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[23:05]  Pennsylvania choir sings for Pope during Italian concert series
[22:10]  Salvation Army exhibiting at sex trade show in Australia
[21:05]  Turkey: Religious freedom survey, November 2009
[20:10]  Right to Life seeks boycott of Telecom New Zealand
[19:05]  U.S. bishops launch Advent and Christmas website
[18:10]  Thanksgiving proclamation first ever to omit direct mention of God (press)
[17:05]  Australian missionary arrested in Andhra Pradesh State, India
[11:05]  Faith groups 'disappointed' about England's sex education rules
[10:10]  Archbishop: Anti-Christian attacks in Iraq part of brutal strategy
[09:05]  After two years in labor camp, Christian leader released
[08:10]  Russian cleric explains reaction to German church's female head
[07:05]  Pope: Christ is 'relevant' to all, addresses fight against AIDS
[06:10]  Russian Baptists respond to the violent death of an Orthodox priest
[05:05]  French National Assembly rejects euthanasia bill
[04:10]  Egyptian state security accused of cover-up in Muslim riots
[03:05]  Millions believe 'Great Lie' in Zimbabwe in light of World AIDS Day
[02:10]  Bishops: Anti-life politicians are not to receive Communion
[01:05]  Church leaders fear Sudan is using Uganda rebels for Darfur
[00:10]  Pope on Advent: With Jesus, there is no life without meaning


[15:05]  Cardinal: Christianity is not at the service of civil power
[12:10]  Handwritten Bible sells for $15 000 in United States
[09:05]  Adopt-A-Pastor opens new ministries in China
[06:10]  Poll: Large majority of Canadians favor abortion limits
[03:05]  European churches launch 2010 as year of work with migrants
[00:10]  Ministry team detained, house ransacked in India


[21:05]  Demographic implosion spurs S. Korea to enforce abortion ban
[18:10]  African dioceses assist Angolan refugees, appeal for help
[15:05]  How an Australian-born pastor survived a Molotov cocktail
[12:10]  School's ban on "Silent Night" approved, "Frosty the Snowman" allowed
[09:05]  Indian bishops join mass sit-in to support Christian Dalits
[06:10]  Association in favor of crucifixes to march on St. Peter's square
[03:05]  Uruguay facing "crucial turning point" on abortion
[00:10]  Belarusian singing group shares Gospel through music


[21:05]  Chicago Nativity Scene to be dedicated Saturday
[18:10]  Over 150,000 sign Manhattan Declaration in less than a week
[15:05]  'Christianity is self-righteous' remark irks Japanese churches
[12:10]  Homeschooled kids now must be registered in the U.K.
[09:05]  Pope urges Vietnamese Catholics to proclaim Christ
[06:10]  The JESUS Film Project series to begin next year in Africa
[03:05]  Archbishop Schwietz calls Catholics to regain sense of sin
[00:10]  Uruguayans urge to elect president who will defend life


[23:05]  Ad campaign by US humanists declares, 'No God? … No Problem!'
[22:10]  International Day for the elimination of violence against women
[21:05]  Lutheran denomination splitting after gay pastor vote
[20:10]  CNN chooses young Filipino Catholic as 'Hero of the Year'
[19:05]  Study: Divorce rates down for all of Canada except Quebec
[18:10]  'The Turning Point' Campaign raises funds for Shepherds College
[17:05]  D.C. 'marriage' law does more than redefine marriage
[11:05]  Baptists celebrate 50 years in Vietnam with hugs, tears
[10:10]  Christians have been "disenfranchised" in British political life
[09:05]  Evangelical leaders conclude historic meetings in China
[08:10]  Swiss vote on banning minarets fuels national debate on Islam
[07:05]  Wycliffe needs volunteers for Bible translation center
[06:10]  Chief Rabbi warns of fall of Europe due to demographic collapse
[05:05]  Scientist: be 'very careful' when interpreting writing on Shroud of Turin
[04:10]  Families are hungry in West Ukraine during Thanksgiving
[03:05]  Faith leaders want end to 'private armies', after Philippines massacre
[02:10]  UK ignores EU request to quash religious protections
[01:05]  Over 120,000 Catholics attend opening of Vietnam’s Holy Jubilee Year
[00:10]  Ministry distributes gifts to orphans and needy kids in Russia


