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[23:10]  Makers of 'Fireproof' filming next movie, "Courageous" (photoreport)
[21:05]  US study analyses 'the religion-racism paradox'
[19:10]  Bloodshed increases in battle for drug lord in Jamaica
[17:05]  Playing God debate sparked: Scientist creates ‘artificial life’
[15:10]  Gojra Christians gleefully laud Lahore High Court
[13:05]  South Africa, Bishop Giuseppe Sandri blesses World Cup Stadium
[11:10]  BBC highlights the challenges faced by Christians in Islamic countries
[09:05]  Pope Benedict XVI asks for prayers for June Cyprus trip
[07:10]  Italian bishops warn of nation's 'demographic suicide'
[05:05]  Congo DR - 100th anniversary of evangelization in Katanga
[03:05]  Ozzy Osbourne finds musical muse in Canada ‘mercy-killing’
[02:10]  Pakistani Islamists keep two newlywed couples from home
[01:05]  Pastors and wives refresh at Frontline Shepherds Conference
[00:10]  Abortion guidelines for N. Ireland to see full legal challenge


[14:05]  Archbishop Gomez analyzes future of Hispanics in US Catholic Church
[11:10]  Official song chosen for World Youth Day 2011
[08:05]  Major pro-life abortion law changes underway in Louisiana
[05:10]  More Catholics staying out of pews in Poland
[02:05]  Searching for miracles – in the eternal city of Rome


[23:10]  Teen convert Rifqa Bary facing ‘serious’ health battle
[20:05]  EU economic crisis opens doors for marketplace missions
[17:10]  Alaska teens to explore Catholic identity during conference
[14:05]  Churches show solidarity with Israel on Sunday
[11:10]  Pakistani Christian teenage girl allegedly raped in captivity
[08:05]  Diocesan congress: love is the key for building stable families
[05:10]  Cardinal Ouellet: Church asks ‘to penalize the practice of abortion’
[02:05]  Finding God in war: Soldiers face mortality and faith in combat (press)


[23:10]  Colorado ministry reached 300 million with Gospel in 2009
[20:05]  Statistics Canada predicts seniors will soon outnumber kids
[17:10]  North Korea steps toward war; ministry urges prayer
[14:05]  Christian peace week, European flotilla pull focus to Holy Land
[11:10]  Hindus force Christians from their homes and places of worship
[08:05]  Slight fall in UK abortion rate insignificant after decades of increases
[05:10]  Television series 'Lost' ends with Catholic twist
[02:05]  Analysis: Sexual assault more likely among gays in military


[23:10]  Dr. David D. Swanson releases new book on abundant Christian living
[21:05]  Quebec debate on euthanasia opens to general public
[19:10]  School resumes in Haiti; kid's ministry continues its search for the missing
[17:05]  Phoenix bishop receives worldwide support for stand on abortion
[15:10]  Gay activist priest arrested for sex abuse of teen in Milan
[13:05]  Murdered Christian’s widow could lose her children
[11:10]  Russia's first Christian FM radio station went off the air
[09:05]  Global Day of Prayer Pentecost Prayers to heal Britain
[07:10]  Kenyan church leaders hail Muslim courts' constitution ruling
[05:05]  Johnny Cash remembered for his faith-based music
[03:10]  Militant Muslims use intimidation against Christians
[01:05]  17 year old Miley Cyrus presents parenting dilemma


[23:10]  Former Colombian model shares conversion story
[21:05]  Congress threatens to overturn gays in military law
[19:10]  LA Catholic school vandalized, religious items desecrated
[17:05]  16 year old sailor continues her solo voyage around the world
[15:10]  S. African Anglican leader launches prayer for soccer World Cup
[13:05]  Christians, Muslims protest against Facebook ’cartoon contest’
[11:10]  Moscow refuses permit to "gay pride" parade organizers
[09:05]  A ministry for children in West Africa expands scope
[07:10]  Baptist pastor beaten to death in St. Petersburg, Russia
[05:05]  Scottish Presbyterian: World does not want divided church
[03:10]  Law professors from 11 countries urge repeal of ban on crucifixes
[01:05]  Pro-family candidate won Hawaii’s special election


