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[16:10]  Church of England loses $78 million in New York real estate deal
[13:05]  Coherent strategy needed for Haiti relief, bishop tells U.S. leaders
[10:10]  Lithuania steps into European crucifix debate to support Italy
[07:05]  Pope: Church must provide answers to Society's Questions
[04:10]  Bishop in Peru suspends abortion-supporting priest
[01:05]  Baptisms in the Missouri Baptist Convention rose to 11,390


[22:10]  Pro-life Congressman: “Pro-choice cover-up” must end
[19:05]  Canadian bishops warn of prostitution and trafficking at Winter Olympics
[16:10]  Pro-life groups defend Tebow Super Bowl advertisment
[13:05]  Haiti earthquake survivors ache for family, friends
[10:10]  Texas churches unite for 'One Month to Live' campaign
[07:05]  Convoy of Hope distributes 1.6 million meals in Haiti
[04:10]  Peruvian archbishop urges prayers for country's mudslide victims
[01:05]  New film takes message of redemption to big screen


[22:10]  U.S. radio stations and Compassion join forces to help Haiti
[19:05]  Close quarters make military policy opposing gay service necessary
[16:10]  Archbishop Chaput addresses the reality of Satan
[13:05]  European Court reprimands Romania over Catholic minority
[10:10]  Standing ovation for a turnaround pro-life victory at the Vatican
[07:05]  Malaysian ‘Allah dispute' under control despite vandalism
[04:10]  New Christian film The Message to be released in May
[01:05]  U.S. judge grants political asylum to German homeschoolers


[22:10]  Missionaries in Haiti take matters into their own hands
[21:05]  Phoenix diocese adopts new policy to save mariages
[20:10]  Baby Isaiah granted 3 weeks for medical assessment
[19:05]  Canadian military to delete Bible verses from gun sights
[18:10]  A ministry in northern Haiti is struggling to cope with disaster survivors
[17:05]  Teen pregnancy rate study oversimplified, experts say
[11:05]  “Gay rights” resolution postponed in Council of Europe Assembly
[10:10]  Presidential election results in Sri Lanka make Christians pray
[09:05]  Eritrean Christian woman dies in detention center
[08:10]  Panel in France recommends partial ban on Islamic veils
[07:05]  Nigerian Archbishop: “Text Messages could Incite Violence”
[06:10]  Moscow Mayor calls "gay pride" parades "satanic"
[05:05]  Kenya's Catholic bishops protest law they say legalises abortion
[04:10]  Gospel must be shared with technology and personal witness
[03:05]  Brazilians minister to Paris through La Fonderie art ministry
[02:10]  Personhood Kansas launches campaign to amend constitution
[01:05]  Christians most hit by religious freedom violations in Indonesia
[00:10]  Operation Mobilisation youth ministry goes global


[23:05]  Tim Tebow defends pro-life super bowl ad under fire
[22:10]  Southern Baptist medical teams to lead Haiti response
[21:05]  Gallagher and Rauch debate same-sex 'marriage' in Boulder
[20:10]  Christian singer Jennifer Shaw receives national attention
[19:05]  Ministry embarks on national ‘Root 52’ Prayer Campaign
[18:10]  Marijuana backers make gains in four American states
[17:05]  While distributing relief Food for the Hungry shares Gospel
[11:05]  Human Rights Watch makes Ireland legalize abortion
[10:10]  Ministry begins fund to support response to Nigeria bloodshed
[09:05]  Gayle Haggard memoir may give hope to couples in crisis
[08:10]  Marketplace Missions initiatives guide hundreds in India
[07:05]  Methodists feud over Zimbabwe-refugee -aiding bishop
[06:10]  Kenya: Lawmakers seek to alter definition of beginning of life
[05:05]  Indian Church torched by a mob of unknown miscreants
[04:10]  Pope Benedict asks for constant prayers for Christian unity
[03:05]  British survey shows increasing openness to homosexuality
[02:10]  Oakland A's recruit hangs up jersey to don habit
[01:05]  Mass arrests after deadly religious clashes in central Nigeria
[00:10]  Push to protect traditional marriage in Indiana state


