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[22:10]  Christian Alliance for Orphans announces 5th annual Summit
[19:05]  Church did not violate law in supporting marriage amendment
[16:10]  Pope calls Catholics to prayer and sacrifice during Lent
[13:05]  Religious riots in Nigeria disrupt ministry; Christians asked to pray
[10:10]  UK ministry empowers India’s Dalits through education
[07:05]  Russia: Governor orders Pentecostal Church land grab
[04:10]  Zambian churches: Jailing of pastor, ex-lands minister, a 'lesson' (press)
[01:05]  Ash Wednesday services at Protestant university attract interest


[22:10]  Parental consent required for tattoos in US, but not for abortion
[19:05]  US Baptist Group to host banquet focusing on human rights
[16:10]  Bishop expresses ?regret’ for Holocaust comments’ effects
[13:05]  Ministry hospital honored for working at healing soul and body
[10:10]  Palestinians in Christian housing fear return of Israeli bulldozers
[07:05]  Caritas Nigeria calls for aid for poor amidst financial crisis
[04:10]  President of the Baptist Convention addresses 12,000 men
[01:05]  Jesus Film gears up for ministry to tech savvy youth


[22:10]  Pro-life amendments blocked from consideration in the US
[21:05]  Ten Commandments monument supporters win
[20:10]  New U.S. Orthodox church leader faces 'immense' task
[19:05]  Billy Graham organization laying off its employees
[18:10]  Bishop asks university to consider closing Diversity Institute
[17:05]  Critics: Hillary Clinton, in China visit, neglected human rights
[11:05]  Proposition 8 supporter urges Catholics to ?stand up’ despite critics
[10:10]  Russian President, Patriarch meet with winners of Orthodox Unity Prize
[09:05]  Romanian church takes Great Commission seriously
[08:10]  Public financing of abortion declared constitutional in Estonia
[07:05]  New federation seeks to mobilise atheist students in Britain
[06:10]  Cardinal: greater access to abortion in Spain builds ?the common evil’
[05:05]  British Christians hit ’the Cyber Road’ for ’Virtual Lenten Pilgrimage’
[04:10]  Religious freedom attacked in Myanmar; churches forced to stop services
[03:05]  John Paul II faced deaths threats during Poland visits in 1980s
[02:10]  Thousands protest against Hawaii same-sex civil union legislation
[01:05]  Pakistan Christians jittery as Islamic law enforced in Swat Valley
[00:10]  Fetal models create stir at massive Amsterdam home fair


[22:10]  Olympic flyer presents Sports Ministry Award to Australian couple
[21:05]  Homosexual group calls pro-family activists "domestic terrorists"
[20:10]  Bioethicist: Lots of 'hype' in embryonic stem cell research
[19:05]  New NY archbishop receives phone call from Barack Obama
[18:10]  University is hosting a conference to help church based ESL programs
[17:05]  'Flame' proclaims Gospel via Grammy-nominated album
[12:10]  Muslim youth vandalize Christian bookstore twice within five days
[11:05]  New attacks on Christians in Bauchi, Nigeria, despite curfew
[10:10]  Catholic bishops of India strongly reject euthanasia
[09:05]  S. African theologian turns down nomination for top party post
[08:10]  Spanish bishops and Vatican blast plan to legalize abortion in Spain
[07:05]  Russian entrepreneur to promote London buses that affirm God
[06:10]  Four Chinese house church leaders released in Henan
[05:05]  Cardinal Scola: Catholics must bear witness to faith in public life
[04:10]  Exiled Somali Christian says attacks on AU troops linked to Sharia
[03:05]  U.K. sex ed leaflet: Teaching sexual morals keeps teens from being ?open’
[02:10]  Global ecumenical network wants Lenten action on water
[01:05]  Church in Cuba needs more room for action, lay magazine asserts
[00:10]  Arkansas enshrines partial-birth abortion ban into state law


