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[22:10]  US bishops will teach about unique place of marriage
[20:05]  Charismatic pastor says Michigan Muslims open to Gospel
[18:10]  Court ruling threatens Christian college groups in USA
[16:05]  Pakistani Christian youth determined for Indo-Pak Peace
[14:10]  Oasis Hospital celebrates 50 years of serving in the UAE
[12:05]  High-profile defendant convicted in Orissa, India
[10:10]  Prohibition of gay 'marriage' not a violation of human rights (press)
[08:05]  Former East German pastor could upset Merkel's future
[06:10]  Morocco expels yet another foreign Christian
[04:05]  Pope says greatest danger to Church is internal pollution
[02:10]  Sky Angel’s TV service adds country radio to lineup
[00:05]  Protestants repent for churches' role in oppressing First Nations


[22:10]  Public opinion on the future of religion in America
[20:05]  Soccer scrimmages yield healing amid World Cup (photoreport)
[18:10]  USA: Gay, diversity rights override religious freedom
[16:05]  Reformed Christians challenged to leave Calvin's city of Geneva
[14:10]  Belgian police search brings out Da Vinci Code comparisons
[12:05]  Sudan church head calls for urgent resolution of Darfur conflict
[11:30]  Russian-speaking churches in US condemn authorities of Uzbekistan (exclusive)
[10:10]  Ethics group denounces political party for hypocrisy on sex-ed
[08:05]  Radio station discovers the power of their programs in Africa
[06:10]  Muslim landlords force Christians to ‘evict their homes’
[04:05]  Kyrgyzstan approves parliamentary constitution
[02:10]  Family federation: Only family is capable of energizing economy
[01:05]  Head of world church council to meet Russian Patriarch in Moscow
[00:10]  Growing Trend of Suicide among Christian women in Pakistan


[15:05]  Higher Power Aviation: Soaring above the downturn (press)
[12:10]  Ten percent of adult homosexuals in Brazil have HIV
[09:05]  Haitian church gives two years' wages for relief
[06:10]  Pro-family group criticizes new abortion law in Spain
[03:05]  The Kyrgyz vote nears, refugees return, the church is responding
[00:10]  New bill introduced to combat child sex-trafficking within U.S.


[21:05]  America’s homeless: Making the invisible visible
[18:10]  Obama administration makes statements to advance LGBT ‘agenda’
[15:05]  Jewish believers in Jesus met in Finland to affirm their identity
[12:10]  Cuban Baptist churches help with Haiti relief
[09:05]  Christians sue school over discrimination against pro-life messages
[06:10]  Churches are 'not complete' without people with disabilities
[03:10]  Police search Belgian archbishop's home in sex abuse investigation
[00:05]  Parents outraged at PP class teaching sexual positions


[21:10]  Through kids' ministry, churches impact communities and futures
[18:05]  Governors declare prayer day for gulf oil spill disaster
[15:10]  Native American tells churches, 'It's time for a truth commission'
[12:05]  Former German bishop: pressure on public figures 'merciless'
[09:10]  Uzbek government cracks down on Christians
[06:05]  Cardinal: 'Secularism does not mean banning religious symbols'
[06:05]  ‘Missing’ London-born missionary Sid Barnes may still be alive
[02:25]  Pastors attacked and hospitalized in Bangalore, India
[00:05]  Rainy season hits Brazil hard, relief spread even more thin


[22:10]  Group rebukes Canadian gvmt for pushing homosexuality in Romania
[20:05]  Erosion of religious freedom threatens Church and nation
[18:10]  George W. Bush delivers message at Korean War prayer meeting
[16:05]  'Children for Christ' builds biblical foundation in East Timor
[14:10]  Kyrgyzstan ethnic violence doesn't deter believers
[12:05]  General practitioner admits to causing the deaths of 5 patients
[10:10]  Holy Father receives 20,000 text messages of support
[08:05]  Oldest paintings of Apostles rediscovered in Roman catacombs
[06:10]  As Japan struggles, a ministry readies a response campaign
[04:05]  EU Declaration will “regulate” physician conscience on abortion
[02:10]  US Congressmen decry Moroccan persecution of Christians’
[00:05]  Intercessors fight sex trafficking at World Cup


