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[23:05]  Missouri government lauded for pregnancy funding
[22:10]  Obama includes homosexual couples in "National Family Day"
[21:05]  Alarmed by tone of public debate, US church council calls for civility
[20:10]  ‘Demand Your Dignity’ tells women not believe the culture's lies
[19:05]  Evangelist Roberts Liardon leads London Bible College
[18:10]  Florida Catholic bishops oppose personhood amendment
[17:05]  Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Minorities to visit UK
[11:05]  Philippines archbishop praises ‘heroic’ response to typhoon
[10:10]  Belarus offiacials continue illigal actions against the church
[09:05]  Vatican: Sex abuse in Catholic Church was homosexual problem
[08:10]  Pastor in India seriously wounded by suspected Hindu extremists
[07:05]  Archbishop of Toledo: new law has 'little to do with sexual health'
[06:10]  Anglican congregation is growing fast in Mozambique
[05:05]  Pope: divorce is contributing to the "demolishing" of the family
[04:10]  Islamic extremists in Somalia hunting Christians
[03:05]  UK charity say keeping people in church is the real challenge
[02:10]  Honduran instability threat leaves uncertainty hanging over ministry
[01:05]  Kirk Cameron shown no "tolerance" toward his beliefs on evolution
[00:10]  North American and African churches partner together to bring relief


[23:05]  Bishops deplore electronic bingo and instant divorce bills in Brazil
[22:10]  New "bread banks" help collect money for world hunger
[21:05]  Hardcore adult porn contributes to child sexual abuse: MIM report
[20:10]  Archbishop explains how Church defends dignity of women
[19:05]  Kenya Lutheran rebukes US counterparts on same sex unions
[18:10]  38 babies saved since beginning of 40 Days for Life Campaign
[17:05]  Thousands of Muslims gathered on Capitol Hill to pray
[10:10]  Vietnam officials continue confiscation of church land
[09:05]  Philippine churches work frantically on relief for storm victims
[08:10]  Iraqi archbishop hopes Middle East synod will be ‘new Pentecost’
[07:05]  New UN head says homosexuality "totally unacceptable"
[06:10]  Slovak church leader urges reconciliation with Hungarians
[05:05]  Pope: truth and Christianity the foundation of a just society
[04:10]  Ministry celebrates Bucharest birthday with unusual gift
[03:05]  Israel rabbis' group seeks forgiveness for behaviour to Palestinians
[02:10]  Marriage issue in Washington state tight in polls
[01:05]  ND bishop asks priests to spend an hour outside abortion facility
[00:10]  Georgia flooding activates disaster relief teams


[23:05]  Right to health care is grounded in sanctity of human life
[22:10]  Tremendous spiritual growth at Shepherds College
[21:05]  Two California illegal abortion accomplices sentenced
[20:10]  The issue of "gay marriage" in public schools is center in Maine
[19:05]  Jeremy Reynalds of Joy Junction: “Rock Star” to the homeless
[18:10]  Canadian official may appeal ruling on polygamy charges
[17:05]  US Senator Jim DeMint book counters socialist agenda
[11:05]  Sudan: bishop asks for international aid in wake of guerilla attacks
[10:10]  Qatar authorities to build the biggest Central Asian mosque
[09:05]  There is risk that Christianity will be marginalized from public life
[08:10]  Nine Fijian Methodist Church leaders return to court
[07:05]  Vatican official: Church insists on solidarity with refugees
[06:10]  Literacy in India helps women to find Christ and change lives
[05:05]  Irish candidates for priesthood reach 10-year high
[04:10]  UK already has a "government policy of silent euthanasia"
[03:05]  “Self jihad” terrorist attempting to bomb Dallas skyscraper thwarted
[02:10]  Pope tells Czech faithful: Christ is mankind’s certain hope
[01:05]  Rowan Williams tells Japanese students of secular thinking 'pitfalls'
[00:10]  Polish priest fined for comparing abortion to Holocaust


