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[22:10]  Archbishop urges Mexicans to remain hopeful amidst floods
[20:05]  Canadian laws restricting prostitution ‘unconstitutional’: Ontario court
[18:10]  47,600 gather over weekend for Greg Laurie: Chicago Harvest
[16:05]  Change in North Korea could mean a change in persecution
[14:10]  Nation of Malawi gears up for Billy Graham's 'My Hope' event
[12:05]  'Keep train on track' for Sudan peace pleads world church leader
[10:10]  Pope Benedict XVI calls Christians to reflect upon Scripture
[08:05]  Gospel for Asia missionaries are 'victims' and 'aid workers'
[06:10]  Japan's Catholic bishops publish English interfaith guidelines
[04:05]  Freedom of conscience under attack by EU “equalities” initiatives
[02:10]  The Hollywood ‘Script Doctor’ who began as a priest (press)
[00:05]  Supermodel: U.S. agency pressured me to have abortion


[22:10]  Outreach Magazine: Largest, fastest-growing churches tallied
[20:05]  Pat Boone’s letter to Steve McQueen comes to light after 30 years
[18:10]  Schwarzenegger opposes Prop 19/marijuana initiative
[16:05]  Europe: Demographics and the family in Europe
[14:10]  Rome initiative to shed light on Christianity in Middle East
[12:05]  Angolan bishop: West focus on gays not real issue for Africa
[10:10]  Despite tight security, Love Kampala Festival reaps much (photoreport)
[08:05]  Eight house churches shut down in Northern Syria
[06:10]  3 decades of forced abortion: China to continue one-child policy
[04:05]  God's power shines from Madison Square Garden to over 200 nations
[02:10]  Muslim mob attacks dozens of Christians in Gujrat, Pakistan
[01:15]  Korean pastor Jaerock Lee told how to achieve revival (exclusive)
[00:05]  Catholic congressman receives award from homosexuals


[22:10]  Nigerian cardinal: Spiritually hungry world needs holy priests
[20:05]  Human rights inquiry in Myanmar quickly gathers energy
[18:10]  Family group protests sponsorship of gay film festival in Chile
[16:05]  Discovery of Herod’s ’royal box’ proves lavish lifestyle of the king
[14:10]  Improving economy doesn't eliminate poverty; ministry does
[12:05]  Atheist: Catholicism is least tolerated religion in Europe
[10:10]  Egyptian Pope Shenouda fined for stand against divorce
[08:05]  Clean water brings the Gospel to an isolated part of Kenya
[06:10]  Mexican cardinal defends position on gay 'marriage'
[04:05]  Pope salutes military chaplains of Italy with call to holiness
[02:10]  Unknown militants bomb Lutheran church in Pakistan
[00:05]  New initiative offers help to girls facing pressure to abort


[22:10]  Lutheran Family Health Centers receives Promise Neighborhoods grant
[20:05]  Catholic Charities celebrates 100 years of charitable outreach
[18:10]  Definition of 'person' to be decided on Colorado ballot
[16:05]  Award-winning doctor addresses Kenya's critical 'brain drain'
[14:10]  Unidentified Muslim men attack Pentecostal church in Karachi
[12:05]  Christian charged with “offending” homosexuals is released
[10:10]  Ahmadinejad asks Allah to bring Islamic “victory”
[08:05]  In spite of rigid control, the Gospel shines brightly in Burma
[06:10]  S. Africa: Women traders confronting sexual harassment at borders
[04:05]  Pope Benedict sends greetings to 40 Days For Life campaign
[02:10]  Methodist churches in Britain use 89 languages
[01:05]  Converting faiths may be illegal in Nepal; Christians pray
[00:10]  Top UK Catholic bishop: We fight poverty not gay unions


[15:10]  The Family in America editor to speak at Family Research Council
[12:05]  Seminarian head: God still calling men to Catholic priesthood
[09:10]  Ministry to help lift the church in the developing world from poverty
[06:05]  77 percent of Evangelicals believe abortion is morally wrong
[03:10]  Nebraska Catholic high school won $500,000 prize
[00:05]  Pro-abort Parliament blasted for outlawing bullfighting


[21:10]  US scholar says Israelites drank beer as well as wine
[18:05]  Minnesota archbishop explains importance of defending marriage
[15:10]  Testimony: God’s miraculous work in the Muslim world
[12:05]  World churches leader urges African Christians to be self-critical
[09:10]  Christians call for united Jerusalem during Feast of Tabernacles
[06:05]  Spanish course violates international rights, warns UN consultant
[03:10]  SAT-7 challenges believers while spreading the Gospel
[00:05]  Polls: California voters favor marijuana/Proposition 19


