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[16:15]  Report from the opening of Days of South Korea in Estonia festival (photoreport, exclusive)
[07:55]  Pastor from Nazareth told about ministering to Jews (exclusive)
[01:20]  2,200 languages yet to have the Bible in their heart language


[13:30]  Candy Christmas: Overcoming depression by helping homeless
[11:55]  Manmin missionary told about controversies of festival and his ministry (exclusive)
[10:40]  Holy Land Church official finds no ‘anti-Zionist’ bias at synod
[08:10]  Christians from Europe came to support Korean festival in Tallinn (photoreport, exclusive)
[06:35]  British Chief Rabbi’s song gets million hits on YouTube
[05:15]  Hollywood celebrities record audio dramatization of New Testament


[23:20]  Christian villages at heart of Indonesia’s triple disaster
[11:20]  Press-conference with Dr. Jaerock Lee was held in Tallinn (photoreport, exclusive)
[09:30]  Michael Morgulis on his expectations from Korean festival in Estonia (exclusive)
[02:10]  Day 34 of 40 Days for Life: 445 saved … one week left


[23:05]  Banquets help to get involved with Bible translation
[20:10]  Court to rule on freedom of speech case at U of Calgary
[17:05]  Christian politicians have right to defend ethical principles
[14:10]  Florida attorney general: No appeal of gay adoption ruling
[11:05]  Compassion International kids in Haiti affected by cholera
[08:10]  South Asia: Missionary beaten, thrown in jail, released
[05:05]  Week 100 on New York Times List: The Love Dare
[02:10]  Biblica: 7th edition of "Operation World" officially unveiled


[23:05]  US bishops sending delegation to opening of Cuban seminary
[20:10]  Texas teen nearly forced by parents into abortion
[17:05]  China's ban on Lausanne delegates called 'gross violation' of rights
[14:10]  Lesotho: 'Somebody has to go tell the Story before they die'
[11:05]  Tension in Sudan ahead of vote is dangerous, warns church envoy
[08:10]  Synod backs Pope in call for 'two-state' solution in Middle East
[05:05]  Burma’s ethnic Christians fear bleak future after election
[02:10]  President Obama endorses LGBT youth 'Spirit Day'
[00:05]  A new generation needs to be mentored into significance


[22:10]  8 nations, including Russia, failing religious liberty pledge
[20:05]  Military archbishop on dangers of altering 'don't ask, don't tell'
[18:10]  Missionary's visit ends man's 20-year wait for Gospel
[16:05]  Condom ads pushing youth into “risk-taking” sexual activity: SPUC
[14:10]  In wake of scandals, Irish bishops call for year of renewal
[12:05]  Turkish aide wants Hagia restored for Muslim, Christian worship
[10:10]  Evangelist explores the making of disciples in the Middle East
[08:05]  Kenya: 2 to hang for killing Consolata Missionary Priest
[06:10]  Anglican congregation's plan for Roman exit not seen as exodus
[04:05]  Temporary delay in execution of Iranian pastor Nadarkhani
[02:10]  Middle East Church leaders seek common Easter
[01:05]  European Court of Human Rights: Moscow must permit gay parades
[00:10]  The 3rd Lausanne Congress in Cape Town comes to a close


[16:10]  Another disappointment for Bible Club workers in India
[13:05]  Vatican synod sees growing concern over Islam
[10:10]  Russian Protestants and the problem of finances
[07:05]  Kinsey victim speaks out: My father was paid to rape me
[04:10]  Healing rooms movement spreading worldwide
[01:05]  Chileans to offer thanks to God for rescue of miners


[22:10]  First woman to lead Church of Norway bishops
[19:05]  Horror: Chinese man describes wife's forced abortion
[16:10]  Don't Ask, Don't Tell reinstated by federal appeals court
[13:05]  Christian in Bhutan imprisoned for showing film on Christ
[10:10]  Pakistani Christians are still in dire need of help
[07:05]  Koreans celebrate 60 years of Southern Baptist work (photoreport)
[04:10]  America's Scripture illiteracy answered by a ministry
[01:05]  Bishops of Brazil: Vote for those who promote the family


