanasia donors
[14:10]  Period of 'moral distress' in Italy must change, says cardinal
[12:05]  Victory as Christian worker restored to work, offered better job
[10:10]  Philippine government backs down on ‘reproductive health’ bill
[08:05]  Vatican to launch dialogue with non-believers in March
[06:10]  Prison ministry welcome in UK; could spark revival
[04:05]  Billy Graham says he "would have steered clear of politics"
[02:10]  Pope Benedict XVI firmly condemns Moscow airport attack
[00:05]  PP seeks FBI investigation of possible pro-life sting operation


[22:10]  Cardinal denounces agenda against marriage in Peru
[20:05]  Ministry crossing new frontiers to accelerate Bible translation
[18:10]  Hundreds of thousands assemble against abortion in DC
[16:05]  Spanish speakers now able to access app in their language
[14:10]  800 joined Netherlands March For Life in December
[12:05]  The Philippines battle landslides, floods and more rain
[10:10]  Pakistan: Blasts in Lahore, Karachi, kill and injure many
[08:05]  In wake of new law, Peru's Baptist seminaries ponder accreditation
[06:10]  Egypt blames Gaza group for Alexandria church bombing
[04:05]  EU sparks outrage by financing homosexualist groups in Cameroon
[02:10]  Iraqi bishop calls for international aid after massacre of Christians
[00:05]  Star quarterback recruit Kiehl Frazier trusting Christ's plan for his life


[22:10]  U.S. bishops throw support behind three key pro-life bills
[20:05]  Education opens doors for a future for kids in Guatemala
[18:10]  Poll: Churches are fans of Facebook, social media
[16:05]  Japanese bishop upholds suspension for the Way in his diocese
[14:10]  Obama pledges abortion support on 38th Roe v. Wade anniversary
[12:05]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Don’t sell out Harry
[10:10]  French President: his country ’underestimated’ Tunisian anger
[08:05]  Continued wave of arrests in Iran: Four new Christians arrested
[06:10]  Evangelist Taras Mekeda told about his visit to Kenya (photoreport)
[03:05]  40,000-strong Paris March for Life an ‘unprecedented’ success
[02:10]  Christian appointed to Government drugs pannel
[00:05]  Roe anniversary: dozens of pro-life rallies take place across U.S.


[22:10]  Muslim radicalization cause for concern, ministry has answer
[20:05]  Exorcist praises new movie 'The Rite' for showing power of faith
[18:10]  Canada vows to screen controversial documentary
[16:05]  Sudanese secession vote could open door for Gospel
[14:10]  Vatican bank chief issues warning about US, European economic policies
[13:30]  Christian ministers pray for Domodedovo victims in Moscow (exclusive)
[12:05]  Irish voters must not forget unborn during economic crisis
[10:10]  Burma faces first-ever review of human rights record at UN
[08:05]  Vatican: Swiss Guards celebrate 505 years of history
[06:10]  Day of Prayer for Christians in Egypt on the horizon
[04:05]  Patriarch Kirill: Put a crisis pregnancy center in every hospital
[02:10]  Lebanon tightens security as political crisis deepens
[01:05]  As scandal rocks Italian government, Pope urges return to morality
[00:10]  Pakistan Government to ‘protect minorities at all costs’


[15:05]  Americans still view Kennedy’s inauguration speech as important
[12:10]  Media criticized for suggesting double murder is possible ‘mercy killing’
[09:05]  Study: Are Charismatics finding a place in Congress?
[06:10]  Former Israeli Mayor publishes new book on ‘Islamic Tsunami’
[03:05]  26 States join Florida’s lawsuit against ObamaCare
[00:10]  Christians speak out as China's leader visits USA


[21:05]  Encounter with Jesus on the moon left astronaut changed
[18:10]  Profile: US ambassador seeks to 'build bridges' with Vatican
[15:05]  NRB asks Obama to stand up for free speech
[12:10]  Britain’s Evangelical Alliance welcomes official ban on Terry Jones
[09:05]  Holy Wood Acting Studio aiming to form actors with good character
[06:10]  Emotional damage to flood survivors could be severe
[03:05]  Pope personally endorses French March for Life
[00:10]  Rev. Patrick Mahoney arrested in front of White House