[23:05]  ’Chemical Ali’ executed by hanging for genocide in Iraq (press)
[22:10]  Abortion language helped cripple Senate health care bill (press)
[21:05]  Hawaii Senate passes civil unions bill; House outlook uncertain
[20:10]  Presbyterians provide assistance for medical services in Haiti
[19:05]  Miami Archdiocese again features gay-activist priest
[18:10]  CURE International gets supplies and personnel in to Haiti
[17:05]  Pro-lifers march; Roe will be reversed, SBC's Land says (photoreport)
[11:05]  Pakistani Christian victim of alleged torture laid to rest
[10:10]  Vatican newspaper disappointed with 'Sherlock Holmes'
[09:05]  Hundreds are dead after Nigerian conflict rises out of control
[08:10]  UK Christians welcome common sense amendment
[07:05]  Church is growing, thanks in part to Chinese government
[06:10]  Experts slam Spanish government for intrusion into education
[05:05]  French court rules Orthodox cathedral in Nice belongs to Russia
[04:10]  Anglican bishop kidnapped in Nigeria after Sunday mass
[03:05]  Israeli families offer to adopt Haitian orphans
[02:10]  Our columnists: Lost daughters of the most loving Father (press, exclusive)
[01:05]  Sarah Palin promotes March for Life, joins virtual March
[00:10]  American volunteer in Haiti becomes relief worker (press)


[23:05]  Hundreds of thousands join 37th March for Life in Washington (photoreport)
[22:10]  Bill addresses conscience rights for Alaska pharmacists
[21:05]  Prop 8 trial summary: Chinese religious leader criticized for views
[20:10]  Christendom College students launch fundraiser for Haiti
[19:05]  Alaska parental rights group successfully files petition on abortion
[18:10]  Missionaries pray with, comfort the injured in Haiti
[17:05]  John McCain's wife poses for pro-gay "marriage" website
[11:05]  Uganda: Catholic head pays first visit to Muslim clergy
[10:10]  Challenge greed with accountability, WCC leader urges
[09:05]  Pope Benedict XVI encourages online priestly ministry
[08:10]  New Life church in Minsk, Belarus, faces new court charges
[07:05]  Church in Russian style to be built in Germany first time in 100 years
[06:10]  Ministry: Prayer the only way to reach four groups in Africa
[05:05]  Pope pledges Catholic institutions' continued presence in Haiti
[04:10]  Christian minor dies from alleged torture by her Muslim masters
[03:05]  Lumko East Africa Pastoral Ministry workshop to be held in Kenya
[02:10]  Ministry in Ukraine is concerned by the loss of religious freedom
[01:05]  Pope: Church is ‘rich and vital organism’ in its unity
[00:10]  Repression intensifies in Vietnam prior to party congress


[13:05]  Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sings for hope, Haitian relief
[10:10]  Katie Walker: Young, committed, articulate, professional and pro-life
[07:05]  Rifqa Bary to remain in foster care until age 18
[04:10]  Church in Haiti loses pastor, church leaders, but not hope
[01:05]  New survey shows youth becoming more pro-life


[22:10]  Theological Seminary classes launched in Las Vegas
[19:05]  Earthquake in Haiti is not punishment from God, says cardinal
[16:10]  The Third Lausanne Congress to be held in Cape Town
[13:05]  Church loses charity status due to opposition to homosexuality
[10:10]  Modern-day slavery, right in my own backyard (press)
[07:05]  Number of suspected church arsons in Texas, reaches 9
[04:10]  OM helps starving orphans, saving thousands of trapped kids
[01:05]  University of Colorado Catholics to host debate on same-sex ‘marriage’


[22:10]  'Relatable' teen movie to premiere nationwide
[19:05]  Planned Parenthood rebuked for sending birth control to Haiti
[16:10]  Partners International opens doors with community integration
[13:05]  U.S. group criticizes evangelicals for ignoring church persecution in China
[10:10]  One thousand church planters seek to reap harvest in India
[07:05]  Archdiocese of Seville organizes Catholics and Public Life Day
[04:10]  Former African churches' head denounces Zuma administration
[01:05]  Walk for Life West Coast seeks end to ‘the violence of abortion’


