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[23:05]  Christian ministry in Ecuador accelerates outreach strategy
[22:10]  Iowa state House race is in 'gay marriage' spotlight
[21:05]  US Jewish group blasts WCC leader on Israel as 'hypocritical'
[20:10]  Ontario Catholic high schools promote modesty in dress code
[19:05]  Kids Alive Care centers give hope to Guatemala's youth
[18:10]  New York bishops seek to defend traditional marriage
[17:05]  Delegation of U.S. bishops visit Zimbabwe, South Africa
[11:05]  150 christians of Iraq face deportation in Sweden
[10:10]  EU can take more refugees Swedish minister tells church group
[09:05]  Orthodox Church consecrated in China for first time in 50 years
[08:10]  Persecution of Christians continues in Kazakhstan
[07:05]  Madrid cardinal: New law on religious freedom unnecessary
[06:10]  New church council leader offers support to indigenous peoples
[05:05]  Supreme Knight: Become Good Samaritans in every aspect of life
[04:10]  British cops witness increase in sex-slave trade
[03:05]  Slovakian president signs abortion informed consent law
[02:10]  Hunger and disease still stalk Kenya and Ethiopia
[01:05]  Scholarship for first 1,000 delegates of Call2All New Zealand
[00:10]  Abortion promoters assail Nicaragua for protecting unborn


[15:05]  C.S. Lewis' devilish tale adapted for stage in U.S. tour
[12:10]  Churches will take part in presidential elections to survive
[09:05]  Argentinean priests: Legalization of drugs leaves addicts helpless
[06:10]  More bloodshed in Iraq, Christians cry out for help
[03:05]  Archbishop: gay unions cannot be equivalent to marriage
[00:10]  Ministry team finds a solid answer to harassment in Egypt


[21:05]  Germany persecutes homeschooling Christian family
[18:10]  Catholics encouraged to protect marriage against redefinition
[15:05]  The Belarus public supports New Life in straggle for their building
[12:10]  A year on from the Orissa violence, prayers for peace in India
[09:05]  Tribals seek permission to sell their children in India
[06:10]  Hurricane Ike recovery "only half done" in Galveston, reports CRWRC
[03:05]  Washington gay partner referendum nears ballot
[00:10]  President Obama's Vatican ambassador arrives in Rome


[21:05]  Link between Nazi eugenics and ObamaCare reform exposed
[20:10]  Lutheran HealthCare hosts Brooklyn’s newest Farmer's Market
[18:10]  Kazakhstan: "Such preaching is prohibited by our law"
[15:05]  Israeli school children clean up Sea of Galilee
[12:10]  German High Court declared homosexual adoptions legal
[09:05]  Norwegian Lutheran elected to lead World Council of Churches
[06:10]  Iraqi archbishop ‘more pessimistic than ever’ about Christians’ future
[03:05]  Lutheran Medical Center named Top 100 Hospital
[02:10]  Authors will give away thousands of books on Deeper conference
[01:05]  Fireproof film will debute on Blu-ray™ High-Def in September
[00:10]  First Ukrainian Greek-Catholic charismatic pilgrimage


[23:05]  ‘Freedom Federation’ says health bill must protect life
[22:10]  Archdiocese of San Francisco to host Gabriel Project conference
[21:05]  Court: Delaware sports gambling violates federal law
[20:10]  U.S. shuttle is taking a piece of Nate Saint's Piper PA-14 on 'Discovery'
[19:05]  Sen. Edward M. Kennedy leaves mixed Catholic legacy
[18:10]  "Scandalous" failure to report accurate abortion numbers (press)
[17:05]  ‘Catholics Come Home’ campaign to be launch in Sacramento
[10:10]  The Bible is the most powerful tool to share the Gospel with Muslims
[09:05]  Ghana: Archbishop asks Catholics to fight legalization of abortion
[08:10]  Polish German bishops plead for peace at WW2 anniversary
[07:05]  Claretians re-elect Father Abella as Superior General
[06:10]  Ministry staff update following attacks in Karnataka
[05:05]  Pope: Human progress depends on care for the environment
[04:10]  Justice generation challenged to speak out for North Korean Christians
[03:05]  Irish Church announces 36 new seminarians to begin studies
[02:10]  Uzbekistan: Prison sentences for registered worship service
[01:05]  Greatest story ever told gets the Hollywood treatment