[21:05]  Wikileaks exposes torture of Christians in Eritrea
[18:10]  Legislation introduced to permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion
[15:05]  Pope’s second book on Jesus due out March 15
[12:10]  “10 Best And Worst Developments for the Family in 2010” released
[08:05]  Beware of Christians documentary launches unique funding campaign
[06:05]  Host registration begins for 2011 National Bible Bee
[03:10]  US bishops say health care law needs crucial changes in new Congress
[00:05]  A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.2 shakes various parts of Pakistan


[22:10]  Kentucky: Minors can get secret abortions without parental consent
[20:05]  Mexican actor pledges to build largest pro-life women's clinic in US
[18:10]  Rev.Tony Cooke: Getting the Right Results in Life
[16:05]  Britain bans Pastor Terry Jones from entering UK
[15:20]  Moscow Good News Church plans to expand outreach to the elderly (press)
[14:10]  Government collapse could result in Hezbollah rule
[12:55]  Terence Rolston shared his thoughts on family life in Canada (exclusive)
[12:05]  Tweeting the Entire Bible, one chapter a day
[10:10]  Pope's call for interfaith day of prayer provokes debate
[08:05]  BBC marks anniversary of King James Bible by claiming King David was gay
[06:10]  Dictator's return adds more instability to an already precarious Haiti
[03:05]  Asia Bibi to be shifted to Multan for security reasons
[00:10]  Former ‘Top Model’ contestant: I stopped modelling to save my soul


[21:05]  Human rights groups urge Obama to press Chinese president on abuses
[18:10]  Voters silenced: Sup. Court lets stand D.C. 'gay marriage' ruling
[15:05]  France’s Constitutional Council examining gay ‘marriage’ case
[11:10]  Christian guesthouse owners ordered to pay compensation
[08:05]  More relief goes out to Sri Lanka flood victims
[05:10]  Latin American vocations congress to be held in Costa Rica
[02:05]  American in Paris says Tunisian Uprising could spread


[23:10]  Vandals tag two California churches with anti-Catholic threat
[20:05]  Facebook co-founder engaged, seeks gay ‘marriage’ in New York
[17:10]  Lack of buildings not stopping church growth in Haiti, help is needed
[14:05]  Monk who survived massacre prays for conversion of assassins
[11:10]  Rabbi and Pope discuss Jewish-Christian cooperation in Israel
[09:45]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Our most overlooked asset?
[08:05]  Somali mother of four slaughtered for her faith
[06:10]  Pope: Same-sex unions “penalize” natural marriage in law
[04:05]  Tunisia announces new government; plight of Christians unchanged
[02:10]  China follows the desert trail of Israel's journey
[00:05]  Gay ‘marriage’ battles heat up in Maryland, Rhode Island, New Hampshire


[22:10]  Iran accuses Christian believers of a cultural invasion
[20:05]  Religious groups to benefit as travel restrictions to Cuba are being eased
[18:10]  Staggering: U.S. passed 53 million abortion mark in 2010
[16:05]  Cuban Communist Party official admits persecution of protestant group
[14:10]  Great Crate headed to India could impact thousands
[12:05]  Equalities Minister wants millions to disclose their sexuality
[10:10]  Buckner ministry in Romania becomes independent NGO
[09:40]  Man sentenced to death over Coptic Christian killings in Egypt
[08:05]  Ex-Anglican bishops ordained as Catholics in Westminster
[06:10]  China’s One Child Policy still in effect as voluntary abortion rates soar
[04:05]  Christian Iranian freed after posting $15,000 bond
[02:10]  Pope prays for the 'one human family' desired by Christ
[01:05]  EU diary includes Muslim, Hindu festivities, but no Christmas, Easter
[00:10]  30 believers arrested for hosting a prayer meeting in Eritrea


[14:10]  Boston archdiocese releases non-discrimination policy
[11:05]  Quebec pro-life group announces ‘Christian March’
[08:10]  Youssef calls on Clinton to confront Egyptian government
[05:05]  Tucson area chaplains, ministries and churches unite to face crisis
[02:10]  Stem cell breakthrough could cause genetic problems