[22:10]  Major aftershock hits Haiti; assessment team making contact
[21:05]  Persecuted minority finding refuge in ’small-town, U.S.A.’ (press)
[20:10]  Researcher: Abortion is $38.5 trillion drag on the economy
[19:05]  Missionary leaders to gather for Tokyo evangelism meeting
[18:10]  Kids Alive is committing to finding a home for all new orphans
[17:05]  40 Days for Life lines up 156 cities for next campaign
[11:05]  Five Pakistani Muslim men abduct a Christian woman
[10:10]  EU anti-poverty year must not be 'publicity campaign' say churches
[09:05]  Pope asks for prayer to achieve visible unity of all Christians
[08:10]  Crossroad Bible Institute opens new doors in Singapore
[07:05]  German homeschooling family asked US for political asylum
[06:10]  Pope's second book on Jesus of Nazareth is finished
[05:05]  Haiti's disaster helps focus a ministry on rebuiding
[04:10]  15,000 people rally in Hawaii against homosexual unions
[03:05]  Chris Christie begins his inauguration day with Mass
[02:10]  Canadian parents fighting hospital to save their baby's life
[01:05]  AMG International says a key member lost in quake
[00:10]  Church in El Salvador urges spiritual reconciliation


[23:05]  Kairos Prize semi-finalists announced for screenplay competition
[22:10]  Pro-life rallies in New England draw large crowds
[21:05]  Baptist churches across Florida rally for Haiti relief
[20:10]  25 April announced as the Internet Evangelism Day
[19:05]  Hospital sees Haitians turn to Christ, as death toll rises
[18:10]  Republican Scott Brown Wins in Massachusetts race
[17:05]  Catholic newspaper clarifies why gays cannot adopt kids
[11:05]  After surviving parachute failure, pilot builds church in Antarctica
[10:10]  Nigeria: Christians condemn attack on Catholic faithful
[09:05]  Faith activists take part in 'no fly' climate change summit
[08:10]  Heartache, miracles mark relief efforts in Haiti
[07:05]  Vatican prepares for Middle East Synod by outlining regional issues
[06:10]  Somalia: Bishop concerned about suspension of humanitarian aid
[05:05]  Icons and crosses are onboard International Space Station
[04:10]  Catholic archbishop backs German Protestant head on Afghanistan
[03:05]  Christians in Nigeria fear further attacks; prayer needed
[02:10]  Mexican leader warns of 'conspiracy against the family'
[01:05]  Haitian Baptist pastor among the dead after earthquake
[00:10]  Martin Luther King Jr. honored by Catholic Charities


[23:05]  Panic grips health bill negotiations as Brown victory looms big
[22:10]  Global Aid Network leader: Haitians are asking 'God' questions
[21:05]  Super Bowl pro-life ad to feature Tim Tebow and mother
[20:10]  Bangladesh follows China's footsteps introducing 1-child policy
[19:05]  Church in Cuba urges faithful to assist earthquake victims
[18:10]  Poll: Many Canadians want restrictions on abortion
[17:05]  InVictory held media seminar in Los Angeles (exclusive)
[12:10]  More Christians arrested in Iran for their faith
[11:05]  Nigeria: Over 40 killed after attack on Catholic Church
[10:10]  Woman as candidate for bishop 'significant' says campaigner
[09:05]  Our columnists: Bringing hope to victims of human trafficking (press, exclusive)
[08:10]  Russian Health Minister: We must reduce abortions to boost population
[07:05]  Pope John Paul II shooter free, mental stability in question
[06:10]  Denmark's Lutheran church agrees Nordic accord with Anglicans
[05:05]  Open Doors asks Christians to pray for believers in Malaysia
[04:10]  Paris March for Life unites 25,000 French pro-lifers
[03:05]  Benedict XVI promotes week of prayer for Christian unity
[02:10]  Audio Bible Ministry gives hope to people in Haiti
[01:05]  Church denied expansion wins $1.25 million in damages
[00:10]  Ontario bishops reject high school “Gender Studies” course


