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[04:05]  Three gifts offered to Jesus by three magi gold, frankincense, and myrrh
[00:10]  Fighting the cholera outbreak with medicine and clean water


[20:05]  Reverend Tony Cooke: Did Paul Miss It?
[16:10]  Fostering marital strength in the age of divorce
[12:05]  Japan's Maizuru Manmin Church spread the love at the Sakura Plaza
[08:10]  Louis Zamperini at 93, going on 94, is still ‘unbroken’ after all these years
[06:25]  Team distributes warm clothing, blankets to flood survivors
[04:40]  The 2010 Christmas Trees Lighting Ceremony was broadcast to the world (photoreport)
[04:05]  25,000 young adults gather at IHOP Conference
[00:10]  1 million people from 166 countries use audio Bible app


[20:05]  Pat Robertson gives nod to marijuana legalization
[16:10]  Legendary Gospel Soloist George Beverly Shea to receive Grammy
[12:05]  Rebel group in Bangladesh prevents Christmas worship
[08:10]  Pakistani Christian brick kiln workers unpaid at Christmas
[06:25]  Taras Mekeda: boy who was deaf for ten years healed in Uganda (photoreport)
[04:05]  Christians in Congo set to reach out to Haitians, says Touch Global
[00:10]  WCC welcomes United States ratification of New START treaty


[20:05]  Avant Ministries and CrossWorld establish new collaboration
[16:10]  The beating and torture of a new Christian in Iran
[12:05]  Rev. Tony Cooke: You are fashioned for faith, not fear
[08:10]  Sharing the joys of Christmas with Pakistani prisoners
[04:05]  Dozens killed as churches are bombed in Northern Nigeria
[00:10]  Christmas celebrated in Orissa, India, after three years


[20:05]  Iranian police chief targets women cyclists, roller-skaters
[16:10]  Nigeria's president promised to find Jos bombers
[12:05]  American and Arab pastors join forces in a bid to stop religious hatred
[08:10]  Former prostitute/madam now helping women exit sex trade
[04:05]  Christians embrace the radical Gospel in the face of hostility
[02:10]  Christian prevented from working because of her personal views
[01:05]  South Korea places Christmas tree on North Korean border
[00:10]  Jesus’ birth declares God is not distant, Pope says on Christmas


[12:05]  Nativity scenes: 'A valuable witness to society'
[07:10]  Saviour sibling transplant carried out in Britain for first time
[02:05]  32% of Muslim students support killing for Islam; 40% for Sharia law


[21:10]  Saving sex for marriage leads to greater stability
[16:05]  Another Christian street preacher wins damages
[11:10]  Francis Chan steps down from Cornerstone, moves to Asia
[06:05]  Archbishop Gomez: Defeat of DREAM Act only a temporary setback
[01:10]  Protect Iraqi Christians from extinction, international group urges Obama


[20:05]  Canadian Supreme Court embryo ruling will lead to more deaths
[15:10]  ‘Millennials’ least religious group in American history
[07:45]  Urgent! A search in the flat of the lawyer of New Life Church, Belarus
[05:10]  Pope: Christmas a time to seek purification, walk toward Christ
[00:05]  Free audio available of the Christmas story as told in the Bible


[22:10]  The number of executions decline by 12 percent in US
[20:05]  Tony Cooke: Do you have a “disciple” or “church” mentality?
[18:10]  Planned Parenthood gets $363.2M in tax funds, reports 324,008 abortions
[16:05]  In Christmas messages, Holy Land's Catholics call for peace on earth
[14:10]  Pastor from Belarus commented the post-election events
[13:10]  Rev. El Shafie testifies before Canadian Parliament about human rights abuses in Afghanistan
[12:40]  Healing experience: “I coughed with blood from my lungs”
[12:05]  Charity helps persecuted and suffering Christians in Haiti, Iraq and Pakistan
[10:10]  Lughulu people receive translation of Luke in time for Christmas
[08:05]  China converts entire village into prison to contain pro-life activist
[06:10]  Egypt attempts to convict Christian to justify Muslim riots
[04:05]  Belarus: the dictator has declared war on his own people (photoreport)
[02:10]  Judge rules Planned Parenthood center broke Ohio law
[00:05]  Increased tension in Ivory Coast disrupts a ministry