[22:10]  Baby saved by man who later finds out he's the father
[19:05]  Charismatic church protests theme park’s Halloween show
[16:10]  Israel halts El Al flights from Nigeria, citing security concerns
[13:05]  Ludwig Minelli: Let family members of suicides kill themselves too
[10:10]  Turkmenistan: "They didn't even allow him to kiss me"
[07:05]  New Life church lawyer met with Her Majesty’s Ambassador
[04:10]  Court denies Vatican bank’s efforts to reclaim millions
[01:05]  Suffering Niger to find hope for children through new hospital


[22:10]  Archbishop criticizes United Nations for failing to respect life
[20:05]  Canadian court urges case-by-case decisions on face veils
[18:10]  At least 31 babies saved during students’ Day of Silence
[16:05]  Ministry explores 'zero growth' in a positive light
[14:10]  Christians remind world leaders of pledge to halving poverty
[12:05]  United Kingdom: Warning against legalising assisted suicide
[10:10]  Malta bishops: divorce changes nature of marriage
[08:05]  Kenya Christian leaders' stand on terror suspects angers Muslims
[06:10]  Cyber attack hits global church gathering in Cape Town
[04:05]  Polish bishops condemn proposed legislation to legalize IVF
[02:10]  Australian Court: Couple “not guilty” of illegally using RU-486
[00:05]  Africa: Anti-poverty agency calls for investment in rural women


[22:10]  Bible institute in Serbia is opening its doors again
[20:05]  Mother of Tim Tebow endorses Personhood Amendment
[18:10]  Officials: Military suicides on the rise in the United States
[16:05]  Major Houston pro-life event to counter abortion 'supercenter'
[14:10]  Christians in Turkey acquitted of ‘insulting Turkishness’
[12:05]  Pope says Church’s mission a duty of every Catholic
[10:10]  Attack of Islamic militants on Chechen Parliament rattles nerves
[08:05]  Catholic Relief Services mobilizing after deadly Philippines typhoon
[06:10]  View of "Uganda Church Leaders' Conference" in Kampala
[04:05]  Anglican head concerned for failed Zimbabwe asylum seekers
[02:10]  Argentinean bishops propose 2011 as 'Year of Life'
[00:05]  A mission group encourages its leaders to 'fly the coop'


[22:10]  More than one million abortions practiced in Spain since 1995
[20:05]  Australian cliff 'watchman' saves hundreds from suicide
[18:10]  Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy protection
[16:05]  Verbal missiles can produce hellish consequences (press)
[14:10]  Vatican paper lauds 'Simpsons' for realistic portrait of faith
[12:05]  China disallowed Christian leaders to go Lausanne Congress
[10:10]  In India, Archbishop of Canterbury criticises European burqa bans
[08:05]  Burma to stop media coverage of national elections
[06:10]  Doctor told about World Christian Doctors Network (exclusive)
[04:05]  Turkmenistan: Protestant pastor’s trial set for Oct. 21, 2010
[02:05]  Round table in defense of New Life Church in Belarus
[00:10]  Group takes D.C. marriage battle to Supreme Court


[22:05]  Court sides with firefighters forced to participate in gay parade
[20:10]  Pentecostal Church stronger after shooting, pastor says
[16:05]  Bangladesh storms leave half million homeless
[14:10]  Coptic organization warns of violence against Copts in Egypt
[12:05]  CLC seek to stop Islamist preacher entering UK
[10:10]  Russian Orthodox Patriarch condemns gay propaganda
[08:05]  London-born missionary Sid Barnes murdered in Ghana
[06:10]  Sudan: Ugandan rebel group threatens violence in Darfur
[04:05]  Leader of Jerusalem Catholics optimistic about peace
[03:45]  A book of Korean pastor converts from Islam to Christianity
[02:10]  Susan Boyle: Doctors told mother to abort me
[01:05]  Leadership coming in N. Korea could bring wave of aggression
[00:10]  A book that changed one life (media review) (press)