[23:05]  Proposed legislation reacts to court ruling on Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross
[20:10]  Love a Child Orphanage: Building a miracle village in Haiti
[17:05]  Scientists probe brief brushes with the afterlife
[16:10]  Iran: regime hits out at apostasy -- 70 arrested
[16:00]  Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010 (exclusive)
[13:05]  Bishop calls Mexicans to welcome refugees and immigrants
[10:10]  Are mysterious bird and fish deaths prophetic?
[07:05]  Top journalists join World Journalism Institute at CPAC
[03:10]  Planned Parenthood backs down on lawsuit against pro-life group


[23:05]  Australian Catholics face long recovery from 'worst-ever' floods
[20:10]  A ministry finds ways to encourage the persecuted Church
[17:05]  Asia Bibi still without ‘adequate security,’ says report
[14:05]  Family Planning threat to families through McDonalds
[11:10]  British abortion lobbyists sue for ‘bedroom abortions’
[08:05]  Devotional Guides to claim a generation for Christ
[06:10]  Hundreds of Sudanese travel to London to vote in secession referendum
[04:05]  Pakistani churches criticize government's refusal to amend blasphemy law
[02:10]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Is it stupid to play by the rules?
[01:05]  Palestinians returning to Gaza, but area still 'crying' for peace
[00:10]  Christians protest in Egypt over uptick in violence


[20:05]  New Venezuelan laws ignore will of the people, warn bishops
[18:10]  Unborn twins interact with each other as early as 14 weeks
[16:05]  Haitian witch doctor turns to Christianity, starts new life
[14:10]  Anglican churches to focus evangelism on men
[12:05]  British legal system discriminates against Christians
[10:10]  Pakistani minorities minister urges reform of blasphemy law
[08:05]  France prepares to debate legalization of assisted suicide
[06:10]  13 abortion clinics agree to refer clients to Bethany
[05:25]  Interview with the president of World Christian Doctors Network (exclusive)
[04:05]  Venezuelan cardinal: Government land seizure becoming serious issue
[02:10]  71-year-old Coptic Christian shot dead on train in Upper Egypt
[00:05]  Persecution expected to get worse in 2011
[00:05]  U.S. abortion decline ended in 2008 with economic recession


[20:05]  US sex abuse attorney extends practice against Catholic Church
[18:10]  Land: Tragedy shows need for mental health reform
[15:30]  Catholic Relief Services still hopeful for Haitian rebuilding efforts
[14:10]  Ministry team hopes to launch internship program for the arts
[12:45]  From prison to the pulpit: One man’s life-changing revelation
[12:10]  CfaN President Daniel Kolenda: Jesus raised 3-year-old boy from the dead (photoreport, exclusive)
[12:05]  Spanish archbishop defends baptism amid culture of death
[11:40]  Pope decries attacks on conscience rights of health care workers
[10:10]  Ministry growth plays role in the HIV/AIDS solution in Zambia
[08:05]  Catholic structure for ex-Anglicans in UK expected by Jan. 15
[06:10]  Christians called to pray for victims of floods in Australia
[04:05]  Sudan secession could prove fatal for ministry
[02:10]  Proposed Saskatchewan Marriage Act found unconstitutional
[00:05]  Heaven’s Rain brings infamous story to the silver screen


[22:10]  Catholic community grieves Arizona shooting victims
[20:05]  Rev. Tony Cooke: The extravagant dimensions of God's love
[18:10]  Venezuelan bishops oppose law giving more power to Chavez
[16:05]  In Iran, 'scores of Christians' were arrested Dec. 25
[14:10]  Rural Ghana gets access to the Gospel by air
[12:05]  Pakistan floods still haunting traumatized survivors
[12:00]  Majed El Shafie: The holocaust the world has never known (video) (photoreport, exclusive)
[10:30]  House of Commons Speaker wants multi-faith chaplaincy
[10:10]  Family Focus: Korean megachurch pastor shares his secrets (exclusive)
[08:05]  Catholic students participate in high-tech DNA cloning project
[06:10]  Revised New American Bible to be released Ash Wednesday
[04:05]  Seminar for church leaders conducted in Nairobi Manmin Church
[02:10]  Pat Robertson offers dire prophetic word for 2011
[00:05]  Terrible violence towards tribal believers in Southern Mexico


