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[11:05]  Catholic bishops of Ukraine discuss family pastoral care
[08:10]  American polls: Opposition to 'gay marriage' on rise
[05:05]  Cuban theologian picked as US Ambassador to Vatican
[02:10]  India's national elections elevate Christians' hope


[23:05]  Christian leaders: Nigerian action not solving Niger Delta crisis
[20:10]  13th Mexican state passes pro-life constitutional amendment
[17:05]  Pakistan-Taliban fighting creates 2.2 million refugees
[14:10]  Christian social network celebrated first year anniversary
[11:05]  Courageous congressmen rebel against Nancy Pelosi
[08:10]  Baptist visits Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
[05:05]  Persecution in Russia: A new "inquisition" has began
[02:10]  Kmiec proposes end of legally recognized marriage


[23:05]  Pentecostal church sues radical gay activist group
[20:10]  A clash of rights? Gay marriage and the free exercise of religion (press)
[17:05]  Oklahoma Senate honors famous evangelist Oral Roberts
[14:10]  Bible and Mel Gibson film banned in Uzbekistan
[11:05]  American ministers issue call for national repentance
[08:10]  Iranian Christian is summoned to the Revolutionary Court
[06:10]  New Life church in Belarus is threatened to leave its building
[05:05]  Survey finds the whole world is optimistic
[04:10]  The establishment clause and government funding of religion
[03:05]  Nearly 1 million come to Christ in 'Great Awakening' tour
[02:10]  Armed robbers attack nun in raid on Tanzanian convent


[23:05]  Canadian Evangelicals looking to increase March For Life attendance
[20:10]  Hawaii's state Senate to institute annual Islam Day holiday
[17:05]  Archdiocese of Newark leads the nation in priestly ordinations
[14:10]  Malawi churches head asks opposition leader to accept poll defeat
[11:05]  Pope improved relations with Islam in Jordan, says Nuncio
[08:10]  Church of Scotland bans gay ordinations for two years
[05:05]  Two women killed in attack on Catholic church in Nepal
[02:10]  Operation Mobilization Kids Club affected by slum fire


[23:05]  Cardinal Amigo: Unborn child at 13 weeks is a human being
[20:10]  Christian Resources International sends Bibles worldwide
[17:05]  California Supreme Court upholds Proposition 8
[14:10]  Tony Blair "not a good guide to the teachings of the Catholic faith"
[11:05]  Pope: Family urgently needs protection during economic crisis
[08:10]  Uruguayan socialists prepare "gay marriage" legislation
[05:05]  North Korea â€?nuclear test’ condemned by the UN Security Council
[02:10]  Faith Comes By Hearing recorded for oral cultures


[23:05]  12-year-old pro-life girl gives speech at Canadian March for Life
[20:10]  101 new missionaries appointed at Riverside Baptist Church
[17:05]  Cardinal asks Obama to deliver on 'conscience protections' promise
[14:10]  Overseas Pakistani Christians express solidarity with minorities
[11:05]  Protestant reformer Calvin 'more relevant than ever'
[08:10]  Nepal Supreme Court orders tax payer funding of abortion
[05:05]  Clericus Cup final in Rome will be 'appetizer' for Champions League
[02:10]  The only Christian to win district seat ordered to become a Muslim
[01:05]  British churches to be forced to hire gay youth workers
[00:10]  Vatican-Israeli fiscal agreement could be ready by year's end


[23:05]  Argentinean bishops recall priesthood demands true love
[20:10]  A gift to Muslims becomes the key to evangelism doors in the U.S.
[17:05]  New Hampshire gov & House in 'gay marriage' standoff
[14:10]  Ireland Child Abuse Commission releases â€?disturbing’ report
[11:05]  War is over in Sri Lanka, Christians are reaching out
[08:10]  Spain is fastest aging country in EU, report finds
[05:05]  German bishop rues church 'failure' to protect Jewish Christians
[02:10]  Pope: The family is essential for building a civilization of love


[23:05]  Ministry launches Audio Bible Ambassador Campaign
[20:10]  U.S. experts: Fossil find exciting but lacks significance
[17:05]  Pope Benedict XVI plans to reach youth with Facebook
[16:50]  EU should listen to churches on crisis says French Protestant
[15:05]  Video launched to expose torture of Christian attorney
[11:30]  Ex-president of Poland: I would have resigned rather than legalize abortion
[08:10]  'Battle won, war not ended', says Sri Lanka bishop, urging equality
[07:05]  Homosexuality promoted in high schools in Italy
[05:05]  Vatican newspaper is 'ignorant' of Obama's history


