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[21:05]  Sky Angel Television joins exhibitors at NRB 2009 in USA
[18:10]  White Stone Gallery introduces a new Christian exhibition
[12:10]  Franciscans express concern over Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka
[09:05]  Toronto Transit Commission approves anti-God ads
[06:10]  Living Waters Publications: Celebrity Millions take off
[03:05]  More tortured Christians die in Eritrea's military jails
[03:05]  Venezuelan cardinal reacts to â€?enemy of the state’ charge
[00:10]  US religious leaders claim victory with Obama's ban on torture


[21:05]  Mike Tomlin, Steelers head coach, talks about his faith
[18:10]  Priest analyzes spiritual themes of Presidential Inaugural
[15:05]  Ministry helps children in destitute region in Ethiopia
[12:10]  Local missionary gives update on persecution in India (exclusive)
[09:05]  Spanish couples give up vacations to help those hurting from crisis
[06:10]  Beyond the stars: Outreach to the artistic communities
[03:05]  In the wake of disaster, Vision Beyond Borders sees new growth
[00:10]  Churches eye alliances for financial change at World Social Forum


[21:05]  Virginia bill targeting pro-life pharmacies shelved
[18:10]  HCJB Global's president to outline plans for the future at inauguration
[15:05]  Holy Father: Russia needs a united Christian witness
[12:10]  Egyptian judge tells of desire to kill Christian convert
[09:05]  1/4 of UK teachers have been asked about abortion by students
[06:10]  Southern Africa bishops call on Mugabe to relinquish power
[03:05]  World church leaders welcome election of Kirill as Russian Patriarch
[00:10]  US schools opened their doors to gay propaganda this week


[12:10]  Pope: Catholic journalists must live as witnesses to Christ
[09:05]  Christians mobilize to action as humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza
[06:10]  Russian Orthodox elect Metropolitan Kirill as new patriarch
[03:05]  Terrorists control large portions of Pakistani territory


[09:05]  Five thousand gather at Minnesota March for Life
[06:10]  Rick Renner's mother visited churches in Moscow and Kiev
[03:05]  Lebanese Christians protest rosary depicting Hezbollah leader
[00:10]  Judge praised for investigating case of Jesuits slain in El Salvador


[21:05]  With Gillibrand, 'gay marriage' gets another Senate supporter
[18:10]  Obama's pro-abortion executive order creates first clash with Vatican
[15:05]  Refugee camps for displaced believers shut down in Orissa
[12:10]  Metropolitan Kirill: The Church shouldn’t interfere in politics
[09:05]  Tajikistan is continuing to close down places of worship
[06:10]  Korean cardinal expresses joy at Christian unity in Korea
[03:05]  Despite danger, five students dedicated to the gospel in Sudan
[02:10]  Pakistani Christians acquitted in "blasphemy" case
[01:05]  Pope Benedict to visit Czech Republic in September
[00:10]  Christian thinkers in 'financial capital' urge return to basic banking


[15:05]  Bishop: troops should be withdrawn when peace comes
[12:10]  Gambia sentences missionaries to hard labor
[09:05]  Vietnamese state media awarded for faked reports
[06:10]  Iranian film-maker makes surprise appearance at Open Doors
[03:05]  Christians should repent for ecological damage global forum told
[00:10]  Burma orders churches to cease services, stop meeting


[21:05]  Atheist Bus Ads - Italy rejects, Spain welcomes, Toronto is next
[18:10]  California group launches petition drive to reverse Prop 8
[17:05]  PepsiCo gives $1,000,000 to help promote the gay agenda
[15:05]  Evangelicals in Spain support Socialist plan to dissolve Catholicism
[12:10]  Ministry breaks down social barriers with Face of a Child in Moldova
[09:05]  German Protestant leader prepared to talk to 'greedy' bankers
[06:10]  Cardinal calls for end to â€?burdensome stigma’ surrounding leprosy
[03:05]  Christian deaths mount in Eritrean military prisons
[00:10]  Italian atheist bus campaign fails to materialize


[15:05]  Church in the Philippines celebrates Sinulog Festival
[12:10]  Uganda child intervention program promises hope for the future
[09:05]  Italian politician will prevent discrimination of Christians in the EU
[06:10]  Obama inaugurated as the most anti-life U.S. President in history
[03:05]  Kenyans pray, sing and feast at Obama inauguration
[00:10]  Google sides with anti-Prop. 8 lawsuits in amicus briefs


