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[23:05]  Audio Bible Ministry releases podcast “Easter: The Story”
[22:10]  World's worst religious liberty violators finally named
[21:05]  US president 'tried to convert' Soviet leader Gorbachev
[20:10]  Archbishop of New York on ND scandal: "They made a big mistake"
[19:05]  US reporters to be tried for illegal entry in North Korea
[18:10]  Anthony Williams withdraws application for Knights of Malta
[17:05]  Baptist Church in Carthage comforts families of shooting
[11:05]  Religious and secular warnings on UN religious defamation vote
[10:10]  Numbers of HIV-affected children is rising in Kenya
[09:05]  Indian government urged to tackle anti-Christian violence
[08:10]  Spanish Catholics encouraged to oppose abortion with white bow
[07:05]  Chinese Christian advocate is missing for over 50 days
[06:10]  Faith leaders: G20 must deal with 'greed' of financial system
[05:05]  English bishops prepare document on Church’s social doctrine
[04:10]  Indian bishops condemn criticism of Pope over condom statement
[03:05]  Belarus: Ideology official targets rehabilitation programme
[02:10]  Russian Church: promote positive ideals using Internet
[01:05]  Pittsburgh head coach brings everyday faith to NCAA
[00:10]  Saddleback Church trains nearly 2,400 new members


[23:05]  30 U.S. dioceses participate in clergy leadership program
[22:10]  Jury: abortionist Tiller not guilty of illegal late-term abortions
[21:05]  Survey: Most Americans are open to invitations to church (press)
[20:10]  Ministry leads Liberation Day festivities in Port of Spain
[19:05]  Notre Dame draws Texas fire from Cardinal DiNardo
[18:10]  Canadian churches power down for Earth Hour
[17:05]  Is 'gay marriage' becoming Democrats' 'default' position? (press)
[10:10]  Vision for more outreach despite persecution in India (press)
[09:05]  Details of Pope Benedict XVI’s Holy Land visit published
[08:10]  Zambian bishop cautions president on plans to close newspaper
[07:05]  British Bishop who received death threats last year retires
[06:10]  New headquarters expand the reach of ministry in Africa
[05:05]  Orthodox parish in Oxford purchases former Anglican church
[04:10]  Reception held in Kyiv in honour of Independence of Greece
[03:05]  Japan church council leader to promote 'dignity of life'
[02:10]  Pope praises sacrifices of African missionaries
[01:05]  Employee in London told not to talk about God or he’ll be fired
[00:10]  Church authorities not to discipline Dutch 'atheist' pastor


[16:10]  Chilean bishop urged to respect the life of the unborn
[13:05]  United States senators push for church pension bill
[10:10]  Belarus Orthodox Church seeks approval to regulate Internet
[07:05]  Former McCain strategist Steve Schmidt backs 'gay marriage'
[04:10]  Animal Planet picks up Movieguide® award winning TV program
[01:05]  African students in Rome organize protest in defense of the Pope


[22:10]  Pepsi continues to sponsor gay agenda: boycott continues
[19:05]  Bobby Welch visit heartens 10th Mountain Division
[16:10]  Britain is one of the least religious nations in Europe
[13:05]  Marathon to link Jerusalem with Rome coincids with papal visit
[10:10]  Pope and president of Cyprus discuss reunification efforts
[07:05]  Churches urge 'leadership' by G20 politicians in London
[04:10]  Conservatives in Texas lose vote on evolution theory
[01:05]  N Korea said to be ’treating well’ detained US journalists


[22:10]  Catholic United denies White House ?tip’ on Sebelius nomination
[19:05]  Christians in Hawaii credited for gay civil unions defeat
[16:10]  British TV could carry advertisements for abortionists
[13:05]  African churches demand Sudan allow aid agencies to operate
[10:10]  British church opens Book of Remembrance for Jade Goody
[07:05]  Belarus doesn't allow unregistered religious activity
[04:10]  Christian comics reunite for highly anticipated spring tour
[01:05]  Play about life of St. John Vianney to tour U.S. in 2009


