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[23:05]  DR Congo: Greedy firms fuel deadly conflict chasing profits
[20:10]  Creflo Dollar makes surprise donation to The Gathering Place
[17:05]  Conservatives deny funding to Montreal gay festival
[14:10]  Catholic priest announces run for Philippines presidency
[11:05]  Church campaigners: Don't trade away the right to food
[08:10]  Turkey said to allow Christian worship at birthplace of St Paul
[05:05]  Oral Roberts University reaches out to Hispanic Pentecostals
[02:10]  Dr. Miguel Diaz will adopt 'common ground approach'


[23:05]  Science czar denies coercive population control views
[20:10]  Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan slam churches for not ordaining women
[17:05]  UK lesbian couple wins fight for IVF at taxpayers expense
[14:10]  Shipment of audio Scripture players needs prayer to get through customs
[11:05]  Cardinal Rouco visits parish scarred by attempted bombing
[08:10]  Christian-backed youth centers vandalized in Israel
[05:05]  Russian president supports religion in schools and in military
[02:10]  Christian shot 8 times for refusing to pay protection money


[23:05]  Vatican and U.S. bishops criticize plan to publicly fund abortion
[20:10]  Bolivian bishops respond to attacks by President Evo Morales
[19:05]  10,000 Muslims laugh at a stand-up comic Rabbi Bob Alper
[18:10]  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs pro-life bills
[17:05]  Christians gather in Washington to show support for Israel
[11:05]  Pakistani pastors organize prayer effort for their country
[10:10]  Christian nurse in United Kingdom forgives her kidnapper
[09:05]  Pope to Tour de France cyclists: use sports to build moral character
[08:10]  European churches call for efforts to overcome new divisions
[07:05]  Network of planes and clinics to serve medical needs in Mozambique
[06:10]  Weeks after their abduction in Yemen Christians still missing
[05:05]  Study: High occurrence in Africa of HIV among homosexual men
[04:10]  Arrest of Pakistani rights leader due to 'anti-Christian bias'
[03:05]  Cardinal Canizares slams Spanish abortion law
[02:10]  Vatican daily recalls 40th anniversary of first lunar landing
[01:05]  Political instability forces ministry to shift to other countries
[00:10]  Mexican bishops call for end to violence in Michoacan


[23:05]  30% of UK women seeking abortion suffer domestic violence
[22:10]  B&H Publishing Group completes Old Testament commentary
[21:05]  Family fulfills mission when it transmits the Gospel
[20:10]  Legislation in Canada would allow to monitor Internet users
[19:05]  Christians show heart for missions with emergency donations
[18:10]  A federal judge throws out challenge to Proposition 8
[17:05]  American adoption groups counter 'Orphan' horror film
[11:05]  Quality in Health Care Award goes to Christian hospital
[10:10]  Switzerland to curb "suicide tourism" with stricter regulations
[09:05]  Church of England accuses government of favoring Muslims
[08:10]  Distribution of booklet alleging Vatican support for Hezbollah halted
[07:05]  Patriarch Kirill recommends to get rid of stress in church
[06:10]  Austrian atheists have launched a poster campaign in Vienna
[05:05]  Polish church rebuffs call for protest Mass against Madonna
[04:10]  Christians have an impact in the wake of the Bhopal tragedy
[03:05]  Maine marriage restoration effort collects signatures
[02:10]  D.C. spending bill paved the way for legalization of marijuana
[01:05]  Swedish MP seeks to force Ireland, EU to accept abortion as "right"
[00:10]  Team rebuilds and expands in 'strategic location' of Chad


[23:05]  25,000 Catholic prayers placed in Israel's Western Wall
[22:10]  Pelosi 'muzzled' opposition to taxpayer-funded D.C. abortions
[21:05]  National newspaper hails Luis Palau Association's ministry
[20:10]  Senate includes homosexuals in hate crimes protection
[19:05]  FIFA tells Brazil’s superstars ’Keep God out of football’
[18:10]  Canadian ethicist argues for need for legal definition of death
[17:05]  Bishop D’Arcy: Tabernacle placement must be 'central and visible'
[11:05]  Bill for repeal of discriminatory laws to be tabled in Pakistan
[10:10]  UK sex education lobby demands end to parents' right to opt-out
[09:05]  Harassment of youth drives four women out of ministry in village
[08:10]  Jerusalem bishop: as in S. Africa, churches key to peace in ME
[07:05]  Ukraine's President took part in a pilgrimage to Zarvanytsya
[06:10]  Italy to sponsor U.N. resolution condemning abortion
[05:05]  French priest in quest to bring Holocaust criminals to book
[04:10]  20,000 march against abortion in Cameroon, Africa
[03:05]  Christian film team beaten, equipment damaged in Asia
[02:10]  Married man and woman ‘gold standard’ in childrearing (press)
[01:05]  Vietnamese Catholics heavily fined under two-child policy
[00:10]  Orthodox Patriarch wants Euro-body with Catholics, Protestants


