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[14:10]  Year of the Priest concert to feature all-priest chorus
[11:05]  Baby Isaiah's status as human is on trial in Canada
[08:10]  Missouri Baptists pray for their government leaders
[05:05]  Beauty queen quotes Bible, accused of 'promoting death of gays'
[02:10]  Ignoring Cuban dictatorship indicates complicity with regime (press)


[23:05]  Indigenous tribe in Peru requests Scripture in audio form
[20:10]  Bishops criticize recognition of out-of-state gay ‘marriages’
[17:05]  Missionary's witness in Vancouver is full of surprises
[14:10]  Quebec mayor defends city hall prayer before Human Rights Tribunal
[11:05]  Sri Lanka unsettled as ex-army chief contests elections
[08:10]  2 American missionaries in Haiti won't be freed this week
[05:05]  Evangelistic crusade draws 800,000 in Nigeria
[02:10]  New Life church in Minsk defends itself in court; prayers needed


[23:05]  Atheists invited to join Vatican Council for outreach initiative
[20:10]  Pro-family leaders from 35 countries oppose gay marriage in Mexico
[17:05]  40,000 Haitians profess faith in Christ since Jan. 12 quake
[14:10]  Pope calls for united front against 'slavery of money'
[11:05]  Patriarch pleads with Iraqi Prime Minister to protect Christians
[08:10]  Spain approves law permitting abortion on demand
[05:05]  Benny Hinn ‘praying’ God will heal his marriage
[02:10]  UK government systematically attacking family values


[23:05]  Olympian: there's 'no atheist at the top of a bobsled run'
[22:10]  U.S. bishops report huge response to special Haiti collection
[21:05]  Calvary Chapel Church Plant reaches out to the Navajo nation
[20:10]  Number of trafficked women increasing in Vancouver
[19:05]  Arizona passes bill giving married couples adoption priority
[18:10]  Catholics and Mormons urged to defend religious freedom
[17:05]  Remaining 2 Baptist volunteers in Haiti to be freed
[11:05]  Christians support an Orissa school project on a tight deadline
[10:10]  German bishops publicly ask forgiveness for sex abuse
[09:05]  Summary report on persecution of Iranian Christians in 2009
[08:10]  Protestants, Catholics regret resignation of German bishop
[07:05]  UK Prosecutor Office will loosen restrictions on euthanasia
[06:10]  Christians fleeing Mosul as targeted murders continue
[05:05]  End of an era: James Dobson departs Focus on the Family
[04:10]  Christians looking for new church home following eviction
[03:05]  First female German Protestant leader quits after drinking offense
[02:10]  Pope praying for victims of disaster on Portuguese island
[01:05]  Wisc. Planned Parenthood caught in sex abuse cover-up
[00:10]  Missouri sales tax proposal would affect Catholic schools


[23:05]  OneHope meets needs at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver
[22:10]  Vermont judge has issued an arrest warrant for Lisa Miller
[21:05]  Effect of higher education on religious beliefs investigated
[20:10]  Group says 'naked' body scanners breach Islamic teachings
[19:05]  Nebraska bill would recognize unborn pain during abortion
[18:10]  Dr. Ted Baehr: Hollywood can no longer afford to ignore Christ
[17:05]  Rep. Stupak: Obama health care proposal 'unacceptable'
[11:05]  Team uses sports ministry to relay Gospel in Uganda
[10:10]  Trend continues against churches previously protected by Iran
[09:05]  Kenyan church heads urge feuding political leaders to reconcile
[08:10]  Pope Benedict XVI likely to draw huge crowds in Malta
[07:05]  U.K. religious schools forced to promote homosexuality
[06:10]  Kenya: Bandits attacks disrupt missionary activities
[05:05]  Religious freedom in EU’s external relations will be discussed
[04:10]  Image of Jesus with beer and cigarette causes conflict in India
[03:05]  Niger calm returns, ministry carries on in wake of coup
[02:10]  Uzbekistan Baptists forced to pay fines, removed from posts
[01:05]  Ministry launches project to help families of the incarcerated
[00:10]  Ministry says they're close to their tent-raising goal in Haiti