[13:05]  Pope: Unity of Christians key to Jerusalem's vibrant future
[10:10]  Spanish allowed to object to â€?Education for the Citizenry’
[07:05]  Internal Revenue Service: Texas pastors' briefings legal
[04:10]  Landmark ruling protects the rights of a Dalit man
[01:05]  Chile rejects foreign pressure to legalize abortion


[22:10]  In the US, religious people make better citizens, study says
[19:05]  12,000: Canadian 2009 March for Life smashes previous records
[16:10]  Russian Church warns Europeans of effects of Christian phobia
[13:05]  Gov. John Lynch will sign 'gay marriage' bill if changes are made
[10:10]  Gay pride parade in the capital city of Latvia is banned
[07:05]  Priest connected to Rwandan genocide said to be in Italy
[04:10]  Sweden and Finland join to urge Chile to legalize abortion
[01:05]  Wycliffe Bible translators speed up goal of Bible translation


[22:10]  Obama asked to remove anti-Catholic from advisory council
[19:10]  MP introduces euthanasia bill into Canadian Parliament
[16:10]  New ship works with local churches to minister in Ireland
[13:05]  In Nazareth Pope reaffirms marriage is 'between man and woman'
[10:10]  White House reacts to critics of Obama’s Notre Dame honors
[07:05]  Left-leaning evangelicals misleading young Christians
[04:10]  Christians still detained in Iran after reporter’s release
[01:05]  Leadership Development branch to uplift Bible translation


[22:10]  American Psychological Association revised 'gay gene' theory
[19:05]  God 'responded' for Rick Gage crusade in Georgia, USA (photoreport)
[18:10]  Catholic bishops promote March for Life in Canada
[17:05]  China researcher "shocked" by Ted Turner's China statements
[10:10]  Vatican analyst: â€?surprising originality’ of Pope in Holy Land
[09:05]  Pakistan Taliban militants murder and rape Christians
[08:10]  Ministry container must brave the territory of Somali pirates
[07:05]  UN's Ban Ki-moon urged to step up to the plate on right to food
[06:10]  Pope Benedict XVI prays for refugees in Bethlehem
[05:05]  Head of Moscow Subway: there are no ghosts here
[04:10]  Ministry finds papal address to Mideast Christians timely
[03:05]  African Catholic youths link poverty to poor governance
[02:10]  Pope backs Palestine, urges youth to turn from violence
[01:05]  Turkmenistan: "I want to know if I can import religious books"
[00:10]  Russian Church urges EU to see spiritual reasons behind recession


[23:05]  Catholic doctors prove condoms ineffective against HIV
[22:10]  Bolivian cardinal demands respect for Catholic faith
[21:05]  Post Cold-War era needs vibrant religion news says US professor
[20:10]  Catholic hospital fined for refusing to perform abortion
[19:05]  Sky Angel and American Family Association launch TV News
[18:10]  Clinton struggles to give evidence to confirm abortion story
[17:05]  Trump criticizes media, lets Miss. Calif. keep crown
[11:10]  Wary Christians mark end of election cycle with prayer
[10:05]  New partner of OneHope distributes evangelistic books
[09:10]  Pope to grant plenary indulgences for the Year of Priests
[08:05]  Faith leaders to EU: Social justice needed to revive economies
[07:10]  Christians persecuted in a South Asian village
[05:05]  Russian writers to support Mayor's ban of pride parade
[04:10]  Attacks force church-backed groups to evacuate Chad aid workers
[03:05]  Sweden decides to allow sex-selective abortions
[02:10]  Priests for Life head will lead alternate Notre Dame ceremony
[01:05]  14-year-old pundit Jonathan Krohn wows audiences
[00:10]  Difficult economic conditions lead to violence in Santa Cruz


