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[23:05]  Foes: Gay hate crimes bill could target churches
[20:10]  Charity helps Solomon islanders rebuild tsunami-damaged church
[17:05]  Former supermodel defends right to life on national TV
[13:05]  Archbishop supports 11th Mexican state's effort to protect life
[10:10]  Britons debate who should pay for hospital chaplains
[09:05]  Call for one million hours of prayer for Manchester
[08:10]  L'Aquila will 'arise once more,' Pope Benedict XVI declares
[07:05]  Two Pakistani Christians injured in April 22 firing die
[06:10]  U.K.'s faith schools to be given exemption for explicit sex-ed program
[05:05]  Nigeria's Catholic knights take to street in protest against abortion
[04:10]  Ministry raising awareness of abuses within North Korea
[03:05]  Cardinal Tauran: truth essential in dialogue with Muslims
[02:10]  Polish ecumenical theologian seeks more church joy, humour
[01:05]  Pro-family group urges action against hate crimes bill
[00:10]  Salvadoran archbishop encourages to protect marriage


[23:05]  Jerry Rankin: Share Gospel before it is 'too late'
[22:10]  US Christians prepare to reach out during swine flu outbreak
[21:05]  Cardinal Urosa: God alone satisfied aspirations of human heart
[20:10]  Malawi church sets guidelines for May presidential elections
[19:05]  52 bishops against Notre Dame "betrayal" of Catholic identity
[18:10]  US chaplain and band create harmony in Iraq war zone
[17:05]  Senate confirms Gov. Sebelius as HHS Secretary
[11:05]  Bible distribution partner encouraged by growth in India
[10:10]  Morning after pill for UK schools: Catholics forced to participate
[09:05]  China pastor released from prison after international attention
[08:10]  Pro-lifers assaulted for collecting signatures against abortion
[07:05]  UNAIDS chief meets key civil society, faith-based campaigners
[06:10]  Discipleship programs bring hope to the hopeless in Nairobi
[05:05]  Gay British politician jokes about killing Miss California
[04:10]  Israel to issue stamps for May visit of Pope Benedict
[03:05]  Priests denounce vices brought out by Lugo scandal
[02:10]  Nigerian Christian leader questions amnesty deal for delta militants
[01:05]  Shepherds College opens doors for developmentally disabled
[00:10]  Participants in â€?pseudo-ordination’ in USA excommunicated


[23:05]  Alcon partners with Mercy Ships to fight blindness in Africa
[22:10]  Churches planted in New England where liberal ones failed (press)
[21:05]  Christian suspended after questioning gay training program
[20:10]  Pope calls on Bolivia to shed light on attack on Cardinal Terrazas
[19:05]  Mexican states approve pro-life constitutional amendments
[18:10]  Study: Many of non-religious adults are still searching
[17:05]  US Presbyterian Church holds the line against gay clergy
[10:10]  Japan Christian group opposes new immigration law as unfair
[09:05]  Dior, Fendi use religious theme in fall-winter '09 collections
[08:10]  Upon receiving award, Cardinal Foley credits educators
[07:05]  Mayor accuses bishop of polarisation as Berlin votes no on religion
[06:10]  The gospel finds a unique distribution point in India
[05:05]  Primate of Orthodox Church in America to visit Russia
[04:10]  New Kenyan archbishop will 'keep stand' against same-sex unions
[03:05]  Vietnamese government continues targeting Catholics
[02:10]  Free speech concerns ignored as "hate crimes" bill passes in US
[01:05]  Patriarch Kirill urges Church in America to start missionary work
[00:10]  S. African evangelist stirs thousands with message of male headship