[22:10]  Around 1,000 Anglicans in Australia could join Catholic Church ordinariate
[20:05]  New law will make Venezuela a dictatorship, warns archbishop
[18:10]  Billy Graham, in TV interview, reflects: 'My time is limited'
[16:05]  Christians trying to find the peace of Christmas in Iraq
[14:10]  Pope: World peace impossible without religious freedom
[12:05]  After 100 years, Japanese Protestant-run schools face pressures
[10:10]  Will Turkmenistan respond to OSCE call for religion law changes?
[08:05]  Article by Tony Cooke: Seasoned or poisoned? (press)
[06:10]  Vatican: Pope never legitimized condoms in any circumstances
[04:05]  Indonesian churches wary of Islamist offer of ‘protection’
[02:10]  Dublin archbishop apologises as former priest jailed for sexual abuse
[00:05]  UK gov’t moves to restrict all Internet porn to protect kids


[22:10]  Mexican archbishop urges reconciliation instead of violence
[20:05]  Lonely kids learn the Gospel through Manga Messiah courses
[18:10]  'Sad day': Senate passes Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal
[16:05]  UK Christian leaders called to united prayer for the nation
[14:10]  Spanish cardinal: Christmas should make us more humane
[12:05]  Abortion greater threat to Europe than Islamic terrorism
[10:10]  Muslim cleric puts a 'hit' out on Asia Bibi, accused of blasphemy
[08:05]  Leaked cable notes Church's opposition to 'aggressive' population control
[06:10]  Volunteers brave freezing temperatures to help London’s homeless
[04:05]  Bethlehem 'centre of Christian spirituality' despite conflict
[02:10]  Study: prime time television sexualizing younger girls
[00:05]  WCF Managing Director’s trip to Moscow: 3 speeches, 24 meetings


[22:10]  Archbishop Chaput lends his support to the DREAM Act
[20:05]  The real victims of the N.Y. City pregnancy crisis centers attack
[18:10]  Project Open Arms: bringing the church closer to the orphan
[16:05]  Iranian religious scholar jailed on propaganda, insult charges
[14:10]  Department for Education: Faith schools provide best results
[12:05]  Kenya: Radio Netherlands launches competition on HIV/AIDS
[10:10]  Birmingham archbishop attacks Catholics protesting ‘gay Masses’
[08:05]  Iranian ‘home fellowship‘ Christians arrested
[06:10]  Open Doors agrees with Pope: Christians are most persecuted religion
[04:05]  Relief demanded for rain affected Pakistani Christians
[02:10]  Pope: Nativity scene helps people experience mystery of Jesus’ birth
[01:05]  Twenty cases of assisted suicide not prosecuted in Britain
[00:10]  Priest says Muslim extremists want to rid Middle East of Christians


[15:05]  Linda Gibbons to remain in jail over Christmas
[12:10]  Once-paralyzed Pastor Knox dances at holiday celebration
[09:05]  Dissident urges EU to not be deceived by Cuban government
[06:10]  Another Indian Rescue Mission Operation; One girl rescued
[03:05]  White House turns to religious leaders for DREAM Act support
[00:10]  In new message, Pope focuses on religious liberty for Christians


[21:05]  Jailed Afghan Christian denied legal representation
[18:10]  Venezuelan archbishop denies information in WikiLeaks report
[15:05]  Marriage group tackles Apple’s Christian app censorship
[12:10]  Andrea Williams: Beware the threat to Freedom of Speech (press)
[09:05]  Ireland’s pro-life laws violated woman’s rights: EU court
[06:10]  Japan's bishops want Neocatechumenal Way to leave for five years
[03:05]  US House votes to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’; goes to Senate
[00:10]  Slaughter of the innocents: Iraq’s Christians face extinction


[21:05]  Ministry growth charted for Tanzania during peace
[18:10]  'Bum' speaks in chapel at The Baptist College, shocks students
[15:05]  Quebec parent furious over explicit oral sex info given to 8th graders
[12:10]  Rev. Tony Cooke: Reflections on Scandal
[09:05]  Arizona hospital that performed abortion may lose Catholic status
[06:10]  Revival workshop: Cell group in South Korea (exclusive)
[03:05]  Legion of Christ delegate calls members to follow God's will for renewal
[00:10]  Historic national pro-life youth rally to take place after March for Life