[23:05]  Leaders of Evangelical left endorse 'Hate Crimes' Bill
[22:10]  Crystal Lewis sings on Mother’s Day and talks about the truth
[21:05]  Maine diocese responds to same-sex â€?marriage’ decision
[20:10]  Cuban church leader’s trial finally set after one year in jail
[19:05]  Pro-life adoption ad approved to run during â€?American Idol’
[18:10]  American 10-year-old girl inspires others toward missions
[17:05]  Black ministers arrested on National Day of Prayer in USA
[12:10]  Carrie Prejean vs. gay agenda that's against everybody else
[11:05]  Bethlehem Christians look to Pope Benedict for support
[10:10]  Turkmenistan: Old "offences" used to punish current religious activity
[09:05]  Greek Catholics and Evangelical Lutherans cooperate in Ukraine
[08:10]  Chinese Christians give unprecedented statement
[07:05]  Pope Benedict XVI pleads for peace in the Holy Land
[06:10]  Pastors, church leaders take new roles to help Ukraine
[05:05]  Bishop blesses mass grave of unbaptized children in N. Ireland
[04:10]  Iran releases jailed American journalist Roxana Saberi
[03:05]  Italian archbishop suspends communion in the hand
[02:10]  Humanitarian groups warn of refugee crisis looming in Pakistan
[01:05]  Pope in Israel: The dignity of all must be recognized for peace
[00:10]  UK survey: deepest recession sparks search for deeper answers


[15:05]  Church burned down in Andhra Pradesh State, India
[12:10]  Egypt officials confiscated Christian farmers' swine
[09:05]  Pope praises 'prophetic role of women' at Jordanian Mass
[06:10]  Leading Vatican official: ND honor for Obama is 'greatest scandal'
[03:05]  UK Churches told to prepare â€?flu friends’ networks in case of pandemic
[00:10]  Lesbian couple seeks to bring "gay marriage" to Russia


[21:05]  Bad examples do not invalidate the value of priestly celibacy
[18:10]  President Obama budget backs D.C. abortion funds
[14:05]  EU Parliament won't denounce Pope's anti-condom remarks
[12:05]  Kenyan church leaders reject polygamous marriage proposal
[09:05]  Polish Catholic university cancels conference on homosexuality
[06:10]  Taliban extorts protection 'tax' from Christians in Swat Valley
[00:10]  Pope encourages Eastern Christians to give witness


[18:10]  Vietnam unexpectedly respond to church property claims
[15:10]  Ministry launches revolutionary Bible distribution software
[12:05]  Magister: Obama is both â€?Angel and Demon’ at the Vatican
[09:10]  D.C. council has voted to recognize 'same-sex marriages'
[06:10]  Facebook, Christ and education come together for ministry
[03:05]  68 U.S. bishops oppose Notre Dame's "serious mistake"
[00:10]  Malawi faith group backs Madonna's attempt to adopt girl


[21:05]  U.S. bishops launch campaign against embryonic stem cell research
[21:05]  Charity official: Papal visit to Holy Land an â€?important sign’
[18:10]  Obama issues prayer proclamation, eschews event
[15:05]  Taliban threatens Pope if Christianity is spread in Afghanistan
[12:10]  Azerbaijan: will revised Religion Law ban unregistered worship?
[09:05]  Bishop Blair bans homosexual ministry workshop
[06:10]  Christians attacked; pastor and four year old injured in India
[03:05]  SBC's Richard Land: 'Waterboarding' never ethical


[23:05]  Archbishop Chaput: Media culture undermining Christian life
[21:05]  Archbishop will not deny Communion to pro-abortion Pelosi
[20:10]  Slavic Gospel Association celebrates 75 years of ministry
[19:05]  Maine government signs 'homosexual marriage' bill
[18:10]  Star of â€?Angels and Demons’: if you don’t like it, don’t see it
[17:05]  US religious liberty body warns about Taliban in Pakistan
[11:05]  Greek court annuls same-sex “marriage” ceremony
[10:10]  Ghana’s Vice President intercedes for jailed evangelist in Libya
[09:05]  Jerusalem Patriarch: Pope will pray for peace
[08:10]  Ministry launches appeal to help over 15, 000 kids in India
[07:05]  Baptists look forward to 400th anniversary in Amsterdam
[06:10]  Church in Iran undergoing revival and facing persecution
[05:05]  Malaysian Christian able to contest seizure of 'Allah' recordings
[04:10]  Gay journalist: European Fascist movements are led by gays
[03:05]  Israel will only grant 80 visas to attend Papal events
[02:10]  Hillsong United releases first live worship album since 2006
[01:05]  Swine flu threatens summer ministry in Mexico City
[00:10]  Apostolic nuncio to U.N. outlines steps towards nuclear disarmament