[23:05]  Britney Spears, Hannah Montana condone homosexual lifestyle
[22:10]  Venezuelan bishops call to respect election results
[21:05]  Dove Awards highlight cultural diversity in USA (photoreport)
[20:10]  Australia government called to institute one child policy
[19:05]  Partnerships ensure effectiveness for Jesus Film Project
[18:10]  Officials who object to same-sex â€?marriage’ need protection
[17:05]  Miss California gets standing ovation at the Dove Awards show
[11:05]  One million people become Christians each year in China
[10:10]  Volgograd authorities prevented gay parade in downtown
[09:05]  Africa's scourge of malaria can be prevented say church leaders
[08:10]  Pope: Bible can only be understood with the Church
[07:05]  Germans resist against homosexualization of society
[06:10]  Christian churches concerned about families in India
[05:05]  Minorities at risk as Taliban executes Christians in Pakistan
[04:10]  Pope points to new saints for encouragement and joy
[03:05]  Pastor of a Christian church released from jail in Uzbekistan
[02:10]  Anglican bishop enjoins Nigerian seminarians to pray
[01:05]  In Japan's Christian century 'women were religious leaders'
[00:10]  Cardinal Bertone says police need a 'solid faith'


[20:10]  Christian ministry counters Haiti's dismal conditions
[17:05]  Jesuit's archive: Pius XII to be â€?greatest hero of World War II’
[14:10]  "Vatican upbeat about Belarus authorities' attitude to Catholics" (press)
[11:05]  Opponent of a "gay marriage" bill won N.H. Senate seat
[08:10]  Aborted children symbolically â€?adopted’ in California
[05:05]  Hundreds in annual John Paul II peace marathon, a complex race
[02:10]  Pakistani church walls hit with slogans hailing the Taliban


[23:05]  Global Advance sees huge growth in training session around the world
[20:10]  Notre Dame to hold Eucharistic procession this Sunday
[17:05]  Land: Plan B decision violates parent-child relationship
[14:10]  Christians accused of trying to convert Obama's Muslim granny
[11:05]  Pope: Christian families teach obedience and freedom
[08:10]  Ukraine will reword law on freedom of worship
[05:05]  Catholic bishops consecrate Mexico to the Holy Spirit
[02:10]  Pro-family leaders: hate crimes bill threatens religious freedom


[23:05]  Oklahoma state targets sex-selection abortions
[20:10]  Dominican Republic enshrines right to life in its constitution
[19:05]  Oral Bible study transforms village for Christ in Paraguay
[18:10]  Clinton confirms: abortion access is â€?reproductive health’
[17:05]  Churches find 'green' ways to cut utilities, save money
[11:05]  Women challenge Ireland's pro-life abortion laws
[10:10]  Jordan anxiously awaits Papal visit, says minister
[09:05]  Faith groups lament racism conference's shunning of Dalits
[08:10]  Ukrainians are fifth in Europe for the level of religiosity
[07:05]  Russian Church asks to consider â€?Christianophobia’
[06:10]  Pirates attack second ship with food aid for Africa
[05:05]  German parents fight for rights to teach their children
[04:10]  The economic crisis was born from greed, Pope Benedict says
[03:05]  World Council of Churches urges Sri Lanka to free peace worker
[02:10]  Vatican calls Iranian president's Israel comments 'extremist'
[01:05]  Recent flooding in Angola further complicates rebuilding efforts
[00:10]  El Salvadorans fight to protect marriage in the country


[23:05]  Bill Donohue accused promoters of the movie “Angels & Demons”
[22:10]  Hate speech legislation in the U.S.? Christians at risk
[21:05]  Malawi church group says Australian uranium miner back tracks
[20:10]  Texas Baptists engage in "God's Plan for Sharing"
[19:05]  Regional Marches For Life set for cities across Canada
[18:10]  Runner-up Miss USA lost crown for 'gay marriage' response
[17:05]  Christian communication group condemns Fiji media restrictions
[11:05]  "Christ did not die for the sins of the people": German bishop
[10:10]  Pakistani Christians protest against 'illegal occupation' of YMCA hostel
[09:05]  Pope to entrust World Youth Day cross to the youth
[08:10]  International pressure holds Chinese government accountable
[07:05]  Anglican archbishop says S. Africa must have arms deal inquiry
[06:10]  Indian bishop warns of â€?secret agenda’ to remove Christians
[05:05]  Polish Cardinal: Politicians kill the truth of the life of the unborn
[04:10]  Thousands celebrate Christian Orthodox Holy Week in Jerusalem
[03:05]  Southern Catholic College could become Legion institution
[02:10]  The church has sent the letter to Minsk city executive committee
[01:05]  Sky Angel and Cloud Ten Pictures boost VOD titles
[00:10]  Promise Keepers invites women to 20th anniversary in Colorado