[23:05]  Relief agencies unable to adequately help the needy in Myanmar
[23:05]  Iran's crackdown on other religious minorities causes alarm for ministry
[22:10]  A bill that could legalize same-sex unions advances in Hawaii
[21:05]  Australian religious leaders pledge interfaith response to fires
[20:10]  Notre Dame University has established pro-life fund
[19:05]  Denver archbishop warns against ?spirit of adulation’ surrounding Obama
[18:10]  Oscar winners use awards event to promote gay agenda
[17:05]  U.S. Supreme Court to hear war memorial cross case
[11:05]  Hawaii legislature won't consider assisted suicide bill this year
[10:10]  Archbishop Dolan prays for future ?full of hope’ in New York City
[09:05]  Hong Kong protesters rally against 'religious hegemony'
[08:10]  Fake "Baptist" newspaper surfaces in Smolensk, Russia
[07:05]  Legion of Christ to respond to scandal on Tuesday
[06:10]  Ministry trains Kenyan businessmen in biblical boldness
[05:05]  Christian ministry hosts historic event for women in Pakistan
[04:10]  Cardinal exhorts Catholics not to live the faith clandestinely
[03:05]  Norwegian bishop's proposal for oil moratorium runs into some flak
[02:10]  CNN rejects life-affirming Obama ad - 2nd major network to do so
[01:05]  British libraries put Bible on top shelf alongside The Koran
[00:10]  Millions see Italian star sing of victory over homosexuality


[23:05]  Manhattan confessionals to be open for 24 hours in Lenten event
[22:10]  North Dakota bill part of growing personhood movement
[21:05]  Search continues in Venezuela for missing missionary plane
[20:10]  Pastor receives 30 days in jail for breaking abortuary ?bubble’
[19:05]  Majority of teens cite their parents as role models
[18:10]  Dove Awards nominees announced in 43 categories
[17:05]  Obama eclipses Jesus as Americans' hero, poll finds
[11:05]  Celebrant singers spread the message of Christ’s love
[10:10]  Prominent clerics nominated to head breakaway South African party
[09:05]  Operation Mobilization's Logos Hope launch into ministry service
[08:10]  HIV-positive Ugandan priest is 2009 Niwano Peace Prize winner
[07:05]  Polish bishop supports criminalization of IVF, embryo research
[06:10]  How Pakistani police opened fire on Christian protesters
[05:05]  Fetal stem cell injections create brain tumors in Israeli boy
[04:10]  Acceptance of abortion 'one of the greatest tragedies of our age' (press)
[03:05]  Carlson addresses EU Conference on child care in Prague
[02:10]  Baptist pastor convicted on weapons charges in Azerbaijan
[01:05]  Live Christian TV program reaches Iraqis with Christ
[00:10]  Catholic-Jewish ties tested as Pope prepares for Israel visit


[16:10]  Hindu fundamentalists threaten Catholic schools
[13:05]  Florida House calls for criminal charges for killing of a newborn
[10:10]  Archbishop Chaput responds to Pelosi-Pope meeting
[07:05]  Lutherans might allow pastors to be in homosexual relationships
[04:10]  Two kidnapped Italian Catholic sisters freed in Kenya
[01:05]  Joyce Meyer Ministries help families displaced by Australia fires


[22:10]  Argentinean cardinal calls for a priestly formation to evangelize culture
[19:05]  Petition launched to withhold Communion from Pelosi and Biden
[16:10]  Gordon Brown meets with the Pope, talks about economic crisis
[13:05]  Anti-conversion laws still pose a threat to believers in India
[10:10]  Spain saw 100,000 marriages end in first nine months of 2008
[07:05]  Operation Mobilisation vessel is heading to the United Kingdom
[04:10]  Catholic parishes join in challenge to listen to the whole New Testment
[01:05]  Faithful Catholic theologian to lead Denver Catholic Charities


