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[21:35]  Pastor Andrew Prakasam congratulated InVictory (exclusive)
[09:20]  Rev. Dr. Arne H. Fjeldstad congratulated InVictory (exclusive)
[02:10]  Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag congratulated InVictory (exclusive)


[23:05]  New threat develops after UN vote on religious defamation
[20:10]  Luis Palau and family among airplane crash survivors
[17:05]  American Christian activist arrested in North Korea
[15:05]  Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee congratulated InVictory with anniversary (exclusive)
[12:10]  Religious liberty, 'gay rights' clash in 2 prominent cases
[09:05]  A non stop year for Faith Comes By Hearing ministry
[06:10]  Haiti ministry helps as the country faces poverty
[05:10]  Kenneth Copeland congratulated InVictory with anniversary (exclusive)
[03:05]  Faith guides Vols' Jonathan Crompton in tough times


[20:10]  Urbana students challenged to read their Bibles, reach the skeptics
[17:05]  Non-embryonic, or adult, stem cells continue advances
[13:05]  Two more churches bombed just two days before Christmas
[10:10]  Alaska is among the least religious states in America
[07:05]  Prayer ministry data reveals top cities praying for national leaders
[04:10]  Christmas passes: new beginnings ahead for Christian school
[01:05]  EU parliament supported New Life church in Minsk


[22:10]  Salvation Army major fatally shot Christmas Eve in front of his kids
[19:05]  The Gospel finds a unique distribution point in Haiti
[11:05]  More than 16,000 gather with expectant hearts for Urbana 09
[09:10]  Muslims arrested on Christmas while trying to enter church
[07:05]  Cholera reappears in Zimbabwe; ministry works to head it off
[05:10]  U.S. Senate passes health care on Christmas Eve
[03:05]  Christians terrorized on Christmas in Iraq
[01:45]  Pope Benedict XVI uninjured by Christmas Eve incident


[03:15]  Ministry helps families adapt to changing family dynamics in Peru


[09:35]  Judge rules Rifqa Bary does not have to meet with parents
[05:40]  Christians face backlash to Swiss ban on minaret construction


[12:45]  Patriarch Kirill congratulates Christian leaders on Christmas
[09:05]  Ugandan pastors call for apology from Rick Warren
[06:10]  Pakistani pastor: Christmas is a time to share your faith
[03:05]  Mexico City approves "homosexual marriage" and adoption
[00:10]  Christians give Christmas hope to children of inmates


[21:05]  Homeschool group helps raise money for Bible translation
[19:30]  Christmas donations pour in as suspect arrested in US church heist
[18:10]  Kazakhstan: "There is no persecution in Kazakhstan"
[15:05]  You might meet Jesus in a pub, says Scottish minister
[13:10]  Ministry reports thousands of Karen deaths in Myanmar
[11:05]  Zambian churches vow to fight violence against women
[09:10]  Swedish government seizes child from home schooling family
[07:05]  Christian victim of the Gojra incident, has been granted bail
[05:10]  Dutch churches ponder Palestinian Christian call for sanctions
[03:05]  UK Christians: Why “equality and diversity” don’t apply to us?
[00:10]  Governor outlaws Christianity, arrests believers in Colombia


[21:05]  Canadian agency deprived of funding rejects anti-Semitism charge
[19:30]  70 percent of world faces religious restrictions, says report
[18:10]  Scholar: Bible is 'telling the truth' about Christ's birth
[15:10]  Prince William sleeps on streets to raise awareness of homelessness
[12:05]  Christian Satellite TV SAT-7 TÜRK to launch in January
[10:10]  Holy Nativity Award for leader of S. Africa homeless movement
[08:05]  Pope: “2009, a year passed under the sign of Africa”
[06:10]  Christian teacher fired for offering to pray for sick girl
[04:05]  Benedict XVI names new primate for Polish Catholics
[02:10]  Bad economy slows pastoral training efforts in Kenya
[01:05]  World church leader concerned about Uganda anti-homosexual bill


[17:05]  Thousands gather to remember evangelist Oral Roberts
[13:05]  Vatican sends anti-communist message with sainthood picks
[10:10]  Violence in the state of Manipur halts evangelistic film teams
[07:05]  Christians in Vietnam hold another historic celebration
[04:10]  Vatican newspaper helps build school in Africa
[03:05]  Pastor ‘Bike’ visits three released Chinese brothers
[02:10]  US magazine DisciplesWorld to cease publication
[01:05]  "Progressive" priests reject Pope's bishop pick in Spain
[00:10]  Slain Irish missionary priest remembered in Kenya


