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[23:05]  The court has not satisfied New Life church complaint (exclusive)
[22:10]  New Internet safety ad unveiled in Times Square, New York
[21:05]  As world remembers Romero, Salvadoran president apologises
[20:10]  Gay activist appeals exoneration of Canadian pastor Boissoin
[19:05]  'Culture of fear' is stifling Cuba, writes dissident
[18:10]  Easter healing crusade aims to help resurrect Haiti
[17:05]  Ugandan social workers back anti-gay bill; Exodus opposed
[11:05]  Ministry sends the key to future hope in a box to Sudan
[10:10]  Reverend Wilson was conditionally freed from jail in Iran
[09:05]  Italian Catholic bishops back Pope, deplore media attacks
[08:10]  Christians fear religious persecution could return to Nepal
[07:05]  Orphan population growing, churches are being proactive
[06:10]  German Catholics launch helpline for abuse victims
[05:05]  Benedict XVI sends condolences following Moscow bombing
[04:10]  2,000 stand up for life at 1st ever Brussels pro-life march
[03:05]  Pro-democracy advocate in Vietnam released from prison
[02:10]  Renewed call made for a common Christian Easter calendar
[01:05]  Philippines bishops disapprove of Holy Week self-crucifixion
[00:10]  No connection between ministry and Christian militia


[23:05]  Catholic bishops of Nicaragua urge faithful to defend life
[22:10]  Florida congregation plants church in the “nation” of Facebook
[21:05]  Nancy Shaefer, conservative activist, killed in her home
[20:10]  Pelosi invoked Fr. Hesburgh to turn 'no' health bill vote to 'yes'
[19:05]  PepsiCo accused in sponsoring and funding homosexual causes
[18:10]  Texas school board members dispute critics' assertions
[17:05]  Cardinal Marc Ouellet: Quebec must 'return to God'
[10:10]  Christians call for protest against Israeli travel permits for Easter
[09:05]  Only hope for a more conservative Britain is a Tory loss
[08:10]  Missing human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng confirmed ‘alive’
[07:05]  March for Life in South Africa attended by over 2000
[06:10]  Church leaders express condolences after explosions in Moscow (exclusive)
[05:05]  Islamic extremists in Somalia kill church leader, torch home
[04:10]  Press: Spain self-destructing by abandoning principles (press)
[03:05]  Aid floods Nigeria after attacks; 200 Christians neglected
[02:10]  African religious leaders call for strong arms trade treaty
[01:05]  French women: abortion has detrimental psychological effects
[00:10]  Former atheist Anne Rice joins I am Second movement


[23:05]  Brazilian couple receive criminal conviction for homeschooling
[22:10]  Youth for Christ approaches inner city with holistic ministry
[21:05]  Freda Lindsay, Christ for the Nations co-founder, dies at 95
[20:10]  Protestant makes beautiful music in the Catholic Church
[19:05]  Pentecostal pastor optimistic about ‘future of faith’
[18:10]  Uproar over Ann Coulter speech cancellation continues
[17:05]  Shelters for Chilean families yield 'open door' for witness
[11:05]  Pope Benedict renewed call for youth evangelization
[10:10]  Deadly terrorist bombings rock Moscow in morning rush hour (press)
[09:05]  South Africa: Ready to tackle human trafficking
[08:10]  Christian school on track to meet an impossible deadline
[07:05]  Pastor and his companion beaten by Hindu radicals
[06:10]  President of the Italian Senate condemns attacks on Pope
[05:05]  Fire destroys over two thirds of homes in an Indian village
[04:10]  Congo: Bishop calls for LRA to be classified as Terrorists
[03:05]  Pope calls for peace in Jerusalem, the ‘spiritual homeland’
[02:10]  Pro-family group denounces ‘gay pride’ parade in Vilnius
[01:05]  European churches join 'keep Sunday free of work' campaign
[00:10]  Construction of two churches stopped in Indonesia


[16:10]  Christians outweigh pastors 10,000 to 1 in China
[13:05]  Blogger: Life with Down Syndrome baby 'normal and beautiful'
[10:10]  Poll shows Christian support for immigration reform
[07:05]  Kids trained to be Kingdom citizens instead of child warriors
[04:10]  Settlement reached in dispute between Illinois and pro-lifers
[01:05]  Figure of Jesus Christ on Shroud comes to life in 3-D


