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[22:10]  Stem cell breakthrough could create babies without men or women
[19:05]  New analysis: The “zeal of the convert” - is it the real deal?
[16:10]  Belarus: "To prevent them from continuing their worship service"
[13:05]  Kenyan coastal church leaders reject Muslim scarves at schools
[10:10]  Catholics in Spain, France find Christian alternatives to Halloween
[07:05]  Google offices support Ref. 71 favoring same-sex “marriages”
[04:10]  Churches to screen Christian horror film Halloween weekend
[01:05]  US, Latin American church leaders join call for action on Honduras


[22:10]  40 Days for Life: 2,000 babies saved from abortion
[19:05]  Clinton opposes Islamic 'defamation of religions' push
[16:10]  Somali Christian killed after refusing to wear veil
[13:05]  Pope: Church needs to proclaim Gospel on the ‘digital continent’
[10:10]  African elected to leadership of Germany's Protestant church
[07:05]  Bombing in Pakistan concerns Christians
[04:10]  Massive ‘reconversion’ event in India aimed at Christians
[01:05]  3 Uzbekistan Baptists fined 260 times monthly minimum wage each
[00:10]  Sen. Charles Schumer: 'Gay marriage' is goal in all 50 states


[23:05]  Iraq bombing leaves Baghdad church nearly ruined
[22:10]  Crossroad Bible offers hope to 'egregious' situation
[21:05]  Texas bishops: Current health care bill fails to protect all human life
[20:10]  Ministry raises funds to send ’radio missionaries’ to Guatemala
[19:05]  Study: Fatherless childhood may injure brain development
[18:10]  Idaho church sees harvest both at home and around the world
[17:05]  President Barack Obama signs federal hate crimes law
[12:10]  West African health ministers call for legalization of abortion
[11:05]  French Protestants to gather in Strasbourg to mark Reformation
[10:10]  CURE Hospital staff concerned as suicide bombers strike Kabul
[09:05]  Pope calls Catholics to daily meditation on the Bible
[08:10]  Three children ’abducted’ from Vietnamese orphanage
[07:05]  Lutherans ask forgiveness for 16th-century persecutions
[06:10]  Grace Ministry plans to expand to Nicaragua by 2012
[05:05]  UK abortion guidelines for N. Ireland ignore province's pro-life laws
[04:10]  Film festival aims to act as a forum for community cohesion in the UK
[03:05]  Zimbabwe Christian group warns on 'unity' government
[02:10]  Lesbians "married" in Canada hope to force Russia to recognize union
[01:05]  Holy Father to visit childhood home of Pope Paul VI
[00:10]  Ministry leader in India won't let dangerous threats stop his work


[03:05]  Synod for Africa sends Pope Benedict 57 propositions
[02:10]  National contest winner reaches out to her hometown
[01:05]  The Christmas culture wars for 2009 have now begun
[00:10]  Vatican begins dialogue with Society of St. Pius X


[23:05]  Shepherds reaches out to one of the most unreached people groups
[22:10]  Rep. Kennedy asked to apologize for 'irresponsible' comments
[21:05]  Chilean who will head Lutheran body committed to church unity
[20:10]  Indian Life Ministries celebrates 30th anniversary
[19:05]  D.C. rally calls for citywide vote on 'gay marriage'
[18:10]  Church janitor arrested in murder of New Jersey priest
[17:05]  Saved from abortion: The remarkable stories behind four pro-life "saves"
[12:10]  Kazakhstan: "This is not persecution - the law demands this"
[11:05]  Catholic Church in India asserts right to evangelise
[10:10]  Russian Ministries summer camps impact more than 8,000 youngsters
[09:05]  Rwandans progress toward peace and economic growth
[08:10]  Church of England bishop says 'Anglican experiment is over'
[07:05]  Handheld ultrasound: A peek at the future of the pro-life movement?
[06:10]  Ministry works with nationals in translation in Nigeria
[05:05]  Canadian bishops: We need to "step up" on life issues
[04:10]  Somalia: Is Kenya recruiting refugees for Somalia war?
[03:05]  Johnny Hunt urges: raise your 'silenced' voice of faith (photoreport)
[02:10]  Ministry raises funds to send ’radio missionaries’ to Guatemala
[01:05]  'Man vs. Wild' show star talks faith at Florida prison
[00:10]  National Catholic Youth Conference expects 20,000 in Kansas City