[22:05]  UN head calls for more respect for gay, transgender ‘rights’
[20:10]  Cleaning up after a tornado opens new doors for a ministry
[18:05]  Argentinean archbishop: Growth of Church depends on each Christian
[16:10]  Webcast brings Bethlehem live to churches
[14:05]  Numerous bishops clarify pope did not approve condoms
[12:10]  8,500 people visited healing service in Ukrainian city (photoreport, exclusive)
[10:05]  Human Rights Court to rule on abortion in Ireland
[08:10]  Dr. Benjamin Armstrong goes to his reward
[06:05]  Ancient Christian monastery site in Persian Gulf opened to public
[04:10]  Fines for any unregistered religious groups to increase 15 times
[03:55]  African believers itching to get on the mission field don't have the means
[02:05]  Japanese Baptist leader says statistics hide impact of homelessness
[00:10]  Mexican cardinal demands that drug cartels respect holiday season


[22:05]  LifeWay Research study: Recession catches up to U.S. churches
[20:10]  Canada boots Christian show off TV for homosexuality remarks
[18:05]  Haiti deteriorating amid cholera outbreak and violence
[16:10]  Russ Jones joins team of election observes in Belarus
[14:05]  Ivory Coast: Religious leaders pray and fast for peace
[12:10]  Al-Qaida hatred for Pope caused US worries about Vatican security
[10:10]  Korean revival: Jaerock Lee’s wife about miracles in her marriage (photoreport, exclusive)
[10:05]  Preacher awarded £4000 for wrongful arrest over gay remarks
[08:10]  Christians reach out as parts of Sri Lanka are under water again
[06:05]  Larry Jacobs finds support for pro-family movement in Moscow
[04:10]  Protest against Univision interview of Ricky Martin
[02:05]  Vatican and its observers find little to react to in WikiLeaks cables
[00:10]  Abortion and the occult: a glimpse inside life at a death mill


[22:05]  There is future for poverty stricken in the Dominican Republic
[20:10]  Argentinean bishop: The family is a masterpiece of the Creator
[18:05]  Tensions are still high as Haitians wait for election recount
[16:10]  Christian guesthouse owners may be victims of a ‘sting’ by gay activists
[14:05]  Hong Kong Christian groups join in honouring Nobel laureate Liu
[12:10]  St. George Monastery in the Judean Desert, accessible once again
[10:05]  Economist magazine: low fertility is killing Japanese economy
[08:10]  Iraqi government trying to protect churches after violence
[06:05]  MAF pilot uses knowledge to help produce an electronic Nepali Bible
[04:10]  Phil Boatwright: Harry Potter vs. the kingdom of Narnia
[02:05]  A Christian Satellite television ministry goes live with a hybrid
[00:10]  US Catholics to celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week


[22:05]  “Christian” leaders leaning towards atheism - Ray Comfort (press)
[20:10]  Christian Belmont U. under fire for dismissing lesbian coach
[18:05]  Missionaries show God's peace in Rio de Janeiro violent slums
[16:10]  Concerns about unknown status of Christian detainees in Iran
[14:05]  Pope Benedict invites Catholics to bring light to the world
[12:10]  Abortion causing huge gender imbalance in Vietnam
[10:05]  Vatican urges prudence in reading leaked embassy cables
[09:35]  Fernando Borbon: Faith complements diplomatic career (press)
[08:10]  Dozens come to Christ in Malawi as a result of two flat tires
[06:05]  Abandonment of God carries dehumanizing consequences, warns cardinal
[04:10]  Belgian archbishop faces legal threats over AIDS remarks
[02:05]  Eighteen hundred -year-old bathing pool discovered in Jeruslalem
[01:10]  Freezing conditions in Russia make sharing the Gospel crucial
[00:05]  Benedict XVI calls for patience in preparation for Christ's coming