[21:10]  Christians, Jewish leaders protest Iran president outside UN
[18:05]  Planned Parenthood scared by Tea Party success
[15:10]  German Catholics to apply new procedures in selecting priests
[12:05]  British consultant on a mission to ‘unlock church growth’
[09:10]  Persecution: Indian pastor beaten and left for dead
[06:05]  Christians are victims and rescuers in India's flood disaster
[03:10]  Scottish bishops thankful to organizers of papal visit
[00:05]  Popular women’s events offer outreach opportunities for free


[22:10]  Kids, Christianity will save Europe from Islamization
[20:05]  Expenses mounting to feed the poor and the orphans of Haiti
[18:10]  Critics decry Florida court ruling overturning gay adoption ban
[16:05]  Government wants church to stop contruction in Malaysia
[14:10]  Three-prong evangelism thrust brings new challenges
[12:05]  Launch of major United Kingdom campaign: ‘Not Ashamed’
[10:10]  Bank chief on money laundering allegations: 'nothing to hide'
[08:05]  40 Days for Life launches in record 238 locations around the world
[06:10]  The Gospel clarifies Christian-Muslim relationhips in Ghana
[04:05]  European Parliament concerned at state of Jordan River
[02:10]  World equine games: Baptist volunteers are ready
[00:05]  Continued ban on converting others proposed in Nepal


[22:10]  Midwest Catholic bishops exhort flocks to fight for marriage
[20:05]  Steady progress made toward Bible curriculum in Haiti
[18:10]  Archbishop urges Argentineans to defend life and family
[16:05]  Officials surprised with investigation of Vatican bank's chairman
[14:10]  Catholics give 'quality' education in Malawi, but fall short on faith
[12:05]  Times changing in China -- for the good, says ministry
[10:10]  Italian official claims link between gay adoption, human trafficking
[08:05]  Insurgents train young ones as Islamist soldiers in Somalia
[06:10]  Korean pastor held Miracle Healing Festival in Russia
[04:05]  Filipino Christian and Muslim leaders talk to repel extremism
[02:10]  U.K. pro-life advocates arrested over graphic abortion photo
[00:05]  Lay council: Church has always rejected Communism


[22:10]  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association celebrates 60 years of ministry
[20:05]  Marijuana, other drug use is on the rise in America
[18:10]  U.S. General: Don't like homosexuality? Leave the army
[16:05]  Church near site of Russian tsar's, family's remains, burns down
[14:10]  Pastor Bike encourages house church despite persecution
[12:05]  We told you so: Britain gobsmacked by Pope Benedict (press)
[10:10]  Afghanistan vote tally begins; ministry remains cautious optimistic
[08:05]  Jerusalem Mayor to attend Global Day of Prayer for Jerusalem event
[06:10]  Pope calls every person to 'work for culture of life'
[04:05]  Christians suffer in Iran's 'free nation,' says Open Doors USA
[02:10]  Phoenix bishop excommunicates priest over woman’s ordination
[00:05]  Parents urged to protect kids from the dark side of the Internet


[22:10]  Micro-enterprise spurs revival in 10/40 Window countries
[20:05]  Christian students suspended for doughnuts with Bible verses
[18:10]  Family research abstract of the week: Adultery among the unfaithful
[16:05]  Pope meets abuse victims as thousands protest his London visit
[14:10]  Lutheran grouping congratulates Bachelet as head of UN Women
[12:05]  New partnership could give way to alliance to reach Japan
[10:10]  Pope: Science can’t answer life’s biggest questions
[08:05]  Pakistani Christians relieved that Koran burning was called off
[06:10]  Archbishop: "Grave sin" of abortion leads to excommunication
[04:05]  Adoption a serious need for older boys in Russia
[02:10]  Indonesian church leaders say attack on its members 'barbaric'
[01:05]  Muslim radicals ‘fabricated story of priest’s wife conversion’
[00:10]  Pope to bishops: People of the UK have 'deep thirst' for the Gospel


[17:05]  Archbishop urges change for Venezuela in a pastoral letter
[14:10]  Christian leaders call for 40-day fast in run up to election
[11:05]  Buddhist extremists capture, then release 8 Christians
[08:10]  France grapples with Roma expulsion controversy
[05:05]  Pope warns against dictatorship of relativism, ‘atheist extremism’
[02:10]  Jerusalem must fund gay community: Israeli Supreme Court