[23:05]  Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke to host evangelistic event in U.S.
[22:10]  Australian bishops condemn decriminalization of abortion
[21:05]  Christians share Gospel with Cambodia's Vietnamese population
[20:10]  Rep. Bart Stupak claims enough votes to stop health care bill
[19:05]  More than 200 learn about Muslim evangelism
[18:10]  Gay hate-crimes bill could punish Christians, foes say
[17:05]  US study: Numbers praying up, while religious links decline
[12:10]  Agents of change and hope gather in Central Asia
[11:05]  Ghana: Africa Cardinal to head Justice and Peace Council
[10:10]  Lutheran World Federation again defers decision on new leader
[09:05]  Hindu radicals attack school for street children in India
[08:10]  Christian girl raped in Andhra Pradesh state, India
[07:05]  Nigeria: Cardinal admonishes corruption, calls for reforms
[06:10]  UK think tank: 'Christian country' claim can fuel extremists
[05:05]  Joyce Meyer Ministries named in wrongful death suit
[04:10]  Poll reveals most Spaniards oppose new abortion law
[03:05]  Christians are denied help in Indonesia; ministry responds
[02:10]  Church legal registration in Vietnam progresses
[01:05]  Swedish Lutheran decision on same-sex marriage draws flak
[00:10]  ‘Rise up!’ Pope Benedict tells Africa at close of Synod


[15:05]  Golden Gate lecture addresses revivals and revivalism
[12:10]  Former President Bush honored with pro-life award
[09:05]  Supreme Court intervenes in favor of traditional marriage backers
[06:10]  Investigation: Chinese babies are abducted, sold for adoption
[03:05]  World Congress of Families counters feminist disinformation
[00:10]  Psalms are focus of Southwestern preaching workshop


[21:05]  Christopher West breaks his silence in Theology of the Body debate
[18:10]  Turkey Christians disappointed: government won’t protect them
[15:05]  Flooding compounds disaster for an India ministry
[12:10]  Russian Baptist reaction to draft legislation on missionary activity
[09:05]  Minister of Justice: Congress cannot legalize abortion in Peru
[06:10]  Freedom comes to Indonesian kids on Independence Day
[03:05]  Oklahoma law that collects abortion stats won’t violate privacy
[00:10]  Obama's safe schools czar backs gay curriculum


[21:05]  University of Victoria abortion debate overflows capacity
[18:10]  Bishop fears for health of kidnapped priest in the Philippines
[15:05]  Gordon Brown wants gay "weddings" at Westminster Palace
[12:10]  Sudanese bishop warns war could return as secession vote nears
[09:05]  Typhoon Lupit threatens more harm, but a ministry sees hope
[06:10]  Logo unveiled for London 2012 Olympic outreach
[03:05]  Obama administration relax medical marijuana policy
[00:10]  Pro-life student forced into isolation on Day of Silent Witness


[23:05]  Campaign for Human Development aims collection at economic crisis
[22:10]  US's Hillary Clinton praises interfaith example of Tatarstan
[21:05]  Mexican archbishop warns against profiting from poverty
[20:10]  U.S. house bill would coerce states to allow homosexual adoption
[19:05]  Tragedy strikes missionary family in Les Cayes, Haiti
[18:10]  Chris Smith at health care press conference: 'Abortion crushes hope'
[17:05]  Cuban pastors imprisoned after helping Guantanamo churches
[11:05]  Conference reaches out to help women struggling to find work
[10:10]  Suicide rate increases in Japan; Ministry responds with hope of Christ
[09:05]  Filipino pastors look past their own needs to neighbors
[08:10]  Kenya: Bishops caution on religious dress in Catholic schools
[07:05]  Western organizations are purposely undermining African values (press)
[06:10]  Emergency response teams report from Sumatra
[05:05]  New Vatican announcement takes many Anglicans by surprise
[04:10]  United Kingdom: Religious liberty fading fast
[03:05]  Lift N. Korea's sanctions, says World Council of Churches head
[02:10]  Archbishop Nichols gathers financiers to study Caritas in Veritate
[01:05]  Charleston bishop joins in 40 Days for Life candlelight vigil
[00:10]  Synod for Africa expresses sorrow over continent's conflicts