[22:10]  Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas to veto 'gay marriage' bill
[21:05]  An 'Open Door' to hope and a better life in Baltimore (photoreport, press)
[20:10]  Brazilian to head Latin American church council
[19:05]  Pro-life leaders: Pregnancy centers best solution to financial crisis
[18:10]  Peruvian bishops urge to defend life from moment of conception
[17:05]  Grammy nominee revives blacklisted 'Take America Back' (exclusive)
[12:10]  Malawi faith groups urge ex-president to respect election bar
[11:05]  U.S.-criticized bill on religion signed into law in Tajikistan
[10:10]  Jesus Film officials develop new media discipleship material
[09:05]  Jerusalem bishop visits Gaza after being denied entry
[08:10]  'Legal' persecution of Christians in EU continues
[07:05]  Christians released in Eritrea; thousands remain behind bars
[06:10]  Thousands of catechumens will become Catholic in Hong Kong
[05:05]  Reduce UK population by half: government green advisor
[04:10]  South African cardinal to politicians: stop using churches
[03:05]  Russian Patriarch Kirill marks a positive role of crisis
[02:10]  Activists to seek support of Tutu and Pope for Dalits
[01:05]  Afghanistan faces food shortages, church agencies warn
[00:10]  Armenian human rights defenders concerned by the new law


[23:05]  Obama-supported UNFPA not preventing one-child policy
[22:10]  Sports lottery proposed in Delaware; Christians oppose
[21:05]  Notre Dame's bishop will boycott Obama-honoring graduation
[20:10]  Archbishop Burke to address National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
[19:05]  Vermont takes major step toward 'gay marriage' legalization
[18:10]  Three Adventist families were killed in US plane crash
[17:05]  Terri Schiavo documentary presents new information on case
[11:05]  Millions of non-Christians watching Christian satellite television
[10:10]  French people want Pope Benedict XVI to "step down"
[09:05]  Audio Bibles soften the hearts of the Roma in Russia
[08:10]  40% of out-of-wedlock pregnancies in Spain end in abortion
[07:10]  Baptist Leader endorses Turkey as Christian heritage site
[06:05]  EU countries must use embryos instead of animals for testing (press)
[05:10]  Urgent prayer needed as another Hindu leader is killed in Orissa
[04:10]  Russian Orthodox official backs Pope's criticism of condoms
[03:05]  Paganism returns to the Holy Land in a modern way
[02:10]  Christians defiant in India's troubled Kandhamal - Feature
[01:05]  Catholic U. of San Francisco nixes abortion referrals
[00:10]  Uzbekistan government interference slows church growth


[23:05]  Press: Traditional families still important in Australia (press)
[22:10]  American teenager's vision brings water to Darfur (press)
[21:05]  US pastor sent to jail for offering abortion alternatives
[20:10]  Bishop calls for prayer and volunteers to fight record flood
[19:05]  Federal shift in US marijuana policy is called 'disastrous'
[18:10]  Scripture distribution reaches for the heart of U.S. cities
[17:05]  Government approves centralization of power in Venezuela
[12:10]  Euro union is not indifferent to the fate of New Life Church
[11:05]  More than 120 Baptists baptized in the Jordan River
[10:10]  Pope decries "bitter irony" of abortion as human right in Angola
[09:05]  Spreading Christianity may be unlawful in Turkey
[08:10]  Missionaries evacuated from Madagascar
[07:05]  Norwegian religious leaders enter row about Islam
[06:10]  Bible College in Philippines graduates six students
[05:05]  UK parents told by court their baby must be allowed to die
[04:10]  Faith leaders warn Taiwan is becoming 'Republic of Casinos'
[03:05]  Cardinal to Chileans: defending life is Church’s unchanging right
[02:10]  Two die, several injured, in ’deadly’ stampede at rally for Pope
[01:05]  US minister placed in jail for quoting Bible to judge
[00:10]  North Korea reportedly detains two American journalists