[15:05]  DR Congo: Churches denying violence against women
[12:10]  Sky Angel welcomes AmericanLife TV Network to channel lineup
[09:05]  Route 96: 3500 Crosses - youth take a stand for life
[06:10]  Anniversary of Rwandan genocide: forgiving the unforgivable
[03:05]  Famed NASA astronauts launch new pro-life ad
[00:10]  Bishop of Santa Rosa encourages Catholics to confession


[21:05]  Internet ministry reaches a million decisions for Jesus in June
[18:10]  Atlanta-area Café 1040 serves up missionaries
[15:05]  Majority of Russians speak for Public Council on Morality at TV
[12:10]  Quebec physicians propose legalized euthanasia
[09:05]  Papal visits to Italian towns confirmed for September
[06:10]  30-Days Muslim Prayer Focus gearing up, Ramadan just weeks away
[03:05]  Ministry in Ecuador leads a Bible study for prison inmates
[00:10]  Maggie Lee Henson, bus crash victim struggles with brain injury


[21:05]  Benny Hinn held a “Conference of fire” in Ukraine (photoreport, exclusive)
[18:10]  Catholic League: Obama-Catholic relations at critical juncture
[15:05]  Officials announce ban on Christianity in Lao village
[12:10]  Irish priest reminds of Catholic teaching on marriage
[09:05]  Translation center to provide hope in war-torn DRC
[06:10]  Don't take up nuclear arms, Christian council urges North Korea
[03:05]  Belarus: Church fined for activity "not according to its statute"
[00:10]  Bishop of Aosta shares details behind Pope’s Alpine vacation


[23:05]  Patriarch Kirill hopes to turn Kiev in a center of Orthodox pilgrimage
[22:10]  Ex-gay ministry expands reach through merger
[21:05]  Archbishop of Baghdad encourages Christians to maintain hope
[20:10]  Hate crimes bill covering gays would get Senate vote Thur.
[19:05]  Homeless narrators will voice new audio Bible version
[18:10]  Former Legion priest discusses way forward for the movement
[17:05]  US Episcopal Church votes to lift ban on consecrating gay bishops
[11:05]  Belarus: Foreign pastor banned from preaching
[10:10]  A Chinese pastor secretly transferred to a labor camp
[09:05]  Kenya: Cardinal says Church can’t police priests on celibacy
[08:10]  Children’s Congress urges end to nuclear weapons
[07:05]  Italy seeks to pass UN resolution condemning coerced abortions
[06:10]  The Gospel changes the lives of orphans at camp in Ukraine
[05:05]  Coalition for Israel welcomes new president of EU-Parliament
[04:10]  Primate of Spain rebukes government claim that abortion is a right
[03:05]  Offer hope to crisis-hit world, European churches' leaders urge
[02:10]  Observers see ‘double standard’ in hearings for Catholic justices
[01:05]  Ukrainian Premier meets with representatives of Council of Churches
[00:10]  Medvedev: tolerance of other faiths key to fight against extremism


[23:05]  Venezuelan bishop defends life, family and freedom of expression
[22:10]  67% of Iowa voters want marriage amendment on ballot
[21:05]  Bethany Christian Services ministry teams up with MTV
[20:10]  Colombian bishops reaffirm unconditional defense of life
[19:05]  Catholics for Kerry leader pleads guilty to prostituting 17-year-old
[18:10]  Rick Warren asks US largest Muslim organization for help
[17:05]  Second Spanish priest found murdered in Havana
[11:05]  Patriarch of Moscow comments on his upcoming visit to Ukraine
[10:10]  Human Rights Court case could be Europe's Roe v. Wade
[09:05]  Election brings hope for change; Christians still persecuted
[08:10]  The Russian Orthodox Church appeals to curb beer promotion
[07:05]  Greek clergy circulate document on 'heresy of ecumenism'
[06:10]  The Church in Burma is growing despite obstacles
[05:05]  Healing ministry pioneer Frances Hunter dies
[04:10]  The hope of Christ meets needs in crisis-torn Zimbabwe
[03:05]  Vatican paper finds good and bad in new Harry Potter movie
[02:10]  Ministry offers Bibles despite attacks on Christians in Pakistan
[01:05]  Pope encourages university students to discuss God in classroom
[00:10]  'American Idol' auditions go to church in Shreveport


