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[22:10]  Bishops urge Congress to condemn persecution of Iraqi Christians
[20:05]  Operation Narnia: Fans to transform shoe boxes into gifts of hope
[18:10]  'We're winning,' Land tells pregnancy center leaders
[16:05]  The End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill action for Scottich supporters
[14:10]  Pakistan officials release Christian man accused of blasphemy
[12:05]  New ‘breathtaking’ documentary examines London’s Carmelite nuns
[10:10]  Christmas is about Christ, says Communities Secretary
[08:05]  Benin struggles to recover from worst floods in nearly half a century
[06:10]  Korean pastor's books distributed in Middle Eastern countries
[04:05]  Court prevents Pakistan’s president from pardoning Asia Bibi
[02:10]  Woman killed boyfriend after he attacked her for refusing abortion
[00:05]  Giving thanks has life-changing impact, priest and psychologist says


[22:10]  Pioneer of renowned Alaska Catholic radio station dies
[20:05]  Agnostic director and Catholic producer make a film about saint
[18:10]  Mexican state government investigated for ‘endorsing’ ex-gay conference
[16:05]  Muslim officers hurl death threats to a Pakistani Assistant Pastor
[14:10]  Kenya: Women conference kicks off in Nairobi
[12:05]  200 new Baptist congregations are being planted in Russia
[10:10]  Serbian Orthodox bishop defies ouster from Kosovo diocese
[08:05]  Egypt: Christians clash with state security over church construction
[06:10]  4.6 billion people potentially have access to Scripture now
[04:05]  Sudan: Police raid church offices during referendum build-up
[02:10]  Christian families flee escalating violence this Advent season
[01:05]  Pope heralds beginning of Advent with pro-life vigil
[00:10]  Despite tensions in Korea, Christians heard message from Dr. Ted Baehr


[14:10]  Persecution in Pakistan: Asia Bibi case, no quick pardon
[10:05]  Ministry hopes to distribute 50,000 Christmas gifts to children
[06:10]  Liberia: ‘Prayerfest 2010’ campaign opens in Monrovia
[02:05]  Irish pro-life group warns EU bailout will threaten unborn


[22:10]  Two church buildings torn down in Zanzibar, Tanzania
[18:05]  Bright Hope International aids Haitians affected by cholera
[15:10]  Vote on Canada’s abortion coercion bill bumped up to Dec. 15th
[11:05]  Scottish church leaders dare millionaire UK minister to meet poor
[07:10]  From ‘naughty’ to ‘nice’: Disney, Wal-Mart now recognize Christmas
[03:05]  President Obama twice invites ‘God’ to Thanksgiving table


[23:10]  Uzbekistan: "It's not confiscation, it's temporary removal"
[19:05]  Catholic bishops highlight God's signs of hope to Chile
[15:10]  Conservative Anglican bishops reject unity project
[12:05]  Indian kids eager to share the Gospel they hear at Bible Club
[09:10]  S. Korean bishops call for peace after artillery attack from North
[06:05]  Pope on homosexuality: “one of the miseries of the Church”
[03:10]  Pope's publisher defends Benedict XVI's condom remarks
[00:05]  Christmas overtime bonus "discriminates" against other religions


[22:10]  On Thanksgiving, US Catholics count blessings and distribute them
[20:05]  Worldwide prayer vigil for unborn happens this weekend
[18:10]  Thanksgiving meal connects churches in Kentucky
[16:05]  Church of England bishop suspended over royal wedding comments
[14:10]  EU will force same-sex “marriage” on all member states
[12:05]  Jesuit astrophysicist: Hawking’s theory is unscientific
[10:10]  Roman bathhouse discovered in Old Jerusalem
[08:05]  Vatican rebukes China for conducting bishop ordination
[06:10]  French teacher suspended for showing video of abortions
[04:05]  Day of mourning follows deadly stampede in Cambodia
[02:10]  William Dembski and Christopher Hitchens debate God's existence
[00:05]  Failed coup, passed referendum do not bode well for Madagascar