[23:05]  3 Christians arrested in Eritrea, whereabouts are uncertain
[22:10]  ‘Vile’ antichrist film spawns petition for NC-17 rating
[21:05]  Students go speechless for Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity
[20:10]  Audio Scripture projects reveal a new need and a resulting new trend
[19:05]  Archbishop denounces murder of 400 children in Guatemala
[18:10]  Archbishop: "God will demand an accounting" for our moral indifference
[17:05]  Ministry uses shoes to spread hope, gospel around the world
[11:05]  Fledgling adoption ministry celebrates success in Bulgaria
[10:10]  Nigerian Anglican Primate-elect rejects conservative tag
[09:05]  Portuguese Nobel winner is showing ignorance of the Bible
[08:10]  Global Action graduates 69 Nepali Bible students
[07:05]  Pope affirms value of human life, traditional marriage
[06:10]  Swedish church's decision on same-sex marriage watched abroad
[05:05]  Radicals attack Indian church, woman and child beaten up
[04:10]  Anglican and Catholic archbishops: declaration won't change dialogue
[03:05]  Philippines starts evacuating ahead of Typhoon Lupit
[02:10]  Bishops of Peru call on lawmakers to defend life in every situation
[01:05]  Santorum: The triumph of socialism in U.S. requires destruction of family
[00:10]  InterVarsity reaches out to millions of searching on college campuses


[23:05]  Argentineans reject pro-abortion farce in Tucuman
[22:10]  Hillsong brings exclusive one-night cinema event to U.S.
[21:05]  Auburn University students share faith with 'dry' tailgating
[20:10]  Diocese of Wilmington reluctantly files for bankruptcy
[19:05]  Toronto to host 2014 Homosexual "World Pride" event
[18:10]  As population grows, access to Scripture diminishes
[17:05]  Uruguayans urged to remember issue of life in upcoming elections
[10:10]  Pregnancy resource centers save lives, report says
[09:05]  Russian Patriarch takes up allegations about children's shelter
[08:10]  Cyclone-hit West Bengal faces flooding again; Christians help
[07:05]  Media speculates: Vatican will receive Anglicans into Catholic Church
[06:10]  South Africa's Zuma meets Tutu as new bishop urges 'delivery'
[05:05]  Massive pro-life march in Madrid attracts hundreds of thousands
[04:10]  Ministry launches ambitious Project Hope Christmas appeal
[03:05]  Indian Christians unhappy at verdicts on Kandhamal violence
[02:10]  Ethiopia: Integrate conflict resolution in formation, church told
[01:05]  Advent Conspiracy wells to help prevent waterborne illness
[00:10]  University officials speak out against silencing of pro-lifers


[23:05]  DR Congo: Clergy promises protection to victims of war
[22:10]  Half the world lives in poverty - on $2 or less per day
[21:05]  40 Days for Life initiative saves lives of unborn children
[20:10]  Chile honours former World Council of Churches' leader
[19:05]  Case of gender-confused teacher against Catholics accepted by HRC
[18:10]  Oasis Conference teaches Christians how to reach out to Muslims
[17:05]  Notre Dame criticized for funding student travel to gay march
[10:10]  Catholics and Muslims defend life against abortion law
[09:05]  Taliban in Pakistan warns Christian leaders to convert to Islam
[08:10]  Sierra Leone: Bishop calls for abolition of death penalty
[07:05]  Recent survey reveals insight into 5 major religions
[06:10]  Continued violence threatens to unmoor Pakistan
[05:05]  Expert: Gender ideology endangers Spanish education
[04:10]  Churches of Kenya now want minimum reforms
[03:05]  Church of Scotland calls on British PM to lead anti-poverty fight
[02:10]  Lawyer calls Turkish Christians’ trial a “scandal”
[01:05]  Ministry provides education as slum population increases
[00:10]  Pope Benedict remembers persecuted missionaries