[15:05]  Catholic university in Philippines holds inter-faith week
[12:10]  Pastor appreciation month observed in October every year
[09:05]  New York physician named Catholic Doctor of 2009
[06:10]  Planned Parenthood facility to close in Kirksville, Missouri
[03:05]  Spanish court rules in favor of 300 cases of conscientious objection
[00:10]  Floods prompt Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deployment


[21:05]  Creation Museum in Kentucky welcomes atheists, critics (press)
[18:10]  Iran leader 'potential Hitler,' says Land after UN speech
[15:05]  New study: Abortion raises risk for subsequent babies
[12:10]  Chynna Phillips, member of Wilson Phillips, has a new reason to sing
[09:05]  Muslim rally prompts calls for Christians to pray and fast
[06:10]  Catholics fined for “offending” woman who sought illegal abortion
[03:05]  Nigerian Christians want government to resolve university strike
[00:10]  Despite violence Christians make up 10% of Vietnam population


[21:05]  Ministry helps build school and shares the Gospel in Papua
[18:10]  How a Lockerbie victim’s sister, met with Muammar Gaddafi (press)
[15:05]  National church leader: Violence escalating in south Sudan
[12:10]  Christian convert couple wins right to asylum in the UK
[09:05]  More than half of teen pregnancies in Spain end in abortion
[06:10]  Kidnapped Christian doctor in Iraq freed in critical condition
[03:05]  International Week of Prayer and Fasting to ask God for mercy
[00:10]  Ottawa 40 Days for Life Campaign off to a great start


[23:05]  'Abortion addict' draws pro-life sympathy with her book
[22:10]  Americans want health care change but not abortion funding
[21:05]  Mexican youth should not be afraid to express their beliefs
[20:10]  US Christian group calls for sanctions on Iran over nuclear issue
[19:05]  Kids Alive exercises caution with possible H1N1 Virus
[18:10]  Uruguayan legislators approve gender change as a "right"
[17:05]  Catholic bioethicist discusses IVF embryo mix-up
[11:05]  Czech Church sees papal visit aiding Christianity not State relations
[10:10]  Bells ring out for Premier Christian Radio station launch
[09:05]  Pope encourages Christians to love the truth and thirst for God
[08:10]  Bishop: Christians suffered violence rather than provoking it
[07:05]  Scotland to allow homosexual partners to adopt children
[06:10]  'Resurgence of evil' in Africa, global attention elsewhere
[05:05]  Spanish pro-lifers prepare massive demonstration in Madrid
[04:10]  Vatican: media is creating confusion over SSPX bishop
[03:05]  China 'house' church razed as Christians brace for 60th anniversary
[02:10]  Kazakhstan: Religious freedom survey, September 2009
[01:05]  Catholics in Australia seeks refugee status for WYD pilgrim
[00:10]  Teen convert Rifqa Bary to remain in Florida for now


[23:05]  IMB sends out 60 missionaries to build the Kingdom
[22:10]  Health care reform must recognize dignity of every person
[21:05]  See You at the Pole marks 20 years of school prayer
[20:10]  Christians concerned upon ousted Honduran president's return
[19:05]  Vancouver Library denies venue to suicide group
[18:10]  Peru: cardinal warns against growing arms race in Latin America
[17:05]  Heavy rains trigger Georgia Baptist disaster relief response
[11:05]  Crackdown continues in Iran; Christians released on bail
[10:05]  Muslims demand arrest of Christians accused of Gojra violence
[09:10]  Development goals must advance amid economic crisis
[08:05]  Karnataka State most dangerous for Christians in India
[07:10]  UK bishops’ call to ‘come as you are’ this ‘Back to Church Sunday’
[06:05]  Vienna Cardinal forbids famous pro-life bishop to attend pro-life rally
[05:10]  Drought continues to starve Kenya's land and people
[04:05]  The church was visited by the representative of US State department
[03:05]  Dominican Republic shields country from abortion and euthanasia
[02:10]  Pastor attacked and beaten up by Hindu radicals in India
[01:05]  US theologian and academic Lew Mudge praised for life's work
[00:10]  Northern Ireland guidelines will establish abortion on demand