[23:05]  House approved tougher sanctions for aid to Iran
[22:10]  Christmas party becomes opportunity to serve others
[21:05]  Senator Ben Nelson accepts Reid abortion provisions
[20:10]  Urbana '09 attendees may help Bible translation ministry
[19:05]  Climate expert: Christians should care about debate
[18:10]  Town in Canada to reconsider approval of pro-life monument
[17:05]  Christmas commercialism combated by "Advent Conspiracy"
[11:05]  Attacks on Assyrians in Mosul kill 5, including newborn infant
[10:10]  More Irish clergy 'may resign' over handling of abuse allegations
[09:05]  Socialists vote to approve new abortion law for Spain
[08:10]  Thousands still eke out existence in Uganda's refugee camps
[07:05]  Churches weigh course as COP15 lags on many expectations
[06:10]  Sudan stands on brink of new war, diplomat warns
[05:05]  Portuguese gvmt seeks to legalize same-sex "marriage"
[04:10]  Government pressure mounts on beaten Indian pastor
[03:05]  Ministry to tackle extreme abortion rates in Eastern Europe
[02:10]  Russian church official reiterates 'no dialogue' with female bishop
[01:05]  UK will force gay civil union recognition in Eastern Europe
[00:10]  Pope: Christmas is God's answer to drama of humanity


[15:05]  Lutheran HealthCare receives Greening the Supply Chain Award
[12:10]  Sudan: Catholic radio journalist is hurt in media house raid (press)
[09:05]  Undercurrent of hostility in Orissa; Christians facing challenges
[06:10]  Pope modifies canon law on deacons and marriage
[03:05]  Copenhagen summit anti-population 'extremists’ are unscientific
[00:10]  Burkina Faso catastrophic flood stirs believers to action


[21:05]  India called for repeal of ruling decriminalizing homosexuality
[18:10]  Children in Guatemala's 'dry corridor' get help
[15:05]  After 'self-righteous Christianity' remark, Japan aide given Bible
[12:10]  ‘Catholic channel of evangelization’ launched in Phoenix
[09:05]  Vatican: Holy See defrocks Ex-Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
[06:10]  Catholics United group avoids taking stand on legal abortion
[03:05]  Oral Roberts Memorial to be held Monday in Tulsa
[00:10]  Appeal to be filed in case of photographer fined for "discrimination"


[21:05]  Ministry disciples hundreds of students at a university
[18:10]  Sen. Ben Nelson, pro-life Democrat, says no to compromise
[15:05]  Kyrgyzstan: Religious freedom survey, December 2009
[12:10]  Pope presented with 'Encyclopedia of Bioethics and Legal science'
[09:05]  U.K. overturns 3,500 -year-old Jewish tradition as "discriminatory"
[06:10]  New European churches' leader seeks greater Orthodox participation
[03:40]  Director of MANMIN TV from Korea congratulated InVictory (exclusive)
[03:05]  Obama's 'olive-branch' Cairo speech named top US religion story
[00:10]  Christians merge to serve unreached peoples of North America


[23:05]  Slain pro-life activist James Pouillon named 'Person of the Year'
[22:10]  Brazilian Catholic bishops condemn killing of priest
[21:05]  Billy Graham Ministry launches Ransom, online portal for youth
[20:10]  Child baptisms among Baptists rise via missions education
[19:05]  Christian ministry in court challenging human rights ruling
[18:10]  Affected by the violence in Pakistan are slowly being ‘healed’
[17:05]  Terry Schiavo's brother helps fight custody battle
[11:05]  Cardinal calls priests to strengthen ministry through prayer
[10:10]  Patriarch Kirill wins the Person of the Year prize
[09:05]  Nutrition seminars for moms help dispel ancestral worship lies
[08:10]  Irish Supreme Court rules stored embryos "not unborn"
[07:05]  Christian pilgrims mean Bethlehem's inns are packed, says mayor
[06:10]  SAT-7 PARS airs first live broadcast on their third anniversary
[05:05]  Rwanda follows Uganda in plan to criminalize homosexual acts
[04:10]  Caritas Jerusalem assists 10,000 families in Gaza Strip
[03:05]  Pakistani Muslims poison Christian employees to death
[02:10]  Actor blames Church for lack of Golden Compass sequels
[01:05]  Quebec launches all-out attack against "homophobia"
[00:10]  Court of Appeal rules against Christian UK Registrar