[23:05]  Catholic college shuts down to participate in pro-life march
[22:10]  Haitian violence increasing amidst death and suffering
[21:05]  Ministry helps women to find freedom from abortion's guilt
[20:10]  U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case on release of petition signers
[19:05]  Sarah Palin: Relationship with God is most important
[18:10]  Millions of orphans at risk in wake of Haiti's earthquake
[17:05]  American Idol contestant comes from large pro-life family
[11:05]  Kenyans killed in riot over Islamic cleric's arrest; Obama silent
[10:10]  Pope calls for protection for migrant and refugee children
[09:05]  Belgian Archbishop likely to be replaced by Orthodox "Conservative"
[08:10]  Haiti's capital looks like 'war zone' says church aid alliance
[07:05]  Egypt & Malaysia: persecution of Christians takes a step up
[06:10]  HK Christian students use meditation to protest at rail link
[05:05]  'Right to abortion' enslaves women, Spanish expert warns
[04:10]  Mid-East church group supports women's ordination as pastors
[03:05]  Indian pastor and believers beaten, service disrupted
[02:10]  Lithuania supports Italy in European crucifix case
[01:05]  Former Anglican leader sparks row with comments on migrants
[00:10]  Pope Benedict's synagogue visit marked by mutual respect


[16:10]  Abortion becomes issue in Massachusetts race for U.S. Senate
[13:05]  Medical assessment team hits the ground running in Haiti
[10:10]  New Hampshire House strikes down assisted suicide bill
[07:05]  Pro-lifers to protest building of nation's largest abortion clinic
[04:10]  Missionaries launch environment friendly energy production
[01:05]  8,000 women attend Catholic conference in Los Angeles


[22:10]  Broadcaster Pat Robertson under fire for Haiti remarks
[19:05]  Religious expression in American public life: finding a consensus
[16:10]  A national MAF worker is feared dead, two still missing
[13:05]  Pro-life group calls for 'real health care' on press tour
[10:10]  Ministry in Haiti prepares for influx of new orphans
[07:05]  Uzbekistan: illigal Christmas, religious activity punished
[04:10]  Display with Ten Commandments ruled constitutional
[01:05]  At least 7 Christians arrested in Iran during Christmas raid


[22:10]  Papal nuncio gives dramatic report on Church in Haiti
[19:05]  Legal consultant to Vatican denounces US Safe Schools "Czar"
[16:10]  Malaysia: more churches and temple attacked in 'Allah' dispute
[13:05]  Former Archbishop of Canterbury: U.K. needs a “tougher” church
[10:10]  Pope Benedict XVI calls for true sexual education
[07:05]  Two Christians critically wounded at wedding in Pakistan
[04:10]  Pope wants Turkey to strengthen status of Catholic Church
[04:10]  Ministry celebrates Christmas with Ukrainian young people
[02:10]  Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys to Haiti (photoreport)
[01:05]  Tearfund sends emergency aid to Haiti quake survivors


[22:10]  Life breakfast presents pro-life awards at special “respect life dinner”
[21:05]  Orphanage worker missing in Haiti; mission team stranded
[20:10]  Peruvian cardinal urges parents to raise their children in faith
[19:05]  Huge victory for homeschoolers in New Hampshire
[18:10]  Pilot missionaries in Haiti okay, planes still a question
[17:05]  Pelosi’s archbishop slams her rationale for supporting abortion
[11:05]  Vandalism at Fatima Shrine denounced by officials
[10:10]  Church agencies mobilise relief efforts after Haiti quake
[09:05]  Tunisia: 54 year old missionary is killed in library fire
[08:10]  Madagascan Protestant leader calls for release of church journalists
[07:05]  More than half a million tickets reserved to see Shroud in 2010
[06:10]  Muslim master asks Christian minor to return to work or ‘face arrest’
[05:05]  Pope Benedict makes appeal for earthquake victims in Haiti
[04:10]  600-strong London Church wins case against borough council
[03:05]  Patriarch calls for greater efforts at reconciliation in Holy Land
[02:10]  UK party leader: faith schools must teach homosexuality is OK
[01:05]  Over 100 Coptic Christian teenagers arrested in Egypt
[00:10]  Vatican official: Catholic Church welcomes legitimate diversity