[22:10]  Christian leaders call for ‘Mayday’ prayer in in Washington, D.C.
[19:05]  CLAAS calls on Pakistan to end ‘abuse of blasphemy law’
[16:10]  Discrimination against New Zealand pro-life club overturned
[13:05]  ABC's 'Food Revolution' sparked by West Virginia church
[10:10]  Indonesia sewing project provides desperately-needed work
[07:05]  Commission notes urgency of unity in Chinese Catholic Church
[04:10]  Gordon Brown, Rowan Williams praise Christian Aid’s Director
[01:05]  US bishops anti-poverty arm defunds accused group


[22:10]  Charismatic evangelist hosts festival to 'bless' Haiti
[19:05]  Critics: Gates' order weakens 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy
[16:10]  God sends rain to extinguish forest fires during dry season
[13:05]  Cardinal: Holy Father accepts no excuses for clerical abuse
[10:10]  Over half of Italian families have no children: report
[07:05]  H. Kong church official praises Google on 'information freedom'
[04:10]  President Obama Administration bash and blast Israel
[01:05]  Christian burnt to death in Pakistan, policeman rapes his wife


[22:10]  Retired Palm Beach attorney pens first novel addressing faith
[21:05]  When Vermont church reopened, 'God did amazing things' (press)
[20:10]  Students’ letters express gratitude to Alaska’s priests
[19:05]  Obama signs executive order barring federal abortion funding
[18:10]  ’Beasts of the Bible’ featured in Animal Planet®
[17:05]  Seattle mom: School sent my daughter for secret abortion
[11:05]  Architect of secular Nepal, who eased life for Christians, dies
[10:10]  The court in Minsk will consider New Life church complaint
[09:05]  NASA technology will help to preserve Vatican manuscripts
[08:10]  Islamic extremists in Somalia murder church leader
[07:05]  South African bishop: ‘Haiti is an Anglican responsibility’
[06:10]  Greek churches to be taxed in govt’s response to crisis
[05:05]  Science and faith are not opposed, Pope Benedict teaches
[04:10]  Malawi churches won't 'bow to donor pressure' on gay issue
[03:05]  Australia’s Dr. Death to elderly Irish: ‘Plan now for suicide’
[02:10]  Audit reveals decrease in US cases of clerical sexual abuse
[01:05]  Armed officers with dogs interrupted service of Lutheran Church
[00:10]  Canadian pro-life victory: liberal abortion motion defeated


[23:05]  Drug violence in Mexico escalates, hinders ministry
[22:10]  Canadian rights' commission weighs in on Muslim face veil
[21:05]  Mexican bishops urge candidates to improve level of politics
[20:10]  'Price of Life' invitational to raise funds, hope in Christ
[19:05]  Gambling tug of war escalates in Alabama state
[18:10]  Cardinal asks UN to recognize Dominican Republic's solidarity with Haiti
[17:05]  President signs health care bill into law, 12 states sue
[11:05]  Spanish cardinal: Sexual scandals are a call to return to God
[10:10]  In the midst of hundreds dead, people still come to Christ in India
[09:05]  Secularism threatens ‘fundamental rupture’ in Scottish society (press)
[08:10]  Communists, KGB guided Bulgarian church role in WCC says book
[07:05]  German homeschooling family seeks asylum in Canada
[06:10]  Conference supplies Next Generation with tools to impact culture
[05:05]  ‘Learning to Love’ youth forum begins in Italy tomorrow
[04:10]  Egypt security demolishes Anglican church, assaults pastor
[03:05]  German Protestant church admits cases of sexual abuse
[02:10]  U.S. Christians asked to pray for peaceful elections in Sudan
[01:05]  Nigeria arrests hundreds in connection with Christian slaughter
[00:10]  Haiti's prime minister tells ACT head, elections will go ahead