[23:05]  Fake Catholic groups working overtime for healthcare bill
[22:10]  Nuclear Iran: Christian leaders urge tough sanctions by US
[21:05]  U.S. Bishops praise efforts to increase Latino enrollment
[20:10]  Archbishop: You can’t call yourself Catholic and support contraception
[19:05]  D.C. Council casts final vote to legalize same-sex "marriage"
[18:10]  40,000 Vietnamese gather for Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City
[17:05]  Billy Graham, Franklin Graham react to passing of Oral Roberts
[11:05]  Pope and Italian bishops condemn attack on Berlusconi
[10:10]  In troubled Kandhamal, Indian Christians rebuild churches
[09:05]  Murder of Russian priest sign of religious tensions in Moscow
[08:10]  Missionary receives top honors for work in Kenya
[07:05]  Nature must not be valued above man, Pope warns
[06:10]  British university study hones in on religious experience
[05:05]  Billy Graham T.V. evangelism project set to launch in Thailand
[04:10]  Healing evangelist Oral Roberts dies at age 91
[03:05]  Cherie Blair attacks church teaching on contraception…again
[02:10]  New movie on abortion attempts to spark honest debate
[01:05]  NJ abortion clinic pays $1.9 million for botched abortion
[00:10]  Anglican ‘Santa‘ barred from visiting kids at detainee center


[23:05]  Ministry first Kodiak airplane is on its way to Indonesia
[23:05]  Cardinal Urosa calls attention to political prisoners in Venezuela
[22:10]  Abortion survivor talks about devastation and healing
[21:05]  Egyptian Christian women forced to marry, convert to Islam
[20:10]  Congress approves funding for D.C. abortions, overseas providers
[19:05]  Christmas bus ads aim to attract lapsed Catholics in Dallas
[18:10]  Planned Parenthood: Live Action video "false and inflammatory"
[17:05]  Sanctions on Iran sought to prevent nuclear weaponry
[12:10]  Ukrainian star duet insulted Christians during performance (exclusive)
[11:05]  World Vision ends global Christmas tour with final stop in Africa
[10:10]  Pope expresses 'outrage' after report on sexual abuse in Ireland
[09:05]  Church screening of ‘JESUS Film’ attacked in Pakistan
[08:10]  Christians provide Karen refugees' only food source
[07:05]  Largest ever March for Life in Netherlands held December 12th
[06:10]  Ugandan Anglican church warns on homosexuality
[05:05]  Madrid schools teaching 13 year-olds how to use condoms
[04:10]  Mercy Project Ukraine Director helps launch UK sponsorship program
[03:05]  Two Pakistani Christians found innocent and released
[02:10]  Vatican-Israel negotiations on holy sites move forward
[01:05]  Most Americans want to hear "Merry Christmas": poll


[23:05]  Jimmy Carter: Abuse of women? Blame the Catholics and Baptists
[22:10]  Woman interprets for the deaf in Cincinnati parishes
[21:05]  Ministry encourages Christians to help billions of kids at risk
[20:10]  Pastor Rick Warren condemns Uganda anti-gay bill
[19:05]  Obama's peace prize speech prompts debate on ethics of war
[18:10]  The Christmas Story shines the Good News to all
[17:05]  One-child policy 'worse than madness,' says PRI media director
[11:05]  In the midst of a historic freedom of speech story (press)
[10:10]  Tony Anthony, former World Champion; evangelist answered your questions (photoreport, exclusive, internet-conference)
[09:05]  Babies abandoned in Lithuania have 'window of life' chance
[08:10]  God is using business education to reach Lebanese
[07:05]  Germany jails Christians for removing kids from sex-ed class
[06:10]  The secret of joy is found in the Nativity, Pope says at Angelus
[05:05]  CALL demands apology from Senator Harry Reid of Nevada
[04:10]  Christian woman from Sudan flees Muslim family
[03:05]  Decision to create new state ignites conflict in India
[02:10]  Catholic Church in Ireland to undergo ‘major’ restructuring
[01:05]  Zambian humanitarian worker to head new ACT Alliance
[00:10]  Copenhagen: China pushing population control as the final solution


[18:10]  Pew Research Center: Many Americans mix multiple faiths
[15:05]  Right to Life in Spain rejects radicalization of new abortion law
[12:10]  Church burnt to ashes by Hindu radicals in India
[09:05]  Ahmadinejad: ‘Israel can't do a thing to stop Iran'
[06:10]  God is showing many miracles and wonders in Mozambique (press)
[03:05]  The U.S. Supreme Court takes Christian students' case
[00:10]  Hong Kong Christians inspired to go green for Christmas


[21:05]  "Obama's plan to make abortion "legal" and "rare" contradictory"
[18:10]  Doctors top list of trusted professions, politicians scrape bottom
[15:05]  Christmas for Orphans reaches children for Christ
[12:10]  Office of Chaldean patriarch hit by brutal attacks in Iraq
[09:05]  Bulgarian Christians win major legal battle in European Union
[06:10]  Lunar missions could prove creation true
[03:05]  Cardinal encourages prisoners to find strength in the Word of God
[00:10]  Christmas Spaghetti: On celebrating Christmas in Russia