[22:10]  Man with anti-Obama pro-life truck sign reported to Secret Service
[19:05]  Kenya church assists forgotten 'trash dump' community (press)
[16:10]  Vatican hopes for improved relations with Vietnamese government
[13:05]  Holy Land Christians condemn Israeli TV 'satire'
[10:10]  Most Americans say religion is important in their daily life
[07:05]  US firefighters win lawsuit over forced participation in gay parade
[04:10]  Catholics hold vigil praying for Obama’s conversion on FOCA
[01:05]  Ministry moves to take advantage of immigration trend


[22:10]  North Dakota proposed personhood from conception law
[21:05]  In downturn, workers turn to corporate chaplain during crisis of faith
[20:10]  "Catholic" Pelosi still refuses to submit to Church teaching on abortion
[19:05]  Archbishop of Melbourne assigns priest to help bushfire victims
[18:10]  Brazil shuts down websites distributing abortion drugs
[17:05]  US Muslim TV network boss reportedly beheaded his wife
[11:05]  Modern translation of the Chinese New Testament makes debut
[10:10]  Аn Orthodox priest urged to increase culture of dialog in Internet
[09:05]  African churches urge Gadhafi to ensure well-being of continent
[08:10]  Caritas: Poor must not be forgotten in financial rescue plans
[07:05]  Christians and women will suffer under new deal in Pakistan
[06:10]  Art expo on the travels of St. Paul opens in Hong Kong
[05:05]  Church leaders hold back on Zimbabwe government verdict
[04:10]  Britain will label Muslims who think homosexuality is sin as extremists
[03:05]  Supreme Court ruling in Spain rejects indoctrination in schools
[02:10]  Argentinean: population reduction does not alleviate poverty
[01:05]  Love Dare books in print back atop New York Times bestseller list
[00:10]  Nebraska bishops use input from laity to tackle immigration reform


[23:05]  Human rights organization calls to intensify efforts for change in Burma
[22:10]  Australia, Northern Ireland join 40 Days For Life Campaign
[21:05]  Maldives: Reform excludes freedom of religion or belief
[20:10]  Financial turmoil can yield revival, Johnny Hunt says
[19:05]  Ministry reaches out to 'hidden' people groups of Peru
[18:10]  "Right to die" bill introduced into Canadian Parliament
[17:05]  Sale of prayer candles of ?saint’ President Obama sparks controversy
[11:05]  Catholic Church to explore benefits and dangers of genetics
[10:10]  Korea's Cardinal Kim was a 'voice of protest' against dictatorship
[09:05]  Uzbekistan: Muslims and Christians victims of literature crackdown
[08:10]  Taliban is violently taking over Pakistan
[07:05]  Christians 'in Iraq since its birth', say they want role in rebuilding
[06:10]  Ministry helps solve orphan problem through Boot Camp
[05:05]  Damage to women caused by abortion is scientifically proven
[04:10]  Austrian bishops tend to controversies unsettling their flock
[03:05]  Christian group opposed to sending Japan naval ships to Somalia
[02:10]  Professor William Dembski: evolution hypothesis, not theory
[01:05]  Billy Graham rapid response team deploys to Australia
[00:10]  Lawsuit targets Arkansas unmarried adoption ban


[23:05]  Youth for Christ Ministry launches program in Haiti
[22:10]  Vietnamese churches are growing, but covert Bible deliverers needed
[21:05]  Seminar on Christian moral life now accepting high school students
[20:10]  New study: Americans skeptical about end of world
[19:05]  YWAM Australia staff care for refugees of arson-induced fires
[18:10]  Vatican confirms that Pelosi will have audience with the Pope
[17:05]  Colombian bishops reaffirm their commitment to achieving peace
[11:05]  European bishops back proposed EU law on Sunday rest
[10:10]  Pakistan: Two female nursing students accused of blasphemy
[09:05]  British bishop who says job loss may be opportunity angers unions
[08:10]  'Word of God, source of life,' theme of Indian bishops’ meeting
[07:05]  Spanish judge: government is persecuting me for Christianity
[06:10]  Twelve year-old becomes YouTube hit by explaining the tragedy of abortion
[05:05]  Same-sex relationships "comparable to marriage": Anglican head
[04:10]  Maoist regime provides unique haven for church planting ministry
[03:05]  British head teacher finds support in School Religion row
[02:10]  Vatican delegation arriving in Vietnam could face ?enormous difficulties’
[01:05]  Kenya church leaders back international trial for violence suspects
[00:10]  ?Fireproof’ producer sees filmmaking as ministry, not business