[23:05]  Gay adoption: Judge backs church over freedom of conscience
[22:10]  Four Southern Baptist Democrats vote 'no' on the bill
[22:10]  Over 2000 participate in tenth annual March For Life in Prague
[21:05]  Why is Morocco suddenly deporting foreign Christians?
[20:10]  Tolerance of slavery on the rise, number of victims increasing
[19:05]  Bishops meet with Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez
[18:10]  1,000 violent attacks in Indian Christians in 500 days
[17:05]  12 states ready to launch lawsuits against new health care Law
[11:05]  Viktor Krutko new President of the Belarusian Baptist Union
[10:10]  Iraqi archbishop optimistic about election’s consequences
[09:05]  Muslim gangs imposing sharia law in British prisons
[08:10]  Liberian government praises Christian ministry efforts
[07:05]  Victims criticise Pope's 'dramatic' pastoral letter on Irish abuse
[06:10]  Muslims murder Pakistani Christian with axe blows
[05:05]  Christians hope to encourage church plant in France
[04:10]  Pope urges further missionary efforts from African bishops
[03:05]  Vietnam: abortion rates skyrocket; doctors anguished by the killing
[02:10]  Armenian Christian leader put to ‘Évin’ prison in Iran
[01:05]  USA: In tight economy, church models generosity (press)
[00:10]  British Police banned from asking for ‘Christian’ names


[23:05]  In Haiti & Chile Southern Baptist volunteers make difference
[22:10]  Health care bill passes congress after Stupak flip-flop
[21:05]  Christians call on White House to end ‘unnecessary’ crisis with Israel
[20:10]  132,000 'Buckets of Hope' collected for Haitian quake victims (photoreport)
[19:05]  Ministry uses calm in Colombia to strengthen Church
[18:10]  1/3 of U.S. docs would consider quitting over ObamaCare
[17:05]  American pastors to preach barefoot on Easter Sunday
[11:05]  Ministry rallying against ‘immoral' contraception campaign
[10:10]  Irish cardinal's apology comes as Pope releasing Irish abuse letter
[09:05]  Italian candidate enemy of Christian principles: lobby group
[08:10]  Lao officials visit expelled Christians, give assurances
[07:05]  Spanish archbishop: Unborn babies are 'trophies' for abortionists
[06:10]  7000 young people rally for chastity in Guatemala City
[05:05]  Pope to meet youth in St. Peter's Square for World Youth Day
[04:10]  Dutch summit to engage faith leaders and UN on HIV response
[03:05]  Our columnists: Another face of the human trafficking (exclusive)
[02:10]  Pakistani Muslims accused of rape allegedly attack her sisters
[01:05]  Pope Benedict XV faces media attacks over abuse crisis
[00:10]  Gaddafi's call for Christian-Muslim split denounced in Nigeria


[21:05]  Canadian Anglican Communion requests Catholic ordinariate
[16:10]  Nigeria: 12 people slaughtered and tongues cut out
[13:05]  27,000 free copies of Darwin's famous book given away
[10:10]  Zambia: Priest arrested for anti- government campaigns
[07:05]  Vatican: No bishops involved in cases of sex abuse in Brazil
[04:10]  10th National Prayer Breakfast was held in Moscow
[01:05]  Traditional Catholic nuns back bishops against health bill


[22:10]  Confirmation of lesbian as bishop causes regret in Canterbury
[19:05]  A ministry utilizes short-term teams to spread the Gospel
[16:10]  Hindu radicals accuse pastor of forced conversions
[13:05]  B.C. pro-lifers greeted by pro-abortion sidewalk art
[10:10]  US Episcopal Church OKs second bishop in same sex partnership
[07:05]  Disaster training conference to be held for missionaries
[04:10]  NJ Planned Parenthood might be cut from budget
[01:05]  Five-time Grammy winner marks another career milestone


[22:10]  World Water Day approaches, World Hope installs clean well
[19:05]  Gambling debate heats up in Alabama: illigal or not?
[16:10]  One abortion every 11 seconds in original 15 EU states
[13:05]  Conditions worsen for Christians in India, pastor beaten
[10:10]  Objectors to required Spanish course take case to EU Court
[07:05]  Prime Minister Harper addresses marijuana, national day care
[04:10]  Cyclone Tomas rampages across Fiji; ministry brings hope
[01:05]  Christians in the Dominican Republic prepared for evangelism


