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[21:05]  Crescent Project launches prayer effort for Muslim women
[18:10]  Catholics: heterosexual marriage is not discriminatory
[15:05]  More embryonic stem cell lines for funding approved in USA
[12:10]  Scottish Church hopes to book Susan Boyle for Pope's visit
[09:05]  Evangelist turns up the heat in England during volcanic ash crisis
[06:10]  The Wrecking to be featured on Air 1 and "Hearts of Compassion" tour
[03:05]  Labour’s Harriet Harman and Chris Bryant pledge to remove free speech
[03:05]  Sudanese bishop warns serious post-election conflict is likely
[00:10]  'Price of Life' enough to save 300 students, to encourage legislation


[22:05]  Supreme Court rules Mojave Desert Cross can stay
[20:10]  Creation ministry cautious about Noah's Ark find in Turkey
[18:05]  Obama urged to maintain ban on open homosexuals in military
[16:10]  Pope urges bishops to work for recognition of immigrant rights
[14:05]  Clerics plead with US officials to protect Iraq Christians
[12:10]  Profitable businesses mean hope for the future in Cameroon
[10:05]  Terms ‘mother and father’ removed from birth certificate in UK
[08:10]  Pope hopes Missal in English will be 'springboard for a renewal'
[06:05]  Bishops: Migrants in Morocco suffer “intolerable exploitation”
[04:05]  Nepal's Christians pray for implementation of secular constitution
[02:10]  Journalists become the latest victims of violence in Nigeria
[00:05]  Oklahoma senate overrides governor veto of pro-life legislation


[22:10]  Haiti's rebuild strengthens outside of the disaster zone
[20:05]  Sky Angel and MOPS celebrate family-friendly Christian TV
[18:10]  In the Bronx, dog helps missionary care for kids (photoreport)
[16:05]  Italy investigates baby left to die after failed abortion
[14:10]  Spanish bishops: Immigration is 'an opportunity for society'
[12:05]  Larry King, Jennifer Knapp and Ted Haggard met on CNN
[10:10]  Bible translation for people group in Nigeria near completion
[08:05]  British Party leaders bash Pope Benedict in televised debate
[06:10]  Catholic global presence increasing, Vatican study reports
[04:05]  Church-linked group: Shell must do more on Niger Delta
[02:10]  E-4 tornado in Mississippi crushes church, not survivor's faith
[00:05]  Egyptian twin-boys: ‘We refuse to be Muslims by force’


[22:10]  Google has to pay damages to priest accused of pedophilia
[20:05]  Ministry released audio Scriptures in 10 more languages
[18:10]  Silsby to face trial in Haiti; charges dropped against 9
[16:05]  Messianic Jews in Israel seek public apology for attack
[14:10]  EEA appoints new General Secretary: Rev Niek Tramper
[12:05]  German churches condemn campaigning for minaret ban
[10:10]  UK Foreign Office document invites Pope to open abortion facility
[08:05]  Christians protest against killing of minor Pakistan Christian
[06:10]  Pope asks Belgian society to allow Church to speak freely
[04:05]  Genocide has finally received some international attention
[02:10]  Argentina’s bishops defend marriage against gay unions
[00:05]  President Obama meets with Billy Graham on Sunday


[22:10]  Former jailed Baptist says if he's innocent, Silsby is, too
[20:05]  James Pouillon murderer sentenced to life in prison
[18:10]  Nunn climbs European music charts with new single 'Bubbles'
[16:10]  The Bible Mission gets serious in the former USSR
[14:05]  Italian bishop: Church must confirm Christian identity online
[12:10]  Archbishop of Westminster praised Labour’s sex education bill
[10:05]  LWF leader 'shocked' at death of second Polish Lutheran bishop
[08:10]  Pope: Macedonia's spiritual heritage can help secular Europe
[06:05]  Church of Christ in Nigeria pastor and his wife were killed
[04:10]  World churches' head: Israel should lift new military order
[03:05]  Ministry: many may turn to Christ as quake relief pours in
[02:10]  Nazis were first to exploit pedophile priests to attack Church
[01:05]  Politics: Will Christians swing the British election?
[00:10]  Christian conference for men draws 250,000 in South Africa


[08:30]  Survey finds Africa is most religious part of world
[04:05]  The assault and arrest of a house-church pastor in Karaj