[21:05]  All co-founder responds to "freedom of choice" doughnut row
[18:10]  Bush's pro-life legacy greater than Reagan's, Land says
[15:05]  Pending election of new Russian Patriarch stirs debate and rumour
[12:10]  Rebels set fire to crowded Catholic church in Congo
[09:05]  The Pew Forum: religious affiliations of U.S. Presidents (press)
[06:10]  Pro-life practitioners will educate on Natural Family Planning
[03:05]  Motorcycle 'circuit riders' are sharing the Gospel in Africa
[00:10]  Faith Angle Conference: America and Islam after Bush (press)


[21:05]  Mission Mexico – Bringing Hope through handouts (press)
[18:10]  Religious leaders ask Barack Obama to ban torture
[15:05]  Former Santana frontman to sing at the Inaugural Prayer Event
[12:10]  Pope appeals for end to violence in Gaza as cease-fire is tested
[09:05]  A Christian bus driver refuses to drive â€?No God’ bus
[06:10]  January Life Breakfast held in the United States (exclusive)
[03:05]  Mission Aviation continues its work while terrorists attack Congo
[01:05]  Walk for Life West Coast turnout â€?looking big’
[00:10]  Israel, Hamas both claim victory after cease-fire in Gaza


[15:05]  Dominican bishops call for an end to 'shameless corruption'
[12:10]  Priests should encourage recovery of Sacrament of Reconciliation
[09:05]  Berlin library launches appeal to save Bonhoeffer's papers
[06:10]  Vatican agency reiterates church's condemnation of gay behavior
[03:05]  President George Bush: Acted for U.S. 'best interests'
[00:10]  Madrid cardinal says dignity of immigrants should be recognized


[21:05]  Christians will spread the Good News in El Salvador
[18:10]  Bush declares Sanctity of Human Life Day, sums up pro-life victories
[15:05]  San Francisco set to tax сhurch millions in suspected Prop 8 Đșetaliation


[21:05]  Despite continued violence against churches, most unprepared
[18:10]  Michael Longinow named Chair of Journalism at World Journalism Institute
[15:05]  Moscow Good News Church held a Winter Youth Camp
[12:10]  Bethlehem Bible College makes appeal for Gaza people
[09:05]  Indian court scaled back protection of persecuted Christians
[06:10]  International Bible Society hosted the Bible Across America tour
[03:05]  Christians condemn crackdown on churches in Rangoon
[00:10]  Polygamists say Canada's religious liberty permits several spouses


[21:05]  Barack Obama to allow open homosexuals in military
[18:10]  800 children march for peace in streets of Bethlehem
[15:05]  Chinese government offers compensation to Pastor Bike
[12:10]  “Window of Life” for unwanted babies inaugurated in Poland
[09:05]  Catholic leader arrested on prostitution-related charges
[06:10]  Christians rally for end to Gaza violence, join Muslims in aid drive
[03:05]  A ministry sees God's fingerprints on 38 villages in Honduras
[00:10]  Colorado Episcopal bishop ordains partnered lesbian as priest


[21:05]  During 1996 state election, Obama backed 'gay marriage'
[21:05]  During 1996 state election, Obama backed 'gay marriage'
[15:05]  China Christians will help persecuted church using the Great Wall
[12:10]  Homosexual bishop Gene Robinson to pray for Barack Obama
[09:05]  Percentage of young Catholics drops drastically in Spain
[06:10]  British Jews advised: Take extra security means after Gaza attacks
[03:05]  Church in Iran faces challenge of making faith a spiritual experience
[00:10]  Study shows lack of loyalty to church denominations in US


[21:05]  America's financial woes force a rethink on corrections
[18:10]  Planned Parenthood cuts staff after Madoff scandal
[15:05]  Socialists want funds allotted for the Church to go to Masons
[12:10]  Helsinki Commission is concerned over religion law in Kyrgyzstan (documents)
[09:05]  Best and worst developments affecting the family in 2008
[06:10]  Hindu extremists disrupt ministry with missionary arrests
[03:05]  Israel continues Gaza assault and closes in on Gaza City
[00:10]  Caritas to help relieve â€?international emergency’ in Zimbabwe