[23:05]  European court no longer able to rule on crucifixes in Italy
[22:10]  Two men were arrested in Texas on felony arson charges
[21:05]  Celine Dion has lost four children to in vitro fertilization
[20:10]  Obama's health care proposal comes up short for pro-life leaders
[19:05]  Australian Anglican group 'first' to sign up to Pope's call
[18:10]  Gay mob protests wedding vow renewal at Chicago cathedral
[17:05]  Former Haiti detainee calls story about note 'fabrication'
[11:05]  Haiti experiences greatest revival in recent history
[10:10]  Hindu leader urges Catholics to resist extremism with love
[09:05]  Facebook group targets Down's syndrome kids in Italy
[08:10]  Protests against priest who refused communion to gay “prince”
[07:05]  Pakistani Christian beaten for refusing to convert to Islam
[06:10]  Christian medical team launches study to fight AIDS
[05:05]  Pro-abortion Catholics defend Vatican archbishop
[04:10]  Stop the massacre of Christians in Iraq, bishop pleads
[03:05]  African churches use mobile phone to ring up growth in members
[02:10]  Catholic athletes urge virtue instead of Olympic sexual license
[01:05]  Two American missionaries appear before judge in Haiti
[00:10]  Catholic Church shows ‘robust’ growth in U.S. membership


[23:05]  Cloistered nun tells of hidden life in Alaska monastery
[22:10]  Olympic champ calls disabled brother 'my inspiration'
[21:05]  Doctors challenge New Zealand abortion guidelines
[20:10]  Conservatives unveil manifesto to unite movement
[19:05]  U.S. team beats Brazil in first match of soccer tournament
[18:10]  Rains add more need to Haiti earthquake response
[17:05]  Parents get nearly three more weeks to save baby Isaiah
[11:05]  Church burnt down by unknown miscreants in India
[10:10]  St. James Cathedral added to World Monuments Fund Watch list
[09:05]  At least four Christians killed in northern Iraqi city of Mosul
[08:10]  Japanese pastor dismissed for giving communion to unbaptised
[07:05]  Assyrian leader of the evangelical church was arrested in Iran
[06:10]  Universal Church reports increase in seminarians
[05:05]  Africa: New study on gene may lead to secret to long life
[04:10]  Orthodox leader 'resists opposition' with call for church unity
[03:05]  British Tories will institute gay ‘marriage’ and adoption
[02:10]  Sudan: Archbishop urges politicians to commit to peace-building
[01:05]  Christians in Uzbekistan continue to face persecution
[00:10]  Pope urges airports to protect integrity of travelers


[16:10]  Child trafficking ring unmasked after murder of Christian
[13:05]  10-year-old holds stuffed animal drive for Haitian children
[10:10]  Bishops urge Mexico to conquer mediocrity and violence
[07:05]  Children's popular character makes appearance at book fair
[04:10]  Italian bishop defends Cardinal Bertone from newspaper attack
[01:05]  Only 5 of top 25 US churches report membership growth


[22:10]  Kids with same-sex parents prone to suicide, study reveals
[19:05]  Freed detainee asks that people focus on Haiti citizens
[16:10]  Spanish school accused of promoting bestiality denies claim
[13:05]  Delay in religion law rewrite cause for concern in Turkmenistan
[10:10]  Vatican gets flak for not taking Irish abuse cases seriously enough
[07:05]  Ministry: Ukraine’s future lies with next generation Christians
[04:10]  New website to examine harms of pornography ‘pandemic’
[01:05]  Church staffer witnesses plane crash in northwest Austin


[22:10]  Over 130,000 signatures collected for Personhood Amendment
[19:05]  The Difficulty of Lent: A spiritual director's view (press)
[16:10]  Video debunks overpopulation "myth" with simple math
[13:05]  Charges of Church involvement in Orissa violence ‘baseless’
[10:10]  Kids Alive builds quickly to double its orphan care
[09:40]  Wife of Pastor Benny Hinn files a petition for divorce
[07:05]  Counselor threatened with knife learns that baby was saved
[04:10]  Star of 'Bella' visits death row inmates on Valentine's Day
[01:05]  Pakistani Christian man serving life for 'blasphemy'


