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[09:05]  Indian Christians protest at attack on Catholic professor
[06:10]  Homosexual activists disrupt pro-marriage rallies
[03:05]  Investigation into pastor's murder continues in Dagestan
[00:10]  School pays $35K to teen over same-sex prom date ban


[21:05]  Community Centers to transform cities, eventually a country
[18:10]  Breakup of prayer outside Supreme Court prompts legal complaint
[16:05]  Kenya: Pastor charged over referendum bomb plot
[14:10]  White Christians being unfairly targeted for hate crimes
[12:05]  HCJB Global installs new radio station in Nepal
[10:10]  Islamization of the West presents Christians with new challenges
[08:05]  Poland hosts thousands for homosexualist EuroPride march
[06:10]  Survey of British Jews finds majority for Israel-Hamas talks
[04:05]  Lutheran Lane Farmer's Market officially opened
[02:10]  Texas parents win 'candy cane case'; appeal looms
[00:05]  Bishop: Consequences of gay 'marriage' will soon come to light


[22:10]  New Audio Scriptures could reach 200,000 with the Gospel
[20:05]  Oklahoma ultrasound law to remain under injunction
[18:10]  LifeWay Christian Resources to launch 'True Love Waits 3.0'
[16:05]  Vatican website may have been 'Google bombing' victim
[14:10]  Gospel For Asia's work near Delhi is hit hard by flooding
[12:05]  More than 1,300 teens studying in minor seminaries in Spain
[10:10]  Archbishop of Canterbury to make keynote speech to Lutherans
[08:05]  Murder of Christian brothers sparks riots in Pakistan
[06:10]  Dutch priest suspended for celebrating World Cup Mass
[04:05]  Protestants regret resignation of first Lutheran woman bishop
[02:10]  Ex-lesbian Janet Boynes tells moving story of conversion
[00:05]  University of Illinois students express support for fired professor


[22:10]  Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva seeks to outlaw spanking
[20:05]  Missouri teen volunteers help kids in Long Island
[18:10]  Twilight breakdown: 'Girl porn' and the books of Mormon (press)
[16:05]  Tanzania: Mahenge Diocese joins in the fight against TB
[14:10]  Hindu governor hails Christian contribution to India
[12:05]  Muslim mob demands death for alleged Christian blasphemers
[10:10]  'Transform 2010' reaches 22 nations with the Gospel
[08:05]  UK launch of first-ever biography of Burmese dictator
[06:10]  Bishop Gassis working for peace in Sudan as crucial vote nears
[04:05]  China asks Internet service providers to stop pornographic content
[02:10]  Crackdown on Christians worsens in Uzbekistan
[01:05]  Current financial crisis is a moral one, says Tutu
[00:10]  Catholics protest over exhibit of Virgin Mary holding child-like Hitler


[15:05]  Church of England faces 'war within' on female bishops
[12:10]  Foster mother reinstated after allowing Muslim girl become Christian
[09:05]  Despite previous comments, paralyzed man wanted to live
[06:10]  YMCA in the US will now call itself by the shortened "the Y"
[03:05]  New Zealand Radio personality takes on the ‘Challenge’
[00:10]  Chinese diocese, vacant since 1962, receives new bishop


[21:05]  Pastor of an evangelical church gunned down in Dagestan
[18:10]  Missouri 5th state to opt out of taxpayer-funded abortion
[15:05]  Dissident reaffirms dedication to fight for freedom in Cuba
[12:10]  Christians arrested last August still waiting for a verdict
[09:05]  Widespread support for banning full Islamic veil in Europe
[06:10]  Split court: District of Columbia citizens can't vote on marriage
[03:05]  Catholics in India protest order to expel missionary priest
[00:10]  Your Family Live! from Focus on the Family premieres on Angel Two


[21:05]  Upward Soccer camp meets kids' needs in South Africa (photoreport)
[18:10]  Argentina's Senate approves homosexual 'marriage'
[15:05]  Clock ticks on referendum in Sudan, church prays for outcome
[12:10]  Fr. Lombardi explains newly published norms on sex abuse
[09:05]  Indonesia gvmt vows to block all porn in 2 months
[06:10]  Christians narrowly escape flying bullets in Pakistan
[03:05]  A call to pray for the church in Egypt: persecution escalating
[00:10]  Chinese Christian refuses to back down on critical book


[22:05]  200,000 in Argentina protest against legalizstion of gay 'marriage'
[20:10]  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally outreach calls for volunteers
[18:05]  Prominent priest: People should pray for Christopher Hitchens
[16:05]  Christians were picketing embassy of Uzbekistan to the USA (photoreport, exclusive)
[14:10]  MAF is partnering with another agency to provide health care
[12:05]  Cardinal Bagnasco: misunderstood secularism led to crucifix ruling
[10:10]  Woman brutally beaten and stabbed for sharing her faith
[08:05]  Ugandan Anglican urges citizens to fight terrorism, condemns blast
[06:10]  N. Ireland withdraws controversial abortion guidelines
[04:05]  Player who scored winning World Cup goal will make pilgrimage
[02:10]  Summit Church mourns loss of worker in Uganda
[00:05]  Venezuelan Cardinal denounces Marxist 'dictatorship' of Hugo Chavez