[21:05]  Belarus: "The views of the parishioners are nothing to us"
[18:10]  Prop. 8 backers challenge California’s campaign finance laws
[15:05]  Zimbabwe ministry team refuses to give up despite frustration
[12:10]  Church in Bolivia not a part of the opposition to new Constitution
[09:05]  Symposium in the U.S. focuses on a multi-cultural mindset
[06:10]  Many Americans wary of entertainment industry’s values
[03:05]  Anglican hospital director in Gaza says injured are stranded
[00:10]  Children can change a nation; Kids Alive is helping
[00:10]  Birth control pill inventor laments demographic â€?catastrophe’


[21:05]  Alleged multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme targeted Catholics
[18:10]  Palin weighs in on media slander against her family


[15:05]  Archbishop calls for end to Gaza violence as bishops visit Holy Land
[12:10]  Secular state sides with Christian minority; ministry restors its work
[09:05]  Swiss assisted suicide “clinic” probed for profiteering
[06:10]  Atheism ads on buses spreads from London to Spain
[03:05]  Gaza conflict taking toll on both sides of border
[00:10]  US university to examine impact of religion on global human rights


[21:05]  Christian church reaches Houston medical complex
[18:10]  Canadian law prohibiting polygamy faces challenge
[15:05]  Critical food aid shipment to Zimbabwe rerouted
[12:10]  Kenyan Muslims ask Christians to challenge Israel on Gaza
[09:05]  Malaysia allows Catholic newspaper to print, with restrictions
[06:10]  President Bush urges republicans to defend culture of life
[03:05]  Identity thieves target Catholic Bishop of Brooklyn
[00:10]  Slavic Gospel Association celebrates in Chicago its 75 years


[21:05]  New report re-uses old data to target abstinence pledges
[18:10]  Nancy Pelosi reiterates support for embryonic stem cell research
[15:05]  Churches in Sri Lanka rue 'war mongering' as rebels lose HQ
[12:10]  Christian ministry encourages embattled remnant church in Gaza
[09:05]  Survival of baby of 23 weeks calls UK abortion laws into question
[06:10]  15,000 people find Jesus in the town of Nokia revival
[03:05]  Orphan Outreach ministry shared plans for the future
[00:10]  Tsiyon Messianic Radio is now broadcasting in Las Vegas


[21:05]  Gaza Baptist Church sustains damage in Israeli air strike
[18:10]  Pope makes bishop appointments to Detroit and California
[15:05]  Ministry released audio Bibles in 8 new languages
[12:10]  Vatican: Birth control pill as cause of abortion and cancer
[09:05]  Christian missionary in India arrested on Christmas Eve
[06:10]  Water may open door to Peru's Candoshi people
[03:05]  Abortion Supervisory Committee withheld statistical information
[00:10]  Shakespeare's burial place in need of funds for church repair


[21:05]  'So help me God' opponents seek to change U.S. swearing in
[18:10]  Abortion restrictions enjoy significant support in US
[15:05]  Palestinian Christians face even more trouble in Gaza
[12:10]  Nagorno-Karabakh: repressive new religion law signed
[09:05]  Malaysian Christians urge government to ease Bible restrictions
[06:10]  Medical system in Gaza Strip nearing its collapse
[03:05]  Analysis from the Baptist Press: Top 10 news stories in 2008
[00:10]  Islamists attack two Christian Churches in Pakistan


[21:05]  Latin America Mission appoints a new president
[18:10]  Multi-ethnic N.J. congregation shares Gospel worldwide
[15:05]  Humanitarian group assists with Gaza medical relief
[12:10]  Hungry children enjoy food and gifts at a Christmas party
[09:05]  Christian human rights defender slaughtered by Bengali Muslims
[06:10]  Former Israeli Prime Minister defends Israel
[03:35]  New elementary school building offers quality education
[02:10]  Two Dutch heroes highlighted in new documentary
[01:05]  Rising tensions restrict church-planting in India
[00:10]  Israeli battalions reach the edge of Gaza City


[02:10]  Pope World Council of Churches call for halt to Gaza campaign


[23:05]  English education gives hope to young Dalits in India
[20:10]  Study: Children from religious, intact families fare better
[17:05]  Israel/Hamas attacks give power to the Gospel
[14:10]  Sports fans reach out at American football games
[11:05]  Proponents of family will defend Proposition 8 in court
[08:10]  Russian Muslim leaders urge end to Israeli attacks on Gaza
[05:05]  Billy Graham joins First Baptist Church in Spartanburg
[02:10]  Persecution has not abated in 2008, and probably will not in 2009
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