[23:05]  ?Megan’s Law’ proposed to complement human trafficking laws
[22:10]  US Episcopal bishops say church has neglected economic justice
[21:05]  Thousands “Stand Up for Marriage" in Olympia
[20:10]  California's Orange County defunds Planned Parenthood
[19:05]  Diocese of Charleston to broadcast bishop's ordination online
[18:10]  Pro-abortion judge named Obama's first Fed. Court pick
[17:05]  Bible Marathon will begin on American Day of Prayer
[12:10]  Aborted babies will be used for medical research in the UK? (press)
[11:05]  Ugandan AIDS activist thanks Pope for opposition to condoms
[10:10]  Crisis hasn’t decreased people’s donations to Russian Church
[09:05]  Kenyan PM lambastes churches for 'new elections' call
[08:10]  More than 425,000 people hear Luis Palau Guatemala Festival
[07:05]  Extremists place unreasonable demands on Indian Christians
[06:10]  Ukraine rejects amendment to entrepreneurship bill
[05:05]  Water is a 'human right', church groups declare at Istanbul forum
[04:10]  British Reality TV star was christened before cancer claimed her life
[03:05]  "Mr. Bean" urges to protect free speech in "anti-homophobia" law
[02:10]  Pope calls youth to courageously trust God with the future
[01:05]  Ministry gives hope through satellite television in Iran
[00:10]  German theologian urges Catholic Church to reevaluate Luther


[16:10]  Black churches partner to reach the world with the Gospel
[13:05]  Pro-life website banned by Australian government
[10:10]  Ministers' wives share 'Between Us' conference in Nashville
[07:05]  Israeli Jews' tolerance of Christianity 'complex' says survey
[04:10]  Ninth National Prayer Breakfast held in the capital of Russia
[01:05]  Report Finds Pope's Visit No. 1 Religion Story of 2008


[22:10]  A new model for mission agency cooperation created in USA
[19:05]  Dramatized audio Bibles will help spread Gospel Message
[16:10]  Kazakhstan: Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre closed down
[13:05]  Most mainline Protestants: Society should accept homosexuality
[10:10]  'Truth commission' to examine poverty in Scotland
[07:05]  Abortion supporters in Brazil used a diversionary tactic
[04:10]  Christians jailed in Uzbekistan after a meal in private home
[01:05]  New airplane becomes the next generation of missionary bush planes


[22:10]  Child custody battle involving frozen embryos in New Zealand
[19:05]  Pastor in Belarus was invited to mayor's office of Minsk
[16:10]  The Parliament of Luxembourg legalizes euthanasia
[13:05]  Cyprus church takes Turkey to court to protect places of worship
[10:10]  A number of Muslim and Baptist scholars meet in Jordan
[07:05]  Kazakhstan will still try to adopt a harsh religion law
[04:10]  Gospel connects with many listeners in hard-to-reach areas
[01:05]  Protecting life is the best news in this time of general crisis (press)
[00:10]  Kenya church council makes 'new elections' demand


[06:10]  Spanish bishops prepare to launch pro-life ad campaign
[05:05]  Hungarian churches warn of social collapse amid financial crisis
[04:10]  Anti-conversion bill debate in Sri Lanka suffers setback
[03:05]  U.S. bishops ask New Mexico governor to repeal death penalty
[02:10]  YFC teams return home from Nicaragua and Belize
[01:05]  Mother of special needs child offers hope to other families in her position (press)
[00:10]  Media risks making politics a religion by marginalizing the Church


[23:05]  Madagascar Protestant leader 'detained' as president resigns
[22:10]  Number of homeless children in America is increasing
[21:05]  After civil unions precedent, Maine same-sex ?marriage’ bill proposed
[20:10]  US national survey examines faith's role in parenting
[19:05]  Cardinal George warns Obama against moving U.S. towards despotism
[18:10]  Evangelical church may be on the verge of collapse in the U.S.
[17:05]  Ban on embryo destruction funds renewed for time-being
[12:10]  Samaritans Purse UK steps out for World Water Day
[11:05]  Wife of persecuted believer sends letter to China Aid
[10:10]  Greek Catholics attend Evangelical conference in Ukraine
[09:05]  Desmond Tutu joins call for Gaza 'war crimes' inquiry
[08:10]  Pope Benedict delivered his first papal speech on African soil
[07:05]  Christian TV host attacked in London in ?faith hate’ crime
[06:10]  Murder trial in Turkey reveals antipathy toward Christians
[05:05]  Bishop: New law on abortion is disastrous step in history of Spain
[04:10]  Protestants in northwest Germany look to form united church
[03:05]  Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Ministry of Health will cooperate
[02:10]  One more Russian Orthodox Church to open in Thailand
[01:05]  True Love Waits impacts young people in the Philippines
[00:10]  Cardinal calls on Irish to rediscover their faith on St. Patrick's Day


