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[21:05]  Honduras leadership crisis threatens ministry in the country
[20:10]  American evangelists highlight revival preparations
[19:05]  New North American Anglican grouping won't last says gay bishop
[18:10]  Holy See to decide future of a bishop accused of sexual misconduct
[17:05]  U.S. troops 'best of this generation,' top chaplain says
[11:05]  Most Spaniards still marry, but divorce on the rise
[10:10]  Hungary remembers opening of Iron Curtain with mixed feelings
[09:05]  Tribe in Zambia gets clean water after 40 years
[08:10]  Christians will hold a March for Jesus in cities of France
[07:05]  Ireland to institute same-sex civil partnerships within the year
[06:10]  British bishop paints gloomy picture of the Church of England
[04:10]  Cardinal Hummes: No room for pedophiles in priestly ministry
[03:05]  Pentecostal leader named Nigeria's greatest living legend in sms poll
[02:10]  Lithuania president vetoes law banning gay propaganda in schools
[01:05]  Pope: Test ‘seems to confirm’ bone fragments are St. Paul’s
[00:10]  Revival spreads in Iran; Christians expect crackdown


[14:10]  Audio Bible Ministry grows outreach in Sri Lanka
[11:05]  Successor appointed for outspoken Zimbabwe archbishop
[08:10]  Indian women march against sex-selective abortion
[05:05]  British doctors want the right to talk about faith with their patients
[02:10]  Hong Kong Catholic commission urges Beijing to release dissident


[23:05]  Trinidad and Tobago: No homosexual "weddings," no abortion
[20:10]  WAY-FM team heading home amidst political disturbance
[17:05]  Studying Scripture renews the Church, Denver bishop teaches
[14:10]  Government partnerships with faith-based organizations
[11:05]  Amnesty International tars Poland over abortion access
[08:10]  Joyce Meyer is traveling to Papua New Guinea
[05:05]  Benedict XVI restates appeal for end to Holy Land conflict
[02:10]  Nurse joins those facing anti-Christian clampdown in Britain


[23:05]  Experts think atheism is on the rise in America
[20:10]  Obama to celebrate "birthday" of homosexual movement
[17:05]  Hammond: North America in dire need of Savior
[14:10]  Christian television service urges prayer for Iran
[11:05]  Christian couple shares their battle with sin in new ministry
[08:10]  Cardinal O’Malley: Catholics should not be 'overwhelmed’ by sin
[05:05]  Ukrainian MPs defeat the bill banning to examine priests
[02:10]  World Gospel Mission helps Christians respond Kenyan famine


[23:05]  US church leader joins Cuban officials at ecumenical gathering
[20:10]  Conclusive scientific evidence: homosexuality is treatable
[17:05]  Politics is also a path to sanctity, says Cardinal Rivera
[14:10]  Al-Qaida claims responsibility for Christian aid worker murder
[11:05]  English and Welsh bishops vigorously reject abortion
[08:10]  S. African churches criticise Zuma about ruling 'until Jesus comes'
[05:05]  Indian bishop: No one held responsible for destruction
[02:10]  Jailed U.S. journalists in N. Korea visited by Swedish Ambassador


[23:05]  President Obama resolution: prayer and concern
[22:10]  Archbishop leads prayer service for victims of D.C. Metrorail crash
[21:05]  Academic explains why Christianity has not caught on in Japan
[20:10]  God "rejoices" over abortions says Episcopal priestess
[19:05]  Two U.S. Catholic churches are vandalized in one week
[18:10]  Johnny Hunt expresses urgency about Great Commission
[17:05]  Feature film set to expose horrific practice of stoning
[11:05]  France to consider banning burqas after Sarkozy speech
[10:10]  G8 summit asked to protect poor in economic crisis
[09:05]  167 internally displaced Pakistani Christian families get relief goods
[08:10]  Tanzania allows religious groups to keep tax exemption
[07:05]  PSB officers torture yet another Christian human rights attorney
[06:10]  French bishop and mayor square off on Gay Pride events
[05:05]  Pope Benedict explains why he created Year for Priests
[04:10]  Germany has nearly a million more Muslims than assumed
[03:05]  Tajikistan: Places of worship confiscated with little compensation
[02:10]  Catholics and Hindus discuss peace and religious freedom in India
[01:05]  Obama might discuss violations of religious freedom in Moscow
[00:10]  Anglican Church in North America reaffirms true definition of marriage