[22:10]  Rick Warren’s church will celebrate its 30th anniversary
[21:05]  Alaska legislators seek help for persecuted Orthodox
[20:10]  Repression of human rights on rise, State Dept. says
[19:05]  Disease covers Haiti in quake aftermath; shoes one solution
[18:10]  Salvation Army reports record US donations despite sour economy
[17:05]  Vatican newspaper: U.S. bishops speak for church on health bill
[11:05]  Pope: Love goes farther than reason in understanding God
[10:10]  Muslim extremist opens fire in Middle Eastern church
[09:05]  Another attack on Christians near Jos, Nigeria, 13 dead
[08:10]  Cardinal calls for renewal of Irish Church on St. Patrick's Day
[07:05]  Christian rights' body asks UN to reject new Burma poll law
[06:10]  Republic of Somalia's jihad-related chaos and violence
[05:05]  Answered prayer sees growth in youth outreach in Latvia
[04:10]  March and message highlight plight of India's Dalit Christians
[03:05]  New sex-ed bill in England draws ire of Catholic leader
[02:10]  Court orders death for unborn child in Argentinean rape case
[01:05]  Israel Custodian: Talk of ‘new intifada’ in Jerusalem overblown
[00:10]  Nigeria: Archbishop believes new law is the cause of conflict


[23:05]  75% of Canadians say “abortion is morally wrong”: Poll
[22:10]  Costa Ricans equipped to evangelize in Nicaragua
[21:05]  More than million of Haitians pray instead of Mardi Gras Festival
[20:10]  Coalition: Keep kids home on homosexualist 'Day of Silence'
[19:05]  Less than half in US link Easter to the Resurrection, survey shows
[18:10]  Chilean Baptist youth in quake zone respond to needs
[17:05]  House panel defeats pro-life amendment to health bill
[11:10]  Catholic clergy look for faith renewal in Pope's UK visit
[10:05]  Christian leaders call for peace prayers in divided Thailand
[09:10]  Ministry gives thousands of children the gift of life for Easter
[08:05]  Rural communities jointly care for orphans in Malawi
[07:05]  New film celebrating Year for Priests released in Rome
[06:10]  Scottish conference to focus on better corporate responsibility
[05:05]  Lao officials threaten to burn shelters of expelled Christians
[04:10]  Christians attacked in Nigeria, ministry still continues
[03:05]  Abortion is never a right, affirms Spanish Catholic bishop
[02:10]  Rock opera ‘Game is Over' to be performed in Ukraine (exclusive)
[01:05]  Uzbekistan: Baptists fined 100 times minimum monthly salary
[00:10]  Battle raging in Kenya over abortion language in constitution


[23:05]  Chile to celebrate ‘churchless’ Holy Week after earthquake
[22:10]  Ministry: Training is essential for global church growth
[21:05]  District of Columbia 'gay marriage' law could be reversed
[20:10]  TV program focuses on the ministry of the BGEA chaplains in Haiti
[19:05]  Australian churches 'curry' support to halt attacks on Indians
[18:10]  Georgia targets abortion motivated by race and gender
[17:05]  Chilean pastor wept after quake, then got to work
[11:05]  Palau recovers from plane crash to bring Gospel to UK
[10:10]  Vatican defends accusations against Pope from Germany
[09:05]  Latest report on condition of detained couple in Isfahan
[08:10]  Kids' Bible Club the first step in seeing leaders made in India
[07:05]  British MPs slam Polish group promoting abortion ‘tourism’
[06:10]  Pope’s visit to Barcelona to highlight importance of family
[05:05]  Lutheran grouping's membership tops 70 million for first time
[04:10]  UK population split over institutional religion in public life
[03:05]  Religious freedom deserves central role in the EU’s external policy (press)
[02:10]  Dems to Stupak: More abortions = fewer babies = lower gov' t costs (press)
[01:05]  Mexican bishops urge return to a strong work ethic
[00:10]  Pakistani lawyer accused of Christian girl's murder gets bail


[23:05]  Court: 'under God' is constitutional in Pledge of Allegiance
[22:10]  Baby Isaiah dies with family on his parents' terms
[21:05]  Texas State Board of Education OKs social studies curricula
[20:10]  US priest packages boxes of hope for Haiti's priests
[19:05]  Iraqi sister after violence in Mosul: ‘Where is the freedom?’
[18:10]  First homosexual 'marriages' formalized in Mexico City
[17:05]  Churches will explore Internet opportunities on Sunday April 25
[11:05]  Miami Archdiocese will collaborate with Haitian clergy
[10:10]  Teachers from 8 schools join GFA for seminar in Nepal
[09:05]  Vatican objects to condom vending machines in schools
[08:10]  Eritrea holds thousands of prisoners of faith in confinement centers
[07:05]  Polish church challenged to speak up for poor
[06:10]  Christian ’burned alive to prevent her from reporting rape’
[05:05]  Bishop taken to task for support for gay relationships
[04:10]  Fear of Muslim collective punishment grips Christians
[03:05]  Homeschooling to be criminalized in Sweden
[02:10]  Radio broadcasts take the Gospel where feet can't go
[01:05]  South Africa hosts the Global Day of Prayer 2010
[00:10]  Rwanda religious leader after grenade blasts: Unity is crucial