[23:05]  Tsiyon Messianic Radio now broadcasting in Salem
[22:10]  Mexican state approves pro-life amendment to constitution
[21:05]  Controversial US legislators withdraw ?disastrous’ suicide bill
[20:10]  Conditions worsen in Haiti, partners needed for Kids Alive work
[19:05]  'Gay marriage' advancing in Vermont and other liberal states
[18:10]  Bishop criticizes reproductive technology’s ?procreation without sex’
[17:05]  ?Christianity in Crisis: The 21st Century’ by Hank Hanegraaff (press)
[12:10]  Politician's wife gets behind Christian ministry in Guatemala
[11:05]  Kenyan church leaders say northern military operation must end
[10:10]  Uzbekistan's secret police and Muslims refuse to bury Christians
[09:05]  Catholic school attacked in Ivory Coast over education policy
[08:10]  Believers in India have reached 10 to 11 percent of the population
[07:05]  Protect Sunday as a special day, church group tells EU
[06:10]  Cameroon archbishop: country awaits Pope’s visit with enthusiasm
[05:05]  Sudan's president wants to expel all foreign aid groups
[04:10]  French physicist and philosopher wins 2009 Templeton Prize
[03:05]  Elimination of child credits in Madrid is step backwards
[02:10]  Venezuela anti-Semitism concerns USCIRF commission
[01:05]  Brazil president joins criticism over abortion excommunication
[00:10]  Killing of pastor in USA draws attention to violence against Christians


[23:05]  Conduct code threatens Christian schools in Great Britain
[22:10]  Archbishop: Sebelius nomination ?source of greatest embarrassment’
[21:05]  Pioneer producer of Christian films has passed away
[20:10]  Parents living in a common-law has harmful effects on kids
[19:05]  Disabled adults help aid ministry around the world
[18:10]  Clinton’s ?confused’ embryo remarks raise credibility questions
[17:05]  Widow of slain Illinois pastor points to 'celebration day'
[10:10]  Pakistan Christian threatened over providing prayer rooms
[09:05]  UK proposal calls for using aborted babies as organ donors (press)
[08:10]  Orthodox priests serve the first liturgy ever in Vietnam's capital
[07:05]  Somalia peace deal with rebels could help a radio ministry
[06:10]  Pope asks Catholics to pray for his first visit to Africa
[05:05]  Two French bishops condemn excommunications in Brazil
[04:10]  Faith leaders denounce slapping of ex-president of Tanzania
[03:05]  Cardinal Bertone points to culture as way of finding truth
[02:10]  Radio parternship in Nepal opens new doors for the Gospel
[01:05]  Christian pastor shot in bomb attack on church in India
[00:10]  Vatican crisis means popes can't 'rule as kings' say campaigners


[16:10]  Over 3,000 still in Orissa camps after anti-Christian violence
[13:05]  Russia to toughen law governing missionary activity
[10:10]  Pontiff prays for unity, peace among Christians and Jews
[07:05]  Japanese evangelist of Kobe slums remembered after 100 years
[04:10]  Tajikistan law will worsen the situation with religious liberties
[01:05]  Former congresswoman to lead new pro-life initiative in the US


[22:10]  An anti-poverty move in Honduras creates more problems
[19:05]  New law may have killed District of Columbia's school choice
[16:10]  Archbishop slams plan by Chavez to centralize authority in Caracas
[13:05]  Illinois bill would eliminate all abortion restrictions in state
[10:10]  Norwegian police find stolen Renaissance painting, man arrested
[07:05]  Security expert: churches not immune from acts of violence (press)
[04:10]  Cardinal: Christians should confront today's secular society