[23:05]  Economy forces dioceses to assess ‘rock-bottom values’
[22:10]  Chilean cardinal calls on candidates to stand up for the family
[21:05]  Study examines 34 million American adults with no religion
[20:10]  Former presidential candidate Huckabee wins 2012 straw poll
[19:05]  Cardinal Francis George calls for respect for immigrants
[18:10]  Ministry shares the link between 7,000 gumballs and Bible translation
[17:05]  Church votes to keep Billy Graham’s grandson as its pastor
[11:05]  U.N. asked to pressure Iran on recent human rights abuses
[10:10]  Afghanistan prayer patrol launched in response to rising casualties
[09:05]  Gospel for Asia reaches out to flood victims in India
[08:10]  Vatican official: Families must be protagonists of evangelization
[07:05]  Muslim man beheads Christian in Egypt, stabbed two other
[06:10]  More sharia in Bande Aceh, Christians concerned
[05:05]  Britain won't prosecute assisted suicide: Chief prosecutor
[04:10]  Polish Lutherans shy away from new call for women pastors
[03:05]  Conservative leaders to gather for Values Voters Summit
[02:10]  Pakistani Christians suspect police murdered young believer
[01:05]  Christians will pray for persecuted believers in Uzbekistan
[00:10]  Life Chain to be held across North America on October 4


[23:05]  Local AV integration firm wins national award for church project
[22:10]  Ray Comfort slams The Wall Street Journal for bias
[20:10]  Atheist student groups in US double in size over two years
[19:05]  48% Americans say No to abortion in healthcare: poll
[18:10]  School officials found not guilty of violating prayer ban
[17:05]  Royal College promotes a culture of death in Queensland
[11:05]  British Christian nurse ordered to remove cross from her neck
[10:10]  Uganda: More older men join seminary to be priests
[09:05]  Irish Catholic bishop OK's Yes vote on the Lisbon Treaty
[08:10]  Church workers' killings are attacks against Christianity
[07:05]  Continuity on the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement (press)
[06:10]  “The Message of the Cross” goes to the ends of the earth
[05:05]  Art Festival effects change in Next Generation Christians
[04:10]  Ethiopian convert remains jailed for handing out Bibles
[03:05]  Pakistan court releases 18 Muslims held for Gojra violence
[02:10]  Eritrea evangelical believers imprisoned with no sentence
[01:05]  Czech Republic must rediscover hope, says Holy Father
[00:10]  State must respect parents' wishes in religious education


[14:10]  Two priests to host movie review show on CatholicTV
[11:05]  Pro-life women target 12 in Congress for re-election in 2010
[08:10]  Notre Dame President announces will join "March for Life"
[05:05]  Vatican official warns priests against relativism in ministry
[02:10]  More Christians die in Eritrea's military concentration camps


[23:05]  Ontario Catholic School defends right to focus hiring on Catholics
[20:10]  400 attack house church members in Shanxi province
[17:05]  Cardinal Pell to participate in Festival of Dangerous Ideas
[14:10]  Retired military officer elected Nigeria's new Anglican primate
[11:05]  Opposition to U.K. TV abortion ads delays implementation
[08:10]  Ghanaian pastors changed by leadership conference
[05:05]  Cardinal Bertone calls bishops to 'infect' others with love of Christ
[02:10]  Business as missions creates new opportunities to share Gospel


[23:05]  Florida high school officials going to court for praying
[20:10]  Female senior pastors in US Protestant churches double says study
[17:05]  Nashville passes "sexual orientation" and gender identity law
[14:10]  Czech pro-life group urges NO to Irish Lisbon Vote
[11:05]  Africa: Holy See raises alert over fake drugs sold to continent
[07:05]  Man framed with Koran desecration dies in police custody
[04:10]  Romanian church welcomes law keeping religion as school subject
[01:05]  UK churches take to the airwaves to extend warm welcome
[00:10]  Traditional marriage is discriminatory, DOMA opponents charge