[23:10]  Turkish prime minister takes new initiative on Christian rights
[21:05]  God moves on Oregon and Washington state campuses
[19:10]  Supreme Court of Mexican state approves pro-life amendment
[17:05]  Pastors: 400 more Haitian churches needed in N. America
[15:05]  Local bishop offers prayers after deadly Air India crash
[13:10]  Conditional release of Christians after posting a $100,000 bail
[11:05]  Holy Father meets with presidents of Congo, Moldova
[09:10]  Radicals demolish Indian church, install Hindu idol
[07:05]  Martyred monks film nabs second prize at Cannes festival
[05:10]  Horror: Jordanian man rapes, murders daughter in botched abortion
[03:05]  Two patriarchs meet in Moscow, stress unity, fend-off secularism
[02:10]  Christian women Maryam and Marzieh flee Iran after acquittal
[01:05]  Protests mount against UK abortion ads as bishops condemn
[00:10]  Sri Lanka flooding called worst disaster since 2004 tsunami


[11:05]  Facebook’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ competition provokes protests in Pakistan
[08:10]  Southern Baptist ERLC restates anti-online gambling stance
[05:05]  Catholic doctor: MTV Italy program on teen pregnancy 'well done'
[02:10]  Childhood family structure linked to rate of female homosexuality


[23:05]  LRA Disarmament Bill seeks to put an end to years of conflict
[20:10]  FEMA apologizes to Christians for T-shirt flap
[17:05]  Costa Rican bishop: Ruling by court will not silence Church
[14:10]  Groups mobilize Hispanic churches around national adoption effort
[11:05]  New wave of Christian expulsions from Morocco
[08:10]  From lesbian atheist to stay-at-home mother of six (press)
[05:05]  American worker in Thailand: Everything ‘not as it seems‘ in media
[02:10]  Cardinal: No future for Europe without return to Christian roots


[23:05]  Christians to unite Sunday for Global Day of Prayer
[20:10]  'Grotesque': Brits to air 1st abortion TV commercial
[17:05]  OneHope uses award-winning film to reach Latin Americans
[14:10]  Pakistan blocks YouTube over "blasphemous" material
[11:05]  Half of Catholic religion students in Spain support abortion
[08:10]  Ministry donates to assist Christian television in the Middle East
[05:05]  Free iPhone app could revolutionize world evangelism
[02:10]  Family Values Conference opens in London in two weeks


[23:05]  Archbishop to give 'biker blessing' at Harley-Davidson museum
[21:10]  Universal Orlando to open immersive 'Harry Potter World'
[19:05]  Christian Sports Media Agency will report on FIFA World Cup
[17:10]  References to God banned from classroom in San Diego
[15:05]  Clubfoot program treats more than 800 kids in India
[13:10]  Over 30% of euthanasia cases in Belgium did not give consent
[11:05]  Three Samaritan’s Purse workers missing in Darfur, Sudan
[09:10]  Malawian judge has ruled against a homosexual couple
[07:05]  Ministry team keeps working as Thailand's crisis grows
[05:10]  Pope to bless statue created to celebrate Nazi departure
[03:05]  UK paper teaches young boys how to do anal and oral sex (press)
[01:10]  Christian musicians aid Nashville church devastated by flood