[22:10]  Big victories as 40 Days for Life kicks off campaign
[21:05]  Mexican archbishop: Secular state would diminish religious freedom
[20:10]  78% of West Virginia democrats support traditional marriage
[19:05]  National talent search will help to develop new Christian artists
[18:10]  Gay "marriage" law forces D.C. archdiocese to end foster care
[17:05]  Haiti judge to free 8 of 10 Baptist missions volunteers
[11:10]  Radio stations and medical clinic launched in Ghana
[10:05]  Gay carnival “prince” denied communion by Dutch priest
[09:10]  Century's worst floods render land fruitless in Indian states
[08:05]  Thousands of emails cancel irreverent photo exhibit
[07:10]  Christians unite for Global Day of Prayer at London’s stadium
[06:05]  Ministries alarmed: criminals posing as missionaries in India
[04:10]  More than million signatures against abortion delivered in Spain
[03:05]  Anglicans in England call for more action on violent videos
[02:10]  Disagreements on ethics end Catholic sponsorship of hospital
[01:05]  Mexican lawmakers accused of attempts to silence the Church
[00:10]  Portland pro-lifers rally against new abortion supercenter


[23:05]  Haitian days of mourning bring together whole capital
[22:10]  Strength Team lifts Super Bowl outreach in Miami
[21:05]  Kentucky crack mom faces jail for endangering unborn baby
[20:10]  Mission Aviation Fellowship provides aid for thousands in Haiti (photoreport)
[19:05]  International help may be needed after Cook Island cyclone disaster
[18:10]  Quebec doctors want their euthanasia practices legalized
[17:05]  President Barack Obama names envoy to Muslim nations
[11:05]  Archbishop Nichols calls for spiritual preparation for death
[10:10]  Malawi leaders raised up, training center to open in September
[09:05]  Madagascan church leader happy at release of radio journalists
[08:10]  Ambitious plan for global reach of Cape Town Congress
[07:05]  Vatican urges Irish bishops to “own up” to guilt in sex abuse scandals
[06:10]  'World's oldest pastor' dies in Japan after publishing new book
[05:05]  Christians targeted and killed in Iraq as security forces look on
[04:10]  Spanish bishop reaffirms: science and faith are complementary
[03:05]  Polish church stands by commemoration of German war dead
[02:10]  Around the clock Confession to take place in New York
[01:05]  World Congress of Families dismayed by attack on marriage
[00:10]  Former coach Avery Johnson's dream lifted him to NBA (press)


[23:05]  Church of God leaders declare their support for Israel
[22:10]  Church urged to evangelize 'de-Christianized' American culture
[21:05]  Cutting Edge media campaign links abortion to racism
[20:10]  Anglican ministers refuse to recant sermon on family
[19:05]  U.S. Supreme Court to hear case on religious freedom
[18:10]  Canadian 40 Days for Life begins Wednesday in 6 cities
[17:05]  Haiti 'lawyer' suspect in an El Salvador trafficking ring
[11:05]  Dutch debate ultrasound use as late abortions skyrocket
[10:10]  Cardinal Bertone: Irish bishops must be humble and trust God
[09:05]  S. African Anglican bishops lambaste "gay-bashing" in Africa
[08:10]  Christian teacher ’forced out’ of his job denies insulting a Muslim
[07:05]  Evangelist builds toward dream of Festival in China
[06:10]  “Unprecedented” threat to parental rights in Poland
[05:05]  Catholic family suffers arson attack in Pakistan
[04:10]  Debate on minarets moves from Switzerland to Germany
[03:05]  Catholics force gay "kiss-in" away from Notre Dame
[02:10]  Church of England continues to encourage ’Fresh Expressions’
[01:05]  New Ways Ministry not approved by Catholic Church
[00:10]  Victory for London church in noise battle settled out of court


[23:05]  Bishops: Proposed textbook implies abortion opposition is wrong
[22:10]  Ultra-liberal Linz diocese spokesman sacked after boycott
[21:05]  100 years of written Word of God celebrated by chapel dedication
[20:10]  Steubenville alum addresses identity of Catholic colleges
[19:05]  Disease another threat as Haiti approaches the rainy season
[18:10]  Interview: For Ohio teen, pro-life activism a life-long passion (press)
[17:05]  Unique love invasion to hit the California desert
[11:05]  Pope: State is not 'source and beginning of ethics'
[10:10]  Pope defends newspaper editor against Italian press attacks
[09:05]  Nadia Eweida loses discrimination case in Court of Appeal
[08:10]  UK bishops’ education service endorses pro-abortion guidelines
[07:05]  Catholic nominated for China's Top 10 People of 2009 awards
[06:10]  German bishop: Sex abuse charges 'shocking and disastrous'
[05:05]  Burma army burns more than 70 houses of Karen people
[04:10]  Pope to Rome's homeless: Church ‘will not abandon you’
[03:05]  Maltese MEPs reject resolution calling for "easy access" to abortion
[02:10]  Ministry: Young Christians will vote in British elections
[01:05]  N. Korea celebrates leader's birthday; thousands starving to death
[00:10]  Dutch church probe decides 'atheist' pastor won't face discipline