[22:10]  Catholic thinkers examine Tea Party movement, Church teaching
[20:05]  Nurse can’t sue hospital that forced her to assist abortion: court
[18:10]  Cholera in Haiti now tops Baptist relief work there
[14:10]  Malawi: Catholic nun wins US$1million Humanitarian Award
[12:05]  Trial nears for Afghan Christian without legal representation
[10:10]  Dr. Jaerock Lee inaugurated as the Joint President of 'Power of People'
[08:05]  North Korea, South Korea exchange deadly artillery attack
[07:10]  Spiritual peace comes to the DR Congo after years of civil war (photoreport, press)
[06:10]  Catholics, journalists call for heads to roll at L’Osservatore Romano
[04:05]  England sees highest number of new seminarians in over a decade
[02:10]  New Life church’s accountant is summoned to law enforcement officer
[00:05]  Argentinean archbishop denounces proposal to remove religious symbols


[22:10]  Polygamy case opens in British Columbia Supreme Court
[20:05]  Major group says it cannot endorse NIV 2011 Bible
[18:10]  Haiti battles riots and cholera in the run up to elections
[16:05]  Student union defends decision to de-certify pro-life club
[14:10]  Bishop faces expulsion for hiring lawyer with neo-Nazi ties
[12:05]  Pakistani minister denies release of Christian blasphemy accused
[10:10]  The picketing consulate of Uzbekistan is still in progress (photoreport)
[08:05]  CBI Zambia helps share Christ with prisoners in Zambia
[06:10]  China blocks religious scholar from leaving country
[04:05]  Spanish bishops encourage Catholics to participate in vigil for the unborn
[02:10]  New study: 95% of Americans under 30 plan to marry
[00:05]  Last week's riots have Haiti on high alert as elections approach


[22:10]  Canadian court rules dissident churches must abandon property
[20:05]  Obama affirms faith-based partnerships, but questions raised
[18:10]  'Baby Scan Jesus' advertising campaign set despite criticism
[16:05]  Muslim Brotherhood ashamed of their history
[14:10]  South Africa: Schoolgirls disrupted by sexual violence
[12:05]  Ministry team marks steady progress in Sweden
[11:40]  Pastor from Estonia told about holiness and healings (exclusive)
[10:10]  Nearly 25% of UK women in 20s have had an abortion: survey
[08:05]  Philippines Protestant leader renews appeal to free 43 detainees
[06:10]  Angela Merkel says "too little Christianity" in Germany
[04:05]  Pope outlines dangers of reproductive health care concept
[02:10]  Slavic Gospel Association launches 2010 Christmas ministries
[01:05]  Councilor objects to McKellan in-school gay talks, gets suspended
[00:10]  Egyptian police: Muslims burning Christian homes an ‘act of fate’


[14:10]  U.S. Senate committee might ratify pro-abort UN treaty
[11:05]  Archbishop: Reconciliation in Mexico requires concrete action
[08:10]  Christians in Cuba crave business training as massive layoffs loom
[05:05]  Mississippi man to be charged with murder of unborn child
[02:10]  Condemned Pakistani woman asks authorities to hear her story


[23:05]  Bishop: Conn. government threatening religious freedom
[20:10]  Australians complete 2,000k trek for 2,000 languages
[17:05]  Spanish prime minister defends pro-abort policies
[14:05]  Turkmenistan: Religious freedom survey, November 2010
[11:10]  Servant's Heart ministry in Kentucky takes church outside
[08:05]  Paraguay rejects imposition of gender ideology for young people
[05:10]  Chinese influence in Middle East – foretaste of prophetic fulfillment?
[02:05]  Pastor who threatened to burn Quran loses members


[23:10]  The Mission Society helps local churches with missions ministry
[20:05]  Aggressive homosexual ideology silencing Christians: Senior Cardinal
[17:10]  Charismatic church leaders commit to integrity at Orlando Summit
[14:05]  In Rome, Church of England head meets privately with Pope
[11:10]  Scottish euthanasia bill rejected overwhelmingly by committee
[08:05]  New facility and mobile clinic to treat ears, noses, and throats
[05:10]  Dr. Jaerock Lee awarded the US President's Volunteer Service Award
[02:05]  ‘Serve the People’ non-profit group plans modern-day miracle
[00:10]  U.S. bishops' new president outspoken on moral issues