[19:10]  Irish Labour party would overhaul pro-life constitution
[16:05]  'Food Revolution' leaves the air, but not the community (photoreport)
[13:10]  Canadian Bishops: “Catholics for Choice” is not Catholic
[10:05]  Port-au-Prince orphanage director praises Haiti relief effort
[07:10]  Church held action «Increase for the sake of the Divine Kingdom»
[04:05]  New Lausanne Global Conversation website has launched
[04:05]  Ex-gays deserve a seat at Republican table, leader says
[01:10]  Young women honored with pro-life award share their stories


[22:05]  Former Rolling Stone’s child lover says raise the age of consent
[19:10]  Relief still needed in Chile, repair estimates in billions
[16:05]  H. Kong Christian group berates pastor advising 'blank vote'
[14:10]  Poll of Ireland shows overwhelming support for abortion ban
[12:05]  Iceland volcano interferes with missions; prompts rethink
[10:10]  Two lesbians listed as “parents” in UK birth certificate first
[08:05]  Israeli pastor tells of persecution on his family and church (press)
[06:10]  Bishops of Spain support Pope Benedict amidst media attacks
[04:05]  Is 2nd Coming of Jesus etched in night sky? (press)
[02:10]  World Congress of Families: Canadian bill could open Pandora’s coffin
[00:05]  Arkansas judge has overturned unmarried adoption ban


[22:10]  Despite chaos after Haiti quake, youth conference a success
[20:05]  Bush lends support to Indiana crisis pregnancy centers
[18:10]  Virginia Tech shootings anniversary: recollection & prayer
[16:05]  Italy holds day of prayer on anniversary of Pope's election
[14:10]  Americans and Canadians prefer movies with Christian values
[12:05]  Senior Church figures: Judges are biased against Christianity
[10:10]  Ongoing detention of Christians in Isfahan with no charges
[08:05]  China orchestrates brutal sterilization round-up of thousands
[06:10]  Bishops of Spain prepare new document on moral crisis
[04:05]  Ukrainian Catholics want president to upheld equal religious rights
[02:10]  Ministry in Bangladesh lays the groundwork for more growth
[00:05]  Lawmaker: Europe’s greatest heritage is its Christian roots


[22:10]  Christians fight brutal infant killing in Indian slum
[21:05]  Critics: Court ruling undermines historic dependence on God
[20:10]  Lessons from death row: Former inmate shares his story
[19:05]  Long running Christian radio show in Britain is axed
[17:05]  New Jersey school nixes 'cross-dressing' fashion show
[11:05]  Islamist militants totally banned music in Somalia
[10:10]  Buddhists, Christians work together to help China quake victims
[09:05]  Jordan’s King Abdullah: Summertime Mid-East war possible
[08:10]  Pope Benedict XVI meets with abuse victims in Malta
[07:05]  UK Christians step up their campaign upcoming election
[06:10]  100 years of Gospel presence celebrated in India
[05:05]  Kenyan Catholic bishops maintain their Stand on Life
[04:10]  Egyptian girl who converted to Christianity subjected to acid attack
[03:05]  Christianity is 'still relevant' for most Europeans, survey finds
[02:10]  Nigerian pastors buried in Bauchi as tensions continue in Jos
[01:05]  German court fines SSPX Bishop for Holocaust denial
[00:10]  Russian adoptions and ministry continuing despite rumors


[16:10]  Parents concerned about youth access to unwholesome media
[13:05]  First woman elected to head Asian church grouping
[10:10]  U.S. Court: National Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional
[07:05]  Volunteers needed in New England after historic floods
[04:10]  Virginia governor seeks to ban state abortion funding
[01:05]  Tolerance and tension: Islam and Christianity in Africa


[22:10]  Sudan bishop raises concerns of foul play during elections
[19:05]  The Historic Easter Christian March and Parade in Cuba
[16:10]  American Indian leader, Wilma Mankiller, hailed for life's work
[13:05]  Horror stories abound from abortion clinic in Philadelphia
[10:10]  Rwanda president critical of churches, while they praise him
[07:05]  Long road ahead for relief and rebuilding after Haiti quake
[04:10]  Cardinal attacked for comments on homosexual priest crisis
[01:05]  Hollywood breaking news: The Wordz Project hits the streets


[22:10]  West Virginia Catholic bishop calls for better miner safety
[19:05]  Ex-Muslim teenager doing well in Ohio foster care
[16:10]  Pro-lifers: ‘Three-parent’ embryo experiments abuse humanity
[13:05]  Several dead after militants bomb cathedral in Philippines
[10:10]  A new Christian network community is now launched
[07:05]  Cardinal Hummes calls priests to Rome to close Year for Priests
[04:10]  Chaplain tells of airport chaos as UK airspace has been closed
[01:05]  Brazilian Archbishop defends abortion for pregnant minor


