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[23:05]  Angry youths harass Gospel For Asia film team in India
[20:10]  Massive pro-family rally floods Spain
[17:05]  Jesus Film Project focuses on training and effectiveness
[11:05]  Ugandan LRA involved in Christmas massacre at church
[08:10]  Ministry: a change is happening in India, Christians hopeful
[05:05]  Israel pounds Gaza for 4 day: Christians caught in bombings
[02:10]  IMB sends volunteers to lighten load of missionary doctors in Ghana


[23:05]  Cuban church leader on trial over â€?offensive behavior’
[20:10]  Baptists proclaim Gospel in Bethlehem's Manger Square (photoreport)
[17:05]  Houston mega church takes Bible listening challenge
[14:05]  Abortion industry asks Obama for billions in funding
[11:10]  Despite persecution, many Christians go on with God's work
[08:05]  Financial crisis could prevent ministry from sharing the Gospel
[05:05]  Christian radio ministry is seeing listener growth in Uganda
[02:10]  Commentary: A politically incorrect Christmas in Baghdad (press)


[23:05]  Faith on the Hill: Religious affiliations of members of Congress (press)
[20:10]  Christians in China raided by police on Christmas Eve
[17:05]  Ministry provides humanitarian aid to Dallas homeless
[14:10]  Moscow Church: Rejection of Christianity will lead the West to war
[11:05]  University where lectures on Christianity were held bombed
[08:10]  Ukrainian religious organizations will cooperate in education
[05:05]  A Baptist businessman in Uzbekistan tells about his success
[02:10]  Peaceful Christmas in Orissa clears way for rebuilding effort
[01:05]  Good News Church women plan to visit orphans in Russia


[08:10]  Christian believers lay foundation for ministry in Morocco
[05:05]  How the Kassem people in Ghana celebrated their first Christmas
[02:10]  Tim Tebow's football awards anchored by faith


[23:05]  Christian hospital in Dominican Republic under new leadership
[20:10]  Belarus: Four Catholic priests and three nuns banned
[17:05]  President Bush signs enhanced anti-trafficking bill
[14:10]  China attacks Christians during Christmas Season
[11:05]  Bright Hope provides tangible help for HIV+ widows
[11:05]  Former Miss Universe to open an icon exhibition in Russia
[08:10]  Kazakhstan attacks human rights defenders for criticizing draft law
[05:05]  Huge row breaks out in UK over Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Message
[02:10]  Top scholars and experts confirm the truth of Christianity


[23:05]  Caroline Kennedy comes out with anti-family, anti-life beliefs
[20:10]  U.S. ethicist wins award for patriotism and righting wrongs
[17:05]  American Christians protest Christmas secularization
[12:10]  In 60th year WCC members seek revitalisation at Seoul meeting
[11:05]  Hindu extremists call off Christmas Day attacks in India
[10:10]  Opinion: The credit crunch will change the church (press)
[09:05]  Disney drops Narnia franchise created by Christian author C.S. Lewis
[08:10]  Russian Ministries continues to reach out to children during Christmas
[07:05]  Film to tell of Pearl Harbour raid leader who turned to God
[06:10]  Archbishop Tutu blasts South Africa over President Mugabe
[05:05]  European church body criticises Turkey over Christian monastery
[02:10]  Christmas celebrations canceled in the face of rising militancy
[02:10]  Top scholars and experts confirm the truth of Christianity
[01:05]  Thousands of pilgrims celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem


[21:05]  CBS News presents award-nominated documentary Jesus Camp
[20:10]  Atheism vs. Religion debate to be held at Colorado campus
[19:05]  Bush administration gives protection to pro-life doctors
[18:10]  Right to Life New Zealand is opposed to the use of human embryos
[17:05]  Rick Warren asked to rethink participation in inaugural ceremonies
[13:05]  Churches frustrated by government rejection of Sri Lanka truce
[12:10]  China Christians provide winter clothing for earthquake survivors
[11:05]  Christmas parade opens door for evangelistic rally in Ghana
[10:10]  Death toll higher in India's anti-Christian attacks
[09:05]  Vatican denounces violence against homosexuals
[08:10]  Sri Lanka declines Catholic-Anglican call for Christmas ceasefire
[07:05]  Survey: Most Britons do not believe in The Nativity
[06:10]  Pope decries euthanasia as "evil" as Luxembourg advances assisted suicide
[05:05]  Good News Church held ministers' conference in Russia
[04:10]  Egyptian convert to Christianity tortured, raped in Egypt
[03:05]  Hong Kong religion leaders will inspire hope during crisis
[02:10]  Christian U.K. registrar loses right of conscience on gay unions
[01:05]  Iraqi Christians flee gunmen for sanctuary of monastery
[00:10]  Complaint filed after Slovakia police hinder pro-life protest