[23:05]  U.S. bishops issue guidelines for Catholic health care-labor disputes
[22:10]  Family festival highlights Hispanic outreach in Louisville
[21:05]  President Barack Obama signs tobacco regulation bill
[20:10]  Catholic Army chaplain dies from injuries suffered in Iraq
[19:05]  Commentary: The return of anti-people propaganda (press)
[18:10]  Ralph Reed launches Faith and Freedom Coalition
[17:05]  Conservative Anglicans officially form new church group
[11:05]  Slovakia passes Informed Consent Law despite pressure
[10:10]  S. Korean churches urge unconditional support of children in North
[09:05]  Kyivan Patriarchate rep met with delegation of World Bible Society
[08:10]  Franciscans re-elect Minister General and conclude Chapter
[07:05]  Pro-life MPs, doctors and bishops unite against UK abortion TV ads
[06:10]  More Pakistanis flee new offensive against Taliban
[05:05]  New strain of anti-Semitism spreading, chief rabbi in Britain warns
[04:10]  Cardinal Vallini deplores distribution of condoms in Rome schools
[03:05]  Hundreds gather to hear the Gospel in the nation on Nepal
[02:10]  Dissidents call for respect for rights of Cubans
[01:05]  Crossover draws 3,000 volunteers for 95 projects in USA
[00:10]  Australia: Biology program banned because of pro-life connections


[23:05]  Iran violence increasing, Christians are concerned
[22:10]  Conferences pop up worldwide for missions-minded youth
[21:05]  Obama plan to disband Bioethics Council draws criticism
[20:10]  Ex-US President Carter sees new hope for Middle East process
[19:05]  55-year-old German-language radio ministry gets makeover
[18:10]  Same-sex "marriage" stance is "non-negotiable" for Catholic (press)
[17:05]  Catholic Church in Guatemala reeling from Evangelical conversions
[11:05]  The famous Russia missionary against praising tolerance
[10:10]  Pope highlights importance of prayer in a secular world
[09:05]  Young Zimbabwe Christians give 'unity government' low score
[08:10]  Ireland gets closer to second Lisbon Treaty Referendum
[07:05]  Spanish bishops condemn terrorist attack on policeman in Bilbao
[06:10]  Zimbabwe prime minister booed in London cathedral
[05:05]  Christian human rights group concerned for minorities in Iran
[04:10]  Nigerian state legislature rejects abortion-legalizing bill
[03:05]  U.S. bishops clarify Catholic approach to Jewish faith
[02:10]  Christians arrested in Laos without any explanation
[01:05]  About one-in-six Americans belong to Baptist denominations
[00:10]  Same-sex "marriage" suffers plunge in popularity: poll


[23:05]  Sodom found? The quest for the lost city of destruction - Part 3 (press)
[22:10]  Poland wants to protect youth from promotion of homosexuality
[21:05]  US religious freedom panel denied visas to visit India
[20:10]  New textbook will help to re-build family-centered culture
[19:05]  Brazilian ministry offers powerful answer to secularism
[18:10]  U.S. pro-life groups receiving death threats after Tiller's murder
[17:05]  Religion and Science: Conflict or Harmony? (press)
[13:05]  Sodom found? The quest for the lost city of destruction - Part 2 (press)
[12:10]  Beijing church website forcibly shut down by government
[11:05]  Egyptian court rejects case of convert from Islam
[10:10]  New Life church in Minsk celebrated its 17th anniversary
[09:05]  African religious leaders warn of weapons proliferation
[08:10]  Police in Vietnam attack house church, jail leaders
[07:05]  Global church event to show 'solidarity' with Sri Lanka Christians
[06:10]  Teenage grandson of worship leader Ron Kenoly dies
[05:05]  Christians still remaine hopeful for freedom in Iran
[04:10]  Abortion statistics for 2008 released in New Zealand
[03:05]  The Indian government to block anti-conversion bill
[02:10]  Moldova repeatedly acts against ECHR judgements
[01:05]  New head of Canada truth commission faces 'daunting' task
[00:10]  U.S. Bishops approve Mass to celebrate gift of life