[23:05]  Catholic parishes join in challenge to listen to the New Testment
[22:10]  Utah governor voices support for homosexual civil unions
[21:05]  Sudan problems could unravel peace accord, says US religion body
[20:10]  U.N. rejects homosexual group with possible pedophile link
[19:05]  Press: The killing of Eluana Englaro- judicial homicide
[18:10]  Venezuelan bishops encourage voting ?without fear’
[17:05]  Action star Chuck Norris: A true ?Kung Fu’ Christian (press)
[11:05]  Pope Benedict: sin, not sickness, separates us from God
[10:10]  Russian Christians-Baptists are back on the road again
[09:05]  Azerbaijani pastor vows to fight on; ministry continues to pray
[08:10]  Ethical leadership can 'spur global crises' solutions says Kenyan
[07:05]  Armenia: Two years' imprisonment for organising sharing of faith?
[06:10]  Pakistan churches conferred appreciation award to Minorities Minister
[05:05]  Expo in Rome commemorates Vatican City State’s 80th anniversary
[04:10]  Ministry distributes food aid in Zimbabwe after multiple attempts
[03:05]  Indian Supreme Court to examine abortion law
[02:10]  Britain to host international summit on combating anti-Semitism
[01:05]  Anti-conversion laws still pose a threat to believers in India
[00:10]  Israeli Prime Minister confirms Pope to visit Israel in May


[11:05]  Vision Beyond Borders: the need for Bibles is still great in China
[08:10]  UN Investigator upholds civil rights for Dalits of all faiths
[05:05]  Christian dismisses Sudan Muslim call to boycott Valentine's Day
[02:10]  Half of Polish priests want 'end to celibacy', survey claims


[23:05]  Publication of ?too Christian’ encyclopedia suspended in US
[20:10]  Glamour Mag abortion stories point to need for more recovery groups
[17:05]  USCIRF urges Obama to appoint special Sudan envoy
[14:10]  Christ helps us to love life amidst suffering, Pope teaches
[11:05]  Largest non-governmental hospital ship Africa Mercy arrives in Benin
[08:10]  Over 900 massacred in Congo since Christmas
[05:05]  Clergy embroiled in prayer-card row over French and Flemish
[02:10]  Movies with Christian worldviews preferred more than secular ones


[23:05]  Palin criticizes campaign to donate to Planned Parenthood in her name
[20:10]  Atheism: famous Christian author Ray Comfort warns of its results
[17:05]  Pennsylvania officials challenge tax exemption for closed churches
[14:10]  Indian churches demand disbanding of minorities' watchdog
[11:05]  Spanish families defy mandatory homosexual indoctrination
[08:10]  Pope sends condolences for victims of forest fires in Australia
[05:05]  Despite restrictive law, persecution will fan the flame of the Gospel
[01:10]  Ice storm relief work in Kentucky and Arkansas continues


[22:10]  Winners announced at the “The Christian Oscars”
[21:05]  University student union revokes pro-life students’ club status
[20:10]  American Indian leaders give input to new global church group
[19:05]  Church in Colombia reiterates willingness to facilitate dialogue
[18:10]  Abortion supporters pelt pro-lifers with stones in France
[17:05]  Christian broadcasters fear Fairness Doctrine return
[10:10]  Federation of Catholic Doctors: Eluana Englaro was killed
[09:05]  Danes deported from Belarus for praying in church
[08:10]  Once-atheist Albania urged to return seized religious property
[07:05]  Jesus Boat found in the Sea of Galilee in Israel
[06:10]  Pope uses 'ladder' of St. John Climacus to promote conversion
[05:05]  Ministries and Ethiopian president celebrate school inauguration
[04:10]  Ireland: adoption available only to married heterosexual couples
[03:05]  Bishop Williamson to ?review’ evidence for Holocaust
[02:10]  Talk show to discuss possible abortion-breast cancer link
[01:05]  Shunned by society, Gypsies learn of Christ's unconditional love
[00:10]  Vice President of Peruvian Congress: abortion solves nothing