[23:05]  Pro-life leader charges Sebelius with hiding abortionist ties
[22:10]  Calvin anniversary prompts questioning of Protestant 'work ethic'
[21:05]  Mexican cardinal stands his ground as feminists push for abortion
[20:10]  Baptists urge South Africans to vote, pray for elections
[19:05]  Abortion linked to higher rates of domestic violence
[18:10]  U.S. priests to be ordained in 2009 tend to be younger
[17:05]  American pro-lifers: Stem cell rules step downward
[11:05]  Mob of Hindu extremists vandalize Maharashtra church
[10:10]  World Vision set to combat malaria in Mozambique
[09:05]  New book debunks black legend about scientist and Church
[08:10]  Russian Orthodox leaders eye youth subculture nightclubs
[07:05]  Irish protestors shut down speech by euthanasia activist
[06:10]  Pope to Franciscans: continue cooperating with the Church
[05:05]  Religion and politics intermingle in S. African election campaign
[04:10]  Violence closes Bridge of Hope center in Manipur, India
[03:05]  Tony Blair promotes himself as "faith" leader in Toronto
[02:10]  Protestant leader lambastes Germany's major role as arms exporter
[01:05]  Archbishop: Church must not be afraid of evangelizing


[14:10]  17 die in election violence in India; ministry rebuilds houses
[11:05]  Saudi authorities release Christian blogger
[08:10]  Cardinal Bertone calls to help Christians in the Holy Land
[05:05]  New Hong Kong bishop wants faithful to speak up on justice
[02:10]  Professor charged for denouncing homosexual lifestyle
[01:05]  About 90 percent of Russians to celebrate Easter this year
[00:10]  New book warns of 'commissar committees' to censor speech in US


[23:05]  Venezuelan bishops denounce break-in at Episcopal headquarters
[22:10]  Sydney Cardinal says he "totally agreed" with Pope on condoms
[21:05]  Feminists for Life of America to speak at a university
[20:10]  Young adults in the United States consider themselves spiritual
[19:05]  Premier Jean Charest: Quebec is a "paradise for families"
[18:10]  Archbishop Dolan introduces himself to New York City
[17:05]  US "oldest" abortion centre closes forever during Holy Week
[11:05]  Vatican spokesman denies 'veto' of Caroline Kennedy
[10:10]  Philippine and Korean churches agree on proselytising covenant
[09:05]  Ukrainian churches ask government to lower gas prices
[08:10]  Tajik president says he won't amend new law on religion
[07:05]  Kenyan president rejects churches' 'fresh elections' call
[06:10]  Pro-Orthodox group might be created in European Parliament
[05:05]  Uzbekistan: 15-day jail term for teaching Baptist beliefs
[04:10]  Pope: Jesus' Resurrection was a 'real historical event'
[03:05]  Tensions rise in India as the election season begins
[02:10]  Canon lawyer: Notre Dame Prez reasoning "too bizarre for words"
[01:05]  Cubans participate in Way of the Cross in Old Havana
[00:10]  Muslim extremism could account for crackdown on Christians


[23:05]  Pew Forum survey: 'Is Christianity the one true religion?'
[22:10]  Turkey's Christians welcome Obama's defence of religious rights
[21:05]  The Millenial Generation the target of ministry launch
[20:10]  Wildfire puts disaster relief leader in Oklahoma in need
[19:05]  If US religious life changing, 'best to embrace non-market thinking'
[18:10]  Notre Dame announces gay-themed events for Easter Week
[17:05]  “Hollywood Animal” Joe Eszterhas says God found him (press)
[11:05]  â€?Orthodox’ Catholics more hopeful about future of Church
[10:10]  Words of Hope programming has high popularity in Sudan
[09:05]  Nazi, Stalinist genocides were inspired by atheism: bishop
[08:10]  Pope sends Easter eggs to kids affected by L'Aquila quake
[07:05]  S. African bishop who shelters Zimbabweans gets death threats
[06:10]  Pakistani Christians will celebrate the Good Friday next year
[05:05]  EU Court orders Portugal to pay compensation to 'Ship of Death'
[04:10]  "Christianity in Europe coming to an end": Vienna Cardinal
[03:05]  Christendom College commencement to honor Fr. Frank Pavone
[02:10]  High profile politician Newt Gingrich became Catholic
[01:05]  Ukrainian President greets Catholics on Easter
[00:10]  Church self-sufficiency will guide others to Christ in Cambodia


