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[22:05]  Prayer vigil for national renewal begins September 20
[20:10]  Archbishop: abortion is murder, not 'termination of pregnancy'
[18:05]  Despite objections, Seton Hall to pursue gay 'marriage' course
[16:10]  OneHope will help nation rebuild its education system
[14:05]  Bishop predicts World Youth Day's positive impact on Madrid
[12:10]  Turkmenistan: Five years' imprisonment for protestant pastor?
[10:05]  UK bishops describe heartfelt experiences of God
[08:10]  Threats move to murder of Christian aid workers in Pakistan
[06:05]  Doctors' religious beliefs affect end-of-life decisions: UK survey
[04:10]  South Korean church council says rice needed for flooded North
[02:05]  Southern Baptist pastor shot, killed by officer in USA
[00:10]  Bishops to run in Denver marathon to pay off cathedral debt


[22:05]  More registrars under pressure due to gay civil partnerships
[20:10]  US birth rate in 2009 reaches record low amid recession woes
[18:05]  Glenn Beck taken to task for libertarian 'gay marriage' position
[16:10]  Iranian football superstar fined $40000 for not fasting
[14:05]  Kids Alive more than doubles its Haiti program since earthquake
[12:10]  Express train will carry Mother Teresa's message across India
[10:05]  Iran: Final verdict on stoning case has not yet been made
[08:10]  Binge drinking increases promiscuity and abortions
[06:05]  Taliban poses new threat to foreign aid workers in Pakistan
[04:10]  Church of England bishop says BBC needs religion editor
[02:05]  Pope prays for 'happy conclusion' for Chilean miners
[01:10]  Kenyan church leaders say prayers for controversial law
[00:05]  American Christian freed from North Korea


[15:10]  Catholic bishops defend hiring rights of religious organizations
[12:05]  Evangelist Luis Palau gears up for San Diego CityFest
[09:10]  WorldServe hosts business forums for international students
[06:05]  'Stop using students as political tools' says Zimbabwe student
[04:40]  How Korean church can preach in Philippines? (press review) (exclusive)
[03:10]  Nearly half of voters say abortion too easy in the United States
[00:05]  Catholic Church in Ireland denies cover-up on 'paramilitary priest'


[21:10]  Chilean bishop urges national unity in helping poor
[18:05]  Archbishop: "Discrimination against church seems inevitable" (press)
[15:10]  Vatican approves final version of Roman Missal English translation
[12:05]  Man uses stink-free pigs to share Gospel in Thailand
[09:10]  Catholic high school in Nebraska competes for needed funding
[09:10]  Public remains conflicted over Islam in the United States
[06:05]  Iran to raise baby girls as Basij militia members
[03:10]  Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI calls for peace in Somalia
[00:05]  Iran: Persistent repression of Christians in Tabriz


[21:10]  5 years after Katrina, US mourns dead, survivors remember
[18:05]  Attorney General: Va. can tighten abortion oversight
[15:10]  Sara Gonzalez commemorates Mother Theresa's 100th birthday
[12:05]  Quinta and Operation Mobilisation UK celebrate 25 years
[09:10]  Court date approaching for Bible Club workers in India
[06:05]  Iraq: minorities could be 'scapegoats' after US withdrawal
[03:10]  Conferences aim to mend, transform men and families
[00:05]  Catholic bishop: Joblessness is a ‘pervasive failure’ of US economy


[21:10]  Obama administration hid pro-abstinence study
[18:05]  Appeals Court revives pastor’s defamation case against ABC
[15:10]  Pope's cobbler uses shoes to improve Christian unity
[13:05]  Family refutes police claims in death of Christian in India
[11:10]  Ministry Web site launches to attract tech-savvy Iranians
[09:05]  Susan Boyle's chance to sing for Pope is 'greatest dream come true'
[07:10]  Floods breach Pakistan borders, spread to India
[05:05]  Chinese Christian lawyer Gao Zhisheng confirmed tortured
[03:10]  French Protestants criticise government over Roma repatriation
[01:05]  A camp ministry in Bolivia hosts EXCITE-d teams