[22:10]  Peruvian cardinal reminds fathers of their responsibility
[20:05]  'Dr. Death' admits on CNN - Thomas Youk his second murder
[18:10]  Musician Gintas Abarius’ cancer takes more than just his voice
[16:05]  Pioneering healing evangelist Charles Hunter dies
[14:10]  Kids as young as five to get education on sex and alcohol
[12:05]  Bishop: Prayer most powerful weapon to prevent war in Korea
[10:10]  Christian child abducted, forced into bonded labor in Pakistan
[08:05]  Irish Politicians: Church has no business in public debate
[06:10]  Kyrgyzstan violence continues with raid of Uzbek village
[04:05]  Crucifix is symbol of European identity, asserts Russian bishop
[02:10]  Judge: Quebec gvmt ‘totalitarian’ in imposing relativism course
[00:05]  Chilean missionary in South Africa discusses World Cup's impact


[22:10]  Four Christians arrested in US after sharing their faith
[20:05]  U.S. 'broke commitment' on visas for global church gathering
[18:10]  Obama inserts gay dads into father’s day proclamation
[16:05]  Iran crackdown on national protestant movement
[14:10]  Social media 'may' help Philippine church cope with fewer pastors
[12:05]  Church backs Pakistani charged with blasphemy
[10:10]  Italian cardinal denies corruption in property deals
[08:05]  100 leaders respond to Christ's call in Mongolia
[06:10]  UN-backed sex-ed program in Philippines put on hold
[04:05]  My Life My Faith Volume I published into Ukrainian in Ukraine
[02:10]  Archbishop: Secularism owes its existence to the Church
[00:05]  Biden in Kenya: 'money will flow' if pro-abort constitution passes


[22:10]  NBA star and humanitarian giant Manute Bol, dies at 47
[20:05]  New global organization launches for 80 million Protestants
[18:10]  'FIRST STEP' offers jump-start for struggling economy
[16:05]  U.K. pro-life leader calls for ban on all IVF procedures
[14:10]  Vatican and German Catholics accept resignation of bishop
[12:05]  Muslim Air Force officer accuses Christians of burglary
[10:10]  Dozens of UK teenage girls have had three abortions or more
[08:05]  Catholic charitable work saves Spanish government billions
[06:10]  Christian students condemn Zimbabwe over collapsed education
[04:05]  Family of 17-year-old Somali girl abuses her for leaving Islam
[02:10]  Irish Catholic bishops call for conscience protections
[01:05]  Facebook used as weapon against Christians in Morocco
[00:10]  Andrea Bocelli clarifies that his message is pro-life, not anti-abortion


[09:10]  Clinton praises religious freedom ambassador nominee
[06:05]  2000 kilometers for 2000 languages still without the Bible
[03:10]  Study: Most younger Christians oppose abortion
[00:05]  Lutheran pastor among two US winners of World Food Prize


[21:10]  Catholics defend Cathedral de Lyon during homosexual "kiss-in"
[18:05]  Iceland's general assembly legalizes gay 'marriage'
[15:10]  Best-selling Christian author: ‘U.S. should not deport son of Hamas’
[12:05]  Charismatic seminary announced its university status
[09:10]  Pro-life leader: New 'Ella' drug should be labeled an abortion pill
[06:05]  Interns supplement school system to improve literacy
[03:10]  Prague cathedral deal boosts hopes of minority churches
[00:05]  Chilean bishop: Soccer has 'enormous potential for evangelization'


[21:10]  Student missionary Palmer Maphet dies in Maine car crash
[18:05]  Somalis risk death watching World Cup; Christians issue plea
[15:10]  British crisis pregnancy centre will counter abortion ads
[12:05]  Vatican analyst: Pope rethinks, clarifies and reinforces celibacy
[09:10]  Youth camp ‘The message of the Cross’ will take place in Finland
[06:05]  German court rules: No gay ‘marriage’ in the country
[03:10]  Prince has come under fire after population control speech
[00:05]  Southern Baptists in US meet, trying to combat falling numbers