[22:10]  Christians respond to overwhelming needs in Haiti
[19:05]  Toronto 40 Days for Life participants: public response "surprising"
[16:10]  Joyce Meyer Ministries built a new hospital in Cambodia
[13:05]  Gospel for Asia missionaries bring Gospel to Bhutan
[10:10]  Pope says he regrets 'mistakes' over 'Holocaust' case
[07:05]  Scotland to hold results of homosexual adoption study
[04:10]  California initiative proposes abolishing all marriage from law
[01:05]  Archbishop urges redoubling of peace efforts in Northern Ireland


[22:10]  Family Planning seeks license to kill unborn children
[21:05]  Village on Lima's outskirts becomes beacon for Gospel (press)
[20:10]  Pint-sized pundit exhorted to return to “principled conservatism”
[19:05]  Thousands rally against bill that ?directly attacks’ Catholic Church
[18:10]  Operation Rescue founder to Vatican: Remove cowardly US bishops
[17:05]  Barack Obama 'left door wide open' for research cloning
[12:10]  Three priests have been killed in Africa during one week
[11:05]  Bishop says basic income in Namibia is like Jesus feeding 5000
[10:10]  Believers hunker down as Somalia embraces Sharia law
[09:05]  Sri Lankan bishop: Without evacuation, 100,000 face ?total annihilation’
[08:10]  Ministry partner elected to host special surgery program in Senegal
[07:05]  UK churches warn on neglecting environment in economic crisis
[06:10]  Pope’s visit will be encouraging to all, says Holy Land Custodian
[05:05]  Kazakh Christians are planting churches despite difficulties
[04:10]  British actor portrays true heroes of Christian faith
[03:05]  Christian media group protests rating for ?Watchmen’ movie
[02:10]  Nearly 500 teens to mark Abstinence Day at U.S. Capitol
[01:05]  UK parents might face charges for opting out of LGBT history month
[00:10]  Former president of SBC: Economic crisis stimulates faith


[23:05]  Australia drops ban on foreign aid to abortion providers
[22:10]  Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham is coming to Uruguay
[21:05]  Most US parents would let trusted neighbors take kids to church
[20:10]  Archbishop: Serve your country best by serving God first
[19:05]  Report shows slide of Christianity in the United States
[18:10]  Congress refuses to ban funding of forced abortions
[17:05]  Franklin Graham issued a statement about the shooting of the pastor
[12:10]  Christians falling under global campaign of "intimidation"
[11:05]  11 people killed, churches destroyed in a wave of violence in Nigeria
[10:10]  Removing Sudanese president could derail peace efforts (press)
[09:05]  Historic structure helps aviation ministry in Indonesia
[08:10]  Cardinal: Bishops should not fear retirement when the time comes
[07:05]  Northern Ireland pastor: recent killings raise specter of past violence
[06:10]  Developing nations slow to enter New World Of Communications
[05:05]  Nigerian banker launches radio station to promote 'godliness'
[04:10]  Catholic Knights of Malta likely to reject pro-abort former D.C. Mayor
[03:05]  Sixth additional Austria - Vatican agreement signed
[02:10]  First prison chapel for Christians inaugurated in Pakistan
[01:05]  Catholic population on the move, non-religious on the rise
[00:10]  Obama stem cell order 'a sad victory of politics over ethics’ (press)


[23:05]  Thieves stone Christians, killing woman, for going to police
[22:10]  Obama unleashes taxpayer funds for embryo-destructive research
[21:05]  US Lutheran bishops undergo HIV tests to lessen stigma
[20:10]  Vatican backs bishop who excommunicated doctor involved in abortion
[19:05]  Christian company released a new computer game
[18:10]  A prison outreach builds on strengths to weather corrections budget crises
[17:05]  Archbishop: Conn. bill threatens Catholics everywhere
[11:05]  Pope: Rome must rediscover its soul, return to Christian roots
[10:10]  Indian bishops publish account of persecuted Christians in Orissa
[09:05]  Christians rejoice at better Church-State relations in Mozambique
[08:10]  Open Doors bringing light to believers in North Korea
[07:05]  Cardinal: model of development must serve the person not money
[06:10]  Wealthy UK couple die at Swiss Dignitas suicide facility
[05:05]  Precious Renaissance painting stolen from Norwegian church
[04:10]  Cardinal Kasper: Indulgences remind us of need for salvation
[03:05]  Libya tortures four Christian converts from Islam
[02:10]  Land: Obama Iraq speech 'vindicated' Bush policy (press)
[01:05]  ’Mission to persecuted Christian homeschoolers in Germany’