[23:05]  Anglican leaders around globe decry ordination of lesbian bishop
[21:10]  Relief worker's murder adds to list of aid worker concerns in Haiti
[19:05]  Steve Jobs: iPad revolution means ‘freedom from porn’
[17:10]  Church reaches 'hidden homeless' with new Dream Center
[15:05]  Portuguese bishops: gay 'marriage' law a step backward
[13:10]  Church leader: Struggle for oil may derail Sudan referendum
[11:05]  Cardinal O’Brien offers prayers for Britain's papal nuncio
[09:10]  Christian activist Gao Zhisheng disappears yet again
[07:05]  Vatican’s new evangelization office needs a true pro-life leader
[05:30]  Uzbekistan: jail terms, large fines, literature destruction follow raid
[05:10]  Kids of kidnapped German Christians freed in Yemen
[03:05]  Campaign launched in UK to support missionary priests
[01:10]  Famed pro-life Canadian priest receives death threat
[00:25]  Ask Vladimir Imakaev, famous Christian author your question (internet-conference)


[23:05]  Goa Catholics mourn priest who died saving drowning youth
[21:10]  Canada's March for Life draws unprecedented media coverage
[19:05]  Baptist volunteer Laura Silsby released after verdict
[17:10]  US atheist lawyer plans appeal on president's swearing-in ruling
[15:05]  Austrian bishop wants softer church stand on gays, divorce
[13:10]  Bible school trains pastors for spiritually hungry nation
[11:05]  Top footballer: I could be dead but God saved and restored me (press)
[09:10]  150,000 rally at St. Peter’s Basilica to show support for Pope
[07:05]  Church leaders have concerns about new Philippine president
[05:10]  The threat of violence looms over believers in Iraq
[03:05]  Vatican highlights priorities shared with Buddhists
[01:10]  President Hugo Chavez trains militia as 'personal army'


[23:05]  Bible cited as Israel's claim on Jerusalem
[21:10]  TLC singer on abortion grief: 'I cried almost every day for 9 years'
[19:05]  Outreach to Muslims continues in Michigan, faces obstacles
[17:10]  Shock video: Gay discussion gets U.K. preacher arrested
[15:05]  Vocations office increases efforts to find priests in Alaska
[13:10]  Facts of compulsory religious education in Pakistan
[11:05]  Kenyan Christians, Muslims want international court action
[10:05]  Uzbekistan: arrests in one of the biggest churches
[09:10]  Biblica releases Contemporary Chinese New Testament
[07:05]  Assassination plot by radical Muslims against Pope prevented
[05:10]  Palestinian woman killed because pregnant with girl
[03:05]  Eritrea arrests women and children as they pray
[02:10]  Netherlands funds homosexualist propaganda campaign in Chile
[01:05]  WCC head: Berlin Wall fall proves churches' change possible
[00:10]  Former child soldiers in Africa receive help from ACN


[15:10]  Aussie filmaker’s ‘Virgin Auction’ generates outrage
[11:05]  Eduardo Verastegui to host conference to benefit L.A. women’s center
[08:10]  First female German Protestant head, who resigned, gets ovation
[05:05]  Elvis’ Bible shows how mother’s death left him 'all shook up'
[02:10]  Laura Bush: It's good that gay marriage is coming


[23:05]  Roman Catholic couples battle over two frozen embryos
[20:10]  Christian social website combines Facebook and MySpace applications
[17:05]  Church closures spell hard times for US candle maker
[15:10]  Deaf evangelist and family in crisis in Ghana
[11:05]  Kiev Christian Academy geared toward missionary kids
[08:10]  Walgreens won't sell over-the-counter genetic test kit
[05:05]  Pope's words on scandal offer hope say some Italian media
[02:10]  Cameron and Clegg urged to lead in ‘spirit of trust’


[23:05]  Bishops of Costa Rica demand respect for their freedom of expression
[20:10]  Bethel students see 'Open Heaven' during missions outreach
[17:05]  12,500 gather on Parliament Hill for Canadian March for Life (photoreport)
[14:10]  Pope: abortion, same-sex 'marriage' among most insidious threats
[11:05]  Somebody Cares to train Haitian Christian leaders
[08:10]  Volunteers donate playgrounds for Christian childcare centers
[05:05]  Pentecostals join call for ‘just’ immigration policy
[02:10]  Aging sex icon: Contraceptives shattered marriage