[22:10]  Threats increase against followers of Christ in Indonesia
[20:05]  Proposition 8 ruling could impact religious freedoms
[18:10]  Christian center to open near proposed Ground Zero mosque
[16:05]  General Synod gives Anglican trads no option on female bishops
[14:10]  'Families' program brings whole community change in Kenya
[12:05]  Archbishop calls for civil disobedience of new abortion law
[10:10]  Grammy-winning gospel artist Walter Hawkins dies at 61
[08:05]  European theology faculties warn of shift to religious studies
[06:10]  500 year-old monstrance to be used at 2011 World Youth Day
[04:05]  Two Pakistan churches come under attack from Islamists
[02:10]  New Christian social network increases membership 300%
[00:05]  Southern Baptists launched oil-spill ministries on Gulf Coast


[22:10]  US church workers wounded in Uganda bomb blasts
[20:05]  29 states file to defend National Day of Prayer in court
[18:10]  Decisions for Christ are the greatest World Cup result (photoreport)
[16:05]  An Evangelical church robbed in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
[14:10]  Hope: a TEAM response to Zimbabwe's AIDS crisis
[12:05]  Indonesian musician remembered for hymns and worship
[10:10]  UK Archdiocese to welcome Pope with Theology of the Body lecture
[08:05]  Ministry helps freed slaves find redemption and purpose
[06:10]  Alaskans meet struggling Christians in the Holy Land
[04:05]  Iran: Students from “false religions” won't be admitted to universities
[02:10]  Soccer star accused of ordering lover's murder for refusing abortion
[00:05]  Oil spill crisis continues to escalate in the Gulf of Mexico


[22:10]  Iran’s judiciary halts stoning of woman for now
[20:05]  New family-friendly TV movie, “The Jensen Project,” to air on NBC
[18:10]  Presbyterians take step towards ordaining homosexual clergy
[16:05]  Vatican: 'Toy Story 3' praised for its lesson on true friendship
[14:10]  Sponsorship program expands to the slums of Calcutta
[12:05]  Anglican conservatives foil attempt to appoint gay bishop
[10:10]  Pope urges Christians to live with Christ's logic of charity
[08:05]  Kenyan Anglican church wants constitution vote postponed
[06:10]  Muslims attempt to behead ‘apostate’ in Egypt
[04:05]  Pastors pray for bus accident victims in South Korea
[02:10]  Vatican claims net financial loss, sees improvement over 2009
[01:05]  Persecution: Plight of Christian students in Pakistan
[00:10]  U.K. Labour bid for mandatory sex ed for academies tanks


[15:05]  Vatican to UN: to truly empower women, honor motherhood
[12:10]  World Cup gives segue to Gospel in Senegal
[09:05]  Most Islamic terrorists in the UK are British citizens
[06:10]  Family research abstract of the week: Boys on the bubble
[03:05]  Alaska teens embrace strong Catholic identity


[23:10]  Tiny village of Phuka receives World Hope's 500th well
[20:05]  Landmark ruling would force U.S. to recognize 'gay marriage'
[18:10]  Venezuelan cardinal: Chavez moving country towards dictatorship
[15:05]  Research: Bible reading leads to less debt and more giving
[12:10]  Sweden tightens legal noose on homeschooling
[09:05]  Hong Kong Christians 'not interested' in social awareness
[06:10]  A constitutional vote in Kenya could end Muslim courts
[03:05]  Israeli leader relaxes by studying the Bible every weekend
[00:10]  Mexico's falling birth rate threatens future: psychologist


[21:05]  Teens sew 5,000 backpacks to reach needy children
[18:10]  Day of Prayer law reflects Framers' intent, groups say
[15:05]  Campaigners for female Anglican bishops are ready for York synod
[12:10]  Muslim mob kills wife, children of Christian in Pakistan
[09:05]  German court approves genetic screening in IVF
[06:10]  Protestant delegation visits ravaged Kyrgyzstan
[03:05]  Harvest Home Lutheran Farmer's Market now held weekly
[00:10]  Post-quake church in Haiti still flourishing at 6-month mark


[22:05]  US joins Britain, Netherlands, UN to support 'Gay Pride' in Peru
[20:10]  Sky Angel Productions receives three Telly awards
[18:05]  Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle vetoes homosexual unions bill
[16:10]  Bishops of Venezuela reject attacks by Chavez on Cardinal Urosa
[14:05]  Genocide: Women and children abused by Burmese leaders
[12:10]  Somali Islamist group publicly executed Christian convert
[10:05]  Poland’s new president opposed by pro-life leaders
[08:10]  Belgian bishops lament 'wild information' being leaked to press
[06:05]  Every month in Europe tens of Iranians become Christians
[04:10]  How Hindu extremists victimize pastors in India
[02:05]  Bible available even in the darkest places, thanks to technology
[00:10]  USA Presbyterians get ready to vote on gay 'marriage'