[10:10]  24-7 Prayer marks tenth anniversary with London event
[07:05]  Millennial Catholics’ interest in religious education a good sign
[04:10]  Activists hail church decision to sell India mining venture shares
[01:05]  Pope Benedict XVI to visit homeless shelter in Rome


[22:10]  Biden: Palin out of step with mainstream America
[19:05]  The Light listeners support 1,815 families during Haiti relief effort
[16:10]  One-day seminar provides tools for Muslim witness
[13:05]  Half of Americans consider abstinence education effective
[10:10]  Christians gear up for Olympics outreach in Vancouver
[07:05]  Vatican official discusses upcoming marriage prep handbook
[04:10]  China's urbanization has a direct impact on the church
[01:05]  Push for Islamic courts in Kenya alarms Christians


[22:10]  Cut from American Idol, but thrilled to spread pro-life message (press)
[19:05]  Iran claims major nuclear advance; Land urges action by Obama
[16:10]  Uganda's Anglican church wants changes to anti-homosexuality law
[13:05]  Our columnists on Human Trafficking: 11 things churches can do (press, exclusive)
[10:10]  Iran's revolution celebration brings rejection of Islam
[07:05]  Christian leaders around world distressed at Philippines arrests
[04:10]  George Weigel speaks on combating European cultural decline
[01:05]  Catholic, Anglican bishops: Sri Lankan elections broke laws


[22:10]  Ohio speaker reverses decision, will allow honor for pro-life teen
[21:05]  WJI Announces 2010 Belz International Fellowships
[20:10]  Suspected Texas church arsons now making a total of 11
[19:05]  Focus on the Family: 760,000 have watched Tebow's story
[18:10]  Christians urged to pray for Olympic snow over Vancouver area
[17:05]  Reuters news service: 10 volunteers will be released
[11:05]  Christian arrested on a complaint by Hindu radical leader
[10:10]  French homosexuals plan “kiss-in” at Notre Dame Cathedral
[09:05]  Vatican official recalls impact of Eluana Englaro's death
[08:10]  German snow church is Japanese festival's tallest structure
[07:05]  Florida teen murders street Christian preachers
[06:10]  DC ruling favors gay ‘marriage’ over religious freedom
[05:05]  World Congress of Families applauds “day of purity”
[04:10]  Israel’s Ambassador to the US, thanks Christians for support
[03:05]  US Baptist leaders urge Obama to help Haiti missionaries
[02:10]  Costa Rican president-elect praises Catholic values
[01:05]  Christian musician Mark Stuart meets needs in Haiti
[00:10]  San Francisco Chronicle: “Open secret” that Prop. 8 judge is “gay”


[23:05]  Former Muslim shares Gospel amid Toronto's ethnic diversity
[22:10]  Advocates: Marriage good for children and taxpayers
[21:05]  Ministry moves to prop up Haiti's schools with 5-gallon buckets
[20:10]  Australian bishop searches India for priests to work in outback
[19:05]  Former Saints star: The victory revealed a ‘team with destiny’
[18:10]  Welch, in Vietnam, commends religious freedom strides
[17:05]  United Nations urges Nicaragua to legalize abortion
[11:05]  Pope Benedict: Church will never stop condemning abuse
[10:10]  Armed rebels can't stop the hope of the Gospel in DR Congo
[09:05]  Uzbekistan: Drugs planted and worshippers beaten up?
[08:10]  March for Life groups encourage support for mothers
[07:05]  Indian Christians hope European visit will highlight their plight
[06:10]  Vatican: Population growth is a means of overcoming poverty
[05:05]  World church leader hails G7 debt relief for Haiti, asks IMF to copy
[04:10]  Expanding technology allows easier access to Christ's message
[03:05]  Indian court rules born and unborn children are equal
[02:10]  Spanish bishop calls on Catholic journalists to witness to truth
[01:05]  H. Kong Methodists may give up schools if new policy imposed
[00:10]  Kazakhstan: Prayers lead to massive fine - and more?