[23:05]  Colombian doctor suspended for not performing abortion on minor
[21:10]  Bodybuilder turned evangelist Dennis Tinerino dies
[19:05]  Leader of Brazil's homosexual movement: no one is born gay
[17:10]  Tennessee leaders: Recent flood was '1,000-year event'
[15:05]  'Reach out to other faiths' call made at German church gathering
[13:10]  Mob attacks Bible students in India, GFA asks you to pray
[11:05]  Church leaders alarmed at increasing violence in Iraq
[09:10]  Ministries see World Cup as witnessing opportunity
[07:05]  Portuguese soccer champions present Pope with team jersey
[05:10]  Pakistani officials free Christians detained by their employer
[03:05]  Luis Palau to bring first evangelistic Festival to France
[01:10]  Church of England moves towards ordaining women


[23:05]  Controversial Mojave Desert Cross stolen
[21:10]  Lawmakers slammed for extending hours of alcohol sales
[19:05]  Bloc Quebecois leader mocks Biblical Christianity in Commons
[17:10]  Saddleback Church to lease former Crystal Cathedral property
[15:05]  Russian Patriarch avoids 'Stalin' as dictator debate simmers
[13:10]  In Egypt Muslims who kill Christians often claim ‘insanity’
[11:05]  Vatican official thanks the World Press for sexual abuse coverage
[09:10]  Pope: Threat to Catholicism comes from within Church
[07:05]  WorldServe: thousands turned to Christ after deadly quake
[05:10]  Madrid cardinal calls on media to report the truth
[03:05]  Calgary U finds pro-life students guilty over display
[01:10]  Evangelical ministries host 300-mile ’creation care’ walk


[23:05]  Homosexual "marriage" bill advances in Argentina
[21:10]  IMB's President Jerry Rankin leads final appointment services
[19:05]  Ministries ban together to reach maximum amount of Haitians
[17:10]  Kagan nomination worries life and family advocates
[15:05]  Storytelling takes the Gospel into Mozambique
[13:10]  Israel relieved at Nick Clegg’s flop in UK elections
[11:05]  Pope urges Belgian bishops to promote vocations
[09:10]  The temporary release of an Armenian Iranian from the Evin Prison
[07:05]  Cardinals at odds with each other over sexual abuse allegations
[05:10]  Unprecedented growth in Asian church brings celebration
[03:05]  Muslims beat up Christians, implicate them in ‘fake’ police case
[02:10]  Vilnius homosexual march goes ahead amidst violent clashes
[01:05]  Pope's second book on 'Jesus of Nazareth' goes to publishers
[00:10]  UK Bishop’s prayer for MPs as Cameron and Clegg negotiate


[14:10]  General Superiors: Proclaim the Gospel in addition to social aid
[11:05]  Florida gov. swaying toward veto for abortion mandate opt-out
[08:10]  Future Archbishop of Miami explains immigration stance
[05:05]  Faith leaders in Sweden form council to support religious freedom
[02:10]  Pro-marriage initiative under attack in Mexico City


[23:05]  New equipment to speed audio Bible distribution
[20:10]  Evangelist brutally murdered in India's Bihar state
[17:05]  Radical pro-abort Diane Wood headed to Supreme Court?
[14:10]  Guangzhou police force house church to worship outdoors
[11:05]  National Day of Prayer observances defy criticisms
[08:10]  During Mother’s Day Celebration moms get ‘red carpet’ treatment
[05:05]  Lithuanian President has been instructed to support ‘Gay Pride’ march
[02:10]  Young people march against abortion in the Spanish capital


[23:05]  Indian churches study 'zero tolerance' rules on sex abuse
[20:10]  Faith leaders continue marriage fight in Washington, D.C.
[17:05]  iPhone application aids preaching and evangelism
[14:10]  Denmark allows gay partners to jointly adopt children
[11:05]  Christian sworn in as Nigerian president after death of Yar'Adua
[08:10]  India urged to reverse ‘culture of impunity’ for religious violence
[05:05]  Swiss Guard welcomes 30 new members to elite force
[02:10]  "Vote With Your Remote" campaign drives family movie success