[23:05]  Where were the black political leaders at the March for Life?
[22:10]  Sky Angel TV adds The Word Network Urban Channel
[21:05]  Kenneth Starr gives Proposition 8 argument preview
[20:10]  Churches turn to ash in Victoria’s fires; services still continue
[19:05]  Pro-abortion 'rights' governor possible pick for HHS secretary
[18:10]  US Ministry will use families to reach families for Christ
[17:05]  Pope urges Brazilian leadership to keep abortion and euthanasia illegal
[11:05]  Patriarch Kirill gives Russian minority churches cautious optimism
[10:10]  Details of Vatican evolution conference announced
[09:05]  Darfur relief aid continues; government begins peace talks
[08:10]  Cardinal: The goal was to heal a schism, not to support anti-Semitism
[07:05]  British MP’s concerned over church closures in Rangoon, Burma
[06:10]  Church representatives to attend monastery court case in Turkey
[05:05]  Released Christians' case remains open, persecution increased
[04:10]  EU recognizes new party dedicated to ?a culture embracing life’
[03:05]  Wyoming House of Representatives defeats marriage amendment
[02:10]  Tony Blair being plugged by Nicolas Sarkozy for President of Europe (press)
[01:05]  German translation of Greek Old Testament released
[00:10]  Nigerian church leader decries corrupt practices by officials


[23:05]  Abuse lawsuit ruling endangers Church’s equality under law
[22:10]  Rick Warren, Reader’s Digest launch 'Purpose Driven Connection'
[21:05]  Australia’s worst national disaster claims Christian properties
[20:10]  Obama guarantees reversal of Bush's pro-life stem cell policy
[19:05]  The Velveteen Rabbit to be released on DVD after theatrical release
[18:10]  Pro-Life event at St. Mary's University told to disband
[17:05]  Breakaway priest refuses to recant teachings, archbishop intervenes
[11:05]  Pope Benedict XVI planning spring visit to Holy Land
[10:10]  World Council of Churches says it has nominations for top post
[09:05]  Armenia: two years' imprisonment for organising sharing of faith?
[08:10]  Pakistani minorities being denied seats in the Senate
[07:05]  Foster mother disqualified after Muslim girl's conversion to Christianity
[06:10]  Eluana Englaro, Italy's "Terri Schiavo," dies suddenly
[05:05]  For renewal, Kenyan faith leaders seek return to God, hard work
[04:10]  Pakistani Christian ?blasphemer’ speaks of her post-arrest ordeal
[03:05]  Sixty-five Christian churches planted in ten years in Nepal
[02:10]  Cardinal Bertone says 'God is source and guarantor of all rights'
[01:05]  Thousands of trafficked women and children in India receive hope
[00:10]  President Obama: Religion 'can bring us together' (press)