[15:10]  Chilean miners say 'Thank you, Lord' for their rescue (photoreport)
[12:05]  A ministry finds success in reality TV in the Middle East
[09:10]  Christian Legal Centre: Britain needs graphic images of abortion
[06:05]  Mercy Ships shares the right to sight on a global scale
[03:10]  Utah meeting seeks to unify American Orthodox Christians
[00:05]  Chinese Christians blocked from evangelization conference


[21:10]  Doctors treat first patient with embryo-derived stem cells
[18:05]  Chile’s president praises faith of rescued miners
[15:10]  BC Court allows challenge against prostitution laws
[12:05]  Ian McKellen campaigns to discuss homosexuality with kids
[09:10]  Effort to ‘reclaim’ Halloween as Christian holiday
[06:05]  ReleasingKingsUA Ministry to hold business conference
[03:10]  Chaplain, others urge 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' appeal
[00:05]  50 years of broadcasting the Gospel from Monte Carlo


[21:10]  Holy Father gives thanks for rescue of Chilean miners
[18:05]  Integrity Recording artist to air primetime TV special
[15:10]  Argentinean archbishop: Abortion cannot be justified
[12:05]  OM Bus4Life helps Hungary's toxic sludge spill victims
[09:10]  Sudanese cardinal unharmed after failed assassination at Mass
[06:05]  Judge allows Pittsburgh pro-lifers to distribute voter leaflets
[03:10]  UN resolution jeopardizes religious freedom worldwide
[00:05]  Africa Inland Mission is moving its U.S. headquarters


[22:10]  Inroads against HIV/AIDS flow from Botswana-U.S. tie
[20:05]  Report finds strong growth in US Orthodox churches
[18:10]  Church in Costa Rica urges government to maintain IVF ban
[16:05]  Centre for Social Cohesion win major debate on Islam
[14:10]  Orphan Sunday helps tie the bow of the Red Thread
[12:05]  Sri Lanka Catholic bishops urge release of jailed opposition leader
[10:10]  Uganda: Catholic bishop condemns use of witchcraft
[08:05]  Catholic Care adoption agency renews fight to stay open
[06:10]  NY Gov. Candidate Paladino blasts gay propaganda in schools
[04:05]  Avant Ministries supports project that will help build church in Mali
[02:10]  Washington archdiocese team to run marathon to support vocations
[00:05]  40 Days for Life announces milestone: 3,000 babies saved


[22:10]  Dr. Gary Chapman on NYT Bestseller List with new book
[20:05]  Archbishop charges Workers' Party with 'deceiving voters' in Brazil
[18:10]  New 'Operation World' launches global prayer initiative
[16:05]  Primacy of Conscience upheld – Council of Europe
[14:10]  Ministry teams up with radio to send Bibles to Iran
[12:05]  World Pastors Day will be celebrated in South Africa
[10:10]  Blind Chinese human rights defender still under house arrest
[08:05]  2004 Germany Healing Festival with Rev. Jaerock Lee enlightens Europe
[06:10]  Middle Eastern Christian immigrants must be challenged to forgive
[04:05]  Poland's Catholic schools 'can bar homosexual teachers'
[02:10]  Actor Michael Caine says he convinced doctor to kill dad
[00:05]  A Hand Up: Joy Junction Shines for the Homeless (photoreport, press)