[23:05]  Screenwriter of Basic Instinct to pen film on Our Lady of Guadalupe
[22:10]  U.K. girl taken away from parents put up for adoption (press)
[21:05]  Women in SD must be told unborn child is a human being
[20:10]  Man captures historic footage in non-Christian country
[19:05]  Academy Award nominee to film movie on Opus Dei founder
[18:10]  Mexico symposium to network religious freedom advocates
[17:05]  Pentecostal pastor leads tent revival in the Hamptons
[11:05]  Pastor of New life church visited the embassy of France
[10:10]  Iran religious minority MPs under pressure to travel to New York
[09:05]  Ukrainian Baptists celebrate 400th anniversary
[08:10]  EU upholds pro-abstinence sex education program
[07:05]  Mickey Rourke thanks God and Catholic faith for 'second chance'
[06:10]  Kenyan Christians and Muslims in a tangle over schools
[05:05]  Pro-life convictions worth risking career for: "The Passion" actor
[04:10]  Archbishop calls for end to anti-Christian violence in India
[03:05]  In Pakistan, another Christian accused of blasphemy
[02:10]  Social networking keeps ministries and supporters in touch
[01:05]  Bob Dylan is recording his first Christmas Album
[00:10]  Citizens in Venezuela denounce new law on education


[23:05]  School official cleared of contempt charge in prayer case
[22:10]  2009 VBS photo contest goes to Salem Baptist Church in Sparta
[21:05]  Conn priest convicted of embezzling $1 million dies of cancer
[20:10]  US Evangelical Lutheran Church approves homosexual clergy
[19:05]  Ministry trains South American indigenous youth to do outreach
[18:10]  Soft drink giant PepsiCo forms gay pride organization
[17:05]  Bishops call on rebels in Colombia to respect lives of priests
[11:05]  'Islamization' of Pakistan takes toll on nation's Christians
[10:10]  A priest opens pet's corner in his church near St. Petersburg
[09:05]  Christian volunteers gunned down following summer camps
[08:10]  Shelved worship law clouds Kazakhstan Church-State relationship
[07:05]  Irish Cardinal opposes same-sex civil unions legislation
[06:10]  World Vision’s educational project is impacting life in Zambia
[05:05]  Belarus: Authorities try to expel church from its own building
[04:10]  Mercy Project team experienced some miracles in Ukraine
[03:05]  Audience not convinced by prosecution in case of Christian
[02:10]  Christians call for rejection of sharia-inspired bills in Indonesia
[01:05]  Vatican denies liturgical reforms being formalized
[00:10]  S. African Catholic report warns on impact of rising food costs


[11:05]  Trial date set for court challenge to California's Proposition 8
[08:10]  Belarus pastors addressed to the President of the country
[05:05]  Ukraine Prime Minister wants spiritual education in the country
[02:10]  Christian attorney: "Let him die with dignity"


[23:05]  Argentinean bishops call for protection of children’s rights
[20:10]  Forty Days for Life prepares fall campaign in 209 cities
[17:05]  George Beverly Shea receives honor in his hometown
[14:10]  Gynecologists in Spain choose jail rather than perform abortions
[11:05]  Lao soldiers decapitated a two-month-old girl, Christians suffer
[08:10]  100,000 Chinese and English New Testaments to be distributed
[05:05]  Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian chooses life
[02:10]  Joyner launches initiative to bring 'profound change'


[23:05]  Alaskan mayor vetoes homosexual anti-discrimination law
[20:10]  Bishop Nickless provides deeper insight into health care reform
[17:05]  Mike Huckabee, in Jerusalem, pushes one-state solution
[14:10]  Officials in India on defensive at ‘watch list’ designation
[11:05]  Vatican paper delves into new Twilight movie
[08:10]  2,000 Pakistani Christians living in fear of typhoid
[05:05]  UK nurses assisted suicide stance changed to neutral
[02:10]  Church of Scotland welcomes decision to release Lockerbie bomber
[01:05]  Traditionalist Catholics attack, expel Christians in Mexico
[00:10]  Australia Court legally recognizes two women as men


[23:05]  Wife of Ted Haggard, Gayle, to publish memoir
[22:10]  Caribbean islanders warmly welcome Logos Hope crew
[21:05]  Americans believe the health care plan will cover abortions
[19:05]  Oklahoma pro-life abortion ultrasound law overturned
[18:10]  Southern California Harvest draws record crowd of 126,000 people
[17:05]  Canadian woman priest named to prominent Anglican post
[11:05]  Christians urged to pray for imprisoned converts in Iran
[10:10]  Vietnam: brutality against Christians confronted through prayer
[09:05]  Afghanistan's election is uppermost in Christian minds
[08:10]  Battle lines drawing up in Ireland's Lisbon Treaty Referendum
[07:05]  Pro-family leaders from 63 countries attend World Congress of Families
[06:10]  Protestants organized youth art-festival in Ukraine
[05:05]  New Life church appeals to the international community
[04:10]  Young believer badly beaten by angry villagers in India
[03:05]  Pope: Proper formation is crucial to renewing the priesthood
[02:10]  Christian group denounces anti-Muslim text messages in N. Nigeria
[01:05]  Merkel: EU legislation does not curb religious freedom