[22:10]  Fresh Expressions announces new Chairman of the board
[21:05]  US hospital changes mind, will provide care for 9 month old
[20:10]  Woman ordered to hand custody of child to former lesbian lover
[19:05]  Catholic youth shut down Kansas City, jump-start it with faith
[18:10]  Support for Obama, democrat health care plan sink to new low
[17:05]  Research among pastors sheds light on Manhattan Declaration
[11:05]  Faith coalition calls on world trade leaders to respect right to food
[10:40]  InVictory Media celebrates its 10th anniversary (exclusive)
[10:10]  Cardinal denounces 'deficient' regulation of religion classes
[09:05]  Orthodox archbishop has pledged ongoing dialogue with Catholics
[08:10]  Islamic extremists execute young convert in Somalia
[07:05]  500 Chinese house church members meet despite leaders’ detentions
[06:10]  Kenya diocese threatens to withdraw services in North Eastern
[05:05]  Global Action ministry feeds starving families in Moldova
[04:10]  Vatican will celebrate World Day of Migrants and Refugees
[03:05]  Eluana Englaro's father makes waves as euthanasia activist
[02:10]  Ministry needs help to distribute Christmas gifts in Russia
[01:05]  Excommunicated priest nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
[00:10]  Journalist compared new EU President to Saruman character (press)


[23:05]  Native believers taken hostage, under pressure to recant their faith
[22:10]  Bishop asked Rep. Kennedy not to receive Communion
[21:05]  Southern Baptist missionary kids take Gospel to Tokyo
[20:10]  Protests greet Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Brazil
[19:05]  Vatican says 'no' to use of Catholic church for Anglican ordination
[18:10]  Scientology a criminal organisation says Australian senator
[17:05]  Pro-life Democrats let down movement, leaders say
[11:05]  The United Arab Emirates to allow female muftis
[10:10]  Catholic bioethicist weighs in on paralyzed man
[09:05]  Europe brought to notice human rights violations in Belarus
[08:10]  Church of Norway to have presiding bishop elected for first time
[07:05]  Muslim anti-Christian riots spread in Upper Egypt
[06:10]  Cardinal Rouco urges restraint of government intrusion
[05:05]  Pope and Anglican Communion leader give dialogue a go ahead
[04:10]  Students relate importance of theology for women at UN
[03:05]  Ray of creativity brightens the ranks of TV Evangelists (press)
[02:10]  Doulos ship ministry will end on 31st December 2009
[01:05]  Aleksey Smirnov to become new RUECB President
[00:10]  Ten thousand Manmin students are awarded scholarships


[23:05]  Poll: Faith-based programs still popular, less visible
[22:10]  Chinese human rights attorney arrested, wife beaten
[21:05]  Mexican expert: Don’t believe 'end of world' Mayan prophecies
[20:10]  40 Days for Life: more than 580 unborn babies saved
[19:05]  Lutheran dissidents in US say new church body in the works
[18:10]  Rejection of DC Marriage Referendum challenged
[17:05]  Pastor Rick Warren: The future of Evangelicals
[11:05]  Christians face attacks as extremists fight church growth
[10:10]  Pope encourages artists to be ambassadors of beauty
[09:05]  First of a collection of Manmin albums was released
[08:10]  Muslim violence ongoing in Egypt; Christians plead for help
[07:05]  CURE International teams to open a clinic in Niger
[06:10]  Catholics in Bethlehem provide care for poor mothers
[05:05]  Orthodox priest who preached to Muslims killed in Moscow
[04:10]  Science: adult stem cells more promising than embryonic
[03:15]  Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty dies Sunday morning
[03:05]  Rescue units in Africa restore hope in the form of vegetables
[02:10]  Germany faces economic downturn with falling birth rate
[01:05]  S. Korean obstetricians demand enforcement of abortion law
[00:10]  China Protestants meet Taiwanese and global Evangelicals