[23:05]  Judge recuses herself from trial of Notre Dame protesters
[22:10]  Uganda might punish homosexuals with death penalty (exclusive)
[21:05]  Australian churches rally to support Egyptian Christians
[20:10]  Massachusetts dark horse candidate could kill health bill
[19:05]  Society that masks 'totalitarianism' with 'hope' will destroy itself (press)
[18:10]  Baptist Haiti hospital inundated by earthquake victims
[17:05]  Mexico church faces violent reaction for defending marriage
[11:05]  Two million more people have access to Scriptures
[10:10]  St. Anthony chapel in India being rebuilt after extremist attacks
[09:05]  Austria approves over-the-counter morning-after pill
[08:10]  Pakistani Christian pastor is ‘falsely accused of theft’
[07:05]  Liberalism killing French Catholic Church: Traditionalists taking over
[06:10]  Polish priests are refused work permits in Belarus
[05:05]  Cardinal Bertone urges respect for Christians in Egypt
[04:10]  Western Europe sees rise in homosexual gov't officials
[03:05]  Self-focused mindset limits outreach for churches and students
[02:10]  U.S. bishops reactivate campaign against federal abortion funding
[01:05]  Foreign adoptions by Americans hit 13-year low
[00:10]  Judge throws out Nevada personhood referendum


[23:05]  Collection for Latin America to support catechesis and evangelization
[21:05]  Chinese Christian leaders detained, whereabouts unknown
[20:10]  Celebrity Big Brother series - evangelism in action
[19:05]  Malaysia Christians flock to worship amid attacks on churches
[18:10]  Obama nominee wants to 'punish the Church,' Bill Donohue argues
[17:05]  Christian musician treats Joy Junction Homeless Shelter guests
[11:05]  Conflict over new Indian state threatens missionary work
[10:10]  Jerusalem bishop denounces killing of Coptic Christians in Egypt
[09:05]  Yemen remains fertile for Jihad, say terrorism experts (press)
[08:10]  100 Polish scientists condemn in vitro fertilization
[07:05]  Atheism in Czech Republic keeps youth ministry alive
[06:10]  Vatican releases Holy Father's prayer intentions for 2011
[05:05]  China admits massive gender imbalance from One Child policy
[04:10]  Attacks in Malaysia designed to 'annihilate' Christians
[03:05]  Violence against Christians continues in Egypt after Christmas
[02:10]  Obama appoints “transgender” as latest homosexual nominee
[01:05]  Indian Muslim extremists threaten to burn Christians alive
[00:10]  Global Restrictions on Religion event transcript (press)


[23:05]  U.N. resolution on gender and sexual orientation defeated
[22:10]  Ex-Protestant at home in Byzantine Catholic Church
[21:05]  At least two Canadian cities ban offensive “Virgin” transit ads
[20:10]  Potter critic Michael O'Brien takes on the vampires of Twilight
[19:05]  Scientology 'free personality test' is newspaper insert
[18:10]  Walk for Life West Coast founder to speak at Paris March for Life
[17:05]  J.Lo down on in vitro - so why is IVF contrary to pro-life values (press)
[11:05]  Spanish president seeks to mandate fast-track divorce in EU
[10:10]  Wave of persecution has struck Christians in China again
[09:05]  Norway says it wants regular contact with new WCC head
[08:10]  Kenya: 70,000 displaced by floods in urgent need of aid
[07:05]  Site of Christ's baptism preserves birthplace of Christianity (press)
[06:10]  Christian parties unhappy with S. African president's 5th wedding
[05:05]  Former rock bass guitarist wants to bring revival to Britain
[04:10]  Belarusian officials continue to persecute Christian church
[03:05]  Suspects turn themselves in; ministry in Egypt urges peace
[02:10]  Portugal gives initial approval to "gay marriage" while Cardinal fiddles
[01:05]  Security official guarantees Pope Benedict's security
[00:10]  Aid agencies warn of threats to Sudan peace agreement