[22:10]  US researcher: Religion and media increasingly converging
[21:05]  Christian Party on mission to bring Godly values back to UK
[20:10]  Vatican paper says Beatles don't need absolution
[19:05]  Volunteers in Haiti transcend earthquake's heartbreak (photoreport)
[18:10]  Supreme Court hearing may determine the future of campus ministry
[17:05]  Chicago archdiocese- honored priest pushes women's ordination
[11:05]  Polish student shares faith with those back home via e-mail, Skype
[10:10]  Ecumenical body seeks to heal and reconcile in troubled Asia
[09:05]  Pope: Voice of the Good Shepherd should be heard in priests
[08:10]  Gospel for Asia reaching out to cyclone victims in Bangladesh
[07:05]  Christians to shine ray of hope into North Korea
[06:10]  Italy’s highest court rejects same-sex “marriage” bid
[05:05]  Pope calls for solidarity after earthquake in China
[04:10]  Mission’s leader: Great Britain is not about to be taken over by Muslims
[03:05]  Flood takes homes of children, damages ministry centers
[02:10]  Westminster 2010: Declaration of Christian Conscience is launched
[01:05]  Doctors called to take measures against sex-selective abortion
[00:10]  Vatican: Atheist campaign to arrest Pope is publicity stunt


[23:05]  Open Doors hosts free webinar to discuss persecution
[22:10]  Majority of unchurched adults identify themselves as ‘Christians’
[21:05]  High school teacher cleared in Maine gay marriage probe
[20:10]  Nebraska enacts landmark abortion health screening law
[19:05]  Man 'praying in tongues' finds missing Florida girl
[18:10]  Unidentified arsonists target Mexican parish on Easter
[17:05]  Student missionary dies in motorcycle accident in Mozambique
[11:05]  Uganda: Government pushes ahead with repressive media law
[10:10]  Despite violence, Christian radio is expanding in Thailand
[09:05]  UK Conservatives to support homosexual ‘equality’ agenda
[08:10]  Sudan's elections usher in hope for the future
[07:05]  Pope to visit Malta, might meet with sex abuse victims
[06:10]  Nigeria crusade organizers report 360,000 salvations
[05:05]  Pakistani Christians remain unpaid at Easter festival
[04:10]  Congolese church and government to discuss human rights
[03:05]  Head of Italian bishops praises Pope's efforts to cleanse Church
[02:10]  California effort to repeal Proposition 8 in 2010 fails
[01:05]  Christian ads pulled from Toronto Public Transit
[00:10]  Sudan pins hope on historic election, ministry disrupted


[23:05]  Christian murdered with ax refusing to convert to Islam
[22:10]  Eduardo Verastegui denies fathering Ricky Martin’s adopted kids
[21:05]  'Letters to God' finished in the Top 10 on opening weekend
[20:10]  Steven Curtis Chapman ‘shows hope’ at the Festival of Life
[19:05]  Two American governors highlight trauma of abortion
[18:10]  Ignatius Press: AP guilty of bad journalism in Oakland abuse reporting
[17:05]  Over 100 groups provided audio Bibles for Haitian outreach
[11:05]  Church of Sweden celebrates 50 years of ordained female priests
[10:10]  Woman rejects pressure from employer to have abortion
[09:05]  Bishops denounce detention of 43 Filipino health workers
[08:10]  U.S. Christians minister in Poland after air disaster
[07:05]  European statisticians cast doubt on C-14 dating of Shroud of Turin
[06:10]  India mourns theologian and Dalit champion, Rajaratnam
[05:05]  Tarcisio Bertone: Homosexuality is the cause of sex abuse
[04:10]  Kyrgyzstan uneasy as threat of violence hangs in the air
[03:05]  GDOP London calls every Christian in the UK to prayer
[02:10]  Schools should not affirm students' perceived sexual orientation
[01:05]  Kenya: Hope but no deal in Kenya church law talks
[00:10]  Missionary in West Virginia: Coal families' attitudes uplifting