[22:10]  Pope will not visit Israeli museum which denigrates Pius XII
[19:05]  British PM: Proposition 8 gay "marriage" ban "unacceptable"
[16:10]  Indian Christians launch voter awareness drive for national poll
[13:05]  Mursi people reached with education and the Gospel
[10:10]  Church asks for prayer after tragic shooting of its pastor
[07:05]  Parish in the US cancels teen-targeted homosexuality play
[04:10]  Zimbabwe in a serious humanitarian crisis says Christian Care
[01:05]  Documentary redefines access to Asia in missions framework


[22:10]  The Obama victory was a step backwards for the civil rights movement
[19:05]  Pope praised women who work for the Kingdom of God
[16:10]  Jesuit univeristy cancels production of V-Monologues
[13:05]  One killed, 11 injured in Pakistan Church attack by gunmen
[10:10]  U.S. bishops concerned about review of conscience protection rules
[07:05]  Russian Church: Christians have limited rights in some states
[04:10]  Abortion and homosexuality proposed to stop AIDS (press)
[01:05]  Baptist ’Mother Teresa’ to receive human rights award


[22:10]  World 'immune' to violence against women says church alliance
[19:05]  Archbishop: Calling Sebelius pro-life is ?very dishonest’
[16:10]  Arrest warrant issued for Sudan's president over Darfur
[13:05]  Theologian: new U2 album ?most thoroughly Christian’ project
[10:10]  Italian doctor claims to have cloned three children: no proof offered (press)
[07:05]  Despite lost case, Japanese teacher fights against anthem and flag
[04:10]  Abortion was legalized in Columbia with invalid statistics
[01:05]  Christians will share Christ at basketball tournaments in the U.S.


[22:10]  Cincinnati archbishop joins in prayer at 40 Days for Life vigil
[19:05]  California court appears likely to uphold Proposition 8
[16:10]  Bishop gets death threats for denouncing human trafficking rings
[13:05]  Research: Ministry reaching 1 million households in Arab world
[10:10]  Pro-life outrage mounts over Sebelius pick and Brownback's support
[07:05]  Ex-gay Kim Cowen 'free indeed' because of Jesus Christ (press)
[04:10]  Archbishop calls for end to electoral violence in El Salvador
[01:05]  Graham meets with President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir


[22:10]  Bioethicist: New 'designer babies' make life a commodity
[21:05]  ?Jesus. All About Life’ campaign goes statewide in Australia
[20:10]  Hope Corps transforms lives through teacher mentoring
[19:05]  NFL's Jason Witten takes on domestic violence
[18:10]  Catholic cardinals defend religious action in public life
[17:05]  Third attempt produces clean water for Los Bahiles
[11:05]  World Council of Churches now sifting applicants for top post
[10:10]  Italian Catholics sacrificing texting messages for Lent
[09:05]  'Slumdog Millionaire' paints accurate picture of life in the slums
[08:10]  Catholic Knights of Malta to honor anti-family former DC mayor
[07:05]  Ethics group demands Spanish TV correct report on objecting parents
[06:10]  Aid agencies churches on alert after warrant for Sudan president
[05:05]  UK teacher's guidelines to "promote equality" violate religious rights
[04:10]  Azerbaijan to further restrict religious freedom
[03:05]  Expert signals false opposition between 'Darwinism' and Church
[02:10]  Catholic schools in Israel prepare for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit
[01:05]  "Any" person can be listed as "second parent" for IVF kids
[00:10]  New health code would legalize abortion in cases of rape in Mexico