[23:05]  US couple sets precedent with adoption of Karen refugees
[22:10]  Carl A. Anderson: First U.S.-Vatican ambassador a ‘pivotal figure
[21:05]  American Family Association ends boycott of Gap, Old Navy
[20:10]  Charismatic leaders criticize Uganda anti-homosexuality bill
[19:05]  Canadian churches seek restoration of justice group's funding
[18:10]  Pro-life groups working to filibuster health care bill
[17:05]  Billy Graham TV program welcomes Christmas with vintage clips
[11:05]  Severe verdict delivered to Chinese house church leader
[10:10]  Spanish bishop: why government wants to remove crucifixes
[09:05]  Nigerian faith leaders launch campaign against malaria
[08:10]  Official names Hindu nationalist groups in Orissa violence
[07:05]  Cardinal calls for rediscovery of value of priesthood
[06:10]  Kosovo Catholic bishop opposes call for religion classes at schools
[05:05]  Revival in Northern Algeria: Muslisms turn to Christ
[04:10]  Pope: Moral pollution from the media "harden hearts”
[03:05]  Church in Turkey threatened in retaliation for Swiss minaret ban
[02:10]  New Life Church: The court refused in redress of grievance
[01:05]  Canadian bishops announce ad hoc committee to review D&P
[00:10]  Pope Benedict appoints bishop of Texas diocese


[23:05]  Amid violence, Catholics in Pakistan plan quiet Christmas
[22:10]  Church groups urge Turkey to improve religious minorities' rights
[21:05]  The U.S. Senate kills pro-life amendment on health care
[20:10]  What do Maldivians understand freedom of religion or belief to be? (press)
[19:05]  Mexican Cardinal asks that human rights be made into reality
[18:10]  Former Planned Parenthood director details turn of heart
[17:05]  New Christmas tree design will remind of the real Christmas
[11:05]  Priest and nun killed in ‘act of barbarism’ in Congo
[10:10]  Orthodox church opens in one more Japanese city
[09:05]  Tensions still simmer after Georgian, Russian patriarchs' meeting
[08:10]  International Christian Concern condemns arrests of elderly
[07:05]  Spanish King faces excommunication if he signs abortion bill
[06:10]  Fourth Catholic priest gunned down in South Africa in nine months
[05:05]  As the Chinese church grows rapidly, pastor training is vital
[04:10]  Case in Ireland could be ‘Roe v. Wade of Europe’
[03:05]  Uzbekistan: State close to removing Baptist leadership
[02:10]  Christian satellite TV ministry shines hope in Iran
[01:05]  Vatican moves up Pope's midnight Mass to save his energy


[05:05]  Italian Catholic Church preparing for Christmas with meeting on faith


[22:10]  Creation Museum is offering special presentation on Christmas
[21:05]  Film festival, focusing on spirituality in filmmaking, debuts in Japan
[20:10]  Manhattan Declaration will ‘galvanize’ Christians in difficult times (press)
[19:05]  'Gay marriage,' legal in New Jersey by Christmas?
[18:10]  Water shortages are behind a new destruction in Peru
[17:05]  U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton meets with China's AIDS activist
[10:10]  Kenya: Churches demand clear anti abortion policy
[09:05]  New report presented on Social Doctrine of the Church
[08:10]  Ministry fights poverty and neglect in Andhra Pradesh
[07:05]  Pope Benedict meets with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev
[06:10]  Translating Bible into Philippines language helped 'unite' churches
[04:10]  World Champion and evangelist Tony Anthony visits Ukraine (exclusive)
[03:05]  Unborn human rights bill introduced in Italian Senate
[02:10]  Kenyan Christian group rejects Islamic courts in constitution
[01:05]  India Partners provides refuge and escape for sex workers
[00:10]  Vietnamese president to meet with Pope Benedict


[08:10]  Ohio Baptist convention recognized 29 new churches
[05:05]  A ministry responds to a silent epidemic plaguing US teens
[02:10]  Same-sex 'marriage' groups pull back due to lack of support


[23:05]  China sentences house church leaders to prison
[20:10]  NIH approves first embryonic stem cells for research
[13:10]  New study: Home-educated Canadian adults excel
[11:05]  Hurricane cleanup in Texas still has a long way to go
[08:10]  Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, downplays religion
[05:05]  South Africa launches agressive response to HIV epidemic
[02:10]  US church feeds India’s starving stomachs and souls (press)