[22:10]  US bishops urge prayer on anniversary of Haiti earthquake
[22:10]  Australia Premier berates cardinal for comments on Christian politicians
[20:05]  Former porn actress to men: Stop looking at porn
[18:10]  Most New Year's resolutions are self-centered
[14:10]  Italian bishop urges international community to respect religious freedom
[12:05]  Ministry: Bible translator kidnapped in Nigeria
[10:10]  Humanitarian troubles, persecution could follow Sudan independence vote
[09:15]  One Free World International ministry: 2010 Highlights (press)
[08:05]  Assassin linked with Dawat-i-Islami religious group
[06:10]  Give the gift of life to bishop Serge Kubata (photoreport)
[04:05]  Belgian Marxist priest admits to abusing 8 year-old cousin
[02:10]  Vatican not collaborating with Discovery Channel’s exorcism series
[01:05]  Biblica marks the New Year with a new tool for China
[00:10]  Church member killed; wife wounded in Arizona shooting rampage


[15:05]  California bishop appointed chairman for Marriage Defense Committee
[12:10]  Operation Mobilisation offers Zimbabweans new hope
[09:05]  20% of all young British women used morning after pill last year
[06:10]  Obama administration drops 'death panel' provision after controversy
[03:05]  Article by Rev. Tony Cooke: Living Deliberately
[00:10]  After the earthquake Mission of Hope still serving strong


[21:05]  ‘Most pro-life’ Congress sworn in on January 5th
[18:10]  Queensland is devastated by flooding; churches affected
[15:05]  Over 2,000 college students spread Gospel in Chile
[12:10]  500 Muslim scholars endorse murder of Pakistani Governor
[09:05]  The hope of Christ heads for India in a shipping container
[06:10]  Former Anglican bishops studying to become Catholic priests
[03:05]  Bishops of Chile oppose bill lifting abortion restrictions
[01:10]  Alberta removes homosexuality from list of disorders


[23:05]  Persecution of Christians accelerates dramatically in 2010
[21:10]  Archdiocese of Mexico City denounces city officials' intolerance
[19:05]  Study: Over two million children homeschooled in U.S.
[17:10]  Opening of kids' library brings opportunities to share the Gospel
[15:05]  John Paul II beatification could be possible in 2011
[13:10]  Afghan Christian faces potential death sentence for apostasy
[11:05]  Sudan: An interview with Dan Griffin of Catholic Relief Services
[09:10]  Ministry: people turning to Christ despite threats against them
[07:05]  Filipino Bishop Nereo Odchimar slams depopulation agenda
[05:10]  Pakistani governor’s murder: pessimism about end to blasphemy law
[03:05]  Global Action graduates 157 pastors in Sri Lanka
[01:10]  Gay activist Catholic trustee vows not to push gay agenda


[23:05]  Rebecca St. James engaged to be married
[21:10]  Release of Hashem Karimi, father of well-known Iranian Christian
[19:05]  Pro-life counselor arrested in Milwaukee pleads not guilty
[17:10]  Apologetics conference targets challenges of ‘post-Christian’ America
[15:05]  7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Chile; no deaths reported
[13:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Reflections from our 2006 Tour of Paul's Journeys
[11:05]  Christians on high alert in advance of Eastern Christmas
[09:10]  New Vatican agency to combat money laundering, terror financing
[07:05]  Egyptian security guards withdrew one hour before church blast
[05:10]  Mass grave of Nazi euthanasia victims uncovered
[04:05]  Pope begins new year with renewed appeals for persecuted Christians
[02:10]  Two dead and 14 wounded in strikes on Christian homes in Iraq


[23:05]  Banjara tribe in India finally to receive audio New Testament
[20:10]  Pakistani church comes under attack of Muslim land mafia
[20:10]  Pakistani church comes under attack of Muslim land mafia
[17:05]  Obama signals his views on 'gay marriage' could change
[14:10]  The arrest of a group of Christians in Tehran, Iran
[11:05]  Bush believes history will vindicate stem cell decision
[08:10]  Lifeline of Hope: Motel room houses 11 for the holidays
[05:05]  Suggested amendments to harsh blasphemy law result in 24-hour strike
[02:10]  Third Annual Caravan Festival of the Arts on the horizon
[01:05]  Ministry delivers Bibles and more to growing church in Laos
[00:10]  Christians attacked during Christmas season celebrations
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