[14:10]  Christians crafted a declaration addressing religious liberty
[11:05]  Christian resources to touch many hearts with the Gospel
[08:10]  Twilight phenomenon gets mixed reaction from Christians
[05:05]  Indian journalists ponder their "blind spot" (press)
[02:10]  Austrian bishops are against same-sex partnerships


[23:05]  Belgium: Media will continue to fight for children’s rights
[20:10]  Northwest Baptists Convention welcome 13 churches
[17:05]  Darwin's 'Origin' distributed with intelligent design intro
[14:10]  Human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng still missing after 289 days
[11:05]  Suit: 'gay marriage' should go to US capital voters
[08:10]  WCC calls on UN to follow up Goldstone report that Israel rejects
[05:05]  Michigan doctor charged with forcing abortion on teenager
[02:10]  250,000 families expected to join Happy Birthday, Jesus party


[23:05]  Missionary radio station KICY influences people in the Arctic
[20:10]  6 out of 10 of Americans oppose public funding of abortion
[17:05]  New film with Sandra Bullock spotlights Christian family
[14:10]  Rowan Williams in Rome to talk church relations with Pope
[11:05]  Europe to debate forced acceptance of homosexual ideology
[08:10]  Catholic priest in poor health after he suffers a stroke in prison
[05:05]  Governor of Muslim state in Nigeria preaches at church
[02:10]  Christian ministry asked president to overturn anti-gay legislation


[23:05]  Millennial Generation ready to enter the Red Zone
[22:10]  Document on reproductive technologies approved
[21:05]  Euthanasia bill unexpectedly defeated in South Australia
[20:10]  Radio ministry continues despite nationwide power outages
[19:05]  Makers of the 'Fireproof' will produce a film about fatherhood
[18:10]  Archbishop defends statement on effects of same-sex ‘marriage’ law
[17:05]  Illinois Baptist Christians emphasize church planting
[11:05]  Breast cancer-abortion link highlighted by Chinese study
[10:10]  Christmas could be cancelled by British government
[09:05]  L’Osservatore Romano recalls 50th anniversary of Ben Hur
[08:10]  15-year-old Egyptian convert to Christianity sends plea to Obama
[07:05]  Sudan oil production threatens village water, says faith-based group
[06:10]  25 years later, the Karen refugee crisis continues unabated
[05:05]  Spanish government will use abortion law to impose sex-ed
[04:10]  Italy: Pope Benedict : Food security is a human right
[03:05]  UK tries to stop publication of eugenic abortion stats
[02:10]  German embassy denounces beating of priest by Zimbabwe troops
[00:10]  Maryam and Marzieh released from Iranian prison


[23:05]  Police raid offices of assisted suicide organization in Melbourne
[20:10]  Group linked to Bolivian government behind attack on Cardinal Terrazas
[17:05]  Film with Rebecca St. James spotlights the unborn
[08:10]  Radicals beat Gospel for Asia missionary for converting redicals
[07:05]  Cardinal Rouco defends importance of divine law in Europe
[06:10]  Water must not remain a pipe dream in Africa says Lutheran leader
[05:05]  Italian mayors order crucifixes put in classrooms
[04:10]  15th Christian leader killed in Somalia, says ICC
[03:05]  Europe has profound Christian roots which cannot be ignored
[02:10]  Universal imagery teaches communities about AIDS
[01:05]  Disaster relief still needed in American Samoa after earthquake
[00:10]  Former communist agents charged for roles in death of Polish priest


[23:05]  Cardinal George defends Church's right to speak on health care
[22:10]  'Bible Across America' on auction; proceeds benefit Bible translation
[21:05]  Congress examines China's coercive one-child policy
[20:10]  Court allows homosexual "marriage" in Argentina
[19:05]  Planned Parenthood 'runs on fear,' former clinic director charges
[18:10]  Moody Broadcasting helps in translation efforts
[17:05]  Clock running out on same-sex "marriage" in New Jersey
[11:05]  Catholic bishops of India propose National Day for Indian Martyrs
[10:10]  Kenyan Lutheran bishop rebukes Swedish church on lesbian bishop
[09:05]  Evangelical churches protest to protect church members
[08:10]  Pope targets eliminating hunger as goal for Catholic Church
[07:05]  France's Rosary for Life sparks pro-abortion counter-protests
[06:10]  Islamic extremists kill Somali church leader
[05:05]  Scientist was awarded for his book about underground church
[04:10]  Catholic bishop takes the Faith onto the ice at St. Norbert College
[03:05]  Dozens run in Florida to free victims of human trafficking
[02:10]  Irish priest who was kidnapped in the Philippines wants to stay
[01:05]  New CD presented featuring voice of Pope Benedict XVI
[00:10]  Area with least access to the Gospel reports growth