[23:05]  USA, China and Africa will have the most Christian population
[22:10]  Catholic website protests Gov. Sebelius’ Cabinet nomination
[21:05]  Dozens of lives saved so far in 40 Days for Life spring campaign
[20:10]  Wildfire victims in Africa grateful for Christians' aid
[19:05]  Assisted suicide group expects ?cultural shift’ in Washington
[18:10]  Lawsuit challenges federal Defense of Marriage Act in US
[17:05]  Evolution of Darwin's reputation continues 150 years later
[11:05]  Church goes underground as Iranian government hunts believers
[10:10]  Chinese Catholics ?terrified’ of losing freedoms, professor says
[09:05]  Pastor of church in Belarus met with ombudsmen of Europe
[08:10]  Statistics on Angola and Cameroon published ahead of Pope’s trip
[07:05]  Benin’s President Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni welcomes Mercy Ships
[06:10]  Christians will face more oppression under new law in India
[05:05]  Cardinal Arinze: Jesus gives meaning to the life of priests
[04:10]  Two Pakistani Christian men detained over blasphemy
[03:05]  Ministry in UK set to relaunch free Christian audio library
[02:10]  Malaysia bows to Muslim pressure over ?Allah’ in Catholic weekly
[01:05]  Kenyan Lutheran bishop breaks ranks over poll violence tribunal
[00:10]  Ontario law makes reporting child porn mandatory


[23:05]  Madrid to transfer a land plot for construction of Russian church
[22:10]  Michigan Catholic Conference praises new stem cell method
[21:05]  Mexican Catholic bishops launch 2009 Charity Campaign
[20:10]  Stem cell breakthrough could make ethical debate moot
[19:05]  City funding for Mark Twain church prompts lawsuit threat
[18:10]  Compassion International gearing up for Global Food Crisis Day
[17:05]  Abortion legalization initiatives die in Mexico's state legislatures
[11:05]  British cardinal: Catholic Church must not let society marginalize it
[10:10]  World Day of Social Justice celebrated in Ukraine
[09:05]  Napolitano gives symbolic keys of Russian church in Bari to Medvedev
[08:10]  Ghanaian hospital heals physically, encourages spiritually
[07:05]  Cherie Blair: Catholic Church keeps women "virtually invisible"
[06:10]  Catholic Church reports growth in seminarians and members
[05:05]  Tutu and Boesak both deeply critical of state of South Africa
[04:10]  Eluana Englaro's father investigated for homicide
[03:05]  Asian Access: support of anti-conversion bill in Sri Lanka draws fire
[02:10]  Welsh town ends ban on controversial Monty Python film, Life of Brian
[01:05]  St. Pius X Society leader: Bishop Williamson should ?stay quiet’
[00:10]  Franklin Graham will meet with top government officials in Sudan


[23:05]  Anglican Church of Canada portrays Jesus as a recovering racist
[22:10]  N.J. gubernatorial election could decide if 'gay marriage' is legalized
[21:05]  While Book of Hope has new name, their focus is the same
[20:10]  Dr. James Dobson steps down as Focus on the Family chairman
[19:05]  Obama to revoke Bush abortion rule protecting conscience rights
[18:10]  Appointment of Milwaukee bishop to head New York praised
[17:05]  Jesuit universities criticized for promoting sexual ideologies
[11:05]  Russia: Who should historical religious property belong to?
[10:10]  Charges filed against Pakistani kidnappers of young sisters
[09:05]  S. African cleric, Boesak, to stand for ANC breakaway in elections
[08:10]  Pope blames idolatry of money for economic crisis
[07:05]  Hope Center to revitalize community after earthquake in China
[06:10]  Islamic lawyers urge death sentence for Egyptian convert
[05:05]  Swiss women abandoning the pill due to adverse effects
[04:10]  Rick Renner Ministries are making progress in Russia
[03:05]  Library will help to reach many for Christ in the Middle East
[02:10]  Vatican: Global financial crisis may seriously impact kids
[01:05]  Englaro would not have been dehydrated to death in Israel
[00:10]  Zimbabwe churches says Mugabe's party is 'showing bad faith'


[16:10]  Bishop kicks off 40 Days for Life prayer outside abortion center
[13:05]  Knights of Columbus to fight greed of economic crisis
[10:10]  The living hell created by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Sudan
[07:05]  Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller to face trial
[04:10]  Sky Angel adds Ondas de Amor channel to TV lineup
[01:05]  Bishop for war-torn Somalia launches appeal for aid
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Dr. Gilbert Yoonseok Chae, a Korean surgeon, President of WCDN

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