[15:05]  In-the-womb photos now improved and republished
[12:10]  Bishops to vote on pastoral letter aimed at strengthening marriage
[09:05]  Moscow’s CIAC plans rally for all Christian confessions
[06:10]  International students prayer week begins this Sunday
[03:05]  Board of Education Chairman: "Homosexuality is not a civil right"
[00:10]  Three Southern Baptist churches win Energy Star awards


[21:05]  Ministry celebrates 75 years and launches new Campaign
[18:10]  Todd Bentley's new wife, Jessa, breaks silence
[15:05]  Meals brighten Roma childrens' faces in Macedonia
[12:10]  Minister reports healing after eight-year cancer battle
[09:05]  A ministry feels the persecution of church leaders in India
[06:10]  Spanish bishop: Europe is terminally ill because of abortion
[03:05]  'Save the GMA' benefit concert raises $350,000
[00:10]  Christians lend their names to anti-persecution campaign


[21:05]  Abortionist reflects on dismembering 18 week old baby
[18:10]  Canadian Baptist churches emphasize cooperation
[15:05]  Uzbekistan: did investigator fabricate evidence against Baptists?
[12:10]  Nigeria: Church must engage media, schools and civil society
[09:05]  Italy rejects "sexual orientation" in hate crime legislation
[06:10]  Global churches' leader to visit communist-ruled North Korea
[03:05]  Latest research to defend the natural family provided
[00:10]  Guttmacher abortion report flatly "false": pro-life experts


[23:05]  Brazilian Catholic bishop: Christianity is not an ideology
[22:10]  Ethicist Richard Land: Barbarism looms if life is devalued
[21:05]  Maine ad promoting same-sex 'marriage' uses 'Catholic' mom
[20:10]  Asian Access ministry will attend Urbana in Japan again
[19:05]  Bishops: health care reform proposals have ‘critical shortcomings’
[18:10]  Diverse challenges ahead for new missionaries, chaplains (photoreport)
[17:05]  Wesleyan University names new seminary; hires administrators
[11:05]  Prison ministries reaches out to children of their students
[10:10]  Vatican сalls on U.N. to recognize unborn right to life
[09:05]  Growth in world population does not lead to more hunger
[08:10]  Global theologians' meeting looks at issues that divide churches
[07:05]  Aid in Africa tied to "insidious" ideological conditions
[06:10]  AMG sees a remarkable reaction to the Gospel despite famine
[05:05]  Spanish corporal killed in Afghanistan asked for Baptism before death
[04:10]  Church head, Muslim scholar each say Nigeria has more in their faith
[03:05]  Pastor abducted and brutally attacked in India
[02:10]  Unknown assailants fire on Catholic seminary in Tegucigalpa
[01:05]  Myanmar refugees find home at charismatic church
[00:10]  California students to learn about gay pioneer


[23:05]  Obama criticizes people with "old attitudes" at homosexualist dinner
[22:10]  Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty diagnosed with lymphoma
[21:05]  Cardinal calls for defense of unborn as abortion discussed
[20:10]  Orphan Outreach medical mission begins in Guatemala
[19:05]  Evangelist Franklin Graham arrives in North Korea
[18:10]  Judge plans to return teen convert Rifqa Bary to Ohio
[17:05]  Policeman confiscates Rockford pro-lifer's Christ image
[11:05]  Africa: Women religious want equal responsibility in church
[10:10]  Pope aims to continue Catholic-Jewish dialogue with visit to synagogue
[09:05]  Kenya church leaders seek full probe into talk of 'poll arms race'
[08:10]  Pakistan’s Minorities Minister vows to end persecution of Christians
[07:05]  Natural family planning fosters conjugal love and defense of women
[06:10]  British man found free of cancer dies after hydration removed
[05:05]  Defending life and family are among the essential tasks for Europe
[04:10]  Kenya: Bishops skip synod to attend colleague’s burial
[03:05]  New charges crush the hopes of jailed evangelists in Ethiopia
[02:10]  Philippines bishop appeals for release of Irish missionary
[01:05]  UK churches called to play vital part in fighting global poverty
[00:10]  Cardinal: Divorce between Church and State could ruin Mexico