[20:10]  GFA women missionaries harassed by mob of boys in India
[17:05]  Family advocates baffled as NASA promotes homosexuality
[14:10]  Religious freedom survey in Belarus: persecution continues
[11:05]  Randy Thomasson: Why Carrie Prejean lost her earthly crown
[08:10]  Bolivian teachers are called to lead students to Christ
[05:05]  Riot in Tehran streets after election day: "Death to the dictator!" (photoreport)
[02:10]  Survey: Most Latino Evangelicals pray every day


[23:05]  Teacher sacked for Bible on desk sues school district
[22:10]  'Ten Commandments Judge' makes 2nd run for governor
[21:05]  Dominican lawmakers reject legalization of gay 'marriage'
[20:10]  Robert Schuller's daughter to lead Crystal Cathedral
[19:05]  Terri Schiavo documentary continues to receive honors
[18:10]  Younger singles attracted to US 'mega-churches'
[17:05]  Holocaust museum shooter hates Christianity and Jews
[12:10]  Minsk authorities wants to pull down the church building
[11:05]  WCF event shows African support for family values
[10:10]  Underground church growing in Muslim Indonesia
[09:05]  Patriarch connects to Russian youth using 'mega-church style'
[08:10]  Uzbekistan: Enormous fines for religious activity continue
[07:05]  Apostolic nuncio: Catholic-Orthodox dialog progressing
[06:10]  Bishop: Suspension of aid to Zambia due to 'corruption' right
[05:05]  Doctors in Madrid reject abortion without parental consent
[04:10]  Sodom found? The quest for the lost city of destruction - Part 1 (press)
[03:05]  Russian Church opposed secular monopoly for social world order
[02:10]  Gospel presentation shows fruit 7 years later in Nicaragua
[01:05]  Church leaders plead for Kenyans on China's death row
[00:10]  UK equality bill fails to treat Christians equally


[18:10]  Miss California Carrie Prejean says her beliefs got her fired
[15:05]  Protect democratic rights, bishop tells Sri Lankan president
[12:10]  Manga Messiah Bible study to reach kids of prisoners
[09:05]  Catholic mom's son fostered by homosexual couple against her wishes
[06:10]  Hindu radicals threaten persecution; Christians start radio program
[03:05]  British ambassador to Poland blasted for promoting "gay rights"
[02:10]  Philippines' attempt to change constitution draws church protests
[01:05]  Chinese Christians sentenced to prison for giving away Bibles
[00:10]  Testimony of Catholic paraplegic helped prevent four suicides


[21:05]  Cardinal Terrazas: Bolivians have no need for other gods
[18:10]  Plans for gay “marriage” march on nation’s Capitol announced
[15:05]  Believers pray over Friday's crucial elections in Iran
[12:10]  God is not dead and neither is Christianity in America (press)
[09:05]  Conservatives ride pro-life wave to victory in EU Parliament elections
[06:10]  Evangelism and HIV/AIDS prevention go hand-in-hand in Ukraine
[03:05]  Anne Graham Lotz brings message of hope in Jesus to UK Christians
[00:10]  Christians in Nepal defy extremists’ demand to leave country


[11:05]  Churches in Zambia uneasy about 'deteriorating' press freedom
[08:10]  Seizing of Church funds in Israel 'promptly blocked'
[05:05]  Pope Benedict XVI backs U.N. push to protect children
[02:10]  More Christians arrested in Iran shows spike in persecution


[23:05]  Federal Internet gambling ban could be overturned in USA
[20:10]  Missionaries plant more churches along subway lines in Sweden
[17:05]  Planned Parenthood asks California funds be restored
[14:10]  Repressive Religion Law and new punishments enter force
[11:05]  Service honouring Calvin broadcast in Europe, Asia and US
[08:10]  New statistics show U.S. Catholics increase in numbers
[05:05]  Settlements, Gaza focus of churches' week for peace in Middle East
[02:10]  Influence of religion on EU decision-making is to increase


[23:05]  San Diego officials issued apology for S.D. Bible study threat
[20:10]  Notre Dame protesters defend support for unborn
[17:05]  Obama encouraged not to forget 'Secret Believers'
[14:05]  Czech church tries again for Prague cathedral taken by communists
[11:10]  Euthanasia Bill Introduced in Tasmanian Parliament
[09:05]  'Minorities Solidarity Convention' held in Pakistan
[06:10]  Lukashenko denies mediation between Orthodox, Catholic Churches
[03:05]  Ministry brings special needs families 'out of the woodwork' (press)
[00:10]  Australians to celebrate Congress for the New Evangelization
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