[15:10]  Kenya: Catholic women advised to fight for their rights
[12:05]  Haiti violence prevents a Compassion team from leaving their hotel
[09:10]  State meetings seen as loyalty test for conflicted Chinese bishops
[06:05]  New distribution center opens doors for prison discipleship
[03:10]  Report tracks growing trend of anti-Christian incidents in Europe
[00:05]  Indian Rescue Mission rescues six girls from forced prostitution


[21:10]  Study: Having church friends makes you happy
[18:05]  Catholic radio network having an impact in western US
[15:10]  Bangladesh ministry teams see the changing face of mission
[12:05]  Saddleback Church volunteers resurrect mega-sized nativity scene
[09:10]  Debut CD finding early success with bonus track
[06:05]  Awakening America Alliance calls for 21 Days of Prayer
[03:10]  Senate Republicans block repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
[00:05]  Russian government demands shutdown of Christian radio


[21:10]  Annual Worship Conference announces featured performers
[18:05]  First WikiLeaks Vatican Embassy cable discusses ‘green’ Pope
[15:10]  17-year-old girl shot and killed for faith in Christ in Somalia
[12:05]  Parliament of Malawi expands criminal penalties for sodomy
[11:55]  Interview: Costa Rica Ambassador in S. Korea, Fernando Borbon
[09:10]  Seven million Vatican photos to get hi-tech makeover
[06:05]  House converted into mosque in Egypt to prevent church services
[03:10]  Spanish government decides not to extend maternity leave
[00:05]  Brazilians overwhelmingly reject pro-abort agenda of ruling party


[22:10]  US bishops endorse proposed nuclear arms reduction
[20:05]  Haiti violence erupts as election results announced
[18:10]  US priest brings natural family planning to Peru's highlands
[16:05]  Are British kids being sexualized by media? Govt’ to ‘review’
[14:10]  Audio Scripture players help build the church in Mozambique
[12:05]  Christians show solidarity with those impacted by Israel fire
[10:10]  Britain: Teenagers want to be taught about family values
[08:05]  Vision Beyond Borders says DVD will help Christians pray for Burma
[06:10]  Homeschooling father of state-abducted child jailed in Sweden
[04:05]  Kidnapped refugees in Egypt treated like ‘slaves,’ priest says
[02:10]  British schools opt-out of traditional Christian assemblies
[00:05]  Narnia movie: actor’s comments on Aslan cause controversy


[22:10]  Nativity scene vandalized in front of Toronto’s Old City Hall
[20:05]  Barna Group study shows depletion of church accountability
[18:10]  Korean-Americans see 'awakening moment' amid fear
[16:05]  Swiss bishops denounce 'hostility' toward Christian symbols
[14:10]  The hope of Christ may soon enter Iran through a refugee camp
[12:05]  Chinese officials forcing bishops to attend state-church meetings
[12:00]  Ambassador to Korea: I'll carry this grace of God to Ecuador
[10:10]  Study: Marriage makes for good men; good men marry
[08:05]  DR Congo: Two soldiers arrested for priest’s murder
[06:10]  Russian Ministries races time for Christmas project funding
[04:05]  Pakistan minister condemns reward for killing Christian woman
[02:10]  Poland welcomes first black member of parliament
[00:05]  Catholics weigh in on teens' excessive use of Facebook, texting


[22:10]  Courageous movie hits theaters September 30, 2011
[20:05]  Ted Turner calls for global one-child policy like China’s
[18:10]  Appeals court hears Proposition 8 'gay marriage' case
[16:05]  Ministry trains mothers and helps save children's lives
[14:10]  Pope gets gloves from ecumenical leader to warm relations
[12:05]  A new plane joins the box of tools for Bible translation work
[10:10]  Evangelists tell about their trip to small towns in Kenya (photoreport)
[08:05]  Spanish reality show winner shares message of life
[06:10]  Belgium court allows to sue for ‘wrongful birth’ when disabled child born
[04:05]  Advent brings little peace for the persecuted church in India
[02:10]  New women veterans’ bill says abortion is not health care
[00:05]  Persecuted church: Christian 'hemorrhage' increases in Iraq