[22:05]  Sarah Palin admits deliberating 2012 presidential bid
[20:10]  The world's most popular Bible translation gets updated
[18:05]  US allies under fire in religious freedom report
[16:10]  Operation Mobilisation pioneers rafting ministry in Moldova
[14:05]  Lithuanian parliament might ban promotion of homosexuality
[12:10]  Pope appeals for release of Pakistani Christian facing death
[10:05]  God answers the prayers of a ministry in a big wayCongo-Kinshasa
[08:10]  France's highest court accepts case demanding gay 'marriage'
[06:05]  Holy Land Jews and Muslims pray together for rain
[04:10]  Catholic officials describe climate of terror in Iraq, call for justice
[02:05]  Bill Clinton applauds population growth in Philippines
[00:10]  Push on for homosexual ‘marriage’ in Australia


[22:05]  Pakistani woman's blasphemy death sentence appealed
[20:10]  Massachusetts bishops urge Senators to ratify nuclear arms treaty
[18:05]  Rioters blame Nepalese peace-keeping troops for cholera
[16:10]  Christian community in Iraq consider mass exodus
[14:05]  Vatican, Iranian officials agree on religious freedom issues
[12:10]  All charges dropped against pro-life pastor Walter Hoye
[10:05]  German rights group pleads for 'world's largest' swamp
[08:10]  Christian doctor forced off adoption panel goes to EU Court of Justice
[08:05]  2002 Honduras Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade with Rev.Dr. Jae-Rock Lee
[06:05]  Vatican TV makes high-definition move with new broadcast van
[04:10]  Christian jailed in Afghanistan to face judge on Sunday
[02:05]  Burma releases Suu Kyi, prompting cautious optimism
[00:10]  Bishops discuss ways to bring peace to Mexico


[22:05]  McCain: Pentagon Don't Ask, Don't Tell study likely biased
[20:10]  Case against woman seeking 'Christian roommate' dropped
[18:05]  US bishops urge patience in Haiti reconstruction efforts
[16:10]  Philippine legislators plan to push controversial Reproductive Health Bill
[14:05]  New Irish priest group: Church must re-evaluate sexual teaching
[12:10]  Egyptian security attempts to stop construction of church
[10:05]  Singer/author makes ministry to orphans a family affair
[08:10]  Iran's Supreme Leader names enemies of Islam, including the Church
[06:05]  Pope: Bishops’ conferences should serve bishops not replace them
[04:10]  Dutch pro-life journalist threatened with torture, death
[02:05]  Vietnam: Degar Christian dies from inhumane torture
[00:10]  US bishops hold exorcism training prior to fall meeting


[22:05]  Millions of pilgrims come to Mecca to perform the Hajj
[20:10]  Paraguay rejects homosexualist 'youth rights' agreement
[18:05]  90-year-old sparks breakthrough among deaf Czechs (photoreport)
[16:10]  Injured from Baghdad cathedral attack brought to Rome
[14:05]  Two-thirds of Britons support legal euthanasia: Angus Reid poll
[12:10]  Africa: Church urged to continue giving hope to continent
[10:05]  Greek financial crisis 'opens doors even more than before'
[08:10]  Swedish archbishop points to changes in Chinese Protestantism
[06:05]  Advent Conspiracy donations digging hundreds of wells
[04:10]  Iranian pastor accused of ‘thought crimes’ to die by hanging
[02:05]  Britain needs informed consent laws to lower abortion rates
[00:10]  Converting Anglican bishop: papal action changed the landscape


[15:10]  Movieguide® Faith & Values Awards Gala to be held in February
[12:05]  Spanish bishop recalls that life has origin in God
[09:10]  Young couple follows 'broken hearts' to African Muslims
[06:05]  Churches warn on British welfare changes and poverty
[03:10]  MEP criticises BBC as a “politically biased” corporation
[00:05]  Network posts Alabama revival services online


[21:10]  United States: Suits equal 'full-court press' on marriage
[18:05]  A ministry team lives up to its name, helping cholera patients
[15:10]  More Military BibleSticks delivered, still more requested
[12:05]  Kenyan bishop sees spiritual struggle in the fight against AIDS
[09:10]  Anti-Western Islamic schools in the UK praised by OFSTED
[06:05]  Abortion Twitter campaign won’t silence those who regret it
[03:10]  USA: Prophetic leaders give direction after midterms
[00:05]  European pro-life youth movement gets major boost in Ireland