[23:05]  Argentinean unborn child is killed despite pleas for mercy
[22:10]  Obama to expand faith-based initiative started under Bush
[21:05]  Vandal defaces crosses from university pro-life display in USA
[20:10]  Persecution against Christians in China increased in 2008
[19:05]  LifeWay Worship unveils the next generation in digital music
[18:10]  Critics: Sex abuse attorney’s book ignores abuse in public schools
[17:05]  Dominican town and Baltimore youth impacted by Youth for Christ
[14:10]  Police: 600,000 Americans, 65,000 Canadians trading child porn online
[10:10]  Italy’s Communist President refuses to save Eluana Englaro
[09:05]  Moscow Good News Church created a ministry for singles
[08:10]  ?Orthodox’ buses will oppose ?No God’ ones driving along London
[07:05]  Ukraine President gives religious groups right to permanent land use
[06:10]  Christian alliance wants Zimbabwe rule of law prisoners freed
[05:05]  Archbishop urges Catholics to stand up for Christian values
[04:10]  Ministry rescues orphans through local churches in Zambia
[03:05]  Pro-God buses are set to hit the streets in the British capital
[02:10]  Vatican Radio withdraws invitation to contraceptive manufacturer
[01:05]  Indian Christians say they are fighting an 'apartheid' in Orissa
[00:10]  Vatican not considering ?immediate’ action in wake of Legionaries' crisis


[14:10]  Stem cells developed in Brazil without need of embryos
[11:05]  Sharia-based law spreads in Indonesia
[08:10]  Attacks on federal marriage protections could create ?legal Armageddon’
[05:05]  Mandatory class in Canada says all religions are true
[02:10]  Tiny fetal models cause uproar in Dutch media and parliament


[23:05]  Daughter of rape victim pleads for life of unborn children
[20:10]  Birth control pill creator regrets population decline
[17:05]  International Committee meets to plan World Congress of Families V
[14:10]  Society has duty to help Eluana live, says Archbishop of Udine
[11:05]  Vatican publishes list of coins and stamps for 2009
[08:10]  Supporting military families a U.S. national priority
[05:05]  NRB to visit Holy Sites in Jerusalem virtually through IPrayTV
[02:10]  Missionary shows a new way to reach out Muslims for Christ


[23:05]  Obama taps liberal Evangelical to head Faith-Based office
[20:10]  Nurses refuse to assist in the killing of unborn children
[17:05]  Fireproof movie beats Jonah, A VeggieTales in sales
[14:05]  Arie Hoekman: Family breakdown a “triumph” for “human rights”
[11:10]  Kazakhstan: OSCE legal opinion seriously criticises draft law
[08:05]  Italy ready with draft law to stop the killing of Eluana Englaro
[05:05]  Zimbabwe's tailspin opens the door for ministry
[02:10]  Victory for Christian nurse who faced being fired for offering prayer


[23:05]  Vatican says thousands are visiting its YouTube clips
[20:10]  Ministry sends a plane to Lesotho to help reach the unreached
[19:05]  Never forget dictatorship, say Brazilian human rights' defenders
[18:10]  Lesbian couple who led same-sex 'marriage' lawsuit to divorce
[17:05]  Ben Stein "Expelled" from University of Vermont
[10:10]  European Parliament deplores clergy curbs in Belarus
[09:05]  Father of Italian comatose woman plans to cause her death
[08:10]  Bishops will refuse Communion to pro-abort politicians
[07:05]  Holy See demands Lefebvrists fully accept Second Vatican Council
[06:10]  Anglican archbishops call on Zimbabwe's Mugabe to resign
[05:05]  Italian superstar vocalist Al Bano speaks out against gay parades
[04:10]  Pakistani Christian man accused of blasphemy sent to jail
[03:05]  Germany's debate on Holocaust rages as Vatican clarifies again
[02:10]  USA Network advertisement backs 'gay marriage'
[01:05]  Bishop’s Holocaust comments show need for papal oversight
[00:10]  Fundamentalist Hindus harass and threaten Catholics in India