[22:10]  Majority of Brazilians oppose homosexual adoption
[20:05]  Hispanics celebrate Crossover evangelistic outreach
[18:10]  American Christian group leads Gulf Coast prayer walk
[16:05]  Pastor Wang Dao released on bail, awaiting trial in China
[14:10]  Sudanese church launches church growth initiative
[12:05]  Churches at global meeting urged to tackle military outlay hikes
[10:10]  Quakes awaken disaster memories, but damages are minimal
[08:05]  Muslims in Pakistan kidnap, rape Christian girl
[06:10]  Remembering war, Korean Christians to pray for peace
[04:05]  German bishop, Walter Mixa, claims he was forced to resign
[02:10]  Dr. Death: “Worst moment of my life… was the moment I was born”
[00:05]  Uzbekistan: Samarkand - city of closed protestant churches


[22:10]  GOP House Leader: ‘What happened to that abortion executive order?’
[20:05]  World Council of Churches head leads team to Haiti quake zone
[18:10]  Catholic experts weigh in on heated immigration debate
[16:05]  Britain to participate in EU citizen surveillance scheme
[14:10]  Christian Uzbeks hop from 'the frying pan into the fire'
[12:05]  Inmates in British prisons convert to Islam for perks
[10:10]  Churches to pursue rights cases under new Philippines' president
[08:05]  Translation center is major step for evangelism in India
[06:10]  Nicaragua again rejects foreign pressure to legalize abortion
[04:05]  Expert urges Mexicans to support candidates committed to life
[02:10]  “Capitalism Is a Virtue,” say Christian authors in new book
[00:05]  Kids Alive to overcome obstacles, help with water needs


[22:10]  U.S. blood ban for practicing homosexuals remains
[20:05]  Hyundai pulls television ad after Catholic uproar
[18:10]  Baptists volunteers say God provided in Haiti jail (photoreport)
[16:05]  Assisted reproductive technology doubles risk of deformity
[14:10]  Thousands flee ethnic violence in Kyrgzystan; ministry unaffected
[12:05]  Italy to launch homosexualist campaign in schools
[10:10]  Local churches use soccer as opportunity to minister
[08:05]  Spanish bishop: Catholic doctors suffer 'intense rejection
[06:10]  N. American Christians help Russia solve its demographic crisis
[04:05]  Blasts at Kenyan Christian prayer rally kill seven people
[02:10]  Transexual protection bill passes second reading in Canada
[00:05]  13 prisoners executed in Iran's Qezel Hessar Prison


[22:10]  Episcopalians sanctioned by Anglicans over lesbian bishop
[20:05]  A media ministry works to sew the field with hope in Haiti
[18:10]  Lady Gaga dismissed for 'Catholic bashing' music video
[16:05]  Presbyterian church in India to 'discipline' homosexuals
[14:10]  Pope discusses anti-life legislation with Spanish President
[12:05]  Russia: Ghostlike existence for Dagestan's Christians
[10:55]  Kyrgyzstan is on the threshold of war, urgent prayers needed (exclusive)
[10:10]  Iran's election anniversary nears; believers call for prayer
[08:05]  Polish bishops bar IVF supporters from communion
[06:10]  Top Botswana bishop: Church does not reject homosexuals
[04:05]  Abby Sunderland, the ‘born-again’ solo sailor is safe
[02:10]  Pope concludes 'Year for Priests' with sexual abuse apology
[01:05]  Devastating reports could provoke persecution against Christians
[00:10]  Cardinal Napier wishes S. Africa’s World Cup team good luck


[15:10]  Schools sidelining teaching on Christian fundamentals
[12:05]  Cornerstone University students train Christian youth in Delhi
[09:10]  Pro-life leader arrested for praying on D.C. public sidewalk
[06:05]  Prince Charles speaks on population control and Islam
[03:10]  Minister credits 24-7 prayer with 840,000 salvations
[00:05]  A bishop's gesture of kindness to gay man who sued him


[21:10]  Evangelical leaders: immigration reform bill needed this year
[18:05]  Concern over the condition of new Christian at Evin Prison
[15:10]  Bishop: Adoption for homosexuals deprives kids of family
[12:05]  U.S. pastor launched website that calls prodigals back home
[09:10]  Muslim employer reportedly holds Pakistani Christians captive
[06:05]  Chavez declares 'economic war' against private companies
[03:10]  Poll: 9 out of 10 Canadian women accept pre-marital sex
[00:05]  ‘Son of Hamas’ Mossad Hassan Yousef threatened with deportation