[23:05]  Doors open for Arkansas and Tennessee tornado victims
[20:10]  A project supplies Bibles for pastors overseas
[18:10]  US House vote on homosexual marriage imminent
[17:05]  Study: Sex-selective abortions are major problem in China
[14:10]  Namibian churches want peaceful elections despite political violence
[11:05]  Party in Tajikistan proposes changes to law on religion
[08:10]  Alexander Dvorkin heads the new commission on religion
[05:05]  Somalia, pirates and kidnapping clarify ministry focus
[02:10]  Catholic charity head calls for â€?purified vision of priesthood’


[23:05]  Russian translator of C. S. Lewis praised for 'open Christianity'
[20:10]  Slavery reaches its highest numbers in all of history
[17:05]  Violation of human rights: Lives of unborn kids terminated on demand
[14:10]  Pope: Easter shows that God's plan will be fulfilled
[11:05]  Evangelism and pastoral training underway in Congo
[08:10]  Iranian Christians subjected to physical and psychological torture
[05:05]  Obama's candidates for Vatican ambassador fail 'simple standard'
[02:10]  Hundreds of Italy earthquake survivors mark Easter
[01:05]  Iran recognized as a threat to religious freedom
[00:10]  Pope: Christ’s death and resurrection gives the world hope


[01:05]  H. K. Christian leaders join Filipinos to reject race discrimination


[22:10]  Rev. Robert Sirico: Notre Dame Scandal will "wake Catholics up"
[19:05]  Luis Palau draws 425,000 in two days in Guatemala City
[16:10]  Pro-family activist flees Brazil to escape charges of "homophobia"
[13:05]  German Protestants launch mammoth effort to 'tweet' the Bible
[10:10]  Philadelphia churches sweep city with God's Plan for Sharing
[07:05]  Indiana professor awarded $150,000 grant to study healing
[04:10]  Tough economic times blamed for anti-Semitism rising in Canada
[01:05]  World Vision International names new President


[22:10]  600 priests and deacons denounce Notre Dame scandal
[19:05]  Oprah doctor: 'embryonic research debate is dead'
[16:10]  Christians use unrest in Thailand as an opportunity to share Christ
[13:05]  Life-saving food aid bound for 8,000 people in Rwanda
[10:10]  Christ's death resurrection take on activist form in Philippines
[07:05]  Indian political party wants to ban anti-Christian groups in the country
[04:10]  Baptist leader impressed with Ukrainian Baptist organization
[01:05]  Top ranking Hispanic bishop criticizes Notre Dame


[22:10]  OneHope aims to transform community in Honduras
[21:05]  Obama: "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation"
[20:10]  Deadline nears for comments on health conscience rules
[19:05]  New Christian Movie comes to theaters on September 18
[18:10]  US school faces lawsuit for dismissing Christian student
[17:05]  Houston church leaders speak out about Bible listening
[11:05]  Italian rescue efforts continue in quake town; ministry helps
[10:10]  British politician encourages Christians to declare their faith
[09:05]  Hundreds of Muslims attack Christian shops in Egypt
[08:10]  Kenyan Anglican warns Europeans, China 'taking over' in Africa
[07:05]  Catholic Monaco made decision to legalize abortion
[06:10]  Orphanage created in height of persecution in India
[05:05]  Tony Blair questions Catholic teaching on homosexuality
[04:10]  Is freedom of religion becoming politicized in Africa? (press)
[03:05]  Iraqi Christians face a new wave of anti-Christian violence
[02:10]  Specialists monitoring earthquake aftermath in Italy
[01:05]  Church warns against 'holy war' called for by followers of 'St. Death'
[00:10]  Vermont became fourth state to legalize same-sex 'marriage'