[16:10]  Minnesota Catholic Conference announces â€?Immigration Sunday’
[13:05]  Ministry welcomes HIV-positive kids from India's red light district
[10:10]  Gay activists outraged over pastor Rick Warren invite
[07:05]  United States Congress approved tough anti-trafficking bill
[04:10]  Government campaign of arrests reaches capital of Eritrea
[01:05]  Global Aid Network to help Jamaicans suffering from economic downturn


[22:10]  Pro-life leaders ask for meeting with Barack Obama
[19:05]  Jim Sibley: National Council of Churches wrong on Christian Zionism
[16:10]  Murder of Catholic fuel Christmas violence fears in Orissa
[13:05]  Kenyan church leaders oppose new law that will 'gag' the media
[10:10]  Sky Angel will honor Christian educators in SW Florida
[07:05]  Book of Hope experiments with distribution in Thailand
[04:10]  The Working Group on Human Dignity established by EU Parliament (press, documents)
[01:05]  Baptist Church will use former Wal-Mart for worship services


[22:10]  Santas hand out condoms during pre-Christmas rush in Toronto
[19:05]  Rick Warren selection for opening prayer causes a stir
[16:10]  â€?Prepare for more persecutions,’ Vietnamese priest warns Church
[12:10]  Christians debate putting UK petty offenders into 'shame jackets'
[11:35]  Many Americans say other faiths can lead to eternal life
[09:05]  Book distribution in Congo to go forward despite unrest
[06:10]  Catholic and Orthodox leaders address â€?deep crisis’ in the family
[03:05]  National Christians to deliver Christmas gifts to needy children
[00:10]  Russia: Chill begins to bite for Moscow Pentecostals


[23:05]  US lawmaker calls for Planned Parenthood defunding after video exposĂ©s
[22:10]  Internet criminals attack Movieguide® and its founder Ted Baehr
[21:05]  A reporter challenged over 'biblical case for gay marriage' cover story
[20:10]  Breaking free of the consumer culture: Canadian author's tips
[19:05]  Orissa's persecuted Christians get relief from Baptists
[18:10]  Spirit of the season results in large donations to charities
[17:05]  Statement on USCIRF report on religious freedom in Iraq
[12:10]  Foundation assists dwindling Christian presence in the Holy Land
[11:05]  Bibles strengthen persecuted children and youth in Nigeria
[10:10]  Good News Church youth brings Christ into the Christmas Season
[09:05]  Swedish court rejects claim of "marriage" between gay "priests"
[08:10]  â€?New’ human rights might become source of â€?self-serving ideologies’ (press)
[07:05]  Churches cheer poll wins by Christians in India's Hindu heartland
[06:10]  Worshippers have more friends than non-religious people
[05:05]  Israeli archaeologists work on 'further evidence' of Herod's tomb
[04:10]  Four year anniversary of tsunami in Indonesia shows good progress
[03:05]  British MEP: Europe is a “thug and a bully” that “despises democracy”
[02:10]  Pope: Christmas is an opportunity to reflect on our existence
[01:05]  Catholics in Kosovo want to promote 'common values'
[00:10]  University in US wants to remove health plan’s abortion coverage