[23:05]  ‘Worship God quietly’ - Lambeth Council orders church
[22:10]  Supreme court takes up case of War Memorial Cross in Mojave desert
[21:05]  Pharmacist in Australia criticized for adhering to Catholic teaching
[20:10]  Deluge of pro-life protest after Chicago bubble zone law passes
[19:05]  US churches that split over race to worship in Philadelphia
[18:10]  Believers empowered to be the Voice and Hands of Jesus
[17:05]  Mexican expert on Shroud points out flaws of supposed 'duplicate'
[11:05]  Christian victims of blasphemy-related violence describe their ordeal
[10:10]  Philippines still reels from two storms, heavy rains and mudslides
[09:05]  Women in Ghana denied sacraments of initiation, reconciliation, marriage
[08:10]  Forced сonversions of Christian сonscripts in the Egyptian army
[07:05]  Marriage is antidote to violence, says Spanish institute
[06:10]  One billion now hungry, says report on 'right to food'
[05:05]  Satellite TV looks to expand selection to disillusioned youth
[04:10]  Human embryology experts named to Pontifical Academy of Sciences
[03:05]  Wounded world needs unity between faiths global churches told
[02:10]  USAID Grant allows ministry to impact HIV/AIDS victims
[01:05]  American pro-lifers to greet Spain's Prime Minister at White House
[00:10]  Cardinal brings immigration reform message to Senate


[23:05]  Right to Life challenges misinformation about abortion
[22:10]  Iranian Christian women refuse order to deny Christ
[21:05]  Justice for human trafficking discussed at this year's Urbana
[20:10]  Texas minister teaches Christians to pray like Jesus
[19:05]  Pro-life leaders shocked at President Obama peace prize
[18:10]  Majority of Americans still against same-sex ‘marriage’
[17:05]  Education can be gateway to ministry among Hispanics
[11:05]  Christian victims of Gojra violence refuse USAID’s aid packets
[10:10]  Worship site demolished, pastors arrested in China
[09:05]  A report on the size and distribution of the world's Muslim population
[08:10]  Kazakhstan: Restrictive religious freedom laws recycled
[07:05]  Another Clinton confession - another Obama promise (press)
[06:10]  African bishops warn of destructive ideologies imposed by west
[05:05]  Indian Christians arrested on ‘false charges' of 'forceful conversion’
[04:10]  French Culture Minister denies participation in sex tourism
[03:05]  Master's Image offers free church performance for 25th anniversary
[02:10]  South East Asia Mission Teams celebrates 9th anniversary
[01:05]  Mugabe assailed for 'abusing' UN at Geneva conference
[00:10]  Jordanian bishop: God, not Obama will bring peace to the Middle East


[14:10]  London church may be forced to close over a Muslim
[11:05]  Study: French abortions rise despite increase in contraception
[08:10]  E3 Partners worker assaulted after being asked about Christ
[05:05]  S. African activist drops campaign to ban religion in schools
[02:10]  House passes gay hate crimes measure, sends bill to Senate


[23:05]  Contest winners impressed by seeing Kids Alive up close
[20:10]  New American film exposes Black Genocide from abortion
[17:05]  Green light given to agreement between Brazil and Holy See
[14:10]  News update on two Iraninan Christians taken to court
[11:05]  Bishops: Relativism in Europe has created demographic crisis
[08:10]  Irish bishops meet with representatives of abuse survivors
[05:05]  Floods prompt Billy Graham Rapid Response team deployment
[02:10]  Catholic sisters save over 300 children from deadly tsunami in Samoa