[23:05]  Survey: Poles don't want same-sex "marriage", adoption
[22:10]  Youth learn the "Warrior Way," head out to minister on reservations
[21:05]  Obama nominates rural Catholic doctor as Surgeon General
[20:10]  USA: Church bus crashes; 1 killed, 6 in hospital
[19:05]  Student shares March for Life experience in school newsletter
[18:10]  K of C head surveys 'common ground' for U.S.-Catholic relations
[17:05]  In Obama visit, Ghanaians say they are encouraged
[11:05]  A Christian message counters continued disintegration in Iran
[10:10]  U.K. Lords retain free speech amendment in gay hate crimes bill
[09:05]  Vatican newspaper analyzes successful TV series 'House'
[08:10]  Synod rejects cuts for 'top heavy' Church of England
[07:05]  Personal religious arguments result in large-scale violence
[06:10]  Christians in Honduras thankful for president's removal
[05:05]  Venezuelan bishops warn against controversial laws
[04:10]  Website column tells men how to coerce their girlfriends to abort
[03:05]  Amid Kenya's drought, hunger fund feeds thousands
[02:10]  Forum on New Mission Paradigms in Former Soviet Union countries
[01:05]  Allan Carlson addressed economic crisis in Oxford University
[00:10]  75,000 signatures reached in support of Referendum 71


[23:05]  Christian woman to accept Special Olympics award
[22:10]  Louisiana governor signs expanded conscience protection laws
[21:05]  Supreme Court of Canada: Buses cannot refuse political ads
[20:10]  Molly Jenson hits the road on the tour across western states
[19:05]  Pope spoke to Obama on right to life, freedom of conscience
[18:10]  World Changers ministry marks 20,000th home
[17:05]  Canadian prime minister criticised for taking communion
[11:05]  Progressio agency: G8’s 'Warm words' must be followed by action
[10:10]  Vandalism against religious sites growing in Europe
[09:05]  Germany threatens to seize custody of son from homeschooling family
[08:10]  Ministry growth expands to meet vision in Poland
[07:05]  Bethlehem Bible College to host international conference in March
[06:10]  Pope: Technological ‘absolutism’ could lead to ‘dark scenarios’
[05:05]  India accepts challenge to legalization of homosexual sex
[04:10]  4 killed, 32 wounded as 6 Baghdad churches bombed
[03:05]  Church leaders condemn Muslim mob attacks on Christians
[02:10]  Vatican newspaper issues CDF clarification on abortion
[01:05]  Jordan’s youth start campaign to clean-up their country
[00:10]  Media head warns of 'bogus' Catholic Internet sites


[14:10]  Rare theology documents now available online
[11:05]  Archbishop Chaput: News media failing to fulfill its role in our democracy
[08:10]  Burundi invites Food for the Hungry to help eradicate worms
[05:05]  Smiles mark Obama meeting with Russian Patriarch
[02:10]  Death threats make Christians unwilling to testify in court


[23:05]  President of Colombian bishops’ conference: release all hostages
[20:10]  Kazakhstan: Anti-terror police, prosecutor and courts target church
[17:05]  Ruth Ginsburg makes controversial comments on Roe
[14:10]  Baptist response to the Moscow visit of Barack Obama
[11:05]  US Talent Competition announces deadline for artists
[08:10]  Obama to present Pope with stole of St. John Neumann
[05:05]  Jamaica’s Governor General misses church, but is 'sure' of God’s calling
[02:10]  Japan's divorce rate threatens the family unit


[23:05]  First Baptist Church to end Criswell College ownership
[20:10]  Ted Haggard and his wife Gayle speak out (press)
[17:05]  DOMA challengers trying to judicially export gay 'marriage'
[14:10]  Jean Calvin leaves divided legacy in South Africa
[11:05]  Ministry's broadcast still interrupted after elections in Iran
[08:10]  Soccer star Pele: violence is sport’s greatest problem
[05:05]  Methodist Church bans members from joining British National Party
[02:10]  Human Rights Commission ratifies defense of unborn in Puebla