[23:05]  Black Christian leaders explore church strategies
[22:10]  Presidential election tops 2008 stories for US religion writers
[21:05]  Texas city may close churches due to Hurricane Ike damage
[20:10]  Arson suspected in blaze at Gov. Sarah Palin's church
[19:05]  Ministry advances God's Kingdom despite tough economy
[18:10]  Humanists, agnostics, atheists blitz media for 'the holidays'
[17:05]  Plan sent to Obama transition team reveals â€?abortion industry bailout’
[12:10]  Christians resource impoverished pastors in Uganda
[11:05]  Hungary strikes down civil unions over damage to the family
[10:10]  Church says it will work with Zambia government after priest freed
[09:05]  A pastoral studies program - educating ministers in Russia
[08:10]  CURE International opens a new hospital in Bethlehem
[07:05]  Catholic and Muslim leaders discuss responsibilities during times of crisis
[06:10]  Land grab threatens Youth With A Mission’s work in Ukraine
[05:05]  EU leadership's shocking intolerance from leftist agenda unveiled
[04:10]  Italian chapel honoring dead of World War II rediscovered
[03:05]  Bishop hopes Copernicus find will heal religion-science divide
[02:10]  Iraqi believers targeted for removal by extremists
[01:05]  Lithuanian Law: Public agitation for gay acts is detrimental to minors
[00:10]  Cardinal Arinze discusses obedience, poverty and chastity


[03:05]  Demolition of Christian homes threatened in Pakistan
[00:10]  Cornerstone's new program graduates first students


[23:05]  Cardinal George welcomes new Vatican bioethics document
[22:10]  Opponents of Hugo Chávez won five of 22 states in Venezuela
[21:05]  Peru downed planes, missionary plane was not the only innocent one
[20:10]  Virginia Santa Claus brings Christ front-and-center
[19:05]  Obama could set pro-life movement back decades
[18:10]  Globalisation 'needs values' to succeed, says Blair at Yale
[17:05]  Homosexualist Catholic Irish President speaks at Jesuit University
[12:10]  Cardinal calls for release of abducted Zimbabwean advocate
[11:05]  Cherie Blair denies pro-abortion label at Angelicum lecture
[10:10]  Four Christians missing in Hubei, China, since November
[09:05]  Compass Direct: Pastors among the victims of violence in Nigeria
[08:10]  Christian leaders say justice must be at heart of global economy
[07:05]  German family freed from charges for homeschooling
[06:10]  Spain might become the country with highest number of abortions in EU
[05:05]  WCC head, Kobia, tells Mbeki churches can help in Zimbabwe
[04:10]  Vatican rules out adoption of frozen embryos
[03:05]  Dozens choose to follow Christ despite persecution
[02:10]  Vatican: Church defends true marriage between man and woman
[01:05]  Thousands of Muslims attempt again to attack Copts during prayers
[00:10]  Archbishop urges radical steps at UN meeting on climate change


[16:10]  Holy Father: â€?God is the foundation for human rights’
[13:05]  Ministry brings hope after days of violence in Greece
[10:10]  Officer fired for expressing Christian views on homosexuality
[07:05]  University of Mary elects young religion teacher as president
[04:10]  Hawaii Baptists welcome Seoul International church
[01:05]  Kazakhstan: Secret police raid, film and investigate believers


[22:10]  Ministry presents 2008 Freedom Award to First Lady Laura Bush
[19:05]  Bishop Wenski says pro-life laws a â€?moral imperative’
[16:10]  African churches to pray for end of 'illegitimate' Zimbabwe rule
[13:05]  Lights of Christmas campaign to help Chinese pastors
[10:10]  Vatican authority comments on euthanasia law in Luxembourg
[07:05]  UK government refusing to release eugenic abortion stats
[04:10]  Letters to God reach Jerusalem from all over the world
[01:05]  5.4 million names submitted to UN in favor of the family


[22:10]  Buckner brings new hope to a state-run orphanage in Honduras
[19:05]  Twenty years of eugenic abortion at Ontario Catholic Hospital
[16:10]  Norwegian bishop bankrupted by son's Internet gambling debt
[13:10]  Christians help beleaguered Zimbabwe with relief
[10:05]  Archbishop: Youths joining gangs reveal social fragmentation
[07:10]  Faith Comes By Hearing offers 'The Gift' at Christmas
[04:05]  Archbishop calls Mexicans to convert and reject violence
[02:10]  Russian Baptists official guests at funeral of Alexei II