[22:05]  American Life Network will telecast Crystal Teddy Bear Awards
[20:10]  InVictory will hold a big media-conference in the US (exclusive)
[18:05]  San Quentin inmates earn seminary diplomas
[16:10]  To Lady Gaga: Why the unnecessary blasphemies in Alejandro? (press)
[14:05]  Israeli University sacks professor for same-sex parenting comments
[12:10]  New York archbishop: German passion play is more balanced
[10:05]  Nigerian Christians say noise pollution law hinders worship
[08:10]  US Congress gets involved in Morocco deportations
[06:05]  WYD organizers asking youth to help their poorer peers
[04:10]  A bill which will ban burkha was proposed in the United Kingdom
[02:05]  Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer image restored
[00:10]  Google to pay gay staff more than heterosexual employees


[22:05]  Manchester’s exceptional young people to be honoured
[20:10]  Helping kids avoid gang life is South Africa church's goal (photoreport)
[18:05]  Rhode Island gov. vetoes transgender hate crimes bill
[16:10]  Church leaders, politicians welcome Irish Bloody Sunday report
[14:05]  Baptist home for the aged in Belarus officially dedicated
[12:10]  Bishops of Spain say new abortion law makes things worse
[10:05]  A ministry launches Gospel balloons into North Korea
[08:10]  Investigation: More than one million child prostitutes in India
[06:05]  Kyrgyzstan priest speaks of problem in restoring order
[04:10]  Pope asks prisoners to find ways to contribute to society with their gifts
[02:05]  First 'Courageous' movie clips have been posted online
[00:10]  Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds marriage protection amendment


[22:05]  Indonesian Muslims call for halt to ’Christianization’
[20:10]  Voters in Oklahoma could ban Islamic sharia law
[18:05]  Lindsay Lohan as Jesus Christ on French magazine (press)
[16:10]  British churches call for permanent strike against 'vultures'
[14:05]  Summer camp helps kids find refuge in Turkey
[12:10]  Optimistic court ruling on crucifixes in schools will be overturned
[10:05]  Iranian Christian prisoner is very sick after prison
[08:10]  Eritrean theologian: African faith leaders must not 'fuel conflicts'
[06:05]  Latest on Charice: sang Note to God in Chicago, guested on Oprah (press)
[04:10]  Human trafficking rates soar for worldwide sporting event
[02:05]  Pope: Christians and Muslims must unite to build better Iraq
[01:10]  Kyrgyzstan swears in president, country is reeling from violence
[00:05]  British church to boycott goods from Israeli settlements


[15:10]  Report debunking fetal pain shows ‘stunning lack of scholarship’
[12:05]  Christian leaders call on the government to protect believers
[09:10]  "Women should feel 'guilty' if they don't abort inconvenient child" (press)
[06:05]  Love Kampala Festival to bring Christ's love to Uganda
[03:10]  Re-center marriages from contraception to Christ, author says
[00:05]  Mosab Hassan Yousef: U.S. asylum 'just the beginning' (photoreport)


[21:10]  100 days until Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization
[18:05]  Audio Scriptures will help preserve a Native American language
[15:10]  U.S. visa policies affect former Hillsong member
[12:05]  EU rights agency: Christian views on homosexuality - "hate speech"
[09:10]  Portuguese and Spanish bishops urge online evangelization
[06:05]  Youth registered for WYD Madrid at 600,000 so far
[03:10]  France ministry an open door to a host of cultures
[00:05]  Bishop denounces violence, urges Mexicans to vote


[21:10]  Bible churches gird for fresh war on spiritual decline in USA
[18:05]  Wisconsin & Hawaii latest marriage battlegrounds
[15:10]  ‘Iraqi Church is alive,’ bishop declares as Iraq violence declines
[12:05]  Nagorno-Karabakh: One year in prison for refusing military oath
[09:10]  Morocco continues to purge nation of foreign Christians
[06:05]  Ghana's Black Stars soccer team shine at World Cup
[03:10]  Central African Republic makes strides to peaceful future
[00:05]  Billy Graham Rapid Response Team on site in Texas


[22:10]  Fire damages Promise Keepers office in Denver
[20:05]  Mexican archbishop calls drug traffickers to repentance
[18:10]  'Son of Hamas' granted asylum in United States
[16:05]  Rwandan genocide rape victims grateful for kids conceived in rape
[14:10]  Chinese officials demolish Yichun three-self church building
[12:05]  Pope Benedict, Belgian archbishop discuss police raid
[10:10]  Eritrean refugees in Libya face brutality and possible forced repatriation
[08:05]  Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda talk about their ministry (exclusive)
[06:10]  Bishop’s death in Turkey a call to Christian unity
[04:05]  U.K. Methodist Church to clarify abortion stance
[02:10]  Latest adult stem cell advance gives sight to the blind
[00:05]  Free audio Bible podcasts in 400 languages
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