[16:10]  'Union of Mothers' formed in Spain to protect motherhood
[13:05]  The Gospel will go forward despite Nepal's peace problems
[10:10]  Study finds unborn babies respond to mother's mood
[07:05]  Malawi: Meeting on Law on Violence against Women starts
[04:10]  Uzbekistan: Ten year sentence for "honest Christian"
[01:05]  Virginia legislators drop bill restricting pregnancy centers


[22:10]  Drake found guilty of murdering pro-life activist Jim Pouillon
[19:05]  MAF ministry playing critical role in Haiti food distribution
[16:10]  Restoring work-free Sundays is goal of European lawmaker
[13:05]  Catholic bishops maintain celibacy not linked to pedophilia
[10:10]  Cash strapped British Council withdraw funding for Easter event
[07:05]  Pakistan churches condemn lethal attack on World Vision centre
[04:10]  European Court of Human Rights will hear Italian crucifix appeal
[01:05]  Pope urges priests to offer Confession and educate faithful on sin


[22:10]  Documentary explores modern revival in Asian countries
[19:05]  Philippine condom debate is on: bishop vs. health minister
[16:10]  Argentinian judge reverses homosexual 'marriage'
[13:05]  Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong to receive 3,000 catechumens
[10:10]  Southern Baptists begin adopt-a-city relief plan in Chile
[07:05]  Rocks thrown at Australian pro-life election candidate
[04:10]  Argentinean NGO defends attack on country's crucifixes
[01:05]  Lord's Resistance Army now terrorizes Central African Republic


[22:10]  Solving the mystery of the Egyptian guard, Exodus pharaoh (press)
[21:05]  Chile Baptist disaster relief volunteers focus on food, shelter
[20:10]  Shooter of pro-life activist does not feel bad about murders
[19:05]  U.S. Supreme Court accepts funeral protest case
[18:10]  Tom Cruise’s religion in the spotlight over forced abortions
[17:05]  Honduras ministry helps young women step into adulthood
[11:05]  Korean church leaders liken death penalty ruling to 'State violence'
[10:10]  Family breakdown costing UK £41 billion a year: report
[09:05]  Benedict XVI asks for generosity towards Turkey quake victims
[08:10]  Nigerian police revises Jos violence toll to 109 people
[07:05]  British Supreme Court rejects case of marriage registrar
[06:10]  World Vision suspends operations in Pakistan
[05:05]  UK Tories publish “rainbow list” of gay candidates
[04:10]  Apostolic Exhortation on Bible expected after Easter
[03:05]  Group seeks to restore Hinduism as Nepal's State religion
[02:10]  Anglican group: No Communion to pro-abort politicians
[01:05]  Al-Qaida spokesman calls on US Muslims to attack America
[00:10]  Archbishop Chaput suggests ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for pro-life advocates


[23:05]  Iranians in America report steady stream of death threats
[22:10]  Discovery House Music releases solo project from Shannon Wexelberg
[21:05]  Study among young adults: Cohabiting normative but harmful
[20:10]  77-foot cross to be built near South Texas interstate
[19:05]  Christians, Muslims issue religious freedom plan after US summit
[18:10]  Catholic bishop encourages women in rebuilding Chile
[17:05]  Rankin questions Chapman's commitment to Great Commission
[11:05]  Theologian hailed as pioneer in church activism in S. Africa
[10:10]  Protests held in Jos after Muslims kill hundreds of Christians
[09:05]  UN reports India and China are 'missing' 85 million women
[08:10]  Vatican daily comments on defeat of 'Avatar' at Oscars
[07:05]  Kenya: Africa advised to rebuild Economic Growth Policies
[06:10]  Morocco government clamps down on foreign Christians
[05:05]  Vatican spokesman: Sex abuse cases being dealt with correctly
[04:10]  Indian pastor brutally beaten up on a prayer meeting
[03:05]  Nearly one million in Spain march for life, protest abortion law
[02:10]  World Congress of Families letter of solidarity read at pro-life rally
[01:05]  Kids Alive provides medical/school supplies in Zambia
[00:10]  Two Vatican staffers removed after prostitution ring revelations