[22:10]  Vocational school grows in recognition and numbers
[21:05]  World Relief Minnesota appoints new executive director
[20:10]  Obama to discuss health reform with faith community
[19:05]  Pro-сhoice interviewer surprised by her reaction to witnessing abortion (press)
[18:10]  U.S. Lutheran convention establishes low threshold for gay vote
[17:05]  800-plus profess Christ at Sturgis motorcycle rally
[10:10]  Prayer for a sick man by Indian pastor leads to death threat
[09:05]  Vatican: Deacons urged to identify with the poor in their ministries
[08:10]  Missionaries attacked, fears abound as Orissa anniversary nears
[07:05]  Some Christian, Muslim leaders back US Somalia military support
[06:10]  30 years of change precedes Afghanistan's elections
[05:05]  Lockerbie bomber steps closer to leaving Scottish prison system (press)
[04:10]  British doctors practicing "slow" euthanasia through deep sedation
[03:05]  First Catholic president of South Korea dies at 85
[02:10]  Pope Benedict XVI sends important diplomat to Venezuela
[01:05]  Illegal stem cell clinic was busted by the police in Hungary
[00:10]  Canadian church leader pledges to build bridges between faiths


[23:05]  British Catholics criticized for supporting Obama on health care
[22:10]  Prayer could land principal and athletic director in jail
[21:05]  Australian quadriplegic wins the "right" commit suicide
[20:10]  Books become prison missionaries in Raleigh, North Carolina
[19:05]  Bishop Finn exhorts pro-life volunteers to prayer and action
[18:10]  Cardinal: Chavez government seeking monopoly on education
[17:05]  Moms & dads not necessary, Justice Dept. says in brief
[11:05]  Taiwan churches urge response to typhoon devastation
[10:10]  Rash of attacks on Christians reported in Sri Lanka
[09:05]  Lutheran leader says food security is also a spiritual challenge
[08:10]  World Congress of Families: Family is fundamental to society
[07:05]  India added to new religious watch list for religious violence
[06:10]  Under-age abortions in Scotland under government sex-ed push
[05:05]  Pakistani police tortured pregnant Christian woman
[04:10]  Missionaries use English lessons to reach members of Parliament
[03:05]  Pope Benedict’s teachings on the family presented in new volume
[02:10]  Ruth Naomi Floyd's exhibit at Philadelphia's White Stone Gallery
[01:05]  Murder of 8 Christians may spark blasphemy law review
[00:10]  The Wrecking band previews 2010 project with new EP


[23:05]  U.S. bishops launch website on health care reform
[22:10]  Pastor Rick Warren: Recession is good time for revival
[21:05]  Creation Museum hosts atheists for tour, exchange of ideas
[20:10]  Canadians 'cry out' on Woodstock Festival anniversary
[19:05]  Planned Parenthood boasting close ties with White House
[18:10]  Mexican Christians jailed for acteal massacre win release
[17:05]  'Rock the River' draws thousands of teens at the Gateway Arch
[10:10]  International attorneys urge Pakistan to end persecution
[09:05]  Harry Potter star blasts parents who oppose gay sex ed in schools
[08:10]  Kenya: Joy as Pokot will be reading Bible in own tongue
[07:05]  Judicial executors have visited the New Life church in Minsk
[06:10]  Anti-Catholic action on Ukrainian “1+1” TV-channel
[05:05]  Kenya would never pass any bill that would allow abortion
[04:10]  Ukrainians demand imprisonment for gay propaganda
[03:05]  Israel considering biometric database for all citizens
[02:10]  Christian lawyer says teen not in danger of honor killing
[01:05]  Missionaries in India attacked and accused of bribery
[00:10]  Catholic convert who was world's oldest student passes away


[15:05]  Monk in Kenya appeals to bishops to stop return to violence
[12:10]  Bishops of Mexico call on drug lords to abandon violence
[09:05]  Russian Church leader vows to work for Russia-Ukraine unity
[06:10]  Michigan Catholics: State budget cuts will heavily impact the poor
[03:05]  Uyghur Christian receives unjust trial; verdict pending
[00:10]  Christians plant the Gospel on 'The Tail of the Dragon'


[21:05]  Church will have no part in health care that destroys life
[18:10]  Pastor Hybels shares leadership strategy after hit by crisis
[15:05]  After 130 years, reservation sees unprecedented response to Gospel
[12:10]  Members of pro-life organizations crash 'death line' in Argentina
[09:05]  Pentecostal denomination in the USA elects new leader
[06:10]  German church opens Web site to mark 'peaceful revolution'
[03:05]  When murder becomes a "human right," the first victim is the truth (press)
[00:10]  Vietnam expands internet censorship to block Catholic websites