[23:05]  Jailed bible college students released in India
[22:10]  Evangelism leaders meet to plan "God's Plan for Sharing"
[21:05]  Sr. Helen Alford: “No question” of cancelling Cherie Blair
[20:10]  Wycliffe USA plans to reach over 200 million people with Gospel
[19:05]  Obama â€?proud’ to have gay band march in inaugural parade
[18:10]  Blagojevich battled social conservatives for years
[17:05]  Uruguayan socialists in tailspin after pro-life president resigns
[12:10]  Indian churches say bombers need severe sentences, not death
[11:05]  British Christian missionaries arrested in Gambia
[10:10]  Scottish MP pushes euthanasia bill that includes right to die for kids
[09:05]  Privilege to be present in 'hostile' area, says Pakistan bishop
[08:10]  Catholic bishops of Greece blame riots on â€?moral void’
[07:05]  Vatican Christmas tree to be lit this weekend
[06:10]  An ad condemning homosexual behavior prohibited in Britain
[05:05]  Western aid agencies importing their ideas of family to Africa
[04:10]  Churches bind together through water filter project
[03:05]  Financial crisis due to free-for-all market says Africa church head
[02:10]  700-year-old challenge in Mongolia is answered
[01:05]  Indian archbishop warns of continuing lack of security in Orissa
[00:10]  Russia: Why weren't violent church attackers convicted?


[23:05]  Internet evangelism expands worldwide discipleship access
[22:10]  Iowa Supreme Court hears challenge to state marriage laws
[21:05]  Orphan ministry in Honduras presents exciting possibilities
[20:10]  New York exhibit spotlights the 'interfaith' art of Marc Chagall
[19:05]  U.N. to receive 350,000 signatures in defense of life and the family
[18:10]  Biochemist says cell design reveals Creator's artistry
[17:05]  Costa Rica's lawmakers reminded of duty to protect values
[13:05]  Hindu radicals threaten Christmas violence in India
[12:10]  Bishops: global downturn 'opportunity' for greener economy
[11:05]  Jerusalem Patriarch: Vocations on the rise in the Holy Land
[10:10]  Zurich restricts homeschooling to state-licensed teachers
[09:05]  Numbers of Christians in China may be less than previously thought
[08:10]  Christmas season begins in Bethlehem with Silent Night in Arabic
[07:05]  Study: depression suffered by 80% of women who abort
[06:10]  Moscow mayor unapologetic in prohibition of "gay pride" marches
[05:05]  China reaches out to house churches; raids, arrests continue
[04:10]  Tonga suffering relieved by Baptist food project
[03:05]  Evangelicals in Russia may be pressured further under new patriarch
[02:10]  Ascending Worship Church held women's conference in Omsk
[01:05]  Japanese women create bilingual New Year cards for 'peace law'
[00:10]  World Conference Week to be held in January


[23:05]  Abortion empire collapses as abortionist pleads guilty to 9 felonies
[22:10]  God shows up at Friendship House in New Orleans
[21:05]  Panamanian congress shelves law against life and the family
[20:10]  Amid despair of AIDS crisis, hunger relief offers help, hope (press)
[19:05]  Bolivian lawmaker announces plan to tax Masses
[18:10]  Christians do their part in HIV/AIDS fight in Honduras
[17:05]  Montana district court legalizes assisted suicide
[15:05]  Lector for San Francisco Catholic Parish "marries" another man
[12:10]  UK Cardinal criticizes secular intolerance of Catholic beliefs
[11:05]  Roman Catholics in Dnipropetrovsk prepare to protect church
[10:10]  Mozambique president to churches: Help with economic freedom
[09:05]  Gays protest saying Vatican wants to “exterminate” them
[08:10]  Showing millions of Arab kids the true meaning of Christmas
[07:05]  Vatican and Moscow mull future relations after Patriarch's death
[06:10]  Scottish cardinal leaves helm of agency after gay adoptions imposed
[05:05]  Christian brothers in Egypt falsely accused of murder
[04:10]  Churches should help bring leaders to account, says Liberian aide
[03:05]  Coca-Cola among the 10 best TV pro-family advertisers
[02:10]  US Christian leaders urge Obama to tackle Mid-East peace issue
[01:05]  American believers come together in a unique 'conspiracy'
[00:10]  Bad economy saves some marriages in the United States