[22:10]  Church has 'no authority' to ordain Women, Pope says
[20:05]  ‘The Art of Marriage’ Premieres February 11, 2011
[18:10]  US bishops encourage Congress to pass DREAM Act
[16:05]  Missionary: Jesus heals physically and spiritually in India
[14:10]  Pope Benedict urges Costa Rica to defend life issues
[12:05]  An outreach launches its response to child trafficking in Africa
[10:10]  Arrests over deadly forest fire that has taken the lives of 42 people
[08:05]  Four radio stations in two years makes many believers
[06:10]  Concerns of the Evangelical Alliance are alive in Kemerovo/Siberia
[04:05]  Pakistan woman Asia Bibi receives more death threats
[02:10]  Two Evangelists in Vietnam sentenced to prison
[01:05]  Hungary contemplates major about-face with pro-family constitution
[00:10]  Pope urges Catholics to prepare their hearts for Jesus’ birth


[13:10]  Ministry: Fear spreading faster than cholera in Haiti
[09:05]  Islamic states push for global anti-blasphemy resolution
[05:10]  Carleton University proposes special limits on pro-life activity
[01:05]  Benedict XVI meets with victims of Baghdad cathedral massacre


[21:10]  Thai NIV Study Bible heralded as tool for change
[17:05]  Divorce touted on popular website The Huffington Post
[14:10]  Austria wins right to appeal court decision against IVF restrictions
[11:05]  Israeli PM thankful for airplanes to battle Mt. Carmel fire
[08:10]  US Vatican Embassy condemns ‘harmful’ WikiLeaks
[05:05]  After abortion clash, Vatican asks Brazil to keep diplomatic status
[02:10]  At least 40 dead, dozens injured in Israel forest fire


[23:05]  Daystar founders admit affair, discuss marriage restoration
[20:10]  Election results in Haiti could mean more violence
[17:05]  'Alarming': 265,000 may leave military if DADT reversed
[14:10]  Vatican archbishop: Respect for life leads to development of peoples
[11:05]  Despite monsoon rains, the winds of revival are blowing in India
[08:10]  Pardon delayed for Pakistani Christian woman facing death
[05:05]  Letter shows Pope Benedict pushed faster penalties for abuse in 1980s
[02:10]  ChinaAid websites collapse under repeated cyber attacks
[00:05]  Full-scale Noah's Ark park planned for Kentucky


[22:10]  Catholic League nativity sets find positive response from state governors
[20:05]  Amish leadership travels to Israel to issue apology
[18:10]  Brazilian bishops seek constitutional protection for unborn
[16:05]  Russian Orthodox Church approves condom use
[14:10]  Missionary-pastor martyred in Guinea, West Africa
[12:05]  Launch of new UK Online Christian Music Magazine
[10:10]  Anti-Catholicism contributes to violence against clergy
[08:05]  Genealogies open the door for the Gospel in Niger
[06:10]  135 Evangelical churches receive legal status in Albania
[04:05]  UK Christians are “Not Ashamed” in new Christmas campaign
[02:10]  Colombia suffers deadly flooding, worst in at least 30 years
[02:10]  Religion debate pits Tony Blair against Christopher Hitchens
[00:05]  W.Va. church meets turkey drive goal in 10 minutes


[22:10]  Girls Night Out events expand to UK and New Zealand
[20:05]  InterVarsity gathers hundreds in St. Louis again this year
[18:10]  Apple pulls pro-life iPhone app off their iTunes app store
[16:05]  Vatican: Catholic newspapers have 'irreplaceable' role, Pope
[14:10]  Christian’s trial “rejected” by judge in Afghanistan
[12:05]  Massive Wikileaks disclosure involves Vatican cables
[10:25]  Still targeting our youth: The UN’s International Year of Youth
[10:10]  Christian missionary, arrested and tortured in N. Korea, speaks out
[10:05]  Press: Amazing story about real healing of eyes (exclusive)
[08:20]  Explosive Work of the Holy Spirit occurred through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee in Peru (press)
[08:05]  New curriculum to offer theological training through TV and the Web
[06:10]  Dublin archbishop says Church's deepest crisis is loss of faith
[04:05]  Report: most persecuted religion is Christianity - 200 million suffering
[02:10]  Evangelist Ronnie Hill gives away cars, wins one
[00:05]  Dallas Mavericks support Buckner International this basketball season
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