[23:05]  Canadian professor gets $2.5 million to study religion
[22:10]  Former Promise Keepers executive Rick Wright joins Sky Angel
[21:05]  Concerns about iPhone porn among reasons for closed platform
[20:10]  Calgary University threatens pro-life students with arrest
[19:05]  "The Brian Mason Show" celebrates 30 years on the air
[18:10]  HCJB Global Hands team returns to Haiti for follow up care
[17:05]  Liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens to retire
[11:05]  UK woman dies of blood clots after ten years on the pill
[10:10]  Persecution: Charges filed against 47 Christians in Pakistan
[09:05]  Tanzania: First Catholic Commercial Bank opened
[08:10]  Ugandan primate 'resigns' from key body of Anglican Communion
[07:05]  Two Christians served with notice trial dates in Tehran
[06:10]  Portuguese Court approves constitutionality of gay 'marriage'
[05:05]  Thousands visit Shroud of Turin on opening weekend
[04:10]  Ministry expands as six Christians arrested in China
[03:05]  Church leaders call for prayer for Sudanese elections
[02:10]  Pontiff grieves with Polish people over crash victims
[01:05]  Euthanasia requests triple in Belgium, highest among cancer victims
[00:10]  Three-year trial for murders of Christians finally ending


[16:10]  Catholics in U.S. donate nearly $60 million to Haiti relief effort
[13:05]  Diocese of Fargo to close college seminary program
[10:10]  Abortions in Kansas decreased by 11 percent in 2009
[07:05]  W.Va. native Bishop T.D. Jakes comments on mining tragedy
[04:10]  President of Chile formally invited Pope to visit the country
[01:05]  Nebraska moves ahead with abortion ban based on fetal pain


[22:10]  Haitians turning to Christ 3 months after devastating quake
[19:05]  Rescuers suffer setback at West Virginia coal mine
[16:10]  Letters to God, a new film, spotlights faith in the face of cancer
[13:05]  Filipino bishop warns faithful about 'Catholics for Choice'
[10:10]  Nagasaki statue that 'survived' A-bomb, going to New York
[07:05]  Audio Bibles makes Scripture available to Kekchi people
[04:10]  Iranian authorities release on bail Assyrian pastor from prison
[01:05]  Battle of the judges continues in Argentina over gay 'marriage'


[22:10]  World Council of Churches hails Russia-US nuclear treaty
[19:05]  Pastor who was in Haiti jail speaks out, asks for help
[16:10]  Christians convene for Global Pentecostal Congress
[13:05]  Kyrgyzstan protests end in violence and toppled government (press)
[10:10]  'Banker to the poor' urges new financial structures to end poverty (press)
[07:05]  Holy Shroud was hidden from Hitler's grasp in Benedictine Abbey
[04:10]  Expert sees dangers as U.S. birthrate falls below replacement
[01:05]  'Brunt of stress' felt as coal families await news


[22:10]  Glenn Beck reveals President Obama’s deep socialist roots (press)
[21:05]  Catholics Come Home to launch organization to encourage priests
[20:10]  Church in Slovakia takes on US casino giant
[19:05]  Pediatricians: 'Pro-gay' attitude toward gender confusion damages kids
[18:10]  Zero tolerance for abuse, Mexican bishops reiterate
[17:05]  White House held Easter prayer breakfast on Tuesday
[11:05]  Beijing professor Yang Zhizhu fired for having second baby
[10:10]  Tribal priest comes to Christ in Ghana, frees 55 sex slaves
[09:05]  Muslims arrested for forcing prayers on former mosque
[08:10]  Pakistan Christian Movement calls for repeal of blasphemy laws
[07:05]  Pope Benedict exhorts all Christians to proclaim 'He is Risen!'
[06:10]  Schools not shut down by government, teachers provided
[05:05]  Maoist violence in India 'challenges' churches to be peacemakers
[04:10]  Nurse barred from wearing crucifix loses discrimination claim
[03:05]  Albanian ‘Eurovision’ entrant hopes to honor God with her performance
[02:10]  Violent Revolution hits Kyrgyzstan; Christians asked to pray
[01:05]  Brazilian cardinal: Church does not deny or cover up abuse
[00:10]  ‘Continente 2010’ reaches millions with the Gospel


[23:05]  Scott Roeder gets max sentence for Tiller slaying
[22:10]  Madagascar's Bongolava is the latest to 'see' Christ
[21:05]  Archbishop Gomez 'deeply grateful' for appointment
[20:10]  Internet porn a wide-ranging problem, even in the church
[19:05]  US Muslims, Sikhs welcome change in airport security screenings
[18:10]  US doctor to Canadians: reject assisted suicide legislation
[17:05]  Pastors respond to mine tragedy in West Virginia
[11:05]  Spanish cardinal: Celibacy is a priceless gift from God
[10:10]  Ministry gives hope to 'poorest of the poor' in Kenya
[09:05]  UK church leaders lay wreath in memory of martyred Christians
[08:10]  Religious leaders: Filipinos' crucifixion ritual unnecessary
[07:05]  Easter sees renewed hope for situation of Iraqi Christians
[06:10]  Lutheran pastor defends Pope against attacks over sex abuse crisis
[05:05]  Common interest in cows provides a gateway for the Gospel (photoreport)
[04:10]  Kenyan Anglican head differs with other church leaders on new law
[03:05]  Christian band rocks UK pop charts over Easter
[02:10]  Church in Iran flourishes, regardless of intense persecution
[01:05]  David Sanford impressed students at UC Berkeley, California
[00:10]  Two internationally known scholars debate Bible's reliability