[23:05]  Story of God at Work in Pro Baseball released in USA
[21:10]  Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys to Nashville
[19:05]  School District faces lawsuit over ban on religious expression
[17:10]  National Day of Prayer may be largest-ever
[15:05]  Is religious speech on line in Thursday's U.K. election? (press)
[13:10]  Failing peace in Congo prompts an overabundant harvest
[11:05]  Iraq: Christians under siege, continue to flee in large numbers
[09:10]  Soldiers call for respect of religious traditions in Spain
[07:05]  U.K. Conservatives promise to allow gay ‘marriages’
[05:10]  New Russia-Ukraine relations threatens religious freedom
[03:05]  Kenyan Constitution is set to be unveiled on Thursday
[01:10]  Pioneers ministry: Terrorists the focus of evangelism?


[23:05]  Bishop: love and forgiveness can end violence in Venezuela
[21:10]  New church will be planted in Seattle/Tacoma region
[20:20]  Bomb found at Times Square: Who did a "good job"? (press)
[19:05]  Oklahoma ultrasound law temporarily suspended
[17:10]  Thousands of Nashville-area homes flooded, no flood insurance
[15:05]  Christian radio program reaches past the borders of India
[13:10]  Poll shows 70 per cent of Irish people oppose abortion
[11:05]  Extremists drive Christians from village in Bangladesh
[09:10]  Middle East synod to help Christians witness in Muslim countries
[07:05]  Anti-corruption program marks milestone in Kenya
[05:10]  Polygamy controversy presents dilemma for post-Christian France
[03:05]  Churches reach out to thousands Tennessee flood victims
[01:10]  Mexican bishops emphasize the dignity of chidren


[23:05]  New partnership announced to translate Bible for deaf people
[21:10]  US priest stabbed to death in Venezuela
[19:05]  Canadian sociologist slams 'flawed' poll on sex abuse crisis
[17:10]  U.S. Capitol steps will host the National Day of Prayer
[15:05]  Russian Orthodox leader says church will not interfere in politics
[13:10]  Southern Baptists: rebel soldiers in DRC are turning to Christ
[11:05]  Gay Anglican bishop lectures Pope on abuse scandal
[09:10]  Kenya: Titanic war looms over the proposed constitution
[07:05]  Iranian Christian freed conditionally from Dastgerd Prison
[05:10]  Anglican bishops visit Vatican to discuss conversion
[03:05]  Tanzania Lutherans reject aid from 'pro-gay marriage' churches
[02:10]  Awareness skits bring hope and healing to Kinshasa
[01:05]  Another UK preacher arrested for views on homosexuality
[00:10]  Pope: Shroud documents Christ's death but pulsates with life


[15:05]  Holy Father urges end to war, education of youth in Congo
[12:10]  Marvel/DC comics illustrator creates pro-life comic book
[09:05]  Kenya constitutional talks with church collapse after clergy pull-out
[06:10]  UK bishops’ Catholic education service hits out at pro-life critics
[03:05]  Samoan priest employs culture to bolster faith of islanders
[00:10] will promote prayer on Sky Angel


[21:05]  Activists say China complicit in suffering of NK refugees
[18:10]  Prosecutors: Adoption by lesbian couple violated Brazilian law
[15:05] makes a comeback under its own name
[12:10]  Renato Schifani: Pope not afraid to 'face the wolves' in the Church
[09:05]  Okla. City bombing gave him 'deeper gut feeling' about life (press)
[06:10]  Christians rescue 13-year-old girl forced into prostitution
[03:05]  Dream Center launches college to train students for service
[00:10]  Catholic bishops in US slam 'draconian' Arizona immigration law
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