[21:10]  Countless Christians come together to pray for the persecuted
[18:05]  US Army chaplain: deployed troops take comfort from prayer
[15:10]  Infamous infanticide proponent to speak at Ottawa church
[12:05]  'Forbidden Christ' movie about persecution banned in Belarus
[09:10]  New study: TV profanity has risen nearly 70 percent
[06:05]  Annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign” launched
[03:10]  Korea-born missionary opens heart to Nepalese, Bhutanese
[00:15]  David Annoh organizing worship seminars in the USA (audio & video)
[00:10]  David Annoh is on tour “Destined to worship” in the USA (photoreport, audio & video, exclusive)


[22:10]  College helps disabled students grow to independence
[20:05]  Judge refuses to dismiss case against online suicide predator
[18:10]  In George W. Bush memoir, faith a small but constant factor
[16:05]  Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy charges
[14:10]  Worst-case scenario realized in Haiti's cholera fight
[12:05]  As bishops convert, Vatican moving on plan to welcome Anglicans
[10:10]  Belarus: Bible school food fine, frozen church bank account
[08:05]  Zimbabwe church groups warn over new elections
[06:10]  Evangelist Sammy Tippit ignites revival in Punjab, India
[04:05]  New wave of attacks targets homes of Iraqi Christians
[02:10]  US bishops to address full slate of issues at fall meeting
[00:05]  Cult of celebrity drives research, leaves ethical researchers in the cold


[22:10]  Bishop Robinson to resign, citing strain on 'husband' and faithful
[20:05]  The Gospel train makes an extended stop in Cuba
[18:10]  U.S. Supreme Court refuses crucial appeal in Lisa Miller custody case
[16:05]  Cardinal laments increase of 'radical secularism' in Spain
[14:10]  Locals react violently to the Gospel in Nepal: missionary beaten
[12:05]  Pope to Italian bishops: Families are key to a moral society
[10:10]  Malawi's Catholic bishops warns rulers on good governance
[08:05]  Injured in attack on church Iraqi Christians treated in France
[06:10]  Irish and Italian women rejecting abortion: stats
[05:55]  2001 Philippines Church Leaders' Conference and Crusade
[04:05]  Deadly volcanic eruption in Indonesia wreaks havoc
[02:10]  Cholera epidemic could spike, rebuild process could slow
[00:05]  Audio Bible Ministry to receive their 2010 Ministry Award


[22:10]  Bishop uses sexual education book as example of moral relativism
[20:05]  Gay activist promotes gay ‘marriage’ at Ontario Catholic College
[18:10]  New website connects searchers to local churches
[16:05]  Five Anglican bishops plan to join Catholic Church
[14:10]  Man who once hated Jews making a difference in the West Bank
[12:05]  Right to Life is disappointed with screening TV suicide video
[10:10]  Relief workers: many believe Christianity is a form of Hinduism
[08:05]  In Spain, Pope calls Europe to open itself to God
[06:10]  Believe it or not: Congressman Manny Pacquiao – great hero of boxing (press)
[04:05]  Pro-life father nearly lost son to abortion: dads have no legal rights
[02:10]  Religious sisters net $220k selling rarest baseball card ever
[00:05]  Face transplant candidate Dallas Wiens credits God


[22:10]  Grandson of Billy Graham, wraps up ’celebration’ in Uruguay
[20:05]  Rep. Smith: New U.S. house arguably most pro-life ever
[18:10]  "The Scarf," a movie made by The Connection church now on DVD
[17:35]  Bishop of Manmin ministry in Russia: our goal is planting churches (exclusive)
[16:05]  Forbes magazine names Pope world's fifth most powerful figure
[14:10]  Chinese police raid church training meeting: Pastor arrested
[12:05]  David Tinney, founder of «Family Aid International» answered your questions (exclusive, internet-conference)
[10:10]  Missionary attacked and brutally beaten in Nepal
[08:05]  Bishop asks cathedral no longer be referred to as mosque
[06:10]  Legality of Christian flag debated in the town of town of King, N.C.
[04:05]  Arsonists target Orthodox and Baptist churches in Russia
[02:10]  Benedict XVI calls Spain, all of Europe, to deeper faith
[01:05]  Assyrian organizations condemn church massacre in Iraq
[00:10]  'Green publishing' campaign launched after 300 years work in India


[15:05]  Surviving the Holidays program: An opportunity for outreach
[12:10]  United Kingdom: Olympic mega-mosque public inquiry
[09:05]  Venezuelan cardinal urges faithful to unite around bishops
[06:10]  U.S. Supreme Court weighs violent video games ban
[03:05]  Iraqi priest warns of more attacks against Christians
[00:10]  Debate on "Informed Consent" was held House of Commons