[23:05]  Pope urges Argentina not to legalize abortion and gay "marriage"
[22:10]  Pastor: Economic Crisis could be a sign that Jesus is coming soon (press)
[21:05]  Hillary Clinton likely to continue pro-abortion advocacy
[20:10]  Teen ministry featured on national TV in United States
[19:05]  2007 Colorado church shootings not classified as hate crimes
[18:10]  Complaints lead zoo to drop Creation Museum promo
[17:05]  President of Uruguay leaves Socialist Party after rift over abortion
[16:10]  US bishops issue letter reassuring gays in the wake of Prop. 8
[13:05]  Alabama approves Bible curriculum in public schools
[12:10]  Ukraine President expresses condolences at death of Alexis II
[11:05]  Zimbabwe heeds church cholera call; Tutu talks tough on Mugabe
[10:10]  U.K. bishop: Flier on gays in the Church not a teaching document
[09:05]  Russian Baptists mourn the passing of Patriarch Alexei II
[08:10]  Nigeria terror: Hundreds dead; thousands living in camps
[07:05]  Catholic Grand Duke risks power by not approving euthanasia
[06:10]  Chinese House Church Alliance targeted by authorities
[05:05]  World Christian leaders praise Moscow Patriarch Alexei II
[04:10]  University doesn’t believe Cherie Blair’s anti-family reputation
[03:05]  Publishing Landmark for Africa now available in French
[02:10]  Gospel for Asia missionary tells his persecution story
[01:05]  â€?Bizarre’ rules bar Catholic Christmas ads from Irish airwaves


[16:05]  Bishop still waiting on hospital to confirm end to direct sterilizations
[13:10]  'Real Evangelism' draws Southern Baptist leaders
[10:05]  GFA missionary escapes extremist abductors, persecution spreads
[07:10]  Best films chosen for Christian Film Festival in USA
[04:05]  Nagorno-Karabakh is considering a restrictive Religion Law
[01:10]  Ministry debuts a movie to promote the needs of kids abroad


[22:05]  Anglican leaders begin forming new church in North America
[19:10]  Archbishop Niederauer explains Catholic involvement in Prop. 8
[16:05]  Ministry will help 8 million kids around the world this Christmas
[13:10]  ACN launches Christmas drive to help persecuted Christians
[10:05]  German church will help mother of baby abandoned in manger
[07:10]  Hearing of New Life Church case was postponed again
[04:05]  â€?Devil’ ads ask people not to watch new religious channel in USA
[01:10]  Open Doors representative targeted during Nigerian violence


[22:05]  Marriage initiative gains energy in US Baptist Seminary
[19:10]  Baptist leader comforts Indian Baptists following Mumbai massacre
[16:05]  Vatican Cardinal defends rights of parents to educational choice
[13:10]  Believers continue working amidst rising tensions in India
[10:05]  Eduardo Verástegui teams up with Right to Life committee in Spain
[07:10]  German Churches criticize Jesus chocolates as bad form
[05:50]  Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and all Russia dies
[03:40]  Eduardo Verástegui teams up with Right to Life committee in Spain
[01:10]  â€?I Believe Too’ effort launched to counter US Humanist ad campaign


[22:10]  Democrat supermajority blocked with Georgia pro-life Chambliss win
[21:05]  'We must go!' IMB and U.S. church bring Gospel to remote village
[20:10]  Prop. 8 supporters criticize â€?grandstanding’ California legislators
[19:05]  NASCAR driver's dream realised after his tragic death (press)
[18:10]  Ministry wants Christians to be without a Bible this Christmas
[17:05]  Shock: Christian leader believes in gay unions, says ok to vote for Obama
[16:10]  Iraqi archbishop to Christian refugees: return home for Christmas
[14:05]  Faith-based economist: Agreement with EU will not help Malawi
[12:10]  Renewed Muslim Jihad threatens ministry in Nigeria
[11:05]  Vatican attacked for its defence of the natural family
[10:10]  Baptist relations with the government are better in Transnistria
[09:05]  Church leader wants Christians to celebrate Easter on same day
[08:10]  Vatican warns against â€?inclusive’ ideology in education
[07:05]  ’Inaccurate reporting’ causes resentment among Christians in Nigeria
[06:10]  U.K. Catholics will collect funds for secularised adoption agency
[05:05]  German agency warns, Sudan oil fields endanger unique wetlands
[04:10]  Former Muslim created Christian political party in Italy
[03:05]  New study: Abortion causes mental ill health in women
[02:10]  Officer fired for criticizing homosexual politics files lawsuit
[01:05]  World's youth value spirituality, yet find few people to talk to
[00:10]  Extremist groups in Orissa offer $250 to murder pastors