[23:05]  Japan Christians want PM to resign as new constitution advisor
[22:10]  Franciscan U. students launch pro-life response to G-20 summit
[21:05]  In Maine, gay marriage TV advertisement war begins
[20:10]  Asian Church charities reflect on Christian outreach in wake of typhoon
[19:05]  Bishop Doran weighs in against Obama health care overhaul
[18:10]  Gospel artist Kirk Franklin safe after Ugandan riot
[17:05]  Ministers still concerned for teen convert’s safety
[11:05]  Spanish cardinal warns against new abortion bill
[10:10]  Catholic Church installs successor for Mugabe critic
[09:05]  Early symbol depicting Judaism found in Galilee
[08:10]  Ukraine prevented adoption by Elton John and gay partner
[07:05]  Bishop: family cannot be defined by governments
[06:10]  Former Palestinian terrorist embraces Jesus, Jews (press)
[05:05]  Persecution continues; Indian Christians accused of murder
[04:10]  Vatican newspaper gushes over pro-abortion Tony Blair
[03:05]  German bishop urges N. Koreans to obey 'God' rather than 'man'
[02:10]  Media group in Saudi Arabia launches Ramadan website
[01:05]  Vigil for slain Michigan pro-lifer draws hundreds of mourners
[00:10]  Colombians using Facebook to marshal opposition to abortion clinic


[23:05]  Global Action improves odds of fulfilling the Great Commission
[22:10]  Argentinean archbishop wary of state controlling media
[21:05]  Planned Parenthood to close five clinics in Indiana
[20:10]  Pierre Trudeau among first inductees to Vancouver "Queer Hall of Fame"
[19:05]  Ministry stresses importance of putting Christ first
[18:10]  American singer will promote domestic violence awareness
[17:05]  3,000 voters in Maine gathered for rally to protect marriage
[10:10]  Lithuanian bishops critical of plans to quicken divorce
[09:05]  Patriarch: Future of Christians in Holy Land is uncertain
[08:10]  Buckner and Baylor partnership provides education Kenyans
[07:05]  British bishop: new atheist book ignores biblical scholarship
[06:10]  Indian abortion proponents "stumped" by growing death of girls
[05:05]  Congo church leaders want death penalty on Norwegians rescinded
[04:10]  Sudan talks fail; radio team in place to broadcast hope
[03:05]  Pakistan National Education Policy 2009 condemned
[02:10]  Bishop: Adoption by homosexuals is step backwards in Uruguay
[01:05]  Convictions overturned for jailed Mexican Christians
[00:10]  40 Days for Life campaign extends to 7 Canadian cities


[23:05]  Publisher apologizes for Sen. Kennedy memorial prayer
[22:10]  Rep.: Health care plan would lead to abortion increase
[21:05]  Ministry responds to Guatemalan food shortage ’calamity’
[20:10]  Murdered pro-life activist was a Catholic - priest extends condolences
[19:05]  Federal court blocks release of Washington petition names
[18:10]  Ministers say threat of radical Islam worse than on 9/11
[17:05]  Wedgwood Church remembered: Shootings killed 7
[11:05]  Egypt: police arrest 150 Christians for 'interrupting' Ramadan fast
[10:10]  SAT-7 PARS broadcasts encouragement to Iran
[09:05]  Film about missionary to China screened at Venice Film Festival
[08:10]  Pakistan Church set on fire over blasphemy accusation
[07:05]  Church in Slovakia welcomes UN Population Fund pullout
[06:10]  Missionaries challenge Ghanians to respond to the Great Commission
[05:05]  Spanish doctors will choose jail over committing abortion
[04:10]  Church ‘firebombed’ in Egypt ‘after opposition from Muslims'
[03:05]  South Africa: bishops deny church to OK gay blessings
[02:10]  Bishop: Torture must never be used, even to fight terrorism
[01:05]  Rape victim: God gave love for unborn child just before abortion (press)
[00:10]  Women hold prayer vigil outside Iranian embassy in London


[14:10]  Artists from around the world to meet with Pope Benedict
[11:05]  British Christians urged to help children in poverty
[08:10]  Rwanda: Catholic priest honored again for saving 3,000 Tutsis
[05:05]  N.J. school district’s ban on Christmas music singles out Christianity
[02:10]  Christians in Nigeria remember victims of Boko Haram crisis