[23:05]  Former KKK leader ordained in Black Pentecostal Denomination
[20:10]  Award-winning Canadian book's plot on abuse mirrors events
[16:10]  British couple chooses to cut life support for child
[13:05]  Egypt’s President called upon to protect abused Christians
[10:10]  'Name, shame traffickers,' scholar urges West African Christians
[07:05]  African theologian new member of the Roman Curia
[04:10]  Students invite opposition leaders to Tehran University
[01:05]  U.S. Senator: Ban on Swiss minarets should be overturned
[00:10]  Cardinal Van Thuan Observatory condemns RU-486


[23:05]  Judge in Tajikistan bans Baptist church worship services
[22:10]  Catholic wins leadership of Australian Federal Opposition Party
[21:05]  Arizona Baptists emphasize evangelism and missions
[20:10]  President Obama establishes new bioethics commission
[19:05]  Archbishop of Melbourne celebrates Bushfire Recovery Mass
[18:10]  N.Y. Senate debates religion, defeats 'gay marriage' bill
[17:05]  Philippines and Canadian church groups demand massacre probe
[11:05]  AIDS orphans need meaning, not just medical assistance
[10:10]  Rebel-inflicted unrest doesn't disrupt ministry in DR Cong
[09:05]  U.K. gov't appointee: traditional two-parent family a lost cause
[08:10]  Iran has about 130,000 new drug addicts each year
[07:05]  Church in Mostar marks 25th anniversary, celebrates long history
[06:10]  Vatican: 'Gays will not get into Heaven' is not Church teaching
[05:05]  Iran's upheaval creates more cracks in image
[04:10]  Caritas International urges youth to learn values to fight AIDS
[03:05]  Audio Bible ministry sowing God's Word in Ethiopia
[02:10]  Christians in Stockholm prayed for Belorussian Christians
[00:10]  Episcopal bishop approves solemnizing same-sex "marriages"


[23:05]  Minority wrong to claim Christmas offends non-Christians (press)
[22:10]  Christians reach out to minister to grieving community
[21:05]  Young pastors lead churches to support Cooperative Program
[20:10]  March for life attracts 50,000 in Costa Rica
[19:05]  Bible Translators ministry joins in fight against AIDS
[18:10]  First vote for same-sex 'marriage' approved in D.C.
[17:05]  Billy Joe Daugherty remembered for his passion for evangelism
[11:05]  Thousands gather to hear God's Word in their heart language
[10:10]  Pope's December prayer intentions emphasize respect for kids
[09:05]  German Supreme Court curbs Sunday shopping
[08:10]  Pope reminds theologians to be humble in search for truth
[07:05]  50 audio Scripture listening units stolen in India
[06:10]  Bishops: Clerical sex abuse report reveals ‘betrayal of sacred trust’
[05:05]  Russian Ministries: new restrictions unconstitutional, prayer needed
[04:10]  Pro-life journalists attacked at abortion rally in Vienna
[03:05]  Kenya: Participants call for urgent prevention methods against AIDS
[02:10]  Alabama Baptist churches bring 'Sperry' movie to town
[01:05]  Flyover tells Notre Dame President Jenkins: Free the ND 88
[00:10]  Food for the Hungry to give a gift of sponsorship this Christmas


[23:05]  Bishops urge prayer against state's same-sex "marriage" push
[22:10]  Car safety researchers try to protect mothers and unborn
[21:05]  Some Hollywood celebrities say ‘Horray For Christmas’
[20:10]  Detroit Archbishop leads prayer walk outside abortion facilities
[19:05]  Ministries hope elections will improve stability and evangelism
[18:10]  St. Louis Archbishop responds to gay rights protest outside cathedral
[17:05]  Small Canadian church of 50 makes a new feature-length film
[11:05]  Pope: Christian witness 'more credible' in union
[10:10]  Couple turns tsunami tragedy into outreach for orphans
[09:05]  Korean physician faces death-threats after pro-life conversion
[08:10]  Christian men’s magazine Sorted hits newsagents across the UK
[07:05]  Pope encourages demonstrators against anti-crucifix ruling
[06:10]  Religious leaders 'deplore' Swiss vote to ban minarets
[05:05]  U.S. aid package to Pakistan stirs concern for ministry
[04:10]  UK relationship counselor sacked for his Christian beliefs
[03:05]  Crucifix is essential to European identity, say bishops of Poland
[02:10]  Kids who advertise UK atheist campaign are Christians (press)
[01:05]  Words of Hope moves production to challenging area in Sudan
[00:10]  Outspoken MP slams Canada's "abortion regime"
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