[23:10]  Mexico: Church’s position on gay adoption remains firm
[21:05]  Commentary: Militant Islam Versus the West (press)
[19:10]  Judge halts embryonic stem cell research federal funding
[17:05]  Bishops of Chile 'thank God' for keeping miners safe
[15:10]  Christian leaders promulgate pro-family Timisoara Declaration
[13:05]  Fears for Christians as Islamists gain foothold in Pakistan
[11:10]  Pentecostal World Conference 2010 opened in Sweden
[09:05]  South Africa: Tutu, Cardinal oppose new media law
[07:10]  3 relief workers killed, one in critical condition, several beaten
[05:05]  English bishops must reject gay agenda or lose ground on life issues
[03:10]  Cross at Warsaw palace divides church and nation
[01:05]  Minnesota scientists: Adult stem cells succeed for lethal disease


[22:10]  The United States officially backs 'war crimes' panel for Burma
[19:05]  Nebraska attorney general declines to defend state's pro-life law
[16:10]  Mexico City mayor unleashing "new religious persecution": archdiocese
[13:05]  Ministry reports outpouring of miracles in Nigerian village
[10:10]  Skateboarding priest reaches out to young people
[07:05]  Pakistani officials 'overwhelmed' in efforts to feed refugees
[04:10]  Company claims 1.5 billion barrels of oil found in Israel
[01:05]  Three-year mark of devastating earthquake in Peru


[22:10]  Music industry giant: 99% of music chart hit acts are “soft porn”
[19:05]  Evangelists say Muslims coming to Christ at historic rate
[16:10]  Russian Protestant leader is embroiled in a struggle over trees and ideology (press)
[13:30]  The court took a decision to impose huge penalties on the church
[10:15]  Voice of the Martyrs distributes Action Packs and Bibles
[09:40]  Irish 'transgender woman' can request refugee status in Canada
[08:10]  Immigrant expulsions in France: Pope calls for brotherhood
[07:25]  Lebanese broadcasters cancel controversial Jesus program


[02:35]  Manmin missionary told about Christianity in America (press, exclusive)


[04:20]  Revival in Korea: report from Friday Overnight Service (photoreport, press, exclusive)


[18:05]  Judge drops blasphemy charges, frees mother and infant son


[15:05]  Unique electronic database aids study of ancient texts
[12:10]  International weather emergency alert system needed
[09:05]  World Hope International to rebuild two schools in Haiti
[06:10]  Dutch arrest woman for committing infanticide without doctor approval
[03:05]  'Judicial arrogance': Proposition 8 judge lifts stay
[00:10]  Archbishop calls for debate on legalization of drugs in Mexico


[18:10]  DC basilica to host concert featuring new works of sacred music
[15:10]  High potential for persecution to increase during Ramadan
[12:05]  Tributes mark 70 years of Taizé spiritual community
[11:30]  Missionary from Japan: how to preach in the land of the rising sun (exclusive)
[09:10]  Cardinal Zen hopeful situation in China will improve for Catholics
[06:05]  Pakistan: Christian families receive Barnabas aid
[03:10]  Poll finds Catholic identity of young Latinos decreasing
[00:05]  Papua (Indonesia): evidence of human rights abuses (press)


[22:10]  Catholic university declined Obama appearance over logistics
[20:05]  Jennifer Aniston: Who needs men when we have IVF?
[18:10]  Epic Pakistan flooding called worst 'in living memory'
[16:05]  Kids Alive celebrates peace of constitution in Kenya
[14:10]  Dutch euthanasia group seeking pay day with new death clinic (press)
[12:05]  Philippines' faith group wants to help government fight graft
[10:10]  Islamist group al-Shabaab continues its hunt for Christians
[08:05]  Russians continue to pray for rain while churches collect aid
[06:10]  Shock decision against Council worker sacked for mentioning God
[04:05]  Scottish archbishop hopes Pope will reinvigorate UK Catholics
[02:10]  Mexican Supreme Court imposes gay "marriage" on entire country
[00:05]  Benny Hinn admits 'friendship' with Paula White but says it's over