[23:05]  Archbishop: Legalization of drugs would send wrong message
[20:10]  U.S. congressmen defend religious freedom in China
[17:05]  Toronto homosexualists push to host $10 million "pride" parade
[14:05]  Russia’s mission in becoming center of Christian World - the priest
[11:05]  Open Doors brings hope and healing to martyr orphans
[08:10]  Priesthood is not a career, Vatican cardinal says
[05:05]  Deaf church in Brentwood, Tenn. is a hub for ministry, missions
[02:10]  Uzbekistan: Baptists face up to three years' imprisonment


[23:05]  Tens of thousands to protest Obamacare in Washington
[20:10]  Press: Normalizing transgenderism in American schools (press)
[17:05]  Dr. Charles Stanley celebrates 40 years of ministry
[14:10]  Cardinal Bertone: Church prevents man from destroying himself
[11:05]  Breaking: Pro-life activist shot and killed in Michigan
[08:10]  The New Life church has addressed in the United Nations
[05:05]  Christian leaders take ownership of rebuilding Uganda
[02:10]  Baptist minister supports Prime Minister during flap over Lockerbie bomber


[23:05]  Christians focus on outreach as 911 is remembered
[22:10]  After more than 20 years, Cuban dissidents still looking for freedom
[21:05]  Spare change helps Bethany find homes for older kids
[20:10]  Health care petition signed by 1.3M delivered to Congress
[19:05]  Mexican bishop calls for prayers after murder of candidate and his family
[18:10]  Catholics in Maine step up fight against same-sex "marriage" bill
[17:05]  Photographer creates 21st century portrait of Jesus
[11:05]  U.K. pro-life leader: WWII pales in comparison to the death-toll of abortion
[10:10]  A wave of government harassment in Iran causes believers concern
[09:05]  Bishop delighted as accused soccer fan is released from jail
[08:10]  Worldwide Christian Schools reach out to slumdogs in India
[07:05]  Christians in Iraq survive amidst fear and violence, bishop says
[06:10]  Kenyan archbishop asks for price controls to alleviate food crisis
[05:05]  Sudanese female ‘indecent trouser journalist‘ will keep up campaign
[04:10]  British doctors left premie to die: at 21 weeks, baby "just a fetus"
[03:05]  Vatican dicastery organizes congress on family evangelization
[02:10]  National Talent Competition announces its winners
[01:05]  Detained Christians in Iran are released on bail
[00:10]  Compassion International encourages support, despite U.S. aid cuts


[23:05]  Chilean bishop: Church has right to speak out on electoral issues
[22:10]  Archdiocese of Detroit announces major restructuring and job cuts
[21:05]  Al-Qaida cell tried to kill Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair in Gaza
[20:10]  Costa Rican legislators consider taking ‘God’ from oaths
[19:05]  First US bishop to decry the "scandal" of the Kennedy funeral
[18:10]  Guam Catholics hold symposium on implications of same-sex unions
[17:05]  Head-counting begins as President Obama prepares address
[10:10]  Nepal Christian groups hail arrest of alleged Hindu bombers
[09:05]  Pro-life demonstrators protest abortion party in Vienna
[08:10]  Catholic agency faults education budget cut in Sudan
[07:05]  Israeli pro-life organization warns of demographic threat
[06:10]  British Methodists step up protests over Fiji junta
[05:05]  Europe Commission approves millions for Food Aid in Africa
[04:10]  Threats against Jerusalem met by growing prayer movement
[03:05]  Anglican church condemns former Harare bishop Kunonga
[02:10]  Priest who worked for human rights murdered in Philippines
[01:05]  Chinese believers tried for disturbing the peace and other charges
[00:10]  Vatican warns Italian priests who approved of Eluana Englaro killing