[23:05]  Rally planned in defence of Canadian pro-life ad
[22:10]  Haitian pastors being trained in trauma counseling
[21:05]  Priest: Secular states must not restrict religious freedom
[20:10]  New Orleans Saints ready for Super Bowl platform
[19:05]  New country music star born as pro-life ballad climbs the charts
[18:10]  A ministry marries rings to the hope of Christ for Haiti
[17:05]  Pro-abortion protesters clash over short, sweet Tebow ad
[11:05]  Church in Spain begins campaign to defend religious symbols
[10:10]  Sudan's peace accord paves way for ministry growth
[09:05]  Pakistani Christian family killed in bomb blast in Karachi
[08:10]  Malta celebrates 32nd Pro-Life Day: country against abortion
[07:05]  Church leaders hail Northern Ireland political agreement
[06:10]  U.K.’s Conservative leader pledges full support for gay agenda
[05:05]  World's highest Catholic chapel consecrated in Spain
[04:10]  Ukraine's apparent president-elect may hurt religious freedom
[03:05]  New poll shows Brazilians overwhelmingly oppose abortion
[02:10]  James Dobson starts another radio show in March
[01:05]  Catholic history of New Orleans Saints runs deep
[00:10]  Michael Vick shares testimony about fellowship with God


[23:05]  Pink Ouija board 'toy' targeting young girls sparks boycott
[22:10]  Georgia parish hopes to move historic church 900 miles south
[21:05]  Atrocities around world demonstrate need for key appointment
[20:10]  Governor Sean Parnell praises pro-life efforts in Alaska
[19:05]  Gospel comes to island prisons in Tonga, Oceania
[18:10]  NYT: Rampant polygamy in gay 'marriage' may benefit institution
[17:05]  Ringo Starr attended an Evangelical church in Liverpool
[11:05]  Russian Church to appoint 400 priests as military chaplains
[10:10]  Another stern talking-to from Pope to Scottish bishops
[09:05]  Tim Tebow pro-life ad debate crosses the Atlantic
[08:10]  Biblefresh to encourage confidence in the Scriptures in UK
[07:05]  Court rules H. Kong Anglicans must fork out million in taxes
[06:10]  Multipurpose radios bring Gospel to African countries
[05:05]  Pastor, daughter hacked to death in the Philippines
[04:10]  German bishops’ assembly to discuss aging population
[03:05]  European Court rules against Turkey’s religion ID
[02:10]  Alex Spak: victory for churches against the Equality Bill (press, exclusive)
[01:05]  Polish bishop apologises and retracts Holocaust claims
[00:10]  Pope joins Italy in celebrating National Day for Life


[15:05]  Zimbabwe soldiers face trial over priest's assault
[12:10]  Cardinal Schönborn praises freedom from political correctness
[09:05]  Principal photography begins on “Soul Surfer” film
[06:10]  DR Congo: Church stands in solidarity with war victims
[03:05]  New children's CD will benefit charity for teen mothers
[00:10]  Air Force Academy cross over incident at pagan circle


[21:05]  Catholic professor wins pontifical prize for thesis, meets Pope
[18:10]  Movieguide® announced Best 2009 Movies for Mature Audiences
[15:05]  Bishop highlights importance of military chaplains
[12:10]  As Haiti struggles for control, a ministry finds its place
[09:05]  Kenyan churches protest Islamic courts' clause in constitution
[06:10]  Group launches petition in support of "censored" pro-life ad
[03:05]  Even with Dungy gone, faith still the foundation for Colts' coaches
[00:10]  ‘Stop dehydration deaths,’ says Terri Schiavo’s brother


[21:05]  Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2009 named (photoreport, exclusive)
[18:10]  Baptist volunteers in Haiti charged with kidnapping
[15:05]  Spanish sex-ed program "recommends" sex to adolescents
[12:10]  Karen Christians pressed between Thailand and Myanmar
[09:05]  Pope: Winter Olympics are 'building block of peace and friendship'
[06:10]  Cardinal Rivera encourages youth to bring Christ to Mexico
[03:05]  Special interview with Keith Stiles about the tragedy in Haiti (photoreport, exclusive)
[01:05]  Rock concert and prayers highlight Philippines Christian revival