[21:05]  3 tortured in Bangladesh for proclaiming Christ
[18:10]  Christian leaders skeptical of newly confirmed Sotomayor
[15:05]  Pakistan churches to hold day of protest on 11 August
[12:10]  US Catholics should expect opposition from secular society
[09:05]  Every Child Ministries lays groundwork for Uganda care plan
[06:10]  Governor Punjab: Pakistani Taliban were behind Gojra killings
[03:05]  Evangelist says revival has hit South Africa
[00:10]  Barack Obama's Kenyan birth document: is it real? (press)


[23:05]  Hong Kong: People turn to religious books in downturn
[22:10]  Executive producer of Fireproof will release his newest book
[21:05]  Archbishop warns Chavez is curtailing democracy in Venezuela
[20:10]  US journalists held in North Korea reunited with loved ones
[19:05]  Oakland abortion 'bubble zone' ordinance upheld by federal judge
[18:10]  Political crisis in Honduras forces cancellation of mission trip
[17:05]  Christians rally to defend prayers in Jesus’ name
[11:05]  Patriarch Kirill is satisfied with his visit to Ukraine
[10:10]  French Minister of Labor: Caritas in Veritate is light 'amidst dark'
[09:05]  The pastor is called again in Office of Public Prosecutor in Belarus
[08:10]  24-hour CCTV surveillance announced for bad parents in Britain
[07:05]  Follow Aquino in opposing tyranny, implore Philippines churches
[06:10]  Video producers needed to tell the stories of four cities
[05:05]  Vatican website celebrates two years, three million visitors
[04:10]  German evangelicals outraged at TV program
[03:05]  Muslim groups threaten more violence in Pakistan
[02:10]  Pennsylvania Supreme Court upholds pornography ban
[01:05]  Nigeria: Eleven churches ruined in ‘Boko Haram’ сhaos
[00:10]  Unknown assailants rob Argentinean bishop and priests


[23:05]  Minsk city executive committee again transferred money to the church
[22:10]  Text messaging helps Pioneers reach Muslims who seek Christ
[21:05]  North Korean leader Kim Jong-il pardons US reporters
[20:10]  Culture watchers: "Bruno" crossed too many social boundaries
[19:05]  Catholic Charities receives federal contract for disaster relief
[18:10]  More Americans pro-life than pro-choice thanks to Obama
[17:05]  Baptist church gives building to another congregation
[11:05]  World students see wall of silence after Iraq attacks on Christians
[10:10]  185 killed in ethnic clashes in Sudan, Catholic Radio says
[09:05]  UK Christians help to deal with teens sending explicit text messages
[08:10]  German Catholic bank apologises for contraceptive investments
[07:05]  Kenyan president praised for commuting 4,000 death sentences
[06:10]  Christians in Pakistan protest lack of protection
[05:05]  Christian film stopped in South Asia by threats from teens
[04:10]  Fear of having children based in "lack of hope": Cardinal Pell
[03:05]  Second victim of church bus crash near Meridian dies
[02:10]  A ministry answers a drought in Kenya with living water
[01:05]  Christian coach sues over dismissal by Muslim principal
[00:10]  Roman Catholic Archbishop in England criticizes Facebook


[23:05]  New music video brings attention on gang violence
[22:10]  Two Episcopal dioceses nominate homosexuals to be bishops
[21:05]  Judge grants temporary restraining order on R-71 names
[20:10]  Uzbekistan: Baptist children's holiday camp attacked
[19:05]  Offices of World Congress of Families conference organizer damaged
[18:10]  Clinton heads to N. Korea to secure release of US reporters
[17:05]  House panel nixes another pro-life effort on health care
[11:05]  A million and a half candles for victims of abortion in Spain
[10:10]  20 years of research take historical Jordanian sites to Italy
[09:05]  Albania considers legalizing same-sex "marriage"
[08:10]  Baptists: Continue defence of religious liberty
[07:05]  Pakistan Parliament condemns killings of Christians
[06:10]  Eight out of 10 European inhabitants are immigrants
[05:05]  A former prime minister of Ethiopia now professes Christ
[04:10]  Missionary pilot dies, three others receive injuries in crash
[03:05]  Pope praying for victims of terrorist attack in Mallorca
[02:10]  Irish pro-life crisis pregnancy centers under attack
[01:05]  Russian Patriarch in Ukraine reiterates unity call in face of divisions
[00:10]  Vietnamese Catholics demand end to persecution
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