[22:10]  Patricia Neal, Hollywood actress and pro-life advocate, dies at 84
[20:05]  Mexican archdiocese suggests ‘moral revolution’ to combat violence
[18:10]  Now 18, teen convert Rifqa Bary gains long-awaited freedom
[16:05]  Young Americans more loyal to religion than previous generation
[14:10]  Kenya church leaders: 'No need to apologise' for poll stance
[12:05]  Medical partnership in Chad gathers tools for outreach
[10:10]  Indonesia gov't renews promise to crack down on porn
[08:05]  Ramadan: a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel
[06:10]  Rwanda: Over 12,000 faithful pray for peaceful elections
[04:05]  Vatican spokesman praises decision to drop lawsuit against Holy See
[02:10]  118,000 Southern Californians heard the message of hope
[00:05]  Senate candidate under fire for calling gay 'marriage' child abuse


[22:10]  Scottish cardinal criticizes 'vengeance' in US justice system
[20:05]  Schwarzenegger: Let gays marry immediately
[18:10]  Speedy Alaskan priest races Father Scott Medlock for charity
[16:05]  Missions volunteer in Zambia dies in auto accident
[14:10]  Families open their homes to guests, open their hearts to God
[12:05]  Attempted theft of Padre Pio reliquary thwarted in Italy
[10:10]  Churches to protest at discrimination of Christian Dalits
[08:05]  Iranian lawyer in stoning case flees to Norway
[06:10]  Archbishop: Abortion entails automatic excommunication
[04:05]  Floods in Pakistan affect 15 million, worst disaster in decades
[02:10]  Churches help meet growing health care needs
[00:05]  Bishops’ delegation: Haiti at crossroads in recovery


[22:10]  Egyptian Christians launch Human Rights TV Channel in N. America
[20:05]  Pro-life groups praise ‘real reform’ at Chicago CCHD
[18:10]  Medical team meets N. African spiritual, physical needs
[16:05]  Zanzibar Muslims, officials stop church building, erect mosque
[14:10]  Raphael masterpiece is meant for the liturgy, not the museum
[12:05]  Somalia: Women and children highly affected by conflict
[10:10]  India: 'Graveyard of missions' to receive New Testament
[08:05]  Study: Nigerian doctors unwilling to commit abortions
[06:10]  Foreign medical workers among 10 killed by Taliban
[04:05]  Scaffolds defacing historical Iranian church
[02:10]  Philippines' Christian groups in drive to battle malnutrition
[01:05]  Christian retreat was held in S. Korea by the church Manmin (photoreport, exclusive)
[00:10]  Kenya to begin the hard work of creating a new republic


[06:05]  Oxford University lecturer alleges discrimination after becoming Christian
[06:05]  Famous Korean church held mini-Olympic games (photoreport, exclusive)
[03:10]  “Pluralism” used to push radical secularism in Europe
[00:05]  Churches remember Hiroshima by urging ban on nuclear weapons


[21:10]  Speaker Pelosi avoids question about unborn Jesus’ right to life
[18:05]  Uzbekistan police to Christian: "Yes, we are bandits"
[15:10]  Persecution: Urgent appeal for ‘Black Day in Pakistan'
[12:05]  Compassion International makes headway in Haiti
[09:10]  Mexican Supreme Court rules gay 'marriage' as constitutional
[06:05]  Pro-life advocates gain assurance from White House
[03:10]  British border officials to help clergy spot 'sham' marriages
[00:05]  New mission partner, Christian World Outreach, lives the Gospel