[21:10]  Archdiocese deplores killing of teen on US-Mexico border
[18:05]  Church of England will allow divorcees to become Bishops
[15:10]  Christian resources met with enthusiastic response
[12:05]  African countries take part in Soccer Peace Tournament
[09:10]  Pakistan militants threaten to destabilize nation
[06:05]  Feared lost at sea: Prayer request for 16 year old solo sailor
[03:10]  Support in Ireland for law protecting human embryos
[02:05]  Church activists pessimistic about commission on Sri Lanka war
[01:10]  Services remember victims of the recent UK shootings


[23:05]  'Families Together' program helps AIDS-ravaged Zambia
[16:05]  Following iPhone’s example Windows phone 7 to ban porn apps
[14:10]  London Mayor to attend West Ham Stadium Prayer Event
[12:05]  Benedict XVI asks Christians not to leave the Middle East
[10:10]  British abortion ads generate over 1,000 complaints
[08:05]  Recent conflict in Israel shows 'escalation moving toward war'
[06:10]  Over 60 pro-life groups to protest abortion law in Spain
[04:05]  Iraqi Assyrian Christian killed in ‘targeted shooting’
[02:10]  Long-awaited ministry center to be constructed in India
[00:05]  Frozen embryos not 'human life,' South Korean court says


[22:10]  Gates foundation pledges $1.5 billion for maternal health
[20:05]  Peruvian cardinal: 'No to abortion, Yes to marriage'
[18:10]  'Blank Bible Challenge' to get millions reading the Word
[16:05]  Israel now facing 'new anti-Semitism,' Sibley says
[14:10]  Pakistan gov’t tightens security at minorities worship places
[12:05]  Ministry marks transformation among rural poor in India
[10:10]  Bishop Padovese canceled Cyprus trip to avoid assassination of Pope
[08:05]  Weigel: Time Magazine's spread against Church is 'nonsense'
[06:10]  Disabled need help to live, not die: Handicapped UK Baroness
[04:05]  Pope warns of Middle East 'bloodshed' if action not taken
[02:10]  Contrary to journalist's claims, Church opposes gay 'marriage'
[00:05]  Florida enacts legislation protecting private prayer in schools


[22:10]  Haiti recovery threatened by pace of reconstruction
[20:05]  Evangelicals reject gay partners in immigration bill
[18:10]  Almost 600 couples renew marriage vows in D.C.
[16:05]  Christians from all around world close Edinburgh 2010 conference
[14:10]  80 British in vitro fertilization babies aborted per year
[12:05]  Muslims order Christians to leave village in Pakistan
[10:10]  Archbishop: Church cannot accept criminalization of immigrants
[08:05]  Romanian churches say family support cutbacks may fuel decline
[06:10]  UK Charity hails passage of EU resolution on religious freedom
[05:30]  Reinhard Bonnke held evangelism services in Ukraine (photoreport, exclusive)
[04:05]  Turkish media reports question insanity of Bishop Padovese’s killer
[02:10]  Appeal for Christians worldwide to write to Uzbek authorities
[00:05]  One in eight Americans enrolled in the anti-hunger program


[22:10]  InterVarsity welcomes new director of Missions, Urbana
[20:05]  UN Report: Canada refuses to fund third world abortion
[18:10]  Archbishop: Venezuelans have right to freedom of expression
[16:05]  Christians prepare for Football World Cup in South Africa
[14:10]  United Kingdom disability rights group launches campaign
[12:05]  Churches' leader: Africans reject being 'dictated to' on gay rights
[10:10]  EU urged to intervene over minorities’ situation in Pakistan
[08:05]  Pope and Muslim leader meet, promise to pray for each other
[06:10]  Hearings continue for believers accused of 'insulting Turkishness'
[04:05]  6,000 people took part in Warsaw march for life and family
[02:10]  Faith leaders in Jerusalem: religion must have 'prophetic' role
[01:05]  Andrea Bocelli praises mother’s choice not to abort him
[00:10]  Radical Muslim influence on the increase in Kosovo