[23:05]  Church invites people back on Classic FM and Heart FM
[20:10]  Archbishop of Seattle: “To be Catholic means to be pro-life”
[17:05]  Faith Comes By Hearing benefits from bike trip across the USA
[14:10]  Ministry feeds Israel’s poor, both Jews and Arabs
[11:05]  Demand for Children's Bibles grows steadily in Vietnam
[09:20]  Interview with Israeli pastor, his ministry around the globe (exclusive)
[05:05]  Romania church leaders say Roma deportations wrong; no solution
[04:15]  Healing crusade with Rev. Dr. Jae-Rock Lee in Pakistan
[02:10]  Vatican spokesman pleased with crowd of 100,000 in Edinburgh


[23:05]  The United States sex trade flourishes: who's in charge? (press)
[21:10]  Roundup: Pro-life wins big in Tuesday Tea Party primary surge
[19:05]  “This is Jesus" biographical tour of the Holy Land to be launched
[17:10]  Imam claims backlash if New York mosque not built
[15:05]  How to influence the Vatican: A pro-life insider’s perspective
[13:10]  The catalyst of change comes to Mozambique
[11:05]  Sri Lanka could face 'constitutional dictatorship', warn churches
[09:10]  Drug addiction rampant in Russia; Gospel is the answer
[07:05]  China: promiscuity tackled with Christian chastity program
[05:10]  UK Parliamentary Coalition on Human Dignity welcomes Pope
[03:05]  GFA is praising God for the announced release of their missionary
[01:10]  Peruvian cardinal laments society’s attacks on the family


[23:05]  Christian comedy Bringing Up Bobby soon to hit stores
[21:10]  Senate to vote on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy next week
[19:05]  Communist rebels decapitate Indian pastor in front of wife
[17:10]  Hacker destroys website of Florida group defending Rifqa Bary
[15:05]  Slavic Gospel Association to reach out to school children
[13:10]  Ethics minister to porn dealers: 'Your days are numbered'
[11:05]  Iranian State TV reported about the arrest of Christians
[09:10]  13 suicides among Belgian clerical abuse victims: report
[07:05]  Egyptian security forces storm monastery, assault monks
[05:10]  Russia's prisons look to faiths to bring moral guidance
[03:05]  Pope and Westminster Archbishop at odds on ‘gay marriage’
[01:10]  Grim expectations expected on poverty in the U.S.


[23:05]  Blind Paralympic champion prays for protection of human life
[21:10]  Fast, pray, love: Bishop urges pastors to join 40 Days for Life
[19:05]  World Hunger Funds crucial for Haiti, Pakistan relief help (photoreport)
[17:10]  Ray Comfort: Stephen Hawking breaks atheist rules
[15:05]  Catholic marriages plummet in all dioceses in Britain
[13:10]  Wycliffe Associates looks to replace an entire fleet of planes
[11:05]  Catholic relics given to Orthodox begin river cruise to Moscow
[09:10]  Trust is needed, says Finland's first female Lutheran bishop
[07:05]  Christian workers in Afghanistan freed; still at risk
[05:10]  Tragedy of forced marriages, conversions of Christian girls (press)
[03:05]  Pope to countrymen: Germans should build society rooted in truth
[01:10]  Baptists in Israel will celebrate the 100th anniversary


[23:05]  Annual Day of Prayer for the Poor and Suffering to be launched
[21:10]  Pope, bishops, ask governor to halt execution of Kentucky inmate
[19:05]  Hitchens: Don’t trouble “deaf heaven” with prayers for me
[17:10]  A federal judge overturns 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy
[15:05]  Vatican official: Papal visit to UK will affirm bonds with Anglicans
[13:10]  US diplomat visited New Life church in Belarus
[11:05]  Continued pressure exerted on detained Christians in Iran
[09:10]  Legislator refuses to dine with Iceland’s lesbian Prime Minister
[07:05]  An unintended consquence of 'Burn-a-Quran' day: sharia law
[05:10]  Indian court convicts legislator in second murder case
[03:05]  Anti-papal protesters “not representative” of British
[02:35]  Influential minister Bill Bassansky passed away in the USA (exclusive)
[02:10]  Floods in Niger displace 200,000; ministry tries to help
[01:05]  Bishop in Pakistan relieved by reported cancelation of Quran burning
[00:10]  Blind Chinese human rights activist released from prison