[23:05]  Honduran Christians respond to political unrest with prayer
[22:10]  The song 'I Can Only Imagine' marks 10 years
[21:05]  Canadian 'humble' fund helps churches respond to financial crisis
[20:10]  Fourth adult stem cell research grant announceв in Sydney
[19:05]  Evangelical US pastor Warren asks Muslims for interfaith action
[18:10]  Maine's citizens will get to decide the future of "gay marriage"
[17:05]  First century Holy Land artifact popularized in the U.S.
[10:10]  Youth discussed Christian values in the pubic sphere
[09:05]  European left threatens World Congress of Families V
[08:10]  Uzbekistan: Christian banned from meeting fellow-believers
[07:05]  Big role for small churches says new Scottish leader
[06:10]  Pentecostal church buildings burned down in Tanzania
[05:05]  Shoe project for VBS Congo project opens doors for Gospel
[04:10]  Philippines church worried bombings could trigger more violence
[03:05]  Polish group protests Madonna concert scheduled for August 15
[02:10]  Unite to defend 'moral values' Russian Patriarch urges Orthodox
[01:05]  Fashion show in celebration of life to be held in Toronto
[00:10]  India religious leaders unhappy with court homosexuality ruling


[23:05]  Prayer rised for peace in Jerusalem Prayer Center
[22:10]  Life issue of primary importance for Colombia, says bishop
[21:05]  Best-selling Japanese Catholic psychoanalyst dies
[20:10]  Georgia law first in nation to govern embryo adoption
[19:05]  Barna study: Christianity spreading among Hispanics
[18:10]  New project to support divorced or separated Catholics
[17:05]  Higher fertility needed in Canada says think tank
[11:05]  Italian bishop: The Church says no to sexual degradation
[10:10]  Adviser to Iranian president praises inter-religious dialogue
[09:05]  Women help other women, starting in their own kitchens
[08:10]  Pakistani Christian blasphemy-accused is suffering from heart disease
[07:05]  4th century biblical manuscript now available online
[06:10]  Anglicans who say church is ignoring Scriptures rally in London
[05:05]  Russian Church: New page in relations with Vatican yet to be opened
[04:10]  New Anglican initiative receives unofficial support of the Queen
[03:05]  Maltese newspaper editor on Kmiec’s proposed ambassadorship
[02:10]  Christians help re-establish education programs in Uganda
[01:05]  In advance of G8 Pope urges global order based on moral values
[00:10]  Christian radio stations emphasize prayer amid crisis in Honduras


[23:05]  Abortion facility director pleads for late-term abortion in Canada
[22:10]  Final embryonic stem cell guidelines issued in the U.S.
[21:05]  Team members: Apologetics ministry assaulted at Muslim festival
[20:10]  Medical needs open doors for ministry outreach in Haiti
[19:05]  Gallup: United States growing more conservative? (press)
[18:10]  Vatican expert questions cardinal’s exaltation of Obama
[17:05]  Andrae Crouch singers to perform at Michael Jackson memorial
[11:05]  U.S. president's wife meets with Orthodox sisters of mercy
[10:10]  Holy See's budget shortfall shrinks in 2008
[09:05]  Socialists hiding gay agenda of Education for the Citizenry
[08:10]  Indian Bishops' Council to support family 'unplanning'
[07:05]  Patriarch Kirill has consecrated the first Russian church in Turkey
[06:10]  Algerian pop star sentenced to prison for attempted forced abortion
[05:05]  Pope calls for solidarity in facing economic crisis
[04:10]  Pakistan’s Minister extends support to the distressed Christians
[03:05]  Irish hold large rally to keep their nation ‘abortion-free’
[02:10]  American missionary deported from Kyrgyzstan
[01:05]  British reporter says the UK could become a Muslim nation
[00:10]  Al Franken win hands supermajority to Senate Democrats (press)


[23:05]  International Aid closes after losing millions of dollars
[22:10]  Pastor: Obama has no 'black experience' to speak of
[21:05]  Annual conference offers encouragement to priests in the US
[20:10]  AFA proves PepsiCo sponsors gay pride parades
[19:05]  Great Crate scheduled to skirt dock in Haiti delays
[18:10]  General Electric to use embryonic stem cells for testing
[17:05]  Thirty-seven U.S. Senators call for release of Vietnamese priest Fr. Ly
[11:05]  Israeli Supreme Court declares Messianic bakery ‘kosher‘
[10:10]  First conviction reported in Orissa anti-Christian violence
[09:05]  Russia to restore a destroyed church in Italian town
[08:10]  Christians appeal to Egyptian President for protection
[07:05]  Priest accused of sham marriages appears in UK court
[06:10]  Secret Islamic Sharia Law courts operating in the UK
[05:05]  Kenyan Protestants to take million-signature petition to Hague
[04:10]  Schedule for papal trip to the Czech Republic released
[03:05]  Teens make it possible for young Ugandans to do missions
[02:10]  Geneva celebrates John Calvin’s 500th birthday
[01:05]  Turkish Christians believe Year of St. Paul helped their image
[00:10]  Pope Benedict decries bombing at Philippines cathedral