[22:10]  Sarah Palin: Trig’s Down syndrome ‘rocked my world’
[20:05]  Grand Jury grills Tiller murderer's Bible study group
[18:10]  2 Chilean miners accept Christ while trapped underground
[16:05]  Anniversary of Manmin Church: High above the nations (photoreport)
[14:10]  Dutch MP in Court following comments on Islam
[12:05]  Students pray for 6,426 unreached people groups
[10:10]  The history of Manmin - until the fulfillment of the will of God (photoreport, press)
[08:05]  Spain: Official is called to resign in dispute over when life begins
[06:10]  ‘Jesus was born in Bethlehem; Christianity was born in Jordan’
[04:05]  Pope denounces violence in God's name at meeting on Middle East
[02:55]  Anniversary of Manmin Central Church: Arise and shine (photoreport, press)
[02:10]  Church threatened over opposition to pro-abort candidate
[00:05]  Astronaut Leland Melvin shares faith at Campbellsville


[22:10]  Malawi multi-faith group condemns Bible tearing in Muslim area
[20:05]  Same-sex attraction doesn’t justify redefining marriage
[18:10]  Eminem bans profanity at home: “If you're the parent, be a parent”
[16:05]  President Sarkozy and Pope discuss Middle East peace
[14:10]  The supreme court of Bangladesh upholds moderate Islam
[12:05]  A missionary cultivates Great Commission passion in Ghana
[10:45]  5th GCN Anniversary declaring new chapter in broadcasting media ministry (photoreport)
[10:10]  Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden pitches Pakistan aid
[08:05]  British Muslim Schools force every student to wear a veil
[06:10]  Iranian pastor faces death for 'thought crime'
[04:05]  Kenya: Religious outrage over minister's support of gay
[02:10]  Chinese religious freedom activist awarded Nobel Peace Prize
[01:05]  In Israel, Church responds to growing numbers of Catholic immigrants
[00:10]  World changers to meet in Cape Town to talk strategy


[18:05]  Abortion clinics close in New Jersey and in Maryland
[15:10]  Mexican archbishop warns of attempts to silence religion
[12:05]  African churches can play key role in Middle East, says WCC head
[09:10]  40 Days for the Fatherless underway, Christians are mobilizing
[06:05]  College students going barefoot for week of pro-life advocacy
[03:10]  Millions worldwide to pray to reduce extreme poverty
[00:05]  YouTube censors pro-life sermon seen by millions of Brazilians


[21:10]  Cuba's economic reforms create new levels of anxiety
[21:10]  Kentucky ministry takes church outside the building
[18:05]  Civil lawsuit may be filed over Arab festival charges
[15:10]  South African 'moral compass' Tutu officially retires
[12:05]  Christian teacher from India forced to flee Maldives
[09:10]  Pope Benedict asks Catholic press to keep flame of hope lit
[06:05]  Revival lessons: Korean dedication from inside (press review) (photoreport, press, exclusive)
[03:10]  Palin: Nov. election a battle of "Culture of Life" and "Culture of Death"
[00:05]  Costa Rican bishops to defend the family before Congress


[22:10]  Rock of Ages Festival – over 250 give their lives to Christ
[20:05]  Eduardo Verastegui to play Mexican martyr in ‘Cristiada’
[18:10]  Canadian court overturned anti-prostitution laws
[16:05]  Tanzanian Catholic scholar speaks on human rights in Africa
[14:10]  Equality Act 2010 comes into force in the United Kingdom
[12:05]  Somalia's militant group pursues Christians into Kenya
[10:10]  Over two million participants possible for 2011 World Youth Day
[08:05]  Missionary: high unemployment among youth a time bomb
[06:10]  Ministry helps economy as it assists flood victims in Pakistan
[04:05]  Somali family laments kidnapping of Christian girl
[02:10]  Haitian schools to get a boost from Christian ministry
[00:05]  Truly secular state cannot persecute religious faithful (press)