[23:05]  Colombian and Venezuelan priests play soccer game for peace
[22:10]  Food agencies turning away hungry in Orange County
[21:05]  Clinton urges Filipino faith community to defend human rights
[20:10]  Former gay leader: Question 1 backers should not live in fear
[19:05]  Alaska Catholic bishops focus on well-being of priests
[18:10]  Christians call for boycott of retailers censoring Christmas
[17:05]  Ft. Hood slayings - psychological or theological problem? (press)
[11:05]  Kyrgyzstan: Legal status applications almost impossible
[10:10]  London Mayor praises Street Pastors for transforming the city
[09:05]  Seizure of 15,000 Bibles in Malaysia stuns Christians
[08:10]  French court grants lesbian couple right to adopt
[07:05]  Russian Orthodox aide says female German church head threatens ties
[06:10]  Muslims attack Christian worship service in Uganda
[05:05]  Down syndrome, search and destroy - National programme (press)
[04:10]  If the embryo is human, it is a person: Vatican Doctrine official
[03:45]  Anglicans are allowed to join the Catholic Church
[03:05]  Sudan: Churches express concern over the Peace Accord
[02:10]  Some 59 Christians are released from jails in Pakistan
[01:20]  Schools move to hide students’ medical decisions from parents
[01:05]  Belarus puts clearer definition of 'sect' through enforcement
[00:10]  Vatican dicastery: Catholic charity is not mere social work


[11:05]  Egyptian security arrests Christian for praying at home
[06:10]  Pensacola abortion clinic closes at end of pro-life campaign


[22:10]  Believers respond as Sudan's famine bites down
[09:05]  5 reasons 'gay marriage' lost in one of the most liberal states
[05:10]  Faith leaders present 60 plans to help UN on climate change


[21:05]  Pro-life organizations celebrate Stupak amendment
[08:10]  A pathologist who puts divine healing under the microscope
[03:05]  Russia's Medvedev condemns Stalin's anti-religious persecution
[00:10]  Church services banned as believers pray for persecuted church


[03:05]  Baltimore council targets pregnancy centers
[00:10]  Priest’s new book challenges men to learn ‘true manhood'


[21:05]  Australian church lashes bank over link to cluster bomb maker
[18:10]  Pro-lifers: Amendment to health-care bill 'phony'
[15:05]  Anglican Communion of U.K. first to accept Pope's offer
[12:10]  Community centers help eliminate the need for orphanages
[09:05]  Bishop of Beaumont praying for victims of Ft. Hood shooting
[06:10]  Activist: Confusion about euthanasia must be dispelled
[03:05]  Musician trades in gangsta rap to preach Christ
[00:10]  Open Doors says millions of Christians are suffering


[21:05]  Study: abortion increases risk of mental health problems
[18:10]  Ted Haggard to begin home prayer group
[15:05]  Tutu lauds Allan Boesak for leaving politics to join 'God's party'
[12:10]  Mercy Project International challenge UK Christians
[09:05]  Vatican plans meeting between Pope and artists
[06:10]  Chinese house church forced to worship in the snow
[03:05]  Vatican hosting seminar on sports and spiritual life
[00:10]  World Christian Doctors Network held its conference in Kiev (photoreport, exclusive)