[23:05]  Quakers give support to US war resisters in Canada
[22:10]  Pastor of New Life Church requests a meeting with the President
[21:05]  Obama prepares to win over Congress to homosexuals in military
[20:10]  Cardinal DiNardo spurs Catholic involvement in Bible listening
[19:05]  Baptist Association newspaper delivers 56,500 Bibles
[18:10]  Most Americans disapprove Obama funding abortion overseas
[17:05]  Open Doors names worst place on earth to be a Christian
[11:05]  The state of religious freedom at the forefront in Azerbaijan
[10:10]  Zimbabwe Anglicans pray outside as Mugabe bishop holds property
[09:05]  British grandparents lose custody of children to gay couple
[08:10]  Legal Center supports Christian nurse suspended for prayer offer
[07:05]  Missionaries seek spiritual breakthrough in Cologne
[06:10]  Kenya church leaders urge more civic education to stop tragedies
[05:05]  New Catholic TV and radio directory launched online
[04:10]  Uganda's first lady will continue advocating for sexual abstinence
[03:05]  India shuts down relief camps, forces Christians out
[02:10]  Museum in Geneva ’reintroduces’ John Calvin to a new generation
[01:05]  Iran celebrates 30-year anniversary of 'freedom'; believers note irony
[00:10]  Holy Father calls for freedom of religion and worship in Turkey


[23:05]  Students charged with trespassing over abortion display
[22:10]  Iraqis vote peacefully in large numbers despite warnings of violence
[21:05]  Family Policy Institute urges opposition against gay marriage bill
[20:10]  Boycott urged as Pepsi TV ad pushes homosexual lifestyle
[19:05]  Indianapolis Colts coach honored for 'Lifetime of Inspiration'
[18:10]  Star Trek actor condemns woman's "right to kill her baby"
[17:05]  Conservative legislators call for help to defend the family in USA
[11:05]  Pope Benedict XVI sees chance for hope in financial crisis
[10:10]  Operation Mobilization reaches from Pakistan to Panama
[09:05]  Pope urges Hungary to defend Europe by protecting the family
[08:10]  Christian nurse in Britain suspended for prayer offer
[07:05]  More than two children “irresponsible” says top advisor in UK
[06:10]  Christians launch seven days of prayer for revival in London
[05:05]  Bible Marathons encourage faith in Christ in Liberia
[04:15]  Jewish group protests to UN rights chief churches on anti-Semitism
[04:10]  Sophia Institute Press names Stratford Caldecott as editor
[03:05]  New Russian Patriarch Kirill I pledges to keep church unified
[02:10]  Rebellion in Madagascar spreads from the capital
[01:05]  Effects of earthquake still being felt by Costa Ricans; Christians help
[00:10]  Catholic school revokes honors for legislator over abortion


[23:05]  Baptists meet Azerbaijan leader over religious liberty issues
[23:05]  Brazilian churches criticise privatisation of water resources
[22:10]  Pro-abortion governor banned forever from IL public office
[21:05]  Rejection of pro-life Super Bowl ad criticized by creators
[20:10]  America’s ’Beloved Gospel Singer’ to celebrate 100th birthday
[19:05]  Christian school opens in landslide recovery area in Guatemala
[18:10]  Kurt Warner a persistent witness despite censors
[17:05]  Bone marrow stem cell therapy may halt multiple sclerosis
[11:05]  Saudi Arabia arrests Christian blogger for conversion publicity
[10:10]  Testimonies of God's power from the Vietnamese Good News Church (press)
[09:05]  Ministry sends 3,000 orphans back to school in Zimbabwe
[08:10]  Lithuanian archbishop warns rioters against ruining the State
[07:05]  Euthanasia a ?false solution’ to suffering, Pope says
[06:10]  Vietnamese Good News Church celebrated Lunar New Year
[05:05]  Christian values remain fertile soil for Kiev-Moscow understanding
[04:10]  Ministry launches relief response to survivors in Gaza
[03:05]  Italian youth launch day of prayer for life and peace
[02:10]  Pope's words 'step forward'; more needed, say Israeli German Jews
[01:05]  Secular Indians are targets of violence by Hindu extremists
[00:10]  Court leaves debate on Education for the Citizenry up in the air


[12:10]  Russian Baptist minister visited Western Ukraine
[09:05]  Belarus: Charismatic church's fight pushed back to square one
[06:10]  Florida governor vetoes crisis pregnancy center funding cut
[03:05]  Conversions may be prohibited in Sri Lanka, report says
[00:10]  Obama policy reversal causes outcry from Latin American leaders
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