[22:10]  Fewer children, later marriage, more divorce in Canadian families
[20:05]  HCJB Global Ministry staff safe amid chaotic day in Ecuador
[18:10]  New stem cell technique captures 'high moral ground'
[16:05]  Nepal's parties seek referendum that could rescind secularism
[14:10]  Government crackdown on missionary presence could get worse
[12:05]  Vatican 'dismayed' by Nobel prize for IVF co-developer
[10:10]  Pro-abort columnist: loving mom would smother disabled baby
[08:05]  Revised Bible seen as 'uniting point' for all Chinese Christians
[06:10]  Ministry is focusing on relief, not threats in Pakistan
[04:05]  India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival with Rev. Jae-Rok Lee
[02:10]  'Draw Mohammed' cartoonist Molly Norris in hiding
[00:05]  Police thwart murder-for-hire of ex-girlfriend and unborn child


[22:10]  A new program in El Salvador paves the way for future hope
[20:05]  Election '10: Future of 'gay marriage' could be at stake
[18:10]  Canadian pro-life students arrested for setting up display
[16:05]  Vatican paper rips Italian president's bad jokes
[14:10]  Pope calls Sicilian families to courage against Mafia 'road of death'
[12:05]  German president says 20 years later, Islam now part of Germany
[10:10]  Missionaries: fear opens doors for outreach in Europe
[08:05]  Vatican holds congress to examine Catholic Church and the media
[06:10]  15 children kidnapped in Nigeria, Archbishop asks for help
[04:05]  Missionary from China told secretly about ministering in communism
[02:10]  Muslim extremists murder Christian family in Pakistan
[00:05]  Religious talk leads to little change, Barna finds


[22:10]  Pastors needed for Muslim outreach in the U.S.
[20:05]  Embryo-free breakthrough announced in stem cell research
[18:10]  Russian mission marks 20 years of prayer-inspired outreach
[16:05]  Pope calls for worldwide Vigil for All Nascent Human Life
[14:10]  Bishop: "The Madonna of the Third Reich" plays with fire
[12:05]  Thousands of trafficked girls found in Mali slave camps
[10:10]  Muslims protest the statement of Coptic Bishop Bishoy
[08:05]  New book "My Sparkling Misfortune" released
[06:10]  Homosexual agenda safe in Britain’s Labour Party
[04:05]  Fr. Lombardi urges all to make death penalty nonexistent
[02:10]  Christian leaders lament during Nigeria's 50th anniversary
[01:05]  Flooding situation in Pakistan has yet to improve
[00:10]  Druidry recognized as religion, given charitable status


[16:10]  Anchorage implements cold-weather plan for homeless
[13:05]  Study shows atheists well-educated about religion
[10:10]  Expert: Cohabitating couples miss out on 'true happiness'
[07:05]  Guatemala in the wake of drenching rains and mudslides
[04:10]  Expert: one-child policy will cause demographic 'disaster'
[01:05]  DirecTV provider is keeping God TV in its lineup


[22:10]  Food aid vital to combating HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa
[19:05]  Archbishop: New Venezuelan congress now democratic
[16:10]  Brazilian presidential front runner is 'personally against' abortion
[13:05]  Laura Silsby: God had purpose for time in jail in Haiti
[10:10]  'JESUS' film gives new hope to people in crime-infested area
[07:05]  School trains Christians in 'prophetic evangelism'
[04:10]  Short-term team finds a funding need for orphans in Latvia
[01:05]  A man fights to stop prayers at Pee Wee football league


[22:10]  Experts weigh in on controversial Theology of the Body debate
[19:05]  Poll: Record majority of Americans distrust mainstream media
[15:10]  Millions to pray Sunday for peace of Jerusalem
[12:05]  Many issues remain unresolved, but referendum forges ahead
[09:10]  Bishop: Excommunication for Philippines president ‘a possibility’
[06:05]  Evangelical Christian pilgrims converge on Jerusalem
[03:10]  Pope to focus on truth in media for 2011 communications day
[00:05]  The Texas State Board: treat religion fairly in textbooks
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