[23:05]  Journalist explains 'Why I am a Catholic' in NY paper
[22:10]  Remaining Baptist volunteer spends Easter in Haiti prison
[21:05]  Mission sees unprecedented numbers, as well as obstacles
[20:10]  Pope announced the appointment of next Archbishop for Los Angeles
[19:05]  Justice Stevens to retire while Obama in White House
[18:10]  Rick Warren’s ‘Sermon on the Mound’; 7.2 magnitude earthquake (press)
[17:05]  Catholic actor booted from ABC show for refusing sex scenes
[10:10]  Christian photojournalistic works rival National Geographic
[09:05]  S. African church heads condemn killing of extremist white leader
[08:10]  3 more detained Christians are freed from the Evin Prison
[07:05]  UN reports more than 4300 Assyrians fled Mosul in the past month
[06:10]  Crossroad Bible Institute opened prison ministry in Nigeria
[05:05]  Italian condemns abuse, is proud to be a priest
[04:10]  Briton's debate 'discrimination against Christians' after clerics' plea
[03:05]  Good Friday Passion play held in London draws thousands
[02:10]  Indonesians hear the Gospel as passion week comes to an end
[01:05]  Bishops around the world speak out in support of Pope Benedict XVI


[16:10]  Gay Brazilian gets asylum in US after claiming 'persecution'
[13:05]  Thousands without homes in Peru due to flooding
[10:10]  East Lisu people now have Bible in their own language
[07:05]  Holy Father's prayer intentions for month of April released
[04:10]  Alabama Senate voted to legalize slot machine gambling
[01:05]  Millions given to study Pentecostal-charismatic movement


[22:10]  British Catholic bishops issue limp voters guide
[19:05]  Benedict XVI meets with Haitian earthquake survivors
[16:10]  American health care bill funds abstinence education
[13:05]  NBC apologizes for article title saying Pope molested children
[10:10]  Charismatic renewal movement marks 50th anniversary
[07:05]  American arrested in Britain for declaring homosexuality is sin
[04:10]  U.S. pastor to handout over $2 million in giveaways on Easter
[01:05]  Forgotten study: Abuse in school 100 times worse than by priests


[22:10]  Rick Warren’s Church holds Easter services at Angel Stadium
[19:05]  Barna survey: Easter's meaning unclear to many Americans
[16:10]  Kazakhstan threatens to deport Christian missionaries
[13:05]  Vatican Holy Week and Easter celebrations to be webcast
[10:10]  Kenyan parliament approves pro-abortion constitution
[07:05]  European parliament highlights N. Korea’s prison camps
[04:10]  Haiti still looks like a warzone, but hundreds are coming to Christ
[01:05]  Oklahoma House passes pro-life bills by massive margin


[22:10]  US exhibit shows complex Christian-Jewish ties in medieval Spain
[21:05]  Expert debunks story about discovered fossils of Biblical giants'
[20:10]  Tens of thousands march against 'morning after pill' in Peru
[19:05]  Will Graham shared the Love of Jesus in Alabama
[18:10]  Mexico City Archdiocese against extension of hours of nightclubs
[17:05]  Legalizing marijuana won't solve America's drug problems
[11:05]  17 more Christian men thrown into prison in Eritrea
[10:10]  Bodies of 21 infants found dumped in Chinese river
[09:05]  DRC Congo: Bishop backs human rights report
[08:10]  Village reacts violently to Gospel and changed lives
[07:05]  Austrian church funds investigation in response to abuse reports
[06:10]  Kenya: Student organisations reject legalization of abortion
[05:05]  Top Vatican official rebukes NY Times for attacks on Pope
[04:10]  China's new religious head downplays role of 'house churches'
[03:05]  Russian Ministries: terrorism provides a platform for ministry
[02:10]  Billionaire fulfills promise to God, donates fortune to charity
[01:05]  U.S. bishops make appeal for funding youth ministry
[00:10]  An attempt to smuggle abortion into Kenyan constitution (press)
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