[23:05]  By providing clean water to next generation, LWI helps break the cycle
[22:10]  New service to help property owners bar abortions from their land
[21:05]  Lancaster bishop’s marriage prep discussed at Vatican conference
[20:10]  Southern Baptists tackle hunger -- both physical and spiritual
[19:05]  Pro-lifers arrested at Notre Dame still facing jail time
[18:10]  Boesak urges Christians to challenge 'destructive' global system
[17:05]  Episcopalian community enters the Catholic Church in Maryland
[11:05]  Reach Global says starvation is affecting three villages in Sudan
[10:10]  Kyrgyzstan: New law to introduce controls on religious education
[09:05]  Ukrainian Orthodox Association of the UOC Created in Norway
[08:10]  Presidents of global church group rue lack of women in top posts
[07:05]  Thousands of Christian pilgrims invade Jerusalem
[06:10]  Economic crisis a struggle for some, life-threatening for others (press)
[05:05]  Anglican Archbishop urges Madagascan leaders to put people first
[04:10]  Pope: Catholic Church must renew its efforts to evangelize
[03:05]  Open Doors launches ministry for traumatized Iraqi children
[02:10]  Dates set for Prayer Focus for International Students in the US
[01:05]  Russians approve of introducing Orthodox religion in schools
[00:10]  Five Christians killed by Muslim extremists in Pakistan


[23:05]  Best-selling Bible translation to be revised for the first time
[22:10]  Euthanasia is being practiced in the Czech Republic
[21:05]  Abortion hot lines: A new attack on the unborn in Latin America
[20:10]  College students bring Gospel to poor regions of Ecuador
[19:05]  American street preacher wins his free speech case
[18:10]  Catholic church in Arizona sues authorities to ring its bells
[17:05]  Christians defend the teen who ran away from Muslim parents
[11:05]  Leader of UN population fund calls for global abortion funding
[10:10]  Indian Christians mourn state leader who fought for Dalits
[09:05]  Sichuan relief workers tried for ’disturbing the peace’
[08:10]  Christians arrested for operating boys’ hostel in India
[07:05]  Flooding affects child ministry in Burkina Faso, Africa
[06:10]  Ukraine lowers tariff for natural gas for religious organizations
[05:05]  Sudan Christians pray for end of violence by LRA rebels
[04:10]  Vatican welcomes Lutheran's election to lead world church council
[03:05]  Queensland’s Sunshine Coast honoured lives of Allan and Kari Taylor
[02:10]  Biblica dedicates NIV like Kiswahili Bible translation in Kenya
[01:05]  Polish bishops: abortion support risks excommunication
[00:10]  German Catholic bishop says Luther is a 'fascinating personality'


[11:05]  Iran parliament approves first female cabinet minister
[08:10]  Abortion doctor in the U.S. reports threat; arrest follows
[05:05]  Church missions spread in Nigeria despite Muslim harassment
[02:10]  Mexican state passes pro-life amendment, 21-0


[23:05]  Ministry to battle child slavery and prostitution in Africa
[20:10]  Christians sentenced to prison for aiding North Korean refugees
[17:05]  "God's verdict" more important to Canadian PM than historians'
[14:10]  Bishops: State has duty to provide security to citizens
[11:05]  Scottish Christian will take his case to European Court
[08:10]  Quebec homeschoolers have to learn that homosexuality is OK
[05:05]  US Jews, seeking allies, reach out to Latino evangelicals
[02:10]  Televangelist Pat Robertson recovering from heart surgery


[23:05]  Mexican bishop: Natural disasters are call to Christian solidarity
[20:10]  After signature push, Maine set for historic 'gay marriage' vote
[17:05]  Trial under way will determine fate of banned Gospel tracts
[14:05]  Spanish abortion reforms offer least protection for unborn
[12:10]  ‘Female suicide bomber’ exhibit sparks fury in Israel
[09:05]  German priest working with AIDS orphans to stay in S. Africa
[06:10]  Report on the condition of Christian detainees in Evin prison
[03:05]  Pro-family candidate Stephen Burgmeier loses tight Iowa race
[00:10]  CBS airs "most vile, obscene" attack on Catholic Church