[23:05]  Pro-life candidates make triple sweep in Virginia elections
[22:10]  Christian ministry continues work in Liberian community
[21:05]  Festivals of Marriage in the USA hit 30th anniversary
[20:10]  Casino gambling plan passes in Ohio, 53-47 margin
[19:05]  Caribbean Evangelicals attend ’Life Transforming’ congress
[18:10]  Archbishop praises the ruling on abortifacient pill
[17:05]  Maine voters stun pundits, reject 'gay marriage' law
[11:05]  Translators work to fight the clock on Bible translation in Sudan
[10:10]  Italian minister: 'We will not remove crucifixes from the classroom'
[09:05]  African Lutheran bishop warns on HIV and rape repercussions
[08:10]  Italian politicians furious over anti-crucifix decision
[07:05]  Kids Alive is reaching out to kids in one of the most difficult slums
[06:10]  Hungarian bishop who defied Stalinist persecution beatified
[05:05]  No British referendum on Lisbon Treaty: Tory leader
[04:10]  Italian Protestants and Vatican disagree on European crucifix ruling
[03:05]  Anti-Christian groups oppose missionaries with threats
[02:10]  African missionaries bring vibrant faith to Alaska


[23:05]  Bishop: Church cannot remain silent when human life is in danger
[22:10]  US physicians give hospital chaplains a clean bill of health
[20:10]  Luis Palau conference to encourage hundreds of evangelists
[17:05]  Abortion clinic director witnesses ultrasound, quits
[11:05]  Cardinal joins Protestants in planting trees to mark Reformation
[10:10]  Kenya: Veteran priest dies in hospital at the age of 102
[09:05]  Church of South India presses tsunami relief fund fraud charges
[08:10]  Blair's chances as Euro president recede as Lisbon Treaty signed (press)
[06:10]  Czech Republic signs Lisbon - no more barriers to new EU Superstate
[05:05]  Church in Italy to issue clarification on cremation
[04:10]  Ministry brings help, hope to HIV-positive young women
[03:05]  Vatican: Holy See clears air on celibacy and Anglicans
[02:10]  Believers can change planet's fate, UN's Ban tells religious leaders
[01:05]  Christians in Pakistan get support, blasphemy laws uncertain
[00:10]  European Court of Human Rights bans crucifixes in Italian schools


[07:05]  Catholics calls for registration of doctors who perform abortions
[06:10]  Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in India heals the sick (press)
[05:05]  Pro-life congress in Spain to attract more than 1,000 people
[04:10]  Nearly 1,000 students face eviction from temporary residence
[03:05]  Vietnamese bishop condemns government take over of monastery
[02:10]  Ritual murders on the rise as famine looms in Uganda
[01:05]  Extreme religious left furious over Rome's Anglican offer


[22:10]  Vodka unlikely ally for witness to Muslims in Caucasus Mountains
[21:05]  Upcoming movie about St. Josemaria Escriva focuses on love, forgiveness
[20:10]  Islamization of Pakistan and its impact on Christian citizens
[19:05]  Rep. Bart Stupak pushes ahead with abortion demands
[18:10]  U.S. bishops to debate document on ethics of reproductive technology
[17:05]  Ministry in Haiti feels no immediate impact from political ouster
[11:05]  Audio Bibles distributed to India’s Banjara Gypsies
[10:10]  Christian doctors ‘vote for miracles’ during conference in Kiev
[09:05]  Mandatory closure of the Central Assemblies of God Church in Tehran
[08:10]  Ukrainian doctors apologize for the treatment of Jews in WW II
[07:05]  Mission Aviation Fellowship to reopen base in DR Congo
[06:10]  German Protestant bishop 'disappointed' on talks with Catholics
[05:05]  Kenya: Archbishop calls for better Christian-Muslim relations
[04:10]  'We are never alone,' Pope exclaims on All Saints Day
[03:05]  Nigerian pastor launches 'let there be light' power campaign
[02:10]  Draft legislation in Russia might make evangelism impossible
[01:05]  As Ukraine death toll from a swine flu rose, Christian doctors pray
[00:10]  Cardinal: No 'celibacy issue' exists in reception of Anglicans into Church


[19:05]  Ministries look for stability as coup standoff appears to be ending
[16:10]  First female bishop elected to lead German Protestants
[13:05]  Rifqa Bary back in Ohio, restricted from cell phone, Facebook
[10:10]  WorldCrafts changes distraught lives around the world
[07:05]  Clear rules needed for EU arms trade, say Swedish church leaders
[04:10]  Bolivian archbishop calls on political candidates to respect the family
[01:05]  After a successful summer, Ministries spreads their wings for 2010
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