[16:10]  Muslim parents re-arrested over suspected honour killing
[13:05]  Paraguayan legislator against homosexuality during prime time
[10:10]  Young adult director: tips for surviving the college 'jungle'
[07:05]  The Grace Card movie: Witness the power of forgiveness (photoreport)
[04:10]  New York prayer event remembers another 9/11
[01:05]  Catholic Vote gears up for mid-term November elections


[22:10]  Ecuadorian medical team heads to Haiti for a third time
[19:05]  A federal appeals court suspends judge's stem cell ruling
[16:10]  The transforming power of Scripture comes to the Ketning
[13:05]  US Catholic bishops denounce 'outright bigotry' against Muslims
[11:30]  Prayers for spiritual awakening to mark 9/11 anniversary
[10:10]  Thousands flock to Alabama Revival meetings in Mobile
[07:05]  'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' other bills, await Congressional action this fall
[04:10]  National ‘Back To Church Sunday’ set for Sept. 12 across USA
[01:05]  Pope to Council of Europe: Reject relativism, respect life, marriage


[22:10]  Pastor from Korea told about the transformation of water miracle (photoreport, exclusive)
[19:05]  Men to bike across U.S. in support of Haiti orphans (photoreport)
[16:10]  A group brings the truth to a deeply religious people in India
[13:05]  Jailed Chinese forced-abortion whistleblower due for release
[10:10]  The Emergency Services visited New Life Church in Belarus
[07:05]  Ministry calls for prayer for North Ossetia after suicide attack
[06:30]  2009 Israel United Crusade - The power of God shakes Jerusalem (photoreport, press)
[04:10]  Vatican Library prepares to reopen after three years of restoration
[01:05]  Land: Scheduled Quran burning besmirches Christ


[22:10]  Wisconsin bishops: Faithful citizenship begins with right to life
[20:05]  Evidence challenging Darwin 'could be valid,' explains Catholic scholar
[18:10]  Federal judge refuses to lift embryonic stem cell stay
[16:05]  Vatican council calls planned Koran burning ceremony 'outrageous'
[14:10]  Voice of China and Asia delivers Bibles in China - legally
[12:05]  40 Days for Life launching their campaign in London
[10:10]  Church building in Bogor, Indonesia re-opens – for a day
[09:25]  A woman received medical proven healing of her eyes in S. Korea
[08:05]  Catholic hospitals in Spain accused of providing abortions
[06:10]  Hundreds of Muslim radicals escape from prison; Christians concerned
[04:05]  Pope highlights 'special contribution' women make to theology
[02:10]  Pro-lifers kicked, shoved on camera by abortionist's hired thugs
[00:05]  Pro-family groups warn of California’s Prop 19 impact on families


[22:10]  Experts defend autonomy of Mexican states to protect life
[20:05]  Commentary: Stephen Hawking's junk science atheism (press)
[18:10]  Residents of Quebec support legalization of euthanasia
[16:05]  UN treaty used to threaten homeschool families in Botswana
[14:10]  Philippines Christian group urges speedy probe of hostage deaths
[12:05]  Kenya: Awareness against human trafficking raised
[10:10]  Stats on Catholic Church in Britain published ahead of papal visit
[08:05]  Floods sweep the Gambia again, thousands homeless
[06:10]  Slovenian government pushing gay 'marriage' and adoption
[04:05]  Lay Catholics in Korea express commitment to evangelizing Asia
[04:05]  Petraeus: Quran burning could endanger US troops
[02:10]  Twin Towers of Health: Vitamin D and Calcium
[00:05]  Cost of fixing Delhi for Commonwealth Games worries churches


[22:10]  Warren Buffett joined Bill, Melinda Gates in launching the Giving Pledge
[20:05]  Biblica is helping U.S. military chaplains in Iraq
[18:10]  Senior Catholic blames UK’s ‘moral wasteland’ on equal rights
[16:05]  Chinese pastor, wife slain at church served by Lottie Moon
[14:10]  Threats against Christians mounting in Bekasi, Indonesia
[12:05]  Are we modern Pharisees, or just nosey? (press)
[10:10]  Catholics presented as 'unsung heroes' in fight against AIDS
[08:05]  Awake, Israel! - 777 Days of Manmin Ministry in Israel (photoreport)
[06:10]  Broadcasting back to church welcome to 1.3 million Britons
[04:05]  Lack of clean water puts flood survivors at risk in Pakistan
[02:10]  Zimbabwe: Missionaries concerned about refugees in S. Africa
[00:05]  Ministry in Pakistan reaches out to Christian flood victims