[23:05]  15th Mexican state protects unborn by changing its constitution
[22:10]  D.C. Archbishop joins black pastors in same-sex "marriage" fight
[21:05]  Ministry in Haiti faces a lightning hit in a summer of challenge
[20:10]  Bishops bring Catholic social teaching to bear on health care reform
[19:05]  Venezuela: schools will be used to impose Communist ideology
[18:10]  Illinois pharmacy owners win preliminary injunction
[17:05]  Ben & Jerry's renames ice cream to support gay "marriage" in Vermont
[11:05]  Festival of Christian Music and Culture Held in Ukraine
[10:10]  Taiwan Presbyterians ask Obama to review China-Taiwan policy
[09:05]  Gaza ‘islamization’ continues, schoolgirls told ‘cover up’
[08:10]  Operation Mobilization ministries serve women worldwide (press)
[07:05]  Controversial U.K. mayor pledges end to political correctness
[06:10]  World church body urges Pakistan to repeal blasphemy law
[05:05]  Kids Alive is reaching out to the street kid population in Sudan
[04:10]  India might accept court ruling that legalizes homosexual sex acts
[03:05]  Kenyan vice president says 'fidelity' key to stopping HIV spread
[02:10]  Changes drive new openness for ministry team in Japan
[01:05]  Ministry of Culture demands pro-lifers pay back money used for march
[00:10]  USA: Schism pushes 10 Episcopal nuns to join Catholic Church


[23:05]  Marriage advocates collect enough signatures ballot measure
[22:10]  Attorney: Ohio mosque a threat to runaway teen
[21:05]  Argentinean cardinal: Culture of death always leads to failure
[20:10]  Churches in America unite for a Season of Service
[19:05]  Same-sex 'marriages' began in Vermont on September 1
[18:10]  Illinois pro-life clinic to offer women alternative to Planned Parenthood
[17:05]  Christians to pray as White House observes Ramadan
[11:05]  Africa: Global inter-faith forum to study continent situation
[10:10]  Norway government praises new world churches' leader
[09:05]  Cherie Blair demands Catholic Church rescind contraception ban
[08:10]  Christians arrested in Pakistan for eating during Ramadan
[07:05]  Rwanda: Businessman in genocide trial for church massacre
[06:10]  Medical Journal blames disabled people "who want to live"
[05:05]  Pope praying for spread of Gospel and Christian courage
[04:10]  Lockerbie victim's father defends 'Christian' Scotland after release
[03:05]  Spanish bishop: Religious freedom bill an attack against Christians
[02:10]  Blogger arrested for challenging media distortions of Pope's speech
[01:05]  Monk-missionary invents online game to attract youth to churches
[00:10]  Catholic Health Association denies endorsement of health care bill


[23:05]  Fireproof: The Novelization still blazing on bestseller lists
[22:10]  Astronaut takes Christian missions history into orbit
[21:05]  Faith Comes By Hearing and mobilize audio Scripture
[20:10]  Bolivian bishop calls for respectful and honest campaign season
[19:05]  Carrie Prejean sues Miss California USA for "religious discrimination"
[18:10]  Mexico's new law on narcotics a 'tragic surrender'
[17:05]  Pro-Life champion bishop Joseph F. Martino retires
[11:05]  Tony Blair: Nations of the world must listen to the Catholic Church
[10:10]  Tippit ministers to pastors in Ghana; your prayer is needed
[09:05]  Iran: Christians summoned to the office of Ministry of Information
[08:10]  Three hundred spread Gospel in French tourist towns
[07:05]  South Korea may ban missionary work in Middle East
[06:10]  Religious leaders appear in Top 100 List of Most Influential Ukrainians
[05:05]  Austrian bishops blast Vienna Mayor for abortion anniversary party
[04:10]  Darfur bishop warns that war in west of Sudan is not over
[03:05]  Partnerships to cultivate church growth in Scotland
[02:10]  Federal suit challenges stem cell funding guidelines
[01:05]  Australian state's police force to get its own Bible
[00:10]  ‘Condom Olympics’ producer: abstinence not ‘right message’
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