[23:05]  Dungy declines, gay advocate joins faith-based council
[22:10]  German expert praises churches' development work in Cuba
[21:05]  Montana doctors refuse to participate in assisted suicide
[20:10]  Sports Fan Outreach makes plans for Derby weekend
[19:05]  Baby Faith defies doctor's predictions for anencephaly (press)
[18:10]  World Congress of Families responds to legislation of same-sex marriage
[17:05]  Rick Warren answers questions on CNN’s Larry King Live
[12:10]  Lithuania charges priest with betraying Forest Brothers in 1950s
[11:05]  Extremist violence in India disrupts Christian project
[10:10]  Knights Templar trial records indicate possession of Shroud of Turin
[09:05]  Christians, Jews, Muslims condemn BNP's Jesus posters
[08:10]  Patriarch Kirill conveys condolences over quake to Pope, Italian PM
[07:05]  Chinese House Church leader pastor ’Bike’ arrested
[06:10]  Spanish cardinal: Abortion not only against God, it’s against man
[05:05]  Zimbabwe struggles with multiple problems; ministry brings hope
[04:10]  Indian churches not on same hymn sheet for elections in Kerala
[03:05]  Pope focuses Good Friday meditations on persecuted Christians
[02:10]  Ex-president of Argentina asked to receive sacraments before dying
[01:05]  U.S. House of Representatives OKs bill to control tobacco
[00:10]  Cuba's Catholic Church seeks dialogue and change


[23:05]  Former record label executive Bill Traylor joins Sky Angel
[22:10]  Students rally to end Notre Dame Obama scandal on Palm Sunday
[21:05]  Not all nonbelievers in the US call themselves atheists
[20:10]  Schindler’s list discovered in Australian library
[19:05]  Atheist Hitchens, apologist Craig debate God's existence
[18:10]  Austin, Texas Catholic priest found murdered in Mexico
[17:05]  Two influential Christian ministries train coaches in US
[12:10]  Pope prays for Italian earthquake victims, especially kids
[11:05]  Protestants in northern Germany to form united church by 2012
[10:10]  Uzbekistan “makes sure what Christians teach in their homes”
[09:05]  Results of the Russian Baptist Union Council’s spring sessions
[08:10]  Uganda bishop sees no return to civil war despite rebel warning
[07:05]  Persecution in Iraq: Four Christians killed in two days
[06:10]  Uganda won't bow to UN pressure to accept homosexuality
[05:05]  Tajikistan: religious property eviction, Religion Law enters force
[04:10]  Japanese 'water buffalo' theologian remembered
[03:05]  Spanish parents to leaders: discuss â€?Education for the Citizenry’
[02:10]  Belgium declares Pope's condom remarks "unacceptable"
[01:05]  Middle East will remember God’s deliverance during Easter
[00:10]  Russian Orthodox pick Oxford-educated cleric for top post


[23:05]  Book and essay dismantle black legend about Pius XII


[19:05]  Holy Cross Superior writes to Obama over Notre Dame invite
[14:10]  Easter: U.S. volunteers bring Jesus to Eastern Congo
[11:05]  CA Medical Board revokes abortionist Nolan Jones' license
[08:10]  Pope emphasizes importance of the human response to God’s call
[05:05]  April 8 named day of prayer for United States military
[02:10]  The United Nations unleashes a new threat to religious freedom


[23:05]  Dawn Johnsen criticized for â€?bizarre’ defenses of abortion
[20:10]  Christian singer Bobby Michaels passes away in Thailand
[17:05]  Senate Dems. urge Obama to keep health conscience rules
[11:05]  Patriarch Kirill to chair Kiev celebrations dedicated to the Baptist of Russia
[10:10]  Planning for World Youth Day in capital of Spain begins
[09:05]  Muslim-mainstream Morocco asks five missionaries to leave
[08:10]  Pope initiates Apostolic Visitation of the Legion of Christ
[07:05]  Hundreds of thousands march for life throughout Spain
[06:10]  Church groups reject 'ruthless' military actions in Madagascar
[05:05]  Bible college destroyed in India, students glad to be alive
[04:10]  Markets need â€?family values’ says British Prime Minister
[03:05]  Pope issues appeal for Red Cross workers abducted in Philippines
[02:10]  US denominations feel economic pinch, make staff and budget cuts
[01:05]  Studies made Colombia turn to a Christian ministry for help
[00:10]  Sebelius Communion ban to apply in Washington
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