[21:05]  Millions of Christians remember orphans this Sunday
[18:10]  40,000 COGIC faithful to meet in St. Louis next week
[15:05]  Carl Anderson dismantles divided America myth in new book
[12:10]  22 rescued miners come to Christ; one speaks at Luis Palau festival
[09:05]  Al-Qaida group calls Mideast Christians 'legitimate targets'
[06:10]  Canadians worry about vulnerable people if euthanasia is legalized
[03:05]  Bridge of Hope centers rebuilt after storm in India
[00:10]  Conservative, Evangelical voters turn out strong for midterms


[21:05]  Florida Baptist Convention: Haiti relief turns from rescue to rebuild (photoreport)
[18:10]  Christians and Muslims want to mobilise joint crisis group
[15:05]  Flannelgraph opens doors for Christ in Mongolia
[15:05]  Campaign launched in the UK for homosexual marriage
[12:10]  Dutch bishop calls parliamentarians to defund abortion
[09:05]  A series of pickets of the Uzbekistan consulate in the U.S. began in New York
[06:10]  Integrity artist tapped to compose theme song for new movie
[03:05]  United Nations pressures El Salvador to legalize abortion
[00:10]  2010 Visionary Awards mark the best in Christian music


[22:05]  Marijuana legalization defeated in Calif., elsewhere
[20:10]  Michael O'Brien: Reading Potter, Twilight, - "We become what we eat"
[18:05]  Billy Graham to celebrate 92nd birthday November 7
[16:10]  Eritrean government orders another crackdown on Christians
[14:05]  Baptist Christians wrote a letter in defense of New Life church
[12:10]  Pope speaks about sex abuse scandals in new book
[10:05]  United Kingdom pro-life leader: "This is World War III"
[08:10]  Iowa voters kick out homosexual “marriage” justices
[06:05]  CIA takes fault in 2001 missionary plane shooting
[04:10]  Bishops of Spain send letter of condolence to Archbishop of Baghdad
[02:05]  Tropical Storm Tomas could worsen Haiti's cholera troubles
[00:10]  Christmas project aims to bring hope of Christ to 50,000 kids


[22:05]  Peru: Cardinal reminds Catholics of the universal call to holiness
[20:10]  Billy Graham radio program, ‘The Hour of Decision,’ turns 60
[18:05]  Catholic Charities honors bishops with commemorative medal
[16:10]  BBC criticized over extensive coverage of Halloween
[14:05]  Lutherans, Nets Basketball teach kids to shoot for better health
[12:10]  Malawi: Students' Bible desecration could signal new Muslim militancy
[10:05]  Success of "2000 Japan Nagoya Miracle Convention with Rev. Lee"
[08:10]  Race for the Cure overtakes Jerusalem in pink and white
[06:05]  Secular society warns against 'intelligent design' in Scottish schools
[04:10]  Pope expresses shock at 'violent deaths' of 58 Iraqi Catholics
[02:05]  Kids begin to overcome ethnic tensions at summer camps
[00:10]  World Orphans Day commemorated on November 8, 2010


[22:05]  Vermont gov. candidate vows to legalize euthanasia if elected
[20:10]  The ancient city of Jericho marks 10,000 years
[18:05]  Cardinal calls for end to murders in northern Mexico
[16:10]  Tanzania: Regional Catholic journalists decry state repression
[14:05]  Islamic Fundamentalist mass media targets church in Egypt
[12:10]  Panic: abortion is in 'extreme danger' says Planned Parenthood
[10:05]  Darlene Zschech to leave Hillsong after 25 years of service
[08:10]  Christopher, Peter Hitchens: Can civilization survive without God?
[06:05]  Swiss Catholics outraged by parish decision to distribute condoms
[05:10]  Baptists jailed in Azerbaijan: "a religiously tolerant country"
[04:05]  In one year, 2,500 West Bengali girls coerced into sexual slavery
[03:55]  “Days of South Korea in Estonia” festival ended in Tallinn (photoreport, exclusive)
[01:20]  UK Christians banned from fostering takes fight to high court
[00:45]  Over 50 Catholics die during terrorist attack on Baghdad
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