[23:05]  US church leaders reflect on communications in 'fragmented world'
[20:10]  Boston college health plan covers 'family planning' services
[17:05]  London library allowing pornography on public computers
[11:10]  Young girls find compassionate refuge in Kenya
[10:05]  What happened in Leipzig around prayers and toppling communism
[09:10]  Tanzania: Catholic prelates urged to be impartial in conflicts
[08:05]  Cardinal: Church’s voice stronger than any lie or manipulation
[07:10]  The court has decided to move the church out of its building
[06:05]  GFA responds as record floods leave millions homeless in India
[04:10]  Civil groups protest new anti-Christian film “Agora”
[02:10]  Cardinal: Venezuelans must fight to preserve religious education
[01:05]  TBN Bible-based theme park targeted for Gay Day
[00:10]  Christians gather in Jerusalem to show support for Israel


[23:05]  World Vision sends emergency supplies to Philippines flood victims
[22:10]  US Lutherans will work together despite differences on gay clergy
[21:05]  Canadian parliament debates euthanasia and assisted suicide bill
[20:10]  American Samoa death toll includes six Baptists
[19:05]  Experts question scientist’s claim of reproducing Shroud of Turin
[18:10]  'Gay Mardi Gras' in New Orleans sparks ministry summit
[17:05]  Nun group under investigation by Vatican praised by U.S. Cardinal
[11:05]  Polish journalist's excommunication blasted after confession ruse
[10:10]  Pope sees changing hearts as challenge for African Church
[09:05]  Second relief worker safe after deadly kidnapping in Congo
[08:10]  Earthquake in Indonesia could spur church growth
[07:05]  Orthodox leader to open global Christian unity meeting in Crete
[06:10]  UK doctors who allowed suicidal woman to die acted lawfully (press)
[05:05]  Pakistani Christian family attacked for refusing to convert
[04:10]  Pastor honoured for role in protests that felled the Berlin Wall
[03:35]  Scottish plan for sex clinics in schools is ‘pouring petrol on a fire’
[03:05]  European Union bishops' group praises Irish Lisbon vote
[02:10]  Texas judge declares state marriage law, DOMA unconstitutional
[01:05]  Church in Honduras urges dialogue to overcome political crisis
[00:10]  Free to Believe campaign launched against resolution


[23:05]  Creationists: 'Ardi' simply an ape that disproves missing link
[22:10]  40 Days for Life in the United States: 123 babies saved
[21:05]  Archbishop thanks God that Rio was selected for Olympic Games
[20:10]  "Concert of the decade" to be broadcast worldwide on Oct. 12
[19:05]  Evangelical archeologists skeptical about 'Joseph coins'
[18:10]  Abortion and gay activist MPs horrify trafficking victim
[17:05]  Pope awards highest honor to EWTN founder Mother Angelica
[11:05]  Benny Hinn was denied entry into the United Kingdom
[10:10]  Pope: Church should not be separated from social and cultural life
[09:05]  China star athlete stands boldly for human rights freedoms
[08:10]  Pro-abortion EU assembly report delayed due to public opposition
[07:05]  Islamic militant in Somalia hunt claims another victim
[06:10]  Only faith and reason together will save man, says Cardinal Re
[05:05]  Christian arrested for attempting to free his kidnapped daughter
[04:10]  Irish electorate votes Yes in referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
[03:05]  Swaziland: Organization condemns violence against journalists
[02:10]  Band organizes concert to aid victims of Samoa quake
[01:05]  China's constellation of lost cities of countless millions
[00:10]  Birth rates in the United States dropped by 2 percent in 2008