[23:05]  Jesus Christ Superstar performance banned in Pskov
[22:10]  Broad Based Coalition files referendum to overturn SB 5688
[21:05]  Archbishop of Miami â€?deeply saddened’ by priest’s photo scandal
[20:10]  US Air Force serviceman convicted for his wife's miscarriage
[19:05]  Ministry dedicates its first KODIAK missionary plane
[18:10]  Bishop of Winona: Notre Dame flap â€?no win’ for the Church
[17:05]  High court orders review of 'Janet Jackson case'
[11:05]  Ukrainian Catholic University opens student church
[10:10]  Patriarch Kirill to meet with 5,000 young people at a stadium
[09:05]  Church: Filipino boxing champ has Christian message
[08:10]  Jerusalem bishop urges Pope to reject 'occupation and violence'
[07:05]  Christians in Nepal uncertain after Maoist leader resigns
[06:10]  One of world’s oldest bishops criticizes 'Angels and Demons'
[05:05]  Egypt’s swine destruction threatens Coptic-run industry
[04:10]  Edinburgh city council adopted child out to gay couple
[03:05]  Nuncio in Iraq: no plans for Pope to visit the country
[02:10]  Israeli-Vatican talks continue as papal trip nears
[01:05]  Rabbi Levin: AIDS, swine flu - spiritual cause and effect
[00:10]  Christians from around the world gathered in Yerevan


[23:05]  American judge: School can't ban 'God' from posters
[22:10]  U.S. Congress legally protects various sexual orientations (press)
[21:05]  Statement from Saddleback Church on Warren's CNN appearance (documents)
[20:10]  Press: Obama, Catholics and the Notre Dame Commencement
[19:05]  Maine senate voted to pass same-sex "marriage" bill
[18:10]  Nigeria among worst violators of religious freedom
[17:05]  US poll: Catholics likely to favor use of torture
[11:05]  Sammy Tippit finds open door for ministry among Iranians in UK
[10:10]  Benedict XVI prays for vocations, upcoming Holy Land visit
[09:05]  Green politician elected Germany's senior Protestant lay person
[08:10]  Nagorno-Karabakh: "They can pray, but not meet for worship"
[07:05]  Pro-life buses to operate in 51 cities in Spain until June
[06:10]  Sri Lanka religious leaders urge 'peaceful coexistence' to end war
[05:05]  “Outreach to gay activists” among top priorities for UK Conservatives
[04:10]  India's elections could bring much change for believers
[03:05]  East German 'revolution' remembered in church campaign
[02:10]  18 Christians arrested, 16 still in prison in Henan Province
[01:05]  Slovak pro-lifers filed suit after police clamp-down
[00:10]  Cardinal Zen is papal envoy for John Paul II celebrations


[14:10]  340,000 support conscience rights of healthcare workers
[11:05]  Chinese officials force paid surrogate mothers to have abortions
[08:10]  Economic crisis destroying Caribbean safety net say churches
[05:05]  Three Iraqi Christians murdered by Islamic militants
[02:10]  France to recognise foreign same-sex civil unions


[23:05]  New partnership expands ministry to change the world
[20:10]  Percentage of Americans approving abortion dropped 8%
[17:05]  U.S. bishops issue â€?adaptations’ for swine flu outbreak
[15:35]  Islamists attack Pakistani Christian village to avenge â€?blasphemy’


[14:10]  Cardinal Sandoval calls for 'strengthened trust in God'
[11:05]  1,000 audio players to be distributed in Orissa state, India
[08:10]  Nine bishops confirm attendance at March For Life, Ottawa
[05:05]  Pakistan: Islamabad Church on the threshold of war
[02:10]  Protest against gay parade planned for Eurovision final in Moscow


[23:05]  Palestinians living next to settlers on seized farms insist on peace
[20:10]  Cardinal Rigali: â€?sweeping’ embryonic research rules not pro-life
[17:05]  Armed robberies raise concern for missionaries in Bolivia
[14:10]  New Hampshire senate approves same-sex "marriage"
[11:05]  Swine flu impacting Catholic Communion practices in Texas
[08:10]  Persecuted Christians among the first to vote in national elections
[05:05]  Consecration of Russian church in Rome scheduled for May 24
[02:10]  Notre Dame receiving 300,000 signatures against Obama honor
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