[23:05]  AK bishops seek to help governor fight domestic violence
[22:10]  Bishops of Hiroshima and Nagasaki want nuclear weapons' ban
[21:05]  Switzerland battles promiscuity, distributes condoms to kids
[20:10]  Kansas bishops protest bill taxing church expenses
[19:05]  Jamaica festival to feature world evangelist Andrew Palau
[18:10]  Prosecution rests in pro-life protester Pouillon murder trial
[17:05]  Haiti judge frees 1 Baptist volunteer, group's leader still in jail
[11:05]  Uganda: Archbishop warns of polygamy, other traditional practices
[10:10]  New Life church made the complaint to the court decision
[09:05]  Ministry starts initiative to bring Christ to the Mediterranean
[08:10]  Vatican offers priests classes on sensitive confessions
[07:05]  Catholics upset at Diocese for backing down on Communion for gays
[06:10]  Bible translation ministry works on 500th project in Ethiopia
[05:05]  Russian and Polish churches launched their first dialogue
[04:10]  Jewish historian: Pius XII was not 'Hitler’s Pope'
[03:05]  Uganda: A 100 people killed in Mount Elgon landslides
[02:10]  Strong quake in Taiwan jolts, fails to disrupt ministry
[01:05]  Vatican supports investigation of German clerical sex abuse
[00:10]  Islamic assailants kill hundreds of Christians in Nigeria


[16:10]  10-th anniversary annual National Prayer Breakfast to be held in Russia
[13:05]  Radical Reformation Day observed in Baptist Seminary
[10:10]  The letter of church hasn’t reached the addressee? (press)
[07:05]  ND 88 member dies of cancer, court case continues
[04:10]  Filipino Catholic bishops demand ban on condom ads
[01:05]  Pro-life pharmacy in D.C. area closes due to financial difficulties


[22:10]  Australia bans Christian schools from teaching creationism
[19:05]  Not enough religion news coverage, Americans say
[16:10]  Our columnists: Human Trafficking makes women into a Thing (press, exclusive)
[13:05]  Abortion supporter seeking to represent Mexico before UN
[10:10]  Family Equipping Ministry promoted in Australia
[07:05]  Bright Hope partners with churches for response to quake
[04:10]  Collection for Haiti is ‘largest ever’ in Anchorage Archdiocese
[01:05]  Traditional Anglicans request to join Catholic Church


[22:10]  Hillary Clinton tells Brazilians to consider legalizing abortion
[19:05]  Two female Baptist volunteers still remain in Haiti jail
[16:10]  The unreached in Ethiopia is the focus of WorldServe
[13:05]  H. Kong church heads: Christians should make peace
[10:10]  Ministry shares concerns over violence during Iraq's elections
[07:05]  Arroyo faces Philippine churches' quest for 'politics of change'
[04:10]  New translation of New Testament completed for Quechua
[01:05]  Catholic attorneys fight back against gay 'marriage' in Argentina


[22:10]  US state lawmaker wants to allow guns in churches
[21:05]  March for Life Canada expects biggest turnout ever
[20:10]  Chilean bishop: Looting and thefts display absence of faith in God
[19:05]  Haiti priorities: Shelter, child protection, medical care
[18:10]  In Mumbai, keyboard lessons become Gospel catalyst
[17:05]  Abortion issue feared as top health bill killer in USA
[11:05]  The worrying condition of Rev. "Wilson Issavi" in prison
[10:10]  Nigerian Christian leaders protest attacks in the north
[09:05]  Spanish exorcist addresses claims of Satanic influence in Vatican
[08:10]  Commentary: UK continues to dismantle Christian values (press, exclusive)
[07:05]  Pakistani Christians get 25 years in jail for ’defiling the Quran’
[06:10]  Diocese proposes Don't Ask, Don't Tell on gays receiving Communion
[05:05]  German Protestants and Catholics face their own face image crises
[04:10]  Healing of possessed girl brings whole village to Christ
[03:05]  Social organizations against gay parade in St. Petersburg (exclusive)
[02:10]  “Continente 2010” to reach millions with the Gospel
[01:05]  D.C. Catholic Charities forced to end new spousal benefits
[00:10]  World Cup kicks off in just 100 days in South Africa