[22:10]  Americans want Supreme Court to reject same-sex “marriage”
[21:05]  Tim Tebow not the first football player to make pro-life video
[20:10]  Tuvalu church leader expresses pain of betrayal
[19:05]  Priest calls for honest dialogue on Cuba’s economy
[18:10]  U.S. congressman urges Kenyan committee to uphold right to life
[17:05]  In Haiti, Baptist medical teams moving into action
[11:05]  Gao Zhisheng still missing after one year of petitions
[10:10]  Vatican newspaper: new stem cell source 'future of medicine'
[09:05]  Government: Nigeria crisis looks religious, not political
[08:10]  Arrested Evangelists in Tanzania: Muslims colluded with police
[07:05]  Pro-lifers removed for protests outside EU Human Rights meeting
[06:10]  Ministry offers life-changing Dnieper river cruise with a purpose
[05:05]  Chinese parents refuse life-saving treatment for daughter
[04:10]  UK government retreats after Pope's critique of Equality Bill
[03:05]  Scripture for the Deaf first in Kenya, maybe the world
[02:10]  Group exposes media "fraud" at March for Life
[01:05]  Challenging same-sex 'marriage' not discrimination
[00:10]  New study confirms crisis in Catholic higher education


[23:05]  Deep ties to Haiti make Lara Landon one of most promising artists
[22:10]  Teen convert’s parents back out of agreement
[21:05]  Dominican cardinal calls on youth to make a difference
[20:10]  Man's will can’t dictate homebuyers' religion, rules Canadian judge
[19:05]  Voodoo priest's son leads Haitians to Jesus Christ
[18:10]  Archbishops of Indianapolis and New Orleans make Super Bowl bet
[17:05]  Messianic leader: Revival breaking out among Jewish people
[11:05]  Ministry planning groundbreaking television for Arab viewers
[10:10]  Kenyan cleric: Not enough dirty feet being washed in church
[09:05]  Turkmenistan: Worship without state registration "illegal"
[08:10]  Abstinence educators see vindication in new study
[07:05]  Pakistani lawyer faces court for murder of Christian girl
[06:10]  Polish archdiocese sues newspaper over school rental claims
[05:05]  Ministry declares February ’Month of Prayer’ for Haiti’s kids
[04:10]  Youngest archbishop in Spain installed in Oviedo
[03:05]  Faith groups seek socially responsible southern African mines
[02:10]  Magazine fined for calling abortion “killing” becomes #1 weekly
[01:05]  Vatican releases first report on religious death toll in Haiti


[23:10]  Officials fear disease outbreak in the scrabble for necessities
[21:05]  U.S. Senate approved tougher sanctions on Iran
[20:10]  Lutheran Church gifts to Haiti quake response exceed $2.7 million
[19:05]  Hawaii puts same-sex unions bill back in legislative closet
[18:10]  More than 50,000 show support for Tebow pro-life ad
[17:05]  Canadian group airing pro-life ad on local TV station
[11:05]  Pope: Anglicans are a 'blessing for the entire Church'
[10:10]  Christian man climbs Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a well
[09:05]  Vietnamese Catholics call for end to government crack down
[08:10]  U.K. mother acquitted of murder promotes euthanasia
[07:05]  Pope tells English bishops to fight relativism with truth
[06:10]  Indian church planter kidnapped and imprisoned
[05:05]  Christian parties call on S. Africa's Zuma to quit over 'love-child'
[04:10]  Pope: Justice cannot be sacrificed to charity in annulments
[03:05]  UK teacher fired for offering prayer able to return to work
[02:10]  World Youth Day 2011 calls for artistic and cultural submissions
[01:05]  Evangelical Christians at risk from Russian government
[00:10]  'Jesus wouldn't want bishops in House of Lords,' says critic


[02:10]  Red Brigades planned to kidnap Pope John Paul II, says book
[01:05]  Egyptian Christian 'framed' in sexual assault case
[00:10]  High turnout at Philippines clergy congress with papal preacher
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