[22:10]  Mexico City official investigated for criticizing Miss Universe Pageant
[20:05]  Haiti remains resilient in the face of earthquake disaster
[18:10]  Okla. Ten Commandments could carve new church-state path
[16:05]  Serious need meets serious lack of funding in Pakistan
[14:10]  Pensioner with ‘locked-in’ syndrome now racing cars
[12:05]  Muslims resume building on Christian graveyard in Pakistan
[10:10]  Pope Benedict XVI highlights call for 'firm' and 'planted' youth
[08:05]  Church ministry in Syria treads carefully after shut down
[06:10]  3 Catholic hospitals in Catalonia reportedly distributing abortion pill
[04:05]  Pastor Jae Rock Lee from S. Korea told about the revival (photoreport, exclusive)
[02:10]  Copts protest persecution in Egypt ahead of Mubarak’s DC visit
[01:05]  Kenyan churches welcome statistics showing Christianity has grown
[00:10]  Catholic bishop warns of more crisis in Pakistan floods’ wake


[16:05]  Attempt to make sex education compulsory in the UK
[13:10]  Spanish archbishop prays for Iraq as US combat mission ends
[10:05]  Expert: Discovery gunman far from first eco-terrorist
[07:10]  Chance to win $500k for Catholic school creates national buzz
[04:05]  Homosexual activist speaks at ‘Christian’ festival in UK
[01:10]  Report of aid workers' deaths in Pakistan may be false


[22:05]  Pro-life hopes for Illinois parental notice law dashed by court
[19:10]  Son of Hamas joins end times scholar for prophecy conference
[16:05]  Italian doctor condemns culture that fears children
[13:10]  Conservative minister Bev Oda reopens G8 abortion debate
[10:05]  Team readies encouragement for Cuban believers
[07:10]  Terror threat from Islamists radicalised in UK prisons
[04:05]  USAID pushes social marketing of contraceptives in Philippines
[01:10]  Vietnam stepping up religious rights abuses, experts say


[22:05]  Mira Sorvino takes Like Dandelion Dust to the big screen
[19:10]  Spain thanked Catholics for the role in release of Cuban prisoners
[16:05]  Muslim background Christian falsely accused in Bangladesh
[13:10]  More human embryo experimentation likely under EU directive
[10:05]  German Catholic bishops release new sex abuse guidelines
[07:10]  Somali militants chase Christians who've fled, beat them
[04:05]  Italian cardinal: Marriage is proof of God's love, hope for future
[01:10]  Report: illegal immigration in the United States declining


[22:05]  Palin-backed pro-life candidate wins upset victory
[20:10]  Virtually all El Salvadorans oppose legalization of abortion
[18:05]  Woman walks for first time in 22 years during Alabama revival
[16:10]  Italian Cardinal: Italian society being “seriously mutilated”
[14:05]  Pakistan disaster overshadows floods in Gambia
[12:10]  S. Africa’s bishops voice ‘grave misgivings’ about media restrictions
[10:05]  Leaders from 70 nations meet for Pentecostal World Conference
[08:10]  Christian сonvert in Bangladesh falsely accused of theft
[06:05]  Churches' leader condemns Hebron killings of Israelis
[04:10]  Italian government refuses tax revenue to fund mosques
[02:05]  Canadian parents more lenient than French and Italians
[00:10]  Churches nationwide surprised at impact of Grief Ministry


[22:05]  Bishops: reconciliation is key to celebrating Mexico’s bicentennial
[20:10]  Teen pro-life phenomenon 'Lia' defends rights of the unborn
[18:05]  Katrina proved the mettle of Baptist disaster relief
[16:10]  Teens invest in kids' lives, fund schools in South Africa
[14:05]  New Life church in Belarus has its account arrested
[12:10]  Belgium: Cardinal Danneels denies cover-up charges
[10:05]  Russian Patriarch unveils Kremlin icon hidden since 1917
[08:10]  Unknown condition of an Iranian Christian detained in Ahvaz
[06:05]  Sterilize the unfit says British professor David Marsland
[04:10]  Pope will address recent Church controversies in new book
[02:05]  The Mysterious Islands: evolution or God's creation? (press)
[00:10]  Azerbaijan refused to register Evangelical communities
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