[15:05]  Turkey may further permit services in Church of St. Paul
[12:10]  Pro-life groups announce new Colorado personhood initiative
[09:05]  Douglas Kmiec nominated as U.S. Ambassador to Malta
[06:10]  Christians in Mauritania tense after murder of aid worker
[03:05]  Victims of June 30 Muslim violence still receive threats
[00:10]  Traditional marriage supporters to file ballot initiative in D.C.


[21:05]  Egypt: impunity fuels persecution (press)
[18:10]  President Obama: Expect a 'robust conscience clause'
[15:05]  Pope accepts resignation of bishop involved in sodomy
[12:10]  Food program to be terminated in Kenya, ministry steps in
[09:05]  World’s strongest woman sponsors poor child from Togo
[07:05]  Muslim extremists in Somalia enforce brutal sharia law
[06:10]  Catholic leaders urge G8 nations to protect the poor
[03:05]  Archbishop: Christians must work with those who win elections
[00:10]  Performer honors late Pope John Paul II in one-man drama


[21:05]  New Orleans gay couple asks to overturn marriage amendment
[18:10]  Christian groups in the US form ‘Freedom Federation’
[15:05]  S African Anglican archbishop condemns doctors' strike
[12:10]  Abortion petition signed by more than 30,000 in Spain
[09:05]  Baptists and Catholics in Italy reach agreement on marriage
[06:10]  Christians: Arrest culprits to restore calm in troubled India state
[03:05]  True Love Waits partners with South African government
[00:10]  UK Conservative leader speaks at gay pride fundraiser


[23:05]  Argentinean archbishop: recent political campaign is 'strange'
[22:10]  Sky Angel Television added to Affinity4 product lineup
[21:05]  Latin American church council says: Restore Honduras democracy
[20:10]  Judge puts kibosh on DC Gay "marriage" referendum
[19:05]  Court permits Prop. 8 backers to defend law for Attorney General
[18:10]  Africa Inland Mission ministry aims at immigrant population
[17:05]  Financially troubled Planned Parenthood of El Paso closes doors
[11:05]  Catholic Cathedral of Moscow welcomes international contest of organists
[10:10]  Benedict XVI urges state aid for victims of extortion
[09:05]  Baptist rescue team offers assistance after Hungarian ice storm
[08:10]  Persecution might mount as Iran seeks scapegoats for protests
[07:05]  Kids removed from UK schools for "inappropriate sexual behavior"
[06:10]  Pope explains mission and meaning of priestly ministry
[05:05]  Pakistani Presbyterian pastor attacked at gunpoint in Karachi
[04:10]  Cardinal Bertone: True culture of peace is born of charity
[03:05]  Maldives: Almost no religious freedom for migrant workers
[02:10]  Man in SUV attempts to run over a pro-life demonstrator
[01:05]  Churchill Downs chaplain sees faith blossom
[00:10]  US Baptists sign letter to Obama on Israeli-Palestinian conflict


[23:05]  Cuban dissident vows not to abandon prisoners of conscience
[22:10]  New technology shows life-size model of unborn child
[21:05]  SGA celebrates 75 years with worship and training
[20:10]  President Obama family's church search continues
[19:05]  Scholars: John Calvin was America’s ’Founding Father’
[18:10]  Obama criticizes 'old attitudes' about homosexuality
[17:05]  Michael Jackson salvation reports ‘not true,’ pastors say
[11:05]  Britain's first 'atheist summer camp' backed by anti-God professors
[10:10]  UK Catholic school bars woman in veil for security reasons
[09:05]  Russian Church welcomes end of casinos in Russia
[08:10]  Ukrainian MPs reject bill to maintain privacy of confession
[07:05]  Italian cardinal: true society must originate in the family
[06:10]  Christians want to stop Somali 'Sharia' amputations
[05:05]  Iran scraps mandatory death penalty for ‘apostates’
[04:10]  Pope reminds new archbishops of their role as shepherds
[03:05]  American couple сalls ‘WWJD’ offensive in class-action suit
[02:10]  Experiment: Swedish parents won't tell if child is boy or girl
[00:10]  Boston Catholic hospitals pull out of abortion venture at 11th hour
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