[23:05]  Mission team returns to Mexico to distribute Gospel
[22:10]  President Bush receives “International Medal of Peace”
[21:05]  Haitian children to celebrate Christmas in a new way this year
[20:10]  Florida Governor’s wedding targeted by homosexual activists
[19:05]  Remote African villagers welcome American church
[18:10]  President Bush interview: "I didn't sell my soul for politics"
[17:05]  Messianic Jewish leader says Islam is a threat to the world
[14:10]  Interfaith group seeks to bring aid to Sri Lanka conflict victims
[12:05]  Vatican: Holy See not in favor of death penalty for gays
[10:10]  Missionaries spared as violence erupts in Nigeria
[09:05]  Pro-abortion Cherie Blair to speak University of St. Thomas
[08:10]  Founder of Italian Communist Party converted before death
[07:05]  Pastor: Deporting Zimbabweans 'like sending Jews to Auschwitz'
[06:10]  Vatican official announces new document for 2009 on refugees
[05:05]  Ukraine took part in UN discussion of Interreligious Dialogue
[04:10]  Priest urges confession for Catholics who voted for Obama
[03:05]  EU concerned about new bill restricting missionaries in Kyrgyzstan
[02:10]  IKEA introduces “Ian and Steve” as a model of the new family
[01:05]  Myths about AIDS put people at greater risk of infection
[00:10]  Health ambassador fired for documenting risks of homosexuality


[23:05]  Mumbai's people 'numbed' by terrorist attacks, need prayer
[22:10]  Archbishop: alcoholism wreaking havoc on Mexican society
[21:05]  GuideStone Financial Resources responds to market concerns
[20:10]  Commentary: God is pro-choice says Catholic nun (press)
[19:05]  Christians reach out to gang members in the USA
[18:10]  President Bush announces anti-AIDS efforts reaching two million
[17:05]  Barack Obama stands firm on 'gay rights' support
[12:05]  Christians welcome Orissa decision but warn on elections
[10:10]  Increased piracy makes believers desperate for Christian radio
[09:05]  Bishops encourage help and reconciliation among two Koreas
[08:10]  EU rejects patent involving use of human embryos
[07:05]  Short-term English teachers reach students with the Gospel
[06:10]  Why should religions engage on climate? Faith summit discusses
[05:05]  Rising nationalism in India could spell trouble for believers
[04:10]  Pope warns university students against the isolation of technology
[03:05]  Religious leaders say they must do more to tackle AIDS
[02:25]  North Korea has returned to international isolation
[02:10]  Calvin Theological Seminary wins John Templeton Grant
[01:05]  University of Calgary pro-life students received partial victory
[00:10]  Flight of Christians from Iraq destabilizes the Middle East


[23:05]  Mumbai Christian leader speaks of 'real panic' after attacks
[22:10]  Bright Hope International is helping the most needy in Haiti
[21:05]  American journalist with translator detained in Henan
[20:10]  Ohio University to feature Nativity scenes from around the world
[19:05]  Baptist missionary awarded Rio de Janeiro's highest honor
[18:10]  Many types of vocations blooming in Missouri diocese
[17:05]  Christian ministry takes new direction in 2009 with You Tube
[14:10]  UK adoption agencies turn down religion for gay adoption
[12:05]  Christian ministry launches Web site on World AIDS Day
[10:10]  Russian Catholics reaching financial independence
[09:05]  Pakistani Christian man was arrested for â€?blasphemy’
[08:10]  Bishops of India strongly condemn terrorist attacks
[07:05]  Czech cabinet approves bill enabling "abortion tourism"
[06:10]  Moscow Good News Church held International Day 2008
[05:05]  Faith leaders in Sweden told climate 'crisis' can trigger change
[04:10]  Pope prays for conversion of attackers in India and Nigeria
[03:05]  Riots â€?kill hundreds in Nigeria’ over result of local election
[02:10]  Abortion now number one cause of death in Spain
[01:05]  Vatican official: Inter-religious dialogue 'a grace or a risk?'
[00:10]  Ukrainian Catholic believers win back 'casino church'
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