[23:05]  A Bible translation ministry helps Peru prepare for the future
[22:10]  Colorado ministry mobilizes prayer 'watchmen'
[21:05]  US judge upholds ‘under God’ phrase in Pledge of Allegiance
[20:10]  183 Congressional reps: No abortion coverage, or no health-care bill
[19:05]  Catholic University of America’s president to step down in 2010
[18:10]  California City Council OKs prayers in Jesus’ name
[17:05]  Suicide Memorial Day brings hope to mourners
[11:05]  Christians worldwide to pray for peace of Jerusalem
[10:10]  The pastor of New Life Church in Belarus was again fined
[09:05]  A “Centre for Pastoral Support” is to be founded in the coming year
[08:10]  Philippines still reeling from first typhoon as second disaster strikes
[07:05]  Famous Cibeles Square to welcome Benedict XVI for WYD 2011
[06:10]  Guinea: security forces committed brutal attacks on mass rally
[05:05]  Baptist church in Russia persecuted for holding religious service
[04:10]  Europe needs more priests, says Cardinal Peter Erdö
[03:05]  Open Doors mobile medical clinics impact northern Iraq
[02:10]  Christian radio encourages survivors of tsunami in Samoan Islands
[01:05]  Azerbaijan: Police deports local-born Baptist - with no documentation
[00:10]  Pope Benedict calls for revolution of holiness in Africa


[15:05]  Cardinal: Extreme poverty is also a violation of human rights
[12:10]  Convert from Hinduism attacked by Hindu extremists
[09:05]  Agenda announced for U.S. bishops’ Fall general assembly
[06:10]  The Untold Story of America's pregnancy resource centers
[03:05]  U.S. schools called to share clean water with Ugandan kids
[00:10]  Pope raises attacks on Christians with Pakistan president


[21:05]  Baptist missionaries: Hindu idol worship stirs Christian witness (press)
[18:10]  Abortion support is at new low among certain Catholics
[12:10]  50 relief crews working in Atlanta ravaged by flooding (photoreport)
[09:05]  Tony Blair shoe-in for president of Europe if Irish vote Yes on Lisbon
[06:10]  Islamic extremists in Somalia kill another church leader
[03:05]  Church in Brazil celebrates national week for life
[00:10]  US educators and students see philosophical inquiry fading (press)


[21:05]  US homeschooling protection hero close to death
[18:10]  Typhoons flood the Philippines, Joyce Meyer Ministries brings help
[15:05]  Islamic lessons are discriminatory, says Pakistan church group
[15:05]  Debate about Stalin era continues in Russian church
[12:10]  Countdown for the London 2012 Olympic outreach
[09:05]  At least 23 killed after church collapses in Nepal
[06:10]  Release Christians to mark China anniversary says cardinal, bishop
[03:05]  Human irresponsibility to blame for Manila deluge say churches
[00:10]  Canadian Catholic bishop charged with import of child porn


[23:05]  Cuba detains political opponent and places him on summary trial
[22:10]  Religious ornaments for 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree baned
[21:05]  Eduardo Verástegui visits prisoners to talk about second chances
[20:10]  US will restore $50 million in funding for abstinence education
[19:05]  Planned Parenthood honors Tiller with highest award
[18:10]  Bill Donohue sees double standard in Hollywood treatment of Polanski
[17:05]  US espionage expert says Pope's death plot linked to Polish priests
[11:05]  Project Hope brings Christmas, Christ to Russian children
[10:10]  Iran, intent on nukes, poses 'critical test' for civilized world
[09:05]  More pro-life voices plead for No vote in Irish Lisbon Referendum
[08:10]  Nine Chinese Christian leaders kidnapped by the police
[07:05]  World Congress of Catholic doctors to be held in Lourdes in 2010
[06:10]  1300 pro-life demonstrators marched through Berlin
[05:05]  Tony Blair’s seminar series to address worldwide economic crisis
[04:10]  A ministry awaits word from partners as Indonesia staggers to her feet
[03:05]  Pope to visit Britain in 2010: Let the Catholic-bashing begin
[02:10]  Bishops of Brazil support conscientious objection
[01:05]  Church of God in Christ endorses health reform bill
[00:10]  City Life ministry brings the mission world to youth
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