[14:05]  ‘Black and Unwanted’ billboard campaign launched
[11:10]  35,000 forced abortions committed daily in China: Rep Smith
[08:05]  Over 50 new pastors trained; many more are needed
[05:10]  'Word game' being used to defend morning-after pill
[02:05]  UK Christians providing comfort to those devastated by shootings


[23:10]  Quebec priest once again rebukes Canada's Catholic primate
[20:05]  Israeli officials defend flotilla action to Christian supporters
[17:10]  Along oil-marred coast, Baptist chaplains to deploy
[14:05]  London-born missionary Sid Barnes is ‘missing’ -- possibly in Ghana
[11:10]  Tropical Storm Agatha affects 19 child development centers
[08:05]  Iran: government security forces burned hundreds of Bibles
[08:05]  New book promises Biblical hope to the hurting
[05:10]  Important milestone reached for international media ministry
[02:05]  American seminary soccer team falls short of Clericus Cup


[23:10]  Former PP director: Stop dangerous telemed abortions
[20:05]  Ted Haggard starts new church in Colorado Springs
[17:10]  Traditional coalition targets Christ-mocking cartoon
[14:05]  U.S. and Ethiopian church alliance finds homes for orphans
[11:10]  German criminal court considers watershed assisted suicide case
[08:05]  Swedish Christians reach out to youth through friendship evangelism
[05:10]  Catholic bishop murdered by his assistant in Turkey
[02:05]  School bus driver brings girl to tears for opposing gay 'marriage'


[23:10]  SBC's Land: Without revival, U.S. will become unrecognizable
[21:05]  Cuba government begins relocating political prisoners closer to families
[19:10]  Guatemala's emergencies hit a ministry in manpower
[17:05]  President Obama gay proclamation 'marginalizes' Christians
[15:10]  Priest in Gaza fears flotilla conflict will lead to more violence
[13:05]  Russia must introduce laws to slow abortion: Russian Orthodox cleric
[11:10]  Pope, with 'heavy heart,' calls on politicians to seek solutions in Gaza
[09:05]  Filipino bishops: sex education undermines parents' role
[07:10]  Afghan parliamentarian calls for execution of Christians
[05:05]  Devastating cyclone has gone widely unnoticed; ministry helps
[03:10]  People's Party appeals new law on abortion to Spanish Supreme Court
[01:05]  Archbishop examines contributing factors to clerical sexual abuse


[23:10]  'A new blaze' sought by Romanian pastors in North America
[21:05]  Pelosi - Latest poster child for need to deny Communion
[19:10]  Radio reaches upper class and rural villagers alike
[17:05]  Joint Chiefs chair: Congress should delay Don't Ask repeal
[15:10]  Irish doctor defends 'fundamental right' to conscience protection
[13:05]  Christian documentary to air at prestigious TV Festival
[11:10]  Istanbul-based Patriarch's Russia visit seen as step to unity
[09:05]  Millions will hear the Gospel as World Cup ministry gears up
[07:10]  Egyptian Court orders church to allow divorce and remarriage
[05:05]  Vatican spokesman condemns Israeli raid on aid flotilla
[03:10]  Tehran begins crackdown in advance of bloody anniversary
[01:05]  Abortion mill hits new low in grotesque window dressing


[23:10]  Cross-country run raises funds for clean water in Haiti
[21:05]  Americans split on abortion, sexual morality and divorce
[19:10]  Ezra Levant slams anti-Christian bigotry in Canadian parliament
[17:05]  Open Doors USA launches pilot for riveting TV documentary series
[15:10]  Kenya: Biodiversity plan demands voice for women
[13:05]  Japan churches appeal to US on Okinawa base relocation
[11:10]  Christian woman kidnapped in Pakistan escapes
[09:05]  Summer camps in former USSR used to share Christ's hope
[07:10]  Czech Republic and Catholic Church come to agreement
[05:05]  Further sexualization proposed for Britain's schoolchildren
[03:10]  World church leaders call for protection of Malagasy journalists
[01:05]  Latin Americans support criminal penalties for abortion
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