[12:25]  President George W. Bush to address Legatus Summit, receive award
[08:10]  New York couple arrested for failure to register homeschoolers
[04:45]  Holy See hoping for greater religious freedom in Turkey
[00:20]  Belarus: Two Catholic parish priests banned from religious activity


[20:50]  30,000 expected for sixth Walk for Life West Coast
[19:10]  North Korea tops list of worst persecutors of Christians
[12:35]  Healthy marriage book "Restored and Remarried" released
[08:10]  Bishop Vasa affirms church’s use of excommunication
[04:40]  2009 study confirms abortion-breast cancer link
[00:15]  College students worship, pray, serve at Passion 2010 event


[21:55]  Church bomber in Nepal repents, admits India link
[12:40]  Pro-life leaders criticize 'abortion super center' in Texas
[08:35]  8 Coptic Christians in Egypt shot dead after Christmas Mass
[05:55]  D.C. faith leaders seek referendum to repeal gay marriage law
[04:20]  Youth evangelist Winkie Pratney recovering after stroke
[00:10]  New Jersey Senate defeats gay ‘marriage’ bill


[14:10]  Pelosi: My pro-abortion stance is consistent with Catholic faith
[11:05]  Daughter of Baha’i minister fled Iran, found new hope in America (press)
[08:10]  Muslim protestors block Christian church service; police little help
[05:05]  Canadian P.M. prorogues parliament - vote on euthanasia delayed again
[02:10]  Famous Gospel artist Calvin Hunt passes away (press)


[23:05]  Pro-abortion congresswoman: Senate abortion language OK
[20:10]  Former pornographer uses internet skills to further the Gospel
[17:05]  Pope’s words inspire pro-life olympic torch bearer
[14:10]  Fireproof pastor Michael Catt reveals church secret
[11:05]  Party in Haiti celebrates dignity and the love of Christ
[08:10]  ChinaAid challenges 'misleading' report about situation of China church
[05:05]  Thomas Aquinas College receives $2 million grant
[02:10]  2010 U.S. stamp features pro-life heroine Mother Teresa


[23:05]  Ministry may use avatars to translate Scripture for the deaf
[20:10]  Christmas miracle: Dad credits 'hand of God' for wife and baby's revival
[17:05]  New Milwaukee archbishop calls on Catholics to 'sacrifice for the truth'
[14:10]  'Resist Europe's secularisation' calls made at Taize youth meeting
[11:05]  Philippine bishops issue “Catechism on Family and Life”
[08:10]  Muslim mob in Pakistan attacked, wounded Christian family
[05:05] launches Catholic social networking venture
[02:10]  Voice of the Martyrs Canada appoints new C.E.O.


[23:05]  Time running out on Alaska parental rights initiative
[20:10]  Christian compassion ministries bring hope to homeless
[17:05]  Family Planning fail to justify use of Murder Pill RU 486
[11:05]  Iranian Christian was arrested and took to unknown place
[10:10]  Jerusalem authorities against desecration of Christian churches
[09:05]  Ministry seeks to plant houses of prayer at every U.S. college
[08:10]  Ministry gives hope in buckets and reaches out to child soldiers
[07:05]  Evangelist slams Anglican priest for ’pulpit betrayal’
[06:10]  Deadline for re-registration passes; churches face illegal status
[05:05]  Death threats await Christians in West Bengal
[04:10]  Benedict XVI tells youth not to fear a religious vocation
[03:05]  E3 Partners assists national ministry in Christmas outreach
[02:10]  Ex-lesbian "disappears" refusing to transfer daughter to former lover
[01:05]  Non-stop year for Faith Comes By Hearing ministry
[00:10]  Irish atheists challenge nation’s new blasphemy law


[13:45]  European Evangelical Alliance congratulated InVictory (exclusive)
[05:10]  Pastor Anwar Fazal from Pakistan congratulated InVictory (exclusive)
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