[22:10]  Cuban dissident died because nobody listened, laments Paya
[21:05]  Governor Huckabee highlights ‘mission calling’ at Fox News
[20:10]  Washington Cathedral hosts Christian-Muslim summit
[19:05]  U.S. bishops offer prayers for Chilean earthquake victims
[18:10]  Shepherds Ministries handbell choir tours Florida
[17:05]  13-year-old pro-life superstar tackles euthanasia in Canada
[12:10]  Christians brutally attacked by Hindu radicals in India
[11:05]  Persecuted Iraqi Christians grateful for Pope's support
[10:10]  Civil Partnerships are now allowed to take place in UK churches
[09:05]  Kenya: Catholic Church run schools among top ten
[08:10]  New Life church appeals to the President of Belarus
[07:05]  Lithuania puts ban on promotion of homosexuality
[06:10]  Ministry celebrates first year of service in Malawi
[05:05]  UK bishops saving last pro-family Catholic adoption agency
[04:10]  EU Court accepts appeal for crucifixes to stay in schools
[03:05]  Catholic Church in Poland faces new clergy shortfall
[02:10]  Montana Judge: OK to censor valedictorian's religion
[01:05]  Haiti tries to get back to normal by re-opening schools
[00:10]  Abortion on the rise in Alaska for the third straight year


[23:05]  Caritas mobilizes aid for Chile earthquake victims
[22:10]  Study: Female students more promiscuous at Catholic сolleges
[21:05]  Jewish groups laud hate-crimes charge in cross burning
[20:10]  Denver youth minister encourages abstinence in fight against AIDS
[19:05]  Calvary Chapel missionaries in Haiti continue to see miracles
[18:10]  Interview: Music video highlights humanity of unborn
[17:05]  8.8-mag quake 'without parallel' in Chile's history; Baptists help
[12:10]  The church is recognised guilty of territory pollution (exclusive)
[11:05]  Failed coup attempt in Turkey creates unrest, opportunity
[10:10]  Education expert blames homeschooling for death of child
[09:05]  Two well known Iranian house-church leaders arrested
[08:10]  German bishops: Celibacy is not the cause of sexual abuse
[07:05]  Scottish pensioner, aged 90, leaves fortune to Salvation Army
[06:10]  Spanish bishops: Abolish new abortion law as soon as possible
[05:05]  5-year Campaign on Violence against Women to be launched
[04:10]  Hundreds of Dutch gay activists protest at Cathedral
[03:05]  Catholic intellectual on why education must require restrictions
[02:10]  Masab Yousef, 'Son of Hamas', was key Israeli informer
[01:05]  World church body anxious about persecution in Egypt
[00:10]  Kenya: Church offers to 'rent' deserted mosque


[23:05]  A conversation with Moscow’s Archimandrite Zacchaeus (press)
[22:10]  Head of Marines defends military ban on open homosexuals
[21:05]  Black churches in US team up to tackle problems facing black men
[20:10]  European theologians begin church unity study project
[19:05]  Faith-based groups grow as part of New Zealand left politics
[18:10]  Chile massive earthquake a test for aid agencies
[17:05]  Maryland A.G.'s opinion on out-of-state 'gay marriages' criticized
[11:05]  Ministry rescues minor girl from forced prostitution in India
[10:10]  UK minister admits failure to bring down teen pregnancy rate
[09:05]  Cardinal unhappy with declining numbers of missionaries
[08:10]  Arrests made over mass arson of churches in Nigeria
[07:05]  Two Philippine bishops endorse pro-life presidential candidate
[06:10]  Pope Benedict prays for Chilean earthquake victims
[05:05]  Global trends in human trafficking: prayer points (exclusive)
[04:10]  Zero population growth responsible for world-wide recession
[03:05]  Asia's largest Christian event focuses on green spirituality
[02:10]  Christians in Nigeria decry police inaction in church burnings
[01:05]  Ancient people group meets with the Gospel in Tanzania
[00:10]  Pope calls for end to anti-Christian violence in Iraq
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Brother Yun
Leader of house church in China
Serge Velbovets
Owner of the Christian Telegraph
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Dr. Gilbert Yoonseok Chae, a Korean surgeon, President of WCDN

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