[21:10]  Nashville priest may face canonical discipline over heretical video
[18:05]  Baptists reach out after flood in Pakistan, Afghanistan
[15:10]  Pope remembers victims of Congo river ferry tragedy
[12:05]  Western Christians feel increase in persecution
[09:10]  UK ambassador: Controversy normal as Pope's visit approaches
[06:05]  Intimidated Kenyan voters approve pro-abortion constitution
[03:10]  Alabama Supreme Court rules against gambling
[00:05]  Cuban cardinal: All political prisoners to be released 'soon'


[22:10]  South Bend Council tables homosexualist ordinance
[20:05]  K of C program helps Haitian children who lost limbs in earthquake
[18:10]  Landmark: Judge overturns Calif. 'gay marriage' ban
[16:05]  Pope prays for victims of fires and floods, asks for solidarity
[14:10]  Church in Asia told to remove cross and nameplate
[12:05]  International gathering launches historic 500 days of prayer
[10:10]  Archbishop of Toledo walks 13 miles with youth on pilgrimage route
[08:05]  Nuclear weapons about values says pastor who survived Hiroshima
[06:10]  Permitting TV ad for abortion organization is ‘dishonest’
[04:05]  Tensions high in Kenya surrounding the referendum
[02:10]  On Eagles' Wings ends up in violent area, watches God move
[00:05]  Florida church plans 'Burn a Quran' day on 9/11 anniversary


[22:10]  Texas priest reminds of ‘absolute duty’ to oppose abortion
[20:05]  Gallup survey: Conservative states are most religious
[18:10]  Pro-life television show Facing Life Head-On wins Emmy award
[16:05]  Patriarch Kirill urges prayers for rain amid Russian heat wave
[14:10]  Ali Golchin, Christian prisoner, is freed on $ 200,000 bail
[12:05]  Holy Father sends special message to Haitian people
[10:10]  Pakistani Christians protest against murder of Christians
[08:05]  1000 UK girls under 12 prescribed hormonal contraceptives
[06:10]  On anniversary of anti-Christian attacks, thousands march in Pakistan
[04:05]  Summer retreat opened in the church Manmin in Korea (photoreport, exclusive)
[02:10]  Dallas ministry launches "Pray, America! Pray!" campaign
[00:05]  Mexican bishops express solidarity with Arizona immigrants


[22:10]  Toronto Blessing Church ‘exports’ revival through new network
[20:05]  Clerk thwarts robbery with conversation about Jesus
[18:10]  Parental rights backers release video to support ballot measure
[16:05]  British government to push abortion, contraception in MDGs
[14:10]  Jerusalem Catholic Patriarch profoundly resents city's gay pride parade
[12:05]  Church in Deddington expands its ministry using broadband
[10:10]  Telephone interview with the father of Christian prisoner in Evin Prison (press)
[08:05]  Disease looms over Pakistan's worst flood survivors
[06:10]  Bishop Sgreccia: Human trials for embryonic stem cell treatment a crime
[04:05]  Missionary outreach: Mass scripture distribution in Greece
[02:10]  Famous actors star in a tale of an old man’s search for forgiveness
[00:05]  Prayer leader: Christians facing ‘new day’ of discrimination


[22:10]  Illinois baseball team hosts pre-game Catholic Mass
[20:05]  Caribbean welcomes their first Zulu Gospel singer
[18:10]  Award-winning film can put a dent on gang activity in Latin America
[16:05]  The mass arrest of new Christian converts in Iran
[14:10]  Pope welcomes cluster munitions ban, urges more countries to sign
[12:05]  Massive OM Mediterranean outreach underway
[10:10]  Belarus: Massive fine, right to worship on own property denied
[08:05]  Celebrities sign petition to help save Sakineh Ashtiani
[06:10]  Nigerian President solicits prayers from Christians
[04:05]  No members of Spanish committee on maternal health are pro-life
[02:10]  Catholic bishops reject 'oppressive' unity for Sudan
[01:05]  Orissa school building complete in seven months
[00:10]  Vatican preparing new document on effects of abortion on women


[23:00]  Six more churches attacked and robbed in Kyrgyzstan
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